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October 5, 1973     The Woodville Republican
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October 5, 1973

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Page 4 The Woodville Republican, Woodville, Misslssippi Fr;day, October S, 197 i .................. " ..... "--"---'' "= : ' ",,-, .................... .,,.,"','"'""'"' ................ COUNTY BOARD OF ue11 Wisher, :same, S284.91: erod., culvert, S262.0; Seribling- 2807: Super Service Sta. s, PI OUTLOOK c00au00e 00o00nso00. 00a=o, sony oo From The Files Of SUPERVISORS MEET Jerry Nettles m S269.48: Amer United Pod., eurt, ,83.50: Carter .q. Co.. pars, MISSISSIP o00y, (Con tin.ued from last week) Jackson. same. $338.94; William r.o.w_ $3.50: McGehee Motor expenses. $98.70. The Republican Second District Road Fund: F. Nettles, same, $257.39; Victory Parts. pts., $215.65: Planters Public Health Fund: Wil. Co. byPaulPittman  ,,==ekw.ra, tur backward, Steve =eed' salad' $437"06; 'the" iTax Fd" w'hel'' S238:40: Retire" Haw" hdw" $151'50: Buffal Health Oet" alltment' $850'00; odore Brackens, same, $240.84; ment Fd., same. $171.25; Co. Water Ass'n. utilities. $6.36: Rol- Polly R. Evans. regr. vital stat. shadre, $200.40; Soc. Sec. Fd., lins Chain Saw. pLs.. $18.50: Ca- $40.00: vital slat.. $17.00: Miss. Oh Time, in thy flight .... " Fred Brown, same, $278.20; Ar- w'held & Co. share, $485.04; In,s. vin's Welding Serv.. serv.. $5.00: State Sanatorium. TB paUents, ....................................................................... thur Clark, same, $29'0.59; Ar- The atrophy and disintegra- ccnsidered is the uncertain thur Lollis, same, $272.84; Isiah Fd.. same. $397.77: T. L. James Austin Cavin. hay, $11fi.00. $75.00: Samuel E. Smitl]. vital Lion of the Democratic party in future of the GOP, in spite of 2 YEARS &GO County-wide Road & Bridge sla.. $43.25. Selvage, same $264.04; John & Co.. asphalt. $144.00: Ameri- the Deep South, much in evi- its recent gains. Selvage, same. $281.24; West can United Products. culvert. Fund: Richard Logan. engr. Forestry Escrow Fund: Miss. dence tday, is illustrated by To begin with. there is a dif- School ScOops the curz, ent political situation ference of opinion among the Mary Elizabeth Leake and Ware, same. $298.g9: Jesse Hol- $162.00; Gavin Robertson, labor. erv.. $51.80: Richard Inman. Foretry Comm.. Umber saleS, Laura Wood, Reporters land, same, $186.42; Seymore $20.00: Jimmy Ashley, same. $121. same. $474.69: Paul Chapman, $7]9.96. in Virginia. loyalists about what the future The various g.racles of Wood- Wilson. same, $149.13: June. 60; Grady Arnold. same, $121.60; ame. $290.12: Wooclrow Price. Health Center Bond & Inter Clifford Arnold. same. $121.60; same. $307.57: Fred McCarstle. cst Fund: Union Plantcrs Nat'l In that histroic sate, Henry holds for the party, ville High School me last week Palmer, same. $186.42; James Terxy Bonnettc, same, $121.60: amc, $296.57: G V. Perry, drag- Bank, int. & fee, $557.50. Howell, a longtime Democrat. Leaders like State Chairman is running as an independent Aaron Henry of Clarksdale, and elected their class sponsors Palmer, same, $161.56; Ernest Gurvis Ashley, same, $121.60; line, opr., $455.