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September 15, 1923     The Woodville Republican
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September 15, 1923

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 ,: i: ii  ,, , 0000publitn assessing damages $5; 1 day apprais- We the members of the Board of , ins property $5; P. J. Phares road Supervisors of Wilkinson ounty, .......... work 3rd dist. $124,50; W. V, Mar. Miss., visited the proposed cleanse in q - .} SEPa:IMBE  15, &apos;23, ris I day appraising property $5; 1 the road at Morris' Hill and assessed day assessing damages $5; Pool Bros. damages at $25 for said change. W, Rob, L4wls, Editor and Proprietor lumber for vats $7.50; E. Lobrano V. Morris, N. S. Cage,,D. W. HLff 26 days dip inspector $78; W. W B. A. Nettles, W. T. Smith. TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION - Duty work on line fence $31.62; D. The Board poceeded to examine annum, in advance ........... $2.00 McCearley same $31.62; Van Me- list of additional assessments, reduc- " Ceal'ley same $33; F. Leak same lens and insolvencies filed by L. C. Fmtered at the postofflce at Wedrills, $19.25; Ike Carter same $25.87; L. Miller, tax eollectoz', for year ,1922. Hiss., as second-class mail matter. _ Montgomery same $15.75; W, Prater Ordered that Board do now adjourn same $25.75; J. Russ same $32; H. until 9 oclock tomrow morning. ANNOUNCEMENTS. Hastings same $3; C. N. McCraine .---, hauling, etc., $40.25; A. H. Cassrl. D.W. HUFF, President, L For District Attorney work on fence $1.50; Sam Anderson ourth Doy, R, E. BENNETT vat work $4; W. Anderson same $12 Sam Jeter $1; J. Barnes $4; Clay B. Board met pursuant to adjourn, For Store Senator Tucker prof. services ca cattle dip. meat. Present same as on yesterday I D. C. BRAMLETTE pers $30; J. Wisher vat work $10" MinUtes of yesterday read, approved im Mix $3 L. Gavin $2; T. Cav|n and signed by the president. For Representative I 5; A. S. Cassels $5; P. J. Smith $13 Ordered that clerk advertise for W. F. TUCKER f L J. Floyd $4; D. H. ]ass $3; Boy bids to build bridge across ]t/ffalo :ALEX K. FARRAR  Day $2; Mrs. Belle Corey $3; J.R. on Henley road in 5th dist, near the For Sheriff  MeCearley 52.50; L. Caseis $7; E. store of F. J Smith. A. Parker $: A. J: Leak $6: Monroe State of Mississippi, Wilkinsoxq H. A, WOOD  Brooks $6; Ike Carter $1.75: J. E. County: Whereas the work of on. i Crtor $13: H. Scott $10; T. Leak strutting two Wooen bridges in thel I For Chancery Cierb  $2.50; F. W. Davis $3; Robt. Bran. Homochitto swamp on Federal Aidi W. L. HAYS ! dnn $2..0; Mi Kate Mc,ee $ Project NO. 41, has been completed For Circuit Clerk Wallie Ferffuon $12; Carl Gavin under supervision of the State High. JOHN L. HAYS t.; Mrs. M. Phip $.5; A. C. Eniow way Dpattment, Larimer & Burger! 2. J. Sti.--s $1: E.Chmbers $1..50 Bridge Co., who executed the con- or upe|ntemdent o Education L Minor $9; . O. Stockett $5; John tract and bond to do this work, h#, JOSEPH N, MILLER Hampton $4; E M. Kee $5:.C,rk ing become bankrupt before doing so. For Assessor ]tcCraine $2: R. George $2: R. Hills now, therefore: The Board of Sup, $.%.0; G. Spearx $I; Will Roee visors of Wilkinson county now as, E. E. RICHARDSON 2.,50; Eugene Netterw-ille $5; 3. C sembled at their'regular Sept. sos, ]For Supervisor, 2nd Distriot Wbotston $5; R. Mea|ey $2.50; G sipn, 1923, do demand that the GUax , NOLAN S. CAGE ilev 2,.50; Carl Gavin haulin $2 anty Co., under its bond on behalf .... Mnrsalis Dru Store paint, etc. $2.4(} of the said contractors, pay to the For Supervisor, Fifth District Pobi, Mrc. Co. sam .2.],5" treasurer of said county the aura oi i T. G, BROWN Ewld ,fer. Co., mdse ior vat. $1.2." $486.09, being the cost to th coun- THE UNiVgRSAL CAGI ANNOUNCEMENT of Interest to MILLIONS of FAMILIES "1 will build a =ar for the toni#rude" Said Henry Ford in 1903--Rel how the ful6llment of tJmt prophecy