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August 31, 1973     The Woodville Republican
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August 31, 1973

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F00iday, August 3 I, 1973 The Woodville Republican, Woodvtlle, Mlss;sslppl Page 5 IVIINUTES OF MEET duction of students in enroll-]1ube per lb., $.1650. D&apos;Aquila OillFlnch Attendance Centers the motion was offered by W. V. will be at school the fun after- OF +IVILKINSON CO. ment and average daily attend-] Co., motor oil per gal in bulk, I first semester and Wilkinson Carter that the bids of all of noon on Friday, May 10th and ance, reduction of teacher units $1.22; gear lube per lb., $1505; ICounty Training School the sec- the above firms be accepted, the full days on May 13 and BD. OF EDUCATION and a reduction of funds. Pro- anti-freeze per gal. $1.75. Seven[ond semester. Said motion was duly seconded May 14 in order to .record grades fessor Hicks and Professor Ba- Day Distributing Co., anti-freeze Bids were received for supply- by John Green and carried by and prepare report cards and State of Mississippi teast both stated that they acted per gal.. $1.80. ling bakery products to the unanimous vote. teachers' Reports. COUnty of Wilkinson without prejudice .and in good On motion by John Green, school caPeterias as set forth Bids for supplying classroom May 12: Baccalaureate Serv-land carried by unanimous vote The Wilkinson County Board faith in keeping best teachers seconded by W. V. Carter and below: supplies, office supplies, teach- ices ]of the Board, the above alloca- of Education met in regular ses- for the school and children. Af- unanlmously carried, the bid of n' Cotto. s Holsum Bakers, Inc.: ing aids, library boeks and li- May 13:8 ,p.ln., Graduationltion was approved. sign at 3 o'clock p.m., Monday, ter thorough discussion by all Gulf Oil Corp. was accepted to bread 20 oz., $.29: hot dog buns, brary supplies were received. On for William Winans Attendance l The Superintendent presented July 2, 1978 in the office of the !.parties the hearing was con- supply all gasoline and that of 12 for $.30: hamburger buns, 12 motion by W. V. Carter, sec- Center I his .proposed County School County Superintendent of Edu-lcluded. No action was taken by D'Aquila Oil Co. to furnish all for $.30. Wolf's Baking Co.: onded by John Green and unan- cation, with the following mem-,the Board. motor oil and gear lubricants bread 20 oz.. $.29: hot dog buns, imously carried, the bids listed bcrs present: I Minutes of the June 5, 1973 and anti-freeze. 18 for $28: hamburger buns, 8 below were accepted: John Green, District i; Marie and June 11, 1973 sessions of the Tires and Tubes: D'Aqulla Oil I for $.28. Martin School Equipment Co.. RUssell Green, District 2; Board were read. On motion by Co.. state prices less 25% on all On motion by Marie Russell Mississippi Library Supply Co., Charles H. Campbell, President, Marie Russell Green, seconded tires and tubes made by Good- !Green, seconded by John Green Jasper Ewing & Sons, Inc., District 3; W. V. Carter, District ' by John Green and unanimously American Library & Educational 4. Absent: R. J. Netterville. carried, the foregoing minutes In addition to the foregoing were approved as read. aembers of the Board, Bernard Monthly travel report for Waites, Superintendent of Ed- John Clark School Bus Me- ation, and Richard T. Watson. chanic, was read. On motion by rney for the Board, were John Green, duly seconded by kinson Co. Trg. Sch.: 8220 $600.00; $37,620.00. Vocational- Technical Center: 5.00 @ $600, 00: $3,000.00. Total, $54.720.00. On motion .by John Green, seeconded by R. J. Netterville