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October 13, 1923     The Woodville Republican
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October 13, 1923

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.... , : /):i 7i:   [WOMEN CAN DYE ANY Medlt4n do.hat we I GARMENT, DRAPERY it-- rid  stem of Catmh ot Deafn "] Dye or Tint  Faded ,Things by Catarrh. [ New for 15 Cents, .o j. NEg & CO., Toled Ohio > HAIR B [r,,.rt Don't wonder whether you can dye or tint successfully, because perfect 4|NOERCORN$ mo Cnm. V. ihome dyeing is guaranteed with "Dia- etc., stops aJl pl eures emfort to o lllke w&lklg ey. |su. :,y ra!! or g; Drip* aloud Dyes" even if you ]lave never ulsaoz Chomie Work Pahogue. N. l, ._. ............... dyed before. Druggists have all colors. France May Subsidize "Movies." The govermnent of France I)as al- ways been a ready friend to art, so it is not surprising ttlat tile motion pic- ture has been tncluded in tile official family. Although a state subsidy has not yet been given the industry a "comlte Francaise du cinema" has been created hy the minister of puhiic instrnctlon, who has hhnself accepted honorary presidency of it. The prtldent of tim committee is Paul director of fine arts. 'alkfng to a boy aboni his "duty" his "table manners" does not ltSU- ally make him happy. Directions In each package.--Adver- tlsenlent. Trade Revival Vital to U. 8. Far away, but eventually affects your pocketbook: Great Britain, in the first six months of 1923, eKporte(l more than three times as much coal as in the first six months of last year. Also, correspondingly, nearly four times as much iron and steel, eight times as much cotton goods and near- ly six times as much woolens. An English revival of trade Is im- portant to us because her ability to pay what she owes Uncle Sam depends largely on her export markets. CHILDLESS HOMES MADE HAPPY i Presenceof HtthOnesaGreat Blessing . N. Y,--" I took Lydia E. Vegetable Compound be- weak and wanted to be- - and have a child. My about it in the'Cortland J thought it might help dnly did for I now have . j fifteen months old wh Lydia F-, Pinkham's Vegetable Com- plmnd to my friends and you can cer- tainly use my testimonial in your lit- tle books and in the newspapers, as it might help to make some other childless home happy by the presence ad little ones as ]thus donemine" - CLaws P. CXTmV, 10 try st.,  N. Y. A Meumge to Mothers ' Hamilton, Ohio.--" I have known abot Lydia F_. Pinkham's Vegeta)lo Compound sines girlhood, hving taken it when I was younger and ffLf- - feting from a wealmem aad ba.- e. Lately I have taken it aan. tO sngthen me before the blrhh of tlry dltld, as I was troubled with paJ ta my back and a lifeless, weak foe l- I think if mothers would only tge your wonderful medicine they muklnot dread childbirth as they do. recommend the Vble Com- te every woman. --Mrs, J'os.  8. 11th 8tme Four Interesting Letters St. Louis, Me.--" Iwant to tell yes what Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound did for me seven years ago. i was run down and had a weak- ness such a women often have. I took Lydia F. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound and after being married sixteen years became the mother of a sweet little girl. I now have four lovel' children--three fine boys and the httle girl six years old. I had longed for children all the while and wept many a dp.. and envied every woman with a child. I was 36 years old when my first hazy Was born. I recmmendLydia F. Pinkham's Veg- etable Com j.. und to any woman who ht ailing wzth female weake."-- Mrs. J.N, 1517 Benton at,, St- Louis, M W Weak nd Run Dom . Louis, Me.--" My mother took Lydia E. Ptnkham's Vegetable Com- pound when I was a girl, and when I was troubled with cramp I took it, and iatewhen I married I agaiq took it to make me Irtaumg as  doet said I'was weak andmn down and could not have children. I took it and got along fine and now I ha thr So yoo know why I keep the Compound tn the hcae. I am a well woman and do my work and aswi to0"--Mrs. Jb1 , A Grateful Mother writes: l'ta ,,  lonhlmdoeformydy. HeFm_allt crvm, aWk .blby_, !' Butndwbetsbia, fatbaby, andlcamagakto hishLv of lm 'II  b and l feel thatJ= w a " blama to m*. trouble areelieved by  mfe, p eaant preparation. Nonarcc, non-alcoholic A Fine Toni00 t00/lm I00ER$_H I1ERSI4 Build00 You. Up II[ 00TONIC Malaria-Chills