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September 3, 1898     The Woodville Republican
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September 3, 1898

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1 &apos;+ I " ',n. 'l; constituLe the CvnmliLLee (,l the Fair -_- _-_------:-- --- ...... I Assoeiati(m. will ph.-).'.e meet at 511-8 1 NOTICE. Saturday, 8eptembgr 3. ] supples next Wednesday evemngat,, P.]!'S h) lmint tile steel bridffe ....... _,. ........... 4 ,',,:nvk. .,;,,,)ss hurl'nip cr(.ek aecordi,lg to nle- :ffleial Journal of th0 C(,r- z,:. w . . .-.. ,),,,.,,..,,u,,u o,: ,o i,, el,augurY oi,.rl,' lorati0n of W0odvill0. Simpke Annmmeements  marria. es and" deaths will oe pubhshed without charffe. .............. $l 50 Cash ......... 2 00 Otherwise ................. MARKET. :New Orleans. Sept 3, 1898. ( %ttou 5 3-8 Middling ..................... that they were having a high old time _ := -,. and tiepresun)ptJon is that theydid Rhe,nattsu Cured not sart home until all the money Mv wife has used (tlanSerlain 's wasgune and the credit oi: the firm Pain Balm for rheumatism withgrea exhausted, reiD[. "rod I can recommen(I it as a Tue contdition of ),he CotLoncrop solen(lid liniment fol rheumatism and uther holl.ehoh] uqe for Pie past week does not show any have fm)nd it valuable ---W. J. mprovemen. Cotton is openin Lr.m. Red Creek, New Yo,'k. slowly on account of ,.he several show- Mr Cuyler is one of the nmrchants of tiffs village ers L1]at have fallen, while in many section, of the county the cotton and the mostprmni,teut men in this vici- nity.- W. G. PHIPPIN Cree'lleraht. FrsalebV G. Kann. Days Drug Store. boil worm has made its appearance , k :, .... and has already done some damage.-- The weather during the week has We still hold to onr former ()pmi(m Chamberlain's[ was l'eadlng an Colic, advertisement o been warm during the day t:ut cool that, this county's yield will not be as l)iarrhma lemedv in (he and pleasant at night, much as last year. Enterprise recently, which Mr. 1. a. Bu'2c;:of C,)ld Springs, Work on the Gi;ll : ng very 1o write thi. I ,:all truthfully say I s prctgressi never used any retnedv equal to it fin spent a few huurs here on Wednesday. slowly and it is now dunbtful if it can colic and di.u'rlt(m. - -'-- 1)e made read)' foroperat,ion before the to use more than one or t,o doses to ew goods arec'onstantly being middle of the month. The machinery cure tile worst came hauled from the depotand opened and is here but, it is slow work getting it dhihlren. W. A S'rR()u[), Popomoke displayed by our merchants, into shipllape. Two first-class nit- City, hid. For sa! G Kann. :" % Univemi!00 The Board of Sup isors inert next ehanies are here working daily on the Monday. They will levy the Count.)' plant :, _-: taxes. Mr. B. Goslinski recei red on Friday - : - evening of last, week the first new hal ' (Capt. Shannon left, for Jackson on of Cotton for the season of 1898 99 It, | _ | . Wednesday morning to attend to bu- as raised by Buck Cresswell and was Courses in Literature. Science, Phi- siness in the Uuited SLates Court sold for 5 3 8. losophy, Elocutmn, Pedagogy, Law. The cotton gins will soon be Mr. and rs. ": l. Rothscmld re- 22tors.SchoolS-completeEnlargedwater corPSand sanitaryinStruc