continue the hearing to show'body parts and chassis parts, in accepted. cause for non-reccommendation accordance with crder passed at School Bus Body and Chassis of the first four above named, :the June 5, 1973 session of this Parts: Bids for supplying school Which was postponed at the last Board. the President proceeded bus body and automotive parts raeeting of this Board due to to open all such bids received: were received from H & R Ford, the absence of the Pricipals .and ! Gasoline. Motor Oil. Gear Lube Inc., Magnolia School Equip- the Sup, erlntendent of Educa- and Anti-freeze: Gulf Oil Corp., ment Co., Inc., Colonial Chevro- tlon. The reasorrs set forth for]prem, gas per gal., $.2140; motor let Co., Jordan Auto Co., Inc., non-recommendation were a re- oil per gal in bulk, $1.55; gear year and Goodrich. and unanimously carried, the On motion by John Green, sec-, Board awarded bakery products onded by W. V. Carter and car- ,bid to Cotton's Holsum Bakers ried by unanimous vote the bid i Inc. of D'Aquila Oil Co. was accepted Bids were received from the to furnish all tires and tubes following firms for cleaning, re- needed the fiscal year 1973-74. pairing and servicing typewrit- Services Co.. School & Library ,seconded by Marie Russell Green Publishing Co., Bound to Stay and unanimously carried the Bound Books. Inc., Harper & following bills on the Claims Row Publishers, Inc., Hertzberg- Docket were approved for pay- New Method, Inc., Science Re- ment: search Associates, Inc., Harcourt Transpcrtation Fund: Treas- Present. W.V. Carter and carried by Tire Re-capping: L  M Tire The sesslon was called to or- unanimous vote the report was Service, Inc., 7x16, $12.50: 825x20, der by the President. At this approved as read. $19.00; 8.22x5, $15.00; 750x20, $15. time Napoleon Anderson. Rosa Advertisements having been 00: 900ix20. $23.00. 13. Bailey, Audrey P. Henry, Re- made for bids to supply gaso- On motlon by W. V, Carter, i Janah D. Stanton, Principals line, motor oil. automotive seconded by John Green and 'Ordy Hicks, Jr. and James Ba-lgreases, tires, tubea, anti-freeze, unanimously carried, the bid of ers. adding machines, calcu- lators, duplicating and mimeo- graph machines for the school year 1973-74 as listed below: B;21jI:8h mpan 1BW Oinn Office Supply Co, Inc.: Typevriters, elec. $29.00, manual 'Brace Jovanovich, Inc., Central urer. State of Mississippi, $780.00. School Supply Co., Mississippi General School Fund: Ber- School Supply Co.. Rex Sporting nard Waites. $47.20; Ketchings kinson County having deter- Goods, E M. Hale & Co., Mac- Co.. Inc., $125.35; Ginn Office mined that in order to operate millan Science Co., Inc., Me- Supply Co., Inc., $7.80; The the schools of the Wilkinson Graw-Hill Book C,o., Lanier Bus- Woodville Republican, $80.07. County School District for the in ess Products, The Economy Transportation Fund: Mc- 1973-74 fiscal year. in addition ; came before the Board to recapping of tires, school bus L & M Tire Service, Inc. was $13.95; Add. Mch., elec. $19.86; Calculators. elec. $38.15; Dup. Mch., $26.00; Mimeo Mch., $37.50. B & B Office Supply, Typewrit- ers. elec. $42.00, manual $17.00; Add. Mch., elec. $27.50; Calcu- lators, elec. $52.00. On motion by W. V Carter, seconded by Marie Russell Green CO., A. J. Nyst'rom & Co. Gehee Motor Parts, $359.07; to the funds provided by the On motion by John Green, Miss. Dept. of Public Safety Mo- Minimum Education Pogram seconded by W. V. Carter and for Vehicle Inspection Bureau, tax levy made pursuant to Sec- unanimously carried, the Board $.50: Chemetron Corp., $6.30; tion 6518-1, Miss. Code of 1942, set the opening date of school Superior Sales Co., $17,430.00; Recomptled, as s, mended, the as August 17, 1973. I L & M Tire Service, Inc., $95.00; lsum of $199,982.00 will be needed August 17 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 1 Seal Tractor Co., $4.85: Miss. for lawful .operating expenses of p.m., Registration and Issuance Power & Light Co., $'7.90. said school district. Of the ,of Textbooks. Wilkinson Co.