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October 20, 1923     The Woodville Republican
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October 20, 1923

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tR W00DVILLR REPWBLICAN. WOODVILL]g. MIflSISSlPPI &apos;s 'acilides for moving his cxops or stock ,e he can sell or ship to the best adv.antag time and expense of horse delivery milnons or of produce spoils annually on Anerican f .ar of this waste would, in many cases, change a lotmll a money, maker. tellable truck was designed as md buaine house* of heavy or bulky goods. It fiut type of ton truck body. Ask any Chevrolet price of the style of body you require. f. o. b. Fling Michigan $490 Commercial Carl g . . 495 or Light De|iverv , . $495 640 Superior Commercial Chassis 39S . . . 795 Utifitv Express Truck Chais 550 Dealers and S Star/one Everywkere Motor Co., Detroit, Micl00 Divis/on of Qeneral Motors an I =ou00 MA600 z{N00ll , jI. E,m.nmh,' Ynmspe,.n. t tO Profitable Farming L1 SECTION II T.00k'003003U Interesting Features for the En Fits any Standard Truck Body : .v unleu iU product is profitahl, 0ol ;:k l=lll: [  y grow crop b and stock bought by nuy who reasons for this unprofitable situation i th WOMAN SHOCKEI3 Clothesline Brings From Persons Yard. dignified old lady, lie- With an unquestioned righteousness, and Is stand on prohibitloa for anything savor- She recently engaged a maid from "the old ra girt, was and when the attic In order she job well, for nt IL but old rugs, the like that she came out on the clothesline was in full View of alarmed suddenness old lady noticed by her house after at her backyard laughing. Finally out to see. On the haging amon other table cloth, the prop- brother of her., long to his iathersu--New E_: = By F./L WALKER _- -- Ill IllZSqlllllllliillllllllllllllllllllllllllll IIllillllll. llllllmllilllllllllllllllillllllllllllllll I CALENDAR OF YEAR ]within us the determinati,,n to kelp 1going we find there is some splendid HE WHO aspires to make his mark treasure lying In mlr path designed I #hould endeavor always to choose for us tn pick up and sroro away for the best investment for his time and future use. energy. By retaining this preclou thing, to Tits golden hours of opportunity which we prudently add others, we In soar swiftly away, and when night thne acquire capabilities whose value hovers about us, we who are resolved is everywhere recognized. to rise above the common level, fre- The learning we et in this manr, er quently ask ourselves whetter we have gives ts wisdom. The experience we Improved or wasted the vanished day. obtain from patient work. close ob- If we have stood on tlp-oe, reached servatton, civility and hard rubs, p to the highe point to make an teaches us how to apply our wisdom to Imperishable mark, we seldom find the best advantage. cause for self-reprovat, though we Experience is as essential to zany not be wholl3" satisfied with our achievement as is wisdom. well-meant acoomplishments. On the other hamL those tickle and As a matter of truth, the man or frivolous humans who run one day woman who Is never fully contented aml shamble the next. never certain with past achievements, who ever of their course, hecome iotoriously in- feels that be or she by exerting a little efficient, unable to avoid the dust in more effort might have gaae a stride the rear. while they shuffle along with or two farther, is already marching weary feet and hr,ken hearts. sure-fooed toward  glorious Every day you will see their wlst- heights, fui. disappointed faces And 2ls is so In every field of And If you listen, you will hear their The young lady across the way sayt worthT,endeavnr, whether it be preach- I bitter words of self-condemnation rus- lug or teaching, weaving or forging, i tling ahmg the walls of their frowning' she certainly admires the person win or making love. prison of servitude, from which there gives Just for the sake of tieing, with is no escape, except by the turn-back I out any desire to get any credit for it As fast as we progress, !f we have tff the calendar of the years I and who merely signs his eharlU cheeks A Friend. (), 1923. by McClure ewapor Syudleat. TANGLED UP BY PHONE CALL = -:-------- merit to His S'czmy That Was Sense i stories, oe concerning his amorou ;'- -I. OL ar ' 110 Lue.