runmng and remember wo handle tured hmnc on last Saturday night sysLenl. Unsurpassed all grade engHle oils from New Ynrk. wl]ere they have 1ITION Da)'s drug sLore, been for nearly seven months. We to met] and women iu all departments are glad to report that, Mrs. Roths- exceo law. All exl)enses htw. Semi- J(:B ' ORK AT Tile IEPUF, LI('AN. .Call and see V/amuck s wall paper al Day's drng store. Wc are obliged Io Mr. Icier . " for late copies of the N. Y. IIcrald. New Crop Turnip Seeds just receiv- ed at., GEe. J, ADAMS- The Public School will open nexl Monday, the 5th. The Board of Aldermen meets ncxl Tuesday Road overseers arc required by law to band in their reporls next Monday. StlINGLES! StIINtiLESii Go to T'hos. Roland for Red cypre ss Shingles. Best made. Cotton worms are reported in the. Southern and Wcster, ?,)ttrtions of the county. Prof. Ja. M. Fly, now of McComb City, was here on Wednesday. ' Mrs. Eliza Ann-trown died at her residence in the southern part of this county on Thursday morning. Fresh Onion Sets at, " Henry J(tilnsut*, (H]]ce will be received up to 9 o'(:lo(q< A ,, on tile ls! Monday iu ct)tenbur t " D. C, Bramlette. 1s98 rhe 1}oar,l reserves the right,  U E E T, T Q U 0 E S " I. T. Ven)ress. to reject ally and all bids" " W.P.S. Ventrcss. C.A. (;(toN, Clerk. o SUCII AS--o-- :' W.F. Tucker. 8 9 1898 4w. " J.H. Pendtet,on ............ " D. II. Wallace. lwas troubled with severe female OLD JIOWO2OLE lg E, " G.J. Adams. weakness h>r over a veer. and was " K.B. Shepa.rd. co,,fined to the bed tOl over six PU.RIT,./I.N" I' :Y'.E, nlonlhs. 1 was treated by six very " L A- Murdock. prolnin(mt l)hyic inns withont any " C.W. tIeude,'son, nlarked I)e,,ellt" My last doctor was FREWCH BRdWD I", WINES, ETC. " K.F. Johnson. askilled peeialist, au(l,.he tohl me " L.C. Schloss- the only Iiope lay in a,1 peration. I Choice Stock of FINE CIGARS Always on Hand. " Mason Snnwd(m. heard ,)t Smith's Sure l(idney ('nre. for one month I of PURE LIQUORS for medical pur- " R. 5I. McGehee. and after using it Those is need Misses Elizabeth Johnson. fin(1 myself cured, a,ldeven ille doc- tor wh() la.l treated me uow prononn- poses will do well to call and examine my stock. ,, r:,a Adams. ;es ,he weU. 14 N S 0 bl Sargeaub Leonard Watt. ot 1% Miss. M,:s. a R FAv,:r, Atlanta,'Oa. . = J O I)rice 50 cents. For sale by CllaS. egilnetH, ires re|urned h(,nle ,n30 g l)av. / days furlonffh. Though he refused t, __,.-= . a(_'cep), the discharve (alTered'him after "A word to tire wise is sufficicnt'" his evere affect( of illness in camp :tl anti a. w(w(I from the wise shouhl be ,[a':ksol, we reret t,o say lhal he has Slllt]cie)l|, but vou ask. who are tim not recovered his health. But a few wi"e? Those who know. The oft repeated experience of trust wortlly weeks here in phi" health-givinffatmns- persons )nay be taken for knowledge. phere nearly 600 re, el above tlae (lulr, Mr. W M. rerry sa: s Chamber la!n's will w.ork wonders; nleanhile herore Cougll Remedy gives better saustac- his furh)::h expires no doubt his reg- non than any other in the market iment, will be mustnred out of l,t]e Elkton,lle has/)aeuKv,,mfortlm tweIvedrug bllSiueSSyears; hasat service, sold ]lnl|dreds of bottles of ibis reme-  Messrs. Robt.:L,;]s and Le Coo. dveinesanama,,ufaturea,near'y all ofherwlncheOngi, S,lowsmedi" m''_U,______.._...,,,,. ............ t*:',E were expected home yesterday evening ,' ' that Camberlain's is tile  conehls1VCt . t [M W fr()mChieao, after a two weeks trip. ,nostsntisfaetorytothe people, and m e to announce tha There Is manus2ript evidence here isfhe best For sale try G. Kann. I'"i' we are dai'-" "iy, rece,vlng" " our ,:.,:.e in', new and choice stock of rear IteA FA L L A ND WIN TER for which we ,e le,di,,, pods, This weeks arrivals + o.., o.oo, :.,l ,,1 ,,,is,.ic- as follows: I V/ v/,1 l ,e,v.. ,.,,n .adies and Misses ve)tisement ()' ili Cincinnati Shoes, Cltolera and (he Worcester cruthful'vhiehequal]eads nle ito ,tsaY,,,,' --t/ngS Flanne/ettes ond00i I have never had ,r t,,o doses to } G" gl"] " lY}t00 wiu, m,.self or in ams. All of them ear ,,,u,,, 00,+omo,o FALL NOVELTIES ); G Kann. c 0| ome around and look a Mi i ippi gh y t ss ss , em even thou ou do no e, Science, Phi, want to buy a rescnt. )edagogy,r corPSano sanitarsinstrucLaw  Martin Rothschild & Bro. healthfulness.  "  child has fully recovercd her health WANTED.--Old Confederate Stamps on original euvelopes or packages.-- Itighest prices paid for same. Apply at ]EN BILOWN'S SItOI:L Mr. and Mrs. Peter Moller are!taking their usual summer outing in the White Mountains, with great pleasure and benefit, we hope, to each of them. We have missed thus far the pleasant and racy letters wit,h which Mr. M-- has been aocustomed to favor the Ie- publican MARiED--At,:gg:rnsidence of the bride's father, Mr. Wesley Chambers, on the 30th ult., hy Rev. Lee Jackson, MR. J. O. TwINER and Miss GRACE 0]IAMBElts--all of this county. [ Mr. ;nd Mrs. b'chae+'fer and-------,r. Ben-/ cdict returned home on Thursday eve- / uing. / Senor Sagast occasionally calls attention vigorously to the fact that peace hetween Spain anJ the Umted States has not been concluded. Tim Cortes or the Paris Peace Commie- don, may cause a resumptian of he,- tfliLies. The n,.expected sometimes happens, though not often fortunate- ly when compared with expected happeuiNs. The fetal enrol[lnent of students at the Uuiversity of Mismssippi du- ring the las session was274. A name upon the fist now counls for a good deal more than when a preparatory dcparlment was in operatmn, amls shown by the fact tha there were 73 graduates at the close o the ses- Centemdal celebration Nov 6, 8, '98 Next Sesshln opens Sep. 15, 1898. Fur (.al alogue or in f(trmation add ress. E. B. FULTON, Chaneelh)r, University, Miss. 8 6 1898. GHAMBERLMH - RU004T ACADEMY, P()RT (lIgSON, IIS- BOARD|G SCHOOL FOR BOYS. ltealtby location in the hill comtt, ry of Mississippi. ABLE FACULTY. Well equiplJed GyiNAsru. Ilales low. owing to endowment. fWrite for Catalogue. J. T. I)ILAKE, SECRETARY, 8 6 1898 Lf. NOTICE TO COLORED TEACII- ERS. The institute for colored teacher.". will beheld in Woodville, beginuin Monday, August15th 1898. Be sure and (:()me as 1,he cxanlinations will be based upon the syllabus. J OE_PIt JOIINSON', Supt. and Conductor. 