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September 8, 1923     The Woodville Republican
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September 8, 1923

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on a visit old home. of New Orleans and spent the day Thos` Gorney. accompanied Williams, back on Monday evening. left Wednesday former home n trip of a few of Hazelhurst, iv. Woodville on returning home 8Sockets left dur- the week on a visit :iss Beie Nee om, S. of cotton for the sea- nty is &apos;yet to be gin- Considerable picking done. s, who has :tion of the was in Jack- an attorney of Woodville Tuesday few hours looking business. Sessions returned : of last week from to Mr& B. A. Tel- Fia. of Oscar, La., Week on a visit to L. C. Miller, and third district. Cau!feild and Car- " or New their aunt, Mr& EL first of the week. for hunting fox first and the been out several fox has as yet been Mr; rm,  :H [! MEETING BROUGHT[. CARD OF: THAN-KS, I .hIdre: .,,,Miss Eva L:  TO A CLOSE. I This opportunit to express my I --= ran w]mams, Jr., and l:r, Jo.,  |thank f th .nl , r;1M,n! 9-8-2w. - .... 8, 1923. Daher, of Hathesburg, spent Su day .... o s r ........................................ i "  The umon protracted meetm c unty hould not be missed  me. . , . 7 "'- and Monday here as guests of Mr. wh;h ho  ........... g! My beina aai .... ;,ota ,. FOR SAI,E.--Coal and Tood Race  WE AR NON STCC'n wT .... 6, 1923 Jos. Stutzman and chfldrerL Thin emirs h. ..... ;. +;. ,.. .:_. c,.. the office of ;-; ,lo,.t ,;h,,,t Refr].erator, R,ode l:dad Led e 25 00 lS Mr. Wfl.mms first emit to Wood- ds v A .......  o.. ..__ !. ...... t., , .t onnomtion i '';,,-,, ;,sees --5 ens--rdephone 3 or wr,,e Lox _e 9  stile, hm native home, m twentry  .............. 'erves also - .v .... i ....... ,, , Voodltle, .]s.= , "  1 1 ..........: . . . v vn InuIsoay evennlg, xne  ,, ,,,at .... , - ..... e.z .  years, so naturally hm old fmend .... humble and tha ......  ............................... ;  - -" ......... .............. i unammous concensus of opm,on m' ukful. Your confi-FO:. SALE --. ['UgOr; ' -'i,,-. "h ,  '   i * " O *,ere wetv gtau o ee ntn. I ; dence in m ..... ..... *  ,that a _great blessing has come toi ewfllbejustfied, fffmth-! proven Brood -%):vs of th . very . fl  l Jt..L   . } PERSONAL [ --:-- !this town and county as a result of fut, willing and prompt service meanl bes blood line , r  a ., i, f"  o-------------------o This county received this week: the effort* of Rev J O Hane% the anything'. I thank you one-and all nrice girad "v ,:) ":r:' '-.',': ;" -  1[ s . 4 and still it rins  from the Government Federal Ad e'a,,gelist, and Mr W G Walter-; from the bottom of mv heart, and Colo.. --a "-.--.-c-- -,, - I   "I I   | "9  .. Funds the sum of $19 036, this be-lmire, the choir leader. Roy Mr. wll always be found, IHYS q  vv,- ')  L  ., L J | |   " T. W. Cavin, of bar- mg a part of the amount due for the Hanes has brought the gospel eli "our faithful servant,__,_ t ................ ! - -v  ' to Woodvhie construction of highways and the Jesus Christ to our people in a mostl JNO. L. HAYS. FOR SALE AT BARGAIN PRICES. i '" ! steel bridge over Buffalo river. Of beautiful and touching manner, by I . Two new 1 h. p. ,:;:'ir,(:;: ,r  this amount the McKeithen Construc. preaching the spirit of love In [ Yo ....... -.t'_---_ . . slightly used 1% h p ',in" o.  - . . . " u an gec [ne pure Ice cream at l . ", "?.  