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September 22, 1923     The Woodville Republican
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September 22, 1923

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# t of the delegates to utura Republican national con- ventions brought about a decided SEPTEMBER 22, 1923 lecrease in the number of delegates Editor and Proprleto# from severn] of the Southern states, although the total number showed SUBSCRIPTION : an increase from 984 to 1,{)37. The in advance ........... $2.00 Missis&apos;?,pi delegation was reduced ANNOUNCEMENTS. Per Dt©t Atey . R. E. BENNETT F Ste Senator from 12 to 4, and Louisiana from 12 to 9. Why should we worzT? o John C. Fowler, defeated candi. date for sheriff in the recent primary election in Adams county, and Franl: V. EhMe, defeated candidate for chancer:y clerk in the same county. filed notice of contest with the ] CREAM STATION'TO  IN WOODVILLE NEXT WEEK. Mr. W. F. Beeker, field represen tative of the Brookhaven Creamerg Company, was here on Wednesday afternoon and notified this wter that a cream station will be Opened in Woodvilte oh net TUesday, at which time everything will be in readiness to neceive cream. This statdon will be opened in the building neer the Ford ,rage and formerly occupied by th oodviUe Bottling Works. The et#alishment og this cream / D. C. BRAMLETTE | For ReprentatDe j W. F. TUCKER "t :ALEX K. FAPAqAR H. A. WOOD '" i For Chanvary Clerk W. L. HAYS • For C|tutt Clerk * JOHN L. HAYS " uperintendent of Edu:ation JOSEPH N. MILLER I For A.e.o, E. E. RICHARDSON For Supervisor, 2rid D'6trict i" NOLAN S. CAGE For Supervir, Fifth District T. G. BROWN  .VISIT WOODVtLLE. [ !meetingA,tation0f"o County Teach'-l' ilt be held at the; H, School on turday, October l ! beginning a 10:30 on that lMlqfq This promises to be one of lhe mont. interesting and instructive @tfilgS of tlfia association which been held. Amang the things in store for those attend will be an address by W. F. Bond, state superintend- mt of education, who was recently ,eled to succeed himself by a .toverwhelming majority. Dinner will tved by the A. H. School to all ]kthel and trustees A cordial in. :,tation ts extended to the public to attend, and all members of the asso. tatlon are urged to be present. station In Woodville will, we beliye, >:ecutive committee, and a meeting: mean much ts this cbunty, a it will of the committee will be held on nwxt" lead to the location oT a creamery Nonday to consider the charges of here smetime in the future. Mr. irregularities made by the two do. i Becker said that the company ha rested candidates. In the primary represents dots no# ask tl farmers On August 28th, William H. Read was declared the nominee for sheriff and W. H. Hale the nominee for' chancery clerk, hd since that time rumors of ’ohtests have been heard. The charge of irregularities grew out of the manner in'which a number of absent voter.ballots were filed. The bail has been started to rolling, but where will it end. It is seldom, if ever, that election contests accom. plish any good. OBSERVE THE LtW. (By A, D. Simpn, of Meridian.) Observe the law. Do not permit yourself to contemplate even a slight " infraction of the law, for the exam. pie you set may catme some one else to commit a more serious violation, and this may spread to such an ex- tent that your community may be recognized as a lawless one, i which capital will not feel justified iu lo- cating. Eorce others to respect the law, not only by obeying it yourself, but by upholding the o cers of the law in every way you can. We havb fallen into the habit of ignoring our duy In this respect, but we have been afraid it might affect our busi- hess. I have come to the conclusion that we are suffering more by nel taking a part in politics and law on. forcement than we would if we did, because new industries will not locate in our midst if we are fndif ferent to these mporant bearings , There were 84,995 people who upon our social and business life, maw Dempsey knock Firpo out for One most effective way to do this count, and paid $1,070,368 for] is to serve on juries. We always plead too much business when we hi privilege. Dempsy got about I are asked to serve as Jurors, but how i$450,000"for less than four minutes i hopcle we feel when we are in  lhting and retained the eham.I court " and the other lmsines man is Ip and Firpo received a knock-] t punch and $160,000. Most cer- I oo busy to be bothered wh our affairs. "Do unto others as yeu Anly the Imople of this country love. would have them do unto you" is gO ee a flsticuff._ l the one guido for your co, duet an, The election contest which is to the rule by which you should lualg heard before the executive corn-!the actions of @there.  of this section to Jump into the dairy business with the hopes of making big profits, but he does want them to test it out intelligently, realizing that if this is done, that they will make a success and thereby never give it up. The selling of cream may apear to bring in small retmma, but all the same the weekly pay checks will be most weloome, and then, tee the other in,In,tries that grow oat of the dairy bmineas Wl help t veU the bank actmt Of cur fare. To .ust gfve this nw induy gti intelligem:g tt'al it all th tl akeA. During tBe murh of Jul) patrons of A & I. Cooptiv Creamery furnished 45,@212 pottod of butter fat tO the creamery. Now bear in mind that the 126 was not the total number of patrons but Just a part of them. Not one of these 12} furnished mder 175 pounds of butter fat--the indivhrai amounts ranging from 175 to 912 pounds. These figures represent 1,126,100 pounds of mik far July, o 104,700 gallons ef wbote milk. The daily average for the month of whole milk would be ll3,377 gallona TheSe dhiry. men are making a success eu of their business. You can dO the m, thing.Starksvflle NowL Lieut Sandemon, o'f he U. S, Marines, traveled at the rathe of-259 miles per hour in a Wright Fighter, thereby zrob only breaking the "speed record for planes, but traveled faster han any man aver traveled before. The mau who will drivle his aa at dangerously high speed aN)ng a pal> lie highway thronged with other au. tomobilee is altogether out of plee. Where h ought tO be Is were they work at hard labor ai days in t]a week and wea atriut ve7 dl', dy iael,,.   