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October 1, 1898     The Woodville Republican
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October 1, 1898

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tpUbittaU. l co&apos;r'rts AND WATnEit. .................. lleavy rain ,t in on Wednesday October 1. 1 night, h,liowed by two rainy days. J The armY worm within the lust ten iJ0ar-msl of the Cog-, days have eaten ua all the young cot- ton in the eounfy and much of the of Woodvflle. j,, Ini,is,.n,y nd in West Ve- tletana few places bare not been via- I Ikaaouneements tf ited by tile caterpillars and they d, l will de pubhsited trom 301o r per eentdamage. In some fields fifteen or twenev aero will tm stripped clean of leavesand alomsldn them will be an equal num- ber of acres not disturbed. We know of one plter who applied Paris gr,n twice but the rain washed off the Wd- I'm and the,last; (.third) crop of the 30, 181)8& w(rms destro) hiJ cotton. i I have ......... diarrhoea every since the wa Ar used all kinds of medicine for it. At last I found one remedy that has been a success as a cure. and that is Cham. Ulration on Monday la-t. berlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea eotored, an old resN Remedy P. E. (;risham, Gaars Mills La For sale by G. Kann. town, died on Thursday WAsTo.--HdIG'onfederate St amps Wanraek's wall paper at on {iginal envelopesor packagc.-- llighest pric Ittd for same. Apply at lIEN BitOWN'S Slide. Gun Otl If Many oM soldiers now feel the ef- to keep your gun eh,an, fects of the hard service they endured G.J. ADAMS. during the war. Mr. (tee S. And |n Roths-derson, of Rossville, York county, Penn.,  saw the hnualest kind .4 trBmm.  ..... ,,...$1 50 . ................ $ 00 sen, ice at the front, is now frequently tro'abled with rheumatism. "1 had a] aged About g0 years severe attack lately," he says, "and I td t,ht ta,wn..Tdled fain Balm. It did so m good I n ". procured a bottle of Chamberlain's I that I would like to know what you nf Turn|p Seed would charge riie for one dozen bet. Store. ties." Mr. Anderson wanted it both ring  era, r- for his own use and to supply it to his mo gs  will friends and neighbors, as every family should have a lmttle of it in their d!ng hlsadvertis/ home, not only for rheumatism, bu,  ,/j tame back, sprains, swellings, cuts, llealth ha eured bruises sad bns, for which it is un r,ldenee al,,u2 equalled. For ? G. Kann. Ivllle asa deltition [ was tr, lubled with sevele female Weakness for over & year. and was 4,,------- eonfl,ed to the bed for overs ix Itying in ,qher com- m,nlhs, i was treated hy six very a here having faed to ltet pr,minent plwians witlmut any f(,re thtse place- markml Imlteflt. My last tluetor was a kiiled qpeeialist, and lie tohi me t e only hope lay itt an 3peratiou I t'leilaqtlenL was erea- Itcard of Smith's Sure Kidney Cure, aud after IlSillg it for one iUOilt|l i find myself eurl, and even the dtm- cas,s of Yellow fever t.r wlt,, last treated me aow pronoun- : " yes me well. M. J i{ [''ER. Atlanta. fl&. I'rtcv 50 cent. For ule by Chas. R Da'. t. Av,. WHOOPIN(; COUGH. arrived arrived several I had a little boy who was nearly dead from an attack of whooping Thus,day evening hay- its Linday. N, cough. My neighbors recommended line wa. received. Chamberlain's Cough Remedy. 