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October 13, 1923     The Woodville Republican
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October 13, 1923

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MeasurL her wordsY' ran a grocery store ahem soon be bank- SICK BABY FIG SYRUP" to Clean Liver of Baby or Child. Itarts the liver and griping, Con. or soothing drugs. to your druggist ami Insist upon Syrup" whi Whh? something to adm'" that you're a belle nol --...___ I wu just a Mr. F. D. Rober- "my father and and I a good medicine it and for indigestion. on from then to now, for headach in- after meals, and ago, every was having  and wes reeling then I would take I took a good big and I can't begin to good it did me I up and wait on my good fortune of Black-Draught. it in my home. edlcine I have ever liver and stomach stand In little dan- serious ills that sprtd- and conntry. of me- finely pew- mixed in the right naturally on the It has been found and to relieve safe way. Here Is Something New in Architecture in France In the French town of ltalncy, made famous by the Battle of the Ourcq the brothers lerret have designed this church In what they term the "modern Ized Gothic" sTle of architecture. The interior and the tower are shown. The church has Jura been dedicated. Double Health L tnznt Welfare and School Hy- giene Among Items Gaining Attention, $ays Report. Raltlmore.--ClUes of America are placing lncreasmg importance on the Jaeaith of the cummumLY. From 110 to lkr,.0 health depa'tment budgets ware enlarged to a degree protmamg marked bnetit it m attic-steal m mm anal.Vain by W. Tnurber False of the ISrael ot l'giene and pUnitC blealUz. dohlls Hopkb nlverlty. The average tot t cttie showed s 5 per cent mcreawe in per capita ap- propriations 1910 to lir'o and an ex- pense tot heal th departmemts of 70.4 nt in I'. The greattmt lncreaae was made by cities of " 'AO,O00 to 500,- tY00 population, averaging 12,5 per cent. Two items--infant welfare and school hygiene--indicate an awakening of the nation to the importance of giv- ing every child a better chance for healthy development. The Amerlcant Child Iciealth association, under the[ presidency ef Herbert ttoever, has been i acting as a clearing louse for child, health information to nable private agencies to supplement and asset oX- cial acvitles. Every City 8pending More. EV'y city, Mr. Yaes nnth showed an increase In Its health department budget. Milwaukee, with 343 per cent increase, headed the list, while Eliza- beth. N. J. showed but 25 per cent, according to Mr. Falas" fi,ures. Health departments o1 1 eithm sur- veyed by Mr. Fates revealed per capita expenditure for all purpose except eonstruetion of or addition to build- ings of 97.4 cent& tteedth service funds for activities dealing directly with the protection of public health aside frorp the cost of hospitals for communicable diseases and tmnatoria. averaged 51.6 cents per capita. Bridgeport. Conn.,  onkere and FilnL Mich. were at the top of the liar in per capita expenditures soAely for Budget health servtce with rates of 104.9 cents. 93.9 cents and 88', cent& In 72 cities child welfare and seoot hygiene expenditures ranked next to the more general costa of sanitary m- spectAoa, communicable disease con- troL food Inspection and auminlstra. tins. Even so, the amounts pet on these rvlces by health departments were not great, that fo school &Ygiene being 3.9 cents per capita al for In- fant welfare 3.6 cents. Because school health speoHslon Is under control of the boar e education In many cities. Mr. Fates dmabta that these figures present a complete pletura of this service. In 30  where budgetary provision it made  cover all school health supevion Mr. Faie found an average of 8.8 oeal per capita. Figures Given foe F(wty ttlee. Figures of the per capita expendi- tures for the total health trvlca for the first 40 of 81 cltlmt as found by Mr. False. are shown below. These amounts do n( Include money spent for cortaglous disc-ass hospitals, sanatoria, garbage or refuse disposal.: CUt. per -"JI. Ip4t Clt Capit (ty C'pItL Br/dgeDort .. le4.s Ak ........ JS.J Yonkers ...... SS.S 8cheetad7 . .