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September 24, 1898     The Woodville Republican
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September 24, 1898

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Do You publio questions. While driving SAMPSON DID WELL. through the Smithsonian park this MISSISSIPPI MATTERS. nOSr[LZrZES HV.RTSa. Like Boils oO00oo0000.,0 have had my own opinion of Sampson, More Coantles Report. But It Took the United IGforta elf the &apos; Administration Is Satisfied with as all citizens have had. But 1 have Nearly all the counties in the State Whole Crowd to PreYelRt it[you do not, you should takeHtod'sSaxim- the AdmiraPs Work. recently come into possession of offi- have filed their personal assessment Hot Engalenteug. parilla and it will purify your blood, cure eiat information whicti I canno' dis. rolls with the auditor. A few lateones "One of the livelie,t brushes I have wit. }'oar boils and keep your system free from close in detail; but it is sufficient to come in occasionally, nessed since the opening of hostilities," thepoisoas which cause them. The great & Member of the Cabinet Talks Free- convince me that Admiral Sampson de- Grecn counter reports $17,175 invested saia one of the representatives at the r- ood purifying power of Ilood's Sarsa. air of the Son tla0go Cnrapaiga serves greater consideration than the in manufacturing enterprises, 795 polls, cent meeting of the credit men, "took piae.e l_rilta is constantly being demonstrated by -tnJutt sit'steel at Naval people hnve been disposed to give him. a total personal valuation of $176: Both'participants had passed their three m a quiet New England village of my t.att:. its many marvelous cures. Itewards. "In the first place, every reader will Hood's Sa pa ,core ,ea00 ten, but were still vigoro. concede that Sampson bas made no 16".25 and a StaLe tax on same amount- in mind and body, and especially vigoruosia rsa rills fSpeelal Wsehlngton Letter.] mistakes. That is a strong point in ins to $1,144.89. language, for both had been followers of thz lhlAmerlca'sOreatest Medicine. $1; six for l Bt;range it is that our government favor of any n, an who has the re- llo/mcs connty has 6,20t polls and a sea. eanr.ot do justice to worthy officers of sponsibiliiy of command on lane or total personal valuation of $1,193,758. "One of these old fellows espoused the :ause of Spain, declaring that she had HOOd'a PIIla cure Sick Healaehe. 25e. the navy without doilg injustice to sea. /3st even that does not make a Tle board has not yet met in ttolmes been jumped on because she was little, and [ other officers, equally worthy, who hero. , cverthc]css, you will agree to declare the tax, on account of quar- that this country was playing the part ef ] N lilt Didn't Know &boat Hnlrplns. have bad no opportunity to achiev wilh me that you cannot point to any antine restrictions.  great big bnlly. After they had ex ] ..... "By ,Jove!" exclaimed the bridegroom, distinction and ten.own mistake made by Sampson, either ns :hanged hot shots for a few minutes, the I Im he sat don and tugged away at his mus- llnncock county reports seven pen- champion of the government got things [ They had just arrived at Niagara Falls, our naval officers cannot be l,romoted the Maine disaster or as commander ciffht in 1808; Prentiss county has sev- other fellow came.honestly by his principle, ! and the porter had[oedhimselfoutafter in rank for heroic services without in- of the fleet. Inasmuch as this naval only-seven, agaiust eighty-nine, and lnd was bred a traitor. carrying up a trunk that weighed 487 pounds, jury . " %\\;[hat do you mean, you old shrimpF for which he ceiv(!d a 50-cent "tin." to other officers who have done commander has made no mistake Tnniea three, as against four for last Krom the advocate of Spain. 