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September 3, 1898     The Woodville Republican
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September 3, 1898

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Yn.r f " --- WXLL-mOa Helrr I ISSISSIPPI IATTERS. SOUTHERr OLSaNmOS. HIS UNDSRSraNmaO t t .. . -urn nUiWOO/..,the,te...a.oatwa..o,00u,,,J .......... . " NO WOMAN ZS EXEEPT upon rico, pare, nonrishing h]ood b tak Wlthozt Cause for His Peraoaal Ass e . eared by a aJog.  a . y assm ats_ H Kn ng H o:,!s Sarsaparilla, and you will bo J Unkindness. J Warren eount+ h ....... +,,,,- ,^ ,._ The second attempt was made recent- e _ e, What a e.eel.ver Was Just --  -- ..... ires tram those sp Is of desnair th -- ! l ..... - ^--; ........ s ,, .v xy to poison the famil of Rev n &apos; aa esl as AnYnoll in the 0 larlt is a mat . - r , ,,o=  a e ' . , .Y ue Col- gu y teroftm ortance .... a!eep|ess mghts and anx ous days those | xx ....... , ........ ja ssment zolm nlea in the audztors lector John E Lo,wood ,h n. Courtroom. In everywoman'o );,,, r.._ap . :::;tTY, dcathhkeJeehngs, these sudden /. tie )md a way, howeve of gstand ng by [ :fac,.--153'600 mvested in.various man- near Decatur, Aia. The cook Amanda .. ,  however,.endured in the belief lhat t; t : _ a[. at mere notatngs,.those dyspeptic |tne se of a )mno and rolling hiseyes at the | scouring, enterprises, lnere are 7,729 Jenkins, was caught near NashviPe  sew .ua.ys a o a case .was m one of the Is neeessar and not alarmin ymp,tons and blinding headaches ]cnanaeuer wane nnsweet noises :urgedJVoters, ana a total ersonal valuation Tenn aev d ......... ; -, ,, ,,,+h,Y ...... g, when ,ooas arsaarilla has ...... : .... ",xrom nis throat Friends were too  nd tnl,f a, ' . ...... P ...... .. f_w _._.... ...... jatleu a assocmtmn. The p aintiff was a " ;:'l .......... as all wrong anct znuicates i many othersit will cur, =:e n,e zor [.suggest to him that his efforts were other ............. ymmmg a tate tax ot ,nens, ogether with another negro spected German WhO knew what hlPYtre derangement that ma cause serzo ---,-. . 1 - n d, Y us ' Hood's has no manufaeturo00 Vheenna[iimaePS:':'e'r!::li!:eire:n:Ynhiirat+t trT::sslv e monthly paln Itself will - .... [P  |an eag!e .ve showed signs of overtest-, -,, [] . er Pursers. The total valua- 3us as the zamily sat down to sup- to,Hey examined him at 1 . " unsettle the nerves and make w mercs:(rees t Medicine. 11; six for I, I durance, it 'as h!s daughter who wa;pla;- zon or personalty is $429,704, and the per a nne mrd doff, which had been examination the old gennegtn eUarog ttxe. / old before their time. . omen I ..o00o / = I  ' , -vauaeae _  are , . ch a e foundation of w " ,-- .......................... e. were I)ur ng o , and i waythathe ud ew , . . omanshealth la I ....  ---- ......................... :_.::-=-==: _-::_  , . ., 443 voters in the connt n a few minutes ded The new } s under the mlpresslon S erfe ....... l))d l mderstand you were crag to s n Y" that he ddn t torou h under p ctly normal and regular er- :: SWEET REVENGE ["o, the Banks of the Wabash,,ar AwavVg I' Tallahatehm county has $39 0'5 in- cook was arrested, and wzth another questions and answers g e decl,[,-stanq.- the formance of nature's funmi-- g : " | ':Ye;s," . " I vested ill manufactures. 3.3 3 'nli  servant, put in jail, making four now didn't want a receiver that he"::t:;/',':.* e | statement  -;,. -^--" ff-"- / ' -r. , O r ...... ' , dl(.,0 , ..a. W ......  x, jtTnrklahllath a .................. nen. . Itotal oersonal vahmtn.  