1 did not think that any medicine would was olrerv- hdp h/m, but after giving him a few ! our lit, tel doses of that remedy I noticed an im- td busint:s were p:'ovement, and one bottle cured, him entirely. It is the best cmtgh medi town hnked rather cine I ever had in the hone.J, l.. Moore, South Burgett.:on, Pa. For re and merchandise..,;ale by G. Kann. M,.diclne, I and :: : =: t(t tr-m coming "Giving (,cers honorable disehar- ldnt, lsth in anti ges. who have l.en .penly ae|.nsed !3, Generals iu the army of ineom peteaev and mismanagement, is not td Aliilte ellltlLy, late- a gcat ay to c,,nvIllR/e tile tmnntry IhL.blt*tress ,f this that the War l)epartment eltlwr the quatmtine sis wishes to find the gnilty or Intends mi,[(m to ttm town on ta i)unih th,,m when (mnd. A Lm, '. efud by the in |utnt is that of Lt. Col, Rush H Iluidek(qwr, the horse docUr wit, := : :: was Chief Surgeon at Camp 'lqlonlas, i Nlmlls f.r lO. 12 and 16 Chickamanga Park, and agains: all si. hot at. - I.,m many charges were made, in- i)a.V's Drug Store. eh, ling ,he from a Brigadier Gem _ .... ::= t.ral, made drectly 1o Secretary is m)w well guarded e/ery Alger. Instead of having lluide- ;t volunteer koper et|urtmartialed, ) that he attem l)aS in Cmi|d have heart ettllet' vtndteed or tH'h eoniete(i, orticrs were ISsued :thai ws held in Cenlreville f,)r the purlmm' .f ;Is t,he people on district,. VItglII rllnlt)rs W(;fP l-" the (a*k that Ow br(ken nut .in different in every la- ssoer t a h.d to mt apprehend any de will Le reammably to handle s flue lot Ihi yet! wish to to ntther, ter. thtl Xlnas. be the plae aff mtteve m ht place of buslue. hi ffrerv department wa rehnu.., adjoining tT fti#ke mnre rm for his Inm,ense sumk of ery, v. After I lmttl the toue a-=: s reallttttton ld be acc,,pted and Im tgiven nit hontrnhle ills. charge. r. tclnleT h(,ard of tila! ,,r'ler and e,,tlnternlandeti It, and dirt.tied that llt)i:h.k,lcr lle ordered t- Wa.l|ingl(m to testify hcfore tilt" inveligattn" commission, Mr, Me- Kinlev is finding out nltl(,h m()re' ah,nt tl|ings than he kuew hi.fore tile lair at',nlt i,vt.sllgati,n began ; and il is hvlicved that he intends daing it. htrt for some of tile guilty t)artis, In fact, his I)er.onal friends are tellittg him th.|t he must do so for s(,If-pfrvati.n " Tim coast I at (;heat an3's that the introduction of the r0unHkeott-n bale is destined to affect favorably the eXl.)rtalion (,f American c,)ttt)n. (; hcnt has 5G5.202 spinning sl)intiles and S4,1;42 t, isting spin(ties. It de- mat.Is the r,umt bale. In this bale the lint cott, m is iresse(i into a thin laver, which is rolled hy machinery into a cylimirical hale of the size de. sired. The hale finally is enveloped in ehly woven ||essian clotit. The eovering preserves Ihetn4t(m. Aft marks aml numtmr remain distinct, the/randulent suhstitu- Lion Of hales en rottte, iU of rgular form, greater density and ama/ li,a tle bales are more reatidy lialed and slapped. he.y are -al|mt eirety fire snd waer- Pud. Rm( ot.-!Im iron realities the tare to 1 per cent.--aPic. 'Iqm l|,ldns of Columbus will be removed Irom Havana to Slmin." They we removed from ntoOo- {tom the ki(l-, 8T OF I aml hatl got- WILKIgSON # to my b,.d, To Offy Behly and teHin Beth|y. re Kidney be- Itt.ty on tl 2,d was dis- Mo,thW of D 1898 to  "-'av ..... in two tlefend t!tamlt of Chas, and fMlm. * '. Oy, Ot:&l where- :'     C. A. C()N, Clerk. 't. A. Weep, D. C. I Sew &dvertisemen. I VU00nat +- DIRECTOR WOODYU.I, IIIII. NOTICE. BIDS to build either or both of the two bridges to be built on the new toad laid out near Fort Adams. ac- cording to specifications on file in mncery clerk's oflh'e, will be receiv- ed uplo9o'elock A M, .m the lot 'Montlay in October 1898. The Board reserves the right to reject any and all bids. C.A. COON, Clerk. 