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August 27, 1898     The Woodville Republican
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August 27, 1898

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/: ! ; . , , The sentiulent for theowne:- li,, ,f]). ship of thePhilil)pines is growing ;%tardy,--Auust 27. tremend(nlsly i, this country. At __ least Luzon, if not the entire qr- IL-"7"_ =&apos;= ........... ---" ................. :cial J0"d.rnal of the C0f ;ehipehlgr, will+..o_.+l}e t.lken. p0rati0n of W00dville. Sc(.reta,y Day and Senators Fly .................................. a,ld I)avis have been cllosen as Simde Announcements <,f marria- Peqee (=]on]nllsslnnel'S; two others _7s and deaths will 0e puhhshed will be uauled. It is safe to as- New &dvertisements. NOTICE, BIDS to paint tlie steel I)ri,le a<.rt)ss I)nffalo crock according to nle.= nlorandnn| oil file il, chancery eh.rk' otth.e will be received up to 9 o'clock A M. on lhe lt Mnmlav in eptember IYS. The Board reserves lhe right to reject any and all bids' C.A. CooN, ClErk. 8 9 18(18 4w. without charge. ,llI, Fl:t'i|t|iOll pet ,9111111111. Oah ....................... $1 50 lberwise... ; .............. $2 00 MARKET. ew Orleans, Aug. 12, 1898. t 'otton-- M'[hllinff ..................... 5 15-16 . ... Whr/iack paints and hanus paper. JOB WORK AT TIlE I.EPUBI,ICAN, Call and scc Veat'ck's wall peper at Da'y's drug sl ore. ew Crop Turnip Seeds just receiv- edat, GEe. J, ADAMS. See change in- the advertisement of lartin Rothschild & Bro. : -,qe Our mErchantS have begun tore- eeive their Fall arid winter stocks. SIIINGLES ! IIIGLES!! Go to Thus. Roland rvr l[cd Cypress Ehingles. l]t st made. MARI9--1n New Orleans, Mr. Oli- ver F. Graft, of New OrlEanS, La., and Miss Dora E. Hahn, of Woodville. _ e-.- -,,iva Mr. Geo. Argue is improving thE ban(luetLe In ('runt. of his newly reno- vated and nice premises. WANTD.--OId Confederate Stamps on original envelopes or packages.-- Highest prices paid fur same. Apply ab BEN IlltOWN'S SLIOt'. .olorosa. ar rived here on Wednesday Evening for .a short visit Lo his parents, tie rc- l, urned home on Thursday nlorning, Our Foreman, Mr. ILobt. LEwis, and Mr. Lee Coon left last, Friday night, for a brief visit to Chicago. They took advautage of [he excursion rates. The members of Asylum Ludgc, F. ,4; M., are uplifted ;.hat, the regular nmnthly meeting will take place next Wednesday evening at 8 o'clock. TIIE I)USY BEE CLUB of iokney- "vflle will give an Entertammentat the Mount residence, in Pinckneyville on Monday night, Aug. 29th. Masou's Sclf-sealn;Jars, all sizes, and till t,;p jelly glasses, ab Go(. J. Adams. WEDI)I,qG= P'.qESENTS, a Jos. Sarphie. The Jeweler. Mr. Geo. Adams arrived home last Saturday eveniug from au extended trip through the West. Mr. Adams visited ()maha Nebrasla, and many Other noted western reties and is much impressed wit, l his t,rip. Up t.preseat writing not a bale of new cottnt has been to town. This is considerablylatcr than last year. It also sh,ws that> the crop is considcra- B '.y later than last year. r A: Try a hurtle of dams Sarsaparilhl and purify vonr blond. 25 cents healler than Iloo(ls at Gap. J ADAMS. Where cotton cr( 13 have been work- td right aloes they are w'ry good. As this was not done everywhere the eropsure spotted--go0d here and bad h&'e. N()T1C E. Eider John A. Stevens will begin a a meet,ing at, the Baptist Church at !1 A. t., the 4th Lord's day iu Au- gust. Bro. Stevens cordially;nlvites tile public to hear him and earnestly deMres to nleet his many friends in Wdodvilte and yiciuity. LEE JACKSON. --.  