ta, cnargedw]ththccrime, las attorney to take the ste, and that all . | .....  ..... ,_, '. .' n." / ...... .ut-,.,,ts uvu I vvay, rgm, away.'- I ..... - . - ........... .,o.,,,  wanted was his ,nosey  .. | * .... -,,,, - xurea, xa, m seneca / .... with /be Judge Who The quest oner took out his .v as tate tax will be $2,250 3. There Itcv. John (lass. At this oin " " lnevery sit , town and h " . . ,.  ateh and . . . , . p t the judge mzggested that the Y amlet za thl ; Sent Ilia Up, [ sa .......... I:re noplstols in Tallahatchle county. Lev. ,lohn (lass, rector of St Luke's court mte!reter be sent for tlat theGer./untry. Read what she says: [ [to ;):;1, lTlpal  yOIl navel! 't much time | Yalobusha has $100 invested in man. El'is( opal ehurch A ti.tnta (; x .o maamlglt-maKe, himself more clearly under- | "DEAlt Mils. PINIIIIAM'--I feel like = ) . . , ....... .% .am mr um west goes uf . , ., - oou. u ne aeeJared that he understood " - ," The judge had never taken a Turkish bath. / m 1 ss than three-ouarters of an heur an a [ t aetures over and above tile Yocona oe( i pied a charles in ] ittle Rock Ark [ what he wanted .-a .,._. . - [new person since followinlr your ad- ,t L.tT , , " -  ,  . "   - , ) , tt trial was nl$ nloney) .  - - -- but he was not, fcehng hs best thatmoru..L,lllhavetostart/ortl!eabasafaraway,[Mllls, v, hzeh are supposed to be ex- before accepting the post in Atlanta [anld ff he faded to get it he would kill him. |vme' and thmk i is my duty to let the iiA ima]l_l_l_ I }ng, ana)t sUqsemy occurred to him to test ngnt away, , you re gomg to rang there be- I erupt. There are 3 319 olls th- *-+ (lied at l)enlletou S C ,.o,.,h,  I st. .... [public know the good year r ,m ,tsy,,:tryIng eneets, so enthtmiastieallydes. Ln'_e: the wee ,s o3,: ood;by I hatetO[nersonalv.h,.,;... ,..:, -.. .... ,,as.t.,,;,,e..:.;;.:"/;,::'::'": * qacerta?n ff he knew what he wanted |have done m .. em .es_ |jII|r-]LES S tan(ca upon by his young friends /)aveyou cut your mst snor out x woman t , ............ o.2,=,0,) ylelam ............  .............. c.ual vffor [thc judge sad" o e. :My tzoubleswerepaln_ 1 [] Im mn  Ill It seemed to the pldgethat the rubberwas nave those folks on the Wabash, far away, [a State tax of $3 265.92 - and of intense Christian symoat-fi,, | 1)o you know what a recelvcr is 9'' xui menstruation and leueorrhoea. I  L, erriblynroe?i bgl ee:,g to expose his in, )appomtea for anythmg!"--Washiagton | Adams connty has $11,850 invested in which wolr for him a host of'ad;nirers [manY eS:,' r I do sir," said the honest Get- was nervous and had spells of being |  [] I I )' ' } ' I 'ulse,t to ridicule by  manufa c, , in Atlanta  . Ire vos aer man rot gits der monish confused. Before usin objecting to the regular treatmaat, he ,,a ..... - l" eturln), 5,63, polls, the total .. ,althugh lle ]tad resided In Inndlgltsnottns" . .... gyourremedles I Im [] llii lllil .... tiently endured be ng punched oumlnele-d. "I.'O,LD BY THE SERGRAW'P I personal valuation of 1 486 66a vi,,)a Hint (ity only since lust 3une lie ! Th s eonvincedhe iudee that tho -:-,: l never naa any faith in patent medt- " -- .... . slapped, spaaked, whacked aod poked, un. ----------- mff a State tax of $9,663 30 was very poptlar in Arkansas where knew qu!te well u.,hat he wanted and what enes. I now wlsh to say that I never i  il [ ik  [] ni til he colfld not stand the terrible torture From ths Democrat, Grand Rapids Mich Leflole count-- - .... '--: .... lie was once nominated for tb'c bish- ne ws about. S.o th.e interpreter Sad anything do me so much good for a m0nlent longer At the Michigan Soldiers' tlome iu ',---:; ........... # vo,u m veseeG m el)rio nlissi ..... 