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October 3, 2013     The Woodville Republican
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October 3, 2013

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t Minutes" ::: tral of. rice Supplies, $237.21; Posi- Wilkinson County tire Pest Controt, $100.00; Cash's, $218i95; PVC Pro- Bd. Of Ecuation fessional Vent Cleaners, . , $640,00; AT&T, $41.85; tContinuedffomP, ae6~: i same, $11.54; same, $I0.47; ' ~ " same, $10.47; same, $39.13; W. Co. School Activity Fund: AT&T, $27.49; same, $0.77; same, $8.33; same, $1.73; same, $1.56; same, $7.59; McNair Smith, Jr., $30.00; Merriel McCelleis, $50.00; Michael Goff$25.00; Alfred L. Wells, $300.00; Postmaster, $46.00; MS High School Activi- ties Assoc., $561.00; same, $270.00; same, $227.00; same, $77.50; Avaya Com- munications, $106.08; Mi- chael Goff, $50.00; Merriel McCelleis, $50.00; Net- terville Lumber, $967.17; same, $38.95; Trimeka Gaines, $79.70; Rex Team Sports, $318.00; Postmas- ter, $92.00; Smith Printing, $254.97; School Annual, $442.12; AT&T, $13.84; same, $1.02; same, $4.54; same, $0.99; same, $3:38; same, $5.53; V-me Brothers, $55.55; same, $118.89. Fund Total: $4,141.13 W. Co. School Lunch Fund: AT&T, $41.33; same, $11.48; same, $10.37; same, $10.32; same, $38.78; Posi- tive Pest Control, $100.00; same, $180.00; Hotel & Res- taurant Supply Co., $712.98; Watkins, Ward & Stafford, PLLC, $2,519.00; Ingrid B. James, $284.56; same, $69.60; Angela B. Perry, $127.84; same, $95.88. Fund Total: $45,950.44 Title I Iaw Grant Funds: AT&T. $39.38; same, $10:38; same, $10.46; same, $22.58; Book Systems, $525.00; same, $525.00; Offioe Automation Cen- tel', $15.28; same, $554.18; same, $1,325.00; Michael J. McGraw, $75.00; Chad Gunnels, $75.00; Court- hey Cavin, $75.00; Dani Wright, $75.00; Cathy Pourciau, $75.00; Pame- la Leak, $75.00; Crystal Mudd, $75.00; Jackie Ash- ley, $75.00; Charles Ken- nedy, $75.00; Mary Wilson, $75.00; Deborah I~ Vines, $75.00; Judy M: Trevillion, $75.00; Joshua Fortier, $75.00; Charlsie Jensen, $75.00; Katherine W. Ses- sions, $75.00; Deborah R. Whetstone, $150.00; Yvonne Flaccomio, $150.00; Jane Simmons, $75.00; Elizabeth Patin, $75.00; Peggy King, $75.00; EMCO Technolo- gies, $999.00; AT&T, $40.00; The Woodville Republican, Thursday, October 3, 2013 Page 7 same, $10.65; same, $10147; same, $21.45. Fund Total: $5,758~3 Consolidated Admin. Cost Grant Fund: Smith Printing,S36.57; AT&T, $22.71; Chavis Bradford, $97.70; Sarah Ann Start- wood, $179.61; Office Auto- nation Center, $90.42; Cha- vis Bradford, $124.43; Sarah Ann Stanwood, $54.97; Cha- rts Bradford, $57.11; AT&T. $23.16; Watkins, Ward & Stafford, PLLC, $2,519.00; Generation Ready, $525.00. Fund Total: $3,730.68 Title 6-B-2 Rural Low In- come Fund: Office Automa- tion Center, $10,047.22. Fund Total: $10,047,22 Title II Improving Tea. Quality: