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October 6, 1923     The Woodville Republican
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October 6, 1923

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! te screw worms, which did so BELLIPAN-ROSSO. , ] We are ndeed sorry to learn Of / " r --, j - l .% *"*'Im?h damage to livestock in this  ' !the sudden death of Mr. Alfred FOOT EALL i- , ""., ' ', 'scc,ion in the year 1889, ha St. Joser, h's Cath-1;- .....k ..!Joseph, a respected citizen of the 6, 1923. nee agam pmlted our county and this town was the c,.n, ,f ,, mh-fifth dmtnct of thm county, which Agr;culturat High School I  i are attacking the cattle, horses rate and lovely we,ti,, , wALoccurred on Wednesday rm, rning at w. } t, October 4, /923. mules,, dogs, . and .ether. animals. Keep da- aftcrnoo-'-- - aL uur:-'-o ':'clocK,y': J his when  _ home. near. }iopewell church. The Osyka Hici School ! 9 ........... 280 on tne looK-out Ior tnem. bliss Mary Rosso, oldest daughter ideceasea'.., wn was apparently in Kagler Pak, Wom f C: WITH THE COMING,OF THE MONTH OF t .......... 27 88 Mr and Mrs--C'-T--Thomson Mr of Mr. and Mrs. Sam Rosso, became .gah.nealn' had. just finished help- -- ,s ............. .... , " the bride of 31r XTin.., n.u;o.; ling is son, lobeL to unload a  -- t .............. ..............  .....  "  Ths (Sa,urd') Afternoon oh . and Mls. E. F. McKee, Mrs. Jos: of McComb The dco,t;-- ;-  wagon full of hay and was cloalng Redhead, Mr_ Lee Robinson and color chemo  of nink and ,roon I the barn door, when he fell. His son at 3 e clotS: : Z --Z.ONAL I Mrs. A. J. Darden, of Centreville.,,a., atenaca ne centennial celevra- _ --*-Y-- -"- ."7,":lwent to him at ono, *h;,li,a h;aeaa, l:tis remains interred in School, and Mrs.-'Roberg Lewis, the' [ ] * -%]1  ger, ' O1 N ll ! _______.______ . . - handoroe poteu plants anu ne ! "', ...........  """ and Miss Juha Redhead, of Norwood ...... ,father had faintpd h,,- ....  h,m Bc Sure t, Come. I "  k .L r " ........ , _ gracezut bamooo vine oeing erec- . . .. --, .............. and Miss Lucile tively used as backound made a I were ea er , -- -,.. +, tion at St Paul's church on Thurs. .,,+,,,, ,,,..,, ;: it.: .... .,]the family burial rounds on Thurs- I o r cto were VLSI,,.o . . " e -- ,, ,,.--, ,- g ..................... i .I oay. -ar:'n*a h--:ro.v h,,h ,'1 day afternoon. He is survived by f.*: 1 : er}orme  U:t-e-'_-'--W7_/his wife, three sons and three I n P a vy ev. zamer novl of Cold Springs,, Bi:hop Theodo[e h D. Bratton,. the land, of Natchez. The wedding muster dau. ghtets' and by two brothers, wentCuntYoutChairnlar'to assist Olin thcthe organizationAssciatin" I *%) ........... greatly oelovea re.nap ox me mlssls- . .............. Win ana lenj Josenh to all of Is Likely to Come U expected. Be o tOouVl*le . . . r - was SKlllIlllly renaerea oy lrs. t'ert " " ' of this association which makes the  mppl Diocese, was here Thu sday for .tOlatt - ha nlava] ha ma-h whom we extend sincere sympatl]4r. i the centennial celebration at St anaccomanie',  A*. ...... ?'?-i ...... / third in the county, Woodville and " Prepared for it by Getting mp s eger m two " 'CentrevHle having organized last } of Old River Paul's and officiated at the services : The Board of Mayor and Alder-" . . very sweet solos, one, Oh Promise .... . visitor to on that mornmg. While here he was M " --n, befnr, *h ..... ".., ,,A men at ,ts meeting on,Tuesday after- ye_. ] .*/ One Oi those .,o.,. , the guest of Mr and Mrs. C. M . ,:' ,:r',, r, v...',':.'.= noon accepted the sewalks as con-  .....  .  Y --'" ......... 'Pronnondnhl " ....... ' .......  *'"'' "*"" structed under .n.-.f h.. M R u es{les the oet fancy ffreries,,  IV" . ,---' ...... I the recessional The ushers were .  .....   .......... .. [ t - .  : ....... ..... Bass, this work having been complet we have dehcnous lunches always on ] ers met thlsl . + ! Mr. daKe .elnpanl, oi .Mc5omD, a r: . r.. ;o .a . m 5r. Ly]e Saxon, _aff eorrespon- '-*her of th  ,,re .... a x.,. ^.. ed only a few days ago. , This con- hand.Ptitt's Bakery.  ! .... den of the New Orleans Times- __ o ................. tract, which was under the &reetmn : i Aft*'   "1  x.alpn Jones.  " " l .n,u.u,  accnez, toe orloe s OlaeS .  e Picayune, was here to wr:te up toe ...........  . .. of Mr. Claude Lazarus, v, qth MY. ! You can get the pure ce cream lit; " - | '  .'2"  t- i -- . oroner, zlr UICK frO-SO naturally -  .... i i ......  h_!centenmal celebrat,on of the St bein .... roomman "qn..:.' ....... w  Holmes representing the eaganeer, 'reta,l o-,n quant,t,e whea you want ] ._.L.I.&._J , 'le ........... PauIs Episcopal church, which Is be- , x,;. r .... .:-^ v .... M . K amer, was completed at a cost ,t at Phtt s Bakery. i " Vet ..... log held this week. T, lnbe bore he -v , ....... : .......... of approximately $11,200.00, and -----:----  , en aria irlenas in "  U* l-ta(|uellllle, allO 11S *osa I{osSO. !  Xv r :wa - guest at the home of Mr and ........... our town now has about two and CARD OF THA.KS. t f' No Khcwin In (3or Winclaw { -  _, .. - a sister oi tne brloe. file nrst wore - ,--, --:,-- -- - .- -,,--  x. *' --- ..... e, .......... - .____ t3I. W. B. Wkners. a dress of -ink eor-ette cre-e with ne'nm L-mc u,z concrete smewmi We wish to thank our neighbors! -. .  . t - i .,'- . v .  . . p t . , which cover all th princiDa sections . *-;mr wh. w,', , t-;.,r and; -% "; non, oI theatre- [ a  " . a i e banaeau, an cameo pink 0  . . .  It te ......... Rev Albert M..ntn. rector of the ........ of the twn. Taken as a whole the hel.ful aura,, *he fllne, s and follow. Z" s Visit.or to woos-* . " . . carnauons an ]erns, the oner, a P '   ' nr o. vJn,a,ax, Episcopal church ]n Yazoo City and ............ + A ..... :,. _ .:, .... contract was well atmt faithfully per. inc ,he death of our ,eloved little! ' [ -- ..............  the able edi,or of The Church News ! '-':" e.e- .....,  ....  :'?': formed and we feel that there is no son I'ucien Lam - xb( ( ;-,t .qatur!  '   ; oandeau ana a similar bOUqUet, ;nelt . ,  ., .... c..  "  a __ land Rev. H. W. Wells, former ree.ori .............. question but what the corporation day afternoon May God hies, and  .%/ : :' I '  ,sumes .nus menalng periecuy l v " " " "" .....  "7. "' l of St Paul s here and now rector , rece,ved fu 1 alue for its money, - . ! , ad and Mrs. Jas . " . iwith the' chosen scheme of colors i . keep hem always,  the prayer of q. , 'of the Episcopal church m Laurel .... as m usually the case wth eontract I lle we e visitin : -.iTh  " hls broken-hearted parents. , r g . ,  e matron of honor, Mrs John: r M [ d were her during the eeK for the pe formed by ,r Bass  ville on last Satur-i . . : . ' .. ' iRosso, was hadnsome in an orchid] : " l MR. AND dRS. M. D. NETTLES[ ]Pt m a...  m ! een:ennlal celeoralon. . , '  I, t - georgette worn wltn a silver ban- The first football ame ever  .......................................... I *j "m" '"    " --an and Lee wh?C ::tleshCreanmthiSstaoi= d:a:ataolsos: h(ruflns:eri rIatriSontstW Yteatoi CAME'BkC%bPLaAge'TSantCT:haeen COJP.--Y i Ltreek, were bu. , . x . .-.  . i Rosso was a most attractive little inoon be'ween th ................ !thousand here. Special prices on l  ,,, _ _ _ _ ' Wa,An ^. Xl.. ; las weeK, is geung mor_ aria more i ,,_ _ -. L =. . . ,. v u  n. cnool eaux I .... 1.+- P or ..-,.x- ! fi W O O D V I L L E M I S S I S S I P P ,! ] .... .-igeorgete, and Anthony Fama, of.. ....... ,.: ............ St. Franclsvllte La. 10-,-2w' r ,,--,, -- , --, -- --a, -- ,, -- ,e  ] - , . Plaquemme, acted as nng Dearer., .. . , ..................... " ,- iome __.t ,:.,,^ so-hours of 8 and 11 o clock. You wall ............... visitors by a score of 39 to 0 When NOTICE [ '-e,'tt "] '.%% N ,uu ,,.v . .  lne orloe, a S{rlKlngly prey oru- .  - [aday evening fromiTueda:':, and Fday between thelnette ' entered on the arm of her :; :2:sod::l tth:a fact that only ft=e i Proposals to loan the county of I ys to relatives in i even.ualv De seiung cream, so wny ifather, Mr Sam Rosso She wore l bee in a foot 'am" naa ever veh e Wilkinson, bliss., the sum oi $10,000i ....... ? ............................................ |[ no now .... " ".  n Dell game, anu  a, ! an exquisite dress of wh,te georgette th wer ....... .... +._ .+! at a rate not more than 6 per cent | | w ' I  . --7--:---7" .... l trimmed with pearls and ribbon ha{been -lan't "''' " " ..... ve_a per annum, and to mature on Fel> I w uite a numoer or citizens Irom . .. . ! p y g ogemer xor se - (,)  , P. Johns and r.^ ...... .^ ,m.... ..... t ro.ettes wh accessoraes to mateh, t ,oo. ....  .u.. --^ t. ......... ruary loth, 1'3.4, will be .eceve,: 1 " - .-z--. I ! ere guets ............. I IIer veil 'as fastened wth a bandeau ............. . , ..... by the Board of upcrv,vrs of sa.,J - , '-..1 1 u,au , , . [OI pearis anu ner ouque was nei . ...... Y e .... , u .c.. ,. ....... , , .... 7-- --. |y I dent to the centennial celebration ........ ,;^.. .... ,..; ........ nl boys made. The visitors were free M,A,,, kr.,... ..... , r,,) i , - " -.--___ at St. Pauls church on that morn-,,,. ....... ;to admit that our boys gave them ''. oo,,,o. ,,n ,,, ! . . ..'. ' . " nles oI l;ne valley. lne groom wat - - , -.' .. ..... , ...o. , .  = ..... .... - x and two dauh-rag, amon them being, Rev. Jos. ,ire.aDs h,, ;. ,,,. M, :,-^ the hardest game that they had eve! 10 6 lC2. 4,- w t. ,.r . v (',evk! . . ------"' r and Mable Cox of Kuehnle Mrs. W. T. Martin, Mrs. W .......... ]pl yed th a new team. Just .................................... t "   "' [, .' ! , ". Joeillpanl, OI lcomo. t ' - . ,- ., " , rsitors t  X'o-av;- H. Lamkm. Mrs. Charles Brandon ] ........ , watch them put up a real specimen NOTICE TO TAX PAYtRS t " ,  "% [ \\; \\;xN . ".  --. . . . .Aider tne ceremony a rece uon . . ".   :aoov IMls Emily Marks and Mss Lacy I .... .M o+ ,, ..... n ..... p +-lf football thm, Saturday, afternoon] Notice is hereby gven that the: .  [, k'\\;'  :--- ]Gaithe-'. [bV n .... arnto a ..... .l^. ......i with Osyka. Phtt, Morals, Carre-,Board of Supervisors o. Wilmson  I''Q\\;\x Bramlette spentl ..... I ro,-.;vos of th v ......... ,...a * yay,. Muler and Jensen proved .the county, M,s:-:s:ppl.- will at its meet-[ X '  liberty this week I i.iss. Nellie Gaulden; ..our very] few'fienls.--Fien an'relatlve;i backbone of the local team in that iing on the first Monday of Novem-!  i?,  I '\\; veral eases before emc':t:r anu..aeCmaa.a'nonmgextl gathered in larbe numbers from l game. , ]ber, A. D. 1923, borrow the sum of t "/: I I \\;\k a  court  nerat at tne lo I re ep e. " oints in Missisd--i a-a T.,,,,;.4o.o 1 . , :'--'-- _ _ I $10,000.00 ana execute loan war- ] ! I \\;\\ -r" ichange, had the misfortune to have f . .7. "" ":'Z --".T':-- .*1 A numner of young men of thie!rant or warrants therefor on thel #  \\;\\ ; . De presen a tnm weaulng, llcuomo " "  ' tdmlm, formerly of the end of the Index finger of her ......... ;ltom, under the leadership of Mr.]treasury of said county navable oni \\;\' - , . . ne nome ox tne groom, acing weu, - I - " -, *- -  !w emolo ved in al mght hand mashed off in her auto. rero,*a M, .,a - ^u:___,J. C. Lawder, pastor of the Chrmtmn.February 15th, 1924, for the pur- i  %( It Gibson,'waa herei mobile door on la Friday. Although let er' ",  ...... ":. '7" ,,-v .... "church, held a meeting recently and i pose of paving the salaries of thet - % m Thursday. she. suffered considerably, from in- vflle" wherere matheyeVenmgtook theZr tramUentTe'on [ organized. "o the. Woodville . Athletic county] . school teachers. 1   1 :----- jury she remained at work on the a- .,t,.o ,. ^ ..... t.,.  .... i Asseciatl n with the followmg mere- I This October 2nd, 1923. ! T. Wright who are ] sitch-board, t-onwiel-iTne,o :=-  '] bers: Robert Thorburn, president;[ 10-6-1923-4w. W.L. HAYS, Clerk t r home in Port Glb-] = x ........................ urn, *,ra ra*m aria oner pomte, and W. J. Miller, zecretary-tre sure . [ , .... ] f'U]-L,,,]l.' udav for the[ Among the out-of-town peonle whc .......... ' J. C. Lawder, John McCraine, Masonl FOR SALE.--Four nice mules; twol 1.T.-v ' - .... " ddin oi mreres% oelore mey return tOi whe l . : . . vvaa,,., tion at St Paul's]attended the Belhpam-Rosso we g ,,;. ,,*.,, h,,. . tr^--t. e er, Warren Woods, Jr., Willie I 5-year-old mares, weighing 12001 ....... jm th:s town on Wedne-day evemng The bd is th ho.,* o,a Coon and Ray Morgan. Thm amo. [tmunds each; one 8-year-old mare :------ [were: Mr. and Ms. Horace Car- _o..=. d'a.h,r'o'=". v""leiation was organized for the pur-I .-.,, ...... "  "_ I ,' , ...... * __  .. _ . ..__ ,  we_ r v v-,-   . ... .. m.= i -ose Of "vin-- th ......... ^ +t.j / Wlen o-mantas-am col; one  year- ! : eatl Tlllery o:[  rtLn, mr. and nra. . r. r.ue - Iv'   7u* m:. u* M . ' z . . Sam Rosso, of thin town, and Is de .....  .... -. ' " ..... I M, ,,! M, J ,+t --- " .... It own who are working, in stores and[Old saddle horse, two good wagons]  ..... vimrrs o woos-, -'5" .- ................ ' " ......... servedly nopular here, and the groom " , " 1 "' : 'q .... te, loon an a re !Wltkin*on, Miss Clara Pymn and ,- ......... [other busmess houses, an opportumty/and harness; 300 barrels of corn;. : . ,  ":. -" - ..... s a valueo empmyee oI me mlnzotto et some out-door exercise nd /riSo- or service thatl mrs. M. J. Bolter, oz mcLomb; ur Central Railroad Co and a voun"! ., g - , am i two cars of good }my. Will sell! [and Mrs. Anderson_of Centre!]e; man who is highh" esteemed in hill o.tners woo wish to come m are m- i cheap for cash or trade, for cattle,-- " ' I blr. ano rs. aonn lxosso, ilrs. 1n- t_ ......... r_ ". _:. ,_ . wtea to become members. A com-t T)r. ..... . | .......... nonie town. *re join Wln tnClt ........... *W It :'ES  Ce-t;o\\;'i 1to '1 14. Steger ener-i cen t;osso, Mrs. dosepn ago and mlttee 1 already a WOrK trying o ........ , ..... , ........ and relatives ati daughter, Miss Rosa, of New Roads: many friends in extending to them  secure locations for basket ball and 9-22-4w. complimentary l Mr. and Mrs. Frank Ameglis and F. CatchLngs i daughter, of Vidalia,. La.  I William McGraw, son of Mr. and Tuesday foz ! Mrs. Harry McGraw, of this town on a three had-airaculous escape from sudden for Mr. W. cdeath on last Saturday afternoon of the Morri-lwhen a portion of a car of lumber I fell and covered him up. But fo the fact that he fell into a slight de- last week for  pression in the ground, he would after a two Mr. ad to her grand- i who is now spent the' week with hit: occupied T. Wright, hay- Moday morning have been killed instantly. As it was he received only a painful injury to one foot. He was loading Jumber at the depot at the time of the acci- dent and so'great was the pile that covered him that it required the services of about twenty men for fifteen minutes to extricate him. From all revort he bore his trying experience most heroically and we are glad to know that he is now able to be up again. Archdeacon David E. Holt, a native of this county who is now making his home with his daughter in Florida. arrived here Tuesday 1 morning by special invitation of the boys and girl vestry, of St. Paul's Episcopal churcb Monday after-'to be resent at and to take part party by Mar  in the centennial celebration o that the home of church, which was held during this Mra C. M.: of New on a visit to E. Catehings. of Mr. and at their home of New here on visit to his M. Chas. E returned to morning. to Mr. and , Jr., on Sun. of hi Jas. M. Se at a del'ht-  Bee pare,  kham. Re-; and the time. left Sunday on a five Mrs. Edw. ' Mass. Mrs" with Mrs I organized