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October 15, 1898     The Woodville Republican
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October 15, 1898

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;: f .. ;5. VOL. LXXIII. .- t,00ml00tlI 0000Inllshsail. Satur4ay, October 15. J. 8, LEWIS, Editor and- loi/ribtor. TO ADVERTISERS. i &apos;TRE ,rOODVILLE REPUBLICAN l,q the oldest newspaper in the Stt,e;:h,s a( larger bona#de irculation than any 6ther "'fi(,.q)aper' in "' lifts section; "tht,,fiwe .." is r, z , _ ANN()UNCEMENT. FOR CONGRI]SS IXTH CONGREllIONAL DIST. W. F. LOVE. We 'ia,illl'orlz.d to an.oance "'" J. B.'DAWSON. lf a Ca,didal for "(?otliity Asess(ir, subject to the action of tim Demo- cratic party. T  r N ILLL, MISS ECTIONS OF THE LAW CONCERN- ING THE STATE BOARD OF I]EALTH AND EMPOWERING COR- I'ORATIONS AND COI)'VI'IES TO PASS IIFu.Tn AND (UAI[ANT1NbI ],E(ULAT10NS. The nlajority of the people are not al,prised of the provisions of the taw froln which the State Board ofllealth and the various counties and nlunicipahties de- rive their authority. In fact the public is wonderfully nninform- ed upon the sui,ject. The publication of the several sections of the law which relate to thisniatter, and which define aqd limitthe powers of the sev- eral bodies, t herefla'e will aid in prop6rly int%rlning our pople upon an mportant matter, viz: the funclions anti jurisdiction of the lleallh Authorities, state, county and municipM, tile latter of course including all towns and 'cities. It sltonld not be necessary to say, th,.ngh it seems to l,e, neees- "ll6"UiV0iers {a llllithialiilih'" 7] aary, thai there is no legal rloht '*l%itl,hersifti: to"a,,-[anvhere, otit,de of the powers llOI I! I ill ea.ilhtatg far tile CO .... l.,ti,! .@J_.._,. .. .  [ ufelred upon the State Board oilii'i,tMiidttia!WtTkl!i, -'o.mal,f , :  " . . . t -" t to tim aelioii of %li(i4.mwi'h: l +/iltd fbe counties and mtimelpah- ;;?5iil)ltieiiriii !i;,.!lf:l ,,r ',ty ties, t,, Is a health reglllation :ilVtell tit 1t19,: Very l'pelf, d. ",.. "  or es'- lli" a  ,lar-- n ti-e nard B. It. I,IAN. '  q. a q, l - t ,,, i n i i'itAT 21EW,iPAPER 31R3I. ."7"- yntl hlit!" "WelL' , *'Loss shnt 'era oat. It may ie llew.leil!i o iln .at4 oitlh but shnt eul o111." "What?" 'Yes. Iti th kinll el a germ---sly sir, devh.-h sly, .... .iikiftlie saltmeat germ auii thCeoal .i, il getm'Shut 'enl out." "'"What ilia, bluzes! Why don't yo,.aay ll'iat[ is" Do yea waai, to ..... s tllyt afel)w to I)romtcudiih'biii'iiing tar 8a3!" " ",, " :body hhd lird llbllt tim '/iIW.PAeEii' germ. Ilc is ors.e and. laurel,castrating than the ,..- dt0 him ?" "- ttta <lt'l!t':th, " .mlltlmr; : Only tim  tavi)r-l-",, "te 'is '" ]IMile" hlm. ::IFeyY:: IL.i:i Chanoe ) 'ttig h,,ld o1' him it would t dllterellt.  8hat him Out !" '"tHe'Win'eli g0lntodo it? l'de like reline': .... '" ,m -. have ab,nlt bnsted the t0Wlitinmitiq., tliey aav, in,let to" shut ouLde t,llootl germ, an!Ik - thoy':Cll" ili"g in'every d3/,i,d thl gttlnu are walkieg aboli% the iltrlet" I" don't bi:tiec it can be in'$his State. Moreover, n0 body, or soealled bo ardl" of health ear exist, 'qawfuily," niucli less ex- ercise authority not detegatedin these ctions or in the ohat2ers (if tile e0rporations. ' t the special session 1898 an set wa.passed, chapter 79, en- taPginglhe powers of the State Board of IIealth. It is the latest and control!tag taw. SEC. 2 ys:"Vheit  yellow fever, cholera, dengtle,, small-pox or other vii'ulent epideuiic conta- gions dlseas s shall nlake ts ap- peai'TInce hi'he State, the State / b-ard:of" health shah take charge t f thi> hffted district Gr IocMity land enforce such ru!es and pre- [sci'ibc sneh measures as it may [deOtaneeessary to:prevent the r00rp,,a00faise,,+0o,. 