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October 1, 1898     The Woodville Republican
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October 1, 1898

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il VOL. LXXII]. W()0I)00 MISS , SAIURDAY, Iln011ille !lU,bhl. ,;,,v. McLa,,,&apos;il, has adde, I ih 'rh,, New ()rlea,,s pal,e,'J lake i>a,'- I ................ : " " hlllowin 7 clalle In lhe ehal'ller l) iCllllir pains ill fell of the fb"ver at the " .... !t .......... ,e!te =- 1 1 m El:lwa0000 M, cl][llii00e IZnl __.__ ; ............ ---_-7.- _'--. -- iliilh-.Mr(leh(e (',ll . of Ollr lob.lit, i. Iiffel'elil pohlls ill ),]lSSlS..i|)llt , bile , Saturd&y, 0et0b0r 1. cla,,e that iirly lie ,>[ a good deal el u'e ,is dunib as clluns Oil the hwer hi , .z-._ : "- .-Z_ _ 77 - VOllSeqllellce: " "No bOlld, del)t;llllll'e.. New ()rleallS. This ile l.e on their I J. . Ii]IVI ]lore, check, drafl (it" other ohligati,m owii lever situalion ililtl<e. it. llppear 'l I ,i.A < 'i) ' ,,f this e,,rp,,,'atio,, or I(, tl,i e,,i'llO,'a- ,v<,,'se for the city, r,,r all kh,ds ,i,' I :.I   . " tlc Edlior and Prollriolor. lion shall be. ]]lade liavahlc ill 7oht 1 i ..=_._.. ...................... -- ahme, lint. all surh silail be paval,h, II 14t'111 Onen its 37th Annuol ssion, Sept. liD, 1898. " ii ADVERTISERS. i,, alIV kind of h'al tender nioliev ill : ; It... g '.  )e.j t.'l<' "l'lliled Stales."--Ceutrevilh' rat]s, - Co.,l..t l, eaeOil!:' ...... - ........... ': :'"Tlim'/,ughl3" 6qiitliRi'lm'In.he dcpartnirnis or 1%,7 ,letters in]an. Presilillah]%: tile llt%'('li% * f)rt/'T lJIrl ........... " stilled ] Music, Elouution, n_Iish, Mathematics, 8oion0es ,.i Till WooDVlL, LE llEi, rilLiC.-tS It w:ll Im >een froln lhe aliovl, l),,r (h,pend up,,n Ihe !1 ,ar,I -f {i and the Languages. . - !7i ta the oldest ewspaper iu the Smith Me(lehee Co., of llealth of IIr, d eikv r,,r d,.tinile infer- !!4 Special facilities for the study of Music, Ehleulilln, !l Slate; h:ls a |.Itrgw boltt Ccntreville will not lie :llh)wed to inatilln c:)neerning .yell.w fever . . . . . ..< 'I) ],.ngllsh and Matlienlatlcs.  e(lndtict their liUSilless hi Sllil eliSeTt. IL Ina I' lie also ilia! "l Ne l  . '[I.' , 1"I T i," sllililliird ,if 'll,,hlr-hll, hi tim l',>lhq/,, t hl,zh: llil, hi Ir',,l'lloil hi ih,' -ill]7 e.ireiilation lhltn 011)' olhor ilieni..,selves lind their eusl.onier, Orleans newSlml,er lhat wouhl tell tl:] 'rh'"''.ya'"Ih:i''d'r'-arh.nih'mri'''''"isii'rughT'a'.h`rar'`ii''''.i"i t'I lllewlpflper iu this scclio!l; if the interests (if all e(incerlled I.he trlllh allollL the health of the" city >1.. ti. rh,, huihllw.'sare now aml e,)mmodhiu, lu ll,'rfJcl .repair nml itll,'d Li,J - .,.( wllhlilllht, roiufirlsiifllrefilivdhonle, Pitrt,illthlivhigdiillghllq's loldli - ' l|lerefore :." is shoull inake it de.._iralde for thenl ill this lillle wouhl so (,fft'nd it COlt] 'i,(714 ,.at,, will,hi wvll I.'or I'ala h,gu,'l conr,.r wiillaud "For ...... id,lres.