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September 29, 1923     The Woodville Republican
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September 29, 1923

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:: . ! i "i :! . SeEh&apos;on Devoted to 1 "  [Attract ve Ma_gazme Matenal-00 Uncommon Sense... /'OLi," AT .THE DOOR 'tHI8 l't a fable. The wolf that figures In It Is a wolf you've often oil He's the widely celebrated -at-the-door. men work all their lives to be of him. When he is gone they stop d, too often, back he Only a few get rid of him for- And the sense of security tha his place is considerably more Igemm than the wolf could possibly of us need the wolf In our When, of a morning, we out of the window and see him hungrily on the doorstep we Interest In our day's work. 1Whine we are on the job the tlmught of keelm us hhstling. And by keep- htiing we put oar brain in con- which helps a lot with the day's work. e wolfles.s man Is a worryless and a worryleas man isn't much In the world. nmn who knows he can't be helps very little around an office  Necessity did not limit her to the one chlldlnvention. is the mother of effort, of achieve- '  of energy, of lndustry--a very y brood of children. If 'lhomm A. Edison had made a ee before he was thirty it is IPoaale that he would lmve kept on : llmrkll, but we doubt it. Is true that men long past all fear the wolf are still doing important bat they got the habit of work Anyone Laughed You ! 7: i? ![ By ETHEL R. PEYSER YOu Like to Putter In the e world after all Is a gar- lind It is from the garden we get r wheat and wa- 1rid all the things we clvfl- ked lmople must have to exist  Ever since the world be. nmsses of us hae been gar- deners and farmers. You loxe tlm smell of the earth, It xengthens you. You get some- stlmnlatLng from outdoors, teom' helping things to grow, watching them develop. You llke the garden for putter- rather thau an Ill-smelling trage. You like the garden, It gives you healthful exercise trod brings you near to God-- w]ther you reallze It or not. $O Yotm get.away here !;. You belong t O i noble lin  of .utme  ML-U'e l'oWspaper Syndicate.) ometh in g to JOHN BLAKE when the wolf was leering at them as they left the house for the Job. The habit persisted. Poverty is an ugly thing which we all should avoid. But the very avoid- ing of It stimulates ambition, brings out such talents as we may have and opens our eyes to our own possibili- ties. In the South Sea Islands the natives don,t have to work. The breadfruit supplies their food and kills their am- bition. Winter, which we associate with our friend the wolf, forces men to step lively on the road to competence. And the highest achievement is to be found in the temperate zones, where there Is winter enough to keep men thinking about the coal supply and not enough, as In the ,Arctic regions, to keep them in the house all the time. Don't be afraid of the wolf. He Is evil to look upon. with his red eyes, end his lolling fongue, but he Is one of the best friends you have got. (( by Johr nlake.) mn|m mm|mmmmm||||| mmmm|mm|||m : WE WERE NOT : [ SATISFIED | : By GRACE E. HALL | | | mlmmmmmmmmmmmmmmimmmmmm AN you forget the myriad things That made the cycle of those years : The wltcher T of tender springs, The autumn leaves, the tears, The gray mists blurring out the view s The somber scenes across the way, The unsa!d things we sensed and knew Each passing day? Can you forget the mystic thread We wove on fancy's magic loom Into those days that now are dead Dead as that first spring's bloom? We watched the gray dares come asd go, Stood at the window while the rain Tapped with a ghost-touch soft an d low Against the pane. The hours were commonplace, we said, And wished for scenes some other, : ...... where, We saw the sunsets, gold and red, Watched snow-clouds till the air; Heard song birds in the trees above, Had all God's fts, and yet We were not satisfied with love--- And now--regret ! ( Dodd. Mead & Company.) voov ) 9 Think 004bout .By F. A. WALKER :: DO YOUR BEST OO ennot by any newly conceived "" process hope ta get the best and It to the best use, unless you  1 best. mdiuus scholar stands at the l[a[ ed[ his or her class simply be- be or she gives the bestthe attentlon the deepest thought the hardest work. Concentration i ammrlome, but it produces el- results and yields enduring re, which can be attained In no 1i  literature, buslne.s and in -afls, those who