'I frightened grl dropped h,r travel- no wrong, but who have faithfully per- there is no reason why be should be year .... During the war with Great Britain the ins hat upon the center table and stood asif frmed their duties in every respect, censured. That much every reasons. transfixed, witil one of her g:oves half off  Britisl, entered the harbor and burned the ':What is t, llarrv?" she'asked. The naval officers-hold their relative ble man will acknowledge Therefore (;ny Jack to Be Tried. town of New London, didn't they?' ' This is a fine go. ' he muttered. "I won. r how in the world I ever came to do such ranks by seniority of commission. For Admiral Sampson should not be looked The Kemper county court is now in ii i Curse they d. What of it.?' lh. hy, somebody piloted them there and . example, Jones, Brown and Smith are upon with disdain, session anti the most interesting case when he come home his pockets was fu I of I s foolish thing." captains in the navy, each of then: "in the next place, Admiral Samp- on the docket is thc Statc vs. GuyJack, Britishgo]d, paid for his dirty work andhisl ;rhenhefe]tin his poekets again, andcut commanding a battlesbip. Snppose son has been successful in the dispo- charged with poisoning. Jack is ac. ueghbors hearin'of what he had done, gotl a nell,lena look at thebig trunk. ropes and made him an evenin' call. e I "You--you haven't lo your pocketbook, Jones wan commissioned captain Jan- rition of bis vessels, tie has 1,sen sue- eased of conspiring with I)r. Lipseomb scudded by the back door and never stopped { have you. '' she asked, nary 1, Brown was commissioned cap- cessful in looking after abe health ot to murder Charles Stewart, a tenant on till he got to Bermuda, and he never hadthe "No, darling," he answered, "but I left lain January 2, and Smith was eom- the men of his fleet, while patiently his place, for the insurance on his life. cheek to come back.' my keys at home, and the one that opens missioned captain Jan4aary 3. your tnmkisamonztiem." watching ti, e enemy by day and by which amonnted to several thousand ',%'hatyoutryin'togitat?' 'Teat there pilot was your lrandpap.' "Oh, m hat all?" she, excla reed, with a Thus, on the naval list, the), stand night. It is a wise co,nmander who dollars. It is possible that the court And it took a dozen bystanders to keep the ' t* " t happy httl_sgh. Flere --and she removed as number first, second and third in can have ahvays in mind the health may be adjourned for a season on ac- two old sea dogs from clinehin"--Detroi t a hairpinfrorherreh brownlocks-"open the list of captains. They are all of and comfort of the men for whose lives countof the fever scare, but in ease it .,ree Press. "' " twthth,s. Now/koowthatIamtheonly equal rank; but Jons having been he isis every sense responsible. Thus proceeds, Jack will insist on a trial. Iq'ER0 HAD B'IS TROUBLE girt in whom you ever took a real interest t'dherwise voti would have knowm Ah, commissioned first stands number one. we reach a point where Admiral Samlv llis confederate, Dr. Lipscomb, it will Harry, dea:, I am so happy!"--4levelaad Consequently, when there occurs a va- son deserves commendation. ader. be remembered, has been twice tried M/Omen's Care and Kindness Makes :tn;Y :'Htilb72:k;o:co;modore Capt. "Now, after weel, s of faithful serv. and convicted of murder. The first Him Think of Cuba with Many a puny, debt itated i'ant fretting :'" co nmodore Then ice, bottling up Cervera's fleet, await- time he was sentenced to death, the Luag/asr. and wastng away da y, often unable to }lrown will stand number one on the ins the coming of the army, it be- last time to imprisonmentforlife. The digest its 'ood, may be rescued from an un- list of cantains, and fll be h , timely grave by Dr's T., .... t. . "" e next (.Tee/ $g lOWr,L TS;rTHIN& Aids Digea- :man to receive advancement to the " tcstirnony that will be produced against 'qVar is pretty bad, of course," remarked a blue-coated man with a bandage under his tmn, Regulates the Bowels and makes teeth- rank of commodore, if he lives long Jack is practically that upon which coat, "but I dee:ar, in some ways, women tngeasy ..... enough. Of course, there are many Lipscomb was convicted, are as had as Spanmrds--only they kill you Only far .lole. captafns, lieutenant-commanders, lieu- with kindness instead of bullets. I came ,"Hays you a soul for music?" she asked as tenants, ensigns, ere. Soldiers IKoyally Received. .home from Santiago with this little wound she ,nrned from the oian,. Now su ,ose C sv.ho f ml; y- Company C, composed of Greenville i n my hip, aod, really, I can't tell you how ' ve snerea since, trom the women of In hi?; u;c: m);re.P].ed antben he stand iunPIr fou:Pon i;eli boys, belonging to Second Mississippi family. It is all right, of course; this worI ....  ........... ,euo tails l,egmmn, under Lee at Jacksonwlle, would be a den of-wild beasts without the a her to smgagain , commands a slnp n battle and ' ' " llt slle kne,. ;'oll ,all,t alwa:).s fool ti wins u vicior.. ,.lle on]3, way  retlll',:e(t ]lolle last weel oi, atilil.ty ]o,/e snd synlpatJlyof.omarl__butthedear ff, even if she does think she hasa voice.-- the navy department can reward him  days' furlough, after which they will creatures--especially those nearest to us- generally overdo it. They didn't believe my icago Post. is by advancing him one sum'her, or be mustered out of service at Lander- message tnat I was only slightly wounded, dale Sprin,s. Th, comoany did not so on my arrival I was met by my wife, her Her Platform. more, on the list of captains in the  " lose a single man by death ordesertion, all rallied from the four quarters of Miehi- Mr. WillikinsDo you believe in annex- navy. Suppose the navy department mother, two maiden aunts and a girl cousin, atin9 goE!2 ! !!i]aia!ime a!;afiietsa, hi i!i! They were given an enthusiastic reccp_ gan and adjoining states to nurse me I tstd!,;i:i, ties" by the people of Greenville, being don't need any" m, worth mentioning, but, believe me, if I've dawn a long breath : o met at"tlae depot by hundreds of people n tyo weeks .without those five iomen  g, d has had no opportunity /rended by Sommcrs' cornet band. The jumping up and rus,fing at me. I will eat She J:nted Ilealth--;" Ium to win a victory. Then, when a eom-   buihlings of the city were decorated my army blanket. If I wink my wife says: M,'mrrSee|=a-r-:::Cmt:; ;:t: !!i!i:tlneSL;Lb?/ad'eP:: "rhat is it, dear?--if / move one leg, mylglrl with buntin/4 and flags--in truth the cousin sprlngs at me with another pillow h ts ort' av eltts ;labe CAPT. CHARLES E. CLARK. b:(]3  :d h]:;]daYab:t l=::te in her band; during the n,ight my two aunts :: "No! I wt6ornetlmthasniverhinde . This is l)alpab]y unfair and on1 (Until Recently Commander of the Battll ' s o wake me up to see if/wantanylihing; and d. --Judge. ' ship Oregon.) returning soldier boys. my mother-in-law--well the dearsou]hasn't .... sat down or ben to bed' sines I came---to my government should certainly find some came necessary for Admiral Sampson ]ew Stea.mboat Line. Know|edge. ly '0und is nearly healed, and Piso's Cure is a wonderfu Cough mcdi- method by which it may be just to our to leave his fleet and go to see Gen The charter of the Crescent City t+ur)a pretty soon ]'I.1 be a rafined man I that's a blessing, for if I dn,'f get baek to ine.Mrs. V. Pickert, Van S e]en and naval heroes, by conferring st, on them Sbafter, the army commander who /'aeket company has been tiled with the an t tand such codd rag--it will make a BlakeAve.,Brook]yn, N.Y.,Oct.','94. well merited honors, wiihout dealing bloated tyrant cmt of roe, so it will. A man ...... - ............................. was prostrated with fever. Under the secretary of State. The domicile of eeds war oneein awhile to get him away lllhonld Have a Commluion. injustice to oher equally brave and circumstal:ces he restated his order the new corporation is Missiippi City, "om woman--clear, loving woman--she Patient--What, doctor, do )ou mean to patriotic men. Every nava| officer that, if the Spanisb fleet should under- liarrisoa county. The purpose of the wouhl make a spineless n4ant out of him in youeharge me two dollars a visit? who has been advanced in numbers on ake to escape, the American fleet enterprise is "the running