41 i,.- Mr. and Ms. M. If. Rothschild who have been absent from home since -laSt, 'ebruary are expected home to- night or to-morrow lnnrning. Mrs, Rot,hschild, we are glad. to say, has i'ully recovered from her illness, which i, ilL be glut,trying news to her many fricnds. The sale of Cattle continues in this mnty, +nO nearly every day large flroves of cattle can be seen passing in and out of our twn. :One dealer alone havlng handled over 2000head. At the present rate it will not be long bfore the supply will be eghgusted, add not enough cattl will be left to [ovlde for the wants of the county. ,. :7- . - The hottest weather uf the sea,on now upon us. Woodville is 566 feet $bovesea level and generally there are f0ut one or two days in ulnmer when We do not have a south or southwest breeze during the heat of the day.-- hls has failed us this week. The fiual invigorating breeze at, sundowt also disappearedl and the nights have been warn}. 'he H. S, Base Ball club and a club from Whilestown played a very inter- esting game of ball on last ,'onday evening, The boys from Whitestown 'ere no match for our iuvenite club, gad the ='ame resulted in a victory fur Our bow/o boy by a sordof 17 to 9. We believe we have the best juvenile l l/b in the St,ate. They have played a number of games and have never yet been defeated. :  ". 2" . . Work on he new Gin iS progressing slowly and the gin cannot beta full operattion until about the 10'tl-/ of 8eptember. All of the machinery is a hand hut has not as yet, been put, 1 p0i Lion+ a ,unle that tile five of them will I)e ................................ expansionists. Guy. McLaurin several d,lys since n},}de a free ilver speech before a lat'e assembhlge of the people of Leake county. Where- Ul)On the tneeting a,h)pted a l'eso- lution heurtily endorsing the (ov- ernor's administ ration. There are all sorts of peolde in thisl)oor ohl worht. Mr. Eugene Wouack. of Ccntrevilh,, took out alicense on Wednesday t(, marry Miss L. M. Ihnnphrcys. Fresh Ouion Sets at, Days l):'ng Store. Mr. Samuel Kaiser. who has been making a pleasant, visit t() his fain: y and friends here for some days, re turned to Wa,'renton nn Tuesday. The cotton gins will oon he running and rememl)er we handle all grade ensue oils. I)ay's di'ug store. Mr. Augustus Wilkins(m and Miss M. M. J:)hns were married onThurs- evening, Rev. J. W. Crisler. oflicia Ling. The happy couplc havc the best wislleSOf the ltepuldican. Try a Lemon Phosphate at. Day's drug store. Prof. llughEs arrived on Tuesday and will ()pEn his sch*)ol (m 1he first nmnday in September, The Profess-r and family will reside in the newres idence of Mrs. Goddard opposite the Metldodist church. On Tuesday night, 52 head of catth' penned in an adjoining hd, hr, ke into Mr. Petty's line corn patch of ahotlt three quarters of all acre and re- mained all night. You earl readily guess what Petty thought next, lntwn- in(..,. IIe did not swear, for he wits utterly unable to do the sul,ject, full ]usliee_ ,-.. G,,-+ Tile weather for the past week ham in the main, beer, ,, ery favoral le to the cotton crop. Rep,)rts troth different sections indicate an improved condi- tion. The hot, dry weather has caus- ed the oldest bolls to open, while the frnltin has been very good. Reports of slight shedding is also at hand but this is t,o be expected. Picking is progressing slowly but, will no doubt become general during the }text week. No new cotton as yet, been markeb2d In this county. R(:honl will so,,n open and don't for- get, we are carryiura full line of School Books. Copy Bo(Ns. Pens. Ink. Lead Pencils and