i 0o ]eft last Sun t]on Company was prod the balance stead of condemmng those who are r--a: -- : ....... -'--'- - . ew Internatmnal t ,d Mfl; one, I/. _ - - - . . . . . ,,  u] :*s qu--ueS won you Wahl - ". "  e- 'tg('| due of $14,127.95, which has been hvmg sinful hves, he pleads with it at Plitt's ake- saw wth stand for cutting stove I f7  -  AS "'" wood. All offered at le han cos', k Tablets, Exammatmn Papers, who filled a tern- s month in Vicks- returned home tory to accepting returned to his on last Sat- a delightful vi Mr& Ack- the family. a past session5 S. C. W., ex- yesterday morning where e has ac- the high school Ware and little Hess, of Natchez. after a mother, Mrs. to her sister, Mrs. left Sunday on a visit to H. A. Williams We will be a moat of meeting in Mr. and Mrs. C. who spent of this week here and friends in returned during from Hammond several days home by her who had there. term of chancery have convened will be con- in Wood. with presiding for. and now real. where Mr. the largest jew- in #.ate, visiting ' and two cln'ldren ago, hsv- home relatives a few days at Greenville, at 8haw John that the of the county on next and that will open 24th. and four chiL Jackson Mr. Denao faere they are weleome hi$ and trust due for several months past. I them in a most tender and sympa- i --:-- [thetic manner to give their hearts! "- We are in receipt of a postal card i to God. Not one coarse or harsh] Bond Bread, Mother's Bread, made from our friend, Mr. C,. G. Ducomb, remark has fallen from hi lips and: in New Orleans, fresh daily at D. L who with his wife and little son are not one word that he has spoken CUMBO'S, ..... un in Canada on a summer outing, jCoUld in any way give offense to any  The "Colonel" said that they were!member of any denomination. The i NOTICE OF SUBSTITUTED having a great time and that Canada i result was that people of all de- I TRUSTEE'S SALE. was flooded by visitors, many of nominations, qthout a single except Default having been made in the whom are there to refresh them- tion, responded to one or more of pa)-,ment of that certain indebted- selves with the beverages that are his propositions, and there have been nes. mentioned and described in a now prohibited in the U. S.A. a number of additions to the various deed of trust executed by C. A. : churches. McNeil to R. V. Potenza, Trustee, Mr. Jno. Ash has had tbe old shoe The beautiful spirit which has securing an indebtedness due and shop torn do-n, i moving E. W. been exhibited among the ministers payable to G. P. McGehee & Son, tr to close out promptly. ABE COHEN, Woodville, Mis 9-8-3w. DELTA LAND FOR ItENT.--Have about 3,000 acres rich dela l:nd at Fairview, Coneordia p:rish, La. Will make rent very aractive tc good farmers with their )wn team3 Land is good, dry loan,. !and; good houses and living conditions. Good lastures for stock. Wrte Bc: 446 Merit'old, Miss. 9- iv: MRS. "F. A. r.[ LA i N, e Our Composition Books, Ink, Pens and Pencils. Big Bunch Scratch Tablet 8 x l0 IS A SPECIAL 1 s o I e Wriht's office and will move the of the town, and their members, which deed of trust is of record in Gloater, Mis., * S. R. McDowell store building into must be accepted as an expression L-M Book Np. 3,.Page 591, of the the southeast corner of that lot, fac- of just how" elo.ety our peo.le arei records of Wilkinson County, and Millinery, :$ed;y;te:.Wear and  in the alley. Across the front of being brought together Tills has in L-M Book 2., Page 189, of the , ...... " '. "  . ... ..... , ......... -__ the lot he is preparing to erect a!indeed been a union meeting andlrecords of Amite County, Mississippi, ato;c? :o]n  nr w>::t :;?u ant i" ................. -"" building 48 by 64 feet, whereto he not one untoward incident has oc-ireference to which is hereby made ..... ' ;/' up :o : : r,% lm:o vt   'mR__"T"    2eOtdvUiea Ch;:ar agency  : .w s ;_o ;ga! :,!:::,!!)Y" rl:iii I #:  e' ----7"-- . . . e P Y  nd , Don t ail to see th m. 9-: vor card R V Potenza, the on real trus ment of the marriage of MiSSdneLOisan average nattendance m of o,. ne tee. " wh:ch" " substitution ag'ears of' NEW GROCERY S]@RET---  i) W O O D Vl LL E, M I S SIS S I P PI Elizabeth Hathorn and Mr. S" y thundred, me , "o en and children, i ' ;" .... PP  t " ra d recora in Wilkinson County, Missis- A t , , ( Bryan Berry which was celeb te  l h [ The closing service wm one long I ........... ough I shall coLtinu *.  w)rk i o :? /<.    "-*  #,,t = e %.., ae .t. at University, Miss., on Sunday,[ to be remembered in ou' town, and s]ppL m -a Joog a, rage 640, ano in my blacksmith hop, L* -hich i! " ..v ..- -, - , -. . 4%v# , he ac }n Amffe Count, Mssmmpw, m L-M ha Augur... 26th. The bde "s t... - we feel certain that both Rev. Mr, oo ,t Y  Y^^ "." " " ".- . ve been engaged for 2 year,i l i ........ , , ..... : complisnea aaugher o ur. ana mrs. Hanes and Mr W]tr,; o: ;, K zl, 'age tvu, et seq, ana aeeo wish th .hli t, ,.,, , t :.,,.,. ....................................... --= .......... H. G. Hathorn, formerly of this town their hearts tt it"wa;"Toodtha of trust having by its terms become opened'a ncat'iitt]e"s['ore :n"N;tch;:  I 1 and now of Memphis, and has many they cam to WoodviUo ,a ,,,,* subject to foreclosure, and having street two block'fr ..... .. ................... r ..........  ..... fmends here who join us m extend- certainly our neonl fol *ht th;v been equested by the holder of the shall keen on hand f-eh ,roc,r,. ...................... ........... ./_'t_ -" "- el00_, mg congratulat|ons and best wshas comin was the divlm ,;dance ,, g ge to sell the property there-:eanned oods and ccdd c]rink ,,H ...........  .... in described as provided in the aid will thank -o---- ......... ......... y u to your patronage. " --:-- God. The construction of the sidewalk __. deed of trust for the purpose of pay. MIKE McMORR!S, "----- ing and satisfying the indebtedness PINE BLUFF STORE, Woodville. in this town has torn up the street Mr. H. F Allen and Miss Emma therein mentioned, which is long past 9-8-4w. in many places, so Marshal Thoma has a real job on his hands trying to get them in shape again. He is cer- tainly laboring faithfully, and while making the necessary repairs is, at the same time, greatly improving the general condition of the streets. Of course this work has caused lots of mud, owing to the daily rains, but we will soon see the good results of the marshal's efforts. Mrs. D. H. Wallace left yesterday morning for Chattanooga, Tenn., where she will spend a couple of days" with Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Wallace. Pharos Boatuer were married on Tuesday afternoon at the Methodist parsonage in this town, Rev. Henry G. Hawkins officiating. The wedding was attended by only Miss Eva Boatner, a sister of the bride, and Mr. Leonard Stockett, who accom- panied them to Centreville to take the train on a two weeks' trip to Memphis and Vicksburg. At the latter place they will be the guests of his sister. There wa absolutely no objection to the wedding on the part of the families, but thence young people simply preferred She will be met there by her daugh- ter, Miss Virginia Wallace, and to- gether they will go to Washington; and New York City on a two weeks' stay. At the latter place they will l the late war in which he asw many be the guests of Miss Ida Hood, a i months of active eerviee in the girlhood friend of Mrs. Wallace and bloody battles of France. He is a a former re,dent of this town, where young man of good habits and high r she has many friends still. Sidney M. Lewis, son of Mr. and Mrs. Lyt. Lewis, left Tuesday morn- ing via New Orleans for Cincinnati where he has a position with The Richardson Company, which has been tendered to our young friend through the courtesies of the pre idnt of the company, Mr. John M R.har_@on, who visits here eacl" winter, where he is so deservedly popular. There is not a better o more popular boy in our ton tha "Svd," and we feel certain that he will make good in his new position. Mr. and . C. Lawder_of Paola, Kansas, arrived here last Friday to make their home, Mr. Lawde. having received a call as lastor of the Woodville Christian church. He is a ffraduat of the Johnson Bible SciooI, of Knoxaritle,[ Tenn.. and is a votrng man of abillty t nnd plean address, so we feel sure t that he will fill the positions of both] nreacher and astor most creditably, t We welcome Mr. a,d M. Lnwder, to our community nd