1,, i, ):., ,:l.. +.: was mspensea wmL tor tne tme being, st painfulmenstruation a " " ..... ' 's--,t--quite neces-sary--to--make--me Ranld, liv-. 8,r ............ -, ,J,,nu ........ e',urtng, ,,87 pens a total ..... ..... , -.-e ....... ,: .... .... ee lea,t. . .... s Lyd,a E. Pink-ll__Jl IM I I : bla..ack--and--bh,e--all--ov-ver?" pauted anhcrtv,atho;',e.eraraunn'.na sonal valuation of tJ01,4, vieldina votes. ,, ':I guess," sa,(! the judge:in conc)uslon, aamsvegetableCo.mpound;alsowould m n| []  [] ae .lunge, as irregmarlv as the rubb-r da several :ouad. st )aine  -'-  %,.o State .... * ..........    . __ ,e nous a)ou, as mUCh about a reeeiver say nat your anatlve Wash has cure JUTA O00D FOR ADULT, Iris f{sts in more or less  r r s' - n ..... 7 s.  n some oI the o. ux o,u;.to. rzsoner Killed In ltls Cell a8 >,e do Clnelunat d | , .... ,,, " go ou.ty CHiLies ot the Civil War In re ..... " ....... - - " -- " CommercialTribune. me of leucorrhea T hnno eh,a (a atn-Ptt ,....= ,._ d e " ,, ( ,p, g an) are (thud, groan) clues and doctored with several ,h,,o;.:._." __ 5,,  . ::. .' .... Y " t , . killed in It g Brief and DO,. leled for , g hreogr0ssaired'this ear. Inanourex- 'OU: gaspea he mdgc a herr hle susp cion but without oermanent reli- v-# ........ tlancock county has 94 150 ..... r, ^ :lau. lie was locked in a cell V( len eldedl to the Point. But Un t .:a-"--- ..... years she worked rode by crlen.2). .ear;.!/ the dYm.g bu, sincss have .... ,, - -- .. . = , , ...v,. . . . - . sa.- 1 , . e ers..l_.....t ....... on. aveste ' awnn in his land, Your (whack, glean) ,,r ..a ._ manufact-,; .... .., ....... the ]al|or bcan turnip,, 1,. ,.ll f, /sfaetorv a ,h, np ue wln -lrS. byola B. Plnkham, and faction as your tonic tdurs tu,vl lnlvcrsalsatts- lace thump, groan) does (whack .....  --=au au ......  F,**) l,oo pOlls, B  )'., . o .-'e, ........................ or, " ...... - L < . . . , --,, xeea tne prisoners, Slnlth attem ted t .1o?, smp, groan/ ta(thuu, groan)---mil. - p o lar" (swish, groan). GRDVE EHil L TDNIC )CrCOUnt. of total personal valuation of $487,940 u .....  for sometime past hashad sole charge Axzv. Caa ace ,  l - yielding a State tax of *o 846 6" p sn a eupsldor out and his head was .ne el the volunteer compazfies reeon of the correspondence department of - ) liams Pink " ', .  a . . tly her great business, treating by letter Oh youremembcrnle, dovou?'growled --, p:)LD.,_ Oktibbeh ...... +,,).. +)..  ........ crushed between te revolvm cell. amp Alger possesses a. beautiful new the rubber, s3rcashea, t ly:" "'eq, dash yer _,V.'T Peo)'le')v e- of $146 05 -"' "" ....... ,.,c .mu IIe ,,,as never conscious again, g flu, g,. vhic!t w us n.tade and presented by a as many as a hundred thousand ailing yu uue, meeds you a ne to send me up IL" *,N KYTi I I!, iw .... n . . ,,vee(1 in manulacurlng  -.-,?-- , vatrtotic wonten izl the Pennsvl- women during  single year. or rex,months again for prize fightin'W 1. \\;tt\'' | | | | cas.'.e a enterprises, 8,218 polls, a total nersona] 1Mhld Child Madeto See. yams town fro m whmh the eompan comes. All suffering are invited to arpers Magazine. " I],,'_.... l ike'ni valuation of $416,464, and will pay a Louise ltarntl)righl, aged five years, laedP:es:;t_ed ' J;;:abe:r:t e Ynq)any women write freely to Mrs. Pinkham, at Lynn, J v...: ...... "--[------_---'--,-*'- . . '/,_.  