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October 6, 1923     The Woodville Republican
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October 6, 1923

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,'and bridges, $30; Sam Leak, road a required by and work 5th dist., $18; Wilmer Leak .... ............... ound 'ame nnprov]ng. D: santo, $6; H. Cavin, same, $16; L. OCTOBER 6, 1923. i Hutl. . Cavin, same, $,t; N. H. Anderson L . [ TIon. Foard of Superviscrs, Gen- 25 days dippi,g inspector. $i00; Editor and Proprietor tlemen: i [,e- o make the follow- R. M. Inman, 25 days, $100; D. A (mature, Passim mjj  in.. rci,:,r cn roads and brides in Brammn. '22 days, $88.25; Archie SUBSCRIPTION : four,2 v:,ric. The roads have been Carter, 16 days, 56; K. F. Johnson in advance .......... 4 $2.00' imp:d ve:y much din'inK the last 25 days, $100; H. C. McKey, 25 - m> iJ.--. A. Ne,le. (lay:;, 87.50; C. N. McCrai,}e, 2-1 at the postoffice at Woody]lie, [ H:. Loard ol Supervisors. Gem days, $96; Alex Ashley, 25 days as secod-class mail matter, p .... . ,,:,,: t bee: to submit the fol- .S100; L. L. Esther. 24 days, $84: l.wm;,repor on roads and bridges W. C. Wentworth. 25 days, $100:! ANNOUNCEMENTS. il ie fifth districL The roads arc T. W. Dawson, 21 days, $73.50; B !i: very ;oo(t codifion excep some Argue, building vat, $25; J. K. Cobb. ' I o them, which have not yet bee vat work, $5; Lee McCraine, same For District Attorney mchied. This will be (lone as $10; Mrs. B. Corey, same, $3; J. R. i R. E. BENNETT i ston as the rad hands can do so. McCearicy, $4; J. J. Floyd, $6; P I For State Senator everal culverts and bridges need J. Smith, $3; H. H. Be(z, $45; S. D. C. BRAMLETTE i rpmring and this will be done as Anderson, $4; HowardScott, $7.59"[ soon as lumber can be secured for J. ELCarter ' $3; Clarence Swayze For Representative e* same. W.T. Smith. $1; Jnes, $2; Fred McDonald i etition of trustees of T3, RIw, $3; Carl Cavin, $8; Sam ttooper. W. F. TUCKER " to allow the sum of $10 per month $7; Geo. Hunter, $7; Wallie Fergu. ALEX K. FARRAR .o su-,'lement the salary of teacher son, $16; Howard Bell, $1.35; Robt. Fo Sheriff . of Dripping Springs school granted Brandon, $2.50; J,. C. Whetstone, i for six months. $3; Lee White, $3; S. O. 13[. A. WOOD Petition of trustees of T3. R2w $1.50; John Hampton, $5;Sckett'jeff For Chancery Clerk to appropriate the sum of $35 to Siis. 75c; Will Reese, $3; Bill pay for wood and other improve- Jefferson. $1; Leonard Nettles, 4 W. L. HAYS merits, rejected. days range *rider, $12; J. BaLmes For Circuit Cl.-k Petit]an of t'ustees of T4, R3w. va work, $4.75; Tom Car]n, sane to appropriate the sum of $10 per $4; C. M. Treppcndshl, mdse. county JOHN L. HAY month o supplement he salary of home, $1.80; mdse. 1st dist., $14.10' FSuperintendent.of '!,,.ation teacher of Jonson school for six mdse. 4th dist., $57.40; mdse. 2nd JOSEPH N. ],I,ER months granted, and warrants OY- "dist. $23.90; W. V. Mum'is, 5 days derod issued as the law directs, inspecting roads and bridges, $25. For Assessor Application of David Carter for The Board having considered the E. E. RICtIARDSON loan of $200 out of 16th section petition of Alex Ashley and fifty school fund granted and W. T. other qualified electors in Beach For Supervisor. 