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October 6, 1923     The Woodville Republican
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October 6, 1923

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i fi,: 71 / Se00ion Dewted to :ractive Magazine i/[ateriaI ncommon JOHN BLAKE CURIOSITY [ gether--the movements of the stars t in their courses. two kinds of curiosity, He ought to cherish an abiding thirst Intelligent. for knowledge--knowledge about ev- Seless--even harmful I erythlng. Such a man will get an edu- ! the driving force that isj u( and all progress. out of an automobile in! to pump np a tlre. A gather round to watch Same people will stand who has fallen and In- gaping at him, and in- those who want to aid nothing by being there. R Seen hundreds of fires of men fall down. only breeds rudeness vurlosity Is born In the It prompts the baby to to pieces, and later on In his drum to see makes the noise. !fUllest development in the of the scientist, the riddle of the uni- how things work Is al- knowledge. Is indifferent to his not going very far on this world. It Is Important gratify IL He ought the growth of the In which buildings battleships are put to- THE PHANTOM BF GRACE E. HALL A THOUSAND times Foe said good- by to you, And turned away from every com-! mou thought That formed the vital tie that oncel we knew, With all tim wondrous, Joyous hours. It brought. A thousand times Pve said a last fare- well To memories of laughter, moods and tone, Have bade t/sea lift their tantalizing spell And leave my soul in stillness--- though alone. I close the door against the whisper- ing night, And bid my heart give o'er its drear refrain, But lo! you stand between me and. the light And all those sad good-bys have been in vain. (( by Dodd. M'ad & Complny.) Laughed " i By IZTHEL R. illegiblyT PRYSE A laugh here they to laugh and ! Maybe you never he agony you have hand wrltin K. have a reason that to write clear- or rheums- of some sort. If the laughter Is erueL are Just careless, you lot of tIme to be your good friends, IS the klndest could do for you. and see what's the your writing* May- a comforting pen Use the right kind of writing a Joy. You are in too much to think of others. over your genius- This sort of genius date. GET-AWAY HERE: little each time you make your writing to yourself of an agony to Falling that, a machine adds all ner.essary to both tf the equation, or cation whether or not he ever see the inside of a college building. His curiosity, rightly directed, will force him to know things---and knowing things IS education. The child who asks countless ques- tions should be encouraged. More- over his curiosity should be employed as a means of educating him. It should be fed, and developed, and made greater as the years go by. And presently it will send him out into the world determined to find out things for himself. When he reaches that stage his parents and teachers ean stop worrying about him. He will get along. ( by John nlake.) to 004bout duellos of results, except of the kind that divests us of our sunny disposl- Lion, which we stand and deliver with- out a word of protest. An odd phase of the covetous spirit is that It generally sets its affections on objects of no substantial worth. The fine, ennobling things which de- velop strength of character are often overlooked in the exciting chase for the ephemeral, which grows hotter am the pursuit" is continued. Friendship is ruthlessly brushed aside. Hearts are broken Reason loses Its balance in an excitation of feeling. Talents are neglected or wrapped in a napkin and hidden. As the tlde of years sweeps ns on, we become impelled by a sort of fanati- cism whose power we are unable to resist Dally we sink a little 1o from an existence of Independence *.o a state of mere servitude, controlled In every thought and act by the fervent Spirit of covetousne6s. It is a natural inclination which manifests Itself when, as children, we covet the toys of our playmates. But that is not all. It sometimes compels us to appropriate the playthings and Impudently to claim them as our own. Having grown up in such an atmos- phere we cannot at once escape Its miasmal inflnence, though the most of us finally succeed In doing so. There are some humans, nowever, in whose blood the fever never oulte sub- sides, causing them Intense suffering all their lives. They prefer to covet gorgeous pearls FX LKER SPIRIT prompting within the Is quite so mls- to the tran- tUd as the rdld covet- our reach and ldom productive of motion IS so unpro- T C0o00 and gowns, or great estates and yachts, each according to one's sex and