{)8; Charles White, Count;y Farm Fund: Lucille and officers. They as fol- Lollis, same. $86.g9: Joe Stewart. Kenneth FelLer, ame, $121.6{): !labor, $282.45; Joe Mathis. same, IWhit, tiniiton, allowance, $25.00; against Mills Goodwin, the Re- Mayor Charles Evers of Fayette lows: ame, $186.42; Victory Tax Fd. Malcohn Murray, same. $121.60: $24.25: Victory Tax Fd.. wheld, tEIise Wilon same $2000" Wll. publican nominee. Howell is and Harry Bowie of McComb {h Grade: Sponsor, Miss /'held, $164.80; State Income H & R. Ford, Inc.. serv., ps., $122.90: Ret]remen Fd.. sme. I Co. Welfare Dpt.. off. exp., $75. given a chance at winning, and and Atlanta, Ga., have ex- Sarah Jensen; President, Emil llax Fd., same $30.00; Retire- $13.65: Buffalo Services. serv.. $130.95: Co. ,shre $153.22" Soc.00: child welfare. $50.00: Bettye the party affiliation, or lack of pressed optlrmism about the fu- Habig; Vice. Pres., Anne San- nent Fd., same, $101.00; Co. $15.00; tires. $173.34; fuel, $'876. Sec. Fd., w'held & Co. share.Plitt, postage, ood samps, $48. it, is not considered particularly ture for the Loyalists and the ders; See.-2reas.. Undine Fergu- "hare. $118.18; Soc. Sec. Fd., 74; Carter Eqt. Co.. serv., ps., $413.50; Ins. Fd.. same. $71.71; gl:: McComb Sty. Co.. off. suP. slgnifi.cant. Democratic party in Mississippi. v'held & Co. share $479.90; Ins. $1,071.57; SW Miss EPA. utili- Bettye Sturgeon Bd (SB 1726}. ame $3.86: Miss. Power & Light It is altogether possible that A conflicting and more pessi- son. this scenario may be repeated mistic view has filtered out of 7th Grade: Sponsor, Mrs. Rob- ?d.. same, $323.83; H & R Fo:rd, ties, $2.30: Scotts Auto Repair, $3{}0.0; Planters Hdw.. hdw.. $78. tCo.. utilities same $152.56: ToWn in Mls.sisslppi in the 1975 elec- the Greenville political enclave err Hartness; Presiden.t, Jean .nc.. serv., pts.. $161.60; D'A- Lions. where newspaper editar, Hod- Morris; Vice. Pres., Richard lUila Oil Co., tires, tubes, $508. scrv.. $1,57.72; American United 22: McGehec Moor Parts. ps., Continued on Page 5) Mississippi political figures, ding Carter. attorney Wes Wat- Ph ar e s ; Secretary, "Buddy" 8; Super Service Sta., tire repr., increasingly disenchanted with klns, and others are stanchions Leake: Treasurer, Lallie Catch- .ots., etc., $144.26; D'Aquila Oil the Democratic party, are look- of the loyalist movement, ings; Reporter. Ansie Jo Clark. 3o..3o., parts.fUel' $1,127.03 ;$7.04 ; BuffaloCarterserv-Eqt' lngoptionsmOre toandanmre toward viable Add to this the possibility of 8th Grade: Sponsor, Mrs. No- pendahlce o someone you mr affiliation with the adoption of the Open Pri- lan McCralne; President, James & Sons, hdw., $83.16: ' the p:redominantiy black Loyal- mary election law In Mississippi Jones; Vice Pres., Amy Tlllery; SW Miss. EPA, utilities. $3.00; ist Democrats of Mississippi. and increasing activity from the Secretary, Billy Phipps; Ser- cotts Auto Repair, service, $714. reach out and them There are historic reasons Gee,rge Wallace forces in the geant-at Arms George Bass; 50; Big River Supply Co., posts, awae,. that lead them away from the state and Southern political Reporter, Dorothy Jean White. fence, $1,176.91; Allied Eqt. Co., Republican party of the state, affairs ,and you have a mixed 9bh Grade: Sponsor, Mrs. Mr- pts., $820.00; Dickerson & Bowen, your voice AlL,hough the GOP has regis- tug--independent politics, ,per-:Nutt; Bresident, Frances Catch- asphalt, $133.05; Planters Hdw., tered inroads, there is a transi- haps, but certainly not certified ings; Vice Pres.. Tommy Hud- Inc.. hdw., $169.10; MeGehee Dial them long distance. And when you do, dial ar tional and uncertain quality national Democrats nor ha- :ens; Sec.