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October 20, 1923     The Woodville Republican
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October 20, 1923

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WAT TNE:STAYg TS. Wlt CLINIC WOJt E SCHOOJk [ The United States Supreme Court  CHILDREN. 20, 1923. ha refused to have anything to do A friend from Centrevflle LeWis, F-Mor and rorlo*.or whJ the Mississippi insurance case given us the following report of on tnc gcound that no Federal ques Free Clinic for school children which tio. i:. iwved, therefore tim Fed- SUBSCRIPTION :  we appreciate and give space to with TERMS OF I erzl ecu is without jurisdiction in pleasure, hoping that a similar work in advance ............ $?f, :the maLcr. No Feint of law was at the postofnee at Wr.,h.&apos;!le, i e., span bl *,hat tribunal. , villemay soonbe done: in tim mhool in Wood- .... Unle.-s some point is raised by the ae second-class mail matter, at,'orneys of the insurance companie "The greatest asset of any cosntry ......... (and this will probably be done) the Is the child, and the children eon- ANNOUNCEMEYr3. State Reveme Agent and his attar. titute the resource o the futures. ,,,-,, I ney have a judgn,ent for $750,000 Attention given to the yeutk of s Pot Diatt Jt",ry F Stte tor ,/T , D. C. BRA,EIE Pe Rel)rJnlt;-e W. F. TCXER "LEI K. FARR&R Foe Shi H. A. WOOD Fe Ch,zrT Crk W. L. IIA$ JOHN L. IIAY JOSEPH N. MTLLBR \\; FaY Suprviocr, 2-d Dftrt NOLAN S. CAGE  For upervo..'. Ff Dltri| T, G. BROWN Our nelghb,r to, Notcher. is now pt on "city air%" by off it treet crouingm with e in cJcr o stop Jayw!k. is s jst anvther the rirsV' movement, -William J. Brrn, whoe present attm i  Va., Florida, y he v .yr why a Soutlr can. k-.d rs,n sill bdlievos that there ro why "eke" cannot b o is willing to try it again pi State Fair is in Jackson this week and is attended by large rowl atraeions in all deparements ere re. to be th bert on reemd so that this year's exnlbitlcm reso,en at ou state .*dtM will b a Stowing eem ver' parYieular. l this pesimitc talk abou will not get you anywhere or so cut it out. Take the of life, talk about the lir that surround you, and try To the unZhinking and uninformed country will determine )the futtre t may appear that the state has been for good or ill The National Gov- Lea,c fitted in the aunt of this judg-' ernment has established the Bureau ment, and some will penmpe expeot of Child WeLfare, that wark in con,  see taxes go down because of the nection with the Board of Health l mmense amount that these "foreign" ! m the several etatem fr the eenser- x,e people will be ompelled te nation and Imlroveme of the ahfl- pay into the tae trmury, i dram The state of Miagiipid ha It ie only necessary, however, o I ttv carried forwNl aueh work ider the facts of  cue, to  far three years. Thit-omt soantise that viewed even from the mercenary! of eighty-two have pecial olinis. standpoint of dotlarm in hand the Sixty thotmand children ]mve been ta lm lost money on thi mttt. individually examined and testo Should the amount of ;his Jg. To result ham linen to gt amass off ent be collected the ,ato will re. great value and interest. IS lma her calve $750,000. From thie amount found that in ganal that  VT the state revenue agent, his lawyers  hundred children there ae feared and aeonntants will get twenty per attfferig Lrom same den&el trouble cent, o $150,000, leaving for the 75 per sent; that g0; ey 15; ry only $600,000. tubucula or scrofula $; hrt g to 5; The !tmurance companies were]  10; malnutritioa $0; otqapedic forced from the state in 1920. The] o; in cases . Whmi the ehildrtn taxes for '1921 were therefore Iost,] ?f a hool m amttnM, a aart amounting to $250,000. The taxes l  mailed to the Imranta f erory for tlm year 1922 were lost which I htld stating what  dafeativa and wold have amounted to about $300,-  what treatnmnt i mqdad. tlfko 000, ae