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September 8, 1923     The Woodville Republican
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September 8, 1923

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I %] WOODVILLE REPUBLICAN. WOODVILLE, MIJIMPP! ary. YoU a married man?" ah earns mah own] ! Coad gig Change m Baby I . From 'I could see  big change for the (letter in baby right from the first when I began giving him Teethln.,; ire grew quieter, his stomach pains left off and now he is as fat and healthy a child as you please," writes Mrs. Maude Neighbors. 16,':S W. 4th St.. Texarkana. lexas. When baby is restless and fretful from teething or a dis,,rder,?d stom- ach nothing will bring uch quiok re- lief as Teethina. It cnntains nohing that can harm the t/test de!ioate child, but soothes and allays distress inci- dent to teething and colicky eoadl. tions. Teethina Is sold by leading drug- gists or send 30c to the Mt,ffett Lab- oratories, Columbus, Go.. and receive a full size package and a free copy ot 3Ioffett's Illustrated Baby Rook. (Advertisement.) Throw-n ti. onlf.rgen(.y brake whe SecTion CDevoted to @) Attractive Magazine Material m "Jllllllililllillllllilllll IiiiiillliillliliiilllllllillllllllllllllllilllllllliiliilllllililllllillillP2 I RIt - $ thing Think Ab I GOOD . ome to out -BY ,. . I ! -= By F. A. WALIIIER , By GRACEE. HALL : : :.[ llillllllllllllllllllllllll IIIIillll Illlllllll-Illlillillllllllllllllilllllllllllllilllllillllllilllli SMILES BENEFICENT I Away goes the weight of years, when a smile brightens our life and ItEY are like the beaming b,acorm, ' lifts our dro,plng spirits. blazing throuEh the nigtt over We who are ohi raln our youth. snarling waters hiding p.rllous reels. |low delightful It Is to fl'el th blood Tile pilot t,f a soul may be momen- run warm in our veins, when we have tartly undecided as to the course that wtm a smile l E MEET and pass and speak one M;ord tlnlleetl]ng. "/.'hough any hour may rob us of our friend ; The voice that now ln merry tones is speeding, With the eternal echtes soon may blend ; We el-Jsp today a hand tbat's warm you find yourself tMking too much. should be taken, but when a kindly ........... mila sends its radiant ray across the GIRL'S SUCCESS Depends upon her Health E. Whitacre Tells of her Daugh- and How Lydia E. Pinkham's Compound Made Her a Healthy00 Happy, Strong Girl l:lsesses informs- to her ' girl's thoughts be- sulIers the of sleep and her mother for her physi- t;T Lydia F_. Pink- _ Compound, which reliable aid to nature aclito in Jo many Pa.--"I would like about Lydia E. )le Compound. aml thought it would or me to take my of ol. She wu and when a chair and cry. mad I don't believe ][ can !' I gave Vegetable alas Ls a healthy, happy,hearty, strong girl and we|g[ 120 pounds. She has no difficulty i doing her 'gym' work, and she works at home every night and morn- ing, too. I am a mother who can iFf rtainly praise your medicine, and it wiUbe of any benefit you may use this letter as a reference. "--Mre. GEORGE E. WmTACRE, 621 W. Madi- son Avenue, Mahoningtown, Pa. Every girl ought to be healthy and strong, and every mother wants her daughter to do well in school and to enjoy herself at other times. Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound is a sple'ldid medicine fog young women just entering woman- hegel Mothers can depend upon it. It it preparsd from room mad herbs, eontatns nothing harmful, and hat at power to tone up and strengthen system, so it will work in a healthy and normal manner. For ne,arly fifty years Lydia I Pinkham $ Vegetable Compound has boen treed by women of all ages. and these women know its great value Let it help your daughter and you Pinkham's Private Text-Book upon " Allmat* will be aet Yn:U free upon request. Write E. Pinkham  o Co Lynn, uset=t False. story in town yes- Gap Johnson of Rum- was windy one day around a corner, and turned his head so : his neck." like all the men--drat Mrx Johnson. 