- .,,-/ '(y.'X adventures, the other his adventures GOOD BOOKS JS ' v0 "r o ,ff  1 e --t?/,,,u while tiger shooting. It was night m ,t. De'/o-r *t.e u,e 0fdeq t/ 8oote- ' the mess and the colonel, as was his N MAN'S hours of relaxation he :g a fvo ' r IB ;tTta .av- wont, began to tell an exciting story I needs human companionship. He .'j t  U;T 0 a" o t r " M of an encouneer With a wounded cannot play without someboOy to pay  "to jea ee tigreSs which sprang at him before he with. And he needs play to develop Tg,e', Tt u-, tvf v/'. $0 'n! KOK  o" ': could reload and bore him to the his Intellect evenly as much as he ,v.'  " * ground. At the critical moment an needs work. . ,  OdP.a. ft. |' tP_ar( 'vou 0o , l--- tJE'$ 4;o-- orderly entered to report that the G. Men who do not know how to play O. C. wished to speak to the colonel are to be pitied. They grow dull and  --  A,r ao- on the telephone, and tl, e colonel was morose. Nobody wants to associate  o" compelled to break off ahrupny, with them. They lead unhappy, lone- He was absent for ten minutes and ly lives, and die unlamented. on his return had forgotten which of But the wise youth makes a budget his favorite st.ries he had been tell- of his time as the shrewd business ing. man makes a budget of his expenses. '%Vhat h'pI,ened, colonel?" asked one of the zuests. "You were telling Leisure must be apportl,med wisely us of 3-our danzerous situation." ---a part to be spent in the company of "*Oh. I kissed her." responded the men--a part to be spent in the com- volone! airily. "Size simply couldn't party of books. resist me and we dined together that Books contain the best that there evening?' London Sporting and Dra- Is in really great "men rnafiNews. Not only are they necessary to de- velopment, hut they are splendid corn- Portugal's National Epic. pany. 'rim national epic of Portugal is the The lad who spends his Ome with "Lusted." written by Luis Vaz de[ dull companions in a pnol room when (hmoens (1,524-15,%'D and published in[ he might he listening to Emerson, or 157'2, says the Detroit News. The great t Huxley or Spencer is a very foolish r",em, whieh has hePn translated into youth. many lanmmges, was begun by, Novels, If they are the right sort. Carrmens while he was in exile in In-I are almost, if not quite as lnstruc-  TTI alia and was completed shortly after, Uve as works on philosophy and 0giq ',l he wa allowed to return to PougaL I science. The learning that the zreat novel- When It Is given to you, follow It. [: : : :- : : : : :-" : ;  :: :: : : : : :- ' Befre 1700' 38 edltins af the "Lusted" I Its dlsclose In their stories incites Dn't read merely far entertainment" I'Lusiad'' LishOn.a pie<*eit nettedAlthughf literatore, |its au-[ the t mane desirehas acquiredfr InformatiOn.and allayed ManYa thirstS forThinkin thatabUtway whataloneYOUyou are(.an reading,get the I THE TALISMAN i thor little financial Sain. for. as his for education by a passage in a good message the author has for you. |iy GRACE I,. HALL ] Lived poor and neglected and so died.", If you are In doubt a8 to the best day to good books, and gradually and ]]: : : : :; : : : : : ::: : - = : : : : : : t books to read. consult a l,rarlan in without your noticing It. they will any public library. ,Twos a little vine-wreathed cot- Blarney. He or she, if you state your desires, supply you with tile education that all  tags men must have before they can ever Just within the edge of town, KhP--irls have a legal right to will map out for you a useful course enter the gateway of ncce88. sponn if they want to. 111 reading. ( by John.Blake.) Roses clttag to eaves and trellis, He--Yes. bm me have a much bet- And their petals drifted down, tar reason than tat, While a tragic scene was acted D )ctor asks: I ="- Where a man and woman lahored, 1 Lost to morning cheer and bloom; drink coffee Gathered here aud there the obJecm Dear mementoes now foriorn Of the day they entered gaily On their happy wedding morn ' brvett hgttl* that ever wa tars, cut the oysters fine and return to lub- the liquor, add