the annual receipts were b [ on the wall of the tmhool room han ing ineread. The taxes for thtt a ela., chart on which gld maxs are year, 1923, will e only about fifty placed as each hild receives proper per cent wtch would add $150,000 treatment rom the dotor. more, or a total lots in taxes to the On Thumday nd Friday, Ostoh state of $700,000, to say nothin 11 sad 12, a band of workem went of the general demoralization incl. dent to the suit, and the fact that industries and capital have avoided the state because of the unfair treat- memt accorded to those who have in the past invested their money In MisiippL It will readily be seen that should th #ate revenue agent callao! thi full judgment the State treasm will sstain a financial lo of about $100,000. It is true that the state revenue agent, his lawyers and accountant will get J150,000 to be divided be. tween them. For them the law suit hu perhape been a howling eucce but look at the matter from the standpoint of those who pay the taxes, the little fellows who cannot Invest their funds in tax-exempt so. cutle, and who will therefore pay this judgment, the revenue agent squad ere the only beneficiaries from the suit. The "dear people" hold the bag as uuaL--Clarlon Ledger. Governor Russell luned thirty pardons during the pat week to pet, sons confined in the state peniten. over the childrea of the Centreville hooL Dr. F. J. Underwood wa the director in charge. He wa a stfed by Miss Mary D. Osborne, m- istered and publie nurse, supervises f nursing and maternity and infant] ygine, Mi Lra Heath, of the] same department, ated. Mi] Loui James, district nurse, was also prent and rendered valuable I   tCX" TLCOS aid. ]No serious defects among the I children were found, but many neeL / ed immediate attention for the tee or eye or ear that greater trouble may be prevented. Over two hun. I I do not bother my'mind over the NO'lICE OF BIDS. td::dd and ,ixty chllLren were exa[ dimmmio as to the inerrancy eft the Bid, ii he received by the BosJd Scriptures. I worry ne more bout of Aidermon f the Town af Woo& It is well to know that if htldren]highar criticism than I do aborts tl vitl up t,o o'clock o Tuesday, can not :pay for treatment they canl ckelatcal dLfferenee between whale. Nceraber 6th, 1923, to erect ivwt be given free treatment in the State[ Oil md uael MI. I believe, of course. ; woven wire ence around the powex Hospital at Jackson. The only ex-the Bible to Be di;'ine, but whetkez plant; the bidder to fuiafiah all ms. ense will be the railroad fare. By divine or not its principles, ff accept teriat. The Board reserves the right application to the authoriti special ed and lived up to r'dl make life to reject any and all bid rates can be secured for a lmxty to mo:e wash living. They contribute CLAY B. TUCKER, Mayor. go. mere certainly than any other thing I0-13-193-3w. Thanks are due to the workers to the peace, quietude and good under Dr. Underwood who reprent oder of soiety.Ex-Viee President NOTICE. the Shepherd-Towner Bill, Bureau of iVrthall. I Proposak to lo,m the county of Chfldwelfare and the Mdmppi  _ ] Wilkinson, Mis., the sum of $10,000 Board @f Health. ]Kay the work continue until every child in the 2RUSTEE'S SALE. [at a rate not more than 6 per cent er annum, and to mature on Feb- n W00en You Need --IF YOU ARE THE AVgIAGE MAN OR WOMAN, YOU HAVE TWO COURSES OPEN WHEN YOU NEED MONEY QUICKLY. ONE L TO BORROW |T--LF YOU CA; THE OTHER IS TO DRAW IT FROM YCUR SAvINGs ACOUNT, WHERE IT HAS BEEN AWAI ING THE EMERGENCY. EEN WELL-TCVO PUOPLE TXE CV.ZCEs O nonowma-- TIEY ALL ];IV.E ILRU SAV- INGS ACO.UNT. BE ttSE AND EOLLOW THOle EXAMPA OPEN YOUR ACCOUNT .i I:RK TODAZ. ., WK  4 Pi C MJ - +ommePe|+! Memb Am Bankers mehtio W0DVIX1il, . . . A FULL LINR OF Fancy and Staple Groceries DELMONTE AND LIBBY CANNE FRUITS CANNED VE(TABLR$ AND MET,S KACAONL ' SPACRRTTI, NO@LIL ALMEDA PURE C.