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September 8, 1923     The Woodville Republican
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September 8, 1923

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OODVILLE, MISS. SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 8 1923 IZED[GOLFERS IN PAN!G PLAN DAIRY ADVERTISING, West Point May Send Committe from QUARREL/ KANGAROO ROMPS ' '' West Point.The Mississippi De- velopment Board, whose home is at IlatUesburg, expects to start out on - an automobile trip, from the Gulf coast on Sept. 10, having Chicago a RESUMES RELA. PLAYERS IN PANIC BEFORE RE, their objective. " NEIGHBOR. CAPTURE EFFECTED. The purpose of the trip is to a- HELD ALOOF "Watchful Wait- to Reogniz e Strife- Obregon Made lition Possible. --....__ ,-tions States and Mexico and the breach ex- three ycars be- governments are the American gov- by officials here by recognition of by Great and Cuba, to its former of nations. through a With Mexico City the accord of the President Cool- statement, issued at for the under- pos- B. Warren and John commissioners ap- Harding to the conference, held an arrange- or friendb" that President Hughes al- attention to ambassador to given by the Department been reached. that since re exte.nded, an an- forthcoming" soon, and no time will in taking at the United Mexico City and the will be direct charge d'affairs. of iS here policy, admlnistra- help to a long as the rights safeguard- claim of the has heel} dt. such a cou.rse, difficulty because the persons and nationals in interne. incident to a con- and civil war than a decade. under this pol- delicate States has had military naval and Mexico, era. of mu- of interns. indirectly of relations general. SHORT, P, .-dieted Crop. 40 Per acreage was predicted the state board tSday following parts of the Said that only 22 be plowed for broken. There is such widespread complaint vertie tl:(; many advantages to be about the beautiful scenery along the had on ,.he laxms o Mississippi and WOMAN CLIMBS SAPLING gravel pikes of Mississippi being oh- to try and induce people to come to cured and disfigured by dilapidated, the state. _ bill boards, placed there for advertis-I The publicity c0mmittee says in & lng purposes, that there is consider-;letter that they are sending to vari- Superintendent Cullen, With Posse able talk of legislation forbidding]our Chambers of Commerce through- of Helpers, Beat the Bush in such practice in Mississippi as there ] out the state that he trip will be a Australian Fashion for Hours has been iu other states. Those who "revelation, vacation and will help Before Animal Is Captured. have investigated the matter state lput Mississippi on the map." They that thousand per thousand, cite|Jars I also state that the party will be eao cost more than space occupied l" an , thusiasticalty received at all point Memphfs.--Clfers on the Overton advertisement in a newspaper, not to from the coast to Chicago. Park golf course were thrown into mention the additional expense of The Veest Point Chamber of Com- sudden panic when a full grown their circulation by hand or through meres has been contemplating for kangaroo bounded forth from the the mails, and if sent by mail, en- some time a means by which thin woods on the northeastern boundary, velopes and stamps must be hought section could receive some publicity made a rapid series of leaps in a and clerks must be paid to fold and and it is thought that a committee zig-zag course across the links, took [ mail circulars. If distributed by hand may be appointed to make this trip. the hazards with consummate ease. ] they blow away and are unread. The Dairymen from the neff% are con- bowled over flagstaffs and made. best authorities also state that hill- stoutly coming into West Point In with a far below par "score," the. board advertising along public high- sea'eh of dairy cattle, and are rock- holes that intervened in his flight J ways does not bring anything like the ing favorable comment on the court- toward some woods on the south- [ financial results as does newpaper try. These people clam that Mdssis- eastern edge of the links, advertising, as is evidenced by the sippi will be one of the greatest The threats that have been heaped i fact that as the signboaards rot down states in the Union when the large on the hazards on the Overton Park I they are not replaced. Newspapers go farms are cut into small ones, and course by assiduous amateurs at i into the homes of all the people and more, intelligent labor located here. divers times read like the minutes of statisUcs show that there : are five Should the West Point Chamber of a Black Hand meeting, but these readers to every sulscriber of a news- Commerce send a delegation, all of hazards were taken with as much paer printed. It is not an unusual their efforts will be concentrated on ease by the vaulting marsupial as sight to see advertising billboards getting dairymen to cOme here as Groper Cleveland Bergdoll left Amer