become con- for their skill, give their best In perfecting themselves, and  result they hold the foremost ttt TeE N.w Bat To 51P ttOtt11. To DISTO mt, place In their respective callings, command the most respectful consid- eration the highest recom- pense. Life to those who give their best wears a different aspect from that which Is so dimly seen by the heed- less, heading for no particular port, lacking the ability to Judge the direc- tion of the wind or energy to study the charts. Clue application, holding constantly to one specific course, working hour after hour without every little while pausing to scan the clock, cannot in their state of indifference be done. Such persons in their reflective moments may be annoyed at the prog. ress of their rivals, but the annoyance lacks strength to shake them from their lethargy. Any continuous exertion calling for excellence, is too violent, too wearing to body and mind to be tolerated. So they remain passive, and when the frequent ugly moods come upon them they censure the fates for their pitiful plights. How then, can such hutnans who habitually and generally from choice travel among the lrresolutes and the grumblers, blame others for delin- quencies which are obviously their own ? (@ by bfcClure Newsltper SYndlcato.) cool liquid In the pan; stir smooth, add one. Imlf cupful of stewed, strained toma- toes ; season well and serve the sauce In a separate dish. Emergency Pudding. Take a pint of thick breakfast por- ridge, farina or any similar prepara- tlon, to It add one cupful of milk, heat and add an eggwhlte stiffly beaten. Cook a minute to cook the egg, add to human knowledge to human power. on the heels of every IIIEAT THAT AIE DIFFERENT lr.00o00 -- of liver will J cabS, another wa of prepar- kgL Destroyers Wrecked on California Coast jt !:i PITY THE >7 / It was a rather carried but one llon, elephant and so on After the trainer gh his paces, an peared at the cage marked : "Aren't you afraid clous beast will meal of you some "To tell you the tided the man In the "if business doesn't b.: This remarkable photograph shows four of the seven wrecked destroyers smashing to pieces on the rocks off I'm afraid I'll have to Point Honda, Cal. The Delphy crashed on the rocks first and the steady pounding of the seas soon split the vessel of this ferocious In half. The bow of the Delphy can be seen further up the coast line with the hull In the foreground. In the rear Legion Weekly. Is the Young which was the second vessel to smash. Farther out can be seen two more of the fleet of seven. Tried Them i Big Bridge in Massachusetts Is Ruined by Flames Mistress--Jane, I've of my escritoire. I fetch me that box of say I can find one to Jane---It's no use, Isn't a key in the desk.--Lndon Punch. And This Time The telephone girl cation. One day she when some one in "Hello!" Just then she "Line's busy," she Extenuating Mrs. Itts (to her Another love letter, one in five days? too much of a LenaYas, Mrs. of dem was for de sa Misplaced Widower (to little you know our marry?  Llltle---Hurray i r View of thu fire wrecking the big North End bridge, panning the Connecticut river between the city of Spring- lug to get rid of that field and the town of West Springfield, Mass. A brisk west wind, the fact that the nearest hydrant at either end Who's she going to was more than a hundred yards from the bridge, the bursting of the first three lines of hose laid and the inability of Father--Met the Springfield departnkent to obtain motorboats from which to ght the flames rendered the firemen nearly help- less. The loss is about $1,OOO,OOO. Severe, but "My husband Ls 'Talking Over Versailles Days The former premier of France, Georges Clemenceau, and Col. . M. House sitting in the "Tiger's" garden at SL Vlncent-sur-Jard, In the Vendee, during a recent visit of Colonel House with the old statesman. Irish Women Are Glad to Vote Women of the Irish Free State took full advantage of their right to vote In the recent elections. Some of them, carrying their babies, are here neen arriving at the polls In Dublin. The young lady across the way say she saw In the paper that the largest. sized gun uses half a bale of cotton at every shot, and It seems more hu. mane than bullets. cold sliced lamb on this and cove tightly. Cook for an hour over slo heat. Add one tablespoonful of but ter, one-half teaspoonful each of curr3 SCRAPS [_ If owes anything to himself ] no IS Ilgely to settle promptly. powder and flour, salt and pepper t( ] Bitter dregs of truth are found at taste and one.half tablespoonful o* A stock exchange was recently l the bottom of the cup of foolishness. worcestershire sance. Cook five rain opened at Kobe. utes and serve. A wasp pollinates the wild or capri I Many a man would rather run for The only known diamond mines In About 30,000,000 wooden boxes are North America are located In Pike required annually to pack the cltrou: (). 