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October 13, 1923     The Woodville Republican
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October 13, 1923

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00repo00a00e00 .... sows that: 5:'7 bales .... , U ", ' a in eo00tr i x. School ..... Auditorium, Thursday .... 13, 1928, September 25th last, as omte Evemng, October 25th, 19Z3, The monthly meeting of the WiL The FlyinMgen,sSqUadron o e .... ...... YoRK o : 4:4 ginned to a corresponding date at 8-00 O'clock. kinson County Teachers Assodation will hold a service at the Perey' OUR NEW FFICE HAS SUPPLED 11, 1923 last year. This report does not The first number of the Continen. was held in the auditorium at the Creek church on Sunday after-soon 2S 88 mean that this year's crop will be re- tal Lyceum Corn ........ :,, !. .......... ...... " d c i " res ,,j w,, oe gven wmanson uounty A. H. School ,   r " .... 25 C0 u ed n, the fig. on .next Thursday evening, October this town on last Saturda be-nnin,,J October 14th, at 3:30 o clock Auto , US WITH A REMARKABLE LINE , , gven, altnougn it win snow a reauc- 24th at 8 ' " - Y' " " -' ." --..   .......... , o clock, m the audltormm at 10:30 in the mornin- Ph .... +fll assemble at the court house at f, o  mn over las year. of the A. H School. This is the first imz was called to " .......... ':" 2:30 ready to start for the tp at: "-- ....  . _ order by the presl .... } } p-p.zT i " ....... f Cen at mx numbers for thin course, and dent, Mr A:.h., princi al of the I ; " o . . . . 2"45 Ladms molted Seats can be , ...... "' I .'lr. W'llliaru A. UlcKson, o " aso " " . ...... " "P -. i , , . o "-----.--------------o ..... o ......... n hckets are now on sale at William Winans Hivh qo,l ,l provided for those woo have no con- , rewne, was a ouslness VlSlLOr o 2 00 f *" ......... , " !orris Ford, of Less-WoodvIle on Tuesday morning. This dSren r:dlotndo:L00 fr.chfl'i Ceptrevljle, and a violin solo was!V:ny:n:l,,fsthnevirte?n" "lhe pubhc i    . to Woodviile on gentleman, who is very much inter- n,,. .......... m ms a s!ngte! renderers y mrs. H. B. McGehee.   " = " i e I  d r. iested i- *h .... + ;-,, of thi %1,  .... =), u oe ure o oe on nanoir.. L. enson, princiDa! of the A ; .............. - ;o:/ '-AT  l-r " I -.: --.y .- ......... : . - nursoay evening, October 25th H School, then ex  "I  " i - :------  county, s gwng much tme just now G .....  a;.=;,. o .... ' - , pressed the ptes- NOTICE OF BID q , '  V V  L [. [ __e ............... oc anu oc. lure mat it gave him to ha'/ '' ........ ' . -- .... ms, of Fort Adams, to the work of going through the ..... e tin_ B;d= ..,;- t. ..... ; ....  .. x._ = .... n mtor to Woodvflle old pauers and documents whtch he Last ............. " .............. [gamenng at the school, and then }of Aldermen of *he Town of Woo, %/}  1 rlt it .. men. { has hacl for years past, the most val ...... ct, ua/ aernoon was a  in a very nappy anu comnlimentary ..;: ........ : -, : .... "" "/ 'gllP ivdiglrl '#'.r | :s,.t..,......,.., tl'*.,.|_ r'  nshl af whi'h st#* fhaa loft hv hie reu -etrer day Xor our A. H. manner introduced the seaker of! -.*"'" u(/ .,.,, cf)?c on '.u?!::]iy, [%* ....... "1 .vv.y uulgO OLIIUt lfl i l. T. Wood spent! gantfa;he"r':''br'. "* V/'il-lm--Vinans ,.chl,__f,_.r_n _that day the foot.hall the occ,sion, Hon. W. F. 13and, state i '.:en'-'r'");.33' t ect he;v'/i " x_ t_ .......... 100n in bffs+t.ho i .... + n;of;-.:oa ;+;o. .. vam, wmcn was organxzea only a'supennenoent of educa*ion Mr' ,y. .  ...... ,-,,.- .,,e .,=r ill O0[ll 11 -k)IIS and rux . ........... ' ............. s ................ ' . " ..... l-nt- the biad r . , , o P ado St los the  ...... "-- i ............... few weeks ago, won a decded wc. Bond told first how lad - ......... ' p  ' " e ro furm.m a, ma-;0 Y --gan,ho is ni:gliv i :s;ata?::trr?g me ear,, par o OkaO  :h=ohrhofhOtlo ta%ef i yeetA:hciaatn:ntOtdSc/teCn ! erjech:nEYr: r:;v:, the rght t : . m," ......  .... :' . . ;'-:'fY-. .... visiting team was late in arrivin then launched ou t a:_+, .... :... I ,LAY B. tUCKER," Mayor. I I t to relatives and [ Cage, of Woodq.lle, and Mr. E. C I -'/- "# :mmuo .were i ul'e, wnlcn was more in the way of [ ... 1?::-o:. i / ' [Adams, of Gloater, was celebrated m' payea:, xenaerson na. the nonor i a ta, in the course of which he gavel c'cT-.-  -- - t [." All the Leod;-" c, =------- [Baton Rou e on Sunday, Sentembe. . g goal to be won hxs nearers, m a clear ahd convmc. . .... [" . od entertained the| .ath  ,he h .... f th ........ -I oy ou eam m a game wth a VlSltlng , mg manner, the benefit of the .... I By vwtue of the ccree of tncl  and Color g -- ' r " " " [ h   ,1 +. x., .,,,i lZ]l,, w .--a eleven, having made this after an r|ence which he had ,- o [ Chanc.ry Court of Wilkinson coun-I o the ...... h ........... ,,thered . , o . , .... :: o':'i Y".,"'..%- "-%". _".. ]end run of thirty yards Chas years of work in th ,  -' ty, Mississippi, rendered at the Se ' o alng. land Mrs. R. W. Cage, of this town, i_r. t recoruea up tne second goa]i tate, mamng, a general review oft emver2r"!' jz, m tne case nur i - !- ]and the groom is a successful young l a c play cteverly woreol tne state work along educational[ er%u a na yieo o. 155, x pane S tL Hawkins. naor [ busino. man of Gltr ,r,, au ] wm w. erles  clean an opning ! lines during the past fifteen ,eors ] " " raves et al, I will on Satur.  j .....  Methodist church, lmake their home n  Centreville,!m.theofield. The third was the re-iand outlining in a most appealing[. "y, Ocob.r 20"h, 1923, m lawful! '. t:ALL AND LOOK THEM OVER g for Jackson en$wher ,ha,, ca,. =K ,. ..... .^.,! sm or a well-executed forward pai and attractive manner the duties ofi hours, in the court house yard, at It tri-- / ...... l from Henderson to Earl Phtt Eacbteachers He then made a stron  odvflle, MsmsulppI, offer for sale . wmnes or a nappy future. ,  . . ---__. [ :__ ].member of the team should come in, appeal to the boys and girls who were and ll tothe highest bidder for/ allace spent Sunday| The Girls' Hi-Y Club of last ,ear[ xr a goodly share of the credit for lpresent as members of the Glee cash the zomwmg lands situated in 1 fe  / rents, M'" ar, d Mrm[has been converted ;-t,, o -= -/the victory, and be it said to their[Club, to take advanta,e of the ed11' Wilkinson county, Miissippi: 2011' u.rning to New'Or-|the Girls Reserve'under'the'"l''der-'l credit that the!r goal was never in" cation al opportunities =wElch are b: acre.s in_the South_ West corner of I .   'mllI'mP"  A  "-,m 1 rrang. |ship of'Miss Peters The girls met [ danger, uur rays are now ready! ing offered them. He vointed with c:n 4, T. I, R. 1, E, the said.} )   | , [ . ] . ,: :-'--- |in the auditorium of the A  to meet all comers, and another vic- pride to the fact that M;ssissinni has res fronting two acres on thel ,v  'lmm Itm dl P. + " -- to was due them in " mar o " " -- , public road, and runnin ba k - !mer returned .o|School on September 13 and elected .ry. . . the game wth .. e c: nso!,dated schools than any acres a .... , .. g ac ten I    "ff" .. A "'T" on on Friday after|the following officers- Lillian Tucker raccnez nere yesterday afternoon, ate.or state m the Union, the number , nu nemg rne same zo acres I lk  - --'----- --'-.h.--l . " " reserved b Ben G v " t_ys' visit here to her|president; Ima McCraine, vice urea:  .. : being over seven hundred, more . y . .ra es in the deed I o] W 0 0 D V I L L E- M x e v     v d ed Plitt lident" Bertha Lewis treasurer- Fan  roe Always Ready Circle has on teachers' homes and more aricul o conveyance vy him to H. N Pet-I e ........... ": |hie Ruth Nettervme s .... +o,' q hand for sale several dozen cans of rural hh schools He closed his ad tgrew as s shown by dee of record   .eY,'  o _ A ,rid, Steve Reed, Jr..liadies cho,en for-the adviso---'boar' Oriental Rug Cleaner, a preparation dress with a declaration