is now made possible throulb ibe Fo00d Weekl00 Purchase Plan For many years it has been Henry Ford's per, sonal ambition to make the Ford the universal car to put it within the reach of the millions of people who have never been privileged to enjoy the ben fits of motor car ownership. During the past fifteen years over 7,500,000 Ford ears have been placed in the hands of retail customers---more than a millilon and a half of them within the past twelve months---and yet there are ,till millions of families who are hopefully looking forward to the day when they can own a Ford And now the way is open. Under the terms of this plan you can select your Ford Car, set aside a small amount each week'and you will be surprised how soon you will own it. In the meantime your money will be safely deposited to your credit where it will draw interest. Think it over. Five dollars will start an account The whole family can participate in it  father, mother, brothers and sisters each doing a litOe. Why not start today. Stop in and talk it over with your local Ford dealer. He will be glad to fully explain the details of the plan and help you get atarted toward the ownership of a Ford car. L. T. Von+r.. Jr., lumber for vat ty of this work in excess of the con- It seems that sevewal members of $4; H. C. McKev 26 days dip inspec, tract ,price, and also the sUm 0t ,the defeated faction "up in Adams to-. $7: H. N. Anderson 26 dav $76179, being the cost of engineer.[ .county are dissatisfied with the re- $104: Alex A.ley 27 days $108; D ing paid by the coUnty for supervzs-[ t of the recent primary election, A. Brannan 22 days $9; Archie ion of this work after the tme limit[  they are talking about contesting I Cr+er 22 days $77; T. W. D,wsov snecified by contractor had expired.[ the nomination of the sheriff andl 2 daw $3.50; L. L.'Eseher 24 dav*l These sums making a total of $1,-t the chancery clerk. Our advice is to 90: R.M. Inm?, 26 days .104; K" I 247.88 is the amount of liability of 1   well enough alone. . John. on 27 dx  .10; Emil T-  the Guaranty Co, as per statement ,    - bran 25 dnv $87.50; H C McKeviof the State Highway Department Former Governor Theodore Bilbo ]5 dvvq $87.50: C. N. 'IcCaine 25 on file in their office in Jackson, Miss was recently defeated for gov dnx, s 00; W. C. We,tw,rth 24 day and the payment of same releases the has given notice that he will $96; Edw. Prer work 5th dist. rda Guaranty Co., from Hability n ti$ moon begin the publication of a week. $7: W. T. Smith 1 day inspecting cau .- newspaper in Jackson. He is ca. bridge $5:1 day as,e.sing d,mn-e Adopted this 6th day of Sept. 192 and able to accomplish mucb $,5; two days supervisin rends $10: D.W. HUFF, President, ood, provided he directs ris ency. W. Hnxmes road work 5tb dist. $7" Attest: W. L. HAYS, Clerk, Isles in the proper channels. Pool Bros. lumber 5th dist. $].92" The Board proceeded to examm .... _ - D. Hnrdin road work .1 ; Kirk Rabl sheriff's reportL is reported to be an official b-]in 1 dist. 13.75: Tucker & of the earthquake as. Tuck, or levi services $25; D. W Ordered that Beard do now sdjout estimated the dead. Huff 2 days supervising road $10; until 9 o'clock tomorrow morning. missing at 1,356,749. P. Kleeher wtndln clock $5; Old La- D.W. HUFF, President. also estimated that 315,824 dlo. Home support Mrs. Sanders Jhos were destroyed. The +on00t- D,. +. +. +00o00on. Jr., ,rof De,, Ford Motor Company, in that country are necessarily orx-ces $I; W. L: Hays ostae Board met pursuant t adjourn, Detroit, Michigan. roost distressing and call for prompt $2.25; L. C. Miller mdse jail $17" meat. Present same as on yesterday. assistance, which, we are glad to say, rdse eourt house $2.25: Johns Me. Minutes of yesterday read, approved being given through the agencies ,or Co. , for tractor .Sth di.t, and signed by the president. W00DVltt[ MOTOR CO the Red Cross and other like or- $17.15: W. R. Streak|and