<"l" t),,for,, ,,,I,dhlg ,'lsewlwr,,. )'-.Jitil inertial and hushless patrol,s thai ;i4 Miss (]EOIIIIIA SWANSIiN, ]ires., Wondville, Miss, ..;-. - .ilt,+ Int Idi=, t<, a cont,'a<t i,,, gold--not if all lirbiirilry official the linsiness of the paper wulild lie tlve00ers le00r thia in lind, c,,,, prevent it. t,,,j,,red irrep:lr:d,ly. ,. '" While .'%1i'. McLaurht of coilrSel The ll,mrd of illtll of no t:ity, ..................................... II-L'-- I---'i-i--'i-"t .... ,- ' ANN(II;NCI'ZMI':NT. has no moral l'ighL to interfere, we take it couh] have a inotfve In The ,"4panish ex-(, Maria[ tJalilain Salll ]lenllyWill. of tht; Foil ('oN, illl.;s, linfortnnatelv in such a lilatter supprtssing the tit.It'll ill)olil, the ex- 'teresa has beeli raised and carried sieanier Sielta 1Vihl., staled ve.iei'- day h) it re.liortt;r of the l)e'lliOel:al that IXTII II"ONIIRE'IIONAI. DIST. he has tile legal right to interfere istenee of y'ello,v lever, Ill]lest it, wa<,i into [.lltMllaniillla Ilay Ily the wtet'k- wiiile in llayilll Sara Oil list Sahll'i|ay If,it the i)llrlloSe Of pandering to the ill 7 eolnl,any ltlllh.r Lice!. llohson, iiight Mr. Vithxe, posinlasler of 1V. F.I.I)VE. with persons seeking clmrlers ,  ,, Lientenani had 6ecn lhtvou Sara luhl hiul lhero were three demands of the ' I)llSlllCsa Inl,erest We wish Ihe ot yellow Fever in Nalchez mill "To tile Voters of liVilkinon Counlv: frOlll the State. Citizens of the,  ..... The nnllorsifned I)e. leave 1o an- State, like the ,./entlenien llitlileil which wouhl lie il red l)-::!eilrl the auDhnr- lille ,leaih/'roin fever: that sile, h wit llOIIltl, llmi lie is a candidate for the of Ccntreville, are uot free Illell the trtllh, it set, llis *to "' he i6'ontP Pt tile lloatint fhe otth.ial report reeeivl:d at Wood- ville and a i)rivaie lelegrani conveyed office iff Sherrlf of Wi'kin(m l:oiuiiv, t() do hlwful iiel,% to eOllJiiet their qiieStlon lhat the |)rcsent llcahh of the Colun, I)y far the best (if the Ule iliforirialion to Ill]tOll dara. %'il- " " [ei'e fnrthcr iiif,lrnl,:d iiini llial dnl)li- lalibjeel 1o lile aelln of lhe ])ellloera- the i Board (if N'cw 1 trlean thi ( ,'ear has 'S;tltll'ell ,eriiiserl. . cate copies of the lelegram list|, beell Iio {OllVOnt|lltl tO |le hehl for eOlllity husinoss to suit thenlselves if [lsuiq)resd the facts. FllJln thi. .... -,4,..-. ofltcert in 1199, Very l'espeelfullv, (.iovel'nor ol)jects to it. " Every tithe'It raiits hard the llhl nlalh; and iiionii.ed earriers dDpaich- " lid Io diseniilili; lalill newl liii'oligh II. It 1NMAN. llll)il" supl)ressin yt.lh) fvver has I)ecli . The (]ovornor ilplears to scattered in this Slale. A wee[< see eapitol_ al, Jackon h,aks--"leaks Pc]hie Uollpee parish.