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September 10, 1898     The Woodville Republican
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September 10, 1898

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Saturday, 8eptmbe, 10. ,__. ........ ++Z: : -"- . ..... J. S. LIAVI,., Edltx)r and l&apos;roprie(or. T0 ADVERTISLRS. + "|'tIE ,VoODVILI.E I)IPL'I;LICAN is the oldest netvsp,'pvr in the St:de: has a l,n':ger Dram fid rcu]aiion than any ethel newspaper it: tiffs section: therefore "" is Th t00v#Lm0000 00dIu=, ANN()|;N(;EMENT. Fol{ ( ?(IN(; l{Ess. IX 2"II 4 "ONG ItE<I()N2IL I)IST. V. F. L()VE. =$7 - IL)n+ J. W I:)lI(.v detih,s that he 8ttempted toinfltlenee the nomina- lion in John Allen's district, It d.n't n)atler atoll lee lictlter 3on di+l or not * *l.Ib -. ......... The 1st apd 2111] IJSS , IPv nests +rill be Ini/slvrcd ()!it at l.Utlder<lah+ NI)rir++ nfter +}0 ('lays furl()ngh, provided there is no seri+)u. hitch i, the i)eaee neL, otiath)ns. This ill leave the 3r,I lls., r(-hne))t,, or battali)n, a tee tnd+'r..,tand, two+ lhlrds .f hose men)hershil) is from Cld<;+)+), n. the rvl)re.('ntative t)f *) lhi S,ate in llw V, Hunle(.r +rn)v. Convention of V, is('on+in refused t+) ffnse aiih the P-pnlis:s aud the later |lave nt/n)inalcd a state Ill'eL. Ill Arkansam there xas fusiou hetween the Itel,ul)lican and Pepulits, the [I)eni- oeratsg)ing it alone 'l'liese are certain indiuaLi+)ns thaL the l)em()- erat!c party iv regainii) 8Ollle!hln of its former vi()r and st+If rcJ:.anc(:. +++ *  ,l+i+ i,.+ ) We iv-re mislead a shurt time atnce in flsser+ tllg thaL ' 'n poll I It(. cotieitlsi(Jll Of a spt't+t'h It) Gov a Latirhl at (, rlhaqe, LeMie co, linty, "'the far, e rov, dpresent unanimt u ly end,n'ed his ad)ninistratiot,". We II,OY learn that a resol,lion endorsing ete, Was+ sl)rttn  on the tneeting and whil o))Iv a few w)Lcd h)r it, rite the crowd dld not see lit to vote. lJtCsilnial)Iy out of (:otirtcs'), tO the Governor of the State v, ho was priest The people of Luake cuut$- ns it .ill)ears are pretty re,tit like nh)st intelligent l)C(tple else lv.,re n+ the Sla;e. We have received tim Set)re)st)or innll)er of t he l,adi+ s l l,)tn e .h)tt rnal. l)v the C)lrt:s l)tH)lihln Coral)any ' Iq)lladeltdiia Its ',contents are x, ,y ttractive. The orivs. rhcles and editorialc.ntribut!utis are welt and ftt!Jy ILleetrale(l. As are also the + +aiany ++thjrctS and fashlolls Ill uhtch the ladies are interested particularly l'ractlcal-matters are n(JL negh't'ted l)y any means, as for instance. " l'he uine,+S Girl's F+venings," I)y l{nth As| "Picklihg tend Canning f,)r +d i.tcr'" 113 ' .Mrs. Raver, and +'Fresheni)l {'p ]k Wardrohe," I) 3, Emma 31 Heel)or. "rtlE ('AT.XLOt;vr: of the West Mi+s. Arw, tfltaral, Mechanical and Live toek Exposition has been received The premmtt) lsts for the ('attic. ) +wtne, I (mltrv and l{,)rllCillttirat a++d Aeric+ultttral l}epariments art' :omt)tehen sive and litteral Due attention also is given to the Art F+aleatt+,na| and l)epartme)tt of Woman'+ work. which latter ts very )t'nideie Exhit)ils from the A)'i+ cultural Experiment Ntatiun of this Ntale and l,otfiiana ill be made. (/()N(iRESsXI,\\;N J()IIN Tile IiAI'TIA,] )F O.I1 bL- ""> + "'" EawaTd Mc[le00 00011e00e Made a) w,, ht)urs Sl)(.euh that cap-1 .....  .+t} . .. ., . . ,. ,- ...... + tJeneral Sir lierbert Kitchener ,..i! " " ! t,,'ate,, tiis all(urn, e at , ne sOl,tiers .... i EE . , + Ill=tel' a Ctilllllalgn O17 tWO years 1 ,'eunion :it (;l<)st('l Mr. Allen miles ! ,ur)de the most effeelive speech lhrough I000 (if d(.ser! lli{ e,,unt,'y h,, ,,I)turett (),,,,11,,',1)11,,, <,,'I V, O0 D FILLE, JIISS. th:.t was (telivered in the last { (:()tagres+ against the al)uses of tt)e l)ervi,h cat,it=,l. The At'oils ,.