hope that their future here may be long and happy. Mr. T. B. McCurley, mayor of Stephenon, who was in town on Wednesday, informed this writer that the contract or the construc- t;on of a gTa-el hifrhway between Steohenson and GlosSer, in Amite county,  distance of .0.84 miles, ws lot on Monday et Liberty by the Bord of Snnevisors of tbat county t Ball & Anaersov. of G!o*ter, for the sum of $32.996.28. This con- L tee which well avoraze about g3.250 per mil. ; eon.idered  very o n and w:ll be completed in one hundred working day Mis. Add;e Leak. who eentlv de. cidd to trive un school techinr, in which h h,d been  succsfull.v et,red for th, past three years, to ouln herself for erviee s a pro- %ti,al nnrne, left Mond,v morn- ;rig for R-her, Minn.. where she has terd  Kolder hool of Nntnd,, wblch ; o of the most omf,,rt of its kd the country. v! for thi work. so w fe! certain cht s] will melee a SPat eee. in h" ebosart ,.ftinn. fr the Dr- rret;on of which she must study for three year Mr. C. G. Lanre, who has so sue eessfully filled the pulpit at the Woodville n church during the vacatl months, left Monday for his home in Wichita, Kansas, pr paratol:y to tramming his studies at the Johnson Bible ehool near Knox-, ville, Tenn.. of which he is a two- year stqdeut. This young ntan came to our town about three months a fresh from school, to fill the pulpit at the Christian church. and it gives us much pleasure to say that he fulfilled thi duty in such a manner as to gain for him the love and esteem of the people of thi community. Not oIy has he worked * faithfulI in his church but he ha or P,oh exhibited a beautiful spirit of co- in all oeration among all the denomina- tion& thereby gainn for himself the general commemdation of our l peole. It has been truthfully said of him that some mi,ht have done of Atone- as well but none could have done better. He left here amid the well wishes of a host of friends who hope that his nromie to return may not due and has not been paid; Therefore notice is hereby given that the undersigned substituted will, on the 1st day of 'October, 1923, at the court house door in the town of Weodville, Wilkinson County, Mississippi, within legal hours, offer and expose for sale to the highest bidder for cash, and will sell at pub- lic auction to the highest bidder for cash, the following described real and personal vroperty, described and mentioned in said deed of trust, to-wit; The following described land, sit to be united for life in this quiet uated in Wilkinson County, Missi manner. Mr. Allen, who has held sippi, to-wit: the position of express messenger be- "W.  of S. E. %, and the W. tween Woodville and Slaughter for of N. E. t, and the S. of S. W. the past few years, is a veteran of %, all in section 25, township 3, range I east, and containing 220 and 30-100 acres, also N. W. , 36, township 3, range 1 east, and eon- raining 100 acres more or less, also character, so is deservedly popular the E. of N. W. %, section 25, here his bride is the winsome and township 3, range 1, east, and con- accomplished young daughter of Mr. raining 73 and 43-100 acres more and Mr& D. P. Boatner, of Ashwood or lena, and aggregating 393 and Ranch. This young woman has been 74-100 cres more or le,." for the past four years a most suc- The following described real and cessful school teacher, being well ersonal nroperty, situated in Amite equipped for that profession, and County, Mississirmi, to-wit: has many friends both here and in "Lot 6, in block 18, in section her former home in West Feliciana 34, township 3, range 2, east, in the parish, La., who will join us in ex- town of GlosSer, Misstdppi, and ae tending congratulations and best eording to the nlat thereof on file wishes to this happy young couple, in the office of the chancery clerk of :, . id eounty. Also the followin de. " The Woodvi ...... scribed personal property, to-wit: ue raren - teacher " in n " ............... One ffasol e e rune, and eqmp- Assocmmn vu nolo : nrst meer mnt one "st mill, one set of ing for the present session at the -.',:' "-- ""'s a ..... U --,  .