-'alchez l)elu- -- - '" e{+ell lal. tllfr gr(ittlll[, floor" in tlic t_icrlit. IlIASliNi0 MEI']lqNI;. IIIlder the impression that lie nlily there had been 120 cases and 15,er of W,t H Vl'n,KlSSo. R. win ghlry and polmlarily with the d<aths. Tile SUl,pressioli--:.cJ,!'iJ- a 1;guage of onr :;,li, t,i'ta,r Query; The first 0lthe week, Sept. 27tll, .. (J. ara ]tel]tied l|lat l|il l',l/lllIir ....... ' ..... " " " "" liu;eting lit the Ciial, will lake people I)y injecting his own origi- truth lJV Ihe New Orh'ans'li{r!ird i wtl170 tvelrnor li!ll. !he ath, nih)u there was a rlunor lhialing almut that el lhe next _Legislature to this fac! there was a case o[ velhiw [ever in Idnee al l|le Ln,1,.. r,mm Tues,l.V hal ideas! into new charters, aolhlng short of criminal. FrulerIF - [ "=- .: ": ' "* and oome'-ollicr facta iil611iic{[ton Satch,'z. The rvllort was n,,t gea- lw'nin, next,, at 8 o'ei,wk. TI Thtis I1 social c]ull atJiickson there was all liOllorlt[ile tlli,|t'll.'t i, ,Oml,anions are reqimsted to at, h.nd and I1 religious clull at Yilzoo ing with Ihe health author]lies (if lht,. with die ohl huilding, as wa done erally ercdited and excited litth. ! Ir'lmplly" City had their eharierso anien-lneighboringstateatht yt, iI0w:'lcvc Iron anolhvr occlslon, wlll an ;tteulion. 'lllat any "olhcial re- J. F. TFIERF, EI. ded that no kind of a vinous I in New Orleans would be reported extra-bllteiill plan. for a State [[0tfe port" o[ yellow fev't,r in Nat.;;flle wa. Yh?,LLOW FEVER ITEMS. drink or alne f)f chalice eouhl he l ltddlta <.,tit and dlcd/ur !:ililicdi ,lent |rein to llat'ou Sara i.- ,.. . . -:. < ..... at:iti .* ahstirdt Ih.lugh il, is llOssihle thai In nlany plaees--helil[h eertifi- used. %'fhy this extrenie ofliciousl i)r'mq'tivfact. Audand[urltte:wed!iit{"da tline iI, was 'llm(,,Is/ILb ....  , ,:: .! o . -= ....... -,.li.- * --- seine line inenli ,ned Ihe rllln,ir lll't,r lind prohllilion spirit? ]leeati,o Bul so Ion I as the llresent hetltth llt'lallili el lst we-k ':the ire. Which should not havl. fatet and attidiivits will not do il forsooth it shows that Arise hiln- autliorhles of 'ew t)tleans "lmhl' notell the fact Ih:it U,)hgressinan lleen done, il it wa done. (|rullllner any good. They IlltlSi self. ha8 re-flirnled since lie con- ,,llice, lhis vear'" ekpetieiiee -Ilroves Love was illll coldi'nt, d ta his, IoDin "IV)iy shin]hi the invesligatlon el tay out. fessedhis drunkeilnes8 withtcars, that no tel]aline can he placed in witll f-vvr. (hit ahle contret$tliall, lhe Wtlr l)el,arililellt lie lli.llle a slltl- The Board of IIealth of il eOUll- " " ly eonsits of the lilonihel' (if the ilewliiled his cussed weakness ill]l| then], nor will it lie in -tile [ul-tlre. lilts had iltlllea tiegeol it. alill we eh.uliher affair? 1 hat i. Ihe qlleS- llesought the voters Io pray for Proinpt and rigid olfilarantine agalisl with his In.,tll%' lriends holm for liis lion asked on every lhte since, fit wa, Board of Supervisors alld the annonnced that l%[r. McKInle , . )t I(id. !ll county heallh officer, him. 1%'o, it wouhl never do to the, elty inust'nil o (ll !i1..13, tition  htldl, lh. ..... rli6 lldctir,  ,ib notl'W tii),ei notice eonthlct thefnvesll,al4otl"ht;- It wouhl lie well for the puhlic neglect eh:lriers and alhlw v,,lua- enforced 1,3" this [c .t t,asl, ekei. " "  ' " ...... .... ,. - . +, . "e(,luiuislon. , wotlhl,,, lin'lil< g further, interests if the llealth Boards of tile opl)ortunilies flit" inipri, viug vear, so ic)llg :is the uoninicrcilll in- that the tot'll a.sessed value of "ll: hiud lira locked lie]its el ri room in the public conscience; lind a]s(i terests of the are a t!le tO dlctikle rllrtipe1y of Ihe town ltl'at !34i.911. 