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August 31, 1973     The Woodville Republican
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August 31, 1973

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Friday, August 3 I, 1973 COUNTY AGENT&apos;S NOTES by John J. Dale, Jr. SOYBEAN HARVESTING Spending some time now to get your harvesting equipment li] first class condition can boost profits when combining time gets here. A well maintained combine that is adjusted to changing Crop, weather and field con- ditions will help reduce har- Vesting 1 c,.:ses. OVERSEEDING AND SODSEEDING Make permanent pastures go llirther by either overseeding or S0lseeding ryegrass or cereals er combinations of the two. Never overseed or sodseed llore than two-thirds of your 9asture. Seed only the amount of pasture your cattle can raze heavily in the spring. 8Ulamcr pastures not over- eeded or sodseeded will grow ia April and May and produce early summer grazing or a hay tltting ,wltile the ryegrass is being grazed off. The Woodville Republican, WQodWIle, Miss;ssippl formerly occupied as Jolmson and approved, and to plead, CLASSIFIED ADS High School. The said building answer or demur to the petition i.a located on town property of the Administrator filed there- STRAYED : Shorthorn Cow, situated on the south side of in seeking final settlement and road leading from the Wood- to have the heirs ,at law of Isaac frosted muley. Freshly branded "JJ". Jerome Johnson. Page 7 FOR SALE: 1956 Pontiac 4-door, 'BECKING General Merchandise, with heater radio, good tires. ] Grocery, Notary Public. Book- If interested, call 645-3941, Con- keeping, Tax Service, cosmetics, treville. 8/31/4w shoes, clothing, feeds, seam- stress. We invite your business. ville and Bayou Sara Road at Summage, deceased, recognized, the old oil mill to Sligo Road legally adjudicated as such and 8/31/2wp }FARM LAND WANTED: Have Cheapest prices in town--never grasses will be severely penal- at the cemetery, placed in possession of said es- clients wanting 1,00O to 1,500 undersold. Even though crippled, ized When renovating for over- Bids will be received for the tare as contemplated and pro- FOR SALE: Simmental X Angus acres of fine sandy loam land lsince August 4, 1972, I will give seeding ,or when sodseeding sale of the building only, and vided by Sections 1270, 1271 and .bull calves. Immediate de- for beans, cotton, corn and veg-/Y ou the same service .as always, always run on the contour r,o the successful bidder will be11272 of the Mississippi Code livery. $400. Treppendahl Farms, etables. Other clients wanting t including legal service work as reduce erosion and increase soil given ninety (90 days in which Annotated 1942 and as Recom- phone 888-6892. all size tracts and all kinds of I usual. Good service ,and good moisture storage, to raze the structure and re,eve piled and Amended, wherein 18/2i/tf ' land. Let O1 Charlie, the ,our specialty, and trying each of the said absent or un- I ' ' ' tired County Agent, represent i0 please you is our aim. Bring When sodseeding or over- .ll material ad debris from the known heirs at law of said IsaaciFOR SALE: Air conditioned you. Charles L. Barry & Asso- me your tax papers, accounting, seeding, consider adding a premise.. clover L0 your pasture mixture. The Board reserves the right Summage, deceased, and Minnie] Volkswagen. Phone 888-2281 or elates, notary, and bookkeeping work. to reject any and all bids. Williams, also known as Mlnniei4638. 8/31/2w Located in side alley across " Jones. if deceased, is a defend-[8/24/2w White arrowleaf and crimson (;lovers will add quality to your permanent pastures and will reduce the amount of nitrogen you will need to apply. Inoculate clover only with the inoculant that is specified for the particular clover you are using. IIOME GARDENING Fall gardening time is here. Begin planting lettuce, radishes. mustard, turnips, spinach. Chi- nese cabbage, onions and other cool season CTOpS now. Keep your long season crops bearing by thorough harvesting and protecting them from in- Frances Towlzs.end, Clerk 8/10/4w AN. ORDINANCE Prohibiting The Dumping Of' Tin Cans, Bottles, Papers, Plastic Jugs, Cardboard And Paper Boxes And Other Waste Materials Of