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October 8, 1898     The Woodville Republican
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October 8, 1898

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VOL. LXXIII. J. S. LEWIS, Editor and ]Proprietor. TO ADVERTISERS. TIIE WOODVII,I.E I{ EPUBLICAN is the oldest newspaper in the ,tat, e: h:s ,,t htrger bona fide circulation than any other newspaper in this ection: therefi)re ". is The lest M,n00isiu[ ihgi00:, l00v600sers 4,00,is in #j ANNOUNCEM ENT. FOR (ONGRESS 8IXTtl CONGRESSIONAL DIST. W. F. LOVE. We are attthorized to anuounce J. B. DAWSON. as a f'amlidate for (onnty Assessor, subject to the action of the Demo- cratic party. To the Voters of Wilkinson County: The uildersigued begs leave to an- touuee |bat he is a camlidate for the office of Sheriff of Wi'.kinsou County, subject to the actiou of the Democra- tic Convention t be hchl for county ottteers in i899." Yerv respectfully, -B: tt INMAN. ONE CASE OF YELLOW FEVER. SIX MILES SOUTH OF WOODVILLE. Elsewhere the false publication m the Times-Democrat that there was a ease of yellow fever in Woodville is contradicted. Reports have circulated here during the week that there was a case Of yelh)w fever in Centre- ville. We have not believd the report and it has not been verifi- ed. We hope sincerely that Cen- treviile will escape, though all the stations on the lille of the Y. & M. V. road have been more or less liable to the infection. There is one case of yellow fever, Mrs. P. S. Johnson, 6 miles south of Woodville at the resilience" of Mrs. M. S. John- SOn. The history othe eases is as fo110ws : During last week both ladies had attended the funeral of young Stewart, a relative, who (lied near Jackson, La., of what after- wards Was declared to be yellow fever. On last Saturday night Mrs. M. S. Johnson beinu taken with fever and fearing that slid had been exposed to contagion notified Dr. Magruder of the fact, and on Sunday morning Dr. Therrell, "the only ilnmune physi- cian we have, attended the case and'after several dtivs decided it not to be yellow fever. In fact Mrs. Johnson had had yellow fever tn 184. ' Mrs, P. S. Johnson was taken sik Saturday night but Dr. Ther- r011's attention fvas not called to her until Monday. Dr. Therrell considers Mrs. P. S. Johnsol's a typical ease of yellow fever, and the patient Is doing as well as eoulii Bit expected,  There are thre adults and three , ' . ,    J Intli'eh (whiles)and two adults al:On IJoy (col.) in the house and liable to infection. This in- cludes lrs. P.Johnsou's inother, Mrs. C. W. Davis, who went down an Wednesdity to nurse her daugh- ter." ' :'* Immune guards were placed at the htouae and other guards a- round the place onSunday. We are'indebted to Dr. Ther- tell for the forgoing particulars, who further states, that, so far as he can Judge the guards are effective. It will be seen from this state- mett of the facts that the people of town and county need not fear hafection from the sickness at Mrs. M.S. Johnson's. The most diligent inquiry does not sclose aSl " of sickness in the trot certainly there is none in this town. Besides tbe guards referred to around the residence of Mrs. John- son tllerear guards on the road leding Into tile towa and inspectors looking out for strangers tho may come into the town. Under thee circumstances there Is no reasonable or rational grounds for fear of yellow fevtr in this town. Irrational Icar, ot course, cannot be controlled. Extreme and nnneees- ! sarv measures, of precaution osteu-. sit)/$', itlt false reports, are the! chief causes of extrente fear amongsl I the people. Woodville is one of tile healthiest towns in tile Noulh mght now, and the health of the county is better nowtitanlt was in Atgust, though we fear the eastern and tenth-eastern portions of the COilnty may be liable to sporadic cases of 3ellow fever from previous or con- linued contact withlnfected places. llowever, this town is strictly guard- ed against visitors from such h)eah lies and there .a notlting to fear