particular fancy. There's a sort of morbid pleasure In Imagined ownership in which even the avowed indifferent like slyly to Indulge. In this temptation to covetous In- dulgence lies the peril to our happi- ness. But as happiness is elusive as dreams, and inconstant as flirts, we who have the fire of youth in our veins sometimes deliberately rush Into the game and take our chances l (k 19|a, bY McClure NewspaIr Sdlo) 0 : !i OH! MYYES. Mr. Wratt: You emend me o small change. Mr. Bugg: How'a that? Mr. Vratt: You're 'chlckm fed," Lin't you? t Might Be Getting Rich. Exhausted Pressman (to garrn}ous barber)--Tell me--do you get paid by the week. or so much per thousand words T--Punch. The young lady dcro the way say1 that In her opinion the saloon will but she noticel thin the Is It, It stll bF her cellar, tie or colander In which the rolls may keeps her brooms, be placed to keep from touching the t the keeplnK bottom of the kettle, as they burn unused roonm. @ lulckly. See that the rolls are cov- DISHES .:. ered with water and cook covered for forty.five minutes or until the rice IS to serve cabbage, when done. Serve with drawn butter of time for Its hues. Rolls. in mlted water are soft enodgh to Drain and handle, eat the 8quare MIx one one cupful one and one-half one minced oaloh with a few dashes Put a he,ping the mixrare on a Klplmred Herring Salad. Take one smoked herring, boll five minutes In water to cover. Drain, bone and shred It. To one-half cupful of the shredded fish add two cupfuls of diced celery, one green pepper chopped, one-fourth of a teaspoonful of salt, one-eighth of a teaspoonful each of onion sail pePper and pap- rtka. one chopped hard-cooked eg. and enough mayonnaise to moisten Well. Arrange on bed of letttuce and serve with more mayonnaise. 00'air Separated 40 Year00 Mart) M|ll|r,-l,, tM^,4,, t^,qtht, IO,m [a mttlhmalre. His wife died and he I devoted his time aml money to the Who Jilted Him Years A00 I amelioration of tramps. He made his an Because o w. pan, /h,,nae In Denver, and there sought the , ,,, ,,,, v,,., [ privilege of conducting a lodging house ........ /for the down-and-outs Mayor Spear lantern, Nee--Miss rsva Tnompson, " told hhn he required a man who knew sister of David Eugene ThomlrOn, one t "r ............ ...... .... t saps. Bro'n thereupon (;oEea Ills OI Laneoln's rew millionaires ana for- _ - ..... : ._ _ l flne ralmenL put on old clothes and met amDassa(lor to Mexico duel to lra- -- -- ..... ,Is he ..  l ttare(l oUt as a tramp, tie S.,u *,= zu sprang a snrprtse on all her frienos I wanted ...... o -" o" r ' tO stuoy tne unempl ye a. ecently by goin to Denver and there .. .  .... I first hand, find out how they lived and marrmg her girlhood s-eetheart, V'_- Iwha t their ambitions were, and then i wm A. Brown, a mlltlonmre. Both Mr. I help them. lie did this, and In time 1 and Mrs. Brown are sixty-eight years became known nation-wide as the mll- uf age. Uonalee tramp. He rode box ears wlt them, shared their meals in wayside camps and slept with them in box cars, Ont of his exlmrlence rose a desire to tell the world abont them. vd he turned author. Two of the best nown of these books are "Broke," and "Te Man Without a Dime." Couple Now Will ielp. "I have followed Mr. Brown closely In the advancement of his high ideals toward scientifically solving our nt - tlonal problems of lverty and desti- tution," said his wife, who Is an edu- cat culturel woman. "Ills philosophy rings with a rellghm of reason that has made my 1o sacred. I think it was wonderful for him to make the crnsade he did, and still more wonderful to write about It so beautifully. I shall add all the power I possess In aiding Mr. Brown In his declaration that no human being In this great civilized country of ours shall be without f(d or shelter simply becanse uluckUy they find themselves without Work." Engaged 40 Years Ago. Nearly forty years ago Brown and Miss Thompson were engaged to be married, but Brown was then poor and his suit was frowned upon by members of i}er family. Under this pressure she broke the engagement and Brown left this city. He found another sweet- heart and,mared lmr. On the day of his wedding he received a letter from Mts Thompson, in which she declared that she would wed him if the whole world stood In the way and that her love for him was "stronger han a sea of opinions or a mountain of oppo don)' Went Into Business. %Vhen she heard the news Miss Thompson determined never to wed, and turned to n business life. Her brother was then one of the big ofl- clals of the Burlington railroad and owned a string of eating houses. After serving her