all st.hotd snpplles, at Day's drug store. The introdu(.tion ,f Ameriean cap- hal into the newl i" acquired posses- sinus will make hilsiness for lines of Amcrieuu steamers, which would also carry Ihe mails and l}asengers. The new territories are all in the trol,}es, where he people who wear clothes dress iu cotton goods, and, hv con- seqnence, l, hey eonsulne great qnan- LitleS of cotton manufactures which heretofore have been supplied from Europe. Here, then, is an opportn niLv for Southerucottnus. FrEe trade with I'o,'to Rico andCuha together of. fcrs a territ( ry for tile sale of cotton baled or mannfaeturEd, which will make a vast gain for thestaplc pro- duct of the Suutlh Ha waft. anti EX ell tile little Island of Guam, where cot- tot, fabrics are used ahnost exclu- sively, will be bases for dislribution ia those regions and will offer a eon- staut, if limiU,.d, demand. Manila, lyingas it does at the gate- way to the I)t)lHtlotls counlries of the Orient aill become, under American d,,mlnancE, the st0rEhollse of on( products for Aia to draw upon -- China alone eat} swallow up theentire Cotton crop of out outhern ,,tates at prices which must be better II 3 reason of the eliminalion of the Euro- pean middleman ll hts heen trad ing in the ()dent at the expense of Ule Americau planter and jobber for fifty years. THE UNIFORI BALE. We publish today the rsohltlons of the Claiborne County Gi,ners, de- claring fur the nmform 24 by 54 bah, press box. They are sinfilar In pur- port to thne of the Brookhaven meet- ing, and in addition advance practi- cal ideas in detail of value. Says the Reveille : The eatl by the compress for a meeting of the ginners of the county brought quite a number nf them to town Monday. In fact the attend- anee was larger than was expected, showing 'Amt the gmners are tully live to the fact that radical changes are neded along this hne. REpre- sentative men from all over the coun- t,y, as well as some from JeffErson, were present. It is in tire favorable local action toward the unitorm bale propositi0u of the ginners themselves, Ihat real progress toward that reform is to he recognized. The resolu*tons of the Boards of Trade and the Compress Associations arc good in the way of snggestioas. But the county meet- ings have a material meaning the others do not possess. For this rea. son the Herald hopes to hronicle many imltstators of the progress}re ginner of Claiborne and Lincoln onatiea. -,Vieksbarg l]feratd, 1 was troubled with sevele felnale weakness for over a vear and was confined to the bed lor oversix nlontll., l-wastl'eated by six very prominent physicians without any marked benellt" .[ last doctor wa a skilled peeialit. and he tohl me toe only hope [av iu an )peration ] heard .f Smith's Sure Kidneyt'ure, andatter usi:g it for one monthl find myself elll'ed, and even the doc- tor who last treated nle now pronoun- ces ine well. Mt:s J It FAV},'R. Atlanta, Ga. l'ricc 50 cents. For sale by Chas. R I)av. "A word to the wise is sufficient" and a word from the wise shonhl be .ulthdent. but yell ask. who are the wie? Those who know. The oft repeated Experience ot trust worthy persons ulav bE taken for knowledge. Mr W M rerrysa's Chamberlain's Covgh Remedy gives better satisfac- tion than any other in the market. Ile has been In the drug bnsinessat Elkton. Kv.. for twelve years: has sohl liundreds of I)ottles of this reme- dv and nearly all other cough medi- cines manufactnred whlch shows eon('lusivelv that ('amlerlain's is the most satisfactory to the people, and is the best For sale I,y G. Kann. ]i{ hell iIit|fisini| Cll red, Mvwife ha