and Fever-DenGue Huhl "What have yop there?" "I think this will make a hit with the ladies---a form-fitting porous plas- ter." H ..., No Mo" Hatchet For Sick Fowls ult MUSTANG MEXICAN Edible Drinking Cup Appears. Wlth the increase in popularity o" water lee among patrons of refreSh- ment pushcarts, ball park caterers and other venders the edible drinking cup Is appearing. It is of graham cracker ingredients and some are Lined with chocolate. Early In the season water lees were served in paper or paraffin cups. As these were not (Ruumable they cre- ated a problem of litter. The new kind of cup, llke the (,Jne for ice cream, provlde a cake or the water ice. It 18 also finding a field as a container and accompaniment for soft drinks. New York Sun and Globe. Jticura )mfort Baby's 8Kin When red. rough and Itching, by hot batlm of (zUem Soap and touches of Cuticura Ointment.  make use now and thin of that e[quitely scent- ed dusting powder, C'ticura Talcum, one of the lndlzpemble Oat]turn tlet THo,=-AdverUsnet. Had a 8eamon Ticket. Two brothers*had lived in a village near Aberdeen. and had traveled to town to buaine every day by train. Not long ago one of them died, and the other decided to have the coffin containing the body conveyed by train to the city. He sought the advice of he station- master, and was told tha he wouhl have to procure a special ticket. "A special ticket," he gasped In dis- may. "What would I do that for? His season tieke hasn't expired yet!" Carrying 8sandals` repor the Water 1--New statue of Richard Tales, Civil war governor of Illin,)is, placed in capitol grounds in Sprinz- field. 2--New fingerprint identifica- tion rule being put into effect In postal savings balkS. 3--Sioux chieftains from Fort Peck reserva- tlon. Montana. at the American In- dian convention in the forest pre- serve llear Chicago. NEWS REVIEW OF CURRENTEVENTS Governor Walton, Beaten in 0kla- homa Ele0tion, Refuses to Give Up Fi0ht. FOES WANT HIM INDICTED erman Cabinet Resigns and Chart. slier Stresemann Plans Directorate Monarchy Due Soon in Bavaria Federation of Labor Convene ed and put in charge of direct repre- sentatives of tile clmncellor. The di- rectorate's policies, it was said, would iuclude the seizure of economic val- ues, the control of prices, increased production and the giving up of the eight-hour law. It is asserted that the Bavarian dictatorship is not a sub- ect of controversy. Under the plan of Minister of Fi- nance Helferding, the time has ar- rived for the Industrialists headed by Stinnes to begiu paying real taxes with which the govermnent intended to start paying reparations to France so that an adjustment in the Ruhr ntigtlt be accomplished. Stinnes and I ceipts for the year were $667.'.;0, and the expenditures $662,3.qs. Total mem- bership of the federation was an- nounctl as 2.926.468, showing a loss for tile foulh Consecutive Year, and of nlore than 260,0( in the past twelve nlonths. RESIDENT COOLIDGE has let It be known that lie wilt bold a se- ries of confereuces with influential Democratic senators, as well as with Republican leaders, to ot)tain their hteas as to the best way of getting action on the propositwn of Anger- ]can membership in the world court. his cr(wd asserted they could not pay ' Because he has pledged himself to these taxes or permit a part of their carry out Mr. Harding's policies, the property to be confiscated, and insist- President will remind the senate that ed a ten or twelve-hour day for work- men was necessar3: if reparations tlon--President Coolidge j were to be paid, for it wouhl be neces- and World Court [sary for Germany to undersell the rest __ " ]nf the world. By_ EDWARD W. PACKARD j In Bavaria Dictator yon Kahr is T ,A h( defying the Berlin goxernment and r S t  turn of Governor Walton J -'" ' " I to get walloped lat eek', .and he[the., civil commissar it.appointed for (lid get walhl)ed, lhtt he didn't take ] .....  " " Ins state Ale also defies tl/e Social the blow lying down. To those who isis and to their threat of a general enjoy a stand-up and knock-down fight, tile news from Oldahoma these days may be pleasant reading, but it really is not edifying. It would seem that when such conditlons can continue for a long time there must be something lacking in our democratic institutions. Having obtained court sanction for the 'special electl6n called for last Tuesday, the people of Oklahoma In- sisted on holding it. At first, Walton declared it should not be held, insist- Ing that, as lie hod called It, It was his election and he could call It off If he desired. He reconstituted the state election board so that It might obey his behests; ordered the entire Na- tional Guard of the state mobilized and then recalled the order; called another special election for Dee. 6; yielded at last In the face of various restJ'aining orders front courts and said lie was willing to vacate his office If the people of the state preferred the rule of the "invisible empire" TO that of the constituted authorities. In several counties the governor's effort prevented the citizens from castitkg their votes In the usual manner, but runny of them mailed their ballots to the capital and others used improvised election machinery. But the election was held, and by a majority of about four to one the voters approved of the constitutional amendment authorizing the legislature to convene itself to con- sider impeachment charges against the governor and other state officers. Though he was thus knocked through the ropes, Walton climbed back into the ring and obtained from District Judge Tom G, Chambers, one of his appointees, a temporary re- straining order forbidding the state election board to certify the returns to the secretary of state. Hearing on the application to make this order was set for October 9. The governor as- serted the election was Illegal because the proposed amendments submitted had not been properly advertised, and that thousands of voters were intimi- dated by deputy sheriffs and by the Influence of the Ku Klux Klan. The opposition countered with a petition for a grand Jury in Oklahoma City to Investigate charges that Walton has misused public moneys and to inquire into the appointment of thousands of state "secret service" agents of the executive. Governor Walton is issuing a stream of proclamations and statements. Iu one of the latest he says: "The klux guns of the nation are trained on me. I am daily in receipt of threats of as- sassination, but I had rather die by the hand of an assassin than die the death of a coward. The fight is to a finish. There will be no compromise." Representative McBee. leader of the mti-Waltonites In the legislature, as- serts there 18 no klan issue in Okla- homa, "except in the hallucinations of a disordered brain." AVING failed utterly to come to terms with the Social Democrats, who opposed the abolition of the eight- hour day and the reorganization of the cabinet to Include the Nationalists, Chancellor Stresemann of Germany dissolved his ministry and was direct- ed by President Ebert to form a new cbinet. The chancellor's spokesman a nnouneed that there would be no new party cabinet, but a mnall ministry similar to a directorate, and it was assumed the reichstag would be dis- solved. Various cabinet offices will be left unfilled and others will be unit- strike retorts with an order forbid- ding strikes anti making them punish- able by Imprisomnent. For terror acts or sabotage penal servitude with 'unlimited fines is ordered, while for endangering lives or treason to the new system the penalty is death. "The monarchy in Bavaria will not be proclaimed now," stud Von Kahr, "but it Is growing, and it will come by itself when it is ready." It is probable that Crown Prince Rup- precht will be placed on the throne. This is the aim of Hittler, chief of the Bavarian Faseistt, wbo is support-i ed by General Ludendorff and to whom it is said Von Kahr has been making friendly advances. Royalist uprisings took place In sev- eral parts of Germany last week, the most important being at Kustrln, Pmlssia. where an orgnnized band cap- tured tile fortress, only Zo lose it next day. There was some t)loodshed, and tile leaders of tile revolt were impris- oned. In the occupied regions miners and post office entployees resumed work generally, but the French officials ne- gotiated in vain with the railroad workers. The cities of Dusseldorff. Essen, Dortmund, Wlrden, Horns and Bochum began paying the expenses of the French and Belgian armies of oc- cupation. The separatists of the Rhineland staged a demonstration in Dusseldorff which developed Into a- battle with the German police in the course of which a number were killed and hundreds wounded. NCE again the attempt was made last week to persuade organized labor in the United States that It should fllrm a national labor party. At this writing it seems certain to fail. Delegates from IIlinota and Min- nesota to the annual convention of the American Federation of Labor h Port- land, Ore., introduced resolutions call- ing for adoption of "independent po- litical action for workeru.  