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September 10, 1898     The Woodville Republican
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September 10, 1898

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the danger grals of impure blood. ow that the stream of life is in bud nditisn that health is in danger of wreck. tho coursg by taking Hood&apos;s Saran- be made pure, corn, fair and healthy, and life's journey Sarsa- parilla ls me's Oreast bledlelne. St; six for IS. Pills cure indigestion, biliousness. , =  : / .... ? (  / c , ' 5? '  WORSE THAN WHISKY. ] POWER OF PRINCIPLE. I Drinking o! CoHos lnllmOderute/y |Demoeratm Will Keep Up he Fight Seriously Affects tile Action  Against Plutocracy and of the I/cart. Corruption. It would shock a teetotaler to tell The idea has been advanced that by him that coffee drinking is more in. "pairing with the republlcans in ques- jurions to the human system than dons arising out of the war," dead- whisky driuking, yet that is plat' crass can then change the subject and tlcally what Dr. ()liver P. Rex, medical talk of something else. The absurdity director of the Penn Mutual Insurance of expecting democrats to pair with re- company, says. The medical gentle,, publicans on issues involving the dec- men who guard the interests of the, taration of independence and the deca- insurance companies have done much logue is self-evident. The ph|toeracy to teach the present generation how which now controls the republican to live. Itaving the best opportu, party is radically opposed, even in Was CrueL nities of studying physiological prob- peace, to the Ten Commandments and I will have mywhit, leas, they are able to draw very ac' to the principle that all just govern- curate general conclusions from the meat rests on the consent of the gov- MrJ: N (reproachfully)Why, John, great number of individual cases which ] erned. And still more radically is it op- Ldn't tmnK youeould  so ileartiess, You ome under their observation as meal, I posed to them in all issues involved in Lte,w how baby loves to pull them.--Ul to ical examiners. ] the use of the war power. Plutocl'atio The War Is er The physician for an insurance com. | republicanism stands for the greatest now our thoights are all of pce and pany always makes a careful examina- | possible coercion in the exercise of gov- h There are, o often, people to be lion of the action of the heart for ernmental powers. Democracy stands fnd who have no home, and it isto thorn organic or functional derangements, for the least possible. Democrats be- ie few words are addrd. If you real- If he finds an organic trouble which lieve in a resort to force only at the ly Wan a tmme you can easily get o, but you oald act at once before tire relapse cannot be removed, he usually "turns last extremity, and then only to pre- from the war pois pri(( oa the advance, dov:n" the applicant for insurance, vent oppression. William J. Bryan de- In Marinette Cou: tv, VVisnsin, he very lie finds plenty of cases with tune- fined democratic principle admirably fist farrnhg !andqs to  had now at a tlonal troubles due to various canses, when he said, at Omaha: me, lesS figure. Ex(llent h(ane mar- are at handto take whaler the farm. which may be cured in greater or less "Until the right has triumphed in and )od pricaregivcn. Thc time by removing the causes. Ite d- every land, and love reigns in every on t'he t hkago, Milwaukee & St. heart, government must, as a last re= and full irfformatiou con- beats, and to a well-traind ear the sort, appeal to force. As longns the op- Fit ? Sects these by Jistening to the heart. cheerfully be furnished variation of these heartbeats from th( ]itinS,Chicago.lmmigration Agent, 161 rhythm of a healthy heart indicates Preprln the Case. one cause of the derangement. witness gives a differ. It is easy, Dr. Rex said, to note the the accident, difference between the "bicycle heart," Yes; if e put them all a "whisky heart," and a "coffee heart." : lary may thmk ourelieat These troubles are so frequently met four aceMents,Puck. with by examiners that they are com- "La,a ot tlae Sky," only known by the above names. pressor is deaf to the voice of reason so long must the citizen accustom his shoulder to the mulet and hls hand to the saber." Plutocratic republicanism involves force, not as "a last resort," but imme- diately whenever fraud fails to accom- plish its purposes of oppression. Be- iween these deas there can be no "pair- North Carolina, between