and Idecid- State tax of $707 01  who had never seen the light of (lay curate a -n -.-'- . . y, to oeac- MaSS.o for advice about their health. *'s'uuuoencasesotutmleralntantum ed to give -"'" -- 'as , 2 . " .  s, ." -- ,,u ue presentation was uleoeca- knd wel Disorders that nrove ,.t .,. / ) th ..... ;.) Guilty as h ..... , . taken from t e) nandma  la to mn of much ceremou The eom . ': ' "" "*'" "'"' 't '""', - .... " , , ' . . . . y" , party was rdmary neglect and *ubsequent treatment /Jir'-- " 'ff/ whmh I di At nearly err : -- La]hmor(, 51(1., where a celebrated uran up .m,a long.hne-- corn an front " nThmnael-.:,fD.f-,.{4ffAt'a'-vE,[i: W[ "'ftiedr shall count:ve[-t^erln-f- curt'"M'r" oeu]ist removed cataracls over her l behe'e'sthem'"tarytermfPritY-Zand'a  " ....... ) woum ltave saved the i kg--# taktng five ..... .. e muraer cases eves "I can see xou ....... ' ,,- .... very e.aarmmg young lady read a ver *. v =f.,k boxes I was nu Ior tae nrst timein quite a number 1;0r u.r.,. -.-.' ', ",-'"" .......... narmmg anu somewhat lengthy addre,s y : "------'-- "  c u r e d T ()f years ha n ,,,., .. + . .  u.'* vllcn tile nun(/ages vcrc VillCn coataioed a ,,re'* n.-1 ... , " ' In a Job Lot - -- .... --# .eurneu a vercllct leln v ' " , - ' ua e r, ,a  ,a,,o, ,,owery lan- la),on--)'hate,)rtofp,]ieydoyoutbin k ido:wW. unded$kher :t;/tfl2 t :fff:nflnt('of murderlnthe first degree bend: d the moth, rs 3oy knew vo for gp[y.lhfi:asptaoif:V?lo;ett;aandahd p a ongnL to } . ., , een ,a my ounger days. I am [ in the mdctment. Such was " . time, and he is extremely sh,-" but h- n. I L,ason/7-Ao, c ,:nt, tire marine and as t ratgtanY. a rgust man, but that stomae.hltbe ease of John McGuire, who kiPed Mrs I c Gorh,na f!,Fen out a graceful speecl of aces)t- many other t(mas ot policy as she can lay . me, together wire rneumatism, which ............. " ' -. - " " " t .,,re, and tie stenned for .... - -- ' [" balsas on.--N Y Journal i azterward set in, were making, fast i-re one I " '"" mtmea lsaylzss near Byhalia mrs. j. C. Gorham, wife of Ca))( I and received tip k-. ---- conuaentJy I druggiatsrehmdr[mncyi'itfailsocur gr,,. / regu/ation funeral ceremonies over mv re- [ - to Holly Springs and o. Mrs. Gorham was the daughtel | his color forso h'm' t L. ag... Here. .... ..... . . . __= ................. - | mama;|lad I not chanced to read of'and [ prated ]n Jail. Judge Stcphens sen. ef Mui. L'. I ). Dries a hrother of (;en [ best of his spekcl'--" (n] uo.rgotten the I . sowcr sdstressrgtowheen, en but|taIenl)r.))miats'PnkPills [tencedMc(hti)-e to be hanr,t ,,.1 ,.. St.rlin. i)ri(,, of Missom .... ) .. ,[sougttepocketofhsh! ....... /g nana| tnman withahors(,oughLtowcl;oe a] (u, ereaysevalothersmthehomewho|lSthdavofO,.f,q, ..... ) '- ....... e n des('e'ul .... '-" .... .. :.._., " ."-':.-a [script wasgonc ....... nemanu. I 0 ..... vmg rem.--L. A. V. Bulletin. I rt,ng these pir, s a_99 are receivinggreat I ............. ex (']':-" ,;,'2;;,"".r-" -,?,net s sloe oJ ! ::Ladies " I e began again desperate/- | ! ... ,.. 7-'-;----- ................ [ ," D" ... . tICIIARI) DUNN. / 8tats Lands Sohl - ........ s.,.e =.,, who a gmp ng kind of asn' ")-; ;;o ." / ,, we t:qinK l'io s Cure for Consumntion is  -uJ-cz'weq anqs)vorn to netors me, thi / State La '.. L-. " ..... --- will accept tt is fla and7 ;a =".-' we [ ne only ined/elna . .;2" "-4 - t  Hay or l,ov., 139l / " ** ;v,luls/.iloner ,atl nat r-.. ..... . . _ awf,,n-e__ ..  ,, , , ..