|.8 Flint ......... |S.S  $s4f..$4.$ Pittsburgh ... $1.$Itimo .... 3.1 Savannah .... 1(.S Yo44s4te ....... $g.$ Jacksonville .. 74.S "Faa ...... St.| Salt LakeCity. 73.4  Angeea...El.3 Detroit ....... 7.I Oakland ...... il.4 Buffalo ....... l.t Richmond .... 48.$ Milwaukee o.. 49.1 Ceveland .... 45.| Naw York ...... ql$.0 Boton ....... 48.1 Newark ...... 43 Brmflngham ,.46. Syracuse ..... S4.3 Dtth ....... 4e.e Jersey City .... &.$  Iraatseo.45.3 Memphis ..... 64.7 New Haven...45.3 Seattle ....... |4 Cin'tnnatl .... 45.3 Rochester .... SZ.$ lndlana4polis ..41 Grand Rapids. $t.$ Wszhtngton ..44,9 San Diego ..... $1.2 Albamv ....... 44iT Dallas ........ 9. --American Journal of Ptllc Health. Hay in Englawd. Hay is now being made in many parts of England by memos of an elec- tric fan which dries the grass, which is cut and stacked white Still green, Boundary to Be Fixer! From Airplane Pictures Geneva.--Thanks to the use of air- planes and special cameras, the Swiss commission of experts charged with fixing the long-disputed boundary be- tween Colombia and Venezuela is now supplied with photographs covering about 2,500.000 acres of the wildest part of the territory involved and should have no difficulty In submitting Its report to the Swiss government ny Decemher 31, 1924, as planned under the arbitration agreement. In a report of the aerial survey, the mission in- trusted wl the task says : "The base of operations was the Venezuelan port of Encontrados. above the Catatumbo river. After the neces- sary technical arrangements had been made In Cacuta with the Swiss com- mission of experts, the flights over the : disputed region were begun on May 26. They ended on June 1L and during this short time 25 hours were spent in mak- ing photographic flights, not counting s few flights for purposes of study. "In these 25 hours, by means of a method ,.mbining vertical and oblique aerial photography, a territory of about 1.000,000 hectares was snapped. The photographs clearly show even the most NUR00E FINDSA ! PERFECT REMEDY i "From my long experience ss a nurse I do not hesitate to say that I con- sider Tanlac Nature's most perfect remedy," recently declared Mrs. I. A. Borden, 425 Pontius Ave,, Seattle, Wash. Mrs. Borden Is a graduate of the National Temperance Hospital, Chicago, and her wide experience in caring for the sick lends particular emphasis t.o her statement. "I have used Tanlac exclusively for seven years in the treatment of my charity patients." continued Mrs. Bor- den, "and my experience has been that, for keeping the stomach, liver, kidneys and bowe$ functioning properly and for toning up the system in general, Tanlac has o equal. Recently I had a woman patient who could not even keep water on her stomach for fifteen minutes. Six bottles of Tanlac fixed her up so she could eat absolutely any- thing. Another patient, a mum seemed unable to dle.t any food at all. Three bottles of Tanlac put him In such fine shape he went back to work. These two cases are typical. My confidence in Tanlac is unlimited." Tanlac Is sold by all good druggists. Take no substitute. Over 40 million bottles sold.--Advertlsement. Population of Canada. The population of Canada is about equally divided between city dwellers and country dwellers. The total urban population is given as 4.352,773 and the total rural population 4.435,710. In Prince Edward island and Sas- katchewan the rural population runs about 75 per cent of the whole. The use of soft coal will make laun- heavier this winter. Red Cross Ball Blue will help to remove that grimy look. At an grocer-Ad- vertisement. Utilize a Hot Spring. Heat from a hot spring in the Pyre- noes equivalent to a ton of coal an hour is being used by s French fruit raiser to force fruits so that they can be gathered for the market before their regular time. BABIES CRY FOR "CASTORIA" Prepared Especially for Infants and Children of All Ages Mother ! Fleteher's CastorLa has minor details of the ground and make been In use for over 80 years as s It possible to draw a map of the re- ' pleasant, harmless substitute for Cas- glen that will determine, with absolute tot" OiL Paregoric, Teething Drops and exactitute, the system of watersheds S>othlng Syrups. Contains no narcot- and allow the placing of all the eleva- ic Proven directions are on each tlons, even those which up to the pre package. Physicians recommend it. ent had never been seen." i The genuine hears signature of Prosecutor Wants Spanking Machine Winnipeg.