the The man or woman who overexercises tng" and no compromise. They are in on the east and the Alleghanies by riding a bicvele up-hill, or "scorch' opposition to each other so radically in the beautiful valley of the two thousa feet above the ing," produces an enlargement, or hy, that their conflict from the beginning ertopy, { the heart. Te atimula, of civilization until now has bathes of o' 'bf a|0h0"l, t0baeo tTee or tea the worhl in the blood of the martyrs bthm of the beats. |of liberty who have (lied rejoicing to consists of two sounds, l be able to die in behalf of the glorious one long one short. In tile first |truth that the best possible govern- h,leint- blood is filling the relaxed heart; i;/ment depends on the least possible s tru,v thc "Land of the the second, be heart Contracts withlforee. That is the fundamental truth ,eoiS' t tinererh@ ,t tonattractSre auti.pleas. a corkscrew motion and violently ex-|of democraey. The man wlio abjures or hdtti seekers. Covenient pels the blood from the arteries. It/it, abjures democracy with it. He op- tow a to Asheville is essential to a healthy circulation poses himself t, liberty,Io good gov- that the first movement should be ecru- ernment, to the possibilities of prog- Generally the Caae, Simperlig !', leave a very small hole in were taken azy,"-Chieago MI writes: "Lean assure you instance has Dr. Moffett s l%wdS proved "a fail tried ootbiag remes and known to ns and the 'old women,' gg'rulN iS proeminentIv a success and to mother$ and chilaren." iu short periods. Hewonldeonfin th ha0"probably not less than a thret.- Ie. in Time Saves Nine of Hale's use of coffee to two cupsaday. Coffee fourths majority of the congressional of lIorehound ad Tar for Coughs. topers are plentiful, and are as much districts. They have now so many as lhops Cure in one rninute. ied to their cups as the whisky toper democrats can carry by the most aff- 1Vh" lie Had lloDem . I'he effect of the coffee upon the heart ,ressive npposttiou to plutocracy at (deislvety)-My ughterit is more !astinff, anti, consequently, all points, whether in civil or in mili- to get married. (peasively)._lqulteagree worse than that'of liquor. It is a tar3" affairs. And since plutocracy is :mieVeryyearmakea powerful stimulant, and in ccrtah most dangerous when in control of the wyouknow.--Judge, cases of extreme weakness is mor military power, it needs especially to valuable than liquor. Am a beverage be opposed at that point if democracy it is important to use it only at the ts to win. eIvse of a meal, when it is said to as' Such leaders as Mr. Bryan, Mr. sist in digestion, In this respect it is B!and. Hon. J. K. Jones, chairman of of the Classic Style. unlike tea which, by its tannic acid. the democratic national committee, an ex. prevents digestion, and Mr. Altgeld, of Illinois, have your town ?" Meu and women alike suffer from thought on this subject with calm dis- we rooted for it," plied the ha. too much coffee, but men alone in thD Interestedness aud have spoken on it Tribune. country at least, are the sufferer with due sobriety. 'leo Cure  12010 in One Day from "tobacco heart," the result prin- The power of the principles of the Quinine Tablets.. All cipally of moking. There is not only Chicago pb{tform is greater than that fit fails to cure. 25c. a stimuhts which comes from smoking of money or of armies. The doradO- and chewing alike, but there is the racy tbey represent is the great tnspir. t'sreported that aetion of the nicotine in smoking, ins force which moves men forward She"V, ell I'm not to ' ,t fact that it s only a report. hich creates an addftional disturb- giving them heart for self-sacrifice and ance of the heart,s functions. Dr. Rex courage for self-devotion. With that |tilPs Catarrlt {:are has found that smoklngafteriheday' power Impelling them, with that |saContitutiona] Cure, Price75c. work is d<ne i less harmful than the streugth animating them, democrats hunt up their own kind just as , as water seeks its owu level. (Ia.l Democrat. pleiad, aud the heart filled, before the reds. tie also abjures common sense.! second is begun. " *" Strong stinmlants The republican party has only one dlsturb this regular action, shortening hope of holding the country, and that the leugth of the tong beat, andalong lies in keeping "war issues" at the continuance of their use may make front and in so sntalnlng the war ex- ths derangement permanent, eitement as to prevent plutocratic cor- The best remedy, of course, istore- ruption and oppression of being ex- move the cause, and the doctor re- posed. The day before the war wasde- ferred to several cases where marked clared, the democratic party and its beneficial results wereprodnced with- populist and silver republican allies morning and midday cigar. In one or should be inserted in the mar- two cases that he mentioned gentle- te nmn to promise that nlen had told him that by for his wife open a rding house.