-Treas., Oscar Ferg,u- Motor Parts, pts., $121.60; Ralph about the curren politics of tlonal Republicans, for that son; Reporter, Catherine Catch- Wall, g, ravel, $46.40; Alex Ven- economy call the One Plus way. There's no cheaper way to Mississippi and the South which ran.tier, ings. tress, same, $44,60; Phil Chap- call them long distance. leads thoughtful men in public Much of this. to be sucre, 10th Grade: Sponsor, Coach man, labor, $22.00: Frank Hol- life to avoid the quantum leap is conjecture and speculation, Hickman; President. Richard land, same. $192.00; Betty DavY- ?'::: from oldline Denocrat to Re- based on the shifting sands of Inman; Vice Pres., Nelson Jen- son tag, $4.58. publican, political warfare, sen; Sec.-Treas.. Peggy Sue Fer- Third District Road Fund: A part of it is the vested in- Yet, in spite of Republican guson; Reporter, Anne Wood. A.J. Darden. salary, $506.32; re, rest the Soutl] has in the advances, there is no clear-cut llth Grade: Sponsor, Miss Harold C. Bruss. Jr., same, $292. Democratic party, dating back picture for the future. Lora Jean Hillman; President, 60; Marion E MeCurley, same.  to New Deal days. A part of it With key political figures in is a suspicion that tle Loyalist the state coming to the support Peter Sockett; Vice Pres., Mil- $309.87; W. Lure McGraw, same, dred Anderson; Sec.-Treas., Dor- $295.56: Hiram McGraw, Jr., Democrat coalition is not a of the open primary, an aging iil: lid base upon which te build team of Mississippi Democrats othy White: Reporters, Faye same, $65.90; Victory Tax Fd., a political future. Also to be in the U. S. Congress and lnde- Hiclman .and Grace Wallace. w'held, $122.70; State Income 12th Grade: Spon'sor, Miss Tax Fd.. same, $2.96: Retirement Loyette Dorrill; President, Sam Fd.. same, $50.'00; Co. share, Leake; Vice Pres., Wayne Me- 58.50: Soc. Sec. Fd.. w'held & WANTED Oraw; Sec.-Treas., Ernestine Co. share, $218.80; Ins. Fd., same, ,== IN Walker; Reporters, Mary Eliza- ;151.93: Carter Eqt. Co., pa,rts, beth Leake and "Nootie" Wood. $82.89; Miss. Power & Light Co., utilities, $4.23; Gulf Oil Prod- Handle Quality ASH, Cherry Bark OAK, so ]E/LRS AGO nets. fuel $425.52; D'Aqulla Oll Co., tires, $403.04; Super Service Mr. Henry Cavin, of Darring- Sta.. tire repr.. $32.00; Buffalo and Tight or Lace Bark HICKORY. ton, was ,a business visitor to Services, Inc., pa,rts, $41.09; Big Woodville on Tuesday after- River Supply Co.. grader blades, noon. $206.82; Minna Erstling, lot rent. 1Vr. and Mrs. M. L. Robinson, $10.00; C & K Farm Eqt. Co., Highest Prices Paid of Centrevfile, spert Sunday parts, $2.40: Centrevllle Motor here as guests of her grand- Co., serv., pts., $59.63: John L. Contact mother, Mrs. W. P. Jones. Ash, hdw.. $1.40; Betty Dawson, : John King Sessions, Oliver tag, $10.70. O. AMES COMPANY '.a00ren00e left during the first of the week Fourth District Road Fund: for Oxford ,to enter the Univer- Leon Cavin, salary, $467.06; W. Phone 888-6431 Woodville, Miss. stty of Mississippi. w. Hammaek, same, $285.56; Louis Miller left this week for Elmo Sanders, same, $285.56; the Mississippi A & M College, Irwin Dennis, same, $305.36; os- vital where he will graduate this se-car Tillery, ame, $321.36; WiN II Protection Js , slon, and Bill Tucker has en - liam Geter' same' $45"19; Rbert tered that lnstltutlon as a stu- Johnson, same, $132.56; Howard I f dent. Wyatt, same, $212.36; Victory I ....  