and main- n ' " otor-Certain]y; just the same aa I the naval list gains his new honors at should close in and attack the enemy, tenance of steamboats and other water THE RUSH FOR GOLD. tharg anyone else. e time. --Detroit Free Press. "Oh, but you ought to mke a reduction the expense of his associates, and it IIaving thus performed his duty, Ad. craft in lhe Mississippi river and its /'or me. rhv I introduced typhoid into the operates with great injustice to many. miral Sampson sailed away to meet tribufaries between points in MissL, : neighborhood!"it]ustrated American. A pointed instance of this injustice the commander of the land forces. From the Tlmes. Bluffs, Ill. illaalons, that is visited upoo, some Of out" naval sippi and Louisiana." The capital stock , The ru3h. of gold seeke to the Klondike , , , "Thus every duly was faithfully per. of the company is $50,000, but business nr:ngs,, tm)um.g, memories to the "fory- y illusions ' aid she, ' are all gone." heroes in order to give proper honors formed by him. 'J'iere is absolutely may be begun when $10,000 caMx has tuners still alive of tle time when they o;haY:i:a:b!i!,mW:n:h:!!t bUnto:! to others is exhibited in the ease of ; s the captains of Admh'al Dewey's fleet, no ground for criticism of this naval eon, lnandcr. ])uring his absence on been paid in. gird!cd the continent or faced the terrors of  the great American desert on the journey to drug store and get some more"--fdJanap. ]ly the advancement of the officers of his important and patriolic duty, in Grenada College Opening. the land of go!d. These pioneers tell some o"* Journal. Admiral Sampson's fleet that destroyed the interest of his country, the Span- President J. W. Malone and Secretary seekers of to-d,y. Constant exoosue nd experiences which should be heeded b- ,a There is more monequ-andered in fool Cer,:era's squadron two of Admiral ish fleet unexl)ectedly came out of the J. W. (]riffs have announced that the d!et. killed large numbers, while Dewey's captains find hemselves two rrgams trine is spent for whisky ,Vaab- numbers lower on the naval list all the survivors were afflicted with legion tlaj .'emoerat. harborand tried toe,cape. Instant!y, opening of the Grenada College has in obedience to Sampson's orders, the been postponed until October 4th on m any of disease, Fortify Feeble Lungs Against Wnter they were before, and to others are cruisers and battleships closed in on ccount of quarantine regulations mak- them with witb,Hate's Honey of Horehound and Tar. each reduced one number on the list the enemy and vigorously attacked in,, it difficult or impossible for pupils r h eu m a - Anotherillutration of unjust effects him. Tbe eniire Spanish fleet was de- 'froma distance to travel to Grenada. a sufferer S Toothache Drops Cure in oncminute, of naval promotions by numbers wa stroyed, by tic vessels of Sampson's ]t is suggested, as the Safest plan, that tism. Such Wh:r H. Wo 'I'roubled. given in the case of Capt. Clark, whose squadron, under his orders, pnpi]s provide themselves with health ... was Adam Jack--Come, old man, cheer up. What if cruise of abe Oregon from San Fran- "But, just as Sheridan was 20 mile certificate leaving, home, in order to abe did break the engagement; sfie's not the eico to Key West was altogether the Vangundy, who now re- ly fish in the awm. aay when the battle of Cedar Creek guard against inconvenience and delay, s i d e s a t Tom-Oh, I don't care about her break- most memorable of naval history, and began, and just as Sheridan went gal- = ..... Bluffs, 1 ins the engagement, but: you see I've got to yet he went into action at Santiago loping to lhc sound of cannon, Admiral Capt. lhnneycntt I)rowned. -4. where  [! right on paying installments on the ring and performed prodigies in heroic re- Sampson hastened to rejoin his com. Capt..lack Hunneycutt was drowned justice of has been r he next mx month, That's where the ul|s in the naval battle hen he wa., mand, and arrived in time to witmss one night last weelc at the month of the the peace y reeze comes in --Ctfieago Evening News. two numberslower than hen he sailed he complete triumph t:f his fleet, Sunower rover, bclow Sataria. Capt. first presi- and was the .... The man who fal to /ay up someh ngfor fl'omSanFranciseo, lIe has since been which acted nnder his carefully de- llunnevcutt went to step from the "A'Forty-ninar." deontd of fends fo an ambre]]a.