1.lie War l)elr, irflnclil" eer6t i11" incorporated places by law were of informing the l, ublienfind that to thdr Board df l[eahfi and the: ,% very healthy showlllg indeed for vesti_,alion has never I)ee ll,pulal ilh American l)e,qle. "rhia ia.- made 1,o COllSlSt of the Mtlnielpai Aliselm MrL. is on deck nlorully present men control the health rt0 a yonng and growlnt/coniuutniiy, reehgnized hv those who .ila%vil ]ha. authorities and l)hvsicians (ifsuch and financially with both feet. ports el the city. Jacks,m, 3Ii-s . needs an immune thee doors vouhl he 6hlseli, "until citit.-alid ,towns. In case (if .... 4,,- ........ newsl,'qwr. lVilh lhe announce- puhhc Olllnion will demand thai cit|e, the melnborship Inight be AT A Vl'EI.L ATTENDED puhhe lieu. J. l, l>o:v=:. !,lie interesllffg" " fur!her noliee.'" It is expected thai restricted so as to prevelit the lileeiing on Monday eveliing at Jackson, Miss., correspoudent of the ment of Ihe first case of yellow fever those doors lie Ihrowu open, and the Health Board from being too lheCourt ltouseforthc rlurpoe Magnolia Gazette o[ Sell!. 19th. the Newssuslwnlh'd lluhliation and lestimonv in Ihl investigalion be ()CIOBER 1, t898. NO. LION SCIlWATYrZ. C II.NEYLANII, SCHW00ARTZ NEYLIJ iF Main Street, WOOD ILLI 1 lie/c/he lead in /De Greer!/ :' line, and 6tr laT'ffe S/oct{ islu.ay8  hept fresh and ('om/le/e. 11 e heep : !7 k; also a rut! Mock of Dry Goods, ,;o- , [ i tions, e/e. 7 New goods arriving daily. purchased a large stock of C1 "-" t : otnmg, Notions, I ousekeeptn ticles, liars 00hoes &c. in New all of whic'h I propose .to sell at so low that it will be to your in to examine my stock. Special ducements to large buyers. I)ETI00I00 ..... _3.2...:_ _-3- ...... .... I I Ili ..... -y-. .. NO. 5 Nighl Tr,lill Llelives Memphis, -" . V ieltt.Ditr t '' *' " " " Ge al, ruvillo "' " " " Arriveu Ne Orlealls .NO. 6, Nlgiil, l'l'llin leavLs Now O I letliilt .......... "' " (a'litrevllle .......... Viek.l,urg " " " *' arriw, |,,inl,lill N,). 21 Ihiy Trlli i Li,livl..l Viekblirg, ........ arl'iv,..l ew ()rleltitl N,) D,ly le.;iv,.t t'l" .'r|tJ;tilS ........ ai'riv.p,s Viv (h I 'if, Trahl rl:lns daily except Silii(hil'. :Sl,l. 7fl] h:il, oi Woo]ville tt II ., IOilV! 4 ;iViel, 1 ll.i i, a t ,t rrivofl ,|llllolitor No.- 70 I*'ttv ,J ihi,lol h],r ............................. ---'7" large to lie effective. Ill easo of of considering the puhlic heallii. townl however, observaiion leads Marlin Rothschild was called to iis to beheve that all of the phy- ihe ch.tir and lhere was It freo in- sldans in a town should Iichlng to its Board of IIealth and aid in fralliilig qtiarantine reguhil[ons. .The average citizen in such a position is honest and pulilie " pirited lillt often hteks lhe judgnlent that is necessary for the tlot of his eomniunlly. Report of yell(iw fever at ,hlekso,, La., denied. New Orleans, Sept. 27, 1 case, I death. Wilon, 27th, 8 new cases. Sick doing well; Rosetta, 27th, reported ease denied. Jack,n. Miss.. Seph 27.