blacksmit Additional bills were disposed of ganization. Work $4.50; R. tg aj others as follows: Bass Constructio Co... THOS. A. ROLAND, JR., Manner. -------O rd work -nd di.t. $20.7: A. L balance due on Highway $1,214.43i The State Democratic Executive O'l|on balance dlo On Yonr-as Authorig@d Ford Dealers. Caommittee met in Jackson on Tues- hdc,o $A24..50; paint nd lumbe J" T. Wright, engineer, salary High. way $106.25;.Elmo Rab3 days on day and canvassed the returns of the $54.0; F. Johnson hauling 60c. Highway $7.50; J. L. Hays copying recent primary, which showed the Ordered that the followin trans, estimate $1; Pittburg Testing Lab.  , ,, 'oHowing results: For Governor fr of funds be mde: $152.96 from testing cement $7.50; Roland Hdw. H. L, Whitfie|d 134,724; Bilbo 118,. P]l Tx fund to State School fund- Co. as and oil Highway $4.84; E. Highway $2,$50; Claud Lazarn. 143; .which gives Whitfleld a majori. $.00 from let Dit. Road fund tc H. Moore, work on ear $2.20; Trep. work at iail $4; Robt. Henley, Jr.. ty of 16,681 votes. For Cornels. - re|nor of Agriculture--Garner 121,- 2nd Dst. Road fund. pendahl & Sessions gas etc. $22.58; road wor 2nd dist. $12; R. A. J. 492; He|ton 107,595. For Railroad Ordered the Board do now adiourn Baker & MeDowell mdse Hi,.hway. Sessions mdse. 4th dist. $1.85; Lloyd commissioner of Second Districti-- until 9 o'clock tomorrow morning. $99.92; Foster Creek L. & Wright repairing bridge 3rd dist., Monday, the third day of September, 1928. Present W. V. Morris, N. S. and @verm,i 0W.00rSNp Iberiff, and W. L. Hays, clerk. Bills were disposed of as follows Clms. Cohen mdse. court house $11.- 25; W. T. Smith blacksmith work 'St xeS constitute one of the lgl*ge single items of expense irt .,.n dist., $4.70; L. C. Miller lumber 1st railway transportation service. Federal, state, cemrrty a?kt u dist., $13.23; J. W. Owens keeping taxes paid by Class I railroads for 1922 amounted to .300,620,358, an|CPa!in court house and jail $40; E. E. Rich- crease of nearly 205 per cent over their 1911 taxes, wIich we $98,626, ardson, assessor, salary for Jul and Aug. $300; L. C. Miller postage $2.- 848, 0; JoE. Stutzman blacksmith work The rate a which rai!way taxe have incd It recen y'rs 1 dist., $7; L. C. Miller jail fees, exceed the rtd of increase in gay other item of the co of providing $80.05; E. H Moore repairs on trac. v ......  " ' railway set ice. If freight and passenger rates had ileteased on {He to 4th dist. $7; Schloss Co., mdse Same scale from' 1911 to 1922, the average passenger far n 1922 od 1St dist. $18.11; mdse court house, ,eS; 8 drags 5th dist. $81.90; Clay B. have been about 6 cents g ti| arid the average charge for carrying one Tucker game warden, services, $250; ton of freigh one mile in 1922 wouM have bn about 2 1.4 cents. In- W. T. Kaigler, treasurer, salary $25 ; Stead, the average passenger fare in 1922 wa 3.028 cents a mile, an in- L. C. Miller lumber 3rd dist. $55; R. crease since 122 f only 54 per ceWt, and the average chaxge for carry-- '. Wood medicine, etc., $42.15; W. 15 one ton of freight one mile in 1922 was i,176 cents, an increase Havard road work 5th $89; Standard Since 1922 of oily 58 per cer/. 0it co., oil and gas 1st dist., $20.46; In the analysis of the Illinois Cer/al System dollar for 1922, re- lame 2ndsamedist.4th$87.50;dist. $12;same sameSrd dist.5tB eerty pubHshe, it wag shown that 6.89 eerit oi  every dollar received $48.53; J. C. Day, supt. of ed. were required to pay thesystem s taxes last vear, as compared with only postage, $162.89; A.K. 4.44 eets devoted to dividends The various gvernmentg collecting" and hands road work axes--federal, State, county and municlpalT_ received about  per cent ] $342.65; Robert Lewis, ag. more revenue from th operations of the Ilh Central Sy in 192 reraium on bond J. R. Hutchson, (her its OWaers did. $65; H. Hawkins moving tree $2; J. Comparatively few Of our clh'zens openlY favor goverrtent owner- R: Hamilton, county agent, salary, $200; L. T. Ventress, Jr., lumber 2d ship .of the raroadS. I.owever, many of the are aflg a -fl, dtt $90.18; Cue. Tel. Co. services stantml redoten m freight and .passenger rates. Some are espousing $.1 L. H. McKlemm'ry support oi' me cause o restoring the right of the forty-ei'ght sta to make rate < .  , . ; J. R. McCearley re- in confi]> with ratersate rate, Others lavor eoegtm tailw 5th dirt. $2.50; P.J. property y se_flng down values ureasonaMy. Those who see rims to 3rd dist. $1.50'; L. C. Mfl- amper th railroads are simply playing into the hands of the dyocates" lunatic to' asylum $24.- Of government owrershp. Making i more and more dicut- for the in lunacy caSeof lunacy$5; W.$6;L. railroads to exist unde ,private wn'ershp, is-recognized ag e oniy" lumber 5th dist., method through which governmeg( ownership of te raih-ds i likely McLain & Tatum wire, etc., (O be brought abouf. $I54.97; W. T: Smith The federal ;ne.nt does not ax ftS ow property Te S 4thvatsdiSt.$7.20;$16.80;same2;. o not tax ne p p cy o th federa! gevernmext. They" Could no,do' 12; Dr. W. I, Marsalis SO in the case of government.owned railroads, jus as tht' effot tax $41.66; B. TiL he prp, per{y of g ov_enb<, ed postoflices or forts or arsemds. If $50.65; Robi'nson Sue railroads should become toe p r?perty of Ot federal" zovernment 3rd dist. $82.86; znere woum De aesiryea a source o tX revenue which in 192 aoun{- and hands ed to more than $300,000,00(. FrOm what suret would the federf pqsv! ; John government, sges, coune nd municipalities make up this lost' dt. $24; reveflue 7 $40; ( ' I is not reonaSle o expec that Iowe," flWay r would cong- A. ,pensate the peopIe for their overnments' loss of tax revenae , *t' ; L.C. Iight of our ow experience during federal control' nd e xxden'c Rolq,d which foreign eountrie have had, there fs every reason to llieve thaf md,e 1  dit, gvernment ornership of {he raroads wou re_ult t n tarl._ deficit#, 'work mcn woum am have to be made up o 7 recreated fxam1. There can owr's ots,  no reasonable doubt h tile effect of governmen vnersfip would be" ; T. W. Fiowers, Mgher freight and ps,.ssenger rrtes, poorer service an.d increased taxatiort.. rr/f wor 4th .CoRstruettve herr m suggestion are invited: " I mJ for ; mffo cunty home -  "  Presldent, Illino- Central System. 545; md . 4tb ffis{ "  '  rrq on nlA- : P D. Doov hands rod work 2-d M. Co., Holmes 40,541; Morgan 39,673. The D.W. HUFF, President. lumber Highly $56.40: G. Mnthis $40; Woodville L. & W. Plant ser- committee passed resolutions de. "--- haulin Highway $12; C. ]. Trep. vices $22.27; L,' C. Miller lumber ouncing the parties who seized and Third Day pendahl alnt tli.hvv $46.45 ; Re. $9.60 ; Ben H.yne road work 5th land Hdw Co., oil, Hi.hway $4.50: ddst. $15; W: T. Newman road work burned the ballot boxes in Coahoma Board met pursuant to adjourn. C W. Cob,r balance dueon trestle 3rd dis;. $17;. county, thereby making a new elec- mont. Present same as on yesterday. $175.13; Fo.tcr Creek L. & M. C0. Ordered that L. C. Miller. fax col. ion for sheriff necessary. Minutes of yesterday read, approved lumber Highway $619.28; Colonial leeoh be charged as follows: Addi. o-- and signed by the president. Creosoting Co. payment on lum]e tional ral estate, $3,275; additional 355; insolvent palls, 3,095 at $2 PROCEEDINGS OF THE BOARD OF SUPERVISORS. ! .... ' ..... State of MiUlssippJ, Will,;nson Couaty. Be tt remembered that at a rpgu- g lar meeting of the Board of Supbrvi- IoM in and for said state and county gun and held in the court hotme m o, on IllinOiS C00lral Sgslem DlscllSS00S TaXallu personal $7,770; additional polls 293 at Z, $56; additional road tax 1st. dist. 36 at $5, 180; 2nd dzst. 46 at $5, $230; 3rd dist. 60 at $5, $300; 4th dist. 15 at 5, $75; 5th dist. 57 at $5, $285; additional male dog 145 at 1, $146; female dogs 