fr,,m that source, l-lrace up and atteud to business if you have any, or if you must loaf, do not occttpy the time in helping to spread sensational reports. Q[TARANr'N'E LINES. West Feliciana Parish is quar- antined against Wilkinson eotiut y. Natchez is quarantined against I his county. Wilkinson county is quarantin- ed qgainst East Feliciana Parish. Woodville is quarantined against goods coming from any- where. And against all persons living in or visiting the section traversed by the Y. & M. V. R. R., from Harriston" south, which includes Rosetta, Dayton, Glos- ter, Centreville, and the towns south of Centreville. The town also has quarantined that portion of the county bounded on the west by the Woodville branch of the Y.&M. V.R.R., and east by the Main L,neoftheY.&M. V.R. R., and north hy a line drawn from the Main Line of theY.& M. V. R. R. to the branch road running past the Burnhamwood house dno e.lst and west. There are no quarantine re- strictions passed as yet against the people of thg county lying north, west and south-west-0f the town Amite county has quarantined against Wilkinson because this county does not effectively guard the Louisiana line, presumably East Feliciana and the Y. & M. V. roa:l. The residence and people at Frank McGraw's on the Schaefer place are quarantined. The health board on Thursday called upon the county health officer to niake charges against Frank McGraw for visiting the neighborhood of Wilson, La. YELLOW FEVER REPORTS On the 2nd and 3rd lusts, six new cases of yellow fever and one death were reported in New Or- leans. At Franklin 12 new cases and one death. At Lutcher, 40 miles below Baton Rouge, two cases. At Baton Rouge 4 new WOODILLE, MISS., SATURDAY, OCTOBER 8, 1898. NO. 17. From ,,hservatl,ms ,na,le , .if.:.v.z..z.c.e.z_  are inchueti to think tha'l  EdwaFd Mcehee ollegE tile citizens of Woo(Iville and Ci,unty will n.t appreciate the actiot, ofotiritealthhoard in keeping life  -- IFOOJDVIELE, d11SS. tile tow..nd eou.ty pr.c- / Ma,n Street, WOODVlLLE lli i ticall,,'in ignorance of the healtl[ reula,i,lps which exist here a,td I  Wdl Open its 3 7 th Annuoi Session, Sept. 7 th, 1898.  ]i s/arclin 6 Thoroughl)' equiltped for work In t, hc tlepartmt nts of which affect the interests and con-| vel,inee of n,,arly everyone. " | Music, E10uuti0n, English, Mathematics, Sciences In this u,atter, tile plea set t,p thai[  and the Languages.  ,Abtwit the Otaranline It would cost a few dullars to inform|  Speci'li facilities for the study of Music, Eh,cution,  clip Stoc]00 of G R-00O Ct00't00I00_EjS is larffe, ,,urow,, people pr,,pcrly b,, ,,ub-,  Englis,, and Mathematics.  !e:i: i c ;oi:1/: ;'o 'ed,fS Itching tlte regulations in a news-]  Theslanda,'dotseholar.shipfntht'Oollegeisl,i;.h: lheinst,'ueloninlhe  l,l ints. The huildings are uew Still CoIitmodio'.lS. in perfect rel)air and fi ttt,tl ,' r e l,] paper, the cl)urse always pllrsued / ,, Pz-iaaavy an(t Kindt,rgart, en Ilel,:trtrnt'lt.s lhort,tl,gh. "reatrhers are all Sl'l'ial- ' . ca." wm do wen ,.,, ,o,,re,' wlt.i, n,,, h,tore se,,di,,g els,,'h,,l'(..  OC/t.8 it the tow. here and everl" where else and th,' / ll withalltheco,nfortsofareflnedhonll'. Parents having daoghters toedu- 15: only effective way, ill not be ac /  For (httah,gl,e and'rert,s, address. 5h. s GFottGtX S ANSON, Pres., $ oodvdle, Miss copied, except ass matter of ridi- l  "  Ii,i cule bYci,rl 'oration'citizens in and out el Lhe t :.50.8,, N'exv goods arriving daily. llere is an esteemed Board of Health which thinks the occasion serious enough to require "daily"] meeting.% but gives no notice of action xevpt by circulars, wluuh as one m, m er said to the writer, "not one man in twenty sees" t,) have split off on the silver question. Like the Connecticut Demo- cratic Convention the New York Convention refused to :endorse the last nutional platform known as the Chicago Convention. As and as am,thor remarked "if Pe-'one of the resolutions expresses pie want to inform themselvcs about it: the regulations let them go an:l see t 'While in national affairs we adhere them--thor. {the reulation-) are[with steadfast fidelity to all the prin- -----: .... a : - . "/ . , !cir)les and policies of Jeffersonian stuck on on tile e)nrt ,louse {loot:' .. ....... " I iemocracy, we recognize l:lai ab Lne If the town health board has done i preser[t time the attention of the peo- . 