--The Slale Board of llealth has just, puhlihcd li hliiletin annonllelng that live. liew llte14 ill' yellow fever have ilppeared in if, lie nortlI-western ixirl hln lit the city in the vicililtyof the se%'thiii llllliS(;. ilathel:ei, he llrst ease wii, discovered tllllree weeks ago. rrhe five patlenls are all negro,,s, The nelghhorhood I iiptllalld lilnil, exclusively I v color- ed pelilile, an0 l)r. Purnell, llie heall.h ill]leer in eharge, an[lOllllces that there hlls been slekncss (it il few day. iluration In many of the hotlses. '"Yon!new tsc at "_Payhr's and ylelnlty tn-day. Tllt:il t(i date 82' wllitesTl, coltlred i: (;riticallv ill 4. ])iltlis 8. ()rw(i.d and vieinil y to-day2; total ,li dlite 67, whites 57. t;ohlre 10: deaths 3: I deaih hi-day. It, ha lleell twcnty-elght da)t to- lllg'ht hlCe, lhe fever was announced a 1, these 0ollt." Oll'i, lli., Scot. 27th.--No new easeisi!l (itl( ticath, that ]f II. S. Jumper, is llle ree, ll'd here t(iday. ()nc hundred arid llrty tenls ano eanlll eqtilllitte- til on tile Way here filln .i,'(itlii1,ahlhleiiiil whh'h tilll im iise(I iii, Camp Ilarhi0h, the delenthln Cilnil I etabllshed hit llegroes, six iiiilcs lit rtll (it thi,,a ei4in the lllinois Celi- tral Railroad. Ori llteount of the nliiil being topped wehave no hirer news than al)ove, l%hlthez is quaranthied effec- iildy. Tli# Woodville llealth Board 'lilii!t pilloried level'al regnhitions !llg,_ ihe- week. Citizens of ,the county and elsewhere who nlay desire hifornlathln probahly can olltahf a eopy of the reguhi- lions by allpik'atilln. The ittiealed vahie el iirOllerl hi terchange of ,ipuiion by the citi- zens present. A resohihon was offered and adopted that our ll;oard of tlealth lie requested to take steps pronll)t- lyre quariililine Ihe town as in its judgnlelit the ()celts]on required, c:lnsidering the licarl)y spread (if yellow fever. T!le folhlwing resolution hy L. I C. Schloss also was ariel)ted. It I is for the pubhe interest I sinlitar action lie taken hy otherl eomluiulitiesas oportunily of- fers. which no doubt will be done : "llEsOLVED:--tmt it is the sense of this ineelll,g that the ac- tion of the New ()rh;ans llallers and Board of l[eall.h in supl)ress- in'g apparent flicts its reglirds the yelhlw fixer sittlatloll t.i0 coii- dein ned, ' ' TOWN OF CENTREVIIJ.E,--Frolii last week's l)roceeding of the Town Coulicil as l)ulilished in the Jeffersonian, the puhlie is in- re[erring to Ihe [lanle ,liat struck the the niat.hine I)'l)e setter o| the town upon the annoi!neelnent of tht. Clarion l,vdgvr fled. lVhelhlr.the tits! case of yellow lever, and ]lie latter ill suspend erltirtdy aa'it did recent deelsh,n of Ihe SuprvlneColirt. I.,st season is n,,t Vet in evidenve. for "the SUl)l)resstvil'" of: lilaiiulac- AWith the excellellt service lit the it!ring Ill" Mlsis'silpi', l)ieayiiue Miss,, Bui'eau and the ays : l'imes-l)enloerat and other slleeial "Many who rau away'to Chicago, eorr s,ondelits the outside world St, l.ouis'atid olhev places, did so eli borrowetl inOlll;y [or whh.h IliOrlgli- will hardll' aiiss Ihe newspapers. ges were hilrriedly execulell. This is ..... *-...