--4'hieago Daily of the a rainy day alwaw has to depend on his advanced, but his advance of slx num- tailed orders, lle was not in the ac- steamer Mildred on to a barge and Jell, trustees. In a recent interview he said: lew. hers leaves him a net advancement of tual lighting, and has made no going down into thirty feet of water, had been a sufferer of rheumatism for only four. IIe who rides behind another does no "I travel when he pteases.--Span. No one can complain of the honors of that nature. He did not get into For years he lind been in the employer a number of years and the pain at times was very intense. I tried all the prol)r etary conferred upon the oflteers of Admiral tie fight, solely because his orders the Yazoo City Transportation corn- me;iicines I knew of but received no relief. " were so well obeyed that the work was pany, and was one of the most popular "l tinnily placed my case with several Sampson's fleet, excepting only the well done by tbe vssels under his young steamboat men in that section, physicians and doctored with them forsome questionable advancement of Admiral Sampson himself. AH the olhers fair- eon).mand. That very fact reflect ]3" won the distinction that has been credit upon his plans and discipline. J)eeided t(, Settle. Fina/lv, with my hopes of relief nearly ex- hauste'd I read an article regarding Dr. ,Vil- awarded them, but it must be remem- "Now, because Sampson was not an The First State Bank of Columbus iiams' Pink Pills/or Pale People, which in- Improvemen(s in Fiyllt8 M&ohlates. Inventors are plenty who can make a ms- chine that will rise and float in air, but the one improvement which none has succeeded in making is an apparatus that will guide the machine through the many treacherous cur- rents of air. In this respect humanity is fortunate in having Hostetter's Stomach itters, whieh-'aets a a safe guide by cur- ing treacherous stomach, liver and "blood diseases, giving a good appetite, a strong con- stitution and nerves like steel. Bloc Blood. First Mosquito--And you actually landed on that foreign nobleman? Second Mosquito--Cert! You didn't ima. ineI'd been eating huckleberry pie, didyou oson dournaL "I told my wife," said Gobang, "tlat I h-sd ayed down town to get war news " "And what did she say ? .... Well, she furnishedmo with an illustrated account of hostilities nearer home than Cuba."Town Topics. " o Cure u Cold In One Day Take Laxave Bromo Quinine Tab eta.. All d:rugists refund money if it fails to cure. 25e. The man who wants the earth probably never stopped to think what the taxes wsuld be.PuelL HolPa Catarrh ure Is a Constitutional Cure. Price 75c. Some people wear such good clothes all the time that they can't have a good time. Atchison Globe. ]IRS. PINKI/AM'S WARNIN TO W0EN. Nogleot Is ho ororunnor of Misery and Sufforing--A Gratoful Wall, baad Wrltos of ]is Wifo's RooovorF. early all the ill health of women is traceable to some derangement of th feminine organs. These derangements do not cure themselves, and neglect o| the sensations resulting from them is only putting off trouble. Pathetic stories are constantly coming to Mrs. Pinkham of women whose neglect has resulted in serious heart trouble and a whole train of woes. Here is the story of a woman who was helped by Mrs. Pinkham after other treatment failed: D Ms. PA:It affords me very reat pleasure to be able to state that I believo my wife owes her hcath to your medieino and good advice. For three years hett health failed rapidly; she had heart trou. ble, often falling down in dizzy and fainting spells, shortness of breath, and smothering spells, bloat ing of the stomach, a dry cough, dy peptic symptoms, menses