that it wa: in said county in Deed Book XX '-X."e**,-;t'***  Wednesday morning [are, Mrs lRobert Lewis, Mrs Brain- highly recommended hot only for use his rur:ose to see to it. so far as he page .2. The pa!es and the purchs- ...... cttred a position in [tette, Mrs. Tucker,  Miss Leflore and on rugs. and carpets but also on could, that the ehiIdren of Mississippi er wm e nouce nat raomn o that citT. [Miss Peters Miss Peters has already .wooen cmnlng. lrs. W.'F. Tucker had a square deal along educational  approve ne repo and t o, connrm ":' [helned the "drls in numerous wav has this prepartion at her residence, lines. It was not this writer's lea-- rne sate or the sam ,an Wih e,maue ader spent Wed-[and has -iven many valuab] s-- so any one who washes to try t can ure to hear thin address as we were nd heard before Hen. R. W. Cutrer. Orleans where she tions. Nrl eve, od, inth:: telephone or see her. The price i called out of town on 'that da,, on Chan.ce!lor, in vacation at Magnolial Ma McGehee " "" " .... s $1 00 per can other business but we lea from M]ssmmpp], on Saturday, October ry . . school has enrolled as a member. We " " , rn o,, o eye specMst, hope to have a successful year and others that it was a most unusually '''.L -'. . " his eptemer 22, 1923. become one of the most active club QUARTERLY CONFERENCE. able and appropriate one, and mot see that Mr: W in the state.Fannie Ruth Netter- The Fourth Quarterly Conference fitting to the occasion. W.L. HAYS, Commissioner. who had one ville, Secretary. of the Woodville Methodi charge The program was then concluded 9-29-1923-4w. about tc will be held aS the church in Wood- with a piano number by Miss Peters NOTICE TO TAX PAYERS ustc that the and wl become 30th, and is dud. s returned, to on Thursday here  to Miss Miss and Mr. J. C. Plitt '- M. Fugler and Margaret Fuz- Quin Alford. of over here Sunday very pleasantly A. E. Fu W. L. Beckham. to be in towr Mrs. R. M. McGehee and Mrs. J. A. Redhead were joint hostesses at the home of the latter for the first met with meeting of the Irwin Russell club on Tuesday for the season of 1923-1924. As had meet with Mrs been the custom for many years this next Tuesday of- opening meeting was held on the first k. Friday afternoon of the current f Superyrs of month. Fifteen members were pres- assed an ordL ent as well as a good many guest - who added to the pleasure of the af- the hunting of ternoon. These last mentioned in that county ladies were, Mrs. H. G. Hawkins. years. Mrs. Johnston, MnL Kee, Misse. Kate MeGehee and Lula Magruder, Mrs. Briscoo, Mrs. Lee Robinson, Mrs. M. L. Robinson and Misses Julia Redhead and Missie Robinson. The meeting was called to order by the new president, Mrs. Massey. After the responses to the roll call had been made with items of local hi toric interest she gave a brief in- augural address, rdviewing the his- tory of the club and its aims and souing forth the study course for this season. This talk, both in ap- of Fort propriateness and in graceful deliv- the residence in cry, was one of the best of the kind by Mr. Jolm B. in the fifteen years of the club's his. that he will tory and was received with great date with his appreci-ie by Mrs. Massey's audi- to make their ence. Continuing the historical character of the program Mrs. Lee Coon read a scholarly paper on Foundation and Early History of Woodville, and Mrs. Robert Me-. Gehee gave selections from some of the Woodville poets, Mrs. J. W. Baker, Mr. Edmunct Shannon and .Miss Stalls McGehee. After this the hostesses served a delicious plate luncheon of chicken salad,-potato "Babygram' chips, cheese straws, apricot sherbet and Mrs. T. and candies. The meeting then ad- of this town journed until 'October nineteenth, at Coldwater, Miss., which time Mrs. J. S. Meehee will at their entertain. Allen Walker, weight seven THE OPEN County Game Warden Clay B. pincipal of the Tucker has furnished us with ,the requested u] following gist of the game laws show. school now ]ing the aae of the open season which level, so the t will. be found interesting at this will be ghdl time: armers in thi Deaf--November 15 to Fe want land tel-. 