-, a.u nanKs / , *,-*-, *us -'uuS}S. -- oennls " " "  1 * - t,,n lal i;yoslnt, uaJy iu[- 1 UOU t yOU Knov. )' i-oekard, Springfield, Ill. O 1 1 aa I  HEN.RYGIBSON, NotaryPubhe / nade his leport as to the amountoi G -, . . .. ^ . And after all I d " L --.---_ " ....... 1 ergea) uunn is perfecth, ;il]ina: that/State lands disnod , ............ em hlle), a farm; uf Lime- was quite as e'ffooare saythe :Impromptu ', . , ------ | anyone should write him in ,'fr.n.%^ ' /., . ' t ......... arutgtl Ills Or' Itoue county Ala was tt-,,1.-. L... on  .... "J ,--=--... -. the a(ldres8 ne / hpwr n tanetlvplt/; s::r:te!hpg hke I),p i cae, ,provlded staa,p is-enclosed for repYy? Is ]nee oor the month of August. The bier moccasin snake aud struck' h; to('a])l'aoreta;t n-u{t:s, caPt]npdesn t ilke I , t]nlli *e aust. --h. A. ,. .A.l the eements necessary to give ZleV / mnrn was rather dull, the total snake at close cmartcrs i ..... .  .......... , .... / } etaarw)aness to the I)lood and- restore |sales amounting to only $5,4'1 The ns to burst the-le tile's" ois  way The Blarrest Blerele lu the - - .;vu nerye are containea in a con-H. ........... . :. . _ ,. .... P p. on sacs,  , . . , World. ] Iq,d form m Dr. )Vilhams' Pink Pills,/."''fea; n .Ltnelana offlcewfllbe, ne pmsoullylnffall overlus face and that ermoannen.a J,'st.eozgpleteda bicycle[ wee [ g[e'are atso a.spccmc zor tr.ouble.s pecu]ia.r Ig]n m the /all, when Commissione into nis eyes. Miller's eyesight is lost Two ,)eole r ;n- :, i rune teet in diameter. ] Null ex sets to do a "land office bui beyond cure mouster vheel.=f{,on; on eaen Slat of the . ....... , es suen as suppresmons, zrregular] .... p . s . er bwvcle betause of i as easll as a small- I ties and all forms of weakness Inmenthev ness tn reahtv vrtues m ] eUre kcasxarslngo[ameent q v v?rry, over- -  Looks Like Dellber&to Murder. t ion. "The scientific fotrSeln:/fiIetc,rru,s | Z-; = ............ e_.r nature. Tomblgbee li(er Steamer. -._ During the DroEress of services at +], tomaeh Bitters is the reason of it,'l-,: ] 1 .. he ,J,,|nl ,eweatS..lrst . . rleoboard of tradeof Aberdeenin. Aficau let'ho(l/st Chuleh. 'atc:i" [ c;lring osao%th:v.?a't,g;',ga" 1 | .u,umatake(ity,henapapersneaks tenosto procureor havebnitt f..+., u)cucs, la.,aeolored man named Vfm. men and wor-*-  y- !y ,njments or| lot the hghtmg Seeut first ' o , " S ladle  .-. t 3our nealti is poor, , , ', , .i _' ' Y- ' ,' ne ]s in trade on the Tombif, bee riw- ",:: 'P" 3" called Etta Fisher out of the try a bottle. """ ' | ((oil[) Vilerl(l the item relels to the re i (,  ' *''  - " ..... mcnt now in Santiago c)rsomeman'slatgst u]ton, Miss., to Columbus, Miss, v bousc,t.nddehberately shot her down [ matr"monial venture Yonkers Sat " steaml o't suitable fol tl ne exp)rea nnmeomtely 1 .--.. . ' esmau. te purposeol " O|iV e Bur oue for $2R. 0 adtteU b;-J IF MUg/ rnr, r,  o..b, ,d ,our, eoa aotkluff Oar Factory In,el I  1527 Opea S. $18.00 ou IIDDLSlAN'8 I I Told Susg r  roSt. AS ........ J  i ;50 "Pa, T, ' vd. *eUTprlve.| IS  Ig" - pStr.t ",:I :,;2T:hl l)'s's, ,,.,.),.s m vr"o. Orn, q .to - I x,rd-d!3", I  Tired Wbeel,,|5,2$ U. 8. BbCley & OART OO,) a 5h l.fllTI, 0. - LEN OF SYR OF HfiS is duc not onlr to the oriinali(y and )implleity of the combination, but also to the care and skill with which it is rmanufacturcd by scientific processes known to the CALIFORNIA FIe SYRUP CO. only, and we wish to impress upon -alI the importance of purehasing the true and original remedy. As the !enuine Syrup of Figs is nn[nufactured by thc CALIFORNIA FIO SYItUP CO. only, a