two beaten eggs, one From the wail he took a picture. aimll I cell you" wipers and when? Ol themaI o,f  world you will find teaspoonfuq f sail a dash of cayenne, From a shelf she lifted books, tt me and enough cracker crumbs to mix Into Silently they stripped the cottage, 'TW'a outg&g   mother of men. croquettes Dip Into egg and crumbs Leaving bare its pleasant mroks ; Nay, not with ca.maon or battle shot. and fry In hot fat. erve with cabbage Eyes and voices cold and lifeless. With word wr nobler pen salad. Each avoided other's way, lqy. not with eloquent word or thought. Soon they cleared the little parlor From the  f wonderful men. ,  j Of the things they'd meant to ,lay ; deep ta the wglled-up womgn's When, from out a crowded trunk-ill heart. ({ ltq13, WrnewsimPer UfloL) Tumhled something small and whir( Of women that would not Yield. And a flood of burning tear-drops lt bravely, silently, bore her part, Lo! there is the battlefield. Has Anyone Laughed .,d the object from their sighL 00ooo ,o, At You - JUSt a batw'S shoe. quite shapeless. With a i:o| in one wee toe, A NY fresh fh may be baked in'the Because ., ETHEL R. BUt It told a heart-break story following mainly; bet halibut IS -- PEYSER Of their dreams of long ago ; especially good: caus of disturbance tO Baked Halibut. I Y0u forget annlvoesarles? "is  Thatl Each wasne stoopedlying on tOthegrasPfloor.the toker Arralage six slices of salt pork In Z Haven't you bee laughed at z, health, dripping pan.and addCver with one : in rather a weepy wad' because IIS AndFromattheirlaSt icytWchlllheartS()neeWere broke torget blrthmys, more; If   ble, sliced onion a hit of bay I you or ,'our :l Sobblngly two voices mingled leaf. wipe two pounds of halLbut I wedding annlverry, or the t ; In a name that came to mind. and you vahaehealth, stop ml plate on the pork and onion '1 child's birthday or the mother- i }1 in-law's something of other'/ IIj While hands clasped o'er a baby's sho and drink po6tuLl Covr with a paste prepared with ;| three tablespoonfuls each of butter and i : Well maybe you have. But s  That Fate had chanced to find [ Posture is a pure cereal flour mixed together. Over all Sprinkle ! haven't you been pretty much Ill ] ( by Dodd. Mead& Company.) beverageabsolutely free three-quarters of a cupful of buttered ! involved in keeping 3'our home il from caffeine or any other cracker crumbs and arrange five strips ! I on tile outside of ltu lahabltants .  8AII. Ithasadeliciou, of pork over the crumbs. Bake 50!! Should you have ept your hate !] FIRST drug.flavor, that many people minutes. Serve with s sauce from - book in your mind you would two tablespoonfuls of fat a the pan. : probably not have done your I' O'Brien---Cgn prefer to ctee, two tablespoonfuls of flour, one cup- i "$ job well. Yet there Is no gain- ! ful of milk. Season well to taste l saying the loan that can or tits : your wife cook as good am your and serve garnished with lemon and | oman that can combine these :t mother used so. parsley. ' : ] Mike? I little big things with the big Mike  She I little things is a wonder; there | cannot, but Oi Ch 8andwlchel. I I are few of ua who have the These are nice with a cup of tea or : kind ot make-up that can do JI neverit. 8homentlncan as a supper dish. Cut stae bread tn I the Job well and remember : throw consider- one-quarter-inch sHeea, spread with ! I every llttle detail of home life,  able better. butter and gprlkle with salt and I too.  cayenne. Put a slice of ebee" be. I m SO tween each two slices of bread and I Your Get-away here Is: t ------4 fr 7 In a little butter until delleat#ly : You Have Tried to Remember : Naturally, browned on both sides i I and Vim Can't Always I "I have k|eptontan!a.'" -- t Be PertrL "What a:e you taking for ITS'* ,Oylter CroquRe @ by lltCtur N.W?lmV*r 8adl "EverTthfng iean lay my trends n the Jli|ge from S plnt of  --Yale Record. and Clams. young oysters enjoy creatures. Then for life. Among tlze are the starfish. These sometimes destroy One night. There are 50 pounds. Lira- found stuck to rocks ont. have kept fisherman's family in unlucky seasons. expeditions at Wonderful homing it,- the same spot mind now?" dub golfers telling other." troubled