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October 19, 1973     The Woodville Republican
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October 19, 1973

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Fr:r'm,, October 19, 1973 COUNTY AGENT'S NOTES by $ohn J. Date, Jr. J o i . cJ o  .  .o , SUBSOILING COMPACTED t the label. As a general rule, ".residues frmn spring treatments SOILS of the dinitro anal(no type herb- Many sandy loam to silty icide are low after 120 days. clay soils have compaction layers i Corn and cotton herbicide that mr:st be shattered if they residues hold the greatest pa- Ste to produce top yields next tential for damaging small Year. Subsoiling to a depth of grain. Planting small orain be- 14 to 20 inches this fall is the hind atrazine, simazine, cotoran, best method of getting the job lanex, karmex, and dynex is done. I hazardous. 8inca the soil is usually driex I Karmex, Lorox and Sencor in the. fall, maximum shatter-, have a waiting period of four [m:nths after preemergenee or lag can be achieved. The sub-t 0iltng should be the last trip postemergence application. Cot-, OVer the field with machinery, oran has a waiting period of SUbsoiling will improve the, one year. Water intake of the soil and' The Caparol label farbids us- increase the rooting depth of in,g fall planted small grains the plants. This will increase for food or feed. 0isture and nutrient uptake I No problems should arise of the plants. Less erosion will where small grains are planted OCcur on sloping land if the following preplant applicatiI:ns Subsoiler is run diagonally or of Lasso, Amiben, Lorox, Dya- Perpendicular to the rows. nap, Paraquat or MSMA. DOUBLE CROPPING CATTLE I ICE Lots of farmers plan to plant I Right now would be a good sraall grains following harvest time to spray your cattle so of Summer row crops. The bast that they can go into the winter alvlce on this is to check the'free from lice. If you da a good herbicide history of the land job now, it may be that you efore doing so. I would not have to spray again Where the ,recommended sin- I until spring. gle ,rate of Treflan or Cobexl Spraying now would also give Was USed, no problems should further control of hornflies, arise. The TreflLan label sug- which tend to build up in hum- Rests not planting small grains bars at this season. behind double rates. The Plan-i For details cn chemicals to avin label forbids double crop-use and how and when to use Nag except for plants listed on them, contact your county agent. [ villa, Mississippi, will receive I  bids up until 7 o'clock p.m. on Tuesday, the 6th day of Novem- ber, 1973, for the sale of the "'- ! following surplus items: one p .......... I Fai, rbanks Morse diesel 4 eyl. U,4u rur . . Not' ......... l englne, 240 h.p. with generator" ,ca IS nereoy given ma . ' . ' Sealed ......... lane Falrbanks Morse diesel 2 t- olas wiu oe receives Dyl e 1 nine "2^ h ith n e Mayor and Board ,of Alder-/ y'.e ., , 1 u .,.p:, w ,go - men of "' ........ t eratc.r' ano one P'atrDangs 24oTse ., me Town oi wrosoy, iVllS- , . ' .......... ssipi ......... I mesel  cyJ. engine, ti0 n p, wrn t" v, ovemoer b, iu1, lot. be i L generator .. Purchase of :V4 ton long ' Waeel base, pick up truck' Tte Board reserves the right The Mayor and Board of A1- to reject any and all bids. 'yrmen reserve the right to re- Frances Townsend, Clerk Jeer any and all bids. 10/12/4w Mrs. Earl(no Reeves, Clerk State of Mississippi W 'Office of Secretary of State TI,,00 VVnoctvflle ReDubl;can, Woodville, M;ssisslppi pticate original of the Articles Registered Mail to the stock- of Incorporation. holders offering to sell. If no Given under my hand and lsuch acceptance is received by Seal of Office, tlis the ltth day i said corporate officer, he shall of October, 1973 so notify, in writing and by agriculture, permitted by laws under which the corpora- l:ion is organized, and to per- form all acts and exercise .all poers allowed and set f, orth in Section 5309-0t, Mississippi Code 1942 (Recompiled}. 'Fourth: The aggregate num- ber of shares which (;he corpo- ration shall ,have authority to issue is three hundred fifty of the par value of One thousand Dollars ($1,000.00)each. The preferences, limitations and relative rights in respect of the shares of each class and the variations in the ,relative rights and pleferences as ,be- tween series of any preferred or special class in series are as follows: Prior to any hare or shares of this corporation being sold, assigned, conveyed, transferred, including any such divesture relating from a foreclosure or execution sale o'.r other sale Heber Ladner Secretary of State. Articles Of Incorporation Of Brannan Farms, Inc. We, the undersigned natural persons of the age at" twenty- one years or more, acting as incorporators of a corporation under the Mssissippi Business Corporation Act, adopt the foI- lowing Articles .cf Incorporation for such corporation: First: The name of the cor- poration is Brannan Farms, Inc. Second: The period