00ut,t,i.o+0 :,,6. Makes it the duty of ,th Secretary of the State board 'of health, hi'Oil receipt of infor- mation of a ease of yellow fever or otherepidemie clmtagil, us dis- ease, to declare any infected :I. miit,i,n.. . , quarantine,,, and; "Said State he'alth officer shaH ll6vv/tinll R shailbe his duty, in accordance With the qum'antine rbguiatl,ns of the State board of health,.to place any and all such ione." restrictions npou ' ingress and 'tbl hey! This ain't nO Witlj- egress at fin infecte d pMnt as:may ;:.__...i '._ :.::;....i.... ...... ,--a 5e necessary to prevent .t sp,'ead liilllt#lll,ll$llt, lll'lClltililllir i %t!,#11 Ii t ill'.,| tl* ill I --' " I i ( :,.-.,;.o4.' . ...... :;.  .... .Ol" ttlelllSl.ase Ironl I110 .lnlecie{l tiOalor n0thmgi e If'it Is. Eats .tAt.t;.il.t, ,in,|, , =.., .... *..1 *K. 41ltiIp gtlgiti ii. going tlr :he :popdlation.of said infected point, ,aapptlmed. :it tll be thodl on  to4hedispoaition of the same, 6ur*!!atly:health2ptedervers for tim3' lisitlll=bea'.pru.ect that popula- : .;. ...... '.,.._i..,., lln naehur tk,nand (it tlm'aami ti!ue reveut ,111 reniiorile IIIC t'lCi% ' i, ..... , . p ' i, uards i, a spread of the infeetion among .aity,'liveaUpply of k i g  I the same " '" liiiott ruaemt, " BUt rids land tad [   C: " - ' " hi of' iltiw'a')er Letm lies -ot to / EC.  cowrers exclusive juris- :po tl:. r, i" I II.. . il . ... , ,, * ..... .:, .-=.:. ,.>-,,.., ....... , .... :.. |(hetton, as f(,llows: That the llp.ltlli.l t+ 11 Illil* i;tIIl llll '1 Iilllil t lilt * i f' l I.I " "-L Y." > ;.; _j ' . - /otatel)oardo[ shall for- t!lteltlilemau roll germ, anti th . .'  " :[  . . . . "tinnlate andenaetiill onu;antine - - aait meat aml tl!d .llaloou lind tliel,-r,,,I,,t,),n, ,I,.;+ ....,t,;;. . ,h ....   : . , .v.,,,vt,,,o ttlta lltl.lutl it, ,lt. ..... e0ii[0il al!devery lther (inTCn0ii'n )asseli el' and fi.,;,ht t,,,,, ,, ' ....  and-thenr siip tl l) on a Ineasley all railroads and colnutotl Carriers "-lisinllr germ? Look ha;:Gtoati" that;enfrmtoor operate within ....  .---- ..... Itow feer: i(Jear ?the limits c tlie State of Mi.sis- : ..... ' ........... . ..... sq)pl; and the jurtsidletlon of the tty keepiug out the Salt gtrm anti , ..... " 'Slai6 boffrdof halth in such 2 maters. hail be: liaramount and exclusive; provided that this shall only confer ant.holily upon the State.board of hqalth to permit travel and commerce, to alh)w '- If'de ercissl,lgs, imnks and c0al )ersons or md tile tiite nlaiutain- II In ic;ipal ity and shall never con- ll,)ai'd to the lines of quaran- ' exL'lud- against such diseases, and i1;It) eilforee lho s:lulo I)y reaonabh, rulos ilnd regulations; btlt such local qlaranline, and rules aiid i'eguhithnis{ and lhose iiiade lty i, ciiy, town or village, shii I lie subject to the action and consis- tent with the ruh;s and regula- tions of the state board of health, which illav alter, anlend or su- persede the sa:uc." The same. ArtMe 2281.Mu- nicipalitics iuay create boards of health, I)lis sunltary hiws cte. "A city, town, or vilhige niay pass sanitary hlws, establi,h a ll.ard of health, aud elfforee the colh:c- iron and regi.