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September 22, 1923     The Woodville Republican
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September 22, 1923

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NA("J Mrs. Coolidge Looks Over White House Grounds S ECTI(')N Interesting Features for the Entire Family ] / T RABBIT STORY having a both- time with her children. i  time for them to be. asleep and :H were wide a'ake. "If you your eyes and go to will sot .b ut with the sun a run In the woods before Mr. k out," she told them. tucking hi once more.  It be clear by morning," said tt. I am certain Mr. Jkioaman will clear away the cloud did for Miss Twilight In tell us about it, Mother, do,*' tittle bunnies, "and then wf!! go right to sleep, we promise will." Rtbbtt sat down beside the' J all the little bunnies kept as as---t41, as still as little rabbits their mother began the story. Om upon a time up where the Hve Mr. Moon-man one heard a sound of weeping, ao Tell Us About it, Mother, Do." peeked behind a cloud and there le mw pretty little Miss Twilight all np in her purple-pink robes very hard. t Is the matter?" asked-Mr. Ilk|It-man kindly. "Have you lost candiesY  Miss Twitlght ' lifted her r flt' "Oh, no, Father Moon. it that." &he said, oh-wing him a ! RIGHT TI.ME MARY MARSHALL DUFPEE /.r IgiRETS, ACCEPTANCES tgy always reeda danger.----@er- ,,weltaL RIRE'PTING a formal Invlta*  all that Is usually given as an Its a "previous engagement" It im lot In good form to go into expla- tmttm concerning the nature of t ngageme, For instance It ," ild mr rather absurd if we '. always Just wby we raft1  our friends' on& The rde might say some- like tb '-" Mr. John Smith re- veryuch that as Mrs. Henry ;.ance occurs on the thirtieth f t*g month he will ba unable to tt becatme that is the time when ilroll IS being made up at the eee where he works and he always to work nlght to get through IL" or "Mr. and Mrs. Charles Lee that since they are no longer to afford a nurse and the maid .  tll work cannot be Induced to stay l atnrday evenings, they no longer . be to leave their children on Igbt and must therefore refuse 3Kr. an6 Mrs. Wllllam Robinson's kind :IRritation tO dinner," etc. ,eh d smtlar obligations are -tet grouped as "previous engage- mmt&" However, when a person Is to 1 oat of town,, it should be men- loed. orwhere there is a death in family. Thus we would say "Mr. Smith regrets that, owing to his from town, he will be unable accept, etc., or ,lr. and Mrs. gtrte Lee regret that, owing to recent bereavement, they will Abe, suable." etc. :Ef one finds that an Invitation that beta apted has to be declined at ,the eleventh hour no time should .. lot in t_ndlng this message. If it  s formal Invitation the note of re- thOUld be sent by speelal mrs- or if there Is not time for that td be telegraphed rather than If it is telegraphed there be considerable formality and , about the wording of It. It written In the third person if mtvm twesmmmmm p 0' CHEER : ly i' Ketdritk Bangs. : '-"'---==..= ........ | mau.= at | F ON emttll line J Ot mine II in all the Yt" Sit Shall cheer = ome grieving Wight. And light - " Him on hlewy II Today  : = b--g | 'twill be t trve. I'll ot sneer. | find  to their kind, Syndicate.) : basket filled wit& candies, "I have all of the candies here ready to place in the bhie sky. "But every night now for a week so soon as I place the stars---I mean the candles---all lighted In their places along come those bad little Rainclouds and put them out. "I know that all the earth children think I have forgotten to do my work and perhaps they will look for the lights to be placed in the sky again. Oh, dear, I am unhappy." "Well, well, dry your eyes, Twi- light," said Mr. Moon-man. "We will see what can be dose about those mischievous Rainclouds. I am rather tired of having them in my way, too. Now you run along home and get your candles lighted, and if I am not very much mistaken you will be able soon to place the candles in the sky, though it is too late for the earth children to watch you at your work." Mr. Moon-man went sailing along the sky and every Raincloud that he met went scudding away. For they knew Mr. Moon-man would call on old Wind Witch for help and she would come with her broom and sweep them all away if they did not run; and she wasn't very careful where she swept them, once she started clearing the sky. So off they ran to their home on the top of a high mountain and went to sleep, leaving the sky clear for Mr." Moon-man to shine In. Pretty soon along came Miss Twi- light, though of course she had changed her gown now, and no one could see her as she took the can- dles from the basket on her arm and tucked them in the deep blue sky until every star, as we call the candles down here on earth, was twinkling In its place. "Thank yOii," dr Father Moon," said Miss TWlIigh{ a she tripped away nnd Mr. Moon-man promised her that the next night when she lighted the mmmmmmm  mmmmmmmlmm Walter Hiers The portly "movies', comedian, Wal. tee