of its du- ration is ninety-nine (99) years. Third: The specific purpose or purposes for which the corpora- tion is o.rganized stated in gen- eral terms are: To engage in every phase of :the business of agriculture, in- eluding without limitation the production, raising, . holding, owning, processing, storage, sale, and otherwise dealing in and with crops, livestock, timber, and other ,related property and the buying, selling, leasing, own- ing and holding of real estate and pers,znal property of all kinds and to do ,and perform all acts in furtherance of and inciden{al to said business, and to engage in any other business, whether or not incidental to the ;,NOTICE OF BIDS Jackson CERTIFICATE OF dThe ffVlayor and Board of A1- INCORPORATION pursuant to a pledge or mort- erraen of the Town of Woogi f n n Vii" " " o Bra nan Farms, I e. gage or other hypothecation, b' to, Mississippi, will receive .......... but excluding any donation or 'lcls U- u ....... n The unaerslgnea, as ecreary transfer by bequest or inherit- 7' v nm ' OmOCK pa . on uesda, th  . ,,  Nowm l of State of the State of Missis- ante, the party owning sue,h b d,  uutt .lo,,y Ul  - er 1973  .... I sippi hereby certifies that du- share ox shares must advise the ,, , ior me purenase o , ', ........ u e-ui ..... pticate onginam" ol Arucles ol corporation through its Secre- v" ' pment necessary to pro- , ..... a lde town water well No 3 with Incorporauon mr me aoove tary (or Secretary-Treasurer, as n auxilia, r ............... ,, F,,r [named co.rporation duly signea the case may be, o.r through its h  ,,v ov,*.  -, ......... _ er plans and speciftcationsl anu verlnea pursuant to me President if the Secretary or 'ala . ..... _ .......... . .... provisicns of the Missi'ssippliSecretary-Treasurcr is the own- oi the Town Clerk. business Corporation c. nvc er of the shares being so sold) The Board reserves the right been received in this office and by written notice add, ressed and to reject any and all bids. are found to conform to law. sent by Registered Mail to said . Frances Townsend Clerk Accordingly tte undersigned, corporate officer, which said u/12/4w as such Secretary of State, and by virtue of t,he authority vested in him by law. hereby issues this Certificate Of Incorpora- tion. and attaches hereto a du- NOTICE OF BIDS L _The Mayor ,and Board of A1- erraen of the Town of Wood- I I It's Quiet inside. written notice shall state the number of shares offered for sale. the price and terms upon Which said stock will "be sold, and the address to which a reply shall be made. The said corporate officer so notified shall immediately mail to .all Directors notice of the offer of sale and the corporation shall have ten (10) days, after the mailing to the Directors of sold notice, within which to accept same. If the co:rporation declines to accept the offer, or fails to accept within said ten day period, then the said corporate o'f,icer shall immediately mail notice of the offer to each of the other tockholders at thebr respective last known addresses according to the records of he corporation. Such other stock- holders shall have a period of fifteen (15) days, after the date of such mailing to the stock- holders, within which to accept such offer, such acceptance to be by written notice addressed and sent by Registered Mail to said officer Any acceptance of such offer shall 'be accompanied by check, sight draft or United States currency in such amount as under the terms of such Offer is required to be paid upon the accepvanee thereof. In the event of the acceptance of such offer by more than one stockholder, the stock being of- fered for sale 'shall be distrib- uted among the accepting stock- holders in the same pxoportion that the number of shares of this corporation then owned by each accepting shareholder bears to the total number of shares of said stock owned by all of the accepting stock- holders. In the event of a, eceptanc 9 by the cop(ration or by one or more of the stockholders, the Secretary (or Seretary-Treas- urer, o,r President, as the case may be) shall, immediately upon the expiration of the ap- plicable accepting period, send notice of such ccepance by B600 or 9600 with new Quiet Cab. Enjoy all-season luxury in our new Quiet Two Door cab ,. a factory-installed Ford 8600 or 9600 option Quiet. Isolation mounts soak up vibration, help reduce noise inside Sound absorbing surfaces further deaden SOUnd. Official tests in the cab of a 9600 under full load showed 84 decibels at the operator's ear. The 8600 was even quieter with 82.5 decibels. Convenient. Two doors-you get in or out on either Side. Console-mounted controls keep deck clear and unobstructed. Excellent visibility for the operator. Comfortable. Fan brings in fresh, filtered air, helps keep dust out ll Optional air conditioner and heater. COme in Listen. Sit in the quiet com- fort of our new quiet cab. We've got a deal for you. t t Page 7 Seal Tractor Co. Woodville, Miss. Rag(sic-red Mail, the stockholder offering to