9 10 18984w. NOTICE. BIDS to repair the Randall bridge eear Rosetta. according to lnolno- randum o. tile in chancery clerk's .... office will be received up to 9 o'clock A M on the lit Monday in October 1898. The Board reserves the z ight to reject a)' and all bids. C. A, COON, Clerk. 9 '0 1898 4w. NOTICE TO TEACHFItS Examinations will be held for the whites on 16th and 17th (ff Sept and 21st and 22rid of October. For the THE GEM SALOON IS N()WOPEN FOR B17SINESS WITH A I,'ULL STOCK OF : : PITlE LIQIT OS o SUCII ASo OLD J[O,A'O PO L E .RYE, .P UR I Td,M R FE, .F.R E,/'C.I[.B R,/1,)r*.D 7t/' IfLMES, ETC. .. lice Stock of FINE CIOARS Always on Hand. I'l'hose ia need of PURE LIQUORS for medical pur- poses will do well to call and examine my stock. A. s. JOHNSON. ........ nl We arc ([erng ,>(),0 Pe ..rcales, 3(3 inchcs wide, !a- s " te, t colors, and 1()()()yds sol- id color Outings \\;ol"th 10 ct:. per yard, ()ur price 5 cents. These goods were purchased at Underwriters sale in New York.City and are deserving of the attention of ihe prudent and careful buyers. C. 00CHAEFER."::" tIave you examined our Millinery? Our Stock wins more pleasing comment than negroes tim 2$rd and 24th of Sept. .,,(, ',, a,,,, ,,,,t o,or  any othcr topic of public in-  Jos.JoHsso, Supt. Education, . l '  "" ,,0 l,,w.. o-r,.E..o. We beg to announcc that ,,,: terest, we are dally reeelvlng our , The following is the list of the -": N.sion. appllea.ttmta tllat were ap-  new and choice stock of _ K00.-N proven ny the noat of Supervisors at Uteir laeptember meeth. _ I .,n. . .e,,,... .'--,v,,,., "'"" m  Goods,FALL--,..,-o'IIND WINTER .ngusta L Vauhan ." ', Sarah K. Williams " ', Margaret J. Inehart" ' ' Mrs M E Lem01ey '" " T arrivals 'OODVILLE, - - - = " " - *"" " = "" C FM ...0.n .*:,k.. ,, R as follows. DRUGS and MEDICINES H Evelitm Itotbe.lmrger Cen t' viile" ,,.,,: t.,,-. Ladies and Misses Amnnd&hanehartDarrh,gton. " Public School Books C A. t'oo, Clerk. Cine/nnaO &00oes, Outing s, F/anne/ettes and00 Ginghams. All of them arly t i,i/_:z,,.,j,[ ii='Phvsieians prescriptions ca "c " FALL NOVELTIES' ;?ksel'.ct:d;:i'tgratcare.andw: .... Come around and look at t F. . M,, w ,'. . ,:. them even though you do not want to buy at present.  McLAIN & VENTRESI Att0mp d C0=010rs at , ',Ptl Roth$child  B'O. WOODVILhE, MISS, Office in McGehee building. ,_ ,. CHAS. ,, C ,TCHIN( Ginghams All of them early Come around and look at 9 10 1898--4w. LIQUOR LICENSE l'ErlrloN. 1'o tJte lhm. Board st Supervisors ot Wilkinson Cotinty anJ 8:ate ol Mississippi : We the undersigned residents nnd legal v.ters of the Second Suirvi- sors Di-trlet td said county aml state reqtfuliy i..tition your llun- .rahle B,mrd to grand to D. W. ALEXANDER, ateo a rtddent thereof a license to ell and rt,til vinous, alcoholic, malt Intoxicating aml spirituous l:qu,,rs in leas qt;anttty titan one gallon in the Town of Fu.'t Adsms, tn said district and we rt,mmend said D. W Alexan.|er to be of good reputati,m and sldr tml| suitable per,n la, receive sutd lieene4e, nnd as in duty bound, etc., etc. Reepectfully, Spenmr Gerard Bramhm, M D. J,,hn ,h,fferso, Davis, J,dm llenrv KeJsh, Frank Markm l)avldson, Mayer 8au)uei, C)'rus lleNulty Stricker, J(,hn James Cage, (eorge Baluers Lee, Irwin Ely Hunt, Arthur %ior,n Sheldwrd , Perry B.ker. Victor Emanuei Trager, Rall,h Gunst, Ja,uea ilenr3 Jolls0 "1"|. Joseph Burke, Edward Julious ltodgers, Win. i)ahlt.,r, Johnnle Bell Curry, George West Ehey, Willie I,amar Strieker, . Jacoh lhlrke Mount, [eorg,: I).rsey Glass. Charles Ilenry Brown, X'illie %Vooda Stuart, Georffe Ba,kervilie Row. Alhert Eugene