15, day's bag limit 1, seasons bag Mr. Demmn. limit 3, provided that no doe or spot. ted fawn he killed at any time, sod was eafled that deer shall not he hunted at during the nhh Fox---Sepmber 1 to Febru- the serious ill- ary 15. Hares and Rahits--My be He returned hunted at any time. Raccoon and morning ac. Opossum--November 1 to March I. aid the Squirrels---Octoher 15 to February I, a day's bag limit 15. Quait--No- hoe that vember 15 to March 1, day's bag speedy one. limit 20. Duck, except Wood Duck. Summer Duck  Novembe 1 to of March I, bag limit 25. Geese--N- -in vember 1 to March 1, bag limit 8. While here _ notice that JURY LIST FOR CIRCUIT COURT. appointment eltureh 11 o'eloek. he wH'l service at the distrct last of whip s tried before town .on charging released nel appearane TO The following is the list of juron for the October tern of Circuit Court of this county, wM'vdll con- vene on Monday morning, Oct. 22: First W--D. E. McDonald, J A Walker, E. T. Smith, J. W. Owen R. G. Jones, H. P. Jones, Abe Cohen C. H. , W. J, Wesherry, A. Metger, Frank D'Aquila, E.L. Deleaeh, J. G. Larrieu, I OWallon L. C. Poets, F. S. Gibbs, W. L Fero guson, H. L. Stutzma, R. M. Striek- er, G. C. Brandon, Phil Lbbrano, W. S. Foii, Floyd Smith, Ronald Owens Clarke McCrain W. C. Cage, L F. Gaulden, J.-O. Owen J.. K. Netter. ville, H. r White, T. G. Brown Charles Felter, Elli FeRer, H. H. Cage, David Carter, . W: Sanders J, C. Vines, D. H.  I E. Car. tar, L D. Nettle L.  Caa, Hen. (artor. , i I i NOTICE. . DL OCUL00T, Wia be i Woovit!e, Tuey Wednesday, hext week, Oetoher that are; the Eye, and Test  and Fit i eouvt  and 17th. Will treat all diseases of p. Mr. !Giasses. Will lve glaes with me. the con-.; had 10-6-2 ville, Monday, October 15th, a +. 9:30 of that faculty. Estelle David, of a.m. H.G. HAWKLNS. the A. H. School, gave an attractive reading and the Glee Club, under - STATE OF MISSISSIPPI Miss Peters' leadership, a very sweet To Stalls Revish, defendant: rendition of "When You and I Were Young, Maggie." You are commanded to appear be- The morning session then ad- fore the chancery court of Wilkin- journed and the members of the asso- son county, said state, on the first l clarion, the school trustees and the Monday of April, 1924, to defend , county officers were invited to the the suit in said court of William dining |',all where a delicious three Revish, wherein you are defendant course dinner was served, Mr. Denson October 9, 1923. W.L. HA'S, and the members of his faculty be- 10-13-1923-3w. Clerk ing the hosts and hostesses for TRUSTEE'S SALE. "By virtue of the authority vested in me as Trustee in that ee/-tain deed of trust executed by N. M. Huln- phreys to Wilkinson County, Missis- sippi, for the use of the Sixteenth Section School Funds for T. 1, R. 5 West, on the 10th day of October. A. D. 1914, to secure the payment f his certain promissory note for $400.00 therein mentioned and de- scribed, which deed of trust is of record in Record of Me,gages and Deeds of Trusts on Lands Book No. 2 at page 377, Wilkinson county, M'ppi, and default having been made in the ymenS bf said nose. and I being thereto requested, will as sueh Trustee, on Monday, Novem- ber 5th, A. D. 1923, at the Court House in Woodville, Wilkinson coun- ,ty, Mississippi, within lawful hours. offer for sale and sell to the highest bidder, for cash the lands conveyed in said deed of trust and therein de- scribed as follows, to-wit: The lands situated in Wilkinson county, .State of Mississippi, describ- ed as: West Half of NW% of Sec. tion 24, T. 2 N, R. 1 West, and 70 acres north part of E of NW, Section 24, T. 2 N, R. 1 West, ex. Cel the part of said 71) acres sold to Foster Creek Lbr. Company, of record in Book TT, page 230, Wieh deed is made a part of this dneip. tion. At such sale I will eonvey only| such title as is vested in me as ge, which is believed to he Thins 12th day of October, A. D. 1923. W.A. STUART, Trustee. 