7 30 1898 2w. STATE OF MISSISSIPPI. To Mrs. Emma Irvine, Miss Emma !rvine, M[tss Jessie Irviue, Jone 1trine, Mrs. Saltle Gordon, lla)'ris Irvine, Belle Irvine, Lena Irvinc Car() Irvine, Marian Irvlneand John hwine, the defendants. You are con)manded to appear be- fore I,he chancery court of the county ()f Wilkinson iu:aaidstale, .nthe2nd Monday of December A. D. 1898. rude- fend Lhesui) in said court, of J.F. [rvlnesurvivingparner of thehtte firm of J. F. It'vine & Son, wherein you are defcndants. This 5th day of Aug A, D. 1898. C, A. CooN. Clerk. ByH. A. WoOD D.C. 8 6 1898 4w. POSLT[ONS GUARANTEED. 1 To Gradnates of ltaaris  Practical Business College, School of Short tIand, Telegraphy, etc,, Jackson, Mississippi. We have bought the Wayatt Col- leges here and at Meridian," but have closed ont the one at Meridian, aud prepared to give students the very best business traiuing to be had .ay- where. Catalogue sent on appliea- tion. N.J. HARRIS, President, Jackson, Miss. Sept. ll, 1897-tf NOTICE, I have just received aud will keep coustautly on hand a full supply o[ COFFINS and CASKETS, of all Styles, whieit I will sell at rea- sonable prices. Stlop opposite W. C. Bonnays res- iden ce. THOS. ROLAND. Aug, 21, 1897-tf LUMBERI We are prcDared tn fill at short not.iceanynrder for Rough Cypress LUMBEI allow prices. Correspon- dence solicited. JNO. F, IrevINE & SON. 3 19 98 6m. TRESPASS NOTICE. All hunting or trespassing on the Artonish lands under fonco is pro- hibited under fnll penalty of the law. Any stock remaining on'the Artonish i t ' t , I JOSEPH SARPHIE, The Jeweler, Our stock is always complete, comprising the latest and newest desigus in : : : Diamonds, Watckes, Clocks, Jewelry, $Iluer-ware, + ovelties, Catlery, Spectacles, ye-61asses &c. Repairing ! Is a special feature of our business, and we are confident, with our Prices, Accuracy aud Promptness. wo ean pleaso you ' WE -dr CUARANTEE 0 U/ WOR/L pasture after February 15th will be :Oiiff'. Mr. tIenry Stern and wife, of War- .rentom spent several days in our own this week on a visit, to relatives. Attorney Wil'Martia, of Natchez, as here last, Saturday, at,tending to the interesl of some (f his client,s. Mr. Ben Rothschllds of Pinekney- viile has been qmte ill this week at the City Hotel. chool will so)n open and don't for- et, we are earryinga full line of School ooks, Copy Books, Pens, Ink, Lead Pencils and all school supplies, at Day's drug store. Messrs. H. H. Hays and Capt. W. C. Cage, of Percy's Creek, were in town on Wednesday. We are glad to hear that the latter derived much benefit from his visit to CoopePs Wells. The Meeting at the Baptist Church which began last, Sunday, under the leadership of Roy. Jno. A. S,evens, still continues, and we may say with unabated ]nterest. Try a bottle nf Adams Sarsaparilla and purify your blood. 25 cents cheaper than IIoods at Go. J. ADonis. Mrs. B. ILothschild and daughter, tie,tie, returned home Saturday night trom au extended yisit, t,o relatives in New York City. Asylum Lodge No. 63., held it,s reg- ular monthly meeting on Wednesday night, with a good membership pres- ent. WEO00INb"=mSENrS, at Jos. Sarphie. The Jeweler. "We are sorry to chronicle the death of Mr. Isaac D Carter, who died at his residence on Buffalo on Wednesday morning The family of the deceased have the sympathy of he epublican in their bereayement. here will be a regular meeting of the Executive Commit, tee of bhe Fair Assoeiatmn at Adams Drug Store next Tuesday Eve. at 4 o'clock Mem- bers are earnest,ly requested to be present. G:o. J. ADAMS, Secretary. Our Basebsll Club, the Dewey,, leave tomorrow, via Fort Adams, for Nat ehez, where they play tbc famous :Baseball club of that, city on Monday. . charged pasturage--50c per month. I 1{ A il Ii/i111 siun.., _ =: xo'rlc+:. " " a.  