+ W/l/Open its 37th Annua/gession, Sept. 7th, 1898.  met the Ih'iti,h-Eyl)lin:l army the pet>h,, svste,n in this court- outside of the mty :ln(l charged it l try, If, at the i)roper time, he relleatedly regar(lles of life should canvass the State as an,al?nost. The l)ervishes l)rol)lll)ly aw)wed eanduhtte f,,r l;nlted nmrethan Irel)le(I (;en. Kiteh- I States Senator, allthechanees are)ener, s forces of 22,000 nlen t)f all that he would succeed, we he-arms. 10,800 Dervishes were tieve, lie should pay special f()unll dead on the fit;l(I, the attention to localities where w()un(led were estimnted at 16,- they eat greens with "t knife. 000an<l there were 4000 prison- Ex-(Jovernor St<)nc' tin'metal ers. Thel)l'lck [lager IheI(hatifa views l)Ut him ()tit of tile w'ls eal)ture(l and he is a fugiliVe, raeent lhislime, :nd Mr. Allen ch)s.,ly l)ursue.1. The Eugli.h i. Sll)evior in al)ilitv to any[the, , and Fgyl)tmtt |oss was less than else that has I)een su<zgested for 400. This will rat)k with the lie l)ositton Though t|)e ge)t- ,. + - < ...... .... 1118[<)1"y-ilia (HII m l)al [ les O[ tilt. [leman overth)ws with:t senseof I , ........... .... + W()FI(I. It I111S I)rOKell tile IJerVlSll hun)orlle his .t fou)id,ttion of+ . , .... ..... ; I)OWer It r :lllllin( 'tll{l V,l I eOllllrn/ c+)ninton .-ense that wouhl hoI,l it ." ,, ..... "' ' . " ' LO l:llglllIltl tlIe l)el'llltlllent C()ll- in ('hck upon l)roper oee.lsi+)n .......... .... .' 1.1"()1 oI tile gretlLer l)al' ()[ .;IfricH . Th(:r.ughly equil;ped for w.rk in the departmenls t)f i:  ] Must0. E10uuti0n. English, M,the, mtics, :gci0ncas  q:l Spoeial f'teilities for the study of Mu+ic, Elocution,  Engli.-h anti 3hithenvtti('s.  Th('(f ndl'lo's('holtPl pln the("olt,,,t l<ht)Lh lh, l,'trl)rllflontnil)o t{ I rh i+tty It)l<t kl)idt.l+g:irt(.I) I)t; ):trlm(.nls lhol)ll.zii. "1, l('t e" iP .fill ll(.(.hltl- Lll' -t;4 ti. The I)illhlins :tl'e new ltlid i'Oliiiliolttl)iii Ill DIq'fl.('t r. I) lip lllld fliit.d -t.', wltha!,)"<'oqfforisofar('thwdhom", l)nm')tl, toedu- 'l<:( ),til cu, le Wtll (l(i w('il Ii) t'oll[t,r with i)ll. I)pfort; se)ltltnl t'lgt'wtl( (:1 FOP ('li.tlt ]oKIv' :Hid "rerl)lt.i. llddt.(.ss. }? .714 Miss G.:olv;L SwAx'sox, Pres., Woodville, ,Miss.  The Board of llealth ()f Miss., I liros _'29 81 acres of land ,'ill ee 1,5 t 3 LEONSCIIWARTZ. (" II.NI:YLASI). SCHWARTZ il NEYLAltD, M a in Street, WOODVILLE, IFe /oke lead in the Grreery line, azd our lae S/oek i,alu.ay. kept fresh and eomplete, lib keep also a full stock ofl Dry Goods, 'o- tions, ete, New goods arriving daily. 1 kaxc purchased a largc stock of l)ry goods, has raised all (lnaranllne relric=' r 2 w instead o[ I[aekett & S,,ll()iil. lilo to essioiis ||ros i,t) acres in il pi (v. * .  * tlOnS n,illl,.,t the oily of Nelv i of n i of e J.2i all in see 8 t 3 r i w O,00e,n. """ ,.,A W ,.a,,e,,.r, Clothing, Notions, ltousekeeping nion elirl'ier lhe St,l!el Ordered ihat J M Sessions Sltfl' be ('rediled wilh It11-i5,514 uncollected of Miss., are "luthorized to ac('epl I railro.ld tnx. l)assengers, baggage [,n;1 f eightl th]+(|av()l'(lel'ed 1hat |)O.h|,n|)lllitte(| {ot"hof .I) C Ra,,leSl,,)ar(i be ticles, Hats Shoes &c. in New York f,w any yoint in |he State of Mis ,4 a,,,' ",o ,a,,e ,, ,,ore,,,, ,,,pr,,ve,,. all of which I propose to sellat prices IIowever, if lia did I)reak oul I , fronl Cairo to the Cape of Good ' ;t.] good ;Is the enate it wouh| l)e lh)pe. It eh'cus 1o wat:'h (,hi IIoar anti ........  .... lhe I)iil;illee i)] 2 [h(., linclents. (,(lli- S()METIlIN(J AiIOUr SIIAFI'ER, sider thi. lllalter John : It is I11) haft('r hns arrived. Shriller eom+ joke, .... --" +" " " :" Utah[IS at Monlauk l'oint, lhs It,St ..... " ) m)- i.. ....  I;'LLOW I'EVIHt SCARE. Sept. (;th, I)r. (last pronounees theye]h)w fever ,it Orrwood the uiihle,t on l'egord: out of 35 eases Io (lale lhere hall t)eeli lie deaths. 1"he fever was eolilrlic- ted froiii Ta3.h)r, .l s)nall town eli lion faces the Atlantic and Ihls lhighLv iilihiary nian threaten.,, the whole .f Ettl'ope. Shaftel was tinder the eolnn)and (,f (;eli. Milc, ult the time l)nt lie (hs- ohvvt.(l Llle latter's ()rders, as tht rt,et)rds l)rove. Alg(,r al(h.d 8hatter it[ liis atten)l)t lo ignore the colnman- lhe I. U., where five case,.+ wele.(ting Genera',, that is on reeor(l too reported on ,luly 251h, On 61hl Nhafter starteJ out itlh 16 light itlst, four new cases were report-{lichlpit'ees t(t reduce a fortified ell 3 ed at Tas]or lttl(1 three aL ()rr- arill (hd not [2eL theln all into actlou, wood. It is nee(lless to say lh'il Fotil siege glins were left iti :Ire hohi those phtces fire lllOst ,everelylO[ a transl,ort. For all o[ liafter (ltii/rilililte(]. I,V:iter Valley Ilear. iht+v are there yet, tlieni) h'ls nol been it[feet0(|. I 8haiter's army e0nhl take en I)r, Carter of t|le ,i-ttiiie Hos-lrenchnents ithout arilh:ry--there- I)ila| erh;e. tiii(! I)r. aiiders, [()re practically ilie" had n()ne. Tht,y lie;t]tti of Iicer of Al'l, say that the eouhl ct along ithout full rath)ns, ('a<cs of fever in New Orleluis therefore tlwy were contl)elletl to do l'ept)rH:d i,s yellow fever liy ])r. so, The sick atd wouitdetl had no J)iinli of thi, State ai'o not3ellow Int+(]icines on the fronL, buL [ilia[ the ,la(,kson iln(l Vi(;ksbuPg have ()r, lert;(I tim[ the ft;)lh)willg report ,. of the eo)nniish)ners app()inted lo xvith(Irawn :ill qilaranhne re,trh.= lay off roall l)c appl'oved and spread lion agiliiist all exeel)t Litfayeile nl)()n lhe minutes: F-ri Adams Miss. S-epi. 3. '9,% Cotinly alid tlitions adjtleellt t(') To the Ilonoral)le Board ()[Super- Bell(rile visors of II'ilkinsoli (,OlllllV, Mis: i .... t(i.i- .........  (lenll:---1Ve lhe nntlersigned el)in- Gea, Miles reliirne(I from nii.ioiler appohite(i i)y y(liir lion llody IO lal" el<it a road hi ael:ori|ance P()l'lt) Rico ('ill)IVedlle#dliy. lie withla pelith)n [toni thecilizens'lo yolir not only sllllid l)y his el[)OStit'O lh)n lhJdy Oil the Woodville & Ft)rt of lhe dul)heiiy ()f Iger, hafter I Attalul rt)alt, llave hihl (nit Illhl road O.olnmene|lt7 ]n fi'i)nt of a hirge Co. l)iit tl(_ldi! linolher 8tllte-toak h'ee I(llllilliii! on 1he norlh side, nielit, which li lind wriltell oiit, ()f lhe road li yai'd above ,llik)' lleiiohl's resilience all(! niarkeli liv I proving hi ti,sertiolis liy orders take driven on the I)ank ()f the erteli lllid le]egriilllt. (Jell. Miles re- opl)o,ile saitl oak lree ('ros,|iig aiih] file8 to illh)w hiniself to 1)e liUZ, l;i'ed rnnnin(r in a north western (lireeth)n alontt the h)ol of the hill and zled and the couiltr3" will tttll(| llironh tile L)oitoni ei'o sil)< mlhl I) 3" hinl, l;l'eelk affllhl an(! tniersecling lhe pull- ........ i ......... I ie r ad ,'it or nest a cal)hl Oll E J 1 raer  I)lace n))d one on ol)POSl[e 'l'hegratifyitg intelh,..,(,nre comes i)le-fahl ro'ld I)eh)n,in heMr. from the liltle 1hi,l-ocean relttfl)lie (4uSt)ttzn)an ma)'k).l by a pe or sl "11 OIl the bank ilear Ihe Porl)el, o[a ,(!) which this eonnl, ry at)olihed, picket fence. Very l{cspeelfnlly that the t3". S. Commission is work- 11. llaher. ing industrionsl,. Fhat nleans fl)at ]lalph Gin)st. Ri(l (,) Dahtt the bri(hte ael'OSS Buf- S.nator Morgan is entertait)g the fal<) Were opened al)d road as follows: natives wiLh a ftw of his short [ ,% Lanehart for life snni of $:)0. s,)eeelies. lh'iht's Disease mid nil kidney t:ouble.easily enred by Smith's Sure so low that it "00'ill be to your interest to examine my stock. Special in- ducements to large buyers. PETE R MOI, L F, R V. No. 5 Nighi Tr,tin Leaves Merat,hi , ,,o i,m , . ** ' Vlt]K.,,blirg i;,tl aaia I , ,t li .i li IJt)ll.rc111o I>; lit illll "' " " '" Arrivet N+xl {-.