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August 27, 2015     The Woodville Republican
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August 27, 2015

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The Woodville Republican, Thursday, August 27, 2015 ")age 7 1 00=,= (Continued From Page 1) / Administrator Lewis Day, the meeting has been updated the board on the moved to Tuesday, Septem- )n possibility of the county her 8. acquiring property for Supervisor Jackson re- Natchez is playing host to management systems, layout this state," he said. "In order commercial development quested that Administra- the 2nd Grazing Lands Con- of grazing management sys- for pmducers to have the latest IN THE CHANCERY COURT OF in the Town of Woodville, tor Lewis check with Dick- servation Initiative Conference tems, the economics of differ- t~_hnology designed to make ~LmNSONCOUm%MISSISSIPPI and the board requestederson and Bowen to findon September 15-16 at the oat enterprises, such as dairy their operation much more ESTATE OF ISABELLA SCOTT, DECEASED the administrator explore out their anticipated start Natchez Convention Center. enterprises, small ruminant profitable, attending thi~ con- CAUSE NUMBER 2015-197 all options and other avail- date on chip and seal pro|- The conference, sponsored animal and beef cattle enter- ference will give them better NOTICE TO CREDITORSable properties in or out ects on four streets in his by the South Area Grazing prises," Kerr said. "It will help insight, better management Letters Testamentary upon the Estate of Isabella Scoff. Deceased, of the town's city limits Fourth District. "I need to Land Conservation Initiative those who are considering go- and better knowledge of issues having been granted and issued to which would be adequateknow when they plan on (GLCI) Committee, a Conser- ing into one or more of these regarding their operation." the undersigned by the Chancery for development for a com- starting so I can make sure vation Grazing Lands Initia- enterprises from an economic The conference is free; Court of Wilkinson County, Missis- sippi on the 28th day of ~, 2015, mercial venture. I get my prep work corn- tive of the Natural Resource standpoint." however, participants must all persons having claims against Administrator Lewis re-pleted," Jackson stated. Conservation Service (NRCS), The Grazing Lands Conser- pre-register by Aummt 28. said Estate are hereby notified to ported that County Solid There was a long discus- is inviting all livestock pro- vation Initiative Committee is 2015. Persons who require have the same probated, registered and allowed by the Clerk of said Waste Enforcement Officer sion at the end of the meet- ducers of South ~ppi tohosting this event to maintain overnight stay andlive greater Court within ninety (90) days from Marlin Reed had met with ing concerning Supervisor attend, according to Confer- and improve the management than 50 miles from the Nat- the date of first publication hereof or WastePro, the county's sol- Nettles' request to have ence Chair Robert Collier and productivity and health of the chez Convention Center will the same will be forever barred 1 . 11 .. . .......... ' m waste couecuon concrac- Title II funding from pro- NRCS Area Conservationist state's privately-owned grazing have their lodging paid at a /ms Ine z~zn any or . . , Ju~, 2015 tor, about continuing proD- ceeds from the Homochitto Wesley Kerr. lands in South Mississippi. reduced rate. /s/Nakia Stewart lems of drivers not picking National Forest reinstated "This conference will af- 'The livest(r.k industry in Registration forms can be NAKIA R STEWART 8/6 8/ ............. " up all of the customers on to his district, ford par~cipants a golden op- South Mississippi, and in Mis- downloaded from http'./hvww. 1 .1~I t~ILUT ~IC:IIID their assigned routes. We "Title II funds can be portunity to learn more about sissippi as a whole, is an im- IN THE CHANCERY COURT OF need to stay on them toused for the maintenance prescribed grazing, grazing portant part of agriculture in detail/ms/programs/ WILKINSON COUNTY, MISSISSIPPI 1 ,~ , ........ make sure mey are mee~- of roads in the national I=b/A/i" UP . . . RUTH STAFFORD DOLPHIN lng all the stipulations of forest. Since all of the for- , W.GG,NSAKARUTHDOLPHIN, the contract we have with estis in my district, Ineed Wildlife Con ;ervatlon 0ffl :ers DECEASED them,"said Lewis this money so I can do CAUSE NO.: 2015-201 . . " . SUMMONS The admmzstrator m- much needed work on this . . STATEOF~I formed the board thatcounty road system within Arjretsin!eThga:?e Men For Sho :k Fishing TO: The Heirs at Law of Ruth ~e.cnnc] Di,~trict Sunervi- the forest boundaries," said Stafford Dolphin Wiggins aJk/a .... ~-- ~ ~- ~r;- i,. ,~- Ruth ""'=-n ...... .~ sot t~lcnarQ rtoulns roauNettles. D~,I~ ........... --. inJanuary, we contacted the rington, Master Sergeants You have been made a Defen- crew had been working onA long discussion fol- tween the Mississippi Depart- LDWF and began a joint in- Kelly Farmer and Mike Jones, dant in the suit filed in this Court the Lake Mary and Jack- lowed as to where the Dolphin,bYErroll PatriciaR Dolphm,A. DolphinJerrll B.King,R. ~u,,'~" .,,..~P~;-+ .~,?u~D"'~ ~y*" ,~.~="~"]'" money comes from, how itment of Wildlife, Fisheries, vestigation,, .in very harsh con- Privates" Jake Guess, Joey Nichelle Rodriguez, Alia Dolphin and repairs now that the Mis- is divided once it reaches and Parks (MDWFP) and ditions, satd MDWFP Major HerrJngton, and Bryant Des- Kristopher Dolphin," seeking the ad- sissippi River flood waters the county and whether to the Louisiana Department of Lane Ball. 'I want to thank champs. judication of the heirship of Ruth 1,,....... ,4,~A "~XT,~ ~,, ~ take all or part of the fund- Wildlife and Fisheries (LD- LDWF for their cooperationLouisiana Officers were Stafford Dolphin Wiggins a/k/a Ruth ........ ~u~,~..I ,~ ,_,.o.v.~ Dolphin, Deceased. some work CO GO ~O gec 1~ing being allocated for the V~F) has resulted in the arrest as we move forward on ad-Captain Len Yokum, Ser- You are summoned to appear inpassable shape," said MSU Extension Service of three Mississippi men.ditiona] investigations," Ball geant Darry] Galloway, and and defend against the Petition To Lewis - " and for youth education LDV~/'F arid MDV~ of- added. Senior Agent Lee Davis. Adjudicate Heirs At Law Of Ruth ~ " ...... ricers apprehended Lance O. MDWFP Officers engaged To Report a Wildlife or Stafford Dolphin Wiggins edk/a Ruth Doa]"U t-resmenc anu programs in this county. Davis, 41, and James A. How- in this investigation were Fisheries Violation CALL Dolphin, Deceased. filed against you Third District Supervi- Nettles said, "If all of the ard, 51, both of Poplarville, LieutenantKallum Her- 1-800-BE-SMART. in this action at 9:30 o'clock a. m. on sor Bill Bankston stated roads in the forest are in the 7th day of October, 2015, in the ,, .... -' courtroom of the Wilkinson County The county has a res]dual my district, then I think I and Howard D. Restor, 40, of Courthouse at Woodvi,e, Mississip- of $180,000 left over from should get all of the money about 4 p.m., Tuesday, August pi, and in case of your failure to ap- FEM_A_ funds Nven the that comes to the county. It 11. Each man was charged by pear and defend, a Judgment will be ..... - ,, 1. entered against you for the money county muowmg tne ms- shouldn't be divided equal- and other things demanded in the toric flood of 2011. We are ]y between the five roadLDWF with a Federal Lacy Act Violation of transporting Petition To Adjudicate Heirs At Law in the midst of trvin~ to districts. I have all the illegally taken fish from MJs- Of Ruth Stafford Dolphin Wiggins . .,. ", ~' aJk]a Ruth Dolphin." cnange ~ms project, zromroads in the forest and this YOU are not required to file an the Jackson Point Road to money comes from forest