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October 13, 1923     The Woodville Republican
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October 13, 1923

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Tamer's Ownership Now Interests Italy e TOWN SEEKS TOURIST TRADE Creede, Colo., Once Scene of Great Boom, Begins Struggde for Existence. of the Interior. It is of Creeds, in the midst  of the reat mountain groul called San Juan mountains, near tile Rio Grande, just below the picturesque canyon of Willow Creek. The citizens of Creede are now doLqg their best to make their town a stc.pping place for tourists, to offset the decline in min- ing. The first mining claims in the Creeds district, as stated in a report by the The story of the struggle of a small =ql|llllllllllllllllll-I* mining town in Colorado for existence =! - thing ' -: has Just been tOld by the Department - Some to Thil.k About  : By GRACE E. l[1lI1T|tllii" ; I SET myself a task: BROKEN PURPOSES they refuse to yield to dlscouragement i For what I did, not They have resolved to try again, and give. HE very pleasurable ease withi to keep on trying as fast as ever they No kindness, sweet " which many of us break our higher fail, trusting not in themselves for sus- aught purposes and turn aside In feverish taining strength, but in the higher in attitude, in gentleness, haste in the pursuit of some elusive power--being prodigals seeking their Nothing, save what in till lF, claiming a share In the settling of the tuture ownership of the city of Tangier, Morocco, together with Department of the Interior, through object, does not argue well for our ffrance and Spain, dismayed the other powers by landing a number of troops there. This view of a street the geological survey, were located is; future content or prosperity. er shows some American Jackies from the battleship Arkansas, sightseeing. 1883, 'but the great boom, which rt- The gray hairs that fringe our tem- valed anything in the early history of plea and the hard lines about our G 1 Vi w f S fi C pit 1 f Bulg other mining districts, did not begin mouths, bear intimate relationship to enera e O O a 9 a a O aH;l[ until late In 1891, when perhaps 10,000 the pitiful Job we have made in hold- people rushed to the camp, a railroad ing steadfast to a fixed course. was extended to it and the small We humans, at least some millions anlount of fiat land available in the of us, are fickle, impetuous and impa- deep canyon was built up almost sol- tient, inclined upon the slightest prey- Idly. Early in the following year a ocation to change our minds over disastrous fire destroyed most of the night, at a sudden ver of the golden new city. The city was rebuilt, but weather-cock. the boom subsided almost as rapidly as When we wake in the morning, we It had grown. are not quite sure whetlur we are It was in June, 1891, that two pros- steering our craft toward the north petters, Theodore Renninger and Juli- star or heading it for the southern us Haas, grubstaked by two butchers CROSS. of Del Norte, set out to prospect the But we do know that the purpose -w of Sofia, capital of Bulgaria, which was reported to be threatened by the advance o aa army of rehelliou and. agrarians. Yankee Balloonists Killed by 00Bolt Brennan, tender of the Ilti and a power in had a long conference Wilson and the air tuil Qf rumors that the for was ready to take an part in the coming presidential DOr00N00 NEED ARMS , France Hale, nineteen at the Unl- !going through s.  Hale de- because the use of arms. Creede region. It is said that the of yesterday is gone. We have a new search for their strayed burros led one which appeals directly to our lofty Renninger to the otcrop on the fa- ambition, so much so, indeed, that we mos Last Chance claim. The poor surface indication led him to define draw in our chin, puff oat our breast Ida claim the "Last Chance." A short and strid|e briskly down the street, for- time later he sold his share in it for etting in our elation to acknowledge the smiling nods and cheery good- $(k5,000, but by December, 1892, the mine had produced silver and other mornings of our friends. ore valued at nearly $1,500,000. By night our certitude has some- After the great boom the district what withered before the intense heat settled down to a more regular exist- of cogitation, and we are filled with once and ha2 produced metals valued doubt. at more than $40,000,000, about imlf For years and 3"ears we have gone of which was distributed as profits, around and round with the compass. The metal produced in largest quart- But on this occasion everything is dif- tity is silver, which makes np about ferent. We cannot move. two-thirds of the total value of the Our great project, for which we | 1 metallic output. Lead makes aboul have been husbanding our strength, is i [ ,4 I one-fifth and gold