apprenticeship in the busl- ness she became the manager of these railroad restaurants and operated them for years until his growing for- tune found other means of increasing his revenue, aml he sold ont. MIss Thompson then devoted her at- tention to civic betterment programs which she outlined and carried out un- der the ptronsge of a namber of wonv en's clubs. Only a few months ago, when the Lincolnshire, a fashionable tearoom, got Into fnanclal difficulties, she was persuaded to take over the management. When thls was sold oat she was free again. In the meantime Brown had become I Help your stomach to get rid of poisonous gases and ferraenting foods. Master that catarrhal condition oI the digestive tract with the remedy which has proved its ute- ftdness over a full half century. P-RU-NA A Splm.d Toni= For Spring and Sw Sold Everywhere Kansas Woman " __ Raises Hogs, Hens, Cattle at hogs, a number of allen cows and a lot of chickens, and is "sitting pretty," Wheat and Has Valu- able Ranch, Hutchinson, KamHere's a Kansas woman farmer who Is making good with a big farm. Seven years ago Mr. J. EL Ford[ of Sanford, In this state was sud- I denly left a widow with a 400-acre] farm. a seven-year'-old boy, a $6,000 l mrtgage and no experience as at farmer. [ She got right out in the field, did as much physical work as a man, plowed and she listed. She cut wheat and looked aft the threshing. When hogs were ap, sne raised hogs. When hogs went down, she raised cattle In between time .she milked cows and took care of her 800 thoroughbred chicken& Prefer= Farm Work to 8hool. She has paid off the $6,000 mort- gage, has her farm clear of debt, with the whole 400 acres under cultivation. has a herd of cattle and a bunch of I It Memorial Medallion of Harding i. .i This excellent likeness ot tu t, te t'restdent Hardhtg appears on tits memorial medal coined by the United States government at the Philadelphia mint. The other side bears the dates of Mr. Harding's blrtlL inauguration and death. The medallion is sold to the public for $1.52. U. S. HUNTERS PAY I00GH RENT FOR SCOTCH HOMES OttStlY I Iq'VUOO |'' '* .... altars, lock, stock and barrel Grouse Season Opens ny members of parliament have also taken shootings" and agents re- London.--Hundreda of thousands of hPOart that nearly all the best tate acres of Scottish moors and scores ave been taken at good rents. of the most stately Scottish home Prices for the mson are higher than last year, according to the agents. They attribute this to the hl suet of labor and upkeep during the empty mon. Rents are being mainly based at the rate of $5 per brace of grouse and $1150 a stag, with the cost of the house in addition. Some of th smaller "shooting" can be had for $500 a month, but, as s whole. Scotland Is divided Ult0 large estates and the cost of thee runs into something over five figures. This is Ukely to be. a good season for game, gamekeepers report. The breeding season has been good and reports from all parts indloato that have been rented at fabulous prices Oy wealthy Americans and Britishers for the forthcoming [rouse shooting ton. in which King George will tieipate. Bernard Baruch and C EL Mackay of New York are among the wealthy Americans who have rented estates and are entertaining large house par- ties for the season, Bernard Baruch has rented the magnificent Fetterem in County Klncardlne" while Mackay has taken Castle Grant, with 19,0(10 acres of broad Scottish racers. They have taken over these famous old houses complete for two or three America's Swift New Seaplane This waplane. tbc L,.,_, which will compete tot ,**,-. , utzer trophy In a race off the Isle of Sept. 28, Port de- the And In addition to all this farm work Mrs. Ford, who wa once a school teacher, keeps up her yard Just like it was a clty lawn. She has roses and all sorts of flowers, has planted shade trees and ornamental shrubs and trees, and today has probably the best kept and most inviting farm home in the county. But it dldn't look that way when seven years ago, with her small son, she came to live on the farm, with no experience ed a big debt hanging over her. "Decidedly I would rather work on the farm than teach sclmol" says Mrs. Ford. "I have farmed seven years awJ I taught school in a city school for four year& I prefer the farmang." Made Money on Hogs. Mr. Ford died late In the summer. seven years ago. He had already plowed up the land for wheat, but the seeding had not been done. Mrs" Ford hired a man and the two of them put in the wheat. "But the winds blew the seed out of the ground and we raised nothing," tys bLra. Ford. "In fact, we have never made any- thing raising wtieat. Once in a while we had a good wheat crop, but not often- Sometimes one thing hap- pened to It; sometimes another.". When he wind blew the seed oUt of the gound. Mrs. Ford turned round and put in mlo maize, and thus made a crop. "I raised hogs four years until the drop in price came, aug then I quit," she say "I made money on them all except one year, when I broke even." Secret of Her Success. Recently the woman farmer has rented 240 acres of lmr land and is now operating but 160 acres herself. She has I00 acres In pasturage and 60 acres In kaffir corn. In addition to the cattle.  