lfa" mitten of Adams county next Mon- hy is Just another strong argunvent in favor of the repeal of the absent .voter law. This writer was formerly to the repeal of this law, an ' election squabbles have as a result of its operation, we favor its repeal by he The price of cofto soared to a Zew high level on Monday when it ’Wed a gain of aout 150 pein', er $7:70 per bale. The advance fol- .|owed rports of heavy rainfall in exu and Oklahoma where cotton is the fields, threatening both and movement, and reviving that crop estimates already rt]ously low’ may he ta be atflr er reduced. oats and more oats and them nowF' is the solgan the agricultural leaders m! exlmrts of the state of MisMs- Ppi in an effort to combat the seri. mS feed problem that is confronting state. No better medium can be ound with which to meet the pros, lt crisis than a campaign to get i0t gown on ev61-y farm during the ex few weeks, There is much talk about taking out of the schools of this ahd to this end all sorts and -kinds of plans have been suggested, would accomplish end The political ma- ss strongly entrenched mhool affairs of our state as In ay other department and short of a political upheaval it. -- O - - Pa., no. negroe of that city that all resided there for and the going by the same we hear f This is l%ra €'am are nc r for mroet chn that lm "fl amnc of t vari-tm My type md Inca their comlo and utilit$.  il offer Wu not cly ecprralca] and clepe.d," • trs. port atkm, also a raore attractive le anJ.a eae ehareol motn ccm ,ve. ce --.a oombnation that makes the ot tm d Ford car mm apresaiv than ev th new Fod medals now4on display --'. Tm ,  , tAmw5 ": , .. ,'- - t,"  V'Aiy P.r,. % \\; i::i:, CAI00S • TR.UCK$ - TK2kCTOP008 , WOODVILLE iHOIOB £0. THOS. A. ROLAND, JR., Manasee. Autharlaed Ford Dealer On last-Friday evening of last week the Parent-'lacher Association gave a reception in th assembly hall of the aoademlo butldi to the facul. ty of the A. H. School and of the WeadvilI'e Gxl School, which wa attended by bout fifty of the pa- trons of these school& The offlc6rs of the association and the teachers of the A. H. School were in the recetv. ig line and fter every one had been greeted, an unmmally fine mical program was most thoroughly en- Joyed. The president of the associa. tion, M. Howari Wolf, made a very graceful speech of welcome to th new members of the Jaculty, which w cordially responded to by Mr. J. I. Dmn. t rrin. Piano were Wen by  P,erv, money y using egro can go to numbers to the aI]urng harvests to be East and re nOW to theii" oId homes in come but fbr have no money with transportation. them home, and ed a lesson t future, ' ,<';. ,,'2":. " e )f the faculty, Miss Norah Fly, of Summit, and Mrs. Roy E. Cox, and vocal solos by Mrs. F H. Steger, Mr P. M. Stoekett and Mias Willie Argue. Miss Josephine Tucker add- ed to the entertainment u?th a rad- ing in negro dialect selected from Mr. Edmund Shannon's book of poem Refreshments of ice cream and cake were rved by seven of the senior gtrls Misses Luclle Davis, Bertha Thorburn, Ima McCraine, Rega Rosso, Reginal Rabb, Helen Smith and Fannie Ruth Nettervtlle. A friend in Woodville recently re. coined a letter from Dr. O. W. Ma- Kellar, of Chicago, who ham extn. sine planting In in the north. western section of this enty, in wch the doctor gives a short but exceedingly interesting re,gew of "coud[tions" which is worth passing along to our readers. He says m part: "All the Western States are hard hit, and thousands of places are being abandoned, owners going to wage centers Hundreds-of farms over in Indiana, valued at from two to three hundred dollars per acre, are now weed-Ms. The owner have gone to work in factories. Why? Wages on farms are high, with pro. duetion low, so can't Break even. Outside employment 4or the boss and family enables them to live better and get money with which to pay taxes. Down in Wilkinson county, Miissippi, you have many and if every white man would go to work like a working man, use his brains and devote his time to farm- ing, plant and work the crops that bring money and are in defnand, the conditions there would greatly ira. prove. Better the conditions of good, reliable negroes, then let-the others come here. Well, we will make a good crop next year, 8o just let things drift along." Mr. J. F. De!each, of Woodville, Miss., is visiting his son, Mr. E. L. Deloac.h, Jr., at "Botany Bay," in Zhis parish. Just before coming to Ten,as Mr. Deloach attended a family re-union of sisters and broth- .Of eleven children born to their parents, four--two brothers and two sisters--survive. These are: J. F. Deloach, age 82; E. L. Deloach, age 77; Mrs. A. V. Morris, age 79; Miss Ellen Detoach. age 75, forming a most venerable quartette, full of age and honor.Tensas Gazette. • • • * $ $ • • • • $ • LATEST AND BEST * : An Incrusing, Lifelong Monthly :. Income if Totally and Parma. • neatly Disabled hy Accident or * • Disease Befntm Age of 6@. * • The Mutual Life lusuranee * • Company Of New York • 8100 a month during first five * • years, $150 during next ire • years, $200 thereafter for life. • No further premium deposits. • And then $10,000 at your death • to your beneficiary, or $20,000 * • if deatl at any-age, is accidental, • payable in a single sum, or as • income for a term of years or for • life. Total disability lasting 3 • months regarded, during further • continuance, as permanent. • Full particulars o[ this leeet • Life Insurance Policy givel upon request. ABE COHEN, Agent for • Mutlml Life Insurance Co. of N.Y'. • Wlville, Miu. 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