--A[chison Globe. smokicg during the dy they found their bruins clearer for business and their digestion i/nproved. Of course, it will be understood that as the heart is the center of lhe cir. culatory system, any disturbance of its action must affect every part of the body; and this in turn produces disease in other organs. It is not sur- The Buckle Printers' Roller Company Printm' Rollers and Composition modern maehta and are prered to fi order3 Iarauteed rvA, tmth free from pin holes. UNEXCELLED &r  fine worL ....... prS and liberal a  trne and igte to a. Remember to sht ua or write for : ths adveriteraent. /ViA KE ell klns WELLS fr Village Water Ptanls, Brew- s, Irgatlon, and tqieral Prospering, Oil and Ga% etc. LATESI" at BEST. 30 YEARS EXPERIEICIL Write us WZAT YOU want, will move to the attack on plutocracy, never slopping until they are in pos- session of its intrenchments. THE REFERENDUM. Illinois Ilepubileans Are Opposed to the Basic Principles of Our Government. The republican party of the state of Illinois has seen fit to take issue _._x... AN OUTRAGEOUS INJUSTICE. HEROES OF WAR. The Dlngley War Tax Measure Is am From the Chicago Times-Herald. Bad as His Turlff The feeling of admiration for heroes of Iniquity. war seems to be irmate in the human heart, and is brought to the surface as the opportu- nity and object preseuts itself. Frqm his stronghold in Maine Mr. Among those who proved their heroism Congressman Dingley gives out the ut- during our Civil War was A. Schiffeneder, terancc that "the war taxes, some of of 161 Sedg- them, will probably be permanent." wick Street, Chicago. He The "probably" is well put in. Be- ianAustrian yond any reasonable doubt Mr. Ding- by birth, [ r/ ley speaks for the republican party, c am e to America at Continue it in legislative power, and the age of the ar taxes hat came so conven- twenty, and iently to the aid of the treasury, coy- became an ering np the failure of the Dingley American l'W- citizen. H e \\; N, tariff measure as a revenue producer, was living at :r. will be continued. Milwaukee " " The people of the United States, who when the call ' - for volun- [ have to pay wur taxes and all other teers came demands of government, are yet to be early in 1862, " heard from. Presumably they will not a n d h e Hereeefvedawoun& care topaywar taxes in time of pcaee, promptly enlisted in CompanyA, of the wenty.sixth Wisconsin Volunteers. In social combination you're in. /t's the boys and they will want statesmen at Wash- the Army of the t otomac he saw much fiht- ad girls and cards and dancing you want. "ngton who wil/ readjust the burdens ins, campaigning m the Shenandoah Valley. se tryingto pull the wool over my eves." of taxation so that they may fall xvil h In the first day's fighting at the battle of ery well. We'll try to do otir cluty. Gettysburg, Schiffeneder received a wound  ff you da make it hard. We, at least somelbing of evenness upon the !u the right side, which afterward caused have some sympathy for the afflicted." iwealth of the United States. him much trouble. With a portion of his h, you have? Sweetly disinterested, Mr. Dingley will be retained because regiment he was captured and imprisoned 't you? How much didyou take in at in his drastic tariff measure, which at Bell Island and Andersonville, aad after- ast blowout?" ward exchanged. Ite returned to his regi. ust $13.60," proudly fell heavily upon al/ other citizens of ment, which was transferred to the army of I e]l, I'll gi e you'just $30.50 for the tbe United States, be discriminated in General Sherman, and marched with him ! if you'll n ,t inflict yourcoworkers o favor of hi: district. See Section 20 through Georgia to the sea. [ Now, how's vour eharitvg" n cf his act, provi(Hng that the produce In campaign Mr. Schiffeneder's old 1 :aroma, I wis) to the lancl vou'd eom [ wound Iegan to touble him and he was [ down here. Papa's actm nerfeclv a,f,,! ; of the forests of the state of Maine sent to the hospital and then home. He' and she tiounced out of trhe room'vhi'ie-a [ ulmn the St. John river and its trib- na( also contracted catarrh of the stomach laughed srdonically--Dctroit Free Pros---| ,,taries owned by the Ameriean citi- and found no relicf for years ......... " ........ - / zens and sawed and hewed in the prov- ,"I, happe,,.ed to readan account of Dr. No "Wonder the Ouery. [ vv idams' 1 ink Pills for Pale I eople about When thc news came to the Chickamauga lace of New Brunswick by American ear. ago," he sad, 'and thought that hospital of the destruction of Cervera's fleet [ citizens, {be same being otherwise (Y: ng:c ne goou or my troume. con- one of the nurses commenced to read it aloud. manufactured In whole or in part. clude to try them. I bough one box and He had got as far as the tatement that the which is now admitted into the ports begat to take them according to directions. Brooldyn had been hit 45 times, whenafever They av, me great relief After finishing patient, a little out of his head shout . f the United S/ales free of duty, shall that ] ox [ bought aother, and when I had "'Great Scott! Wha nsf,q,,'t,-.'',,.. d,, continue to be so admitted, taken tne pdls 1 felt that I was cured. I -4San Francisco ,Vae." ............. :"" Mr. Dingley took care to abandon in recovered my appetite and ate heartily. I behalf of hls own constituents a re- can testify to the good the pills did me." Mr. Schiffencdm. is a prominent Grand strictive policy, whereas he made car- /rmy man in Chicago, whither he moved lain that the restrictions should op- some years ago with his family. erase against every other constituency in the Umted States. SCHOOL AND CHURCtL Mr. Dingley's tariff measure was an outrageous inj,tsttee, llis subsequent :Eighty years ago there were 357 for- ar taxaticn measure ts extremely eign missionaries; to-day the umber vexations, and borne only because the is above 14000 needs of war prosecuted by the The Methodist Eplseopal church, United Stales demanded the cheerful south, in Nashville, has 21churches an acquiescence of the people of the 7,885members. United States, but now that the war is There are in London 64 circnils and at an end it is the duty of the people misslorrs, 200 chapels, 139 ministers, in their own interests to take care and 36,758 members. that there shall go to congress repre- Nearly 00 per cent. of the students al sentativeslo lifting in part tbebur- den of taxation, custom house or oth- ]russian universitiesbelongtothepoor. er classes and have difficulty in paying or, will so rearrange the whole scheme their way. of federal taxation as to make its en- actions fall as well upon the great ac- The total eurollment of world-wide cumulations of wea/th in the conntry Christian Endeavor is 54,191 soeleties as upon the slender savings of him with an individualmembcrshipofmore ho labors with his bands, than 3,250,000. The total outlay for the cathedral of REPUBLICAN OFFICIALDOM St. John the Divine, on Morningside Heights, as it will be completed, is now The President Is Loolln" After lhe estimated at about $8'000,000. Interests of England lu '/'here were at last accounts more 'I'htsCo,ntry. than 6,000 Friends in Philadelphia alone, and probably uo fewer than 50,- InAmerk.a the opinion wasdeflnitc. 000 in the state of Pennsylvania. ly reached that Amass Stone's mil- lions had more to do wilh his selee- l'rineeMaxmilianofSaxony, whobe. tiou by Mr. McKinley of John I1ayas ease a priest a few years ago, has secretary of state than any otherfae- been appointed bishop ofKulm, inwest tot. Prussia. The prince is 28 years of age. We l.ave from England an altogelber The Congregationalists have made different view. The London Tim great advance in their ministerial re- says, in speaMng of Mr. IIay's recall lief work in recent years. From Au- from England: "We must console our- gust, 1895, to Apri130,1898, theyreport selves with the reflection that the for- a total collection for this fund of $51,- tgn affairs of the United States are 314.50. in the hunds of a man who bas learned One hndred and twenty three worn- from actual observation what arethe en students have entered Berlin univer. necessities of tbe foreign policy of sity this term. Of these 88 are Get- England." marts, 12 Americans, and four Austri- No formal aUiance, offensive or de- artS. Great Britain, Hungary and Swe- fensive, has been struck up hetween den seal one student each. l.:ngland and the United States. That ]'resident Itarper has announced that would requirea treaty which thepres- Mrs. Emmons Blaine's gift of $250,000 ldent would be obliged