covered with mud, n,king them more this class of farmers are needed to ica. However, the little white ball unsightly, and as a member of the make Northeast Mississippi what it did not sail over these places, but legislature discussing the matter, put should be. instead they were scaled and crossed It, "signboards on highways make fine helter skelter with all the speed that targets as long as they last. and be- PLAN FOR $600,000 men and women players could corn- come very unsightly after being shot HIGHWAY LINK PASSED mend. to pieces and left to rot" " It all happeaed when the inquisl- Week on Monroe Road to Start t!ve denizen of the Antipodes. which From" what members-elect to the leg- Sept. 25. recently arrived at the zoo..decide tslature are saying there seems to be Aberdeem--The state highway en- to learn what golf was all about, no doubt that a constitutional amend- gineer has notified the Monroe court- much to the consternation of the mere will be submitted by the incom- tY 'authorities that the government golfers. It was around the eighth ing legislature to the people for ratifi- had approved the plans for tee con hole when the animal entered upon cation or rejection at the November netting road fl, om Aberdeen to Net- the scene, election of 1924. forbidding the in- tieton, a distance of $0 miles, and He was first seen by a man player troduction of any bills, resolutions or Rutsorized them to advetlse at once who rubbed his eves, felt for his other matter, until the revenue and ior bids and that the contract for the hip pocket and wttl a yeli fled. He appropriation bills have been passed construction of this road would be was closely followed by nearly a cod signed by the governor. The talk let Sept 26. core of others and the turns they is that the amendmen will so ru as ' Th road will cost $600000. The made in their flight would have to require revenue bills to be passed fourth and fifth supervisors' dis: made a pretzel look like the shortest first, in order that appropriatio:d may tricts voted .$300 000 and the United distance between two points, be mae not to exceed cue state's rev- States government pays $300.090. Meanwhile the kangaroo hopped enue for taxes, and thus keep the The road will )e made of concrete vigorously onward. His tail stuck state's expenditures within the state's 18 feet wide and 20 miles long, out like russett shoes with evening income. The constitution gives rev- giving Monroe County one of the drp,, and he perched on it, ever and enuo and appropriation bills the right longest and widest concrete pikes in anon, then resumed his leaps, of way, but legislature after legisla- the state. The animal overtook and passed ture, even by the admission of "mere- Work will legin.on this road tm- flytn$ players, who, themselves were bets of that body, have frttterd away mediately after the contract is let showing exceptional speed. D,eomen the time that should have beeb spent on Sept. 26. screamed ad men yelled. One pret- on revenue and appropriation bills in ty young woman, said to reside on wrangling over other matters, and left School Bond Election. Garland Place, tried her hand at these importan trills until the tact shinning up a sapling, but her ter days of the session. At the last see- Blue Mountain. -- A special elee- ror was too great to permit of salt- sion of the legislature they were bare- tlou will be held on Sept. 21 at Con- elent hand hold. Golf sticks were iy passed within the constitutional cord Schoolhouse, south of Blue utterly forgotten and the green sub time before adjournment, and all state Mountain to ascertain the wishes of fered severely from the sprinting, officials employees and Judges and the voters of the Tippab.-nion Line sod digging runners, chancellors had to borrow money 1or Consolidated School District cou- A couple of hundred yards behind three or four months on which to cerning the issuance of $8 200, in the animal came a squad of men flue. The appropriation bill carrying" bonds as the Union County allot headed by Wynne Cullen, auperln- the" salaries not reaching the governr ment of the total of $15,000, pro- tendent of the zoo. armed with clubs until the expiring hours of the see- Imsed to be floated between the tWo and nooses, who were being far out- sion. counties for the erection of a new distanced. The kangaroo disappear- sehooll, euse for the beuetit of ste- ed in the woods with the zoo attend- Already there i talk of the coming dents of Cotton Plant, Bluff u! ants in such feeble pursuit as their state democratic convention which Concord school. human legs could provide, will select delegates to. the national Reinforced by some 15 or 20 men Democratic convention, which it is Won By One Vote. from the municipal greenhouses in hoped will nominate the next presi- Blue Mountaln.