2:)d District Smith and B. A. Nettles appointed Stand Consohdated School District NOLAN S. CAGE a ommittee to appraise property ]rejec t the said etition for the fol. F Supervisor. Fifth District offered as security. I lowing reasons: That* there is ne Application of Henry Smith for evidence before the Board that the T. G. BROWN a o of $250 out of 16th section signers of said etition are a major. school fund granted and W. V. ity of the qualified electors of said N CE TENNIA. CELEBRATION Morris and N. S. Cage appointed to distric- ---- appraise property offered as security. Ordered that the clerk is directed .)c.oJer 4th, was the This day John C. Day, superintend, to publish notice of the Board's in- of ttte eate on which the!ent of education, presented his re- cent]on at their November, 1923 of ",vha;: was to be St [port for the month of Se)t 19"3 term to issue a note or notes in the pa charon was held ill i which was read and ord'ered"filed." ' aggregate sdm of $10,000, rate o !!e ,'e:en church build. I Ordered that Board do now adjour interest not to exceed 6 per cent] r vy, ;a aung the zouow-! until 9 o'clock tomorrow morning, per annum, maturing February 15 ] ':n,h.. ] ms was JU.t oneI D.W. HUFF, President. 1924, for the purpose of paying sal-l y::n' :'.:, aau In ca)n,nem. I Second Da aries of te?chers. / f'this e)och raking event  Y- m,.;ei ccebraton of St t Board met pmsuant to adjourn. church is being held in Wood. ! .ment: Present same as on yesterday Orderr of Sta.e Tax Commission /  'ek, , LVhnues o yesterday read, approved !i;!i:;!::!:,h/ier tutti,e!  i paper will go to press on, and signed by the president. .'ning and as the ervicest The foll6wing bills were disposed to the centennial will" not be I of: . Old Ladies' Home, support Mrs. con,erring with tle Assesso there. anders, $5 50, Dr J W B until Sunday, it is not " randon to give an extended: v}mt to jail, $2; Cure. Tel. Co., ser" of, and studying the values of the various classes of property therein. week, as we expect to vice,% $3.20; P. Kleeber, winding the economic conditions thereof and evtmt as fully as possible clock, $5; Tucker & Tucker, legal Returns irrom the statewide elec. ext issue. ]services, $25; W. L. Hays, clerk, the methods employed by the Assess. ek.  i postage, $1.25; E. ,E. Richardffan, ors and Supervisors in making and ro. n began on Thursday assessor, salary, $150; Chug. Cohen. equalizing the assessments thereof, with services a ten o'clock  broom, 90c; Catchings & Massey," and after making a careful xamina- (ion of the recapitulations of the CK-mg  -ha tl new F(ad -&n mke h a :mz - rmter car. A higher rudder a txa 'ru ar  b- lc:x  becn; s os,t car. The h;.;i;cr h','d d :,l.:ed wl "All body fittite---wtndo tt-uz, tor. door g=tp duo( hh _kL, door 1.c dome ligi}re Enah.ed  rket. The npnoary cancs n are aurk  on e  :, w.kgro',.u to na=morm tcr me three rear wcte enhance  . o{ the car and add to the Ix)talon of ks po.r__;c, See the new Sedan md oLe ne Ford bd lcs rt o aozoc. the F'od ',eM 7 Puh,t Pim WOOgV00H.