-,wide District aforesaid $199.982.00 which will consideration by the Board. Af- ter examination, a motion was offered by W. V. Carter to adopt the annual ,budget as presented, and that two copies be ,filed with the State Superlntenden and that a copy be placed on file in the Office of the County Superintendent of Education. Said motion was duly seconded by Marie Russell Green and car- ied by unammous vote. "After careful investigation, the Board of Education el" Wil- I I I II II Natchez Stockya,ds Jerard Allen, Manager Ph. 442-0271 Natchez, Miss. SALE EVERY THURSDAY TOP PRICES FOR YOUR CATTLE AND HOGS For Local Trucking Call KIRK FORD, 81t8-4595, Woodville DJE.P&'tVI"ME:T Oit' TI,41:!. "rllt!!A;t,q;:u( O F :' li C E!, () f R E! V t! It Lt ][ 1; H ,& H  1'4 i::, .e '$]f)l.. Pt:NNS'fL..,&NI& R,V r,, W W,SI41+qG T{.)li, D. i:: I;2.76 ............... gV 1:1 I r"i [ D D'I:6T NC':IE'kSE . N() [:lr F ;.,l '[ [!. S ' F. ',1 E ['l D [:'11 I I,,J' R i ,&!:[ [ ] ,l:;I t:J !'k'+ ()b, -,' ........ I+ I' [: D'I  : T i!i P I f" C 1 + i+Itll<)+'+ i[,,'bli,:k g|u %Ii'I+ +11+ illi'll,'xlV and McGehee Motor Parts. Af- and unanim,cusiy carried, the ter determining that no individ- bid of Ginn Office Supply Co., ual bidder could furnish all Inc. was accepted. parts and supplies for all makes Advertisements having been and models of chassis and hod- duly made for bids to furnish ies. the Board on motion by janitorial and maintenance sup- John Green, seconded by W. V. plies for all schools, the Board Cartar ve.ted unanimously to proceeded to open all bids re- accept all bids submitted. In response to advertisement, bids were received for milk for schacl cafeterias 'as set forth below: Milk - Pint Cartons: Bor- den, Inc., plain, $.079; chocolate, $.84. Flay-O-Rich, Inc., plain $.079; chocolate, $.084. On motion by Marie Russell Green. seconded by John Green and unanimously carried, the Board accepted the ,bids of both Borden, Inc. and Flay-O-Rich, Inc., with Borden, Inc. to serve Wilkinson C ,o u n t y Training School the first semester and William Winans the second se- mester and Flay-O-Rich, Inc. to supply William Winans ceived as listed below: Seven Day Distributing Co., Natchez Electric & Supply Co., Inc., The Lisco Co., Stuart C. Irby Co., Malter International Co., Marion Supply Co., Certified LaboratOries. Davis-Well Mfg. Co., Inc., National Chemsearch Corp., Crain Chemical Co., Han- co Mfg. Co.. Inc., Cabell Electric Co., Superior Products Co., Thrasher Co., Bancroft Paper Co., Inc., Pitt Industries. Natch- ez Fire Extinguisher Sales & Service, Lighthouse Chemical Supply Co. After adjudicating that no in- dividual firm could supply all the janitorial and maintenance and needs of the school district a THE (JOVERNMENT OF I','l IF'IF t"(L.Gt{{)'V'{'b, t'i+t,b'kil"+(l"i++.,.%t:[] it'il",.+ 'I|'I'';'IL Pi:tYM i.l+ I t' I 7, !:!:'! ;:" 77 August 17 - September 14: Maintenance Fund: Miss. Li- be needed for lawful operating First Month. brary Supply Co., $1,030.00; Dave expenses of said school district September 3: Labor Day Holi- E. Carter, $60.00; Bernard during the 1973-74 school year day Waites, $7.20; Finch Attendance there will be available from September 17 - October 12: Center, $7.20; Joseph R. White, other income and receipts the Second Month $40.00; Woodville Furniture & sum of $139,982.00 leaving a bal- September 28: End of 1st 6 Elec. Co.. $6.55; Planters Hdw., ance necessary for operation weeks (Six .weeks tests will be Inc.. $3.66; C. M. Treppendahl & during the said fiscal year the admlnisteredWednesday, Thurs- Sons, Inc., $7.50; Sanders Re- day and Friday, September 26, frlgeration & Elec. Service, $838. 