--By a margin of the southeastern section of the park, dent of the United States. The Jacl- only one vote over his combined oP- Cullen and his men made a systema- son Auditorium which will exceed in position in the fst primary, R. 3. tic search of the dense grove. ]'e* space and comfort any other hall in Curtis, according to the official fig- quently they came into view of the the city of Jackson, will doubtless be urea, received the nomination for wary-Jumper, only to be left immedi- the meeting place of the state con- supervisor in Benton in his ditric. ately in the lurch. , ventlon, and for the first time in the Curtis is a substantial financier of Human ingenuity, however: trb history of the commonwealth, women the county, and despite ls close vic- umphod ever the power and speed of will sit with men in a state-wide po- tory over the field, enjoys the con- the bip+:d or q'mdrnped or wha,vo-r iitical convention, aS delegates from fidence of a wide circle of the elec- a kang zrm is. C)rnerod near one the 82 counties of the state. Mlssiz- torate of his diStricL of the greenhouses, the kangaroo sippi is entitled to 20 delegates in eventually fell beneath the combined the national convention, fern" from the Baptist Revival Adds 410, assault of 35 men forming the posse state-atdarge and 16 from the eight Lurel.--One of the most success- and he was captured without in-icongressiona 1 districts, and a like ful revivals ever conducted in Jones Jury by means of a lasoo, a la Will number of alternateg, likewise appor- County was brought tO a close sun- HLI00tLiF00ED THQU00RND PERISH IN JAPAN QUA: J/DHAILSTOWtV: MJoO;N IN HORRIBLE DISASTERS. DEATH TOLL 'INCALCULABLE' Japan's Capital Filled With Dead and DyingArea of 50 Miles De- vastatedSurvlvors Flee in Panic. Naaskl.It is feared that the Casualties in Tokyo will exceed even those of the great disaster of 1856, when more than 100,000 were killed in Yeddo alone. It is reported that Fuji spinning mills, near Mount Fuji, collapsed and that 8.000 of the operators perished. At Hakone, a famous mountain re, sort, it is said to be easier to count the living than the dead. A number of volcanoes are reported to be active, The cities of Tokyo and Yokohama were described by one Associated [Press informant, the superintendent of he Japanese government wireless station at Tomioka, which operates via Radio Corp0rattont as "like hell." Buildings were falling, fire was spreading every'where; dead and dy- ing were on all sides ; there were cries of horror and fear by the panivtrick- en populace. What quake and fire did not de. stroy on land tidal waves are re- ported to have crusimd or sunk at sea. The fate of the ships in Yokohama barber and what ships were there still remains to ,be determmed- aaatai.Death and destruction aave reared themselves a throne over the empire of Japan, and their joint ru o horror aod pandemonium holds sway from end to end of the Jap- anese nation. Tokyo and Yokohama are b]ok. ened heaps of ruins, as the result of toe err]flc earthquake and fire which struck the island with horrible con- sequences Saturday morning. Loss of life exceeds IOLI)O0, The devastated district covers an area of at least 100 square miles. In ! this district are included the capital city of Tokyo and the great seaport of YOkohama. , Earahquake, fire, tidal wave and I typhoon combined in one horrible al- liance to produce one of the most ap- palling disasters since the dawn of history. Thousands upon thousands of fear-crazed men, women and chll. dren were entombed a,,e in the fear, some mountains of debris caused hy the crumbling of thousands of build. lugs. Yokohama, In addition to th earth, quake and tYphoon horrors, was at. tacked by a huge tidal wave. which swept up the tarbell, carrying away all water front buildings and engulfin all shpping. Fears are felt for the safety of crews ana passengers of vessels in the port at this time. One hundred thousand peop'.e are dead. Thousands and thousands of bodles are lying in the streets, while hum, berless people Were buried alive and then burned to death. All city wards at Tokyo excep Shiba are devastated. All newspaper offices and plants, leludlng the building of the Japan Advertiser, were destroyed. Fegr are felt for hundreds of fo signers in Tokyo and Yokohama at the time of tae catastrophe. , No definite information' a to the fate of any foreigners iS available. The water supply of both TokYo and Yokohama was cut off, leaving fire fighters in absolute helplessness. There is no food in either city, an famine threatens anless qulcl relief Way. of valley quit suspension United Mine failure of the out a new the one which BARRED. Unauthor. CaL--Bsoaue not meet from Iowa L to the Old Mis- returni to the conceal- and so passed The Fran- of the mis- the guide the traveler, her- tha mW Rogers. But it took three hours to outmaneuver him. Humans in Barrel. New York_The, W'ashington Maru brought into port-a xeeord cargo of stowaways. ThirtYe were discov- ered aboard the Japanese steamer on her arrival from Italian ports and stere removed in a revenue cutter to ELlis Island. Ship officers said 30 Italians had been smuggled aboard at Falermo by stevedores, who lowered them into the hold in barrels and boxes. The thlrty-first a Japaneae, stole aboard ship at another port. Heads Veterans. Nozqolk, Va.