-:trution of birth, healtb, and niorttmry statistics; hut the seine shall I)o sullject to and not inconsi.tent with the rules lul, i regulations of tho state board of health touchin 'the health iutiwests of th0 connty in whichu(;h eity, town, or village is situated." From the last article it is plahi that while muliieipalities may create bo.u'ds of health,.the city, towu or village, only, may pass Such sanitary laws as tie liOt soil- flier with the reguhaions, etc., of the State board. In the eh.u'ter of Woodville the corl,oration is attthorized to pass regulati(tns "fin" estalltiahing and euforcing quarantine and other ragulations necessary t,) the health, safety and good order of saill town." The foregoing constRute the gist of the law ripen boards o2 health and quarantine, so far as we ean ascertain. From th6htv-severd things are evident: It is evident" that the StatCboard of health is made the directing .uld eontrolling l )ower, to the exchrsion almost entil:ely of liry other L,,dy " Tholgh counties and towns niay establish local >quaraitthte lines, thero musl be no conilict with the orders and reguh, tions of the State beaM. And it is also evident that as no authority has been grante(l to local board of health anywhere in the law, they are nccessarily simply "advisory" bodies to the municipal authorities, without any power whatever to pass'a health or other regulation or fix a lmnalty for its wolation. If the htw is correctly stated here it will convey information to -our health authorits and totn an v. (ntil tis-carefill an investigatron was made into the matter, as op- portunity allowed, weh,ld svp- posed that local boards of bealth had some actual legal authority. Our presen t local board has the "end,wsenien:t Of the teommunity in most of its nieasares and we would in no wise :detract from their services, which have been cheerfully given to the public. But it is right, for theul t(i know ,thelaw and to conform to it. It is still niore necessary that tim people Should know thllrovis - ions of the law 1.elatin# to" quar- antine and sanitaH(,n. By this means only in the tut/0re eamwe prevent panics and most suecess- fully prevent or suppress epi- demics. Tim experience of certain Lrave]ers atonlld and between the varlons quarantine lines wouh| ina-.lle a I'lilini chapter in this years' history. A young lawyer i)f (;Ioler Who was h!re a few. days ago and lied t,i lltte, |ll his t'lft)fts to gt,t liOUle a.leandered- intn Nait:lilz and was prtlait)tl)" fined Ii50 nnd fire(' OUt Of the town, The last we heard ,of Luckett, lhe drug m',n, he had reached lira Vi.ckSbutg lines in his li;antte eff.rts tO get to sotiiewhre-- towards the last e d,,urt if the poor f,.llow knew where lie wantl:d, o 14"- he was held IV the Vidsburg gua|'| and-gtveli his elloieo "! hehig,l,ipiied. -wounded. kett itl realaiD at honie durif,g ,,he next qliaIandue semi)sign. - The Batth,ehiil llliu0ts was laun4i- " ed at.Tewl)ort News',m 4th inst. The ship was clidstened by ]Iiss antin --77, The powerti estltbllsh Lm:r 0t Chicago m the tlrestmce tlf ulirani, lneit-lestod tn the siate nearly 25,000 t,e<mle, ;rte Iltimis b0ard,,f hoMth; aiid who:never .:. : :. ", ' . . " -- " t]'-it '" - " . llt te eomlnetetl in armut six mile o011ra : fi0! 