-ItOU COIFFKE in ml tim. AND A the other fellow oct of his tiery. Among these were men who state hu been given tim 6trance for depths of dempoudency, had been convicted for. various an4 world in the face with a sundry crimen, sch as urder, man- By vh'tue of the authority vested ruat 15th, 1924, will be received the bet. health poble, in me aa Trustee in that certain deed by the Board of Supervisors of said 1 Lin Dry Go d YOu will win. slaughter, burglary and selling and ur..unu_erwood expremmd his ap- ef trust executed by N. M. Hum- county un to 11 ocl-k .... Genera e O $ manufacturing liquors Mst cer. prec.a}on for the way .thatour local p hreys to Wilkinson County, Missi Monday Nove-  *o" .... SHOES, HATS, ETC. of the Oil IMen's tatnly Lee Russell should be known pys_l.claus co-operated In the clinic.; llpx, for the use of the Sixteenth This'bctober'2ndf', " --------------= _ - my ox our geoa women omo avel eetion School Funds fo- q   g ,a  .. .... -% *'-:" aeth. '00pa00oni00 00ve=or." time and 00'.nt Woe, on the ,o,: - :':' -" ,. 00AYS, AUGUST METZGER the 28 effo-  I , .u uay OI Jcoer, i  - ....... 00 are berg op. C.M. (Red) Morgan, the defeated v, uece.._ . . [A. D. 1914, te secure the payment! TRUSTEE'S SALE. loss, and that candidate for re-election as a mere. _m_ta_.a..t a,ording ta the[of his certain promissory note for t Bv virtu, of th, ,n#k,t,a ,,e,A Woodville, Misaissiopi bey of Railroad CommiMion from  .tm .farm .mppl m the . [ $400.00 thereii mentioned and d- ;,. -:, ;7------ 7-'-7:'.* -'.''" " " Of these will be" this district, who contested the result cotmty elalms to ha ,o ..'.Td2ffll ff'..'-',_"?_ ,e o x rust IS o 9eed in trust executed, by S. E. Wal- xes state In the Uom H=,i,,! erlhed ...t.L ___ .... . L .,, a usee In rna certain discard. All the of the recent primary election in count-- in th ...... " -" ...... l c, oz oaorgages and ker on the 15th day of March, 1917. i .... - " --- - - - . _ I are till lot "of us'" WhO Pike county and crried this appeal La Dr." d:rweod" will nmke] ae rIT.7 n, oz-.ands-Bok No.: to secure Wilkinson" " County, Mtss," " " -" " - ' t continue to take a "fling" at oil. to the state executive committee, CO - " - The nex Legidatnre will not al withdrew his contest after that com- lroIrate/ th re.aCe's meney ms tndi I mittce met on Monday. That iatn. suitably the result of such election :iry  the last one; neithert :ecres be established forj contests, ber 5th, A D 1923'. t Y. '-::: " '" " , ", - " " g t every political favorite who ndered Mrs. Daisy McLaun Stelhens.  .......  y: "'" " ..... .. ttr per cen m.eres per annum, the said -- - ,.= . t,b veln v racers m sam The latest and moat deceptive ex ty, Mississippi, within lawful hoursL z/i'kq.-  ..... :." ,'-,:- ---, -- THE REXALL DRUG STORE ervce during election. If taxeS}daughter of the lamented Senator cue for crime is tna "we ue un. offer for sale aud sell to the highest Mc,a'B are ever to be reduced any otces[ A. J. McLeurin, has announced as e  Volstead amendment; that bidder for cash the lands conveyed fault havi.=zg been made in the pay.  : tlSt be abolished.---Sunflower. Toe-I kN'3, :tTaeP ' tin. [ candidate for Congress from the der , d  Eighth Disrict o Mississippi, now men necome criminal because strmg in said deed of trust and therein de. ment of the said note. and being Congre,smn Ross A. Collins, of Fifth Dictrlct, of Mireisi)pi, who from a "tour of in Europ tm aug. U. 3.. Senator Coplnd ed sans+err from New the next .mocat|c Vesi- nominee. Ross  not we have Semtinel commend s " " t.ate ententes a convicted moonshin. a term of two Years in t peni. [ Ix'y, aria caus on o.the judge llow the examnI of thin u [ mmtence is all right, but Jusl that the pardoning o.,:'l office does ot expire[ yeL campaign it, to grow ex- wamm and from all appear. hat it will be a real one before the first primary has just escaped fom election, and i its selection we hope that the Pelican be as fortunate as was it Magnolia