M,s. Thos. Roland, Jr., and Tax Fd., w'held, $16'0.60; Retire- little daughter are spending the ment Fd.. same, $'123.20; Co. week in Roseta as guests of her share. $144.14; Soc. Sec. Fd. parents, Mr. and Mrs. N. W. w'held & Co. sha,re, $310.38; Ins. ' McCraine, and will return home Fd., same, $206.46; D'Aquila Oil , .. Sunday afternoon. Co., fuel, $682.00; tires, $329.59; Super Service Sta.. tire repr., 7; YEARS AGO $127.59; Carter Eqt. Co., serv., I pts., $903.22; SW Miss. EPA I Miss Winnie Davis Passes utilities, $3.00; Jimmie's Auto The daughter of the Confed- erv., serv., pts., $94.81; Rollins ':" eracy, Miss Wlnnie Davis, died Chain Saw, same. $4.95 I on Sunday at Narragansett Pier, Fifth District Road Fund: R.I. A brief account shows Tom Ashley, 'salary, $499.66; that she had been ill for about Jewel Anders, same, $269.37; I a month with malarial gastritis. Sidney Nettles, same, $240.98; At times her ,condition became Clyde Nettles, same, $260.60 very serious, so tha.t consutta- Morris Nettles, same, $269.48;1 Lions of Physicians 'were deemed I necessary, but frequent revivals 975. You can. count on that. ,. gave renewed hope that she !n 1 would ultimaely recover, them she was the tender .and l For the quarterback, and for you every day, protection is Drlng the last week especially living link with a great remem- I had her condition been consid- brance, a past that had to bel vital to the fulfillment of your goals. Look to the Shield of ered favorable, and it was seen and felt to be perfectly I thought that her removal from understood. Born in Richmond I Shelter for help, the hotel ould be possible in almost in the closing days of I a few days. But on Saturday the Confederacy, as an lnf.nt previous o her death she began she was with her reat and I For All Your Insurance Needs and t,o sink very rapidly, devoted father in Fortress Mon- The Southern people and the roe. She was educated in Europe I Auto Financing, See or Call old Confederates especially will and became the comfort ancl I PAT CAVIN mourn her death. To many of helper of Mr. Davis at Beauvoir. I The tntermen was to have] pendents flowering in other taken place in Hollywood Ceme- I 2 doors east of Postofflce states, the poUtlcal structure of try at Richmond yesterd.ay.] : i the state may be comlng in or Delegations of Cenfederate Vet- I SHIELD OF SHELTER Phone 888-6665 ., some rude shocks, erans from various states at- I At least, thirgs won't be dull tended the funeral. J ;- II I _ I " I ....... I U . I I _ I Grand Opening CRAIN'S HARDWARE i00i: Cer00treville, Miss. across from the Wm. Carter Co. Plan Now To Attend SATURDAY, OCT. 6, 1973 Refreshments Drawing at 4 p.m. for following Prizes: lst-$50 in Merchandise; 2nd-$35 in Merchandise; 3rd-$20 in Merchandise; 4th-Barbecue Grill; 5th-4 gal. Outside White Paint; 6th-15 pc. Socket Set Elwood and Helen Crain Phone 645-5842