to submit to to the University of Chicago to estab- THOSE CHARITY PARTIE& The Head of the House Had His IIIt and Then Paid for His Fnn, The two fair daughters of the household were discussing the entertainment they pro. posed giving for the henfit of a little work of charity m which they were interested, and, as a matter of course, the old gentleman had to have his say. "It's an infernal nuisance," he declared. "The house will be in a commotion for a week, nothing will be thought of but your y, and everything willbe disarranged. night we will all be awake till wellto- d morning, and the next day, those who are not sick will go about snarling and half I ash p. I call it nothing but tomfoolery " I -aria sat " ' .- , d the eldest, "don't you under- I stal d that we are going to help some of the [ poor and that every cent we make will pro- I vide them with some comfort. What you ! snores do ]s to encourage us." / "Don't talk silly. It's a good deal you girls care about the charitable feature of this States. who are not ripe for any such alliance. But we may gather from London that a policy which will not be declared openly or formally will be given op- eralion by an indirection. Mr. McKinley selects for the bead cf the department of state in the United States a man who bas learned from actual observalioa what are the necessities not of the United States but of the foreign policy of England. We may reasonably suppose that it is the English clew that .Mr Ilay goes into the cabinet of Mr. McKinley as England's particular representative. IN BEHALF OF THE SOLDIERS. An /nstanee. A'0p--May s mtensely feminine 3 s Upton-M?reso than other girs? " en, sue asked the macKsmith the other da ! her horse couldn't wear shoes a size smal,ler."--Puck. Has Not Slept for Five Years, It is reported that a man in Indiana has not, had an hour's sleep for five years. Ite constantly walks about, unable to re.t, and is now litA]e more than a skeleton. There are thousands of men and women who are unable to sleep m n'e than an hour or two a night because of nervousness, weakness; dyspepsia, headache and constipation. A certain remedy for these disorders is Hos. tetter'sStomachBittcrs. Alldruggists sell it. Not vtranted. CapLain--I can get. a great attraction for our ball nine. A pitcher witlt a wooden leg. ,Lanager--Nope. It won't do. We don't want no useless timber on the team.--Up to Date. Dropsy treated free b Dr. H. H. Green's Sons, of Atlanta, Ga. ].'he greatest dropsy specialists in the world. Read their adver- tisement ia another column of this paper. To please a man find out what he wants-- what he needs is of minor importance.- Ram's tIorn. Lots of men don't know enough to stop gerinsg " when they strike oil.--Chicago Daily Oflf00 If you are young you nat urally appear so. If you ar old, why sp- pear so ? Keep young inwardly; we will look ai'ter the out- wardly. You need not worry longer about those little streaks of gray; advance agents of age. will surely restore color to gray hair; and it will also give your h,,ir all the wealth and gloss of early life. Do not allow the falling o[ hair to threaten you ongerwith baldness. Do not ,ed with dandruff. m sed you our book on the Hair and Scalp, free upon request. Wrlto to th Do.toe,. If you do not obtain all the ben0 fits you expeetod from tho uso o tho Vlor, writo the doctor about It. Pt, obably thero ta some difficulty wtth your general ttystcm which may be easily removed. Addross DR. J. C. AYER, Lowell, Mass, Pro)erIy Defined. '"What is firmness, father?" "Firmness, my boy, is obstinacy in oul 8elves." "And what is obstinacy?" "Obstinacy is firmness in somebody else." ---Chicago Post. the senate of lhe Unlted States. and lish a col]eJect tcacherswi]]beput to vutctawucamaNv.,vo,avavmztv, ntwoacvv. the president, might well hesitate to use at once, and that the newdepart-  .............................................................. __ frther such esteem lest ],is popularity men will be opened on October 1. D@l]llt.@@@% s,'ffer among the people of the United A WHITE HOUSE BELLE.  "THRIFT IS A COOD REVENUE," (tueen Vletorla's Attentions to the CREAT SAVlNC RESULTS FROM A Dnty That Denloer|fs Oxve to lhe Brave Defendert of Our (011B t ryes l{Oll oro When congress meets there will be an investigation as to the conduct of the war. If the republicans succeed in retaining a majority in the hollse he result of that invest]gution will be simply a whitewashing of Alger nnd all the rest of the incompetent and venal officials appointed by the repub- lican administration. There have been mauy corrupt bargains, great inca- t,,city and innumerable b/unders dur- !rrg the short campaign agains| tbe SFaniards. These matters should not bc hushed up. Soldiers who have been starved 133' robber eommissarles, neg- lected by incompetent officers, mur- dered by lack of proper medical atten- t,on, shouhl bc remembered by con- gress, and the men who caused nil this needless suffering should be severely pnnished. Iut if the republicans re- main in power the congressional in- vestigation will prove a farce. For this reason democrats should labor strenuously to return their candidates to the house of representatives. Tbts is a duty lhe party owes to the sol- diers. The war was brought about largely through democratic influences but the injuries to soldiers have all proceeded from republican adminis. tration. Soldiers wha have suffered will hesitate to bring lheir cases be- fore a republican congress; therefore in behalf of these hrave defeuders of the flag, democrats should work zeal- ously for success.--Chicago Dispatch. wih the democrats on the qnestion of prising, therefore, that examining sur- direct legislation, as represented in the gcnnsof the armyhve rejected many in.tiative and referendnm. In the flue,looking fellows with tobacco state platform, adopted by thedemo- hearts, and bicycle hearts, on the erats, the referendum was favored and ground that they would break down the party is pledged to carry such a under the strain of service in the field, law Into effect in case the people give ---Philadelphia Ledger. the party sufficient support to elect. FIVE BROTHERSAT In other words, if the democrats of Illinols carry lhe legdslature, the peo- ple of the state will thereafter have a Entire Fantll of a Boston Banks ehauce to vote on all important ques- Are Serving Their ttons, before they becomealaw, Thus country, the people at large would become ex- ecutive, as was originally intended by There is related in Washington a thefoundersofourrepublic. Justwhy remarkable story of the present war, the republicans can muster np sufli- showirg the patriotic devotion of five eient nerve to oppose the democrats sons, the entire family of a well- on this question, is n mystery. There known IG,%ton banker, who for years is neither logic nor wisdom in their has been a legal resident of Newporl, course. Yet the republican press of R. 1. The old gentleman. George 1I. the state is unanimous in opposing Norm;:n. owns a cottage near the city democracy on this point. It is too of ewt)ort , and each of his sonslike- much like saying that the people are wise has resided there for many years, not sufficiently wise to legislate for Each one for himself has an outfit for themselves. If the people of Illinois land am] sea. some of the finest yachts are wide awake, they will answer the on the coast being at present possessed republicans at the polls tn November. by Hwse young men. Socially they and in a manner that will teach them hav stood high, and personally they a lesson, have been quite popular. Early in the war Maxwell joined the rough riders PARAGRAPHIC POINTERS. and distinguished himself at La .... Quasina, San Juan and :El Caney. - No eritictsm of the conduct of (;corse 1L, Jr., was made a junior lieu- tfi war epartment is coming from tenant in the navy, and was asslgned the army contractors. Secretary Al- to the Gloucester. He was in the fa- ger has a few supportersleft.--Spring. mous engagement with the destroyers field (Mass.) Republican. Piston and Furor. nnd received AdAir- In honorir.g the nation's heroes .............. al Cervera on a steam launch. Guy was Hon. teve Elkins should not be for- the third 1o volunteer, tie received the gotten. Mr. Elkint contributed large- appointment of ensign, and wasplaeed IN to the success of the war by vo- n the Iowa. Aeeordingly he was in eiferously opposing tt.- Chicago tl,e naval battle offSantihgo. :Reginald Chronicle. was on the staff of Gov. L{ppitt, of There is no longer any question Rhode /hlnd, before his appointment that there will be an inquiry into the : ensign Jr, the navy and assignment conduct of the war department under to the Frolic. The fiftb and last. Hugh, Alger, and there is just as little that like all be resl. was a striking, fine- there will be a great dealof rottenness looking, extremely handsome youth, developed.Peorta Herald. The ldest was the last to ca- The war with Spain wtll soon be tel the service, but they were all over, but the trusts and corporat{ons prompt to respond to the eall of their will continue to push thetr invasion (-ountry, Ilugh belongs to Watson's 6f the rights ot the people, and will squadron, ready for departure to capture every Iroaghold that is left Slain or the Canayies, and holds the for a minute unffuarded.