irreg. nlar, scanty, and of a un- natural color.. She had been treated by physicians with but little benefit. She has taksn your trcatment according to your directions, and is bette in every way. I am well pleased with the result of your treatment, and give yon to use my letter for the benefit of others. C-AS. H. and Mrs. My Bt:wlcll Fort Meyer, Va. The healing and strengthening power of Lydia E. Piuklram's Vegetable Compound for all fe- male llls is so woll established that it needs no argument. For over twentlr years it has been used by women with results thatare truly wonderful. Mrs. Pinkham invites a11 women who are puzzled about their health to write to her at Lynn, Mass., for advice. All such correspondence is seen by wome only, and no charge is made. k Million Womca Have Bceu Bcuflted by Mrs. Plukham'sAavlce and Mealdae "Ba00 was Cu/-e tot , tbat these advancements strike ae,nal particip.nt in the fight which and the Columlms Insurance and Bank- dueed me to try them. lwas anxious to get with fearful injustice upon all the resulted successfully, in accordance ins ('ompany ],ave decided to settle up rid of the terrible disease and bought two boxes of the pills. I began usingthem about other officers of tbe nnvy, mostofwhom with his plans, and in obedience to for back taxcs due for the years 1894 March, 1897. After I had taken two boxes PLUG there wot be his orders, [ dn not 1)elieve that the and 1895 without further proceedings. I was completely cured, and the pain has people will ever be inclined to look State Revenue Agent Wirt Adams is in never returned. 1 think it is the best medi. upon him as ahero, lht the American reeciptof a cheque forths total amount, any time to sign my name to any testimony ) " y O men (who chew it) ready sine I have ever taken, and am willing at an arm f people are lovers of fair play, nnd the:y The only other banks that have paid setting forth its good meets. wi/l do justice by him. llc has been up are the Merchants' Bank of Grenada gh shovd When the children get their Signed) ADAM VANGUNDY. , to rescue it.-- enou to  uhscribed and sworn to before me, this] ttt __ and take cold give them a faithful naval officer for many years, and the Grenada Bank. The Wesson 29th day of September, A. D. 1897. I a Boa fOOt bsth, a bowl of hot He ,,,as the suece...sful commander of Mills have paid up back taxes due and FJLNKLIN C. FUNK, Notary Publie. I Spa off the map of Europe, No drink, t dose of Ayer's Chert the naval campaign which resulted in so far this is the only manufacturing :tr. Vangundy'. statement ought to be I 0ral, and put them to be the des,ruction of the Spanish fleet; enterprise tbat has done so. *egarded as aeriterion of the goodmerits oil th che hag toba world Tim chances are they will be and that campaign was /arge]y in- these pills, and ,,'hat better proof could a l O * W CCO ' tI tins the Cherry Pectoral a few Spain it, Cuba. tel ns do justice to The regular time for the Supreme Tru-"-- Greutnett'-"'. | has  d so .ay m&@ days, until all cough has dis- this falthfnl ofticer. He is entitled to Court to resume its sittings is October No , sad the mterwewer, asto your / #' 'V " " " ' # appeared, the advancement in rank which the 10lb. but it is probable there will be method of working?" Old couehs are also cured' ",Ve]]," replied the great author, "I take  administration has given ]tim. tic does Some delay this year on accoun of the a writing pad--" We mean the coughs Of bron. not claim to be a hero. He asks on/y fever excitement. Last year there was "Yes." - . . chitls, weak throats and irritable 10rig,. Even the hard jnstiee; and that he must have. If ade|ay of about a month and ahalf, a "And a'penciI--" I x you buy again "Yes." of consumption are it had been his good fortune to be pres- long-r one than is expected this year. "Seek out a quiet spot--grasp the pad made easy ent on the occasion of the attempted When the court convenes the (locket of firmly in one ],and and the pencil in the by the continued escape of the Spanish fleet he people the First or Middle district will be other hand--and---" wonld make a hero of him." up. About a dozen cases have already "And write."