19 at $, $57. Ordered that L. C. Miller, tax col- lector be credited as follows: Erro- ncols realty $5,950; reduced realty $100,990; insolvent personalty $Z8,. When You Need $3,884; insolvent male dogs, 421 at $1, $421; female dogs, 123 at $. $369; insolvent roads 1st dist. 158 $790; 2nd dist. 199, $995; 3rd dist. 161, $805; 4th dist. 27,'$135; 5th dit. 112, $560. The budget of Wilkinson county haivng  been prepared, ordered that clerk file the same. and have publish- ed a required by law. Ordered that the clerk draw pox diem as follows: W. L. Hays, clerk 5 day:, $15.00. Ordered that the Board do now adjourn until the next regular meet. ins D. W. HUFF, President. g * LATEST AND BEST * An |ncreaslul, Li|eloaf Montldy Income i| Totally aud Porum- nently D by Accent or Di, ease lf.e Age of 60. The Mutual Lifo%lusurance Company of New York * $100 a month during first five " years, $150 during next five years, $200 thereafter for life. * --IF YOU ARE THE AVERAGE MAN OR WOMAN, YOU HAVE TWO COURSES OPEN WHEN Yell NEED MONEY QUICKLY. ONE IS TO BORROW ITiF YOU CAN4 THE OTHER IS TO DRAW IT FROM YOUR SAVINGS ACCOUNT. WHERE IT HAS BEEN AWAIT- ING THE EMERGENCY. EVEN WELL-TO.DO PEOPLE TAKE NO CHANCES ON BORROWING THEY ALL HAVE THEIR SAV- INGS ACCOUNTS. BE WISE AND FOLLOW THEIR EXAMPLE. OPEN YOUR ACCOUNT HERE TODAY. WE PAY 4 PER CENT INTER. Commercial Member American Banker's Association. WOODVILLE, - . . A FULIL. LINE OF Fancy and Staple DELMONTE AND LIBBY CANNED FRUITS CANNED VEGETABLES AND MEATS MACARONI, SPAGHETTI, ALMEDA PURE GROUD COFFEE in 3-pouud tins. AND A General Line Dry Goods SHOES, HATS, ETC. AUGUST METZGER /IARTEN THE REXALL DRUG STORE YOU ALWAYS GET THE BE.ST OF EVERYTHING, AT rile RIGHT PRICES, AND WHEN YOU WANT IT, WHEN YOU BUY FROM THE REXALL DRUG STORE. WE ARE HERE TO SATISFY OUR CUSTOM. ERS ALWAYS, AND WE DO IT. _004ARTEN THE REXALL DRUG STORE No further premium deposits. And then $10,000 at your death to your beneficiary, or $20,000 * : if death at any age, is accidental, :  .......... = = = - = = = = - .... 4 payable in a single sum, or as : income for a term of years or for : life. Total disability lasting 3 months regarded, during further * i Full particulars o-"--f this Perfeet J 1 Life Irmuranee Policy given J upon request. ABE COHE--, Aleut for Mu,u., ,........ N.Y. l can make attractive Woodviil Miss. FOR g.LE. One 20 h.. p. Atlas I boiler; one 16 h. p. engine; me I 24-inc/ French buhr gr mill, at I reasonable prices. Apply" W W. 1 ! FERGUSON, Pone 73;-Toodville, t Mis. 825-4w: prices on what you want to buy. I have what you want.... FETIT1DN FOR PN.'-'-- To tl lonorable Lee .-Russell, Goveno!, and Stat" lradoning I Board of e stt o Upp: I We; ti..uttl idnt eitl zenf #f Wilkinson nty,' Missis- I sipp, wofld respe{fuH'y petition I your Honorable Body" t# consider and your' honorable l)ddy" t( Consider and grant unto Wi}]ie Feittm a purdon, Petitieners w'O([, silo#" that the said Wiie Felus is a colared man about 34 years old', and has a famfl'y. and' was at the Ocober, 192i, term of tfi srcuit Court of Wflison county, indicted, tried and convicted of the crime 6f murder, and" #ent tO the State l%hidntiary for life. Dry Good, Grocerie00 Feed Stuffs, Etc, R,A.J, has. since de'vel6ped  that al' Imlie[ until tile date" 6"f present were too drunk to give a" i also has a wif accbunt of te kiUig, and trio at th'e I nd means of" time the ftal  sht was fired, the de- labor, tey ceased was advancing on the sai'di owing to the Feltus .with a pistol in a shooting po- ins the Petitioners would show that the siti0n, it was shown upon the .ear: lieve that killing occurred at night; at a negro ins in this ease by good white-testi- sufficiently dance, or frolic, Where there was mony that this negro Feltus ha turned loose quite a etbweL  and pra- never been in any trouble in his life Sefui citizen tieally all until was from a 1 kRlin' of and lsl en a hard. negro