used (hamberlaill'S Pain Bahn for rhenmatisln with greal relief, a,d I cau i'e(-onllnelld it as a splendid liniment for rhmllnatisul and other honsehoht use fur which we haw: fonnd it valuable ---W. J. CUT- LER. I{cd Creek, New York. Mr Cuvier is poe of the lead}n,_, merchant's of this village and one ot the nlost pr.minent men iu this vici- nity- W G. l'mrrt Editor Red Creek llerald. Fr ale by G. Kuun. I war readlug an advertisement of Chanlberlain's Colic, Cholera and I)iarrh(ea Ienletlv in tho Worcester E,terprise recently, which leads ale to write thi. I can trnthfnllv say ] never nse| arty remedy equal to it for colic and diarrhoea. 1 have never had I1) nse InOl' than one Or tw o doses to cure the worsf ease with myself or chihh'en W A STnOUD, Popomoke City. Md. For sale b.v G Kann. la.-I =: University Mississippi, I at8 I aa. Courses iu LiteratUre. Science, Phi- IOSol)hY. Eh,cutlon, Pedagogy, Law. 22 Scho(ds. iEnlarged corps instruc- tors. Conq)let,e water and sanitary system. Unsllrpased healthfulness. 'ru ITIO2q Iff'REI to men and w.nlen tn all departments exeeDL law. All expenses low. Semi- Cent-elial e(,1.elwat i(m Nov. 6, 8. '98. Next Seusion opens Sep. 15, 189. For e;ltaloglw or informatiou address. It. B. FULTON. Chancellor, University, Miss. 8 6 189S. CHAMBERLAIH -HUNT ACADEMY, l?'.)R'l_" (t-lllSON, iISS. BOARDING SCHOOL FOR BOYS. llealtby h,c;tti(m in the hill country of Mississippi. ABLE FACULTY. Well equipped GYMNASIUM. Rates low. owing to eudowment. IWrile for Catalogue. J. "1". DR, AKE, SECRETARY, 8 6 1898 If. NOTICE TO COLORED TEACII- ERS. Thf int.ilnte for teachers will beheld iu Woo0ville, beginning Monday, AIIgllr4t 15th 1898. Be stir(, and come as the examinations will be based upon the syllabus. JOSEPH .]'OHNSON, Supt. and Conductor. 7 30 1898 2w. STATE OF MISSISSIPPI. ToMrs. Emma Irvine. Miss Emm lrvine. Mss Jessie lrvine, Jones lrvine, Mrs. Sallie Gordon, Ilarris Irvlue, Belle Irvine, Lena ]rvine, Car. Irvine, Marian Irvine and John ]ivine, the defendants. Y,u are commanded to appear be- for, the chancery court, o[ the. c, ounty ,)f Wilkinson in said sLate, tm the2nd Monday of l)ccember A. D. 1898. I,O de- fend Lhesnitia said court, of J.F. Irvlnesurvlving partner of the late tlrm of J. F. Irvine & Son, wherein you are defendIBiS. Thi5th day of Aug. A. D. 1898. C. A. COON, Clerk. By H. A. WOOD D. C 8 6 1898 4w. NOTICE. bTATE OF MISSISSIPPI, Wn.tetxsoN Coc=''. To John F. lrviue, Emma lrvine. Jcsielrviue, Mrs. Emnla lrvine, Jones lrvine. Mrs. Sallie Gordon, adults. Ilarris hvine a oiiaol'. Belle h'vine, l,eua lrviuc, (;arolrvine, Marian lrviue ,lohI lrvine, minors, defendanls: You are COnlmanded to appear be- ore the Chancery Court of the Couu- ty of Wilkinsou in said" state on the 2nd .[,,mlay the 12th day of Decem- ber 1898 to defend the suit in said court of W, P. Bnrfon nt al, whereiu you are defendant% This t6th day of July 1898. C, A. GOON, Clerk. 7 23 1898 4w, r NOTICE TO tRESPASSERS. All persons are Ircreby forbidden to htlnt or otAlerwise trespass on my lands known as the Gihlart tract, the Luhertv tract a'nd Fleet tract, about, 1 mile norlh-ea'st of Woody}lie under pcnal',y of thelaw F. F. BEST. TilE SALOON IS NOW ()PEN FOR BUSINESS WITII A FULL STOCK OF : : PIlbE LIQT OILS ---o SUCiI AS o-- OLD 3IOWOPOLE t E, P UR ITd W RYE, FRE.;VC]i BndWD F, WIWES, ETa Choice Stock of FINE C/$ARS Always on Hand. lEiiThoso is need of I'[HE LIQUORS for- medical pur- poses will do well to call and exauliue my stock. A. S. JOHNSON III ---- .N IR _1__ | II .... I We beg to announce that N we are daily receiving our new and choice stock of