8 11; ne0essary tO ... ,... i. montni, r.e learsage" of the same ela far tlleir tri t in "5 SATURDAY, 1898. LEON SC]IWAIlTZ. OCTOBER 15, ' Euwav00 M ehee [ollege ,  ( IVOOD VTLLE, 21ISS. ,: Wd/ Open fls 37+,h ,qn:mo/ Session, SepL 7th, 1838. , ,.i Thol'ollgh]y eqlil)ped for W,)l'k in the deparl,uil,nls iff < Musi0, E}0uuti0n, English MaLhomatios, B0{onces  :'! anLt tho Language.  i Special fa('iliti0s for the sludy of Music, Elocutiou,  E Igll.-h and Mat aenlatles.  ', I  "" '] : !  -ff ," , e Il irllC_l .. il.|lrilIHtrv'l'lo:Llid K i H(l['rtl' | )P, );I.Pt Illp lit.+4 {|IOP()II t . 'IO Cill r..4 lil tg|l,41)(, hll- ..L] Ph( ',lAid i0o's( l)|tr | plrllhP(olte Ish h t] | sl' ttlnlnth. ,. :trtl new :tu,1 t,o.lilliit)dh}tLl, it oerfect llpll,|l' Itlitl I ttod i iJu il(liu<r; t]t.t W h II evOI f 'IS, of l, I'l'i(ltltd holily% P;tPtqltl i" %|lllZ (|l#U,rblll t,.,I . .114 "ll: C;}tt" Wll! d( Wt']| l/ Il)il|:P wilh lilt* c)l%Opt' SI211(|tli tqsewht','l. " Til Ftll' I';/lil.lOl211( Itiid "]'tH'll;. td(ll't';% "I IIss (JEORGIA WANSO', Pres., Woodville, Ms: >I _ 3__. COTTON (..'lOI" MOVEMENF el' TIIE U, s. New Orleans, Oct. 8, 1808. Seerelary II,,ster's weekly 'ew ()rlean C,,tl,)n Excharllze statement, ianed I,rfore the eh,se of t/liSlileSS 3e.terdav. shows af illervase iu the lYloVeuelit lill,(I sight colnlal'ed wilh ltie 'ievvii day s eladiiig tlit- dale last )'ear In ron-l Igl/FeS O[ 8'},0(}0 bales a .lecrease under tile saltle days year before last .f 7000 bales, slid an iu- ci'eae .vet the same time In 1891 o? 23.00tl bales. Ftlt lhe seven ilsvs of October the total8 sli-w an int;reae .vet last year i)l 83,000, a decrease under the annie l,eri,,tl year haleru lust of 7000 and au ,nereas over 1894 ot 23,000 bales. Fi,r the 87 d:,ys nf lhe seasan thai have'clallsed tile aggregate is bt!hlnd lheb7 days of'taste-ear31,000, l)e- hind Ilia same da.vssoar hcfore last 29.'.'1,00(I uml ahead'o| 1894 i,y 308,- 000 bales The am-tint l)ru:0it into sizht' duriag l.|it, past week has been 452,- 786 llale% ag.insl 369.689:" h)r lhe seven: i|hyl ending thii date last 'earj<459.287 )'ear be[ore last and 29. ib9 ihe salile t hne in 1894, and h,r the firs! seven da3.s of October ii has becn 45736, llgainst 3(;9,G9 last year: 45').287 year I) last an-d (" "" 42.}.I;)8 Sltllle [itlle ill ]14. "l'hc.e make the total in,)v'(menL f;r the J.Tdajsfroui eltt, 1 .to dale 1,408,08(i hales, afainst 1.439,1_8 last, 1,700.714 year bct,:re last and 1,100,296 same time iu 1894. WORLD'S VISIBLE COFTON SUPPLY. The total visible i= 2.18IG49 tiales aainst 1.958,83;/ l,a,t ' week. 1,677, 847 lastevear "all,| 2,426,031 in 1894. Of this, (lie i,:tal "f A'.ill.rit.ali o)tLoU is 2,005,(;49, ii_uahist 1,779,t33 last week. 1.515.847 last ear anl.l ,0{JS. 081 in 1,9.1, and of all oilier klmls, hich/dlllg Egypt, Brazil. Iitdia, etc., 176,000 against 179;0(,0 last week, 162,000 last year and "d75,100in 189. The total world's visible Supply" of enlLon shows all increase Oliiparetl with