--& spanking ma- ehlne which would have lmstru- ments varying from a broad paddle to a cat-o'-nine tails, and so geared as to be admlnistet with different degrees of sever- lty, was advocated to take the place of JaB sentences for first offenders under the crimld code by Crown Prosecutor R. EL Graham. Mr. Graham strongly advocated the use of ome aurt of a machine m take the plate of corporal punishment by the human hand and said he be- ileved such an Innovation would materially reduce crime. These Eisteddfod Bards Didn't Sing All the Time Sure to ome Back. "Sir Basil Zaharof. who has sue- ceeded the Blanc family as the prin- cipal omer of Monte Carlo," said a Chicagoan, "took me one night through the gorgeous gambling rooms of the Monte Carlo casino. We baited a while at a roulette table. An English- man was winning tremendously there. Finally the man cashed in. " 'Goodness !' I said. 'What a haul that lucky bird has made' "Oh.' said Sir Basil, 'that's nothing. It makes no difference to *he Casino. It's just a bit of our money sleeping out for the night.' "--Chicago Dally News. A Long-Lived Family. Great Britain lays claim to what is believed to he the ongest-lived family in the world. They are sev.-n In num- i bet--five, sisters and two b-others. All are married. They reside on the Island [ of Skye, the largest of the Inner ........ -- .............. "---- ' Hebrides. Inverness-shire. Scotland. All ?:  i receive the old-age pension from the i British government, and their com- bined ages exceed YS0 years. Many a man has made a fortune by m)t writing poetry. It h easier to pose as an optimist   i; than It Is to he one. tttgmg ts thirsty work, tw t.helle bards found after taking part tit the tmtlon:ti Weh, b eLteddod at Mold. Flintshire. The event, which was attended by David Lloyd George. was a great fraeetm. Many American idngem wm present and some from Ohio won prizes. YOUNG FRENCH GIRLS SEE WHILE BLINDFOLDED[ Remarkable Feat Performed In Presence of lewspaper Men, pari&Three little school girt& daughters of a chair manufacturer at Pan. apparently have demonstrated their ability to see withont their eyes. Even when carefully blindfolded they are able to read print, the faeo of cards and other matter. The faculty of medicine at Bee. amttut Is Investigating with a series of tests. The prelimimtry announce. meat made by this body is that the explanation probably will be found to be that the blindfolding permits peep- m. But in one experiment a well-kown Journal whose taff wss put on the phenomenon took ereme Precautions to prevent any faking. Two cup-shaped allghest reason to believe them freaks. Their relative& as well as manI doctors ho have been studying the case. predict the day when every one bandage, tightly applied. An open book then was placed in a rack barb zoutal with the eyes. while the head wan held motionless to Preclude any POSsible vision abate ol below the bandage. A whole page was read Im- mediately hy the eldest girl without en eror. The youngest girl's tien, also Is highly developed, for with almilar lay- ers of paper and bandage attaciied to her forehead by means of mucilage, thus preventing any glancing upward under the bandage, she threaded e needle which had been placed In the cork of a bottle held several Inches above her head. The girls are Yvonn Andrea and Jeanne Slmonin. thirteen, fourteen ann sixteen years old. Th,,y ere normal French girls, playing the usual child- hoOd game, fond also .ff cycling and and accustomed t. thelr Is z,m the ' may attain much a tate of mental and optical ooncentration that people need no longer rely upon their eye& Weary Cow Holds Up Train. York. Pa.--A cow. Weary from a long tramp, while cromlng se t"o- lumbla b.dge lay down t, the trees of the Pennsylvnntn railroad sad prt vented a train from passing. The cow held up tae train for 20 minutes before the drivers tinnily suceeedi tn getting her to stano an her feet ufB. clently long to tie her to the ide .f the bridge, thtm permitting the train to ps|m. BOy Coughs Out Twig From Lun Wilmington. Dei.