knowledge of that fact will ist one in voidinff the worthless manufactured by other par- The high standing of the CALf FIG SYRUp CO. wiLh the medi- profession, aml the satisfaction the genuine Syrup of Figs has to millions of families, makes the name f the Company a guaranty Of the excellence of its remedy. It is f&r in advance of ll other laxatives, !tm it acts on the kidneys, liver and bowels without irritating or weaken- them, and it does not gripe nor 'nauseate. In ordertogct its beneficial effects, pleurae remember the name of tthe Company CAHPORNIA FIG SYRUP CO. ISAN FRANe|FaCO, CaL ]bOUILI, ]g4r, NEW oaK. N.Y. A Musical Critic, "That's a mighty good band," said Tomm "/,and at tue Sk " handl[nff cotton and other commodities, Secured a Negro Bondsman. :cker, who wasup i,ua tree listening to the y '- They expect to have the b .|'noon concert ar tile park. In }estern Nor'.h Carolins, bc(ween the .. .... . oat,ready fol A.K. Ward, wbo was eonvic(ed ot "How many musicianers is they '' asked le l(mge on the eas , and the Alleghanies | service oy uecember I, 1898. forgc|'y at Memphis, Truly, recently, may, who was lying down in the-grass. - o the west, in the beautiful valley of the I - "-  and sentenc(%l to serve three ycal's aey s 20' ansewered Tommy "a-' ten(:h f;|'oad, two thcusand feet alcove the I aeczaentally lKilled lIlmself. ' ey's a feller' that stands un in froN+'-f ',: st, lie AboviTle, beautiful, l)i(turesqueand | Sid I)avidson, aprominent oun man. has been released on $2:),000 bond. a ,tin' ,a stick up an' dot(,n and tr'in;"to wr]d4amed as one of lbe most pleasant re- I living a few miles west o Yt g. nCgTO n'nne(l llorton qualifying for ?otper era, lint theydon't pay no attention sorts in America. ]t is s ]and of bright sk es I ., ' f -Iarrlston. that ammmt, to ram. --Chicago Tribnne. an'linemlarat)lec]imate whosepra'seshave l accmentaHy shot 1-1imself a few days been sung hy poets, and whose beauties of | ago with a shotgun. The shot tooh KllIed lly a Fallln E I.Imb. Wheat 40 Cesta ,I Bushel. s).)eam, valley and mountain heighthave fur- [effect in his head, kilhn ,him 1 , How to grow wheat with big profit at 40 m.hed subject and inspiration for the paint- .... g nstantl3. Sam Taul, a young man, while hunt- cents and samples of SaIr'.s Rea Cross (80 eFS ) , l*lr l)avlflson was a ver ,, tirus).. This ]s tru." the 'Land of the " " 3" popularyoung ing near MaLtingly, Ky., was looking per acre) Water )neat, Rye, Oats, Say,' and there is, perhaps, no more beaut - man and well thonght of by all whc up a tree after a squirre/, when a large etc., with Farm Seed Catalogue for fut region outhe continent to attract pleas- knew him. limb fell, nd, striking him stage ,IOItN A. SALZER SEED ure tourists or hea/th s(ekez's. Convenient  on the Wis. K sehetu)ea and very low rates to Asheviih Mississippi Volunteer Dead. head, killed him instantly via Southern Rsil;ay. The Maidservant -- ".brofessor, madam is just returned from hvr journey." Pro- lessor- "ltemind tr, e l>y nd by to give her a kiss,"--Tit-Bits. Shuke In/o Yo'ir Shoes Alien's Foot-Ease, a i)cwder for the feet. t ctlres painfu!, swollen, nervous, smartin set and instantly takes the sting out o' o.,rns and bunions. It's the greatest comfort diwoverv of the age Allen's Foot-Ease makes tight or' ncw S}loes feel easy. 