1%1o fft hl4tM[,  1;irffe/v tcnLr(lssed', ' " ," . aa, tl,lng of real ,mpor00anoo or wlllei, inflicts penalties in certain eases and abuses of administration which upon citizens it is "the right" of the during four years of Republican eon- tr(,l of ,qtate affairs, have resulted In people to be informed--not made to hunt for circulars on doors--as it is the highest duty of every respon- sihlebody after passing peual or other Importaut ordinances to give tlim the widest circulation possible. This will not be disputed probably, by common sense people anywhere; at any rate our observation ha been tl/st Boards of tlcalth every- wlterc have hastened the publication of tiieir rcgnlations, In the news- papers especially It is done every- where else in this State now, but here, and was always done here until ' the present body came into xist i ence. ow so far as the money consid- eration fur publishing thee rvgula- Lions is concerned it is not of the first importance to us, though we are about as poor as the average tax paver. But when a committee is appointed by the health board "lal make arrangements with Cap!. Lewis" as the order read, "to pub- lish their proceedings" and this [act is partially made knows fly being "stuck up on the door," and there has been no sueh publications in this paper we desire to state that tht, "arrangement" the committee wish- ed to make was fpr a free publics lion of their ltealth regulalions, "as a matter of news." It ill bc in order lien the Itloekade is raisetl fur some man to come along ith a dottble cohtlnn adverti.-emeat and ask for its free insertion because fhe a great, pecuniary h,ss to rl,he people audagraduallowering of the stan- dards heretofore obtained in State gnv- ernment." With Col. Roosevelt leadin the opposition the Democrats will have a hard fight though they seem in no wise discouraged. The Republicans pr,bal)ly have dissentions as the Roosevelt nora:- nation was a set back for the ma- chine Republicaus. It is not be- lieved that tbe bolt of the ex- treme free-silver men, if there is one, will seriously injure the De- mocratic ticket. I'ROCEEDLNGS of the Boai'dof SUpel'Wisors FIIE STATE OF MISSISSIPPI, | VILRtNSON COUNTY. Be it remeinbered that at a regular meeting of the Board of Sul)ervisors of saidCounty began and held al tlie Court Ilouse in the town of Woodville, said County on the 1st Monday, being the 3rd day of October . D. 1898. PRE8ENT. L. T. Vcntress. Presidant. ,Ins D. Cage, l. A. Carter, C. T. 'et- terville, members. JA8. M. SESSIONS, Sh'ff C A. COON. ClerK. This day Thos. B IIatfield Treas- urer el said connty prcsente,l his re- port of the several thffereut connty tultds wltich were examined and ap- l)r,)ved attd ortlered filed attd recor- ded.. The moneyin the treasury was c0nnted atttl fonnd to be correct, iIns day Jos Johnson, Supt ot Ed presented his report for mouth of September 1898 which  as ordered to be filed attd is approved It i tar- McCearlcy et al to cross lay pipe clay hill near Widow llaynes, it is hereby ordered that the same be rejected. It is ordered that Carrel Whetstone overseer cross hty the Ball hill with road haudsuiug pine poles orany kind of poles he can find. It is ordered that Vick Wllklo-on, over.eer cross lay the pipe cloy hill uear the widow IIaynes with the road hands usit,g ally kind ot poles lie can fi ntl. Ordered that the ben0 of J R bmith with FALeakandJll |leuley sure- ties be and the same is hereby ap- proved. Ordered tltat Dr (2, E f'atehings be reappoiuted (;ounty Physiciatt for the enstdug )'ear ending Sept 30 1899 at a salary of $200 per annum. The petition of ]) W Alexander for license to rethil vinon, alcoholic, malt, intoxicatin an,! spirituot s liquors iu less quantitie thau one gallon iu the tow,i of Ft Adams corn- lug r,n to be heard and it appeariug to tim satisfaction of the Board tltat the sahl petition is properly signed by a majority of the qualified voters, rest- .  . . dent In the 2nd Supervisors District of Wilkinson County and that tim same has beeu published in the Wood- ville Republican a newspaper pub- lishe(1 iu said town of Woodville ill tAilkiuson Connty according to law and that in all re.%ects said petiliott is regular and legal and that said I) W Alexander is of good r'i)utati )it aud a sober and suitable per'sort to receive such license, it is therefore ordered that a license be issued to said D W Alexander to reail liquors as afosaid for the period of ,no year from thisdate iu the buihlittg now occupied I)v him oft the north-west corner of Bttffalo t; Br|dge street itl the town of Fort Adams upon his paying to the t x cdlector the sum of $600ald the said D W Alexander having filed his bond conditioned ac- cording to law with L E Stuart. Ja. D Cage, B Mount and N llarrison a sureties. The same is hereby ap- proved and accepted Ordered this Oct 3rd 1898. Or, lcred that warrants issue to the trustees of the following schools as follows: Ashley ....................... $12 00 Pioneer ...................... 2o 00 Ilux .......................... 25 00 F'ort Adams ................. 25 00 To be allowed when deed is filed for record to land for sehool house Glenwild school .......... $6 00 Dry Fork school ............... 25 IRl To be allowed when deed-is filed for record Io lat}d for shool Ordered that the hands assignetl to the tipper lals'littg road at the Sept ulee.tiug be reassigned to mile hill road, Perry Baker overseer. No I)ids having beeu received to bnihl the bridges near Fort Adams it is ordered that bids be received at the next regular nteetittg of B,,ard. being 1st Monday iu Nov 1898 purchased a large stock of D , rx Clothing, Notions, Itousekeepin t icles, tIats Shoes &c. in :New y all of whicliI propose to sell at so low that it will be to your int00 to examine my. stock. Special duccments to large buyers. !)ETI00I00 XIOI00,LE R " !il t00nd l00i0000i0000ippi &z; 200'2. V. No. 5 Night Train Leaves Memphis, ..... " " VicRbu,"g '' " " " " Ceatrcviile ...... '" Arrives NOW Orletttls :' Cen treville ..... ' .... Vickl,nrg .... ' ' " arrives [e)lll,]ll s No. 21 Day "l'rain I,,:v,,s "Vicksh,t'g.- _" _" ". " arrivo NewOrh,ans " arrivas Vir.k,hm.. -7 :,) B:aO 1 :tO Train rnns daily except unda.)'. No. 7.'11 l,:vos Wodville ,t " ,,rrlx, o /,lnffhter No. 722 I,.av,, ,la,i'htor " "" arrlroa Woa,lvillo I1:I 12:20 4:11 'l'lt, only Line rumlit, cO;,1 Trolt: 1,o,,-ot, arrying e|egaat Pulhn t Bufl'et leooin (3 s "n.P s ', g ,rs in bothd Url   enters a  ) I eddy itud ootufort,be ourne , J-NO. A. SL30"t', Div.'r Agt t fMPIIia, q_'I.NIgESS.B * A. T. BENEDICT. MANUFACTURER, RligPAIRER AND DKALER [lq cases, new cases and one death. At Jackson, La., 10 suspicious cases were reported on Sunday. At Clinton 2 cases convaleseingno new cases. October 5tb, 1898, 4 P. M. New Orleans, 7 new cases, death. Franklin, La., 8 new cases. Jackson, Miss,, 10 new cases. Wilson, La., 4 new ases ad. is attracUve aud contains ne 1 death. At Wilson 20, informs:ion ft,r the public. Oat proposiioa wouhl be as just. to tl.: pubiisher as the other, hlle as it, the public there is no eomparison a to die importance of tile publica- tions. While every newpaper must do more or less charity work, and this ,papt'r has done alwaa's its full share of work without charging the benefl- , ciaries a x:eat therefor, we resent the on 6th 3 deatbs, idea that a county newspaper is the In Jackson, Miss., on Sunday t natural dural)ins ground for ever)' 10, on Monday 1 new case. To I notice and resolution that the origi. 