--Kanaa City commission of a lieutenant in the Times. Senator ttanna's reported sug- . gestion that war records will control navv. These assignments were made It is a good thing that the supply in 1900 should convey a very strong in- at the uggesiiol of lepresentative cf Ohio statesmcrt ia inexhaustible. Situation to the adminislration that ff Hull, who has taken great iuterest in John/lay, of Ohio, ts to succeed Judge the career of these young men.--N. Y. Day, of Ohio, as ecretary of state, it does not take preventive measures Tribnne. tl)at Judge Da/ of Ohio, may take a ] now it may be forced to fight the presi Its Meaning. place on the peace commission sad I dential campaign or, Algcr's war red IAtt|e Eimer--Pa,whatdoes"Se]ahl,, afterward a United States judgeship, l ord. irrespective of tt own desirea.-- rcean? . " Whitelaw Reid, of Ohio, is l'ike]y to [ Pittsburgh Dispatch. succeed John Hay, of Ohio. as minister [ ----Col. William J. Bryan will nc:l gn ltkePrf'thcBradheadIt;erm senaorialiS a .onrtesy,"gd &eal to Eugland. Any Ohio men unprovlded I down to future generations as one of my s,m. It sounds well, but nobody o their papers,--] those who dared, but did't.--Buffalo kow what t meanPttck, | Times. Niece of President Buchanan o1| a Iteeent Vlmlt A Sew days sluee the cable brought word tha Queen Victoria had given a spocial reception to Mrs, Harriet Lane Johnston at Windsor castle. It is an- ]:ounced that the prince and princess of Wales are shortly to pay a similar honor to this distinguished Amerlcun woman, who, while her nnc]e, James Buchanau,was president of the United States. filled lhe onerous position of "Lady of the White House" most gra- cious]y -Miss lfarriet Lane's first appearance ht public life was as the companion of her uncle in London, where, from the spring of lS54 to the fall of 1S55. she shared with him the soeial duties of the American minister at the court of St. games. It was a trying post at that time. The Crimean war was on, and there was considerable irritation and friction between the British and Anterican governments growing out of certain questions of neutral duties raised by that confilct. Napoleon III. was then at the zenith of his power. Miss Lane appears to have made deep impression upon Engltsh society, and more than one Englishman of higit rank paid court to her in vain. In the fall of 1855, however, Mfss Lane re- turucd to America. Mr. Buchanan's letters to her rom London, where he remained a little longer, bear evidence that her departure was sincerely, and by some of her admirers sorrowfully, regretted. At his last audience with her the queen "desired to be kindly re- mentbered" to Mr. Buchanan's beauti. ful niece, whose conquests among her courtiers were well known to her. It was the talk cf London at that time hat Mss Lane looked very much as the the queen lookvd before her marriage. A foreign correspondent, deserlbing her at the first New Year's reception at the white house, after Mr. Buehan. an became president, wrote: "The Anglo-Saxon beauty in ful toilet de demi-deuil, wearing no ornament but a necklace of see(] pearls, looked charm- ins, receiving the ladies and gentle- men presented with grace and affabil- ity. She was surrounded by groups of diplomats and officials, with ladies of her acquaintance, forming a picture more beaut iful, although not so gaudy, ] as the sovereign she resembles; that ts ] before Queen Victoria became Mrs.[ Albert Guelph." f The heart and hand of Miss Lane.[ sought so earnestly and vainly by I titled EngIishnten, were given in 185 [ to Mr. Henry Elliott Johnston, and[ her husband and thei two son[ have all preceded her to the grave. Ill was in this city that her married life[ was passed. Like the queen, who has] Just shown her an unusual honor, her| later years have been sorrowfuLBaI.l " Hurrah I Battle Ax has come," Evetylxr who reads the newspapers knows what pros,, tioa and suffering were caused in Cub--IW the failure of the supply of tobacco provided by the Govcramcnt to reach tim camps of the U. S. Soldiers. Batt0000 en marching, ghting trnping wheeling stantly relieves t[ t dry taste m the mouth__ I:00emember the name. , x when you buy