--At the final session of th annual encampment of Veter- ans of Foreign Wars here, General IAoyd M. Brett, former commander of the 18th diviSion in France, was unanlmously elected commander in chief, and General Antou Stephen of Washington Was chosen semior vice oo in chieL Home Vitally importan The spirit and.tone of your home will have great influence on your chil- drtm. If it is what it ought to be. it will fasten conviction on their minds, howevm" wicked th may beom. mdm CedL Good N mod O.ta that have once one ren a them are mbet to tm hm on e tioned. Women candidates for dele- 'gates to the national convention are being discussed in different part ef the state. As all the candidates for governor and the legislature announced against I Issuing bonds for current expenses and pledged themselves for lower taxes, the lopping off of all useless state bureaus and offices, the tax- payers are looIing f(n-ward confident- ly for drastic retrenchmen and re- form when the egislature meets next January. At least this l the report which is brought to the capital by viSitors rom everywhere. There seems to be'n0 doubt, ltceord- lug to reports imeeived at the 9apitaL that there will be several wotne'n an- didates for conge in the ImocraUe primaries next Fear. A/ready the names of a number of'disthed women are being discussed, but no formal announcement hna u yet been made. hool Prinotpal Reetgn Yazoo City.--T. J. White, super- tntendent of education ef Yazoo CotmW and recently elected pal Of the Yazoo County Agricultural High School has handed in his reslg- zzation as principal of the school to take effect imm.diatelY. EIIlsville Has New Gtr. ]lliville.The El]Isvflle Gin (o recently organized, has "r the most l day meeting wit dinner on the ground featured the oslng o ta revivaL Forty persons we*e eofi- verted. Compren Geta $1x ,N. , LaureL--The Laurel Cotton press, recently organized and finaZ ed by local business men, has re- ceived six trates of new cotton for" storage. Five of these bales were brought in by growers residing near Soso and the last was shipped to this city from Ieedale. day night bY the hey. J. C. Parker action is taken. at Sharon Baptiat hurch. An all- . Relief hlps are being rushed from Clebrated 98th Birthday.. Blue Mountain.--Born in uguSt 1925, [he mother of a Confederate soldier, 78 years'old, Aunt SalHe Smith, perhaps the oldest oman in No_h lississippi, has ust cele- brated her 98th Idrthflay at, th home of her son. John Smi th, near Old Cherry Creek, several miles south ot this pce. Calls Aggle Grid 8tar L & M. CoUege.---Coach Earl Abel Mississippi Aggte grld mentor, has wrRten, urging that all candi- dates for the football team be on Scott Field in togs on the tenth of $eptember, which is the date by the Southern Conference ulmg. A. & V. R. I. Build;rig 8hOl. Vtemrg.  Concrete have been laid Osaka and Kobe. Only available communication is that furnished by the wireless appa, ratps Of, vessels in Yokohama harbor and sPecial courier's. "The town of Ire was virtually wisped out when. 500 'house were carried away by a terrific tidal wave, Loss of llfe here is reported in excess of 6,000. Sasako railway tunnel, the largest in Japan, collapsed. No trains were re@orted passing through it at the time. Huudredl/of Villages sk|rihg Mount lulyama, the sacred mountain of Japan, have been entirely obliterated. The trror and desolation i nm denlng. Many Cities and Towns DeStroyed. Peking.All cities and towns tween Toyko and Osaka were destr ed by the earthquake, says a me sage picked up by the new MiUl wireless station hee,,. The mssa$ie came from South Japan, - Fired From Exchange. New York.---The suspension of Man uel Richter of Rtchter& Co., Ph|la- delphic, was announced from the ros- trum of the olidated Sock change at the opening of business. Brought First News of Earthquake, Ban pmneco.--Geo. axtar, traf- of the Radio Cor- newll REP. CANTRILL l]l[00i AFTER AN OPERATION DISTINGUISHED CA R E E R Candidate to Bear the Party's Stand. ard Will Be Chosen by 8tats Committee in Louisville September 11. Louisville, Ky.--James Campbell Cantrill. Democratic nominee fo' gov- ernor of Kentucky, died at St. Jose- ph's Infirmary in Louisville, at 6:30 o'clock uuday morning, JAILSANI] Back In Cell After Escape Declares He I From Any Lookup. STEEL DOORS ARE I Houston. Tex.Back In I brand new fire-police station week's "vacation?' Tom P. alias Hirschel Long, after t ner of those much in the gave out an Intezwiew last night Knight escaped from the eity' $150,00o Jail In the ntghl heavy steel doors, a score or more cers on dhty about the a descent of four stori At his bedside when Mr. Cantrlil ] bothered him not a whit died were his wife, Mrs. Ethel Gis* Cantrfll, his son, James E, Cantrill. his daughter, Mrs. Elgin Morrison, his brother, Cecil Cantrill and Joseph W. Morris, his campaign manager. Mr. Cantrill, who was