'q'hey'll a woman--" goes that this feller Other way, an--" err to be ashamed that-a-way before motion arrange- yesterdays of tomor- Catarrh is a Combined Treatmenborh and Ires been success. of Catarrh fiat ove u co Toledo, Oldo Ns ls ne "Cutter's" =b coaccatrati Go ott liar  f R COM- Used for $$ 7eal 0 long experience o[ throat and bT Dr. J. H. TRl&L BOX mnt ttpol S m $t-0e at ll- , H. GUILD 00. VItMONT. Her Status. He---I suppose you'd like to be frt to marry again? She---No. Just free. 32 Page Dog Book Free. Tells how to keep your dog well---ho to cY for him when sick. Mailed free. Vrite H, Clay Glover, V. S. DelX. 90, 129 W. 24th St., New Yori City.Adverti sement. A Reord. "How Is your wife getting alon with the car. ' "Fine. Nothing but smashed fend- ers."--Llfe. "O Happy Day" sang the laundress as abe hung the snowy wash on the tine. It was a "happy day" because he used Red Cross Ball Blue.--Adver- tisement. COMFORT FOR BOY BATHERS 'They Swlm in Forbidden Waters and Then Dry Themselvese in Hot Air Grating Blast. Those who enjoy bathing at Balley'a beach. Rye beach, Manhattan beach. Coney Island and a dozen other places would possibly proclaim that their own favorite was superior to all others mad dilate on Its q0alitle and attractions They would, however, be at a loss to produce evidence of a convenience such as ls made use of by the 15 o 16 youngsters who enjoy a "dip" In Madison quare. These youngsters, all boys, take their bath fully attired--the poibillty of the arrival of an unfriendly cop has te be st all times considered and the means of a hasty retreat provided-- and so when they are fluisbed their clotbes hang in dripping folds around them, says the New York Sun and Globe. This would be s decided dloomfor but the Madison square bathers a well taken care of. They make Imme- diate tracks for a large grating in the sidewalk at Broadway and Twenty. second street tram which emerges a warm drying breeze untainted by cook- ing or other odors. Ower thla they elf-Revelstlon. r.)oe your husband talk in Ms Meep?" 'qKo, lint rm trying to train hlm,'. Life. . somber sky, all doubt flees before it. What is more toucidng and cheering than the smile of a child? Who does not feel its uplifting In- fluence? Observe the careworn as they move slowly down the street! See them tun their heads, or some- times pause in the presence of a face Illuminated with a beautiful smile. How quickly their burdens are lift- edl How wonderfully bright becomes the arch of the heavens under tbe magic touch of the wand timt summons sweet smiles. In a moment eve-thing In nature Is supremely glad. The winds cease their growlings and pipe up merry tunes; people step more considerately to avoid Jostling those near them, impelled suddenly to be on their best behavior; Jangling noises become mellifluous under the spell of a soul alight with love, mir- rored in sparkling eyes, dimpled cheeks and winsome Him. lnany of the wars of his time as he could get into, and all the while tolled unflagglngly at his trade. He narrowly escaped being one of the great artists of his day. In the autumn of hm life he wrote his reminiscences, in which he tells of the evils he encountered, and rightly characterizes them as Inestlo mable. Hard luck is nearly always a bleg- lag. It is always very successfully disguised" but after it has passed the disguise falls away and we can cal- culate its true value. The Intrigues of his fellow crafts- men who sought to supplant him in the favor of the pope, Infuriated Cel- lIni at the time. He was constantly in fear that they would succeed and he would lose much valuable work. But he toiled all the harder to es- tablish himself, and soon discovered that the intrigues had really benefited him. Often he laid aside his goldsmith's tools to take up the sword, and com- plained bitterly about it at the time. But his heroic fighting disposition won him new and powerful friends, and through them more work. Constantly in fear that he might be thrust aside by other craftsmen who Our heavy feet are light as air; our rusty voioe tries to hlm a long-forgot. ten song, whose words come back from (tie past with liltittg laughter, Jovial and Jolly as a thrush, because a sunny soul in passing gave us a cheery smile. The man or the woman who does not carry a smile with him or her may some day become bankrupt with thou- sands of dollars in bank stranded anlon enemies. A sralle passes current at its face value everywhere. It Is the one coin that enriches the profligate spender, hushes the voice of criticism, and wins for him enduring respect. A smile, like a 'ell-aimed arrow of Cupid, never fails In piercing the heart and causing it to flutter with the i most plealng sensations, exhilarating alike to the young and the old, who frequently In times of trouble prefer It to the finest gold. (), 1925. by McClure Newspaper Syndicate.