Stat We e it 'stated that 'a reckles driver [nd his fellow joy ran over the dog was rabbit hunting, on the fleeing car inmate with bird fined the boy remit the fine and a stronger shooting ,un is worth more to hi hog is to society.Hind red-blooded "his best That magistrate a dog. ,ad and G. Humphreys home in Green. of said the H, from Wuh- represented  by Congressman Collier This is the first Woman to announce for Cngress from Mississippi, but before the campaign opens next yea there will doubtless be othem who will follow he lead of Mrs. Stcph. ellS. o State Superintendent of Education Bond has called attention to House Bill No. 170, Acts of 1920, which reads as follows: "Be it enacted by the Legislature of the tte of Mi sissippi that the flag of the United States shall be displayed either with. in or without every school building l'h School Board of each school di, trict shall provide in such manne as they may gee fit for She flag and !is display." This law is probably acing violated every day in every county in this state, but doubtlese the trastces will get busy and see that it is obeyed, now that their at- tention lma been called to it. A man who "pent twenty-five thousand dollars for a house and con. tents and reused to spend a hundred dollars to stop the leak in the roof which spoiled both, would be consid- ered a fool. But. there are many counties and many states which spend from ten to twen;3;-five thousand dollars a mile for a good road, and refuse the hundreds of dollars a year needed to "keep it In ,perfect order. Greenwood Com- monwealth. We are glad to be able to report that Wilkinson county is not hit by this shot, as no county in the state maintains its roads as well as doe this county. A;I visitors to Wilkin. son county are loud in their praise of the e<cellent mnner in which cur ravel roads are kept. attack ee early the ne won by the Yan,-. .The fi%ures fo fressman Humphreys, who w +h the i:< gav,s follow*: Attar/dance :r. of our a{te war gave'enos, th 481,316, Roeeip',s $1,0.20,635; ad. General Benjamin G. : vinery council sh,ve $157.752 o5 been cons " " Each cl,zb hres $2R.370. The pi.y:, this state and era po-I l his yea of $363.873.4 was past, and at the more th::n ,,r bef'drc. ,e',enty-five drink ia high-priced and hard to pry- cure." Tkm excuse is offered by men high in office, men who know hat no one in his right mind ever be. came a criminal becatmo he could not procure strong drink, and thai the largo proportion of criminals are such because of the cheapness and ease with which they could procure it. Prohibition could never be s cause of crime my more than the law againts stealing would cause on to steal.--Brookhaven Leader. ON MAKING MISTAKES. We made a mistake in lut week' issue of The Sentinel. A good ash- scriber told us about It. The sam day there awl a letter in our po office box that didn't belong to ua We called for 98 over the telephone and got 189. We asked fo a epoo| of No. 0 thread and when w got home we found it was No. 60. The train was reported 30 minutes late We arrived at the depot twenty rain. utes after train time and the train was gone. We got our milk bill and there was a mistake of 10 cent in our favor. We felt sick and the dec. tar said we were eating too much meat and we hadn't had a taste el meat in two months. The garage man said the Jitney was missir, g be- cause it needed a new timer. We cleaned a spark plug and it's run fine ever since. Yes, we made a mis- take in last week's issue of the paper --Glen Elder (Ken.) Sentinel C The Fr|endly Sin;Is nJ Cheerful G.