Two fraternal delegates from Great Britain, without trying to Influence the action of the federation, told of the recent great successes of their La- bor party, which is now the oflclal op- position in parliament end is not un- Iikely to get control of the governs- meat before long. President Sam Gompers was as al- ways quick and forceful In reply. He outlined the distinctions between the American and British political schemes, showing that in England the labor men had only to drive at one obJectlve---control of parllament while here there are congress and all the legislatures. He spoke of the vast difference In cltlzenshlp. "We are wage earners," he said. "To have a dominating influence in determining the laws emanating from the employers' officers is of greater Importance to the men and women who toll than any laws passed by con- gress or legislatures." Dennis Lane, International presi- dent of the meat ctters and butchers' union, announced that an Intensive campaign would begin at once to re- organize the workers in the meat pack- Ing Industry. The International Plas- terers' union pledged Its co-operation In aiding el-service men to become ef- ficient building trades mechanics, and it was believed other building trades unions would take similar action. Secretary Frank Mort]son reported that the defense fund of the federation amounts to $183,994. The total re- the protocol still awaits its action, but it is understoo(l in Washington that he wilt not attenlpt to force its adoption. He wants the qnestion out ADVERTISEMENTS OF 1679 Undertaker Had Alluring Notice to Attract the Attention of i[oasible Customers. The first advertisement of an un- dertaker appeared in a London jour. hal in 1679, when a coffin nmker at "the sign of the Golden Pall and annonn sale fash- ressings for It was at about this Period. Murlng the reign of Charles II. that the pub- itc Journals of Enzland first came Into use as advertising mediums. Most of the early conlmereial "ads" were in- sert] by quack doctors and venders of wonderflfl specifics and "cure-alls." One of the favorite tipples of that day, It would seem from adVel'tLt meats, was "Dr. Butler's Ale" which was excellent aach good of the way early, however, so that om- gress shall be free to dex ore its atten- tion to domestic problems. Among the friands of tIlram John- son the announcement of the Presi- dent's intention to consult tile Dento- crats was taken to mean that he would exert his influence in favor of the world court plan, and the)' believe this will bring the California senator out as an avowed candidate for the presi- dential nomination. Indeed. Mr. John- son has said aa much, though he de- clares he will not yet do anything to e,mba.rrass the President. UR other Senator Johnson, Mag- nus of Minnesota, has been in the East talking, being iterviewed and coiling on President Coolidge. The "effete" part of the comttry seemed disappointed to tirol that Magnus wasn't a freak, but was well dressed, benevolent alpeaIng and quite civil- fzed. At the White House he o)nferred with Mr: Coolldge and Se(.cetary of Agriculture WallaCe on price fixing for agri(,nltural i;ro(hwts. When he c-an)e ,J $wl Azpt 81gnal System. The installation of an electrically aperated signal system on the gwiss government railways is said to be the first for that class of service in Eu- rope. The prices of cotton and linen have een doubled by the war. Lengthen heir service by using Red Cross Ball Blue in the laundry. All grocers---Ad- ertisemenL Many a man would be gl.ld of the oi)I)ortunity to chew all he could bite off. Dia'nity carried to excess becomes a hronic disease. Sure FOR : EL ' Z AND 75 I)-es any one know of night is buried? SAY "BAYER" when you buy. Proved safe by millions and prescribed by Colds Headache Neuritis Pain Toothache Neuralgia  only "Bayer" which contains proper Handy "Bayer" boxes of 12 tablets---Alo bottle of 4 and =pirtn la the  nutrk ot Bajrlr Mmaufacture of Motle-  | WOreg.lmsant wags uevea conga, g Take your choice and suit your taste. S-B---or Menthol