sissippi to Imuisiana. A LacyI'"-''"-'"nlINVt3gANIII l TMII answer or other pleading, but you the Lake Marv Road We system revenues. It should Act Violation carries up ton INVOKAMET FARXIGATM/ may do so if you desire.issued hand and seal ",have ..... made a request- to' get be assigned to me." jail.T10'000 fine and five years inAll fish, a boat and illegal I GLYXAMBI'M,JARDIANcE" or I of said Court, this the 20th day of 1;hiS Gone. After the somewhat equipment were seized. August2015. Administrator Lewis heated discussion, no ac- I XIGDUOXR I /s/ Thomas C. Tolliver, Jr. id he is still seekintionwas taken. The other The subjects were using an by Mattie L. Powell DC Ha. _ . g I Thomas C. Tolliver, prices on purchasing a three board members re-illegalsnuffcantypeshocking |1 . on l su =re l r0m: ,I Wilkinson County Chancery Clerk larger 2,000 liquidtar quested that Clerk Tolliver device sometimes known as a 8/27 9/3 9/10 9/17/15 -- -- ' ' ' tank, heater and spreader provide them with funding "catfiShon WednesdayStUnner'" morning, I el Diabetic Ketac,u"Jsis "0iuKeC'r-LorHead AttackI' IN THE CHANCERY COURT OF to mount on a county truck sources and the amount of August 12, warrants were is- WILKINSON COUNTY, MISSISSIPPI once used by the Solid money involved and who is I00 Kidn y F i u e 0, Come r Death I ESTATE OF EDNA L HARRISON .... r~ .......... :,~]. e a r 0 CAUSENO" 2015-186 Wa~ ~.~p,~.~,.,~,,~ ~o p,~ receiving what. The three sued in Mississippi for their arrest. At 3:30 p.m., all three SUMMONS "" up garbage, said they want this infor- subjects turned themselves STATE OF Supervisor Nettles, who mation before they make a II !'0[/M4YBEB T_ fiLED TO COMPENSATION.II TO The Heirs at law of : ' is pushing hard to trade decision to change the dis- in to MDWFP Officers at the Edna L. Harrison ............. Pearl River County Jail. Each You have been made a Defen- ]n tne new traner wlm sou bursement factors or not. face charges ofillegal methods [ Call Attorney THOMAS W. BROCK [ dant in the suit filed in this Court by gallon tar emulsion tank As stated earlier the of taking fish and unlawfiflII _'v' u~,_,u~CC~ml% MS_~-'~-~A_m,~ ~,_~ ~uJ-~ la Willie Mae Jarvis, Jessie Henyard and use this monev to put next board meeting will be possession which caz~es a:fine and David Henyard, seeking the ad-towarus" " a mrger" -umt"-'to held on Tuesday, Septem-of $2,000 to $5,000 and loss of |Free Consu,ation and No Legal Fees U...le.s.s Y.o.u Make Reo.e~/. I judication of the heirship of Edna L. Harrison, Deceased. be mounted on the countyher 8, a move necessitated hunting and fishing privileges | Free Background Information AvaiJable Upon Request. YOU are summonedto appear truck, said,"I have $80,000 by Monday, September 7, and derena against the ~'(~tition To ;n ,-,~,, A;~,.;~ ~,~,.,~,,,-,+ +1~+ ........ H- r- A" L ........ "~'~ .... .~ .~ .................... being observed as a legal for one year. I DO NOT STOP TAKING ANY PRESCRIPTION I ~,.lUO~a,....,, ~. ~:~a~r , .... . = - ..... ;.. .-. Acting on a tip re~ived IMED,CATION WITHOUT FIRST ASKING .YOUR DOCTOR!I L. Harrison, Deceas'e'd, fife~l agaihst" .~al} De~ ,dse~" "~o- nhy the holiday for Labor Day. you in this action at 9:30 o'clock a: 2,000 gaJlon tac~: (liquid m. on the 28th day of October, 2015, tar) tank," Nettles stated. in the courtroom of the Wilkinson County Courthouse at Woodville, "We need a 2,000 gallon Mississippi, and in case of your fail- tank instead of the 250 ure to appear and defend, a Judg- gallon tank on the trailer ment will be entered against you for the money and other things de- we bought so we don't have manded in the Petition To Adjudicate to make numerous trips for Heirs At Law Of Edna L. Harrison. tack refills when we start You are not required to file an answer or other pleading, but you repairing county roads. may do so if you desire. This just makes good Issued under my hand and seal sense." of said Court, this the 20th