about one-fifteenth, hidden somewhere in the mist, uri I | Most of the metal mined was taken defective, our hands are un- I from a single vein which extends along steady and there is a tug at the heart I a great fault or earthquake rift that that we cannot much longer endure, i Is several miles long and cuts volcanic Event has succeeded event, not as rocks. Many thousand years ago th we expected, but as our solicitous" rocks on one side of this fault were friends had foretold. Our old smiling i dropped down more than 1,500 feet. A habit is gone. We are discouraged, mining tunnel follows this vein for down in tbe depths. about two miles. Some ore has been The world goes on merrily. There produced from other veins, most of is no tenderness in Its heart. It cares which extend along faults, not a whitling whether we sigh or sing, whether we are clothed In purple VALUE OF CENTRAL CHURCH or In tatters and rags. And some of the merriest are carry- Edifice In the Downtov District of ing a load In their souls, because they, Any City Is an Invitation Plea=- too, have broken" their purposes. But ant to the Stranger. I What stranger I a city has not wel- comed the sight of a church, the sound of its tousle and worship, in the heart of the business district or near the ] Sense ";- hotel which had been made a tempo- JOHN rary home? Both to the visitor in a ...... city and to the resident there Is an m_ element of convenience and invitation BE IN CONDITION about, the downtown church that some- how ets it aside from all other ptaces T HE best watch movement ever of Its Rind. made would refuse to work if not There is a ecullar flavor as well as kept In a strong case. usefulness about churches that stand The directing mind of a battle Is tn the midst of the busy, everyday kept back of the firing line, away from scenes of the modern bustling city. tmrsting shells. Every visitor to lower Broadway, New It is silly to develop your mind if York, knows the appeal of old Trinity, you are going to leave it in a weak the coolness of its walls, the soothln body. power of Its chimes In contrast to It your bxain is exposed to possible the grinding noise of the streets and destruction by ewwy malady that the refuge the ancient edifice affords comes along, why bother about edu- to one who would step aside for a eating it? moment from the crowded life of e Mind and body are equally Import- metropolis, ant. One cannot prosper without the Services of yet other kinds are af- other. Lleuts. R. C. Olmstead and John W. Choptaw, were killed. They are showl above In the basket, OImstead at the left; and the inset shows the S-6 In th air. forded by institutions of the type of There are book addicts as well as Tremont TemPle in Boston. The down- drug addicts, and neither get ver tr town church ,has perhaps the easiest tn the woHd. access to men and women who ordl- Physical education Is rightly made When the United States army balloon S-6, taking part in the Gordon Ben narily would not be expected tO con-i an important part of the curriculum nett Cup race in Belgium was destroyed by a holt of lightning the two pilots corn themselves greatly about the af- of every modern college. fairs of rellgion.Kansas City Times. Electrical Wizard on Vacation Town With Many Lake=. Winter Haven. in Florida, suffers from an embarrassment of riches In the form of lakes. The town, which has about 2,000 people, is entirely sur- rounded by fresh-water bodies, large and small, and the avenues of escape into the country are few. If Winter Haven should ever get its army of lakes hooked up with canals, the "marlners" who attempt navigation therein can spend as much time on continuous voyage as large ships re- quire In crossing a ocean. An elabo- rate system of navigating charts would be required to avoid confustgn and the annoying mistake of getting "into the wrong pew." Rellon as Needed. The soldiers marched to the church and halted In the square outside. One wing of the edifice was undergoing re- pairs, so there was room for only half the regiment. "Sergeant," ordered the captain, "tell the men who don't want to go to Church to fall out." A large number quickly availed her course at themselves of the privilege. _ m going to dete Dr. Stelnmetz, electrical wizard, has been having a vacation in the Mobawl "Now, sergeant," said the captain, ilfe to the ca-re  epples or ls- valley In New Yol'k, but he couldn t stop working. He is here seen In a cha "dismiss all the men who did not fall ut and rmtrch the others In--they need It most."