27, 28).. School closing ill be at the regular hours on September 28. Report cards will be given to students ,on Thursday, Octo- ber 4. October 15 - November 9: Third Month November 9: End of 2nd 6 weeks (Six weeks tests will be administered Wednesday, Thurs- day and Friday, November 7, 8, 9). School closing will ,be at the regular hour on November 9. Re- port cards will be given to stu- dents on Thursday, November 15. November 15 - December 7: Fourth Month (1.8 day month} November 22 - 23: Thanksgiv- ing Holidays. Scho61 will close at the regular hour on Novem- ber 21 for Thanksgiving Holi- days. December 10 - January 18: Firth Month 93; B1-County Insurance Agency, $18.00; Beckham's Electric Serv- ice, $5.80; The Woodvi]le Repub- lican, $4.t)0; Mrs. Bernice M. Waddell $1.10; Town of Centre- ville, $57.25: South Central Bell, $9.35; Town of Cenreville, $63. 55; Miss. lower & Light Co., $403.23; $188.23; $133.73; Wood- vHle Utilities, $134.86; South Central Bell, $10.00. Wilkinson Co. Public Schools- Proj. 790021-ESEA-Title I Fund: Central School Supply Co., $1,490.29; Martin School Eqt. Co.. Inc., $1,728.61; Miss. Library Supply Co., $3,885.80. Wilkinson Co. Public Schools- Proj. 790031-ESEA-Title I Fund: American Handicrafts Co., $48. 44; Mary F. Carter, $56.70; Cen- tral School Supply Co., $53.40; Dietzgen Corp., $2.80; Educa- tional Systems Dev. Corp., $452. 0; Glnn and Co., $.28; Miss. December 21: End of 3rd 6 Power & Light Co.. $343.12: $35. It was further Ordered that weeks and Mid Term Examina- 00: Tyler Tool Co., Inc., $13.91; the Executive Secretary of the tiGriS (Examinations will be ad- Oliver H. Van Horn Co., Inc., Board present a certified copy ministered Tuesday afternoon, $97.16: Dave E. Carter, $80.00; of the foregoing Order to the Wednesday and Thursday, De- Wcodville Utilities, $5.11; $24.'/1. Board of Supervisors of Wilkin- cember 18, 19, 20. Exarn will be Transportation Fund: H & R son County forthwith." completed Thursday. Christmas parties and programs will be held on Friday morning, Stu- ients will be dismissed at 12:00 Noon on Friday, December 21. All teachers will remain at school until the regular closing hour on December 21 to record grades. Report cards will be given out Thursday, January 10. December 22 January 6: Christmas Holidays January 21 - February 15: Sixth Month Ford, Inc.. $172.62. On motion by W. V. Carter, seconded by Marie Russell Green and carried by unanimous vote the Board recessed to 1:30 p.m., Friday, July 13, 1973. Charles H. Campbell President Attest: Bernard Waites Executive Secretary State of Mississippi County of Wilkinson The WilkinSon County Board The Superintendent recom- mended that the following per- sons be employed ,as teachers at Wilkinson C o unty Training School for the 1973-74 session: B e ssie Jefferson. Secondary Mathematics; Marjorie Lews, Special Education. A motion was offered by John Green that the two above named be employed to teach in the two respective areas of endorsement. Said ,motion was seconded by Marie Russell Green and carried sum of $60,000.00. That in order to provide the needed funds for the operation of said school district it will be necessary for a tax levy of 6 3/4 mills in addition to the Mini- mum Education Program levy. Therefore, on motion by Marie Russell Green, duly seconded by John Green, and unanimously carried, it was ordered that the Board of Education of Wilkin- son County request the Board of Supervisors ,of Wilkinson County to levy an additional cax of 6 3/4 mills +on +all taxa,ble prop- erty of said Wilkinson County School District pursuant to Sec- tion 6518-05. Mississippi Code of 1942, Rec0mplled, as amended, said requested levy of 6 3/4 mills plus the Minimum Education Program levy not exceeding twenty-five m.ills and in accord with the ,requiremeents of said Section '6518-05, Mississippi Code of 1942. Reeompiled, as .amended. :$ $ $ ......................... ...