--A cOUghing spell saved the life of William Hayden, ten who for a it, oath has beta ill with co, gesthm of the, due to havlng swallows0 a piece ot hDch twig, which Is le. . For Like Looking at the Sun Looking into one of the huge ro- tary kilns where the raw materials for cement are burned into clinker is just like looking at the noonday sun. The terrific heat required makes a glare o[ light so intense that the glowing flame would temporarily blind you. But borrow the workman's colored goggles to protect your eyes while you take another look into the kiln. Then you will see a tornado of powdered coal--or gas or spraying oil--bursting into a sheet of sun- white flame. Into the other d of the kiln flow the powdered limestone and shale [chy]--the raw materials for cement. As the slowly revolving kiln tumbles the materials about, they are subjected to gradu- ally increasing heat. During their three-hour ourney through this inerno, moisture and gases are first giv .en off.Finally as the powdered materials reach the sunwhite flame, they hall melt into glass-hard balls called "clinker." This clinker, an entirely new chemical com- pound, when freely powdered is portland cemenL Portland cement kilns consume great quantities ot tud--30 pounds ol coal or its equivalent br each 94-Imtmd sack oi cement. For the whole cement making process the consumption o| coal is approximately 50 pounds a sack--more than haL[ a ton ot coal to a ton of cement. PORTLAND CEMENT ASSOCIATION 111 West Washington Street CHICAGO e4 Nationat Orgaimaon to Improwe and xtmd the U of Contw, A.'....'-  New York &m F, amdm Hebnm Mil Vsacouv. B. C. Detours Bring Customers. The motoring public Is frequently annoyed by signs marked "Detour" which compel them to leave a good road for a bad one for some dlmanee. They are een more annoyed when the new route Is not properly marked out and as a result they sometimes get temporarily Inst. A small boy upstate, quick to grasp the sltuathm, fashioned a few detour signs of hls own which he erected and which diverted traffic hy his father's house. Then he butlt In his front yard a small stand tt which he sold ginger ale and lemonade to the thirsty and weary travelers and did a good busi- ness until the authorltles remnved the signs and the" street once again be- came a rarely traveled thoroughfare. --New York Sun and Globe. Most men with swelled heads wear small hats. A good fighter manages to dodge a lot of trouble. a A Three.Year-OId's Ambition. Little Sam Miller, aged three, son o4 81dney Miller of Rainbow fame. has an eye to the future and will no doubt follow in the steps of his father should war come. When his father was arraying him- self In the panoply of war In preparao tlon for the Ralnhow parade, lttUe Sam was a most Interested spectator. He noted the well-pressed khaki suit. and the Sam Browne belt neatly ad- Jnsted, the overseas cap well on on side of the hen[], and sighed. Run/x overto his mother he said: "Honey, I wish I could grow big feet and be a Rainbow." Literaliy Speaking, "Does Madge approve of cosmetes "She soems to lend countenance te them, all right." Dress. "All the worhi's a stage," "And how" girls do love dres hearsal." oj] Simple Guide to Proper Food Selection Nourishment- Digestibility- Flavor- Character- Grape-Nuts with cream or good milk ontains  every element necessary for perfect nutrition. Grape-Nuts is partially pre-d/gested by 20 hours' . baking. It is easily assimilated by child or adult. Grape-Nuts, made of wheatand barley, is sweet with natural sugar self-developed from the grain in the making. It has a delightful, nut-like flavor. Grape-Nuts is real food--the kind you can de- pend upon for strength and energy. Its crisp granules invite thorough mastication, thus help. ing to keep the teeth and gums healthy. Grape-Nuts xs so compact that'a package con- rains many servings; and each serving provides unusual nourishment. A portion for the cerealt " part of ameal .costs about o.e c Economy- Grap, e.Nuts tt A  W WtW I