Hlers, was born In Georgia, July 18, 1893. He is 5 feet 102 inches tall, has brown hair and blue eyes, and weighs 230 pounds. It was while at. tending military school that he decided to try his luck as an actor. He was successful in vaudeville before enter. lug the motion picture field. candies she could wear her beautiful Twilight robes, and let them trail along the earth below as she ram And that was the way Mr..0on- man sent the rain clouds scu2:: home once upon a time, end If you are good little bunnies and go to sleep I am sure he will do the same thing to- night and In the morning you will find the sun is shining. . But all the little bundles were fast asleep and Mrs. Rabbit tlptoed out of the room and closed the door behind her. ((, 1953, by McCflure Nwspaper Syndicate.) -:VV0000ts 111 00ame. MILDRED MARSHALL FACTS about #cu" name; it's istor; meaning; whence it as derie; sini- cance; your luck9 da9 and hch.:-' BETTINA ]IETTINA, curiousl agh, has no .11. etymological anection with Bet- ty, as is ...,ty supposed. It is an Italiv" emlnlne name which was de.  ed from the old verb be, to bless, and later, with the word benedlco (to speak Well). Beata and Bettrys were the early forms of fhe name and in Diocletian's persecutions, the Christian maiden who drew the bodies of her martyred brothers from the Tiber and buried them, afterward sharing their fate, was called Beatrix. Her relics were enshrined at Rome and her fame spread roadcast. Dante further con- trlbuted to the prevalence of the "blessed" names by making the love of his youth, Beatrice Portinari, the theme of his "Vlta Nuova" and his guide through Paradise. Bona, another form of the name, was used by the daughters of the Counts of Savoy, and in the House the Invitation was formal, and would then run like this: "Mr. John Smith regrets exceedingly that, owing to a not serious Injury In an automobile accident, he will be unable to be pre ent at dinner with Mr. and Mrs. Paul Jones." But usually it is more con- venient even if the Invitat!on came and was first accepted'in the third person to have the telegram written In the first person, as: "I regret ex- ceedlngly that. owing to an automo- bile accident, in which I received slight injuries, I will be unable to have the honor of dining with you this evening.'" For such a telegram one should not begrudge a few words over the ten allowed in order to make the wording polite. In making a last, minute regret, no matter how formal the Invitation, full explanation should be given as to the occasion for not being present. To accept an invitation and then not to be present without sending a speclat note of regret Is, of course, unpardonable. (( by Wheeler Syndicate. Inc.) Clean Creature the Snake. No creature In nature is more scrupulously clean than the snake. Captive specimens soon die if kept In of Luxemberg, and came to the throne of Prance with the daughter of Johann of Luxemburg, the blind king of Bohemia. In Spain a Vtslgothic nun was canonized as Benedicts and pat-Sly in her honor and paly through the fame of the patriarch of the western monks Benedictus" her name became the popular and accepted form In the Latin countries. Italy, producing a Benedetta. straightway contracted it to Bettina. a form which England and America adopted and popularized. The ruby is Bettina's talismanic gem. It promises her courage and power and the attainment of wealth. Thursday Is her lucky day and 5 her lucky number. The lily ls her flower. (( by Vtheeler Syndicate. Iec.) 0 (Copyright. by Me, lure Syndic.te.) O : MEN YOU MAY MARRY : | II I -- II II II n By E. R. PEYSER m | II : Has a Man Like This Propolmd i I II to You? II | m Sptoms: A  voice like an : | angel--and slim little figure. : You were crazy to meet hlmI ! II He gay# a lecture on poetry one ! evening in the Town Hall. He II II t has wonderful eyes, his speech . [ iS superfine. He hung around [ the town for a few weeks---gave you a book of poetry, told you I s how many places he lectured if attired in new silk or velvet, as the cae may be, according to the kind of snake. Those with smooth scales have a silky luster, while species with keeled scales as a rule look like vel- vet. There is no slime In the make- up of any member of the serpent tribe. ------O------- No Doubt Now. unwholesome conditions, says the De- : and where he was going, how : trolt News. Shedding of tile skin Is [ much he has been plagued by : i wm *" *" -- i a natural provision to rid the entire "If I went where I was askl integument of any soiling that might I'd be like a stuffed make at the accMentally take place outing the ser- ] : pent's careful mode of life. But t is zoo," he often said. | tin FACT | rarely that one ever observes a wild 41 He Is in great demand. | m serpent that does not look as clean as m : Prcriptlon to His Bride| : | X; Absorb ell of contentment | when he Is ot'JL  "on a tour." m : Give him his neck---or ne Will I I : snap the brld(a)l(e), m m Abrb Thls: II m II ATIGHTREINBoTHER8 THE : 8ENSiTiVE HORSE II I () by MoClare Newsier