2nd inst 22 cases, 3 deaths One nator want circulated and do ao want to pay for. And when it COlUes [ to doing charity work in such a ease fatal case of yellow fever is re- pouted from Madison Station 20 miles north of Jackson. alo sev- eral suspicious cases. At Oxford on Men,' 6 new cases and 1 death repo/Z:zd. At Water Valley on Monday 5 cases of yellow fever in Dr. ghltson's family. Besides 3 other cases reported. There was a general exodus from the town. At the A. & M. College 2 eases of yellow fever are reported. The ;oilege is not in session. At Port Gibson suspicious cases reported the first of the week. At Harriston three new cases and two deaths from the fever was reported on Sunday. All passenger trains on the r road from Vicksburg to ilson have been suspended until fur- ther orders. as we are discussiug, he prol)ositton i, founded in injust.ive, and will ap pear to be wrong and aa injustice to every fair tninded mau, whether hc is a business' man or nuI. The newspaper makes its living by selling the use of its typeand the l)ace in its columus. If such mat- I tersof busines as the above are treated simply as matters of news the newspaper is "beat" out of what fairly shouhl be a part of its income.  o rhe majority uf out' elllgcllS wonl(l desire ,othiug of thu k,ad we are eonlideat, and we believe moreover thaL the majority ot the health board, if they should express aa opinion, would not favor a request f,,r charity work of Ibis kiud for this Corpora- ties. We ish to:ay however, that the time probably has passed when the prollet publit:atioa of our health regulati,ns wonld do most good or be advisable. THE NEW lrORK DEMOCRATS Ex Senator and ex-Minister Them- have nonlinated Judge A. Van as F Bayard died on Sept. 28th n Massachusetts. The remai,.a ere Wyek for Governor. The nomi- interred at Wilmington. Del. nee is from King's County and is a i, rother of the Ma or of Greater The New York Repub}ieans in nominating Col. Roosenvelt for Goveruor seem to have pat up their stmgest man. Now The Couventlon a small was therordered that a warrant issttoto him payablo out of the school t'untl t'or $62 21. Bids to repair the l'andall Bridge near Roctta wel opeued and read as follows: It D lIigdon for the sum of ...['.97 50 Joltn 1 Boyd ................ 36 50 Johu D Murray ................ .35 II0 T A Johttson ................. 33 lit F A Leak ...................... 33 b0 J A:Travilion ................ 27 uu J It Smith .................... 23 0U J R Smith being the lowest and best bidder it is odered that the cou- tract be awarded to him Ul)On his entering into bo_d for twice the amt of his bid. Ou account of change of owuership assess to Atnanda littmphreys the laud now assessed to Mrs E Phipps Ou account of chattgc of ownership assess th R E L Coon , Co. 118 62 acres of land lots 2 aud 9 attd w pt lot ,3 sac 3(; t 2 r 2 w iustead of D B Mor- gan. Assess to M Roth child & Bro tot 17 sqr 1 div 3 ill town Woodville iustead of 8 P Adler. To the Hen Board of Supervisors of Wilkinson Co: We the commissioners, appointed to lay out road k'om 12 utile board oil (2aletlonia road to Amite cottuty liue, beg leave to report as follows: . e have marked out the route as tlw pctitiou of McDowell, Henley aud others called tot. ltospect[nlly submitted, M. 1). Johnson, l,. R McCearlev. Ordered that the above report be received and the road be opened and worked, C A McNeil overseer, with all hands liable to duty on aid road. [t is further ordered that a warrant issne to,I tlayltes for $10 damages ststained by sat i road Ordered that J I[ Ilenlcy be ap- poinled overseer of west end of the new road from Caledonia road to Jno Stnith !tlaee with tilt; foilowi,lg bands J.ICobb'splace, Mrs Annie Jone place, ,I G Kuiser's place, J Smith i place, Mrs W l) An,terson attd "Cobb place r Buck ttuinphrey place. Nell i McCraine, ' place, L R McCearley place McDowell place, J H Henley place aud M D Johnson place. the ntatter the of W iluff et als cross lay all hill it hereby the saine be rejected. of Ordered that the folio;ring be spre ,d npo]z tale mlnu'e. Ko [edge of the exista, m.e of yellow revel' ne;tr the border of our county and one stlsph'ious (as ' tn t his county havll|g been reported to the board, it ts ordered that a sxrict quara,tine be enforced agatltst all i,lft'eted I)taCes and this board rloests that