}l'It+llilS;O il,'lll ,.., +,.,gt,+ ..' r,.i. ,<,. +, + st.,, o, l,,,---i,+ .............................. ,++;r-.r, (,t'litrovllle 1:35 l,lt t - ,. *i +i .i Vi(;k,q)llrg I;:r)tl i)lll " " ,, li arriw.i. ][(,nil)|ils 7:10 ;)rtl N,). 21 Day Trllilt [ ..... v(,,s 7 .............................. 8 lilld Or(l('r(,d thai eOlllrlIct be awar(IPd Io. :itrlvl,,l New ()rll'lllll, i ..'0 |"ill siiitl 11 A Laiiehart for the. Sliin i)[ I311! No 2-. ) Dly Train hi-v+;-N,<,-)-Iv.-aus ............................. ripen I)l givhlg bond for lwicc a- I " ...... arrives Vh,k,d))lrR, ,',I:, 5 tll, ii InOllltt o| hi[l, I 5:55 i)lli On aoeollnt of i.haiiffo of owner- 'lPrliii) Tilli dai'ly Xelq)i llii |ay. fever. opinion and the quarantine a- gainst New ()rh, ans conthiues. Natchez and Vick,lJtrg have it>peett)rs on Irains. Persons are required t() have heallh eer- l ifieates ,h()wilig thaL they Ctiliie Pl't)lli nell-in[coted l)htees, ']'lie Vieksl)tu'g Board of llcalth re- l)rol)ale tJ,e l)rese)It l)rlleliee of l'e|)orlin susl)ieious cases, Its l]le i'el)Orls illllict great (]aliia( ill)ou eOl)llltllllitleS p;t)(iu(-flig :t feeling of ',]isquiet wh hoti| cause. The f()lh)wil)g frt)iil I/enoit, Miss, Net)t 6th, where yellow fever had Iw(.n l'eported. "To J. II. Bi,eoe, Vickl)urg. No fever here: hasbeen none; nobo(ly si('k ; iis )ill a lit',. i'EAKER & (JRAIIAM." FroiE the foreg()ilig it appears l)r. l)unll holds to his reglmelital ,urge,).ls carried t,n thci hacks, and when the dis.lhle(l nlell st')g(,ert,d IO th_ <' rear th,,re was 1|() hclter ,)r ltrolJ('r f(J{)tl ()r tlnrst's, Shaftvr, the CgLIlltry II(tW l)erfet.II) tin(It'rslan(ls) is a petal)ells, ()ver- ttearint ass and a nlililary fraud, Shalter is a differenl ki)ld of greal l lnan from lil crony, Alger, fur Nhaf 'er weighed 320 1h8 when lie started lo Uuba. hafter is llt)t so great u inan +is lie was .is lie hJ+t it+ weil)l in Citlta, Shafter retained ellaugh vitalit 3" ut anliag,) Io in,tilt tit) (Jill)ass Ihroiigh (Jvn. (Jarcil, aild sltow liis aniiilosity t(jwartl.t sotitliern white tr,,ol)s autl his l)re(lileeti(ul for negro H'oo),q with whoin lie achievtd hi.t relY[at'ion [ TIIE REASON WIIY. thal lhere i+ no yelh)w fever tn certainly, prefer negro this Sta:e excel)! tn the two little regiments to southern towns in L:lfayvtte eotinly, nt)r in merits. ('fire. as it was claimed to dissolve sto)te i,) ki(hley. Aftel" 1 had taker) half <)f lhe botile the slono was dlS- ,()lv(,<l anti p,<l,e(| ttwav, and ill two (tavs I was ctired (it tli I)leedhig il(I ('onlnleneeil lo hnprove, I ilOlV enih'ely well .IOtlN TOKI.:R. Barih.ti. Tenn. Price 50 et;ill, For sale by Chas, 11. I);ly. Many o1,1 sohlie)s now fecl the el. fects of the hard service they endnred during the war. Mr. (;co. S. And l tlerson, of Rossville, "rk county. Penn., who saw the hardest kind o| service at the front, is now fre,luentl ) tro:,bletj with rheumatism. "I had a severe attack lately." he says, "and procured a bottle of Chamberlain's tPain Bahn. It did so mnch good l that I wouhl like to know what yon Kidney (),ire. t 1 have been b|emling from the k|d- ship assess to N A ]l[.