+ ...... . p . .......... , I.(,adt & B,lcl+e.,; ...........................................  "1' Ill ' " t:,j:,>L,[tj[ 'r "LT' ll$ '" :t;' ; ];'lL ' ' ......... { .................................................... $ 2] 5 ,00lil00l % % % $ [{ec0r,:00,i % % % % [: ; L: + ": ............... ] ] :" :-: - $t. <+, ,', ..... + % % % : tou. i 10(-; '1,,@ 0 FHI'[I,I[',z,,, , ............................................................................................................. ;""l"l'l" $ %L % %, I HI1itvl . 3i 'llt,',l I'l ' $ % % % ..................................... ....................................................................... . .................. . ,.,..+ ...................... ,. % % % %; , % February 15: End of 4th 6 weeks (Six weeks tests will be administered Wednesday, Thurs- day and Friday, February 13, 14, 15). Schools will close at the regular hour on February 15. Re- )ort cards will be given out Thursday, February 21. of Education reconvened at 1:30 by unanimous vote. p.m., Friday, July 13, 1973, in On motion by W. V. Carter, the office of the County Super- seconded by Marte Russell Green tntendent of Education, with the and carried by unanimous vote, following ,members present: the session adjourned. John Green, District 1; Marie Charles H. Campbell Russell Green. District 2; President Charles H. Campbell, President, Attest: February 18 - March 15: Sev- District 3: W. V. Carter, District Bernard Waites enth Month March 18 - April 12: Eighth Month (18 day month) March 19 - 20: Teachers Con- vention (NEA-MTA) March 29: End of 5th 6 weeks (Six weeks tests will be admin- istered Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, March 27, 28, 29). Schools will close at the regular hour on March 29. Report cards will 'be given out Thursday, April 4. April 15 - May 10: Ninth Month May 10: End f 6th 6 weeks and Final Examinations. (Ex- aminations will be administered Wednesday, Thursday and day Friday, May 8, g, 10). Exams 4; R. J. Netterville. District 5. In addition ,to the foregoing members of the Board, Bernard Waites, Superinttendent of Ed- ucation, and Donald E. Walsh, Attorney, were present. The session was called to or- der by the President. The Superintendent presented his amendment to the 1972-73 Annual Budget for approval. On motion by W. V. Carter, sec- onded by John Green and unan- Imously carried the amendfnent was approved. The following allocation of Other Current Costs funds for the 1973-74 school year was pre- sented for consideration. William Winans A.C.: No. of Executive Secretary Will be scheduled for comple- Teacher Units, 11.50 @ $600.00; tton at Noon on May 10. [Allocation. $6,900,00, Finch A.C.: May 10, 13 & 14: All teachers 12.00 @ $600.00; $7,200.00. Wll- WHEN YOU GET TOGETHER -- THINGS HAPPEN! THAT'S WHY SOMETHING GOOD IS HAPPENING TO THE ADAMS INSURANCE AGENCY INSUREDS! ADAMS INSURANCE AGENCY Main Street Gloater, Miss, Make your last round decision. Price-filhter Clearance + May 14: 8 p.m., Graduation Budget for the year 1973-74 for for Wilkinson County Training Schoo] May 15:8 a.m. - 10:30 a.m., Issuance of Report Cards On motion by John Green,