day of Aug., 2015. No action was taken on /s/Thomas C. Toltiver, Jr. this matter at this time. by M. L. Powelt DC Administrator Lewis said Thomas C. Tolliver, he was seeking new prices Wilkinson County Chancery Clerk 8/27, 9/3, 9/10, 9/17,/15 on the 2,000 gallon tank and accessories to mount IN THE CHANCERY COURT OF WILKINSON COUNTY, MISSISSIPPI on the county s truck. ESTATE OF EDNA L. HARRISON, Supervisor Nettles stat- DECEASED ed that the Halcon road CAUSE NO. 2015-186 use permit expired on June NOTICE TO CREDITORS Letters Testamentary upon the 30. Estate of Edna L. Harrison, De- Administrator Lewis re- ceased, having been granted and ported that Halcon repre- issued to the undersigned by the Chancery Clerk of Wilkinson County, sentatives have told him :::::~:!i~!~ Mississippi on the 20th day of Au-- that they would not pay for ugp~, 2015, all persons having claims any repairs. against said Estate are hereby noti- fied to have the same probated, "Since Halcon has no registered and allowed by the Clerk permit to use our county of said Court within ninety (90) days roads and have refused from the date of first publication hereof or the same will be forever to pay for repairs, I want barred, them stopped from using This the 20th day of ~, A. the roads in my district. D., 2015. /s/Willie Mae Jarvis They have torn up the Sam Willie Mae Jarvis, Leake Road and won't pay Administratrix of the Estate of to fix it. If they don't have Edna L..Harrison, Deceased a permit and refuse to pay 8/27, 9/3, 9/10, 9/17/15 for damages, I want them stopped from using this Notice to Caterers and road." Restaurant Owners In accordance with section 19- Mr. Lewis said that the 25-73 of the Mississippi Code of board was scheduled to 1972, sealed Bids will be received hear an objection to the When the winds subsided and the waters receded a decade ago, by the Wilkinson County Board of Supervisors up to 10 o'clock A.M. assessed value of lands the state of Mississippi and her people along the Gulf Coast were on Tuesday, September 8, 2015, owned by J. H. James left to deal with one of America's greatest weather catastrophes. to furnish and deliver to the Wilkin- along U.S. Hwy. 61 North son County Jail meals for prisoners between the Homochitto housed at the jail. The bid shall be Through the aftermath and the rebuilding, your local newspaper for 3 meals daily, including a bever- bridge and the Adams- was there. age, on a per meal basis, and which Wilkinson County line. meals shall provide a minimum of "Mr. James is contesting 2900 calories daily. At least two of From the first moments after the storm roared ashore, the men the three meals must be hot and the the valuation of his farm third meal can be a cold lunch. The lands in this county," Lewis and women who work for your local paper were on the job, offer- meals shall contain and meet all of reported. "He is in negotia- lag guidance and clarity in a time of terrible adversity. the nutritional requirements as rec- ommended by the National Sheriff's tions on this matter. It is Association Manual entitled "Food my suggestion that the On the tenth anniversary of the storm, we salute the newspaper Service In Jails." The term of the bid shall be for board postpone any action journalists and their colleagues who didn't give up on the job. one year beginning September 18, until our next meeting on 2015. Tuesday, September 8. And we offer our best hopes and gratitude to the residents of The board reserves the.right to The board normally meets reject any and all bids. our Gulf Coast who have weathered the past decade with such William Bankston, President on the :~rst Monday of the Wilkinson County month, but since Monday, resilience. ' Board of Supervisors September 7, is Labor 8/27, 9/3/15 Together, we will grow stronger. And we're proud to say your lo- cal newspaper will be there to help lead the way. MISSISSIPPI ASSOCIATION -- lS66 -~r 20]6 =-- lSOth ANNIVERSARY