('rahte 88 aat'e II t12 ()f Inv! mol< -)::I t ;t: r | e. li(VS for twelve, in ,nlhs, and lla(I got- As.ess to ,| S )learner I)hwk 18 in lon so weak I was OOill|ne.d Io nly bell. , i)1 t()wn 6 (Tell[tel'tile iliMetid of Mis I wns loitl Io ire :'4iniih>s lli'e J{,hlnev Valley (;o. / wonhl charge me for one dozen bet- Mr. McKinley I)rohahly, and Alger I ties." Mr. Anderson wanted it both and the so cailtd General, bhafter, for his own nse and to supp'ly :it to his volunteer friends and neighbors, as every family shouhl have a bottle of it in their white regi- i home. not only for rheumatism, bu; lame l)ack, sprains, swellings, cnts. A.e. lo W F 'J'ncker mt,j of Wl sec 19, t2 r I w. 1'+2 50 acrt,, and i)t , l>t nl, of wt e('; 19. t :2, r 1 w 275 acres instead of Mrs. EHen PhiDp;, As(,s lo I. I. ('()1111 Olle h)t ill town ()f ll+)plla wesl of rliilr(lall sec 13 t 4, ). 1 e ill,tOad ()f S R Ol:irkson. Aess to I I {ol)b the following de- c rit)ed Ill itds It) - ivlt : 118 38 at:res lots 2. 5 81111 6 ee 12. t 4. r 1 w. 41 8); acres h)t 3 ee 2 t 4 r 1 w. '200 44 acre+, +e(; 3 t 4. r ! w. g9.f)5 aer,,s lois 1 and 3 ec4, t 4, r I w, 78acres Io| 2see'7, t4. r 1 w. tf)().44 a('res lot I. (.e 1:} t 4 r 1 w. 1:12 76 acres lots 7 a))d 8 and ste h)t 6. tee, 16 t 4, r I w, (;5 $tei'ea in n pf h)t 1 a)),t iteptlot 2. me(" 16 t4. r I ',,". 80 aei'es sl.2 lot 1 antl 2 e<- 16. t 4 r 1 w. 157 acres liW I)t nnd sw pl ,mee 17, t 1. r I w, 86 16 aere+ o+1 z el ))eJ Pe 19, t 4, r 1 w, hlslead of Jno ,'4. (;<)bh. ()rdered thai T .I Netterville I)e ap- l)()illle(l overse, er of road fro))) |illffa|o to Woo(l (Jill in place of J T Netter- @III. Orlh're(l Ihat h)t sit[rated west of rnilroa,I at ]tosclta and Io Murra:' llros , I)e relhieed from $51i0 It) 2tl0 and c))le lot w of rltilroad raised fr m t'10 111 $3110 on aeCOllnl No. 791 le,,ves Wo,,lville II i, |i!llVO!l .);IVOtl .t-I pIi '' " llrriv+,.,i |lillff)llh,) r i) 11 IH II:lU .)n N,). 79'2 I,u,v.  lauet,-t'i,-r ]0:9fl |till il li ,, lIf) liil) ) (r) llil  1 111 1nl ...............  ..........  ............ . .... . l,f,t , #.,. i + '[l|)e eli[}' Li)it* rtllllliilll iqelll+] 1"P.,l|l: 4:1 ),m (Jarryiug eieg;int l)ulhnau iiffot, ]ce|)ing O,ir,i in both (lireetital. tit uriiig Dav,tqei.. li i)ee(I) ilild Ot)ln[t)rt..Ibl I, jl)llPn(.y. 'ur ll;ll.e..) olI:t|)M ehj.,lll)l)lY 5o Aellttl i)r;ld " JNO. A. 8UOTr, Die. I'as,r Agt, llil JlIl'lWlS , TEN'NESS1.;E -._. _ _ , ,, , A. T. BENEDICT. IANtrFAC'rURER, REI'AIRER AND DEALER IN g r'.agB00, cam, hmWag0,00, Harem 5ad.d.ter00, 4". rifles[for the Celebrated 0WENSBOR0 WAGONS Which ,are unlverally acknov,'ledged to b( The Bost in LIOHTEST RUNNIN0 WA{10N Made. Xgent for FIt3ZIF+lt I{OAI) :lilt] SPEI:DING CA IIT, vhic Iouisiana, exee[)t in Frlinklh/, which hits been striclly quaran- tined for a liiolil h l)iist.  o(llt.. )- ....... A TIIOR()U(;III/( I)EMOR- AL1ZEI) ARMY. T]lree lilOnt hs and liiOl'e of 1tad water alid ealili)S and ii(*.gh:(.,[e(|, The lalter commanded a negro reginient, and 113 mixing with them generally acquired the most of his military experience and at)ility, it is fair 1o pros[lille, |rein the way he t()ann)an+led at ,";anilagc,. As p+,lilieians Messr8 McKhite 3 and Alger have l)een eh)e to the The rave program v, lll iuchi(le rnnnin,,, trotlt)g and l)acmg races alid $2 500 tn purses will be oPfered The Futr will begin the include 29fli of Oetol)cr. Henry, Presidenl ; F. II. l)est-i',dden ]lo,spitals hall dis- negro l),)lhieians of the Suutli, Mr COUl'age(l Ilia lii:ijolily of the Mr MeKhlh, v did not tlastv hhnell VOlliiiteers 1)efore lhe f()o| i)r(ler 1'3" I ters)ila! imrgahis wii,h lheui I)ul ()r inforliilili()ii [rein the IVar he was ilie t)enefiiary of llanl:la).