[ MO[O00 0. THOS. A. ROLAND, JR., Manager. Authorized Ford Dealers. tion in Oklahoma, which was held on Tuesday, showed that the consti- tutional amendment a-thor]zing the state legislature to convene to in. When You Need IF YOU ARE THE AVERAGE MAN OR WOMAN, YOU HAVE TWO COURSES OPEN WHEN YOU NEED MONEY QUICKLY ONE IS TO BORROW ITIF YOU CAN; THE OTHER IS TO DRAW IT FROM YOUR SAVINGS ACCOUNT, WHERE IT HAS BEEN AWAIT- ING THE EMERGENCY. EVEN WELL-TO.DO PEOPLE TAKE NO CHANCES ON BORROWING THEY ALL HAVE THEIR SAV- INGS ACCOUNTS. BE WISE AND FOLLOW THEIR EXAMPLE. St OPEN YOUR ACCOUNT HERE TODAY. WE PAY 4 PER CENT INTEREST. Commercial Member American Banker's Association- WOODVILLE, * LATEST AND BEST * * An Increasing, Lifelong Monthly * A FULL LINE OF Fancy and Staple DELMONTE AND LIBBY CANNED FIJITS CANNED VEGETABLES AND MEATS stitute impeachment proceedings * Income if Totally and Perma- which time BishoPa pairThedreof candle D  roadme' $6;work 3rdP" J'dist.,Phares$144;andJos. hands,stutz, assessment rolls of real and versonall against certain state officials, includ- * nently Disabled by Accident or :,. blk?imthovW:;k " Pa:t':Spnt!ii!o d ta ealas,,ecoun:r-i ian: oGO;ivOTrniWng P hart; . MACARONI, SPAGHETTI, which were presented by Mr. I r 3rd d'tiSs2: o ; "?a arrm%b:i : Di,ease Before Aze of 60. D. C. Bramlette, to the $ 0; . R. Hamilton, dem agent sal " _ " , t the a.sess-t s- .... lr " -o.,.r-^, .. C-_ __,_  .... -- -- ALMEDA PURE GROUD COFFEE )f the late Calt. Bramlette. ary, $200: L C Millr "---" ' ;" ments of the various classes tf real .v ..... ,,,  ....  , een n.aK- t  The Mutual Life insurance the rite of .... , ,erm, pos. , . .  ng a srenuous enor to get into, * - in 3-mmt ti,. to Miss Elizabeth Wild. ! age, $2; J. F. Owens, keeping court and personal properties on said as-I the ubHo vo w;fh  -; .... ...... ! * .... Company o t New York AND A 'house and yard, -40' L r, a:,^_ sessmen roll of Wilkinson county t C f,_ "'-".'7 .:-- '.', ?: ...... -:: avo a monn curing first five * Mr. John Withers. He .... " ............ : . : mg rne presmenna nomination ands* ears -" "  rll | |n LryW' ,.lk O :"01S sheriff, Jml fees, 40 50: N w o for the tax year 1923, as shown b , - y , , $150 du, mg next five an ad,Tress, which was. . $ ........ - Y' to ths epd has seen fit to make o. * -cr . Crame the foregom statemen a , v s $200 thereafter for hfe , lumber for vats, 132 g " ( ppearing[._ h ........... , ...... ; . " . e..era. ][IO|v Comrnu3ion. T ; .,  ' + + ,. b uu bne u rt lX lan 1 up. + * - . " sa on the reverse sK1 No further premmm de omts. me for culverts, $6 63' John Cas" e hereof) are, ' . ." " : P cvenin at six o'clock s l " ' " " ' " e u and " . . pears th.t he s ettmg ust about, * And then I000 at u * SHOES, HATS, ETC. e s, ma]ntamm Hihwav 1st d; q  uniform wth those mthet ---,- ........  -, , $ , yo r death _ served m (.he Parish $24: J S C.r,,- %, o_:{ ::" other counties of the State ;e ;i wna was o oe expecea. I * to your beneficiary, or $20,000 *  | all. at seven-thirty an infer- $40; C. C. Johnson, b.ildin brid-e t_erefore hereby ordered, That the I J ,f death at any a00e, ,s aec,den.l, AUGUST METZGER reminiscent talks 5th dit. gila. r a ^._2:_ __? Chairman of this Comfissio ...... a I* payable in a single sum, or as * xws held. -, ---, ..... uuu.un, roaa ........ This ear' " ' * " * work 3rd  ......... to the Board of Sunerv,, ,v ,a] y s cotton cron was esh- w.come for a term of ears or for " a ms(., lo; T. 15. Lee, copy- - .sots o .....   -, . . Y " Woodville, Mississippi : evenin :at seven-thirty ing two rolls of educable children county aotice that the ateamentsl hinted, at 11,O1;!000 bals by the t  hfe.. Total dihility lasting 3 * was to be delivered b $85; J. H. Hazlip, lumber 5th dht' ol:sam county are acceptable te said ueparmen,ox A gculture m |" monrm regartlcd, during further * m Rev. H. W. WoOls, former rector ot $41.26; W. J. Smith. makin tabl' t.;ommission, and that conies of saidi repor sued on lOnday, the fore- * continuance, as permanent. * Bt. Paul's church, for court room, etc.,'$9; L.?I' Ven-" rolls be made and cert'fied to the *cast shovmg the.condiHon of thet* -- * _ _,m On Sunday a-eI,,e' o'ek)'k f, herc tress, Jr., /umber 2nd dis( "e o. Tax Collector a,ad said Comzniion crop on ept. 2urn to be 4:% i yer i * Full oarticulars of this Perfect * --- y Co ...... vr; ..... ! ...... ,), V. Floyd. road work  ,*"': in accordance with the reuironnt cent. A month ago ho c"op wa!* Life Insurance Policy given * @9 Rev. Wil!;.m Mercer Green A. K. Rabb, foremfin ann h'..' of Chapter 323 of the Law. of 1920/' forecast at 10,788,00v oales oR  * upon request. * seven-thr-o' b.'+ e,'niug rableD'q E' }'"w|llde"rad wrk Ist dis( "'R'''"'r'" "' ....... TtheClerkftheB'rd'%'cnd;t'n f 54"I per cent n'aal *" ........ * RTE " Henderson, cleaning' ri,')'',, ,o,, " pervisors of Wilkinson count,, t-*' On the same day the report, of the i * ABE COHEN, Agent for * ermon at the union services l $1 ; Kir Rabb ta- -10-Hen:,' :'-'- of Mississiplcri'--Notiee is "hel, Census Bureau howed that a total[ * Mutual Life ln,uranee Co. of N.Y. * ou house.  , -a, v , .... z, . "  alof 32 r , . body is mo " eo"diaPv ; corn 1st dis(, -30" A S r, .... ,o gnven you m accordance with the re- - , lo,394 bales of cotton had [ . Wdvdle, Miss. * .t(end thos o,ices, work on county "ence, $6.40?D.W ' qmreme_nts of Chapter 98. of thel cb:ennn.nned up toSept: 25.Q,, as*: * * * * * * * ------e ' damliUff' inspectin r. = bride-. ,, , ,aS'. , a-soo;-:, -o-,t; theaWSLawf 1916 ...... and Chanter's, ."23. ofo ..... eorrespondmgP"eu .u o,ooo,dOdae, last gmnedear tol asta * * THE REXALL DRUG . age, $0; Woody]lie L. & W. .': s ox loss, to mac copras or! , ..... Y - TEACHFRS' ASSOCIA.! Plant, services, $25.45; J. L. Ash..the assessment rolls of said county Y;?6s!21, c:n crop amounted to COMMISSIONER'S SALE. TION MFAET TODAY I * ., $1 .0 Russell  " tm fore,oin " lumber 3rd d,st 2 o zn accordar.ce with l  , ' o,1 oaes meetird Cf the Grader Co.. parts, $6; Miss. Printing order of the State Tax Commission.[ By virtue of the decree of the Chancery Court of Wilkinson co(m- Association wil! be: Co., stationery., $7.75; Dr. W. I. and in conformity with the require, l J, A. H. School here will be OF THE BO&RD Y -O at the A. H. Marsatis, salary health ocer, $41.- ments of law. On account of the service to be at 10 o'clock. Hun. 66; Dcug McCeartey, building vat Done in the office of the State held at the Episcopal cimreh next state supeiaena . fence, $2; Schloss Co., mdse. county Tax Commission, of the State of Sunday there will be no preaching rill deliver an address home, $33.75; R. M. Newman, work Mississippi, in the City of Jackson that morning at the Methodis church at i1 o'clock and on bridge 3rd dist., $60; L. C. Miller Hinds county, said State. invited lumber 3rd dist., $23.02; L. H: Mc  This the 29th day of September: noon hour the Klemurry, support paupers, $16.50. 1923. - D. L. THOMPSON. Newt. McGraw. foreman, and hands Chairman of Said Commission. "*road work 3rd dist., $155.25; Rob- Ordered that members and cierk of inson Mer. Co., mdse. 5th dist., $45.