1553. Western Newspaper Union.} county, Arkansas. frnlt crops In Florida and California. HIS BOAT GRABBED Capt. Roger Po'ock, shown above, Is skipper of the British yacht Fron- tiersman which was seized by federal officers at the port of Los Angeles be- cause It had 65 gallons of whisky aboard. The vessel is manned by a volunteer crew from the Adventurers" dlub of London and i on a pathfinding expedition around the world for Brit- ish aviators. Captain Pocock Is him. self a noted adventurer and a writer. HE MURDERED VILLA there a cure?" "there is a cure. women's clubs. Be is." Mae---Oh, she's JuSt a  blanket. Rae---Yes ; she could frying pan into the fire out. Never ToO Alice---As people see them still keep Ions. Agnes--Yes, we to acquire the latest True, "Our vegetarian true to his "What has he "Married a grass 0ore "Did Boreleigh ever that loan?" "Amply. He ha way ever since." An Hub---I discovered and I have a common Wife (a society hess' sake, don't tell Dlrectore Take: :Movie eloseuPe The reverse Of the p Takes enchant An *'I hear that you going to get a "'Yes, and it's ever agreed Both in the PupllPardon me, It's impossible for you've written in composition. Teacher--I write more legiblY- err/, "Lottarox was has been trying out success to the battlefields "Evidently the He spent two them, with "And you are Thls Is an exclusive photograph ot willing to Live o Jesus Salas Barraza, self-confessed Jory?" murderer of Pancho Villa, as he looked "Of course I in Jail. Barraza stated he would kill you must get Villa again if he arena from the dead. Take a pound and a:hal of calf's lr. dredge with seasone flour and two cupfuls of fresh berries mixed with a cupful of sugar and crushed. Pour into a mold; do not mix the :fruit. Serve hot or cold. Custards of various flavors are all acceptable dishes for children, easy of digestion and nutritious. Junkets, Jel- lies of gelatin and sago and tapioca a  dashes of pepper mad combined with fruit and served vhth de, ely covered for half an hour. I cream anti sugar are all good. potatoes pared and and bake until the Lamb With Onion $iue. the lid and large onions and lay Dlbh up the meal of a naueepan, add Iof Bout to the a lemom y the Three Ways to Wealth. There seem to be but three ways fm a nation to acquire wealth: the firs1 Is by war, as the Romans did, In plun. daring their conquered neighbors.- this Is robber; the second by eom merce, which Is generally cheating; the third by agriculture, the only hen est way, wherein man receives a rea Increase of the seed thrown lnt th ground, In a kind of continual miracle wrought by the hand of God In hi: favor, as a reward for his innocen life and his virtuous lndustry.mFran Hay fever- Is on the increase In the Western states. Rattlesnakes do not always rattle before striking. The Pacific northwest has enough standing timber to rebuild thrice over all the wooden frame structures In the United States. Absence makes the picture post- cards accumulate. " It's difficult for a truthful man to be- come an enthusiast. New Zealand reports a decrease of L00o,oo0 sheep  year, o 19gL Memphis la the largest manufacturer of cottonseed products. Neck Blemleh Prompt:l 8tarehlng. There is not a quality or ftctlot History verifies the face that the either of body or mind which doe) waetlce of starching, which came m not feet the Influence of habit, fashion In ngland In the reign of That Is the greatest governwnl in [Queen Elizabeth, was invented by a which an Injury to one Is the cTtcern i .<lmnish woman about the middle of of all. - - j:he Fifteenth century. She wished to About 30,000 deer are killed b-r-- hlde a blemish on her neck with an r e "  V zn[-  enormous ruff. rs in Yucatan every year and thelr hides shipped to the United Stat, i' That'lI Help Soma. It Is said that two-thirds of the an-I About all the ltbertie you are at. tire coffee supply of the world is lowed to take in a street car Is tc comparl shipped out of the Port of 8antes, knock a sder'off a strger's shol. i i i ii 5 T : :