G,.,,s,.+. I , HAKAIM/U) The Arbitration Cotumission now STATE OF MISSISSIPPI, } 1 15 1898 ly. I H: in session at Quebec apt)ears to t)e WLK[SON COUNTY. __ [ --DEALER IN-- getting on well thoflgh from the se- To ,Tohn F. lrtHne, Entree Irwine BiSSISSiPPIYAZ &  |[ C)rOTCST Fruit, Oysters, Nut crecy observed not much is known .]esieTlvine, Mrs. Emma Irviue, ofallktnds, and Fresh Family Gr Jo,)es h.vhte, Mrs. +alltc (h)rdon, V,,LLEYt00.w00?00llIL0000,00F le;:aSoo': positively as to its notion, adults tfal'ris Itvine a lninor, l'elle |. "--' ] rvine, l,,,'n't lrvine, Carp lrvine RAILROAD "'ed in lte be's style, from 9 A. ,', At its first opening m November :hlwian I.'vine Jvhn lrvine niiuors  The y:.zoo&MLMss|ppi| tO 8 P. M, 1848, the University of Missi.',ii)pi You(h:fcldant:are appear ?001100l,00T the [ ,,,,,U,llanded to he, ;'l'w+.+,,,,, ,,m .t.i;e [':  : "-" : "" - ,,v 'j3,,",,g?,o%+a  l[ain St. Opposite iu=ma & Dtm pf. enro|led about 7O students At i fore the Chancery Court of tile Coun- tlti[ii aoth. Ira)s, round trlp . Feb 1298 I. ,, summer tourist tlckets[ __ e!ose of its last session in 1898 tl ety of Wilkins(m it, said state on tile  I  from all poin(s on its line In[ - - - 'hld M,,udav the )21ll day of 1)ecenl-  a in'nil tho South tea largo listgt| Itlllll H 0. II/llflM IJ il'i'l-'%- . - ...,-.--,.,.. ,... - ....... graduates numbered 73. ber]98to'(|()fund ,lip suit iu said suumoresortsntheNorth.i WllO' n fliLdUlll I Iii 'l'tv fast double dMly service/ ) IL--I TO St. Louis, Chieau;+:). t,ineth-/ ..... court t)t \\;V, 1 .Burtou et el, whereiu mmmm nall and Louisville of the I11-] --CONTRACTOR ul Try a Lemon Pltospbate tit Vou fire de[endalit, i!)ois Central lu coanectlou with the Y. & M.. -- - -- Day's drug store. Tids l(ith day ut July 1898. , k x.R.R, enables one to real'h" quickly and "llTd',i  [[ :][]N[' C. A, COOS, Cler ". comfortably the nmuntatn rCstrt,s of Virginia .,p,L.ev,.,  -v'x -- the White Mountdns; ' "0ud se&s de of New  _. -T a ' It. 4 Bright's I)iseaso and all kidnev 723 1898 4w. England th ' t ..... _ + + o Uhou+nd Islands, rite la, ko and . W U It n '-- troubles easily cured by Smith's Sut:e fo,.est -,sorL of Mich.lan; .Wlsgonsin ajd . .. , _, . t,he NaBchez team has not, been Kidney Cure. ] Minuesol the lIoi, Sl'hgs OT,ArRausas, tle  *.  "  - ,cry materially st,rengthened the re- 1 have been bleedlng from the kid- NOTICE TO TRESPASSERS. YelLowsnc Part( or the resort.of Colorado. jsiinlai;es JUrlllSllil connection wl(hlthe above can be dtu:lof ltToIlae Sohelted. tult, is a foregone concl, usion, and our nevs for twelve nlOllths, and had got-'{ Tickets attd full lnfornmtiotr as to r,d,esin o. " " ton so w.eak I was conlined to lny bed. I All persons are herehy forbidden A-entsof the Y. & hi. V. Ry. a(I conueCtlng club will bring home another scalp. I was tel(1 to trvSmith's S, ure Kidney/ to hlmt or otherwise trespass on my lines. WM, McaRAY. D. PAA:: New Orlcaus. LearOrders with Wet)lin & IIIckeYBrown,s. Barber Shop. or Ben '-" : " Cure, as it was claimed to dissolve/lands known as the Gihlar tract, J.o.A. 8co'rc, ii.P. Mnplls. During the week Ex-State Sup't. stone in kidncy. After I had taken t,hc Luberty tract and Fleet tract, Dec l$ 97 2m'._.