- draw per diem as follows: 95; same 3rd dist., $115.51; J. E. W. V. Morris, 6 days Aug., 5 days Flowers, lumber, laid over; Dennis: Sept., 2 days Oct ................... $65  -: Sanders, work on tractor, laid over: N. S. Cage, 5 days Aug., 5 days MEN'S SERVICE TO BE HELD T. W. Flowers, foreman, and hands Sept., 2 days Oet ............... [ $60 Mississippi, W;Iklnson at a Board of the Present W, W. Huff, B. A. Nettles and members; L. C. Miller, L. Hays, clerk. L R, HamiltOn, connty read and or- 4th , days irspecting roads and bridges, ing $25; 1 day supervLing roads, $5i G. C. Brandon, cutting drifts from creek, $10; P. D. Dooley, foreman --"" t,d h,nd, rqad work 2nd d;.t., $133.90; T. Jones, road work; 50c. W. A. Coffee, road work, etc., dist.. $2.75; W. T. urer. snlqry., $25: blacq'h work 1st dist., $4'.65 E. H. 1Mr,ore. parLs nnd renirs on trac* h aisL, 7.75: C.'T. Net- near store ofl ervitle. ur 4b dst., $'51..04 lumber 5b dist.. $10A0: C. C. Ge bond :for double the many, ,,rt, ,r ,n,,'hine, etc.. 3rd ONE WEEK dist., $23.31; Bd Tiltery. oreman. treasurer, and hnd, rod work .th dist.i] report for the month $336.50: -arten Drug Store, snn. O10ep / was ex- vii(s, $4..; mo,qcln 1st dit.. $8" re- Tom Woo, dso. nnd prseintions following $2ff.15; B. A. Net*s. 4 drt.ys n- General County sheeting nd so,iv;n rod' $o0" ,Fund G. E. Millor. ,ee] dr.,m 2nd dit. I$1h $78t57; $7.50; Woodvil] Ro,bl;an, v,,h. 545.22;, Road lishing llotico. e., g..q_" nub;h. Marsal/s, coun and filed. L. E. Smith to build ty, Mississippi, rendered at the Sep- tember term, 1923, in the case num- bered and styled No. 1515, F_ parte B. S. Graves e al, I will on Satur- in Woodville. Sunday School will day, October 20th, 1923, in lawful meet at the usual hour and the hum% in the court house yard, at Epworth League at 3:30 p. m. On Wocdville, Mississippi, offer for sale Sunday afternoon, October 7th, we and sell to the highest bidder fo will hold services at Fort Adams, at cash the following lands situated in! 3:00 o'clock. H, G. HAWKINS, Wilkinson county, Mississippi: 20 acres in the South West corner of Section 49, T. 1, R. 1, E, the Laid AT PERCY'S CREEK. road work 4th dist., $166.70; R. A. D. W. Huff, 6 days Aug., 5 days ,J. Sessions, mdse. 1st di.. $4.80;  Sept., 2 days ]3ct. The Flying Squadron of the Ms. Printing Co., tax receipts, etc.. B. A. Nettles, 6 days Aug"5"'(t'a'3,s $65 Woodville Men's Prayer Meeting will hold as service at the Percv' $257.20; Standard Oil Co., off and Sept.. 2 days Oct. $65 -as 1st dist., $47.56; same 2nd dist.. W. T. Smith, 5 days Au'g:'5"'da'ys Ceek, church on Sunday, afternoon October 14th, at 3:30 o clock. Auo '$/1.96; sme 3rd dist., $24.0; same I Sept., 2 days Oct. $60 will assemble at the court houseat ,dth dist., $6.60; same 5th dist., $26.- [ W. L. Hays, clerk, 2 da"Oct.':: $6 2:30 ready to start for the trip at 08; D. W. Huff, 6 days inspecting Ordered that the Board do now 2:45. Ladies invited. Seats can be rods and bridges, $30; N. S. Cage. adjourn until the next regular meet. provided for those who have no con. veyance of their own. The public D. W. HUFF, President. generalIy is invite. TO $1,110.78.:: $35,396.21, of of Su beg to in good of Antioch roed read--W. V. Morris, Court House ing school, niceg, rected; Mc-' Protee. eithen Cont-,';n Co.. e,,ineer. ing expenses deducted 'on ,ffaio bridge, $70a. reeed ; ColoniaI Creosotin Co.. p-t ayment" on lumber, $1,249... H. P. McC-he road work 