- I)el)artrnonl, waseOllveyed tO theenterprise ia the po[lli('+al eotLon sohJiers, that all the reifgiliielll 1 )aeh' Alger is uf the ll:+lilia,lril)e , lhat desired 1t would 1)e niuMere(t vi/h iiinch ni(tltey bill li'8 it, il(i,. out. Thiit l)lalnlv was lille, tide(| There will I) i)vgri) deh,gat(s II1 [is tt 1);llli;{th+e or iil)o|()gy fin' lhe i the nt,xl and suceerding 'ational us01c'ss hardship, :tiid cr[llihni] lh, ltublican Cunvention--hin ilhle. 2411 and I il(;gle(;L that load I)eeti inlltcted llut tie these nten lealizu the ailiotinl 1)atricl ! upon the ilr;iiy, It only sel, v(.(1 )f hell that their pott(v niay (')ecllti()il in the )ttlli, ltii(I h)r Ihe Llvgrotl Andrews+ 1o conipl(:to the deliiorlilizatioli el)eciulll  il the Irouide tu)lt)l'7 ect', liVe nole amoi,g the Vtce lo f ilearly every reghne, nt i)T the' }'rei(lents nained [rum thl see[ton, i volutiteer,ervice. Ulitlor L}lt;So t'il- J. A. Redhead and J. If. Mc3ehce Imnrist.inces it w:is natural and .............. o.. - i inevital)le Ihal I he great ill.ij(')rl + y otllilt has I)(1011 seeo like it sin(;e of the nlen ,h+)ii](I wish |o retillll the lasl l,ttgriillaTe to Mecca , See- It() t]iPir |to[lieS. After I'etar,)" ,'%t71,r has tiCe isited Calltp ?+ I) %lkff-n MonLauk Point. tt.en the Ct)t. l.ell's rtl)t)rt, Lo the l]oar(l of mtl)ervisors t)f hit+ JnveLlgatl()U.,. inll) the vsleiil )f wl)rkinl/ the pill)- tie roa(t In 31adioll e)tllil))' wax ver% ilttt, l'e,ihtig, arid ii, ii I,rol)al)le I, hat this has the. C.i)iah e<)iilaLV atitliorilit's iil; ad,)l)l, the t, aliie t)lan, )r s,)nivthintt I)eeii done e.()llie the ilift)l'lla|it)li like it. ('nl,t. l.vell says lie talked that 100,000 nieii will I)e Ilitlsler- txilll eoltntv tlllcers, farlners and l'reMdent visitsCan)p Vllkoff, Ihen ed out ,'rod i00,000 r0lahi0(I hi fet)ii |-Jvn. leriit)er ri>tis the the SOFVlee. As Olle ttf lhe J:aml), a)ld all are (lelihied itli ils (;onse(]ilen(a,s of l]ie aelioli ()f lll( r(Jiidith)n. All ilii oeellrs week IrVqr l)el)iirliil0iil; n llioi'- tfter (h,n. Wheeler has assntned,oi/7|lly (lis,atisfio(l body Of iiieli coalir,t/d and lna(|c the CaM|,t atid i will COlitiltile th0 iirtn3", olerclialite al)oul, t|telr ),'telil ali(l evt'l'V one i8 i)leased with it. The 3 told lliin tim[ the i)retenl, contrael sl lein had l)een the niealis()f liiakii 7 the lh'. good roads tile el)linty has ever had, and that, too, al litlle t)r lit) e(Jt lo [tie c,Juntv, Lhe poll tax hol)ital .)iut)i',al)le l)y starting an ........ "(--"" -- I)eintz ina(le the lnaj)r i,urt of Ih(, inetiIttion lilt his OWli hook + 1N TIlE 1Wl+ ()1," EI"rEMItEI{ ]<l.)I- road fund, ince Llie contract vs- (+fderilil [(..ling. SUl)l,hes for /he sick, TI()NS the .l'C;it ]l%'ew ()rh, ali Lent i salisfact(,ry to the I)eOlde el tde., and ptitting tip the ntedical Iil(li i)ai),Ji's sUi'l)lissed lti(,llise]ves this1Ma(lison there i, every reason ICl l)e- ......... ). - lieve it w)ut,t i)leae Ihe citizens of ill c|+arge Illh  rotirtd lilrn, ]t i year. ] lie 11tl<ies-DelllOel'at, I lC- liattiral aii(| ri$lit th t l)rc-,i(lrltt Me- ,'13"11111', anti ,%/'{ales | uhlishe(l val- Ui'iail'--C()l)i:lh S)g)ial. Kinley li(Jnhl ,lJViially vi>it the tlal/le iilatlol mltticiei)t, to make a The inine, have tit)ell r(>inov0d [Fen) +)ldief returlil,(I IP())n at)lia+2o---- I)ook eon(Jerllin7 the tril(le and i tlavana hhrbor and Ihe bay presenls 1bey ('lecrve liiliVl] |)tit the hiliiltiii I(,, OnF(+(,_'' ' (')f th'it eiiy II111| lhe,, its forln(r, I)ilSV al)pearauee. O'i,n. +tip Aider an(I Sierni)(:r ,ti:,guts the ciiizeli l)vyon(I ntrasliri, eOtlli|l]y trlblii,qry to :i|, I)esi(]es I Blanco eau lay iu all uitlhiiiled sup- oill,h the s)rk in eai)ii ar{ic[(.s Oil valiOtis ttl)jt:(,{s of ply of l)r,,vihJn,% awl as Lhe war is timter lltelr ))+' liivc liffer. fZi"(),'tt in(crest. (lt'h ira(It. ) e(li- iiOt over, I)erhll|) he will, ........ III+ I+. .......... v(I and (lied fr+)lii iaiil of pr+q)er lions ealil)Ol, fail t,) I)r()niole the Any (,hi fox hunu(l that can track I)ltt 110 any visit of (lie raf)id I'{FL)W/II of |110 t)tlsines a crhninai .t (liiee l)e('ontes a ()letvS- t<, atty ! 'J'hOy are her very I)al)er) t,l o-o tl il)und. Funly igm't It. brnises and burns, for which it is un of re'rot lit a.sesm ,tit. equalled. For sale l)y G. Kann. ()rd(',rl that Dotig OWell; Illld = a -: .l'ack %V)'lI I)e. ntnl)l to tli roa(I fr()ni Vt'alniii Ilill lo Smitlillnd I E I was tr()nl)led wilh ev(,ie feinale Wartl o:e'e.el., weakness for o%.(.;i. ,a ye:lr and 'wal l)rdered tJlat lien Alltflertlon |)e lp- cnnfltle(I Io the bed for over six poiule(I <)ver.e0r of r))'it] I'+Ollllne.neinL, niOlilh. | wtl, treated by ix 101"1 + lit e+)POol,at O Ihnit, of Centreville h) i)ronrihiviit phvsieians viilioit[ all)" 18 ni h. t)l)llrt] Oll Nateliez rl)&(I. marked beltet|t' 3,11 last iloetor was I)r, lered lhat all real] ov*rsecl'. h) a skilled pecialist, :liid he tohl nie llli+ eoiiiitv reqltire all dead ll'ees re- tile only I)ope Itt |it tin .')peralion ] moved iln{t liia !)(# slantliil wilhil! heard of Sniiih's llre Kidney I'lire, dangerous proxhnnity Io the pnblh, aiid Rfter liiti 7 it for oiie nioilth | l'O-ll- lilid nivselfenl'e(I, all(! even the d(m- ()11 li,.(,Olllll o'(ohn,tl,:oopo, Wl)Or,|l|porelort,d lot Ivli) last treated 111o iiow [lrOllOnll- tli;i,l tile foll:tw  llil (I be ilto.),d io lla)t. L ('[[viii see I i of liw I t ).leC 17 t 3"1' ! I lli:.lli.'a(i ce8 111o well. ,.f thtvld |)liV M):s .I it FAt':tl Attnla. fla. ]'rh;e ,$0 cents." For sale by Chas. I+ l)av. PROCEEDINGS I)t' Ihe I|lilird ill" Nlilll.I'l+i,qllt + ) ) i rile S'rATE ()F MISISII I I, I li)' ILK[NSON "COUNTY. Be it remembered that at  reguhu meeting +)f the llt)ar<l of Snl)ervisors of said Coilnty began and held al the Court House in the la)wn of Woodville, said Conllty oil lhe Is[ Honday, being the lt day o! Angust #,. Ih 1i98. I)il ES ENT. L. T'. Proi,lel)t. ,la D., I. A. (:arter, W. L. Jenkilts] aiid C T. Neiterville, members. 1 Jas. ,%1. I:astoxs, h'ff C A. COON. ClerK. TliidavThos. It. Ilalflehl. treas lirer of 0filkhison (J<)untv pre,enle(I liis rel)ort of the everal (liffereiil OrdePt.d [lilt[ Sl('rlllitt WIIlhl)))s 1)e apDoh))- lid ov(q.iOtl, of PI)illt l'l'lii Fi A(|llll 1 to llpl)el lltillin a 1.L1 lhill, i le fl)th+)wtii hiili('t lit. It, I- ltlied 1o i)l.lfl rolit'l. Jlikl l)llwSlOli. Wlllh Wnlker. W T(.Strlcker. JakoJohason, ,V. E Ill)[lind ( M l,ll.t),kor. Doroy Plil)ari. (llli. lit.lldrh-k, illill trt'-'.n. Ph.r .h)kn.oli. llit .llloore. l]d Wllllirliill. iV(.r .'illirkllltin. Or(ler(.d tllnl |lit. l)lqllloli ot' N. ]%1. lllli- till. loll(iwIillt (.onfnlloll vIz Ihal till lhtl ]all(i liwtioPfl |hl'oillttl whh.h ll.hl road I...i Io rill [rive l:he Ptglit of wiry fl,(, +if' e().'it exc@ t lalli Wlltfa)iis wh() Is allowed ff2tt dltllittlel, p g)r,Pod /tlPIhoP )hli) N M HtiliiDhPoyA b) Ippohlled overseer of atd roa, d :uld )hlit IIi, folh)wlnlt ba)d lit. heft!by alned io worh oi) todd road. W J II)lmllllreys's phtee. J R No)tetv| e phl'e. ! E NetioPville plaro. !i E I)'lln+ pluce, Frank Alleli plat.e. Johl' ,'ltleroll Dllleo, V D Aotterson lltll,ee. 'V |) .h)hn.o)i It|lit'o. F It lind L |) %Vlllto places, J tINtql(.rvlth, phtet% (COlllplete(1 sex t l'eek.) t  ,.  . WHOOPIN(; COUGH. I had a little boy who was nearly dead from an attack of whooping congh. My neighbtrrs recommended ('hamberlain's Congh Remedy. 