-- . ol DiS .Klth 1OOI , 190 1 av nols ua; pmce on rnaay aIernoon oI n--" w .......... , mule 4 years old, 1 black horse mule exc ee .',epemver zourteentn, at . , _.. . _____. ,___ ._, ^ 3" -'-'--'- .i, t -- . t D ear, me, s ,r,n no mule .- .o, u x.  ne memvers wno " .. "*Roc" - "" enrs O111 nameQ .K, I gorrell n pdO;:reae tUorg::vto ?iid :nnd tel horse " re.led years old named John, P Y n Ual 1 "e " " " ' ...... [ 1 h  k hoo tulle 8 years old ham- aue vwenry-nve cents per capita, . " for t  ......... ]J B;ll. ! blck horn. mule 10 vear ne new wznoot year now Deglno I , .  __, . _ ; nln," | Oll nnecl l-ore, anQ I OFOW 0 " "" . [ mub 14 ,.,rn old n-reed Jack." :  At f|d sale .Jeh title will be. There is a owing demand over dven as is vexed in me as subsfb the state for the repeal of the absent tuted tree, which I believe to be vote law, and we agree with those od. Sale i reae for the purpose of pvtn the in4eedness secured hv the above mentioned deed of trll *, Wie-q my signature th;s third day of Septerber. A. D 19.. P. V. WILKINSON, 9-8-1923-4w. Substituted Trustee. who suggest that the next session of the legislature take such action. This law was moat necessary during the recent war, but this necessity has been removed, so let's get rid pf it. It is open to too great abuse, so let's have it repealed. Red Rust-Proof Seed Oats I I I I ---JUST RECEIVED A SHIPMENT oF RED RUST-PROOF OATS THAT I AM OFFERING AT VERY ATTRACTIVE PRICES. SUPPOSE YOU PUT IN A FEW ACRES FOR WINTER PASTURE THIS YEAR. .---You cam meure ROGERS SILVER- WARE allutoly free by trading with m. Cards livm away with evet [4)4ent purchasm. Come in nd let me explain it to you. Sam. ples of tl Silverware to be glveu awyom display in my store. u I I n I n i i i II ii I i i . M. TI00P00[NgAHL ODD FELLOWS' BUILDING, WOODvlLLE, MISS. ]lIDS FOR GRADER. Bids will be received by the Board of Supervisors of Wilkinson county: Mis&, up to 11 o'cloek a. rL, on the first Monday, the "first day of Octo- ber, 1923, for the purchase of one light Russell Grader for the third di'swict, The Board reserves the right to reject any and all bids. W. L. HAYS, Cilerk. 9-8-1923-4w. BIDS FOR BRIDGE. Bids will be received by the oard of Supervisors of Wilkinson county Miss., up to 11 o'clock a.rn., o the first Monday, the 1st da of Oct0- her, 1923, to build a bridge acros Buffalo creek on the Itenlev road in the fifth district, near tbe,(store of P. J. Smith. The Bard reserves the right to reject any and all bids. 9-8-1923-4w. W. I5. HAYS, Clerk. 2__ _,,_. ? ? ? ? ? "% HAVE YOU TRIED OUR COOKED MEATS AT THE KENILWOOD MARKET ? ? 7 ? ? ? ffenllwood M00lr00et E. M. 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"'" TELL YU FIEND ABOUT THIS EXCEPTIONAL OFFER, SAVE OUR CARDSTHEY ARE VALUABLE One Card with each SOt Cash Purclm Zh ,  CARDS GIVEN BY T. WOOD ("} The Busy Druggist. TELEPHONE 8-J Woodvil!e,  GASOLINE STATION and FISK TIRE COMPLETE STOCK NEW RECORDS---FULL LINE JEWELR A. H. JONES, Lawyer. Real Estate Bougb and lold on Commission. Offieein court house, Woodvi]le, Mis& DR. W. W. MONTFORT, Dentist Woodville, Mi. Crow and Bridge work a Specialty. Odd Ietlows' Bldg. Phone 41-,/ DR. R. F. PAYNE, Eyo, Ear, Noe nn4 Throat Office hours 2 to 5 p. m. at Ho Steplmnson, Miss. 4-8o1922oiy " DR. J. W, BRANDONo JR** Physician and Woodvill, Ofle on seeond floor '- Fellows B are Grade Red Polb, all Muley and W. F. Tucker from good milk'stralns, $30.00 and $S0.00 each for'cash. Also some fine yearling heifers. J. S. McGehee, LAUREL HILL, I.. McGEHEE'S RED RUSTPROOF SEED OATS. RELIABLE LESPEDEZA SEED. Clay B. Tuekez TUCKER & TUCKER wyers. Woodville, - :- Miss. re Office southwes corner public sqtre D. C. BRAMLETTE : Lawyer ' WoodvilIe, Mis. Office in Brick Building, Commeria| D.R, C. E. Woodvi!!e, Mi ;r'] Offi**e in fcGebee Building. , EL C,. LEAK