JBHM, LLC, $1,500.00; Casey Dobson, $118.41; Carol Williams, $174.36; Casey Dobson, $24.40; Renaissance Learn- ing, $3,000.00; Synergetics DCS, Inc., $1,950.00; Rob- eft Little, $1,500.00; JBHM, LLC, $525.00; Best Practic- es Conference, $525.00. Fund Total: $9~17.17 EHA, Part B Fund: The Woodville Republi- can, $215.50; JBHM, LLC, $1,500.00; AT&T, $59.47; AT&T Mobility, $35.87; Office Automation Center, $554.16; same, $662.50; The Woodville Republican, $330.54; MASS(MS Assoc. Of School), $700.00, Ruby As-Sabor, $308.17; same, $331.26; Viola Dennis, $114.91; Alicia C. Spiller, $22.42; AT&T, $55.47. Fund Total: $4,890.ff7 Voc. Ed. Fd.-State & cals Fds: Town of Woodvilh, $48.02; Sanders Repair Ser- vice, $64.41; AT&T, $30.96; same, $10.32; same, $36.43; same, $10.69; same, $13.29; same, $945.23; Entergy, $1,193.28; Office Automa- tion Center, $64.58; Town of Woodville, $48.02; Argus An- alytical, Inc., $25.00; Wilk. Farmers CoOp., $91.96; Tract Hamilton, $38.41; Linda Campbell, $44.71; Tract January, $46.23; Isaac L. Mitchell, $75.87; Price Pest Control, $45.00; Joe W. Pickett, $24.86; Isaac L. Mitchell, $33.06; Linda Campbell, $123.28; AT&T, $31.41; same, $10.47; same, $37.05; same, $10.47; same, $13.26; same, $965.90; Fund Total." $4,082.17 Unemploy. Comp. Re- volving Fd., MS Dept. Of Unemployment, $2,784.87. Fund Tota~ $2,784~7 16th Sec. Forestry Es- crow Fund: MS Forestry Comm., $8,470.00. Fund Total: $8,470.00 Save The Children Grant-FES Fund: Quill, $135.76; Jones School Sup- ply, $495.92. Fund Total: $631.68 School Building & Ira- provement Fund: Richard Holims, Jr., $375.00; Flow Control Service, $150.00; Natchez Electric, $376.23. Fund Total: $80123 W. Co. Note & Interest Fund: Trustmark National Bank, $46,650.00. Fund Total: $46,680.00. The above claims were expensed to the fol- lowing fund~ District Maintenance Fund, $304,997.75; Special Education Fund, $480.72; W. Co. Schools Activity Fund, $4,141.13; W. Co. Schools Lunch Fund, $5,950.44; Title I Low Grant Funds, $5,758.83; Consolidated Admin. Cost Grant Fund, $3,730.68 Title-6-B-2 Rural Low In- come Fund, $10,047.22; Title II-Improving Tea. Quality, $9,317.17; EHA Part B Fund, $4,890.27 Voc. Ed. Fd. -State & Lo- cal Fds., $4,082.17 Unemploy. Comp. Re- volving Fund, $2,784.87; 16th Sea Forestry Es- crow, $8,470.00; Save The Children Grant-FES, $631.68; School Building & Im- provement Fund, $901.23; W. Co. Note & Interest Fund, $46,650.00. Docket Total-" $412~4.16 Board President Charlie Floyd opened the discus- sion for Public Comments by asking the principals for an update on the first day of school. All schools reported that the first day of school went smoothly. I.e.ster Walls of the Fel- lowship of Christian Ath- letes was recognized by the Board for visiting Wilkin- son County as a part of his ministry to young athletes. Walls stated that he is a former professional football player