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Private serge BIortm of the Lowndes G County Volunteers, died at the regi- mental hospital in ,lacksonville, Fla. a few days ao. tits remains were buried with military honors in I,'ricnd . ship Cemetery. Appointed lllstorlan. D.A. Campbell, eommander-in-ehiet of the Mississippi divi.3ion, United Con- federate Veterans, has appointed CoL J, L. Power on his staff as historian. lnloll Worms -pear, $'he boll worms have made their ap- pearance on the cotton throughout Lowndes county and it is feared tha( the crop stands in danger of great in. jury from them. Co-Operate "tith State Mistorleal Society. At the last meeting of the Lowndes county teachers was organized a local historieal socie,y to co-operate With the Lucked Origlnall/y. Killed Ills Wire's Father. lie--And am I really and ttady the first Near Carthage, Smith county, Tenn,, ever l:iscd? c--) ny, of coarse, you are, stupid Sam McKinney and his son-ln-law, h'a "Stupid! Veh do you call me that v'' Grissim, met to settle au old trouble Because you are not omgmal. At ]eat a Grissim shot McKinney through the dozen men have asked me the very same abdomen and killed him. question."--Chicago Even ng News Don't You Sleepr Inereaslog Sugar Acreage, Does your Itead Ache? Somnifi Caffein ctres instanth,. All drnggists. 25 cents. Dr St. Bernard parish, La., is rapidly Paxton MedicalCo..201RiverSt.,Troy, N.y. increasing its sugar acreage, and an. other year will see thousands of acres Ball bearings are about to be app/ied to phulted that have heretofore been the rowlocks of boats.--L. A. W. Bulletin. used for pasturage. l'opalar People Married. Dr, ,V. M. Turner, one of the most dentists in Tennessee, and Miss Lottie B. Shoffner, a talented younlz lady were united in marriage at Union City IIave Their Eyes on New Orleans. There never was a time when so Kee00 I Columbus discovered America--but I have discovered BATTLE AX l There is a Satlsfied -- glad I 're got it--expression on I the faces of all who discover the rich quality ol ) It ts an admirable chew fit for an Admiral. In no other way can you get as large a piexe of as good ) tobacco  or 10 cents. I Demember the name. ' ' whenyou buy spare. State Historical Society. The object ol nlany northern and eastern houses this society is to collect and preserve had their eyes (urned towards Nel the records of the county and those Orleans for" the purpose of establish- traditions and unwritten histories that ing branches. I now remain in the mbads of our oldest citizens but will pass away soon if not Goes to Central University, Kentuoky. [ recorded. Similar work is being done Prof. E. L. Green, of Pensacola, I,'la., [ all over the tate. formerly of Washington and Lee uni- / An Eye on TheiSt Outlay, versity, has accepted the chair of Members of the Third Mississippi Regiment are still hard at work trying to induce Adjt.-Gen. Corbin to retain them in the service, and, incidentally, in (]reek in Central university, Rich- m0nd, Ky. Cotton Damagod ily Rains and Storms. Rains and storms have damaged cot- the pay of Uncle Sam. As has already tou in various sections of Louisiana. been stated, nearly all of the eommis. Some fields have been abandoned, and stoned officers of the regiment went t grass and weeds have taken possession. great expense to procure their men bringmR" them in most ins(antes from Chicago. One captain is said to be out something like $800. and is very anxi. ous toremain in service long enough t receive that much salary. Held For Double Amasslnatton. T " om Gardner, accused of the terrible double assassination of Scott Causey and wife, near McCom b City, was taker to Jackson to escape mob violence. Deputy Sheriff Lee, who had