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September 7, 1973     The Woodville Republican
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September 7, 1973

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Friday, September 7, Whatsoever Things by Donald E. Wildmon HOW TO ENJOY LIVING A LITTLE MORE Our Creator intended for us to enjoy living. Those who feel the Christian religion concerns itself only with life after death aiss a major portion of the raessage of the Galilean. Ite was Very much concerned about us in the here and now. Using the common sense God has given us, and some guide- lines Christ gave with which to approach life, we can set down so m e suggestions or rules that will help us enjoy life if Vce will follow them, enjoy life even a little more than we Perhaps do now. The fh'st 'rule is this: To en- Joy life a little more, laugh a little more. A good sense of humor has never hurt a single Person, and for multitudes it has made life blossom like a flower in the desert. Concerning laughter, Sir Max teerbohm once wrote: "Strange, When you think of it, that of all the countless folk ,who have lived before our time on this .Planet not one is known in his- tory or in legend as having died ef laughter." Thomas Carlyle, the historian, believed in the medicine of laughter so much that he once stated: "No one who has once heartily and wholly laughed can be irreclaimably bad. Two men were fishing one Sunday morning when they heard the church bells ring re- minding people that it was time to come to church. One of the men. feeling rather guilty that 'he was fishing rather than be- ing in church for worship, said to the other: "You know, I guess we should have gone to church 197:00 this morning." The other man replied, "Well, I couldn't have gone anyway. My wife ls sick this morning." Then there is the story about a man who was having several distressing things happening to him at the same time, and he .was telling a friend about his troubles. The friend, wanting to be of help, told him: "Cheer up. Things could be worse." The man with all the problems took his friend's advice. He cheered up, and sure enough, things got worse ! Remember, if you wish to en- joy living a little more, laugh a little more. A second rule to follow which will be helpful is this: To enjoy living a little more, enjoy your family a little more. Family life was intended by God to be .an enjoyable experience. And it will be enjoyable if we will work at it, givig it a little more of our time and effort. The Woodville Republlcan, WoodWIle, Misslsslppl little more. To enjoy life a little more, another rule to follow ts: Do a little more what you enjoy do- ing. Take some time away from your work for some recreation. The word recreation can be divided as re-creation. Doing the things you enjoy doing helps ,o re-create you. We can become so ,absorbed with making a liv- ing that we can miss the joy of living. There is a speck of truth in the saying: "God made twice as much water as He did land; therefore it is evident that He intended for man to fish twice as much as he worked!" But, we must remember to keep all things in proper per- spective. We can overdo recrea- tion just as we can overdo any- thing else. So do the things you I enjoy doing little but a more, dent overdo them or you will defeat your purpose. The next rule is this: If you Children and grandchildren i want to enjoy living a little are to be enjoyed. So are parents i more, help other people a little and grandparents. Here is some more. practical advice from the pen i I have tried to make it a practice in my life to be help- ful to other .people. I know from experience that the times when I have been able to help another person have. made me enjoy life a little more. I remember one Christmas when Lynda and I took a family a basket of food and candy. We just wanted to share with a family ,who were not as fortunate as we were m material goods. It certainly made our Christmas more en- joyable, as I think it did also for those with whom we shared. Then. say a kind word to an- other, a word of appreciation and encouragement. Help to fill u need in another's life. The Carpenter gave us the secret of how to do this when He said "Treat other people as you want them to treat you." You will be surprised at how much doing this ,will help to make life a little more worth living. Someone, we don't know who, said it this way in a poem: I do not mind my "p's" and "q's"; how careless :[ must be. Nor do my actions always suit my neighbors to a "t". I think perhaps my greatest fault that I now :recall -- I make my 'Ts" a lot too large and all my "u's" too small. Too many of us, too often have "r' trouble, the kind eye- glasses cannot correct. This keeps us from enjoying life as much as .we should ,or could. To enjoy life a little more, here is anotl]er rule to follow Give a little more of your time and money to a good cause. Thne and money given to good causes helps to make life more enjoyable for people, yourself included. When you give your of Ogden Nash: One would be in less danger From the wiles of the stranger If one's own kin and kith Were more fun to be with. In the world in which we live today, the family unit is likely to break apart--at least men- tally if not physically--if we don't make an overt effort to keep it together and make it fun to be a part of. Business and a few of the other things which often seem so pressing can wait now and then, The family unit stays in- tact only so long. So enjoy your family now while you can. Do your share to make it enjoyable to be a part of the family unit. Take tlle time and make the effort to enjoy your family a Clearing the ring of '73s. Ford Price,fighter Clearance time and