with tnsomnte tn- r bowels, prob- the first ques- aaka is, drink cot?" better than that the drug, in coffee, ne i a fruem Your ffroeet tlls posture in two forint: lrmmat Pomtn (in til) prepared in--fly in the cup by the addition of boiling water. .otv m t.rem (in packagss) for tholm who prefer the flavor out , boiling fully 20 minutes. The sabout otto-half amt cup. p l Zl SAY BAYER' when you buy-400 Proved safe by millions and prescribed by physicians foe Colds Headache Neuritis Lumbago Pain Toothache Neuralgia Rheumatism which contains proper directions. Handy "Bayer" boxes of 12 tabletm ll Also bottles of 24 and 100Druggmt Atr ta Um trad mark of BsTe Msnufteture of Monoaceticaelester of Sattkilll m Q o R.leasant ways to relieve a Take your choice and suit your taste. S-B--or Menthol flavor. A sure relief for coughs, \\;/"' colds and hess. Put one .fT" in your mouth at bedtime. dn^" Alwaye keep a box on hnd. SMITH BROTHERS S.B. COUOH DROPS ,m:wr00% Femoul since |847 (omm I " mr L Of Corse. 1 Veracity HigP If he boasts of the things he did "Please, sir, can t huve the zdme tester(lay, you are safe In classifying ] noon off?" him as a ires-been. "Y,ur grandmother's funeral, I poe?" "No! the visiting team'a.'--- INDIGESTION GAS Tit-BitS. UPSET STOMAOH "Pape's Diapepsln" Is the quickest surest relief for tndlgestlon, gases, flatulence, heartburn, sourness or stomach dtstress caused by acidity. A few tablets give lmost immediate stomach relief, Correct your stomach and dlgestion now for a few cents. Druggists sell millions of packages of Papa's Dlapepsin.Adv. It Pleas,q the Girl. l,ove--Evcry time I kiss her I'm a better man. Sick Oh. you little an'.zel, you. i Easy Way tO Make Home Improvement, 1 Almost every mau likes to do littl , Jobs of buihllng, particularly wimn by oing them he can make permanent, labor-saving improvements around his home. If you have been wishing for a side- walk that wilt keep the house clean and the feet dry--non-rot steps and porch floors, ornamental gateposts-- any one ot dozens of Improvements. you will be Interested to know that you can now obtain complete dire tions free of cost. The best concrete construction ex- perience has been drawn upon to pro- vide these directions. You will find everything you need to know about small Jobs--how much cement to use. how to mlx the concrete, what tool to use, and all the rest. } A request to the Portland Cement Asoclatlon, 111 West Washingtor ] Street, Chicago, will bring thls fre I booklet, "Concrete Around the Home," by return mall.Advertlsement So Have We All. "I see that a nine-year-old glrl Is a successful writer of popular songs." "I think I have heard a good many t written by her. ' WOMEN[ DYE FAIED THINGS NEW AGAIN Dye or Tint Any Worn, Shabby Gar. ment or Drapery. < Each 15-cent package of "Diamond Dyes" contains directions so simple that any woman can dye or tint any old, worn, faded thing new, even if she has never dyed before. Choose any color at drug atore.--Adverttse- meat. Artists' cherubs are like boarding- :muse turkey--mostly wings. Getting Heh quick Is as difficult as t is dangerous and exeltlnz. On retiring gently rub spots of druff and itching with Cutleur ment. Next morning shamr witl Cutlcura Soap and hot water. them your everyday toilet preparatIma and have a clear skin and soft, hands.Adver tisemeng. Designation. "A demagogue Is an irrepo]10l lender of men." *'Yes," replied Miss Cayenr; since we women have gone i th's we don't call them demagOgWm We call them vamps." The eharm of a bathroom I It t7- lessness. By the use of Red ( Bill-  Blue all cloths and towels retala their whiteness until worn out.--Adverth -- lnent. Two Gt. "llIere is the art gallery." "Let's go In and touch up our faces a bit." ,r Weakness of lntuitlon Is that tml the tlme It's wrong. t occs[ons-- either festive or grave--the atten- tioh is often equaJ!y divided between the guest of honor and Hax00d Ho00C000 MAXWELL HOUSE00 ZLL00N009.00 SS I HE name "Allen" on a new range represent 25 years' experience in building good ranges. To-day, daughters bur Allen Ranges because theY: have seen their ceoking qualifies proven b.' yearn of service twth mothers' kitchens. M&NU 0 ro