__ of Educt, hln I'reston hits been visiting half of the bottle tile stone was ds- abrupt 1 mile norl>east of Woodville - TISPASS NE IO.I, our town in the int,ercst of the Felnale solved anti i)assed away, and in two under pt+al',y ot rite law Seminary at, Natchez, of which hc is (lays I was cured of the bleedinff and F.F. BEST TRESPASS NOTICE. All hunting on Simralt and Selme- CODlnmnced to impr, gve, [ aul now All hfln;iug on my placeis stritl fer plaeess strictly prohibited uuder President. Mr. :Preston is ar,etegaut eutirety well -- [ and scholarly gentleman to whom we .Foils SrOKF, Bartlett, Tenn. ,uerv: XVhv wilt people suff(,r wl,, nrohiblted un(ter penalty of the law. penalty or%he law. Mts E, W. JooR, D.W. MARUD. up the 50 ceuts, by Chas. R.. ,it, n, when "BLACff-DRAU,qHT" 7 ,tf.. 97 tf. U ON TIiURSDA00 SEPTEMBER 8th Will be held ozr last Specicd Sale of ihe Season, and at which time ZOl,1, be LOf': ' )1 o+r Stock of feted the remainder, C KAN.N WOODVILLE, . . - "  i -" DEALER IN ":'-z" DRUGS and MEDICIHES CHFMIC00tS Publtc School Books Stationer7, Painters Sw?plie s, C.ttlery Furni," u2"  Hardware.. , Jlheminatin' + o_ Oils, +. . Garaen ,,eea fly lPtvsicians precrlptions carefully compounded, and orde .OctTy ' cek selected ,xi;;'t grat care andwarranted as represented; r. 8.9t. ,__y . : McLAIN & VENTRESS, Braml0tt & Tackar.., Attorneys d Counselors t Lw, Attorneys nt Cm g b,*, WOODVILLE, MIS. WOODVILLE, MIBS; " Office in McGeheebuilding. Offiee::n IGGele Building, ei __ mercial Row .... S DR. CttAS E, CATCHING j tt JONE " - -" ) S.  tlIRI00Nl Rl0000l00ll, Attm00 tmi00 d kw . . : ross. y ath + +), WOODVtt.LE Office in Adams Drng Store. uy J14, '94 tf. DR. L. W. MARUDE Physician and Surgeon, WOODVILLE, MISS. Offioe at residence. April 7, .88 ly DR 0. 0. CROSS. Dental Surgeou, OODVILLE, MI88. Office up stairs over the Postoffice. A. 6, SHANNOR, WOODVILLE, M]tSS. Will praotee in all Stto and United States oourts in this State Real eetate bought an(1  d,o pore- mission. Office ot ,-)mme-rela| L,ow- DR. JOHN F. TRERREL, Physician and 6urgeon wOODVILLE, MISS. Office ou Main St. at his old Stand J0HR A, LOWRY, FUNERAL DIRECTOR. A Full Stock of Mctalic and Wood- en Coffins always on hand at Wood- villo, Miss., Main St, Trespass Notice. All petsolls found hunting, fishing or otherwise tespassing on he Bur amwood plantation about 3 mile south of Woodville will be prose cuted to the full extent of the law. Astrictwateh will be kept on sam( plantation for trespassers. L. %Y. MAottTfiV, n _ i 50 YEARS" EXPERIENCE WOODVILI*E, MIS Office above the Republiu O? --DEALER IN-- Canned Fruit and Fish, &e. TRESPASS NO TICl.. All hunting nd Retreat and Dam( )rohbited, under Oct; 9th '97--tf. TRESPASS NOTICE: All hunting, fishing or trespassing ou Glen Burnm s strictly prohibited nnder pn he In@. All former yoked; o. TILESPA SS NOTICE,, Any person caught or otherVise tres Collins or el prosecuted to tim full aw. All former ed. F. d.//. A. 1t, SaY March 12. 92. TR/[OI MARS O[I$N%C J eut f. a the *a, at tret Addr,