money to good causes you ,arc giving of yourself to those causes. Your giving says you believe in those causes and in the good which they do. One of the finest assets a human personality can have is a good attitude toward the money one makes. Our attitude toward money .can make us enjoy using that money or it can make us ,miserable through the misuse of that money. Remember that your respon- sibili]y stretches beyond your- self. You are no an island. You did not acquire what you have without any help. You can use your money to bring true ha.p- piness for yourself 'and others, or you can let it cause you no end cf misery. If you want to enjoy living .a little more. then another rule to follow is this: Worry a little less. Worry will not help you ac- complish one thing you wish to accomplish, nor will worry help you avoid one thing you wish to avoid. Speaking of worry, George Washington Lyon called it "the interest paid by those who bor- row trouble." Robert Jones Bur- dette said: "There are two days in the week about which and upon which I never worry. Two carefree days, kept sacredly free from fear and apprehension. One of these days is Yesterday... and the other .... is Tomorrow." Of course, he missed a most crucial day, and that is Today. H & R FORD, Inc., Woodville, Miss. It was the Carpenter Himself Who said: "And besides, what's the use of worrying? What good does it do? Will It ,add a single day to your life? Of course not! And if worry can't even do such a little thing as that, what's the use of worrying over bigger things?" Now we aren't saying don't have alld concern. You must always have that. But learn to do the best you can, make the most of what you 1].ave, and leave those things you cannot help to Cod. Don't waste your health---mental or physical--on things over which you cannot have any control. You ,wish to enjoy living a little more? Then worry a little less. .One final rule to follow if you wish to enjoy living a little I more: Love your Christ a little more. I realize that sounds religious, but we must ,remember that re- ligion is a part of life. You see, every .person worships some- thing. To ignore such a valid part of life .is stupid. What he worships determines his religion. I know this fact to be true: The more you lea.rn to love Christ, the more enjoyable your life will be. Life is a puzzle with many pieces. The secret of en- joying life is in fitting together the pieces. Loving this Christ makes possible the fitting to- gether of life's often-baffling pieces m proper order. My experience has been that the Christian faith is the most practical element one can find to make life a little more en- joyable. It is like the sugar in the batter which makes the cake sweet. So, if you want to enjoy living a little 'more, love your Christ a little more. These simple suggestions I have made tO help us enjoy life a little more ,all have one thing in common: They are all a part of one's attitude. One doesn't need great riches to follow them, nor will great riches prevent one from following them. Whether or not you enjoy liv- ing a little more depends upon your attitude. And your attitude depends on what you yourself choose to make it. With all its honey and gall, With its cares ,and bitter crosses, But a good world after all, A.nd a good God must have made it. Page 5 Drug Education Specialist Working In County Schools Miss Mildred Elaine McQl]ee, drug education specialist for the! Wilkinson County School Dis- trict, is participating in a pro- gram believed to be unique in the nation. Dr. Garvin Johnston, state superintendent of education, said that the hiring of 154 full- time drug education specialists in schools over the state is gen- erally regarded as the only statewide program of its kind in the nation. Johnston said the new pro-' glran 'was made possible with an over $1.g million appropria- I tion from the 1973 state legls- lature. The legislature assigned total responsibility for adminis- tration of funds for the pro- gram to the State Department of Education. Dr. Johnston pointed out that all the specialists ere hired by, and are directly responsible to, the superintendents of school districts employing them. In a recent interview, Dr, James Parkman, alcohol and narcotics education consultant for the Division of Instruction, SDE, gave his views on the role of drug education specialists in schools. "We see the drug education specialists in an educational role -- not a police role," he said. "Education is one answer to preventing drug abuse. We hope that these new specialists will .be .resource persons for entire communities. We hope they'll be involved with communities in any efforts to develop drug abuse education .programs. "In addition to serving stu- dents in public schools, they should be available to adults, parents, churches, civic clubs, and students in non-public schools. "This is a prevention program. Some communities have few drug-:related problems; we want; to keep it that way," he said. Dr. Parkman said that amon suggested guidelines as to du- ties ,and responsibilities of drug education specialists are the following: --Assisting teachers in drug abuse education activities in schools. --Assisting in efforts to get student involvement in the de- velopment of drug abuse educa- tion programs. --Providing in-service activi- ties for teachers and students in schools, as well ,as ,adults in communities. "We hope that these new full- time specialists will in time be regarded as thelr community's most knowledgeable resource person in the field of drug abuse education," Parkman said. Want Ads Get Quick Resultsl. I Natchez Stockyards Jerard Allen, Manager Ph. 442-0271 Natchez, Miss. 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