town o n ' week. Rev. Mr. Holt ia generally beloved by a large circle of friends in this conntyfriends of long ago and new friends he made during a visit here last year to his grandson. Rev. David E. Holt, Jr.. the present rector of St. Paul' The Rev. Mr Holt is one of the few surviving I heroes of the "Lost Cause." having been a member of Co. K, 16h Miss. Regiment, of which this writer's father was cantain. He did his duty then as a gallant soldier of his country for four long years, and has since been doing his duty with l eoual fidelit in his Master's work. We love to honor this grand old man. whose visit means so much to our community. He is a. Feast at the home of Mr. and Mr D. C. Brain* lette. 9 At the home of the bride s are,ts Mr. and MrL E. S. Waler, on Wed. nesdav afternoon was solemnized the marriage of their daughter, Miss Barbara Edna Walker, to Mr. Claude Lazarus, the ceremony being oar- formed by Rev. Henry. G. Hawkins pastor of the Woodville Methodist I church. Immediately after the eere. mony the young couple left for Nat. chez. and from there they we,t "tc .Taekon and Meridian on a sho bridal tour. They wffl make thei home in Poplarviil Miss.. where he has charce of a bridge building con: tract. The weddin of this couple was a qult one, bng attended by onl.v the family. The bride is one of Woodylie's attractive and papule* YOUng daughters and the groom is a youn cont-o, who ame here sveral month  ago to sur, erint-nd the eonruetlon of te w side walks, and here found his life's hel,- mate. He i a veteran of the hte war in which be saw service for many months in Franee bein one of te mivors of the Meuse-Argonne campit, n. That their future may ! happy one is the wish this as well as of their other here. prosperous and happy future. These young people were the re. cipients of a large number of mot beautiful and costly prewut% which came. from friends end relatives in Italy as well as in this country. He linens, which were sent by her rel- atives in Italy, were all hand em- broidered, and no doubt the most" beautiful that have been seen in thi town in many years past The local Parent-Teacher Associ- ation had its regular meeting at thc Agricultural .High School on ht Friday afternoon. Sixteen members were present, which was thought an excellent attendance as the meeting had to be postponed until quite late on account of the foot ball game The chairman of the membership committee, Mrs. David Cumbo, sent in a gratifying report to the effect that about seventy-five had renewed tennis courts, and the co-operation of the people of the town generally is asked by the auoetation. ,,The move- ment is a fine one and we hope that our busine  men will give these young men the kind of encourage- ment that really counts. The first Parent-Teacher Associa- tion to be organized in our rural schools was formed at Beach Stand Consolidated School on Wednesday afternoon of this week. The meet- ing was called to order by the prin. cipal, Mrs. Julia Maths, who acted as temporary chairman. The elect, ion of officers resulted as follows: Mr. B. F. Duty, president; Mrs. John Stewart, vice president; Mi Mamie Rogers, Secretary; Mr. William Havard, treasurer. All the parents present, twenty in number, joined "the association, thus making with the three teachers quite an encourag- their membership and paid their dues ingly large nuber to begin work. for this season. The most important The meetings will be held monthly business transacted was the decision!and from the interest displayed in to buy an emergency kit to be used the organization, wiIl accomplish a especially by the teachers of the l great deal for the school Mrs. grades in cases of accidents among Howard Wolf, the president of the the younger children The kaext ! Woodylie Parent-Teacher Assoeia- meeting will be on the fourth Fri- 1 tion; Mrs. W. F. 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