last week el 222,8iG bales, an -luerease Ci)lillrareit iltli last year ,f 5(.3.8(t2 and a :leerease compared with 1894 t,f 24:1,:82. StIEEP RAISING. eonsideralde p, wtioa of this eoalily is well adai)tt,d to slievp rids- Ing bnt prMtably ther I#  less lillllt|ltt tlfi|lPell now Ihau evr lie. fore in lhe count)' sliiv lhe cltuilty was ,Jell settled. C,lideriug that ,lieep raiMnl is lnqlwnive, and tequilas liLtl l'rolial al tenLlon eomllared" witli the ptolk to be de- rived from it 'hen mod,:rafely well attended to, Ute lowness of tlle IL,cka, aud the absence of ool from our local lnarkts Is a eomnieutary uoon the thritt elour leol'jle. 11 ihe local markcls sliotild be iSl)l!l,Hcd with an ovei,.al/iidant, e O IntlLIA)li t still tiiere always would be I a proiitahle tilarket to tie found else, where, Inll as |,)r voo71, it iS abetLer t aud.nille cdrtain lluoney producer[ thaa cutt, ou or lice[ rattle. The [ lteee.sii)' ,t the ease will drNe ma, [ ,| our larnielrs to rMsing sli't'p fi,t L h ,uie clsil'suiilltl.lon aii,I |r lnatket, IF.r ia spite OI dogs and t,tlit draw backs tll tthee t, ruishig there is Io doubl, that the.ouuty lias lost a tloeat deal lf inotiey I [U th0 aggre- gitvl l)y:hiloiiU I the oek f shL.ep to dliildle lo iLs preseut sinail pru- i;;irtiun, U say notLing of what money utlght a# well aa not'.hav.e been uitide t)y improvt.g tll "b:rc6d " ali(t tosttiiie eXlent maling  [ttli- ,tess o| lh. tvhc.i d'mitte,! o! t t,  - Au exchange, sl,eakmg -on thi. Sulject, has this'to sa: "The low pr!e "6t I sutton and the ifttmedv lira alhiitlhlg great hlterest. Farmei' ere beeuniiag keenly aliv. to the sltualiou altd aio looking t,,l aii eseape froin vils 01 +su(sh low witli colnlitlo.s which we neyer be- fore linticipated We have boon wedded to colt(in, bu{ nvr I)etieved lllat o71r fav(irile shiple wouh/ evel a reacli the in'esoiit low liTnre it re- qlh'es ou tii ,, lali(t about three a:i'os lo leaks a bitle--aud still front year to yeac tllo prolhictioii grown, until now it ex(-ceds the eontulnltlivo /Io- liiliil o[ the world. %rC are iii de.p water, and appeal fllr Imlp borer9 we are hopelessly swalllDOlto (Jail ytll etelld a brotherly hand "and pih*t US safely to SOllie lliller arld ill,,i'e soihl foiliidati(lu ?' Replyhip Io the above, the Gzette says that ij It.' is not ahliie i but thou,n(ts feel the fItln( prosftre and aro pi'opotitldi!ig the faine qiio+tilii. To attempt a(Ivico carries uiih it great re.potlsibltitv but sttll .witli some tiesihtncv alibi sorious niisjiv- iligl, We ventl'lre a silgges|loil Try stock. Sheep dolibtless qll a rtol';|on (f yOur in;povcrished soil would pay le gl'eatcst profit. Shecp aro the greatest tertillzers, and wolild SOOli make two act,is produce what IIOV dcinands three acres Fi[ti' naiive awes well handled weald give you tile flrst yearover ]00 per cent hi- crease, tllerby doutllhig xoilr flo,'k [ his tl olild glVO liP, nlerieal Illcrea,e. But probal)ty lhe, niost inlportant point ia qualily, There is aii iilerea-- big d(tnia:lid for moro liiliitou + alill better lnlittoll. The kt*A'llote of ,lleo eessto lhe floi:k Wouhl" bc the be.l b/ck you can secure. One buck well kept would answer for tbe eiil'e flock. Mutton i, ;t]iltff for hil4:her pric(rs pcr pound t]lal: liner.,, q?ile bu('k niust