Stuart, Richard Davis Peels, %Vilhe t listen Cage, ,lames Alenrn Gilh.spie, Nathan Ilarrisnn, Francis Mari.n Thornherry, Gerard Clnttrm Brand,m, Pink Charles Dawson, Sterling Williams. ]|aher Brandon Glass, Willie llays, Maj,,r J,,hn Franklin, Ja. Duncan Cage, lleury llampton ila.Ts , bMward Ben Bohicn, Willie z Thoruton, mark .' James x Bell, Jr. mark h| Nt x Ward, mark. his David x Maiden, mark. his lh, n x Gorham, in,irk. his ,Duvhl x .e]t, II1. Lill |elon i,aneaster, lrneat i)a, lleury Elwai llama, hh James x i)eselrn, mark. Evans ;i,eneer Wail, lmt. Sm,, Fender Dan Revish, Ben T, dhert, ibht Brtttain, Ib)bert Lindsey Brantion, Charles Allen Fsrnham. ilarry Tr,mhull Mc4ehee, George WtMdnglon Mcrwm, J,dm "rowle0 Nemlde, l,lmr! 8emlde. Jr. William Wat*oU Babers, Louis Esther, George Marshall Mclntyre, Leander Eujene Stuart, James lien) 3" Giht)Sr Nosi, %%'illia, m James, I)snlel Webster Aezander, Flied t. lg 189. C.A. By !!. A. Woo 9 10 t8 4w. ToJle; A tlcles and Sears. StatiOnery, Pcdnters Scpplies, ..... Cuttlery _Fu,.,'." in2" ]taz'dware, JLllA41"zl.tzattn2" Oils G a/'dc'/ Seed e. iP"Phvsleians prescriptions carefully compotmdctt, aild orders t.crectly cekselected wi'tgratcare.andwarrantcd arc Frccntcd. TRFI'ASS NOTICE. All hun',ig on mv place is strictly ,)roidblted under penalty of the law. lttta E. W. Joon. II 20 97 tf. TRESPASS NOTICE. All huntiag or tsnassing on the Artonish lamls nnder fenec is pro- hildted nnder full penalty of the law. Any stock remaining on the Artonish pasture after February 15th will be charged pastnrage--50c per month. J.A. ILLlgSPIE. 1 15 1898 ly. University of Mississippi. t oo- t oos. Cotlrses in Literature, Science, Phl Iosophy, EIoentmn, Pedagogy, Law. 22 Sehool. nlarged corps instruc- tor. C/,mplete water and sanitary system. Unsurpas,xl healthfulne. TUITION FRE II to me and women In all departments xcept law. All expenses low. Semi- Centennial eelehratt(m Nov. 6, 8. '98. Next Sesshm ()pens Sep. 15, 1898. For eatahtgue .r information address. It. B. FULTON, Chancell.r, Unlverslty, Miss. 8 6 1898, &TTlND D .-l COil(  ]SlCg&lr, /. m4kJ' , OLLltOIS, #'A AL  41 years reaowned as  lead- [,:,Jr er. o false i, romhues made. Ap.T.df )to eharlaumlam practieS. .e.%4 Over ]006o14 aad Sliver Med- .tg,.,, 1 all. Dlpion e.,Swardtql ' JILl ! uaby Aitmrlemn and European iw. ]g Z p Os| tlons. omln J] Cemrt;e IuladeS ]KzINlrt &- 11 kt nChqg and &n4Stl[, sn. il .  atant wter sna W ;."t_ tip__ tO any ot[tr la tim ;IF', r butlditqi art4 imve unt/ual fl faliltIoI and Ii uxcellod , fseuny. GradutD Ihoid leadml[ posltlo.n$ air over tha cos,try, in, It, it euoa an lwrsoal. a[ Hf@al ball,tta. Dnik In4 bnff attllally n r#tllbly JtllW. WS ut mtmee advaat4tpe 4In allnff tleat t seere sltmstma + at Ontlnnlll| -IIHT ACADiMY, 1 , I u , III I i m i Repairing ! Will receive or prompt and ecre- ftd attention. JOSEPH 8ARPHIE, The Jeweler, W00DVILL, Tql$$. WE - CUARANTEE 0 UR IVORK.  :- - " :-'W;: S. MARANTO, Oyster 80ason is ,tow onen and we keep always on hand fresh Bayocook oysters ou ic(, pre- pared in any style. We han- dle no tub oyste'rs. All kinds of Californm Frult, lancv tndy. Nuts etc. ]llstn . Oppot4 ]num & Dam pf. W00SU & WILSON, " 0 N T RACTORs OF b IIICI  CE/VIEIT  W O R K.'" lgstimaes Furnished Patronage 8elicited. DtlI #NOOk POll IOYI. lsve Ordep with WettltW& lX or Ben flealthy htt.Aon in the htli .etmlry .town's, Bttrl3er ' of Mdhuippl, ABLIg IACUt'[Y. I)eelsm. Well equipped GY,tuu .... Itt low, i,wlng tt endowment. ......... IiWrit t'm" Cafatkue. TRESPASS IIE In& 3. T. DRAKI Slecltlrflty. All hun tin om .ttlt.,and 8ehae- 8. I tr. .