--The Oontlnent. IrCrEREST .re. ,.. Alaskan commerce in 1922 amounted If you cannot go tb college, at least learn to care for your health. Take exercise; learn how and what to eat ; avoid excess. If you have bad teeth, get them attended to. No in. telleetual treasures you can store up will last very long unless they are properly housed In a strong body. Leaving out of the question the fact that no man can be happy when ill, father's house ! (), 1923, by Mcelure Newspaper Syndicate,) O MEN YOU MAY MARRY ; By E. R. PEYSER Has a Galoot Like This Pen- posed to You? # # Symptoms: Tim man whose collar goes over his hair in the back---black straight hair. Miles of mouth and mountains of nose. , Spraw!ly sort, never looks seedy  and never looks spruced up. Seems to be just a middle- weight getter in ever)- line. Aw- fully sensitive; likes a plain, un- exciting woman and generally spends his Sundays walking. IN FACT He is no hummer. He is not and never will be the kind who # is In the running. : Prescription for Bride to Be:  Be a good cook, wash # ironer, and a pleasant Jog- ger. Absorb This: THERE IS NO SAFETY IN HUMMERS. ,  (() by MeClure Newpaper Syndicate ) me Another might expect as Then day b day m,y prove How selfish and how groove, For one by one the known Took wings, and to' anotl flown ; How little I had given days ! Iow much demanded in ways ! o hmbled by my own meat, [ set myself a task and [ ceased to talk of fauIl shown, ware at last of greaer own ; Askel not of sympathy ad Unless I found the same heart. nd Io! there is a bluer  The birds sing sweeter before ; And each day kindly are sped, And loving hands my door. ( by Dodd, Me SCHOOL DAyS j Copyright keep well for the sake of your mental condition. Stevenson, It is tre. wrote great lit- erature although cm invalid. Bt Stewenson was a genius. And even he felt that he couid have done still greater work had he been well. I Cultivate your mind and body te- l g ether The healthier you keep your body, the healthier will be your mind. Pessimism, morbidity, self pity, all come from Illness th one form or another. You can be healthy, if yon try hard enough. It means hard work some- times, and often dull and weary work. But it Is worth the trouble. Without strength you give hostages to the enemy which later on you will be in vast trouble to redeem. ( by John Blake.) Some one bas said that "true hospi- tality consists iu having what you were going to I.ave anyway, and not chang- Ing the cloth Unless you were going to anyway." HAVE SOME OYSTERS A NICE after-the-theater dish or for an evening lunch is prepared as follows: Add a pint of oysters with their liquor, a squeeze of lemon, a dash of cayenne, salt and celery salt to taste to a half-cupful of rich bouillon. Cook the oysters mtii their edges curl, then serve on buttered toast. Creamed Oysters. Allow a dozen oysters to each cup- and pepper, repeat with another layer and finish the top with buttered crumbs. Oysters will not cook well if more than two layers are added ; those In the center will be under done when the top and bottom are ready. Bake twenty minutes. Providence Oysters. This is a nice chafihg dish recipe. In a blazer, place a pint of oysters, a table. spoonful of butter, salt and pepper to season. When the oysters begin to curl, stir in enough cracker crumbs to absorb all the Jules, then add a well- beaten egg and serve while the dish Is hot. The young lady more parties are a glrl when e's  after she's n course, there a prandial affair Blushing Is g scious and shy i expression of the opinions can't blush. '-ae surest and most pleas.ant and true popumrity many varieties of Insects do in the world?" :I'll show Petrograd Is the coldest capital in bell was cast in Lea- was :n darl:ness for :institution' for coining to more than $80,000,000. What a ful of cream. Heat the cream to boll. Spiders break off and remove thel/ great country Cantda will be when its lng, add the oysters and when the webs before rain. northern empires are developed pro- edges Curl remove at once and se-e The length of the great wall o! portlonally. Vast mineral deposits immediately. Season to suit the taste China Is 1,500 miles, probably wait discovery, Hard coal to --' Dynamite Is made by mixing nitro, solve all our problems close to ocean Escalloped Oysters` glycerin with sawdust, channels open part of the year. Mil- Take a pint of selected oysters, the Oin takes Its name from Geneva, lions of herds of reindeer and other tender part of two bunches of celery, where It was first distilled, an!reals could be herded profitably in chopped fine. In a baking dish put Perfumes first were used only In re thos silent wastes. No doubt the a layer of cracker crumbs, and a layer Ious and were consecrated great of the new hlf een: of Dot bits of butter or t use, tury northers season the by stirring them rem into. melted ! (@, lPZZ, Western Neper UL) 4) Weight Of Ostrich. Adult ostriches weigh from 150 to 400 pounds, dependent on their breed. ing and handling, says Nature Maga- zine, They are taller than the m- moll Indian pony or the polo and legs are the features of their inals s sign of a sitlon. It Is a sighted gtrli tvithout .... wearing them-