10-13-1923-4w. delightful meal In the afternoon session short ad- were made y several of the teachers of the county and a happy and profitable meeting of the ao. elation was brought to a close, to meet next month at William Winans Institute. The officers of this association are as follows: K. S. Archer, of William Winans Institute, of Centrevfl!e president; Miss Jessye Leflore. of the A. H. School, vice president: Miss Annie Watkins, of the Centre. vflle hool, seeretaa'y-treasurer; aJ of whom were present. This organization isdoing, a fine work for the edueaSinal interests of our county by bringing the teach- ers, trustees and patrons closer to- gether, this meeting jst held prov- ing decidedly a forward step along this line, attended as it was by inter. ested teachers and truztees from all sections of the county. Bond Bread, Mother's Broad, made in New Orleans, fresh daily at D. L CUMBO'S. GINNING! THE PUBLIC WILL PLEASE 1"AKE NOTICE THAT OUR WOOD. VILLE GIN WILL BE OPERATED IN FUTURE ON WEDNESDAY OF EACH WEEK INSTEAD OF ON FRIDAY. WE WILL APPRECIATE YOUR GINNINC DAMPF & MORGAN. Notice is hereby given that the Board of Supervisors of Wilkinson county, Mimrissippi, will at its meet. ing on the first Monday of Novem- ber, A. D. 1923, borrow the sum of $10,000.00 and execute loan war- rant or warrants therefor on the reasury of said county, payable on February 15th, 1924, for the pur- pose of paying the salaries of the county school teachers. This October 2nd, 1923. 10-6-1923-4w. W.L. HAYS, Clerk FOR SALE.Four nice mules; two 5-year-old mares, weighing 1200 pounds each; one 8-year-old mare with 5-months-old colt; one 7-year. Id saddle horse; two good wagbn and harness; 300 barrels of corn; two cars of good hay. Will sell cheap for cash or trade for cattle. W. H. REESE, Centrevilie , Miss. 9-22-4w. ? ? ? ? ? HAVE YOU TRIED OUR COOKED MEATS AT THE KENILWOOD MARKET ? ? ? ? ? ? Red Rust-Proof Seed Oats ,, , L. - .... ]1 -JUST RECEIVED A SHIPMENq OF RED RUST-PROOF OAT3 THAT ! AM OFFERING AT VERY ATTRACTIVE PRICES. 'SUPPOSE YOU PUT IN A FEW ACRES FOR WINTE PASTURE THIS YEAR. You can secure ROGERS SILVER. WARE ahsoluteJy free by trading 5vith me. Cards ven away with every SO-cent putelmN. Come in end let me exph it to you. Sam. pies of tke Silvrware to be gen way on d,phy jzn my .toitd." C M. TR[PPEND00L ODD FELLOWS' BUILDINC,,- WOODVILLJg, MISS. CrY' E. M. KEE, Manager, WoodviiIe, " - Missiippl '.-: WOODVILLE MISSISSIPPI -- J I _ I i SMOKE-- e e - i u I . I  II C YOU CAN SECURE 00000ICrS" SilVerWare WITHOUT CHARGE 'el'HE CIGAR THAT SELLS." ] Rosso DISTRIBUTOR WOODVILLE, MISS. Cumbo's Grocery! BY TRADING WITH US. ....... TZ'LL YOUR FRIENDS ABOUT THIS EXCIITIONAL'0FIR. SAVE OUR CARDSTHEY ARE VALUABLE One Card with each SOe Cash Purchase CARDS GIVEN BY The Busy Druggist. TELEPHONE 8-J GASOLINE STATION and FISI TIRES COMPLETE STOCK NEW A. H. JONES, I DR. R. F. PAYNE, lWyer. I Eye, Ear, Nose and d Throat Real Estate Bought and Lol 10}e hours 2 to 5 - , -, on Comm00,ion. i . ii,,; Offieein court house. Woodville, Mis. !4-8-1922-1y DR. W. W. MONTIORT, Dentist : Woodvflle, Miss. ' Crowh and Bridge work a Specialty, Odd :ellows' Bldg Phone I16-W. W. F. Tucker Clay B. Tucker TUCKER & TUCKER Law. Woodville, -:- Min.. Ofltee'outhwest corner public luare D. C. BRAMLETTE Lawyer Woodvflle, M- Oflce DR. J. W. BNDON, Phsieiatt and Surseo Woodville, Miss. 0glee on second Fellows DR. C? E. Phician Ofle in Woodville, Mts The Store where you can get what you want, when you want fl and always at the right price. D. L Curabo. FOR SALE FINE, SELECTED, ONE AND TWO YEAR OLD BULLS. They trr no old blood ot all. All ere ade Red Polls, all Mulr and frOm Iood milk strald, v e,7 cheap Ior cask ,: Alsb some  yearling heifers. J. S. ]VIcGehee00- LAUREL HILL, L&, w00-F-