-eetlng Well Worth Cultivating. In town booing cheerfulnes and Cordiality have an important ar The Yankees, representing the Too often people permit busine New ork American team. won the cares and worries to cause them to world's series by dfeati the Giant, forget the" stranger within the gate representlnr th New York Natlona! I and the friend who passes by. Many team, the Yankees the second, the I a man has gained a reputation for Giants the third, then {he Yankee[ rouchiness who merely has not took three in succession, innin on thought to be cordial. A smile car. Saturday, unday and MOnday. The I ties one much further than a frown result of hee fames were eaF.erly I " ......... The v. tor m a cty m favorably ira- looked for by interested "fans" i pressed if the people he sees on the all sections of the cotrv, and many] streets are cheerful and smiling. He there ar who rioic# in the victory at once gains the impression that i' must be a good tom which has a cheerful peopM. The visitor natUr. ally thinks that a Ity which offers weleome in so conspicuous a way mefis it. If the neoule he met: smile and are cheerfu! he at once re. alizes thvt they are a people wortl wa serving his term in Con;.,Tess, In he held high rank as one members and in hi race as and bet sad tc to cf ths amount is t be di- look!n over. The cordial greetin d ac,. tb, Y-), und Giants vt.h an accompanying smile of wel. , Ya:-o fo.r ;heir victory wilJ come, helps more titan a3hfng else vv:" c,n. Fi*:ured on s to give peoo]e s ood impression of eU.iile layr eae a place. The smile "attrct and th e abo,;t $6.530 and frown revels. Grouchiness ffain - .%'t ?r Each noth;, for a )eron. Most peop' club will rch, bo,M ,ofer even "Cherfu tel scribed as follows, to-wit: The lands situated in Wilkinson county, State of Mississippi, de-zerib- ed as: West Half of NW4 of Sec- tion 24, T. 2 N, R. 1 West, and 70 acres north part of E of NWbl, Section 24, T. 2 N, R. 1 West, ex- cept the part of said 70 acres sold to Foster Creek Lbr. Company, of record in look TT, page 230, which 'thereto requested, I will, as such Tustee, on Monday, October 22. 1923, at the Court House in Wood: villa, Mississippi, in lawful ho. offer for sale and sell to the highest bidder for cash the lands conveyed in said deed in tTust and therein de- scribed as follows, to-wit: In Wil- kinson County, Stare of Mississippi described as: All West half (W) deed is made a part of this descrip- Section 6, Township 2, Range 1 tion. I West, lying South of the public roped, At maeh mla I will convey only: exoept 40 seres on which the Rei- such title as l vested in me as dance of the Late tuck Walker is Trtee, which is believed to be i eJtnated, and ecep the SE of good. , SW of aaid Section, containing .Tide 12th dy of October, St. D. 145 acres, mere or less. A!.o all my 1923. W.A. STUART, T' undtvido d interest in the SE4 of 10-15-19w. I SW%. Sectio 8. Towshi 2, Range I 1 West, being an undivided 1 in. qt *, At s, eh le I will convey only " AIR GAGE INNER TU]]S *:mch title as is veered in me at * Tnesteo. w;eh is believed to be flood. * CORD AND FABRIC TIRES * DAVID CARTER, Trustee. * -- 9-29-1923-4w. Guarantee 15000 M;les : ; ....... *  ! TRESPASS NOTICE. AI1 hunting, fishing, tra0ptng or * J, D. WITHERS, Agent, : othor,xe-.e tre2pstd:n on any land * Woedvi!le, Mi*s. ** ew,d by the.undersimod is 8trlctty vrobb.ted unaer penalty of the law. * * * * * " * * * " * -6-2Y ly W. L. FERGUSON. YOU AWAY$ CmT  BT F EVERYTItIN, "AT IHR RICT PRICKS. AND WHeN YOU WAN' IT, W YOU t PROM RKXALL DRUG STORIL WE ItKRE TO ATISFY OUR CUSTO. ALWAY& AD WE DO . MARTE THE REXALL DRUG STORE R., , J. SESSION00 1 Ha're Ju,t Received Nlh-" Aa,,mm=t of LADIES' HATS, Which it Would PsF You to Look Over Before Buying. Abe Hv a Laqe nmmber of LATEST STYLES IN SHOE&  R. A. j. SESS. NON RESIDENT NOTICE. swer or demur To Allston & Fitts, Dr. O. P. plaint filed in Batch]y, and Hampton Davis, if P. CaVin, living, and dead to h/s heirs, of his title to legal representatives and assigns. North west and all other pertmtm having or quarter, tmetio claiming any interest in the land north, hereinafter described, defendants: they are You are hereby commanded to ap- Given before court of of Wiikineon at a said cc,rt be hem on th a-ay of to plead