sells ten gallons of cream every week from her mlch cows, for which she gets $8 per week. "I made good money with my chlck. ens last winter," site says. "I have 300 White Rocks and 60 laying hen& I have been selling about twenty-four dozen eggs a week.  ) The cattle, hogs and chickens have ldd off the mortgage. The wheat has Just about paid taxes and interest. I never conio have paid that mort- gage off by raising wheat alone." "I'm going to raise less wheat In future and more beef cattle, hens and hogs," says Mrs. Ford. "My seven years' emrience has taught me that In those three Items Is the secret o farming succesa." For over 50 years it hnabeen th e household remedy for all (ore o!. 41' It is tt Reliable, General Invig- orating Tonic. there are plenty of pheasant black game and snipe. Four large estates are still with- out shooting season tenants, among them being the famous Thurso castle, for which 810,000 IS being asked. King George has often stayed at Thurso for the seuson and has made some of his most famous bags" there. D*er Killed by a Train. 8unbury, Pa.A full-grown bck deer was killed by a passenger train near here. The animal Jumped in front of the locomotive, the crew laid, apparently trying to get to the Sus- quehanmt river nearby. The animal was dressed and sent to the Mar/ M. Packer hospital Sunbury. Bird and Mouse in Fatal Duel. Logansport, tnd.--A battle to death was fought here by a canary and a mouse. Mr& O. D. Hunter placed the cage containing her canary on the floor and when she returned later found the bird dead and witnessed the death of the mouse from injuries r celved in the battle. To Make Topographic Survey of Texu Soon Austin. Tex.MaJ. C. E. Cooke, who has been placed by the federal gov- ernment in charge of the topegrapMc survey work in Texas, under Joint ar- rangement with the state and federal 'governments Is now engaged In mak- lng prepanttlons for the huge under. taklrlg. The topographic survey was made pusslble by the $600,000 appre- priatlon of the last legialature A force of6 federal engineers will be brought to Texas, and when all the fores asslgned to the work has ar- rived, Texas will have the largest group of experts at work ever as. signed to a single project In one state, according to members of the state board of water engine.,rs. Major Cooke Is maklng bfs head. quarters with the board of water en- gineers at the state capitol. Find Manganese Ore in Africa. London.A hug belt of manganese, feet an( four found at i West South Chills * Fever Tomorrow Alri Cteta BATHE TIRED EYES with Dr. Tbompgn's ayewater. BUy as Yor druggist's or Bfver.roy. N.Y, Booklet. tt4emaem to SeU Andrew' R.emedl. owdere, keg soft drinks to general stor td line. Territories open. Excellent turtity. ANDREWS MFO. CO,, Brht01, i The School of Marriage. "After all, my dear, one of apalr of lovers Is ahvays more deeply in love--ed that Is the one that suf- fers." "Yes, but the other one is the party--and I find that thought soUng."La Vie Partsienne. ........ A good fellow Is given all the peace- making Jobs. A MAN WHO BECAME FAMOUS Doctor R. V. Pierce, whose appears above, was not only a ful physician, but also a student of the mediein&l Nature's remedies, roots and by el(me observation of the ads uled by the Indians, their great remedial qualltles, espe- cially for weaknesses of wome and after careful preparation succeeded In giving to the world a remedy which has been used by women With the results for half a century. Dr. Flel! Favorite Prescription is still in great demand, while many other so ealle "cure-alls" have come and gone. he reason  its phenomenal sueee Is because of ItS atmolute prity, and Plerce's high standing as ettlen of Buffalo is a guarantee of that 1 claimed for the Favorite Pt scription as a regulator for the fill pecnilat to women. Send 10c for trial pkg. toDr.] Invalids Hotel, Buffalo, N. GREEN A COMPOUND q,tekly relievmt ing p,ro: y| $ years a d expertenee in throat Dr, J. H, Guild. BOX, 'etlse on (tlSeS, upon request. S J.H. GUILD O0 Idm .-J $