and coach and is cur- rently a preacher and a pris- on chaplain. He also stated that his goal is to motivate and encourage children as a means of giving back to the community and helping kids become successful. Walls will be at the Wood~lle Bap- tist Church this evening. Charles Wellborn of the Mississippi Forestry Com- mission provided the Board with the Annual Report of accomplishments for the 2012-2013 school year and planned work for the 2013- 2014 school year. In response to quotes for aerial herbicide spraying from the Mississippi Forest- ry Commission, the follow- ing quotes were received on the following sections: (Continued on Page 9) Property.d Camm~ Compmim AIm~ d~ Am~l S~mm~ md Decem~r $1,2012 of Tmvders Persemal llmmrance Ceapany Om TmNr Sqem~ Hanf~ CT ~11.I Property nnd Casualty Companies AINlrat oft0 A|nud Statemat asof December 31, 2012 of Travekrs Casualty and Surety Coml~ny Ome Tower Sqttve nartthrd CT ~103 q? Propt~y nnd Casualty Companies AktrKl of tim Annul Stmeiut uof Deeember 31, 2012 ~r Travelers Indemnity Company, The One Tram" Sql~r Hm-~ CT Property and Casualty Companies AMtntct of the Annual Statement as of [K.emhor 21, 2012 of T~vders Indemnity Company of Connecticut, The Om Tower Square Hal~l'ord CT 061&1 Total ~ $ lY~U Assets TOtslAJ~ $ 1&D7,117,645 Assets Assets T~ ~ $ 21,2~$,14~ T~bd ~ S 1,065,153,399 Li,bUiti~ Sumha ~ Oe~r t~ To~d Ctpibd md Sm~ $ Tetd Lm~,fi~, S.rFkmml Delta" F~ $ 192J608~ Liabilifi~, Surplus and Other Funds T~d Uulk~s $ ~,W~,~,I ! 1 C~ud Sto~ $ 25,000,C~O Su~m Fu~ $ 5324,517,534 Tolll C~l~d ~ Suqdlm S $,149017~4 TMId LblkU~ ~trplm lind Oilier Funds $ lS,137,217~ LhlbiHtles, Surplus and Other Funds Capital Stock $ 10,790,700 Surphm F~mds $ 7,108,49~,375 Total Capital mad Sn~phm $ 7,1D~K~75 To~d ~ S~ Md OCher Film& $ 21~14&223 Liabilities, Surplus and Other Funds Tend ~ $ 715,02&110 o~,., st~ $ ~,oo0,~ Su~us Funds $ 345325,289 Te~d Capital md Sarl~m S 350,125,289 T~M Li~ SWlF~ ~I Other F~ $ 1.06~1S3,2~ I he~ certify th~ de above is a rote md mm~t damn of the ~ of the abeve-mme ompmy I~ed with the ~mdmi~i lmm, m~ De~ tbm,~ql the ~ of uid ~et~ay ea De~ 31, 2012 ~'~.~ ,~:... C~mk~ ~ Immmm lsl~o Ml~ Imm~e Dq~rce~st I I~ ~fy that the abov is a true ~,d correct ~ of0~ mte.ment of the a~v-namc comFew/ filed with d~ Mississippi Insm,n~ Depmr~nt showing t~ condition of~id mmpmy on December 3 I, 2012 Commi~o~er of Imrae M~l lmn.x ~rew~ I hereby cetti~ thal the ahove is a true and co~et ah~xact of the statement of the spore-rome comply filed with the M~issippl Imur~ce l~t sho~ng ds~ ~ ofst~l ~p~y ~ Dcemb~ 31, 2012 Ceimh~e~r of t mralt~ woedv~ Re~b~a M~pp~ Inmrsnc Department I ha'~by certify d~ the above is a m~e and correct apsl:~et of ~ s~ement of Ihe aho~ e-na~e amply f~ed ~ the Mis~s~l~i I~ur~ I~t sho~ng the condition of said company o~ E~mber 3i. 2012 , Commissioner of Insurance Property nnd Cun~lty