Every Kind And Description On The Rights-Of- Way Or Within Sight Of Any County Public Road, Including State Aid Public Roads, Within Wilkinson County, Mississippi Be it enacted by the Board of Supervisors of Wilkinson County, Mississippi, that it shall be unlawful Yor any ant, and each of you are de- fendants. This 20th day of August, A. D., 1973. Alonzo H. Sturgeon Chancery Clerk 8/24/4w State of Mississippi. County of Wilkin.son. To the Absent or Unknown Heirs at Law (If Any) of Willie "Turk" McNeely, ' Deceased: You are hereby summoned to person, appear before the Chancery FOR SALE: 1965 Mustang, ex- cellent mechanical condition, air conditioned and new tires. Call 888'-5501 after 5:30 p.m. 7/27/tf FOR SALE: One 164 Trojan front end loader with blade; one C5 Tree Farmer skidder; one 1968 F-800 twin screw truck. Contact Jack McDaniel, Centre- vtlle, Phone 645-43.71 or 5588. 7/13/tf HOUSE FOR SALE: S-bedroom, 2-bath brick veneer home In GERT'S a gay girl, ready for a whirl after cleaning carpets with Blue Lustre. Rent electric shampooer $1. Ben Franklin Store 8/31/1.w WANTED TO BUY: Water-dam- aged House Trailers. Call collect 504-665-6128, Denham Springs, La. 8/24/4wp EXPERIENCED C A R P E N T E R NEEDED: Gasquet Realty Co., 121 Winchester Road, Natchez, Mississippi, P.hone 4422808. Main St.. Centreville from Crown Service Station bus stop. Mabel D. Becking, Becking General Merchandise, Grocery, Notary, Public, P. O. Box 9456, Centre- vtlle, Ms.. Phone 1-601-645-5198. Let us know if you w,ant us "o handle Food Stamps. Want Ads Get Quick Results! Wanted If overseeded ryegrass is to sects. Don't let them suffer firm, partnership or corpora- Court of Wilkinson County, Mis- r2ghts-of-I sissippi, at the September 1973 'e cut for hay, it should be cut from lack of moisture. Water as ltion to dump .on the ,of any iRules, on the Second Monday of by early May or the summer needed, way or within ight --.--_ .-- [ County Public Road, including ISeptember' A. D., 1973, to plead, ]Mississippi, and containing 645.77 State Aid Public Road, within answer or demur to the Peti- ] acres, more .or less. said Wilkinson County, any tin Lion of the Joint Administr,a- The said Board of Supervisors c, a ns, bottles, papers, plastic trixes filed in Cause No. 6013 1of Wilkinson County on and af- jugs, cardboard and paper boxes of the Chancery Court of Wil- . [ter approval by the Superintend- and other waste materials of kinson County, Missi.ssippi, seek- NOTICE FOR LEASE l%r Oil, Gas And Other Minerals n And Under The Following escribed Sixteenth Section Lieu Lands Of Wilkinson County, Mississippi ent of Education of said Wilkin-every kind and description. son County be.ere ordering the egular monthly September 1973 eeting date of said .Board of tqervisors. for the amount only f the bonus to be paid for the ease of oil. gas, mineral explo- ration and development, except and, gravel, clay, gold, com- 'bounds of gold, ores bearing Old, metals, compounds of iletal, or metal bearing ores, trl0. salt, of all or any part of haSixteenth Section lieu land ittlated and being in Wilkin- on County, Mississippi, de- cribed as follows, to-wit: Clerk of this Board of Super- visors to advertise and request aid sealed bids, did at its regu- lar August 1973 monthly meeting order rthe leasing of the above described land, and did prescribe ing to have the heirs at law Be it further enacted by the! f Willie "Turk" McNeely, de- Board of Supervisors of Wilkin-' ceased, recognized, legally ad- son County, Mississippi, that!judicated as such ,and placed in any person, firm, partnership or possesion of said estate as con- corporation ,who dumps on the templated and provided by Sec- rights-of-way or within sight of any County Public Road. includ- ing State Aid Public Road, with- in said Wilkinson County, any tin cans. bottles, papers, :plastic jugs, cardboard and paper boxes and other waste materials of every kind and desc.rlption, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and upon conviction, shall for the first offense, be fined in a sum not exceeding Fifty Dollars ($50.00 and for each succeeding offense in a sum not exceeding One Hundred Dollars ($100.00) or mprisonment in the County Jail not exceeding sixty (60) days or by both uch fine and imprisonment for such second and succeeding offenses. Be it further ordered by he Board of Supervisors of said Wilkinson County, Mississippi, that this resolution and ordi- nance shall be published in The Woodville Republican, a news- paper published in s.aid Wilkin- son County, [or three (3) con- b Sealed bids will be received Y the Board of Supervisors of the form of the oil, gas and ilkinon County, Mississippi, mineral lease, the royalty to be t10 to noon +on Tuesday, the 4th obtained by the lessor, annual <lay of September, 1973, the rental o be ,paid by the lessees, and the primary term of said lease, as required by Section 6600. 1942 Mississippi Code, Re- compiled, as amended; notwith- standing the provisions of Para- graph 7 of the lease, lessee shall restore the surface of any loca- tion, if a dry hole, to a.s near as practical o the condition it was prior t,o drilling of said well, and shall fertilize, mulch and seed said location with a grass seed of sufficiet quan:tity to insure adequate coverage of the site, all of which is now All on file in the office of the or any part of Section 27, Onship 4 North, Range 1 Ctancery Clerk of said Wilkin- son County, subject to inspec- ast. Wilkinson County, Missis- tion of all interested parties. il!pi' The sealed bids submitted will containing 685.77 acres, ore or less, less and except be publicly opened in the Board 0 acres, more or less, more Room of the said Board of Su- b,aptlcularly described as: From pervisors in the Courthouse in the well location which is 330 Woodville, Mississippi, at 2 o'- t from the East line and 330 clock p.m. on said Tuesday, bhe t from the South line of the 4th day of September, 1973, )titheast Quarter and the and aard of said lease made rthwest Quarter (SEt and to the .highest and best bidder llt/), Section 27. 4 !rth, Range 1 East,TwnshiPin Wilkin- or bidders as pr.ovided by law.  County, Mississippi, thence l lorth, 330 feet to the point of secutive weeks. The motion to enact the fore- going resolution and ordrinance having been made by Leon Cavin and being seconded by Super- visor Louis GauIden, the vote to enact and adopt the said resolution and ordinance was as The Board of Su,pervLors of ollows: said County reserves the riglt Supervisor Louis Gaulden :. '.. ' : , [ Alonzo H Sturgeon, Clerk Supervisor Steve Reed voted 'rallel to the West line of saicit ...... ' yes ec /u/,w , , tlon 27, 962 feet; thence[  Supervisor A. J. Darden voted .West for 1,810 feet; thence l NOTICE OF BIDS yes ,ort,herly and parallel to the I The Mayor and Board of A1- Supervisor Tom Ashley voted eat line of said Section 27 for ldermen of the Town of Wood- yes /}2,69 feet; thence East for 6651ville, Mississippi, will receive The resolution and ordinance, more or less, to ,the potntlbids up until seven o'clock p.m. having been adopted by the . beginning, in Section 27, on Tuesday, the 4th day of Sop- above set out vote of the Board Wnship 4 North, Range 1 tember, 1973, for the sale of old ,of Supervisors of said Wilkin- st, of said Wilkinson C0unty,!building owned by 'the town and l son County, the President de- cla,red the resolution and ordi- SPECIAL ON USED TRACTOR and EQUIPMENT 1-ALLIS CHALMERS Round Baler (like new) 1-KNIEB Bale Loader 1-JOHN DEERE Hay Conditioner 1-FARMALL M Butane Tractor 1-JOHN DEERE 14-T Baler 1-SFRVIS 12 ft. Rotary Mower 1-CALDwELL 12 ft. Rotary Mower 1-MAYRATH Barn Bale Conveyer (with electric motor) Seal Tractor Co. Woodville, Miss. nance adopted. This 6 day of August, 1973. Tom Ashley, President 8/17/3w State of Mississippi. County of Wilkinson. To the Absent or Unknown Heirs at Law, If Any, of Isaac Summage. Deceased. and Minnie Williams. Also Known as Minnie Jones, If Deceased Minnie Williams. Also Known as Minnie Jones. Cage Summage, Arthur Davis, Joseph Davis, Earl Davis. Johnnie Davis, Matthew Davis. Mary Catherine Fountain Seiber, Lalira Ann Fountain. Miles Fountain, McArthur 0untain, Eugene Ford, Mary M. Crump, Julia Porter, J. C. Williams, Clarence Villiam, Jr., Ida McFarland, Edna Mac Payne, Jessie Mac West, Clifton R. Davis, John H. Cobb, Jr., Annie Ferguson Wilson, Beatrice Fe,rguson Butler, James Ferguson, Lurleen Fer, guson Collins, Harrison ;uson, Leona Ferguson Grfmes. Jessie Ferguson. W. L. Ferguson, and Odessa Ferguson Bryant: You are hereby summoned to appear before the Chancery Court of Wilkinson County, Mis- sissippi, on the first Monday of November. A. D., 1973, to show cause why the Final Account of the Administrator filed in Cause No. 4304 of the Chancery Court of Wilkinson County, Missis- should be allowed tions 1270 1271 and 1272 of the Mississippi Code Annotated 1942 and '.as Recompiled and Amended, wherein each of said absent or unknown heirs at law (if any) of said decedent is a defendant. This 14th day of August, A. D., 1973. Alonzo H. Sturgeon, Clerk 8/17/4w FOSTED: All lands owned by the undersigned are hereby posted against all hunting, fish- ing or otherwise trespassing. All previous permissions revoked. All violators will be prosecuted. 8/31/tf Mrs. R. M. Redhead Centrevllle. $27,500. Hewes Real Estate, John C. Howe, phone 888-B941. 5/18/tf HOUSE FOR SALE: Located in Kaigler Bottom, Woodville. Call after 5 p.m. 888-6668. 8/10/4wp FOR SALE: House on Water 8/24/4w GARAGE SALE: Two family garage sale -- mirrors, furni- ture, lamps, old glass, jewelry, pants suits, children's clothes, dresses on Tuesday, Septem- ber 4. a.t the home of Mrs. Ethel Anderson, Garden St., Centreville. Sale begins at 9 a.m.. o 5 ,p.m. Street. Two large ',bedrooms, 8/24/2w bath, living room, dining room. kitchen. Mrs. Bessie Swaggart, POSTED: All lands owned by phone 888-4203. ,the John A. McClain, St., 7/20/tf FOR SALE: Due to lll health. the following Washeteria Equipment ls offered for sale: 36 washing maohines and 1.6 dryers, all in good working con- dition. If interested, telephone 645-2772, Centrevllle. 8/24/4w POSTED: Flatridge Plantation and that part of Salisbury Plantation leased by the under- signed are hereby posted against all hunting, fishing or otherwise trespassing. Also against hogs and dogs. 8/31/4mp heirs are hereby .posted against all hunting, fishing or otherwise trespassing. 8/24/4wp POSTED: Rosemont Plantation is ,hereby posted against all trespassing. Percival T. Beacroft 8/10/tf POSTED: All lands owned by J. P. Morgan heirs in Wilkin- son County, either jointly or in fee, are hereby posted against all hunting, fishing or otherwise trespassing. All previous per- missions revoked. Robert F. Catchings, Lessor. Gerald E. Johnston ]8/24/hn I Gift Scmt aders Thousands of men and women have brightened their lives and the lives o others by becominl Girl Scout Lead ors. Also wanted are Assistant Leaders an ttelpers. For information, without obligation, on how you can become a Girl Scout Leader, ju. mail the coupon, below. Fo quick information, telephone your local Girl Su Council [ P. O. BOX 22546 " [ ackson, y 39205 I Withoul; obl|ga,;en, plea, e [ send me fee literature teH- i ing'how I eatt become a Girl I Scou.t Leader, Aeistaa e [ Name _ , , ,." I Addres | City , ,, State Zip- Telephone . .. _. THE OVIRNMINT O t+CtCII: V 1, t,,, I,,,+E r O,N WASH:INGION .DC 20228 l,i,Ot Illlll ,ll'lli ll!v,iill,ilb*llly, of rttvil',lill ilIlllHnl tlm.til il,||ittll,rJ ,Ihlt IILD OEBr IN(,REAE t'"""] NO ,FFill ' "'" t,,:l:lLbll[I) I:;till,tNCIt,li,Alii " I, ii[[i] T'OO OON l'O P R E,I,C E F,F,IEI' [M[ AXlt, I,rl wl'll;i ifl,*lho |Oi1owirl O, mnr,=| d*fl !|ll liiitilt0HlY ol Rit ilrltl'l Shiri,hil Furidl. /]|ll Iht, 'li llViflS, ,til y@UI iurll,. {i.illlO' C;iltll=k IS fl,llrly ill illlpl " I t ....... j RMllr M.,,a:,B1AX f "'+ ........ 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I il I!111 I'1111, . 103t or tli fftllltlli+@H:lPlll ,, li  tA:gl + + " 'CA FIJ TA L EX PtL + Oi T U R ES $ % PURPOSE i II'liillllll,I 1E:I I[HICI illi ................................ [T6"iTji,Ti:'i', ...................... ' ' iPtitlPII>tlI.,AN ) (]i E' NI! IlL& I,, 6,OVT ED(J ,A'I:tDN % % 14 E.liL'l H T: II liP(tIil'll 11t;itN j $ yi:+ : .................................. ++ {ilfV f L'9 P,Mt, tT ' i ,,+ ........................................................... ll',M  N+t $ l Vi;i..13PM i: N T .,coNolc Ill ' +T'?""'+": ................. : .......... r. :" ' < $ % ,:., +l il'Ul LII; IA I "lv I' Y $ " ,, $ % % I"1 lqlll'+q  11I I II.nlll, g.+, ................................................ "+lP ............. r"; ......... r " $ 1'6,