--Philadelphia North Amer- - - - - ..... COMMODORE PHILIP. All of this is true. We can nffnrd been filed for hcaring from that district ican. (A Vigorous Opponent of the Exlt.lng to give honor o whom honor is due. and a few scatLerin ones from the || System of Naval Promotion., We eunnot afford to allow our ira- Second and Third. The War ,. o,er WHERE DiRT GATHERS' would have won equal honors if like pulses to run awnywtth onrgoodjudg- And now our thoughts are all of peace and WASTE RULE&" USE opportunity lind been afforded them. ment. snd thereby do injustice to any Postponed. home. 'l'iere are, oo often, people to be found who have no home, and it is to them Our naval regulations clearly need re- man who has served his country faith. R.B. Fulton. chancellor of the State these few words are addressed. If you real- --- -- vision, and some equitab/c method of fully. SMITH D. FRY. University at Oxford, states that the Jy wan a Some you can easily get one, but ] . S O conferring honors upon t;aval officers DI,appoilatn t in .... Slots. openinffoftheinstitutionhasbeenpost. = = w == o t ==, APOLI you &hou]d ac't .t once before the relapse [ poned nntil October 4th. on accouut of In Marinette Coun'y, Wisconsin, the very ] should be adopted that would give "Have you made np your mind just quarantine regulations, finest farmi,ug lanh'is to "be had now at a [ Sntice to the hereto without injustice what qualities yen expect to find in to others. husband'?" asked the matron. Soldiers Banqueted. kets are at handto take whatever the farm. / ! ....................... : ...................... , most modest figure. Excellent home mar- | The advancement of Admiral Samp- "Why, ofeour.-c,"answere<lthemaid, The Greenwood silver corne band er raises, and good pricesare given. These | :- ..... -- - z ....... . . " - " ' 1 con eight numbers causes criticism. "Too bad " commented the matron and a few of its fricnus banqucted the Paul Raihvay, and full in'formation con- T0pnapdrkll ilklhrFslrHCrKE [ .ll::G. " .t: The commander of the flect which suc- }th a sigh ]ands are on the ('aieago, Milwaukee & St. - ........ members of the Ben Humphreys Rifles, eerning them will cheerfully be furnished . EIT do knows that wiM vessfully blockaded Santiago harbor "Wl,y do you say that?" demanded Company B, Second Mississippi rest- by (  I c IIM tll ::qat., , *[' cherrbsrkisth bestrmtd, hasbeellil3 Vashingtonreccntly. and the maiden. amgm:gra(inAgent' IBI BltedI$]9"9$OUPow[['Lg0'[MEN 'Tll ,=,tO rnedteal science f,r he has atnotimereeeivedsuchatten. ,, ment, who areat home on thirty days' ;:i:24,;;'fa , _i st atilt t,..., 1 M ' Soothing snd healing inflamed tions as onr people are aeenstome,:] disOh, I.atwa,s hate to see younffg|rls furlough, during which time they are 41sllaltst..lNClSSl Pip !1 t t Catatogue, describ. atsaud|til]llo appo,nted, answered the matron, tx, be mustcred out of serviee, .2fTd,tendrY l];:r:]; to shower upon their heroes. Tlr .---Chieago Post. I* g f the famo.s Dlt74Olt8 sentiment prevails 1hat Sarapson is ......... F, rst Mississtppi l'nttitallY Out. irc d,r,iks .ngeh t that I know of" Hus: The B0s! BOO[ & WAR 00ooo. ................. | ]lot a real hero. When Lieut. Hobson Gave Her Unnecessary Trouble. ti'.,-, L" ar, lasnt two ver indish, tuouslylnustrated(p.rt.eSs),rrt.toanybodyseudlns } WINgHESTFR fiHNR g arrived in Washington he received Widow--My last husband was the The First Mississippr regiment was .,. ou(ly. twoanuatsuDscmpt, ons at $1eaeh to the Overland t ........... ,nv,v nmre enthusiatic attention at thede- meanest man who e,,er existed, paid off at Lauderdale Springs last pot than Admiral Samlsou received F,'icad--ln what way? weel, and the so!diers given furloughs / WINCHESTER AMMUNITION Ph during his entire stay in this city. Widow---Why, when l brought an ae for thirty-three ,lays, at the expiration |= Sent fr to nny address. 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