- ........ a sad state of affairs., and nnless l'ro- TIlE PRESIDENT'S tXVt:STI(;AT- vhlenee or eonllnOll SelllO Call et,l'l'tJ| ii, lhis will Im a good CO]lilt]'7 Io IN(I (A)MMITTEF. i.< IlOW ill sessioll elililrl'q.le froln I have l'eCelitlV )een in rIVils|iiligton Ciiy. The elol'l., eonipiliiig data about Ilialiilhicllirlng hi[crests hi Mississipl)i, and whiil an and tin!its (if lhe lelegraphic invitin fiehl our Slule is for hives]- press will not aviiil to give tlli. nlel,is in h.lustrial dirt,eiio,,.: imi I onnnitiee a liigh:illa in t,e will ilelav lheir pliblieatlo,I, ill view c,,,, ot these diinrlmiiees. 'uld llecause of tel.ill of J.he t)eolll'g. " it is its'file lhe deeisiou oF our Suprelne IJOlil, l l{i,:l,UirliilAt i rt!fl'ked a shori lhat beeallSe fach)rles are 'ubjeel' to taxlilfOll, ]hilt illey it]list lherefol'e lie time sinee--whe.ii (ilanr. (]llrdon ,subjeet,li' io l.lxalion, ail,l<that iittw and Schofiehl and several other inllst pay back laxe8 nolwilhstaildlng charter exenipiions, and several acls tirst l'lte iliell declined to 8el're of lhe Legislature eneoilra!/ing niann- on the coinniittee, lhe pulllie in- facliires I)v exeuil)iioii h'oin tax for !crest lind e(ilitideli(Jo in the Pres- ten years. ..... ,,..-." .... - ]dent's alteillllt to investigate his CONCEIININ(I FAI.SE AND MA- own adnlhlisii'atlon with inferh)r LICIOUS tlEIK)R i'S. ilieli were redlited to a niiniinlim. ,tllne days ago a yollnll ! fl,ll,w in ....... .,o,. ....... Metal]his' , ho informed several el In Frilnee pulllie ,ittairs con- his neiglilmrs that there t're t() tinue in Ii very excited condition. easea el yelhlw lever iii Meli,iJhis, Ther0 seems lo be., however, a forllled (if a quarantine estab- just fer the tun lit the lhhig, was steady, giiiiliit. , t!itlt(l!r:,..i.l, jtljee.4o the convictt Ciipt. lii'eJfolt.% wilh lished against Jackson, Miss.. pulled np and fined $25 $12 50 It stronger, showing llll the New Orlealis lind all infecied lot ealli el hil pl,iees, lleavy penalties niliy lie lun, deddedl)'. ] rule of lho arnly otti(.;el', ?(vhich inflicted for viohition of the reg- this ,tate against tile talse and ina- has dictated to the eivfl iiiiliiorily uhllions of llealth Board. lieiou allreadhit el such tel]otis, in.-all ]nailers onnecld with this In view of the outlireilk of which will lie enforced" pr0mptl? if great sea]trial and infailiy. fe.ver at Wils(,n lie dlilllit coin- llccasJon rTqlltrea, vii: "An" person ]n.(]ernlany, oil the eo!ltrQlry, ,,r In'rsons wh,, shall fahelv and th'e-llt, tlt  ahould li0,+htIpy. i,let0 non illlel'eonree has 81nee ,ualicult, sl..l" (li.selnulale. i r "apreall TIh-,;'," ..... re'.. ;..,,s< ,. ,;- "A;"" ............ t., .i,,.usa. bee/i enforeed, t rilinors tit repl,ris , ,lneeriiing . Ihe .  " .," ,  , Though solnewhaf tardy we]existenleot .idhla" tel:r.:Cl:olsra ( len) and Gernla.n terIt, ry in ......... Idtllgue, sinalll.lX or oilier :irulefit Afrwl ts lnci'ealilg. Tholigli COl|gra[ Lllate ()ill' t.;entrev llle " " +- , . ........ ," _ I elAih, miu conlagio|lS diseillll! inli-Xl hioking Io llossib) Ointplittions ll'leli(ll# upon the]if rml ing pi'os- I ,i,,rthin ol thhtJlatelliihii/e i liqly I ,":" , ,,., ," " ...... ........... " .... - , ;,, , t . -.   -fit llIOlltitl lieil,,,IMtl!gO llCl?n- l, erl{;y. I ro,n t6 "Io,,'n llo.'tf, t l,,r, ,,iii,,iliir al, tiI17-I..,.  ,..d.. ,ii,,,;,iti, :til, Prilceedings, wiiilt are pui)lishe(I it,in thcreol, shall he .punished as t true r,.i .... , , ...... " .... - - .. h.., l..t ......... I .,. now provided ily law fur inid-emt-,t:  itrength  the Kttiii0r & (liavy;ad. '.., . ..... norl. .. )  . D V'ltlelllltVlliO.Kel3tll!l<lRtt I. tie<ilr ot hept. 9th, it appears tnal, tne .......... ..o- ..... z.___ ' .." ..... elli'poratioli l)ouudarlet liave lleeii Ai'kansa8 has lllliitce!}ll Jllllilitu- extended to 3oilfornl to growing tional aulendment providing for a road tax (If 3 re]Ill.  'rhfr*#lta-01 requirenlents. Also . that the se,lae in that seiieill. Ylan can get ,'rh ;trl [ llie llavmond census ;lust taken showed a popu- more good, substantial work mit of Graded Sc  eleeteq Miss itlon of 525, which fact upoll one road hand hll ts reee!vlng wages lihlbc, o.t.*Adiliinl, ilii...ll- being certified to the Governor at the rate of a dollar a dav, than clpal, ttad Miss Mary of out O[ a hall a dozen summoned for l{aynlonll, "prhnarv teacher. , Miss changes the iliuniclpal status road duly nnder (lilr duins statate, I llailcra ia wall feeoltlmnded and has file > ) fence al tlll e,hteallr tiM!d it Ill fronl a village to a lown. Aberdeen Exaal >." ; ' '; ex I er' " , .,i " :" .......... o .......... Make the hall a iioten It hill dazen im ihttib! Ilw% IgttiL ei4li. "llliss On Monday .the SLAte Board(if and Vouwillhit tlieaail 'llitltaltely(l Ratliff is too w{ll kn0wa tl,$11C 14hll, tlialmfg ill tl,Oited at 1800,000. Behlll 11200,1110 inlil'e t|lltti last as- Health quarantined against the the head. The "Atkailsas tPtan" im|flls and patrons o! the soh,lol tq sesllmelit. This town ill Hie heart ,J Parish of Eaat Ftlh:iana. l'he Y. & takeSPlau,, I'rt'eedure!lle MississippiOVer plan!he "Yaz,Oor any heOi a,iVcleeted t0etid0rsemdittth ; of ltle State, is has eatablished tela li'e know sucteasive ye  ttli sa., i)uhlitly taken, and that exl,cclatitm .... will ahnost certalaly lie reatiz d "' Pleml R.,va -[et the Cotlllnislin- .lake ItS coc- " " ari'ive Won,lvill si,lerali,,n of Ihe lestilnoliy is seercl as]Is members elav dcsirg, hut h,t 'lie lesliulony I,e taken in lnllllic (hheriv!st;, the pnhlie ill Im!,t!le whl,le .','.flair down as farcical. It mav lie hilly a coincidence, hut it is a signilicant one ',hat the ehairmaa ol Mr. McKinley' Conlnuiion is named l)o,hze,--(;en. G. M. Dudge, of Iowa The olher members, te- cured after much ire, hie aad nlanv ahsohlle refllsals to serve, are, Col J A. Sexton or Ill; CapL. E P ,,,s'ell, llr Ga. ; blai. G en. J. M. Wil.,on, I'. S. A.; H'm C. A. Den tly, of lud. ; Ex. (,or, Voodlilirt" O! Vi,; Ex. G,v lleaver ill l'a,; Gen A. I). McCo,,k ot Nvw York, and P S Col, net ul Ohio. - *I 'l'ivc( o ...... "llepresenta '. ehran, of Me , who is in Wa.