L L AND W/N TER !0000oods, Tl.s weeks arrivals as follows: Ladies .and Misses II Cmcmnat/ 8hoes, -O00/ngs , F/anne/cites and00 j! Gingl, arns..a=1i of therll early I FALL NOVELTIES. Come around and look at them even though you do not want to buy at present. Martin Rothschild & Bro. 2"- '  - POSITIONS GUARANTEEI). To Gradnates of IIaaris' Practical Business College, School of Short |[and, Telegraplly, etc,, Jackson. Mississippi. We have bunch( the %Vayatt Col- leges here and at Meridian. bat have closed out the one at Meridian, and prepared to ive students the vory best business training to be had Ly- where. Catalogue sent on applica- tion. . J. HARRIS, President. Jackson, Miss, Sept ll, 1897-tf :NOTICE, I have just received and will keep constantly on hand a full supply of COFFINS and CASKETS, of all St.les, which I will sell at rea- sonable prices. Shop opposite W,. C. Bounys res- idence. TIleS. ROLAND. Aug. ,'21, 1897-tf % LUMBERI e are prepared to fill at short notiee anyorcler fl;r Rough CyDress LUMBE[ at,low prices, Correspon- deuce solicited. - JNO. F, 1RVIE & SON. 3 !.9 98 6m.' TRESPASS IN'OTICE. All hunting or trffoassing on the Artonish lands cinder fence is pro- Ililfited under (nil p'ilalty of the law. Any stock remaining on the Artouish pastnreafter February 15th will be charged paagarage--50c per month. J, A. GILLESPIE. 1 15 1898 ly. yA.Z()O MISSISSIPPI VALLEY II, IIII IIIII Tho Yazoo & M'lssisstppi nTTTm t R. h .ow o, sale, IIIIq[IlT am'l will con'Jnue tho I I I I I iII]II same until ,September MMi|lllldl 0u, sgs, ro,,a tlp ---- "- summer tourist tickelk'l IL II IIlll from all polntson It line in / ll n mno the South tot largo llsLot I1 UI II I' summer resorts In the Ncn-th. : I I rlI Iitl The fast double daily servlce IIIIIIII u) st. Luuls. Chicago, c}n('iu- ....... nail and Louisville of ghe [ll- Inois 0tntral in connect|on wlh the Y. & M. V. It. R. enables one to reach quielly and eomforlably (he mountdn rsorts of Vlrglula the White Mountains ttnd seaside of.New Enghmd. the Thousand Islands. the lako and forost resorts of Michigan, WisconSin and 5Itnnesot. the Hot Springs of ArkanSas, the Yellowstone Pars or tPa rerts of Co0rv[h). Th'kets and full lnforma;tlon as to ra, t, es In connection with/the above can bo,,hdof Agents of the Y. & M. V. Ry. and conllectlng llucs. WM. MURRAY, D, P ./k., New Orleans, i Jo.A, SCO'I. D. P. A., Memphis. t I I TRESPASS NOTICE. I All huB'Jug on my pmce is strictly ,)rohihltcd uud('r peua|ty of the law. Ms E,. W. Joor, I 1;1 20 97 If. IOSEPH SARPHIE, The Jeweler, Our stock is always complete, eomprising the latest an(1 newest designs ill : : : Diamonds, Watckes, Cl0cks, Jewelry, Silver-ware, ]Xoqelties, Ca*defy, Spectacles, ye 61ases &e. Repairing ! I a pecial fcatnro of our business, and We are eonfldmit, with our Prices, Accuracy and Promptness. we Call please you : : wE-,+. CUARANTEE. o wo00/c. S. MARANTO, --DEALER IN " CnolcFsT Fruits, Oysters, nts of all knnls, aud Fresh Family Gro eerios, hectares daffy ]ancy Can- idY of all kinds. Maccaroni eook- ted in the best style, trom 9 A. ,[.! to 8 P. '. Main St. Opposite Baum & Datpf. ,.t,,,,,,,. & WILSON, WALSH .......... CONTRACTORS OF BRICK @ CEMENT Estimates Furni'shed ]Patronage Solicited. Leave Orders with Wettlln & Illekey or Beu Brow a's. Barber Shop. Dec 18972m. TRESPASS NE IO3, All hunting on Sire(all aml: cliae- fer plateaus strictly prohibited' untlcr penalty ! "the law. 1] 0 97 tf. SPEEiAL SALE (J,l WEDNEsD.kY, Ai.iG. 31sl, will I,e idac,,,I f,,r sale on our counters all of our ShiFt Waists ],a(li,. Sll'aW liars, and Sl}nuucr Ties and Scarfs