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October 3, 2013     The Woodville Republican
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October 3, 2013

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( IIHhllql,hhhhl,,lqlllmi,,lqj,tlh#lhhl,IIIIh mqr 3LDEST NEWSPAPER- Established 1824 4, Volume 189 USPS 462-260 50 per copy Woodville, Mississippi 39669 Thursday, October 3, 2013 Number 22 WCCA KING AND QUEEN CROWNED -- The 2013 Wilkinson County Christian Academy homecom- ing king and queen were announced and crowned on Friday night, September 27, prior to WCCA's 35-0 shut-out win over Central Private School. Crowned as homecoming queen were seniors Kel- ly Arnold, and as king was Hayden Holden. Pic- tured at the ceremony, from left to right, are as follows: 2012 king and queen Tyler Skinner and Ali Robinson, Leroy Arnold, father and escort of the 2013 queen; Queen Kelly Arnold; King Hayden Holden; and WCCA Headmaster Chad Gunnells. -- Woodville Republican Flmto by Andy J. Lewis by Woodville Republican Publisher Andy J. Lewis Woodville Ain't What It Used To Be I am going to make a statement of fact that upsets me just plain and simple. My family has lived in Woodville since its begin- nings in the early 1800,s. Never in my family's long history have I ever heard of anything happening close to what I have been subjected to in recent months. One might ask, now where is he headed with this. All my life I have told people time and time again that Woodville is the most wonderful place to live, work and rear a family. I have probably made this boast over 100 times. I am proud to be from Woodville. You should have seen the faces of people no mat- ter where I happened to be that couldn't believe it when I said, "I don't worry about locking my car or house. I leave my keys in the car. No one has ever done anything to me. I live on the same block in Woodville where my family settled in the early 1800's." Unhappily, this has all changed in recent months, and my feelings have changed somewhat due to things which have happened at my home and office -- bur- glary after burglary. Here is what has occurred at my home, my office and on my property in just a little over a year: A Woodville Police of- ricer spotted someone on the driveway behind my home going through my pickup truck at night. The suspect ran from the scene and was never caught. Nothing was stolen in this incident. My SUV was stolen from the parking lot next to my office in October, 2013. It is our fault that we left it unlocked with the keys in it. The suspect took my vehicle into Louisiana and ran from law enforcement officers at speeds over 100 mph. The thief ran off the road, hit a ditch and ended up in a pond. My car was a total loss and also missing were a new pair of sunglasses which were a birthday gift from my chil- dren. The suspect was jailed in Louisiana for a number of months. Shortly after be- ing released and returning to Woodville, this same man stole another car, ran from the Woodville Police Depart- ment -- and yes, again -- he wrecked the stolen vehicle. Two weeks later some- one came onto my property and stole a white, 150-quart Igloo cooler. My office was burglar- ized and a carrying case con- taining my digital camera, flash attachment and vari- ous lenses was stolen. The camera has never been re- covered, and I had to pay for damages to my office caused by the burglar and for re- placement camera equip- ment. And, now the final straw. Two unlocked cars at my house were burglar- ized on Thursday night, September 28. A purse was stolen from one car which was found nearby the next morning -- missing a small amount of cash. Nothing was reported missing from the second car. All this goes to prove is that Woodville isn't like it used to be. Times have changed here just like all over the world. There is less respect for a fellow man's property, and there is more crime due to drugs and a general lack of money due to a faltering economy. This isn't just a problem specific to Wood-ville. It is everywhere. I will never again make the sta~ment that "I don't even lock my doers." Due to my experiences in the last year or so I can promise you that I do my best to make it a habit to lock up everything I own and lock up the keys too. Lot this be a warning. Don't trust your neighbors. They apparently aren't who or what they used to be. I am not the only one fac- ing these' burglaries. I have received reports from a num- ber of other residents in re- cent weeks who have had their unlocked cars entered and trashed by individuals looking for something worth- while to steal. WPD Chief Jessie W. Stewart reports that he and hi~ officers are working hard to solve these crimes. The WPD is asking for the com- munity's help. Chief Stewart said, "Please lock your cars and take the keys out. Don't leave anything of value in your vehicles. Anyone seen walk- ing the streets of Woodville at night will be stopped and questioned. We want to do what we can to keep crime down. We will catch these people who are breaking into