-hhlgh,li irving to eon- vhiee, the a, hninislralio'n to orll(,r ill,ire Misoln'i Vohiliteert lnusiered Oil! Of service, s'till of tlio republieans a,kiiig elidOjonlent of their .c.onthi(;l of the war: 'The repillllidans will Im forluliale, hldeed, if they eali diverl publicalielllion froni lhe bond lssne. the ne!leet ailll in |Slilltna,gelnelii whieli lia, e#laraeleriled the eolltlncl ,if lhe anti]critics hi aeteal charge of the l)roeeution of the w!r Iiow lhey Call expect {o gahi lily at|Valltltl/t* by raishlg war issues, ii it dltlleull ill nndersland. The lrOOllS In the fi;hl are e()iil[)osel] of lnen (it till partte.. rhev did lheirduly nobly, and have added Io Ihe glory aiid reolii.atloti of Aniel'ielin i rnis. lly deeds of illiDal'al- ieled liel'oisni o nilieh for lhe sol- diet's hi lhe tiehl. oI, "if tile au- lhorities at Washington ean afford to go to lhe eoilnlry for ap, probalioa of an adlrihitslralion, whieh failed In prltvide our btlve soldiers wilh lhe ratioas, ten[s. melll,ilies and compe- t,,,it surgeo.s and at[, dni'irg the struggle., aiul htlige lho Immlli llf tile Fail eleelion npoli tkt isatte the denit,crats afford Itl me0i it.'' ' ' Much |nteresfls fell iil Va.hhlg- Ioli ill that aflldltvit lnad0 lly 'Telidv' Ro(!;evelt, 14,at lie wa llot I! t'es|dent of New York, bnt Oi' Vahtntthlii. [t i not I)tltevi that .llifilakingl pulllle of this afltdavii !iS., llmldends I uf GoV. ]llaek, will pr0vlit .... [':i! hlv I gelling the replibhean liOilllnalin for / Gov. oi New. Yt, rk. bliit iTeltily's' l explanallon of why lie Ilade it will go 1 ii long wily "towarlls llelfti;lig'l|lo llelli- 1 oersts Io tiefeli hi]it Rtierwltiil. lie sahl lie nialle tit , nlltler ad- vtee [rollt his lawyers, beaue lie was asesseli qtlr. porsollat taxes bolh .i n New York and hi Washtligton, aud dhi not will io pal donble !taxes. Ile tseaneli lhe P{viiiellt oil his per- SOlial taxe.4 ill zIUW l'lir'bl' flhlIR' lhat affidavil, aml a earelul llreli of lhi: lax book ol4he DDtdet !ll Glhlni. Uia, lill lhal lle lli![ti taxes in Wa liter but lira . + _ Tlto Ollly Lhle r,inllilil .nli,1 Tr,;l: l,l,t,,,oerl (Jarryiug "l'gltlit Piil]lnali i;nffet .'tleeping (Lirs in both direetioiltl. "qlrilig [lill'lSUil!l r' II speedy and OOlil[llrt,lble jlill Fur llates..I/:tltS ele', allldy to Agrut8 or ;td "r,!t4. dNO. a. icor, Div. Pa'r At /MP|IIS, TEN NE,SEli, A. T. BENE IIIII[/%NUFACTURER ,l REPAIRER AND I)EALER I/4' The most extensive Mauuhletnrers of Iron Feing in J'artioul:lr alletitiolt paid ,(i re-corerii,g;llid <alrw, n-k dlJlie tlr(linlttl aim .it lit Woodville, Miss., ept. 1891 tr