sell said stock, and the said stock may, within sixty days from the date of mailing of the last mentioned notice, be sold to anyone desiring to purchase it upon the same terms or on terms more burdensom to the purchaser, and at the same or a greater price, than the price and terms at which it was offered to the corporation and the other stockholders. Any sale or conveyance or transfer of stock of this car- poraticn (other than by gift or bequest or inheritance) not made in compliance with this provision shall be null and vold and shall not be recorded on the books of the corporation. Except that should ,only one stockholder be desirous of purr- chasing the stock so offered, that he may purchase .all of such stock so ,offered. Provided, further, that ithe above accept- ance in propprtionate purchase may be altered by areement of the accepting "stockholders. Fifth: The' corporation will not commence business until consideration of. 'the value of at least $1,000 has been received for the issuance of shares. :Sixth: Provisions g.ranting tc shareholders the Preemptive xight to acquire additional or treasury shares of the Corpora- it(on are: None Seventh: The post office ad- t agent at such address is Jane Notary Pubhc EXECUTRIX'S NOTICE B. Brannan. )My Commission expires 3-19-74 TO CREDITORS EIgh'th: The number of di- I (Notarial Seal) Whereas on the 12th day of rectors constituting the initial110/19/lw October, 1973, Letters Testa- board of directors of the cor- -- mentary were granted and ls- i nor-t'n hill - "l ,at '-^ not less I NOTICE OF ELECTION ,. , ,u, ,v , ,,-o  , sued to the undersigned Rose "h ....... h an  the Circuit Clerk s Office an mree t) s t tee a  . . Sanders Leak as Execubrix of names and addresses of the october 16, 1973 persons who are to serve as di- We, the undersigned Election tle Last Will and Testament rectors until the first annual Commissioners ,of Wilkinson and Estate ,of Thad Leak, de- until j County met this date and set ceased, by the Chancery Court meetingtheir successorsf shreholderSare electedr and November 20, 1973, as date Ior i f Wilkinson County, Mississippi, in Cause No. 6043; shall qualify are: Special Election for Justice of Jane B. Brannan, P. O. Box the Peace, Fifth Supervisor's Now, Therefore, notice is 755, Woody(lie, Mississippi 39669 District of Wilkinson County. hereby given to all persons hay- William Harold Brannan, P. O. We have complied with the law ing claims against the estate of said decedent to have the Box 755, Woody(lie, Mississippi by posting notices of this Elec- same probated, registered and 39669 tion at all Polling Precincts of .... allowed by the Clerk of said the Fifth Supervisors District, i .......... "" Davis Hines Brannan, fir., Apt. on the Court house bulletin tourt wmm six t mantas  .... - " thi notic i from the date of the first pub- ooam ann Dy nawng s e ............. I lication of this notme and that to oe atveruseu in me woo-, ...... : .... .  talnre tO CtO S0 WllXln salct vllle Republican for 3 eormecu- ]period will forever bar all such dress of its initial registered incorporation as their .act and office is P. O:' Box 755, Wood-ideed on this the 3rd day of villa, Mississippi 39669, and the lOcibar' 1973. name of its initial registered May Anderson 36 - 754 International Blvd.. Houston, Texas. Ninth: The name and post office address of each (near- )orator is: tire weeks as of this date. Jane B. Brannan, P. O. Box l Mrs. Jean Treppendaht 755, Woody(lie, Mississippi 39669 C.E. Cage James E. Wilkerson, Jr., P.O. John Rollins Box 637, Woody(lie, Mississippi H.N. Jansen 39669. John Ashley (.No Street Address Available) 10/19/3w Dated September 27, 1973. NOTICE TO BIDDERS Jane B. Brannan Notice is hereby given that James E. Wilkerson, Jr. the Board of Trustees of the Incorporators Field Memorial Community Has- Acknowledgment pital, Centreville, Mississippi will State of Mississippi receive bids for repairs and County of Wilkinson painting on the dwelling owned This day personally appeared by the hospital. before me, the Undersigned au- thority Jane B. Brannan and Specifications and description :of repairs and painting to be James E. Wilkemon, Jr., incor- porators of the orporation done may be obtained from the known as the Brannan Farms, office of the Administrator. Inc., who acknowledged, that Bids will ,be received in the they signed and executed the office of the Administrator prior above and foregoing articles of to 1:00 p.m., Monday, October 29, 1973. The Bord of Trustees reserves bhe right to reject any and all bids. claims. This the 12th day of October, A. D., 1973. Rose Sanders Leak, Executrix of the Last Will and Testament and Estate of Thad Leake, Deceased. Frank W. Walden Natchez, Mississippi Solicitor 10/19/3w SAFE BURNIN9 DEPENDS ON YOU HELP PREVENT FOREST FIRES Don't touch diDlm During the hotsummer months, a lot of families waste electric- ity-and money-by not using their air conditioning system efficiently. 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