operated ou for a ruptured appendix and periton, ttls, was said by his physicians to be improving all week. hut at 11:30 o'clock Saturday turning he suffered a relapse. Mr. Cantrill went north for a rest immediately after the primary ec- tion of August 4, in which he defeated Alben W. Barkley for the Democratic nomination for governor. He re- mained at a summer resort until last Monday when he ws brought hack to Louisville, and an operation was performed that evening. Bllbtins ssued by his physicians after the eration and continuously until Satur day said that he was doing well, ann Mr. Morris predicted h recovery within a few weeks ume. Under the Kentucky laws it now becomes the duty of the Democratic stats executive comraittee to name a candidate to take the place of Mr. Cantrlll on the ticket. The ehalrman of this committee had already issued a call for the comm|ttee to meet her next Saturday. It was not stated on the call that such a procedure wa. contemplated, but in view of Mr, Can- trill's d,ah it i. flow expected that the commltco will take such action. Several names have been suggested for the place, but sentiment apparent ly has not crystaUzed around any one man. Nothing definite in the way of annouacments or making plans will, be done until after be fu- neral of Mr. Cantrill. The question of the eligibility of Alben W. Irkley, whom Mr. Cantrill defeated In the! Democratic primary, has been raised. and appears to be still isettied, el- though the consensus seems to be that Mr. Barkley Is not eligible. Seines Campbell CantrtH was mrn at Georgetown, Ky., July 9, 1870, the son ot Judge James E and Mrs. Jen- n/e Moore Cantri11. He was educated at private schools in Gorgetown and Georgetown CoPege. Mr. Cantrill entered politics early in life and in 1895 was elected chair- man of the Scott County Democratle commlttee, and in 1897 was elected to the state legislature from his county, being re-elected In sP. In 1901 Mr. Cantrill was sentto the state senate from the twenty- s(ud" district and in 1904 was chair- man of the leglslatlve caucus. In the same year 1 was nomirmted by e Democrats of the seventh dttrlct to make the race ,for- Congress but he declined the honor. He' wan a dele gate to the Democratic national con- vention in 1904. In 1909 Mr, Cantrill w elected representative to Congress from the seventh district and has eerved con- tinuusly in that capacity since, be- ing reelected to the sixty-second, sixty-third, 9ixty-fourth, slxty-fifth. sixty-sixth, sixty-seventh, and last fall to the present, or slrty-eighth congress. He was e,air'man of organization la the national Democratic campaign tu the election In which James M. Cor was defeated by Warren G. Harding in 1920. after hls capture, Says No Jail Can Hold This and more--he said has yet to be built that can ho' a lifelong Intimacy with lock keys, etc., which Houdini mlght envy, enabllng him "French leave" whenever sires. Knight was quick to deny that he had been break here. "No one cares enough want to help me out of JaiL" Anyway, in Justlce to Houston PiCked the LOCk oclals, I want to say tha no else in the world knows escaped," "I can walk out of any Jail I am in," Knight continued, county Jail at Fort Worth and the Jall at Bellevllle. I did the thing there that I did easy. Picke Three Loeks In F, "I picked the locks on here last Friday night in less four minutes' actual tin. work at intervals, of a guard kept passing back It took an hour in all, I| "Why, you see Knight continned tapping his celI door; "I COuld get that in a couple of minutes, but use? The guards are 'eagle :eye' on me now. "Bnt L want a lawyer," quickly. 'at's why I last week,, I asked them and they wouldn't they gt me a lawyer JaiL If they better watch me." Italy to Keep Peace. Brussels.Feace was urged upon Italy by the alleged veterans as one of their first acts at the opening ees, siena of the fourt congress on  the $20. international federation of war vet, A "knlght of the crane. The congress adopted a re, Preston and olution to b e seRt to the 'ItalLan" Vet. Of a meal.' The erans organization urgtng them to use their ln21ueuce with the ItaUan stranger government to avoid war in the neat The hobo east, police, and his men have say. Theywant to lay s that Knight's lock-picking won't get him out of jail aa Man Loses Leg and in Chase In trying to catch stole $20 South Bend, Ind., indicted For t;ruelty. hcago.Three dismissed tore of the Parental s(9ool for were indicted on charges and battery and cruelty and regommendations made for evere puniVment by the cottonY gtd Jury. t train 'hree Couplm Steal ldego.Mr. Caroline bride f a few moflth& I three m and three Negre KiiI Two Detocfivea 'lnd Mrs. Kush were J hnsown Pa--Two detectives and when the three a negro were Shot to death and three ,bile. invited th policemen Were probably fatally driving wouffded while officers were answer, throw tng a riot call at Rosedale, a negre slm4 quarte of this CRY.  Loekhart 8till Free. Springfleld Me.--Officers of HollIs,