1 did not think that any medicine would help him, but after giving him a few ftll|ds whi('h were examiued, (loses of that remedy I noticed an im- approve(l and or(lere(l to l)e recorded, l):oven'ent, and onc bottle cnred him This day .los. ,h)hnso)t Sltpt of Ed entirely. It s the best cough medi. i)resented his report for the nionlh of cine [ ever had in the houe.--:J, j- Angnst 1898 which was ordered to be Moore, outh Bnrgett-:ou, l'd. fih'd and is approve(l, it is fnrlher /,or l)rtleretl Ihat a warralit issne to hhn sale by G. Kan)l. payat)Ic out of the chool fund for o-s--* $(; 21 l have tined miih's Sure ]'Hdnev it is ftlrther ordered thnt the ap- ('ilreaiid it has inatle-a pernlancnl poiiiline, nt i)f Atwood Tilton for all- elire. ,%Ins. %VM, ')l:llYEAll. nlisiOll lo Miss, A & M, Coltele be ,loneshoro Ark. approved. Price 50 cents For sale by Chas. ()n aeconnt of change of ownersltip R. Day. or(hq'e(l (hat the f+,llowulg la)t(l be lissesell Io Mrs 3 E )lVh||e e }. Of lie .... * [" s(e 7;] t  1' | e, W l (t[ IIW 3:/ e(: I have I)een a sufferer from chronic 21 t 2 r 1 e, ills[ca(i- of A liVhite diarrhoea every since thewar aml have A<e. to M C Bri(les Im ta of sw ! used all kinds of medicitxes for it. At 40 arre.s ec 47 t 1 r 1 e it)stead of ,1 il last I fonnd one remedy that has been i(enard Atse to W I) Woods that 1 1 pt of e / of s. / see 50 t 3 r 2 w a success as a cure, and that is Chain. which i east of l'ords creel,; ii stead, l)erlain's Colic, Cholera and I)iarrhoea of T 11 Ne(lerville I, E lh'annan nnd Remedy--P. E. Grisham, (;oars Mills hie Brannan, Assess to 8essJt)lia Lar lr sate by G. Kazm+ are great I'avorites iiiliOng lIoi'st;inen AGENT FOR THE 00kam, pi:r00 r,a Teace 00em00aau, The most extensive Mnufactnrer, el Iron Faoing in tile 12'hittd 8t|tsa I)arti,'lalar atte|iti0n p:ti,1 l;o re-coveri)tg an(1 rigging "]E'(zs i!il.t,d.(:l 1 s. All w()r k dolie llroi|il,liv aim ,tt l/eltmniltLJ+( rllles, Woodville, Miss., Sept.. 189; tf Just like riding-, a bicycle, i l'lili lili-Bllrlinlpl and Rolry km h the N[W Ill I lllil MN SiEWliii6 MACHINE 'k llll m lti)tl id IIoltem vldck hu been obtained .I,,, m.<! ,,i Ot' ttlllt. "riding" Iht Vt'ller ezerci, liltitl .i)ml li llilltlli lilMly, quickly and per. _,, ,m. i. o,t, o.. o,2,, ,, , .,i,. T ,.,ol,o ,.,,1., lultent spool holder, needle, il);h COronet be set wrongly; and patent oil cutlts are hers. It is(,rdf,! with talking points and not with aleless cast. iron us are most other maeairs. We want an ageut tn every town in this state. Sph:mlid money+making chance. Write us about it. T. Dumas C,o., Ltd., I Oeneral Agents, = ...... New Orleamt, r Skin Diseases. For the speedy and lliermanent cnre of tter, salt rhenm &nd eczema, Cham- rlain' Eye alid Skin Ointment is without an equal It relieves the Itch- ing and smarting almost tnstlmtly and its con|i)med use effects a permanent cure. It also cur itch, barber's itch, scald head, more liipples, |tehing ptles, chapped hand,% chronic Imr eyes and grannlated lids. Dr. Cad:i's Colion PowIlgl tlor homages are (he bst toude, blol p,urtffer md ermifugo. Price, 2 cent. ld by (,G. KdAT= NO= ICE.. The l))tl)lic are llerelt lietllied that llun'u) iv i)r<)hil)itd )tl th ,ur,- gelte, Ehnw.o(l, l]ellevh'w mid 6]of dt)n I'lalliati* )its. All loriner I)ermlts are lierl, by rt. Vl)k t,d. ('it-JkS. CglIEN. N,,v. 20, 18,+7 tf 'mr I, F3tSS N()71"rCE. ' .... -- llnlti)llg <)P otilel'wise trespammi,g on II)e Mt,.Ma'n.ll+, Flir|sh l,)l(1 Bowling (;fee. Irrlaees  tl'ietly prohibiled nu- (l,,r pelmlly of the law. &ll o1"111 |t(,l'nlis.Sh)li  i;voketl " R, M. MCIrlIEE. I .+. ,. r:, m Lr00'ox.,