the pris- oner in charge, states that he had a narrow eseane from the mob. The coroner's jury at McComb City brought in a verdict of guilty against Gardner, and he immediately took the prisoner to Magnolia. A telegram was received on his arrival, stating, that a mob was coming from McComb City. Deputy Sheriff Lee thereupon spirited the pris- oner Jackson. lslssippl --a'-a Catt le State. Missiippi is pushing r'ght to the front as a cattle State. The National Live Stock Journal, pubIished at St. .Louis, says: "S o far thts year Alabama has shipped to this market 137 cars of cattle. Louisiana 180 and the State of Mississippi furnished 883 cars." IIIstorleal Researches. Dr. F. L. Riley of the University of Mississippi has just returned from Law- rence county, where he has been con- duetmg some historical researches, tie discovered remnants of a prehistoric Indiana fort among other things, MIss 1nnle Davis Ill. Miss Winnie ])avis, daughter of Jef- ferson Davis. in seriously ill tt Nar- ra.gansett Pier, It. ]., where she has been confined to herldseveralweeks. ]Klned at a Political Meeting, Ifon. Thomas M. Adams, a demo- cratic nominee for the legislature in Georgm, was killed by a stray shot a row at a political meeting Gala. Clay Sues for Divorce. Gem Cassius 5[. Clay, of Kentucky, has brought suit for divorce from his child-wife, Dora Ric]ardson ('lay, al- leging, it is said. abandonment. Vicksburg Wante to fgee a Gunboat. An effor( will be made to have the 'u nboat Viel burff,of t he U nit ed States navy brought tt I) as high as icks- burg, some time this fall. Damage to Kentucky Tobacco. A rain and hail storm did great dam. age around Lawrenceburg, Ky., to the tobacco crop In some sections the de- struction was complete Was a Dangerous Playtlin. The nine-year-old son of Lewis Ms. on. aprominent pltuer, residing near Fruit Hill, Ky., was killed with an old fistol which he found. I)th of Mrs. Albert G. Mabey. Mrs. Albert G, Mabey (tied at Selma, Ala., in her eighty-fourth year. She was the mother of Judge J. W, Mabey, nd was well known, _ We know of nothing better to tear tho lining or your throat and lungs. It is better than wet feet to cause bronchitis and "WELL BRED, SOON WED," 61RLS WHO pneumonia, Only keep it I USE up long enough and you will succeed in reducing your ._ weight, losing your appetite, -- -- : = : = = = : : a -. - - ,-*-,--,---,-+,-H-,--,_+.,_ bringing on a slow fever and makmg overything exactly right for the germs of con. sumpfion. Biliousness I ' HoOT Stop coughing and you I00tNen00r00 oL,ri will get well. err,, I I  fR/'  I Pecl0ral co.. o, I ro n Roofing i pears in a single nlg[lt. The {le?euetn:  All kinds of ROOF SUPPLIES racking coughs of bronchitis r-'.'ht :" and MILL SUPPLIES. tm,,s ao=, r,,,,... ,, s, MANOOUE-PIDOEON iRON CO., are soon completely mas. " Memphis, Tenn. tered. And, if not too far N0-T0-BAG 8oldaod guaraned by alldrn'- gists to CUR]g Tub&coo Habit.    i []  hue and Wh laky along, the coughs of con. 1 sumption am completely i [] n.JiH []Mlts Curcd. W [] ! IP'NB ]ili [.woonsy, cured. [ FRE E: '% - of ASk your druggist for ono A Daisy Air Riile, v mm m w [] Atlan, o,. 1I  I! bound and sump. P"_._ _finest houselld blutng Shade A fine 0 two annual subseril)tlon8 :it $1 each 10 tho Overlan IP Nickel-plated Watch for eel ing  books.  Monthly, SAN FnANCtSCo. Sm,)leOveriandae i Camera Kulve and other 5 ddress'and we willforwardinhl].: ns' l,d e ......................... = ' " " 00tOral .... 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