bo thoroughlired,' as I ioroi tl- btetTs only are rchabte to reDrodu('e lheir k linl."The first erop by a lni(:k of great ])ropotellcy.wlluhl gfve ll%iiibs tllal vouhl deteloi) flit _illtltt0iii)ltr poses alin',)'t eit{ilil in ilidllitiial ex- ce]lonee to their sire, but tltV, v 'woithl, b powerless tO Irar.nllt llielr otld q.aliiies Io tlieir otlli'ili-+ .aml Io ;11 ltielli ilt s(lrlle sp'ntafor for brcedi.g plirl)oses w,)nid 1)o g ert.ltie ag:tinst (lie laws of |)i.ot01iii ! alnl an hiipoiti6n upmi aii iiiorallt and llli- sli,tlelin  inlblh;, NTo grade polies- e9 tho power to, lrailsnlit excelhncv !o ll!s of,.pring bccanso not bred i;i fo iile |oiig eilmgh to lifwe the ex- e011enee of the bl'ett fixed aiitt trllilS- mlssiblc, If you will use the host h|Ot)([ in the I)li(',k all,I wilt feed iiltct- liufently, we lhiiik you will Wiii suo- C0SS. We tiae.unsurpassed climatic ,il- vaptage f,w sheep hnsban,lrv. Our land is Wortli from $2 re $25 bi'r The huid in lhe norlhern -*. tatcsaerc'is worth from Sf) to $100 With;ad. vaalages of tfni,atl; &lid cheap lands and hilellicnt feeding and llandttnl 011 will W|ll, pr!,vhled l;t)li use the best buck. Try it." AB.INDONED.--Frtlin what we san leaon the only state ,llft,'es opll at Ihe State Capitt, d al'e ,mrearl' of State and (It, flerltt-laild.O|ih:e. The ha]anee are ehlsed ttl hnt|nes,, ii i. atatrd thai llg oV(!li a delllt+v re- mains ,. [t iile seem lliil lhe fl:ein .tate .fii,:ials iililit i'iave fblind l(fllle hlllnune pcrsr,n sull, ahle tothe rans. actiln Of neee,s3ry Ikiisinss, llr vch+t ,t i ast,'-C(lU|t" ha?e comit tlnieltted ltV wire with Iheii ltrincil)al, ahetit ilt2ecsgary transat;Lions. t regrel ihat Nateliel tills  few ea.t:s of yellow fc?ver ,In .Dlte of the ttreealili.ns taken lly hrr aulhoritii.s. News Ca.le on SaLllrtlav that Ihere were twt, eases and six have risen'ed ine, " Se.cretalW Allen, who llls tlech direttty iu 'charge o[ tim arraileinent irmdt witll tim wreek- lnffe0niilaiih.s for raistug 8tteh Of the paish wrshil)S. Sllhk or stranded iti liie battle or JltLy 3rd as ogn tJl re- llived, Itht todav ,'4cferrillg to Coll- structur ih)lt.oi]?s," w,rk oil the Teresa that lhn N,q,y Depat'lliieni hall given lhe y,illli2 i;OilstrtlotOi, all of the as.istance which was t)ossible toext6nd in tim prosecntion of Ills wwk, Morc, tver tt is to give hhiifarllir aid raise tile Clihlll> tty far tl'ic fiuest Of the 8palilsh squaitroa. Whutevt Cllit I<tas ben eariled by (}onstruotor llob.lnl by iP.ason O[ the wolihl, hi tho ol)hlioli ol Mr, be largely exceodod if the attemp t'aisotile ,t;oh)u o re,nits hrtlleeaae-of this ship the  e,tllf#l t [ 'tlioli # ,i I erswho liave . t ihe NllVy Depll I ingtY upportllg i its i" inl|ioated b [ 1411i lilt., tt sli p from New wortli of. iatly iliSnufac- (Jolon. M ain Street, N ew ir purchased a large stock of Dry Clothing, Notions, lieu ticlcs, I/ats Shoes &c, in New all of which I profuse to selI so low that it will be to YOur to examine my stock. duccments to large buyers. .it JL It ! I i U rin ai,tdy , a SCOT r. M i|mi llfi U&L I1 fl E MAN%r FAC'TU R ER, Which are universe llJ? aknowledgcd to T1ie B00st 00tnd \\;getit for I (.tZIIA{ 1O are great favorites a AGENT FOR ThE r00a IF & IK-'et fV ft patem  s :ups ar irtat iis ,am most ot#maetiines,