Syed|ct} : The new first lady of the land Is taking an active Interest In the plans for improving the White House grounds The other day, in company with CoL Clarence O. Sherrlil (rigbt), officer In charge of public buildings and grounds nd James Healey. secret service man, she m*ade a close inspection of all parts of the ground.. Scene in Los Angeles School for Janitors Los Angeles has the first school for janitors. Prof. Sam Haskins, who Is seen at the left explaining the Intricacies f the modern mop to a class of willing workers In big downtown office buildings, is the founder of the new school He expects to turn out a bunch of graduates soon. NEW PREMIER OF JAPAN Count Gombel Yamamoto, who ranks algh In the political and social life of /span, hws been appointed premier to mcceed Baron Kate. deceased. HARDING STAMPS READY The Harding memorial stamps are sow pn sale. The photograph shows Dr: George T. Harding, father of the ,ate Presldent, holding a sheet of the tamps. Easier Saving. "Do you believe in daylight saving?" "Well, yes ; it's easier saving by day- dght than after the cabaret light Is tured on." Evident. Wlfe--I wonder If there ever was such a person as the Foolkiller Hub---Don't ask such nonsensical questions. How do you suppose I know ? Wife (sweetly)---Of course, dear, 1 know you never met him.--Boston Transcript. Tennyson's BirthplaCe. Tennyson, the English poet, was torn in an obscure shire of England, where ha received mall only twice a smut. Memorial to Betsy Ross, Flag-Maker A memorial to Betsy Ross, maker of the first American flag, was dedicate{' In Philadelphia with fitting care|gale& Photograph slrows Mrs. Blanche Bel- Ink, state war mother, placing a flag on the grave in Mt. Moriah cemeterj where the memorial was put uD. America Now Makes Large Lenses What ls claimed to be the largest lens ever made in America Is shown here, with the chief lens maker In Uncle Sam's employ, John Clacey. Making of fine lenses was an unknon art here before tim war and due to our supply being cut off. the govern- meat set about making Its own. What is called the finest lens factory In the country is located at the bureau of standari]s- GATHERED FACTS A violin eleven feet seven inches high was recently displayed at New York. Italy uses but four gallons of milk per capita per annum, which is the lowest average of any country. The first records of young Seated- men being engaged by the Hudson's Bay Fur company are dated 170. It is 12,000 miles from lgland to t,=tnli. Th zebra spider Is the champlm,, Insect Jumper of the world. There are 2.098 bunks on Ellis i land provided with two blanke*j apiece. The Chinese are believed to be the only civilized people free  color bHndnes China has 225 people tu each lUat mile Of territory. Japan has 876 an, 4tmtralla less than two. Blackberries on All Blackberries are In all kinds of soil conditions. In trtl that they can be yet to be a profitable 4 a few conditions into accoLmL The nmrkeL The berry le shipper, but where a .not far away R will berry plantation. good care an ought to produce at or 3,000 quarta to should never sell for ) per quart and onsiderably htgher Some of the best der, Taylor and varieties winterkill glens, hence It is the har#y sorts. canes of the ly. This may happe er seasons, being ternate freeTAng and than by extreme set In a well-drained stand the winters aet In a sttff right location is a slope where the soil supplied with not stand around the] is needed to ripen the t ture is lacking the smaU and of poor Land that ha been year or two IS well pianist|on. Put on stable manure and into the soil  otti 6 feet apart and set ! 4 feet apart in the canes at least the roots down 6 CMltivatlon should midsummer, after cow a cover crop. lntercrop may be be something that as shade from a crop the growth stables which require tlon are best for should be tl something that Blackberries same ground for ten pruning is properly sould be the aim from starting this can only be vatlon. After the tion need not be well to plow a the rows each several times mare or commercial ) also Berries are borne are one year old. develop one year son bear fruit, In the fall all cut out and a the top of each live This keeps them weighted down larger and better well to cut out part leaving them facilitate eultlvatio, stretched along cane tied up at a fl'om the ground. Many and That many namental tree nkets on the less these are hey become the disease, is the periment stattolt vacate close branches and stubs be rapid and prunlngs must be the ground sP res further spread It Is which have that it is tess of the sightly and serve lag trees. Diseases and bored in which should not mulate for as for the sake Borers Shot hole attack healthy tree which Is eased in some is aiwas an is Tong with the tree. which are badly them is one of pest down. Hel for The tops the new reach the or three feet. stockiness of the fruiting year. The house oating of not only a makes the short, dark Some Cows lure, but wm probably yield whe later on. Gathertng flowenl bearing. plant