flavor. A sure relief for cougha, colds and hoarmeas. Put one in your mouth at bedtime. t ti Always keep aboz on hand SMIXH BROIH S__K COUGH DROPS Famous Idnce 1847 DAM RIVER TO STOP FLOOD Bage Type Constructed in South Arica to Prevent Collecting of Mud in Reservoir. After sexen years of building, a dam that stops a 40-mile river in South Africa was recently completed. A bar- rage type was chosen to prevent col- lecting of mud and earth in the reser- voir and to avoid flooding of private property on the river banks. In the average year enough dirt is carried down thls river to cover 7.'20 acres a depth of six inches. Passing through tanks and filters and being treated out he said: "I told President Cool- ! with chemicals clears the water. Thlr- hlge that price fixing Is the ,rely rein- : ty-six sluice gates control the huge edy for the present distressing sirua-, barrage, 1.400 feet long. When full. tion. I also told him about the pro- the depth of the water will be 25 feet. ducers' aliiance and its determination At the formal opening a British prince to hold the crop off the market until oflelated.--Popular Mechanics. the prluers could ohtain a fair price for their products. The President was Varnest Bird. sympathetic, but he had evidently not made up his mind." NOTHER severe eartlluake shock occurred at Tokyo Thursday, driving residents from their homes and cutting off lhe eIectric lights. About the same time a temblor was felt in California. Dan[ei E. Denny, representing the silk [ndtmtry of America. told Premier Yamamoto and the minister of agri- culture last week that the Japanese silk trust is blocking shipments, caus- ing an economic loss of $30.0)0,000 monthly, and that this wiIi cause the great miIts at Paterson and Passaic to close down very soon. Though Yoko- hama cannot be used as a port until probably next year, the Japanese trust refuses to permit temporary tfer of shipments to Kyoto, Nagoya and Shtmldzu. Official Japanese figures place the number of known dead In the earth. quake at 103.000. the injured at 125,- 000 and the missing at 235.0(0). Thes figures are probably overconservative. E ZR-1, the American mtvy's huge new dirigible, which is to be chris- tened Shenandoah--"Daugbter of the Star"made a record trip from Lake- hurSt, N. J.. to St, Louis and return by way of Chlcago. in forty-seven hours and forty-nine minutes. She traveled about 2,.')(}0 miles during forty-six hours actually In the air. Her only stop was In St. Luuls. where great throngs of aviators and spectators were gathering for the international air-_ races which began on Thursday. VACUATION of Constantinople was completed by the allies on Tues- day. and on Saturday the Turkish troops formally entered the clty amid scees of great rejoicing. It is re- ported that Turkey will soon i de- clared a republic. ('VER in Spain the directorate has abolished the last traces of civil rule. First the clvtl governors of the various states were done away wtth and then a!l the nnmlcipai governments and all "general councils" or cmmty organlzatlons. The cities and towns are ruled by Juntas under direct orders of Dictator Prhno Rlvera. colds, coughs and cnnsumptlve dis- tempers: and, being drunk in the eve- ning, It moderately fortifies natare, caueth good. rest and hucely corrnb- orates the brain and memory."--De- troit News. Stay on the Farm. Of all occupied men and boys in twonty-three leading countries. 51.4 are in agriculture, all d girls. pur- At Kew gardens. England, there is a heron that must be the rainest b!rd alive. It asks to be pllotographed. If ----AutoAd= Take For advertising business getter has the possibilities of Many are the signs on them tages of some one or the meritS They attract but in no way freak-bodied resemble a bottle such thing with ment carefully of these are malned for a most lature house on every exterior suburban sighted coming It sees a camera it poses as f to make  startllng.New Itself an attractive "subject." It has been known to start at a camera and follow the owner of it until the camera An alleged has been duly "snapped." hen It con- had his tentedly toddies away. ment officials to ]owed any d pe, Between the engagement and the'rights were viola wedding the man in the case does a,i forced to give lot of guessing.  self. the ANY haw found experience that harmful. 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