2nd d;t..r,: R. E Brandon road , o-d d;*:..q8.. ;0: Win. Mino-. hml;n ?nd dist. ; $18.19; J. C. D-,,. ou,t,, sa!ary and tostage, $I63.39: ' F..Tv-es, ro,d work 3rd dist...5';: I,. T,. Co,h j tractor 5th ,;o. .a. W road wor t- ,, d;st .a. S McearIey. b..,vl;, ,th disC. McCear,,. ,,--,,- ;.. ,r*,,e] dis., 5 dnv, P,o. x'u o. Jr., sam e ,,.. .t2" a,, 1.7.. Ample Facilities to care for Out-o-Town Visitors ONE OF THE GREATEST SOUTHERN ACRIULTURAL AND INDUSTRIAL FAIRS. F[REWGRKS--. -- Scrapping the Navy " Blowing: up of Monster Battle Ships Lute ot Action HORSE RACES KU KLUX" PARADE COUNTY AGRICULTURAL EXHIBITS IN COMPETITION FOOT" BALL GAMES-- Mfllsaps vs. Birmingham Southern Mi. College vs. Howard College el( lJS$ VS. , & M. Hind, A. H. S. vs Lincoln.Cop|ah A..H S. PUBLIC SCHOOL DAYS Thirty New and Up-to-Date MIDWAY SHOW5 PAGEANTS Fare and One-Half on all Railroad 20 acres fronting two acres on the public road, and running back ten acres, and being the same 20 acres reserved by Ben Graves in the deed of conveyance by him to H. N. Pet- tigrew as is shown by deed of record in said county in Deed Book XX page 2. The parties end the purchas- er will take notiee that the motion to approve the report and to confirm the saie of the said .and will be made and heard before Hon. R. W. Cutrer Chancellor, in vacation at Magnolia YOU ALWAYS'GET THE BEST OF RVRYTHING, AT rile RIGHT / PRICES, AND WHEN YOU WANT IT, WHEN YOU BUY FROM THE REXALL DRUG STORE. WE ARE HERE TO SATISFY OUR CUSTOM- ALWAYS, AND WE DO IT. MARTEN THE REXALL DRUG STORE Mississippi, on Saturday, October  27th, 1923. This September 22, 1923. W. L. HAYS, Commissioex. 9-29-1923-4w. NON RESIDENT NOTICE. o o A J SESSION00 Batchly, and Hampton Davis, if living, and dead to his heir, legal representatives and " assigns.. and all other persons having or claiming any interest in the land hereinafter described, defendants: You are hereby commanded to ap- pear before the chancery court of Wilkinson county at a term of said court to be held on the first Monday of April, 1924, to plead, an. swer or demur to the bill of com- plair.t filed in said court by James P. Car]n, praying for confirmation of hs ttle to t!e land descrfbed as lorcn west quarter of nrth west quarter, section 18, township 3, vorth, range 1, eastjand to which they are defendants. Given under my hand this 21s{ day of September, 1923. W. L. HAYS, Clerk. LOWRY & McLAIN, Solicitors for CompIainant. 9-29-1923-4w @ i Have Just Re[ved a Ne "" As.ortmat of LADIES' HATS, cb It Would Pay Y  Loob Om Before Ar.o Have . L.rm,  - ITEST STYLES" IN A. J. TRUSTEE'S "SALE. By virtue of the authority vested in me as Trustee in that certain deed in trust executed by S. E. Wal- ker on the 15th day of March, 1917. thereto requested, 1: wtl, as aueh donee of the to secure Wilkinson County, Missis- Trustee, on Monday, Otober 22. situated, sippi, for the use of the Sixteenth 1923, at the Court House in Wood: W4 of Section School Funds, in the pay- ville, Mississippi, in lawful hours. men( of the note mentioned and de. bffer for sale trod tml to. tile highest scribed in said deed in trust and be- bidder,for cash the land conveyed in for the sum of $300 with in said deed in trust and therein d per cent interest per annum, the scribed as folIows, o-wjt: I W:- deed in trus*, being of record in kinson County,  of Wilkinson Miss'uippi, -i half , at . 25, d