Which i,ai been left over from the ....... Seasotl s ti'adc. We invite 1he attentioh of 01u" friends to the folhSwing which ire l few of Ihe ulanv values we are offering. Ira(lies white :ll}(! coh)red Ti6s till(| Scarfs, ill grt,:{t. variety; reduced front t0c "lnd 85c toi30c alilt 60c. Ladies cotton .Lull Lisle thread summer Vests, h,< nlerly ranging ia price from 20 t0 50c; reduced to i0 and , c6tii. S " Our entire line of Ladiei ,_hn't Wiists; illi la, d sty!es aml colorings, ranging froni 75c to $1 50, l'cd(ic(,.i to prices ranging frem 45e to $1 10. Our entire line Gf Ladies Straw liars, in hhno.-t every h:il)oand c6h}r lmag{uai,le, for,norly 5(J,', 75,'; $1 50 and $1 75, reduced to 35c, c; $I and $i 25 each. No (lull days here. If trade (ides no come on," w.y down goes prices. We want to know yott and wit,t y,,u t0 derive your sh:lre of benefit froni tliiS st6ck 1.;edu,'ing sale. The goods offered are all fresh an d cle,ln, nLvl well worth the attention of the most care(at arhi lii'lah.i] buyer as will l)e found Ul)On investigation. C. CHAEFEI00. iii I i - C KANN. WOODVILLE, ..... " DEALER IN=" DRUGS and MEDICINES CHFMiC.,,(.00 Public School Books "anosr and 'E'oll___ ../'t tlclO Stationery, Pcdntel.'s Szq)plies; Cuttlery /'urni#,' in }Iarduare, l[hm.inating Oil,. [itPhvsicians pretcriptions carefully c po de ,  dcrs Lb]tec;lv ) =, ck selected xiLh grat care andwarranted as represented. - " "" v. 8.9 z. "--3', F. A. McLAN. W. P, S. VENRTESS McLAIN & VENTRESS, Att0r00ep C0u=010n hw, WOODVILbE, MISS. ()ffice in McGehee bnildiug. DR. CHAS. E. 0ATOHING$ 'VooDVt.LE : : : : MISS. Office in Adams Drug Store. uy J14 '94 tf. DR. L. W. MAGRUDEK, Physician and Surgeon, WOODVILLE. MISS. om at residence, April 7, ,88 ly DR C. C. CROSS. Dental Surgeon, WOODVILLE. ML S. Office up stairs over the Postoffice. A. G. 8HANNON, 7 tfl humlor at WOODVIbLE, MISS. Will pract4ee in all State and United Statos courts in this StarVe Real estate bonght aud --, Id on com- miasion. Office on '-)mmercial Row. DR. JOHN F. THEKREL, Physician and 8urge0n WOODVILLE, MISS, Office on Main St. at his oldStand JOHN A, LOWRY, --DEALER IN-- Famil3 an'd Fancy (; roceri e,. tloneries, Oysters, Tropical a!l kinds, Sugar, L'oe,e,.. FIot Slareh, Raisins, Nu:s , f aft Canned Fruit and Fi.h, &.. Fitle brand chewing Tobacco. Fresh Bread every (t:y. N '@ UlJ plies arriving dailv March 1, 1896-), TRESPASS NOTICE. Al! huntinl and Retreat and Danler,n prohibited, under pci,Ht bl A son Oct., 9th '97.--tf. TRESPASS N O'l'K: Collins or Old Lcwi i prosecuted to tbe tall" exte aw. AIJ former ed. F. 1). LWm. d. H.S, %uccesor id FUNERAL DIRECTOR. A Full Stock of Mctalic and W)d- eu Coffins always on hand at Wood- ville, Miss., Main St, Tre.pass Notice. AFI persons found hunting, fishing or otherwise trespassing on the Bur namwood plantation about 3 mile ,aouth of Woodvifle Will lie prose cutEd to the full extent of the law. A strietwateh will be kept on sam(, V,t,,nth, Cur plantation for trespas,ers. Bottled and R,,.. Peer, L. W. IIA(Rt'Dt;ll Ice alwaya on J,tt,d. - - My friads an,1 find me rcady to ,h, h,t, itie. =. 50 Yi:AnS' March 12, 92, A 1"t. SAY}MAK - TRAD( MaK / b/=,a.-. Attyone se4h a ekqh.andgt.  may qu}cklY mmertean ottr oPmton trim wm,not, in Invention ls probably tentabl Commllnl- tton 8trietlyconaaotttiL Itandbookon m SoOt fr. Old{mr oy.for setmriAnt :. patnttt ten thr0tla mlm.n CO, t, eeelve totlee, without el. m the $0011IlI1 Bmcrka.., A htmdtmmely InRtl, at weklY. lr- e}atiort of any aotettt, lne Journal. arale year four months SL Sold byallews MUNN & Co." ",, New 0rk  Off,e, 5'F'St.-Wub,too "