cars around town." If anyone sees anything suspicious, day or night, call the WPDat 601-888-4411. All information will be kept confidential. It is really hard to break a bad habit. Mine is that I nev- er felt I had to lock a car or my house. That has changed, I feel threatened, this makes me mad. I am now trying to get in the habit of locking up everything. I will now say, "Don't leave your cars and houses unlocked. Let's make the crooks' job a little harder. Lock up everything you own and keep a watchful eye for all the no goods." Marine Some of the most fun I've had was coaching base- ball and fast pitch softball. My coaching philosophy : a. Have fun. b. Winning is more fun than losing. More spe- cifically, I attempted to fimdamentals into my team and take advantage of the other team's weaknesses.., if I could find any. But, the fact is that one never knows what will happen in a ball game. I remember once being 11 runs ahead only to walk 18 straight batters and lose. I went through four pitz~hers and simply could not find a player able to throw strikes. Frustrating? Yep. And, no fun. I also remember scouting a team and realizing they couldn't field a bunt or throw anyone out if they did. We bunted until we got so far ahead it was embarrassing. It wasn't a pretty win, but it was tim. And, all those times spent practicing bun- ting suddenly made sense to the ladies. Another time I scouted an excellent fast ball pitcher for what became the Mississippi 5A champs. This pitcher used a change-up to strike out bat- ters. When I scouted her I noted that before she threw the change-up she took a mo- ment to get her grip right. In other words, she telegraphed the pitch. I pointed out this bad habit to my ladies, and they were able to deal with the pitch much better. We lost to a better team, but we didn't have any strike-outs from change-ups. The Tuscaloosa Marine Shale play has been tough for these oil companies to figure out. A few weeks ago it seemed like things were quickly mo~ng in the right direction and oil companies were '2vinning." Today, I'm not so sure. Tools have hung up in the CMR/Foster Creek well. Folks are still hopeful this problem will be resolved, but this has happened too often and in at least one case was never resolved. Even if re- solved this time, the problem has still served to run up both costs and blood pressures for the oil company folks. Production resulting from the submersible pumps on the new Anderson wells has been underwhelming and the total production-to-date, so far, in these new wells MS) Still has been less than desired to push the play forward. Louisiana Light Sweet Crude prices, once carrying a $15+ premium to West Texas Intermediate now carries on- ly a slight premium. In other words, prices for TMS oil have dropped significantly. Higher costs, less produc- tion and lower prices are not what the TMS needs at this point. All that said, the game is still being played. The Huffwell should have made the turn in its drill, and I've heard of no issues, yet. The water pipeline from the Amite River to a hold- ing pond near this well can be partially viewed along Hwy. 569 south of Liberty. The Huff is scheduled to be fracked in November. Landowners are being contacted about developing drilling sites on permitted tmits. Goodrich is said to be moving a rig onto a Wey- erhaeuser unit in St. Hel- ena Parish soon. Corporate boards are rearranging fi- nances to spend hundreds of millions of dollars in our little part of the world next year. Yes, the game is still be- ing played.., but, at best, the score is tied. I once took an 18U fast pitch girls team to Birming- ham. In one game there, the opposing team was ahead by 7 or 8 runs. Their pitcher "owned" us. At~r striking out one of our batters she actually turned around and laughed at us with her team- mates. Then, a funny thing did happen. We had two outs in the final inning with nobody on. Our next batter ran up a 3-2 count. Game was prac- ticaily over. But the batter refused to strike out.., kept fouling off pitches. Finally, she got a little hit. Nothing fancy, but it seemed to rattle the pitcher. Then the next batter nailed the ball. The floodgates opened. The pitch- er actually started crying on the mound and was replaced. We won. It was fun. Here's hoping the flood- gates will open soon in the TMS. Wouldn't that be tim! Stay tuned. Please provide informa- tion or feedback you have for this column to bernell- Two Woodville Suspects Arrested On Drug Charges Two Woodville residents were being held in the Wood- vflle Jail on Monday morning of this week with beth facing drug and other charges, re- ported Woodville Police Chief Jessie W. Stewart. On Friday, September 27, Chief Stewart reported that he arrested two individuals on First West Street South in Wood~lle as follows: Ronnie Stewart, 40, of 130 Martin Luther King Drive, Woodville. Charged with possession of cocaine and possession of drug paraphernalia. As of Mon- day morning, September 30, bend had not been set, and Stewart remained in jail. * Johnny