the citizens of each supervisors district or ofetv'h neighborhood ,ln this county as- semble and take such ni,.adLIreN as they deem I'et to protect thenl frt,m th..' introduction ot yellow fever In their mldst. We the undersigned menbers of the hoard of Su,rvtsors met at. F'ort Adanls on lh ;lsl (lay ofSeptt, o ttssess dtmues on new Poad laid out thrnugi| the lands of E A Triter and E J Strleker. Ve a:sess the ttantagessus- tatned hy E A Trager at $70 and lhat of E J Strleker at $5. L. T. Venttess. Jts. Do ('age. W. L. Jenkins. Sworn tO and suhseribed before Ine this 31 day of Oct, 18t. (.. A. Coon, (.'lerK. Ordered that a warrant Issue to E A "rr.tger for $70 and E J Strieker for  for dtntage.- sustained by satd l)ad. I wish tO relx)rt 5 orisoners iu jail. 3 COIIUt)' prisoners and 2 heldfor circuit court. Jas. M. Se..tons Shff. Ordered that Herbert Fo,'d road overseer he required to work the road hi the botton bevohd t.he ,leer hUl. A n members voted yea for allowance of the, foUowing accounts: J bl Ses.,h,ns shff Jail fees ................ $:a 50 w G Haft hnll)er ....................... 1 ,50 Miss ('lira Walkt;r support of pallpers .... 15 00 Dr (;I a; E (Ntehlngs prof services Sept. silt| t.ele2"ranL' ......................... 19 ll0 Wm Walkor hauling bed steads eta, amt bin $3 allowed ................... 1 rft Z Gauldeu repair!rig bridge ................ 7 00 J bl SeAdIOIIS ('onveylng prl.qoner ......... 5 fi0 Pythian Journal In, letter beads .......... 2 00 I[1,rriet Wyatt support as pltul)er. ...... 5 00 Easter Anderson ...... . ....... 2 00 Ed lJaynes ...... . ........  00 Woodvnle Republican pub proceedings..40 t Henry Simmons lun, ber ....  ........... 7 S4 t'has R Day mdse ......................... 5 5 .... medicine ...................... I 75 ...... n,edh'.ine for Jtil ............ 1 fi0 ( A Coon Denying R R ;sessment ....... 90 .I A Travilion lumber .................... 6 I' I  Carter Inspecting crooked creek bdg 2 1 Rvdhend lunlber ................. M Rothsehnd & Bm spikes ................ 30 D Weathers actions Janitor eel institute.. 1 00 L T Ventres assessing dan, ages 1 day... ,9 00 Jas D (,alte ........ ... 2 00 Wettl|n & nlekley road seral elc .... 't 4O F Leak repairing brldge over steel creek ,'12 00 W I, ,lenkins ;se.ttl damages a days.. 6 ( I,eroy MeCearley laying OUt road 1 day.. 1 M II JolHIsou laying out r(-a4 1 day ....... 1 00 Jos Jol,nson postage for 3 months ........  l |'aul Kleel.r winding town clock ........ 6 ,5 Fred Leak driving piles .................. 19 0U Ordered that the members, sheriff anti clerk draw their mileage aud per dieni as follows : LTVentressl'day6 m ...... $4 65 ' e , 40 J DCag ]day 14h .......... W L Jenkins 1 day 15 miles 5 5 l I A Carter 1 day 19m ...... 5 90 (3 T Nctterville 1 day 12 ni 6 20 J M Sessions shff , day ........ 2 00 C X clerk v. Order that do now regular meotin L,.T. ut :riagas, gain, FarmWag0ns, dent for the Celebrated 0WENSBOR0 Which are universally acknowledged to be The Best and LIGttTEST RUNNING WAGON Agent fl)r l"tt.XZtElt ROAD "tad SPEI':DING O, ART are great favorites among IIorsemen AGENT FOR THE r00a Ter00ce CCml:art00b The most extensive Mauufaoturers of Iron Foucing in the lSnitl /'arti,'ulr attetitio,t pti,t o re-coveri,,g and rigr "&'texxm t.d.d. le s. All wor R all,lie lol'tlliptl , ;tii .it lteltsut,ltbte rtatttt Woodville, Miss., ept. t891 it" e You can prove il by over 2,0O0,OOO wome,, WE WANT AN AGENT A great army of housekeepers--over t, oOo, O0o stron---$ praises of the world-famed ,'heeler and Wilson New No. 9 Sewing MachinL Rotary motion and bM1 bearings make rapid and easy running, and it makes the kind of sewing a quick and easy task. hottest words of the Sister Superior of tl Island Catholic Orphan A.ylum: 2S3 Prairte Acetone. I' |:)videltee. It. We IRtve used In Vht, eh, r & Wilson No. 0 Aox'/I I feel it my duty to superior to ally oilier lnako that Used, for boJ light and heavy Very traly yours, SIST'ER SUPERIOi I Ill every" tOWn in thl State. IIIMnll zuon,,y-lmklng ebance. Wrtte ua llt, 9 Oeneral i