__. r l,hmea strietly prohibited u,der Wermgn lrountaln penmlty oth law. . this MAogut 20 97 if. "V. P. S. VENRTEI. McLAIN & VENTlZESS, ,, DR. CHAS. E. CATCHINGS WOODV,,.LE : : : : [IfS. Office in Adams Drug Store. uy Jl.t, '94 tf. DR. L. W. NAG1{UDElZ, Physician zd Surgeon, WOODVILLE. ,MISS. Office at rosidenee. AFril 7, .88 13 D c. c. c0ss. Dental urgecn, V(OODVILLE, MISS Office u 1) stairs over the I'ostoflice. A. G. HANNON, tmq xa C0=d0r t hw WOODVIL, LE, MISS. Will praette in all Stale and UniLed Statea eonrts in this St,ato Real estate bought awl Id on cent misMon. OtTie0n. Cm.,.<ial ilow 19t{. J0ttN F. THE1{REL, Physician  ad Surgeon WOODVILLE, MISS. Offiee on Main St. at his old Stand JOHH A, LOWRY, FUNERAL DIRECTOR. A Full Stook of Metalic and Wood- en Coffins always on hand at Vfood- ville. Miss., Main St. resItass [:(',ce. All pers0nsfourm htintlng, fishmv or otherwise tresl)assin., i on the Bur nan)wood plantation about 3 mite., south of Woodville il] be prose cutedtothe full extent of the law. Astrictwateh will be kept on sam( plantation for trespassers. L. Ar " MAORUDER Skin Diseases. For the speedy and permanent cure of tter. salt rheum, and eczema. Chain. barlain's Eye and Skin Ointment is Without an equal. It relieves the itch- ing and smarting almost; nstantly and its continued use effects a permanent cure. It also cures itch. but'her's itch. scald head, sore dpples, itching piles, chapped hands, chronic sore eye,s ant] granulated lids. Dr. Csdy's 0ndltlnn Powders fm horses are the best tonic, blood purifiez md vermifugo. Price, 25 cents. Sold bT G, lf d 3 "V. .'t OIE IAI Ol ,i',Cr ('Olllplttl';, Ioliar'/t  of BLACK-I dd km t lutlad L. 'D, 13, B[t&MLRTT, W, F. TUCK/dR Brmlett & Tucker. Att0ruy a C0'm]cn :t laW, WOODVILLE, il IS8. Office in Mt, Gt..hee Buihling, Oonlt moreial Row. J. H. JONES. t0ruy  nmkr t hw, OODT ILLE, MISS. Of:fl0e above the Itepublicau Oflte. 1)EALER IN-- Family and Fancy Groceries. Conee tmnerics. (lysters, Tropical ]"ruito a I kin(Is, Sugar, Coffee, Flonr, Soap SIarch. Raisins, Nu,s .t all kinds Canned Fruit and Fish,&c. Fiue brand chewing Tobacco. Fresh Brcad every day. New snp. plies arriving tlailv March :21. 1'96-y TRESPASS NOT1CF. All bunting and l, rcSpassing on l{etreat and l)ameron places is srfi(.t y prohibited, under penalty of the law. .MASON SIoW DEN. (let.. 9 h "97.--tf. TRESPASS NOTICE. All hul,ting, fihing or olbervise . trcsl)assing on (;Ion IIurnle plantation s strictly prohibited nnder penalty of he law. AJl tormer permissions re- vokcd. GEO. T. IcGI.:HEE. TIIESI)ASS NOTICEo Any per,on caught hunfing, fishin or otherwise trespassing on the Frate Collins or ()hi Levis places wilJ b prosecuted to the full extent orlh aw. All former pe)missions revvk e,t. F. It. LEwis. d . H. S d AD ald A , ueceor to :]b-"X'L X3t "S=t  South-West Corner of Public Squar. I have always on hand a su i erlor. article of hiNy, rady .,i ad lm, THE BEST VAIIETIES OF " "V" 3::b7 3ES CIGAIIS, Domestic and Im port, d: Fane Liqu, rs. Vei monl]}, Defiled and Keg Beer, L.mona, ar' fee always on hand. My friends and customers will tlwat.. find roe rtad 3 to do busiaep. A. If. 8AEDMAh. March ]2. 92, fm Caveat?, an0 Trad$-Marl obtned, a, f i ent business ccnducted for Mooltt t'rt/ttl. o2,%oj..  '.. o .o.... u, .. ,,, o.=. # w can eecure patent mien tuna thnm a0 .'. #remote from Washington. "  ' t Send.model, drawing or photo., wlt h dcrtla p L. h t._Waav.r It .lttenll 9 not, iree et" [C a/g uur ICe. :' OU@ tlU nt |1  A PaMPH.r.y. "l'I<Pv te Obtain *sezt free. Addtslk PATffNT  ,