Eoipauies Absmg.t ~ ~.. Amud SU~eu~ and' of Tn~.lere CAmudty lm~ran~ Compmy of AmeHza OmT~m'sqmn CT 06ILl Property and Casualty Companies A~ of Ib Aumd Statcntltl amof D~emhor 31, 2012 of Travelen Indemnity Company of America, The One Tower Square Hartford CT 06ffJ Property and Casualty Companies A~hll offl~ Ammd St~emml mof D~hor 31, ~12 ef Travelers Cusualty Company, The OM Tewer Sqmre Hartford CT ~l~J Property and Casualty Companies A~fr~t of tho Annul Statement asof D~ember 31, 2012 of Travelers Constitution Sm(e Insurance Company nee Tower Square Hartford CT 06103 Assets T--~ $ s . zm~ Assets T~ A~wt; S 199,264~120 LiablUtim, Surplm m~l Offset Fuds ToOl I~bilisks $ _. 1~ C~ Stock $ 6,~e,0~ Surplus Ftm& $ 50e,552,2.~ To~I Capital ud S~r~ S TolM Lia/~lifi~ ~ ~11 ~ F--a~ S t,84|,,1~ Liabilities, Surplus and Other Funds TotM ~ $ 45g,315,~12 Caplad Stock $ 5,250,000 ~m Fumds $ 175,485,223 Totd C~d ~d S~ $ 180,73~ Liabilities, Surplus and Other Funds Surplus Funds $ 55,014,637 ToUd ~ Jad Serp~m $ ~14,637 Te~J Llakllifl~ S~ ud O~er Fmmb $ ~0JI69~?~6 Liabilities, Surplus and Other Funds Total ~ $ 140,291,161 C~t~ SaW $ 3,50~,000 ~rphs Funds $ 55A72,959 TeIM Cqd~l aid Sgrplm S 58,972,959 Total ~ Sarplm mid Other Funds $ 199,264,120 MJu~,t~ lmam~ eq~am~ I hereby m'fify that the above is attt md a,n~t abaln~ of the usanmt et dte thorn-ram company ~ed with tho Misslail~ lmam~ Oe~'m~ dm,,~l '~- ms,aim of said ~mp~y m De~ 31, 2012 7701324 W~Iv~ ~ Mimb~ppl Imuruce Dl~rlmcml [ ha*eby cmlfy th~ the shove b a ~z and correct absua~ of the suaement of the abvvc-m~ compmy fded z~h th~ blisslssippl Insm'ancc Dcpm~'m showing 6~c ~onc~0o~ o f s~d ~mp~y on l)cccmb~ 31, ~012 Commlsdmmer of Imruce I ht.rcby cttlf~ find the shove is a ~a~ md c~le~ I/~ln~ of the sla~emmt o f t~ company filed with the Mhsi~ippl Inm'm~ De~t sbowln~ the ondillon o f sald mm~ny m December 31, 2012 C~oflm~rm~ 41769 8~27 w~ Mb~mtppi Imurnce Department I h~ cefllfy that th~ above is a m]e and cor~c~ aSs~act ofth~ statement of the above-name cemp~n~ filed wi~ the Mississippi [muranc Dapamnent showing thc condition of said company ~ D~-mbcr 31, 2012 Commisfioner of lmumnce 417~O Property nnd Casualty Companies Property and Casualty Companies A~ of~ i ~ A~ of ~ Annul Statemml mof mof )1, "mU Decmber 31, 2012 it of Travelers Coamecebl C~ ComFay Travelers Commercial Insurauce Company O~ Tower Sq~Be O~ Tmver Sqmre Hm'@o~l Hartford CT CT 0~IILI 0~183 Property and Casualty Companies A b~"~ offl~ Anmd St~mHt asof Decem~r 31, l012 of Travelers Casualty Cempauy of Comtectkut One Twer ~lam~ I-tsnf*nl CT e~103 Property and Casualty Companies Ab~r~t of the Anmmd Statement uof Dr, cumber 31, 2012 of Travelers Personal Security Insurance Company One Tower Squire Hartford T ~6103 A~4s Assets Assets Assets TolM ~ $ 31h,~10 Tolxl Ametl $ 201,354,290 L"b~les, Surplm and Other Funds T0ed L~K~m $ 23~711,169 Capitol Stock $ 4~0,0~ Stylus Fu~is $ 1~,461,004 Total CaF~I mid ~ S U|~4 Liabilitieh Surplus and Other Funds T~M L~ $ 24~94~,479 Sto~ $ 6,0oo,ooo Su~4us Funds $ 81,401,004 Trod Capl~d lid Smlflts $ 07,401,004 Teed ~ $m'pIm m~l Otker Funds $ 3&l,24t'41D Liabilitieh Surplus aid Other Funds Total ~ $ ZI~,544~ Steples Fun& $ 82,388,753 To~J Capistl and Shapiro S ~7) T~d 12abi/ifl~, Suqdus ted O~r Feuds $ 310,9.