Lee Jarvis, 57, 9115 Ford's Creek Road, Woodville. He has been charged with possession of drug paraphernalia and is also being held for failure to pay old Woodville Munici- pal Court fines. As of Mon- day morning, September 30, bend had not been set, and Jarvis remained in jail. In an unrelated matter Chief Stewart issued a word of caution to residents in Woodville following a rash of car burglaries involving unlocked vehicles. "I want to warn every- one to lock their cars," said Chief Stewart. "And, unless it is essential, please remove purses, electronics, guns and other valuable items from your car." Chief Stewart reported that a number of unlocked cars have been entered and items stolen including a purse, CD's and other small items. "In one incident, the purse was discovered nearby and only cash was missing," Stewart commented. "The days of lea~ng your car and house unlocked are over," Stewart said. He added, "I want any- one with any information about the recent rash of car burglaries to call me with what information they have. I am also asking the general public to let my department know if you see someone sus- picious. We will come and check them out." In his final statement Chief Stewart said, "I am warning everyone who wants to be out at night walking the streets of Woodville. I have instructed my officers to stop every person and question them as to what they are doing and where they are going. There will be no ex- ceptions until we make an arrest in these auto burglary cases." The telephone number at the Woodville Police Depart- ment is 601-88-4411. By Falling A resident of Hwy. 24 West of Woodville faced a very scary situation when the car she was dri~ng became trapped on the roadway due to trees being blown down by high winds. Glenda Price of Wilkinson County has reported that she was headed home on Friday night, September 20, afar attending a football game held at Wilkinson County High School when she drove into a severe thunder storm. '~It was about 10:30 p.m., and I was driving along Hwy. 24 near Cotton Hill Hunting Club when everything got black and the winds started battering my car," said Price. "I slowed down and then was forced to stop when trees started falling in the read in front and behind my car. It was a terrifying time." Price said that several individuals, including Bo Nettles of Woodville, came to her aid right after the storm passed and helped her get her car through and around all the trees which fell in the highway. "I didn't get home until after 11 p.m.," Price stated. "It created a big mess in the highway." She continued, "Luckily no one was hurt. My car sus- tained minor scratches and dents from the debris flying through the air in the high winds. I hope I never have to go through something like that again." Kenyon Jackson Has Taken Ownership Mercy Funeral Home Kenyon Jackson, a native of Woodville, has taken over ownership of Mercy Funeral Home, formerly known as Fraternal Funeral Home, located on Liberty Street in Clinton, Louisiana. Jackson, a licensed pro- fessional, began his career in the hmeral business 13 years ago in the late 1990s in Shreveport, Louisiana, as the owner of Good Samari- tan Funeral Home. Jackson knew this was the profession in which he wanted to be, so he enrolled in Dallas Mortu- ary College in Dallas, Texas, where he received an Associ- ate Degree in Mortuary Sci- ence. He served as president of his class. Jackson was later offered an opportunity to work as General Manager with Fra- ternal Funeral Home, where he built a positive relation- ship with owners Angela and Vanessa Jackson. When the Jacksons de- cided to sell the funeral busi- ness, he saw the chance as a blessing from God and immediately made the deci- sion to purchase the ffmeral home. In November, 2011, he took over as owner and funeral director and changed the name to Mercy Funeral Home. He is the son of Barnett Jackson and L. C. Stewart, Jr., and is the father of three children, Lakenya, Kenyon, Jr., and Anthony Jackson. He serves as Chairman of the Finance Committee of Bleak House Baptist Church in Woodvflle. He serves faith- hilly and dutifully and be- lieves in the Golden Rule, as it states, 'T)o unto others as you would have them do unto you." "I have made a pledge and commitment to provide the area's finest care and the widest burial and crema- tion options at the most af- fordable cost. Mercy Funeral Home has been selected by families who have lived in East Feliciana Parish, Loui- siana, as well as in South- west Mississippi communi- ties," said Jackson of his fu- neral business. Jackson's professional affiliations include the Na- tional Funeral Directors Association (NFDA), Ft. Adams Masonic Lodge No. 622, M. W. Stringer Grand Lodge F. A. & M. of Missis- sippi, PHA Fort Adams and Mount Ararat Consistory No. 355. He is also a mem- ber of the Wilkinson County Board of Supervisors repre- senting the Fourth District. Mercy Funeral Home is located at 1777 Liberty Street in Clinton, Louisiana. For more information please call (225) 683-5468. Pare adv.