} and living. And gae in eyes that hold a merry gl t_/II ; Tmnorrow. the farewell look we may be giving, And hear a htlthe "good-by" as in a dream. We hope. anti plan and play, and part ith laughter. Unthinkingly, we use one word al- ways ; And give no thought to what may follow after, Aa thougl we were assured of end- less days ; Too oft we part when hearts are sad and aching. And peak in tones that cause a sn}othered sigh; Oh. ltt us but rememi)er we are taking What. anytime, may be our last good- by! (@ by Dodd. Mead & Company.) appeared, lie wrought all the more latl tingly. And in the end, although he never became ns great as Michelangelo or other brilliant figures of the Renaissance. he left work that will endure forever. And at last he was able to write a book about his life which will remain a classic as long us men can read. Celllnl's autobiography wlll give you a delightful picture of one of the most interesting periods of all history, and it will convince you that a man can succeed, even though opposed by half of the people who surround him, and often by the very ruling powers thenmeive (@ br Zohm Blake.) milk, Cook for fifteen minutes or until the flour is well cooked, strain, add a cupful of finely chopped mushroom that have been cooked In a tablespoon ful of butter for five minutes, add two tablespoonfuls of beef extract or bouillon cubes to season, a cupful of hot water, and salt a needed: Serve hot i. IZ. Wmtrn Newspaper UaioL) 0 ILum00 00s-1 ,qln I hear that creaking 1, He's rapping at the door Too well I know the berlin g ound hat mlr In a bore. ---John Q. SUMMER 8OUP8 OLD coups of various kinds are C very popular for a beginning at luncheons thls season. m Jsllimt Chicken Bouillen. Wake a pint of hot chicken soup stand and In a short while they m well seasoned. Soak one tablespoonful completely dried, of gelatin In one-fourth of a cupful of cold water and then add to the hot soup. Add a fourth of a cupful of boil- ing water and when cool add chopped parsley. ChilL Best slightly with a fork and erve In beuUlon culm wafera Cherry mp. Oook two tablespoonfuls of ago In one cupful of boiling water until ten- der, adding more water as needed un- tti the sago is perfectly clear. Cook one of pitted cherries in one quart of water and one-fourth of a lapful of sugar, one-half a lemon fine- ly sliced and three or four inches of stick cinnamon. Boll fifteen minutes; add the cooked sago and boil up; pour slowly aver two well-beaten egg yolk and chill before serving. Any berry may be used for th imup, following the above directions. A soup that Is very popular l Mushroom Soup. Put a quart of milk and one cupful of cream In a double boiler, add two bay leaves, and a tablespo(mfui of fio- mixed with wine of the cold for Economical 7"ransportation OF Farm Products Modern, progessive farmers, being also business men, now depend on fast economical motor transporta- tion to save time, save products and get the money. Chevrolet Superior Light Delivery, with four post body was built espe- cially for farm needs. It has the space and power for a big load, which it moves fast at a very low cost per mile. For heavy work, Chevrolet Utility Express Truck at only $575, chassis only, offers a remarkable value. Fits any standard truck body. Chevrolet Motor Company Diio of ,'nerat Motors Corparat Detroit, Michigan Color In Necklaces. Longer necklaces are being used, and tile choice la a matter of individ- ual preference. A necklace witb a barbaric touch Is made of large amber beads grouped with slnaller beads of carnelhm anti onyx. Another, of (:lear green Jade combined with sparkling white sapphire flat ben(Is, is as cool as a white-capped sumnler ocean CHILD00 FOR "CASTORIA" Espially for Infants and Children of All Ages Mother! Fletcher'a Oastorla has ben In use for over 30 years to relieve babies and children of Contpatlon, Flatuleney, Wind Cello and Diarrhea allaying Feverishness arising there- from, and. by regulating the Stomach and Bowels. aids the assimilation of Food; giving natural sleep without opiates. The genuine bears signature I .... ':-- ....  -  this in a tin IM or sumll saucer and MEN YOU MAY MARRY i!p.t ,t in ,be case of ti,e clock under the xs4,rks. In a day or two it will I By E. R. PEYSER  have attracted all tim dust wht(.b has 1 -- i lmpedcl tl'e movement ofthecloclL Has a Man Like Thin Proposed I to You? - Freshen a Heavy Skin To Remove Dunat From Clock. It is not always necessary to take l a clock to pieces to clean It. Soak a piece of cotton wool In paraffin, place With the antiseptic, fascinating Cutl- ] cura TMcum Powder, an exquisitely fcented, economical face, Skin, baby and dusting powder and perfume. Renders other perfumes superfluous. One of the Cuticura Toilet Trio (Soap. 01ntment, Taleum).Advertiaement. Breaktng Up. The Lawyer--I don't see what yon *.we partners are quarreling about. It's t simple matter to share the asset and iabliltles. The CltentBut the questhm lk 'who's to take the assets and who the liabilities?" Symptoms: Shaggy hair. tie always a bit awry, writes poetry and essays--Ilves at libraries and literary gatherings when he ts not ladling out his wares at "llty" ladies' afternoons. "He says such witty things." Every one wonders why his book doesn't selL "Of course It's too good"he says, "editors are not gp to me." Every one praises him, he knows very few great people. "Can't abide them they are really not great--Just money makers." You llke him because he is not mercenary and you think he's very reaL IN FACT He is too terribly real. Preacrlption for His Bride: Keep In with your rich re- lations. Teach In the home the poetry of dollars and sense. Absorb This: AN OUNCE OF GOLD DUST IS WORTH A TON OF IN- TENTION () by McClure NeWelPer Syndloate.) O CubaSl Fresh-Water Ilsh. The fresh waters of Cuba are Inhat "tied by fishes unlike those found In the fresh waters in the United 8tateL Some of these are evidently lndige- noun, derived In the waters they now Inhabit directly from marine formo. Two of these are eyeles species, In. habltLug streams In caverns. They have no relatives in the fresh waters of any other region, the blind flsMm American caves being of a wholly different type. Some o the Cuban fishes are common to the fresh water of the other West Indies. Of northern types, only one, the alligator gar, Is found In Cuba, and this Is evidently filibuster Immigrant from the coast o! Florida. -------O------- Has It Come to That?. Father--Where's dagghterT' " Mother (in next room)--Uptalre making up her lnd tu go out. Father--ood heaven. Another bill for cosmetlcs O Chivalry. A Maryland health ofltclsl declsr that the safest place to klsa a girt Is on the nape of her neck. Not In this country, for we Americans are muel oo h,norable to ta.fl up on 'era mar., tl back. Fresh, sweet, white. ,dainty elothes for baby, if you use Red Cross Ball Blue. Never streaks or Inuree them. &ll good grocers sell ILAdvertlse. ment. Prices f. o. b. Flint, MSei, Superior 2-Ps s. Roadst Superior 5-Paes. Tou Sujrior 2--Pass Utility oupe ...... f. Superior 5-Pass. Sedan . r SUperior Light Delivery o lO perlor Commercial Chauis ..... . 4 Utility Expreu Truck Chat ......  Dealer and S.vice Sta:iona EverTwtmr e SUPERIOR: Light DeHvezT" '510 BATHING SUIT AND SILK HAT Mayor of English Town Btagtm Ceremony in Dedicattn New Bathing Pool. A unique ceremony of lnauglmtltt reeently took place at Grlnmb, colnshlre, England, when the mayor was requested to preside lit dedication of a municipal bathing His honor appeared at the  an lmpre&sive procession clad Im e cial frock coat and silk hal body naturally expected the usua! cater3, oration Inseparable from functions. What. then. was  eral astonishment when the standing beside the pool, doffed hal then frock coat. vest, t shirt, shoes and socks and arrayed solely In a rather ordlmm7 bathing suit. tn which garb he bravely Into the pool. This unexpected dedlcatlon hailed with resounding cheers greeted the sporting exec'tl. emerged spluttering from the Unproductive Labor. Jud Tunklns says his hired m has got so interested In polltl about all the work he does Is work. Sure Relief _ FOR INDIGESTIOM Hot water Sure Relief I00ELL-ANS ZS AND 75 PAC For over 50 year(it habeea th e houmhold oemedy or all rmof. 41'. It it a Reliable, Fevee General lnvig. oratit Tonic. SO RE EYES .............. Miss Phyllis ustln, English novel- t, says that her best ideas for stories ..... Come to her In the hath. --W.-N. U., MEMPHIS, ,C izf ! q M o a]az00 ; mad[ "