*~,010 Liabilit~ Surplus and Other Funds TNM Lhbltltl~ $ 130,013,728 Stock $ 3,500,000 Su~us Fro& $ 59,840,662 Tern/~ SeqUin ud Ot~r Funds S 201,2S4jgO M~ U~mmm I hen~by oeffi f}' that tho ah)ve is a uw: md omt~t ate*net of the s'mtcm~ of the akwe.mlme oml~ny ee Decmb~ 3 I, 2012 W~ I~pr~ Mis~m~l~ Imummce Depart~mt 1 ~ ccrdfy that 1be spore is a tree ard correct apstra~ of the statenlent oflho ahove-naal az@tW filed with the Miss~ippi Instnn Department showing the condition of said company on Decmber 31, 2012 Commlsdoam" of Im~m~ Mi~sdppi Imumwe Depenmmt I hc~by ccrdfy th~ thc ~vc is a r~'w ~ cmcc~ a~rsct of 0~ s~mmt of~c ~ovc-nm~ cmpay filed wlth the Mi~dssippl Instance Deperm~mlShowing t~: cmdidm o f s~l compmy ~ Deccmb~ 31, 2012 Ollh~4wr of hint al~e ~17o Mi~i~lppi Imumuce Department I hazy c~ti~ that the above is a ta~ and ~ tbsa~ct of the s~a~nt oft~ ahove-namc cvmpuy filed with the Mi~i~ippi l~uranc Dapa'~t showmg thc w~iition ofs~id cvmp~my oa De~.mbcr 3 I. 2012 Commbsioncr of Insurance ~45 Property and Casnnlty Coesp~des A~..W~et of d,e ~ ~ mof ~saulm']l, ~12 Trm, ders C.~ anti drety Company d'Amed~ O~ T~nwsqm~ Hauled CT MIat Teed Men Asst~ s gm,~t~ Liabilitiah Snrplm and Otl~ Funds Smphm Funds $ 1,77~,971J21 Tot~ Caplhd Id Surldlm $ 1,7~4~1~1~1 Te~J LiabUlfl~ Sm~dm md O~m. Fm~ $ 0~,$9,.~1"~ Property and Casualty Companies Abslract of tl~ Annul Sta~emenl as of De~r $1,2012 of Travders Home and Marine Insurance Company, The One Tower Sq~re Har~brd CT O6183 Assets Te~l A.m~ $ 41.~274.9~ Liabilities, Surplus and Other Funds TeUd ~ $ 298,81,610 Ca#al stod~ $ - 5,o0o,00o ,f~lus Famh $ 101L459,316 Te~l C~id~l mad Sml~lm $ 11&4~jI6 T~ i Sm't~ ml O~r FEb $ 41Z,27~ MilbdPFi treat ~lamneO ! h~ cmii'y that the above is a taz tad oo~ret absm~ of the stmtoem of the shove-rome cemx~ey I~1 with the ~i hsmmce De!mlm~l s.howiag d~ oonditi~e o f said omapany ce De~b~ 3 I, 2012 Comud~m~ of Imurn Property and Casualty Companies Abe~rmct of Ihe AI~ Sanemm~ met" d TravCo Insurance Company O~ Tower Sqmr,~ Ha~ cr ~18,1 Assets TotslAmeu $ __ ._ 217,622A10 Liabilities, Surplus and Other Funds Total Liaki~ks S _~ 15t ~02,6!0 CapiPI Stock $ 6,000,~ Su~]us Fu~b $ 60319399 Tond C~Ud ~d S~q~hm $ 66,119,?~9 Te~ull~nMii~SurldmmdOCberFu~dls $- - 217,622,410 Best Of Luck To The Centreville Academy Tigers, (5-1), Wilkinson County Christian Academy Rams, (2-4), and Wilkinson County High School Wildcats, (4-2)! We wish you the best in your drive for the championship.