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August 27, 1898     The Woodville Republican
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August 27, 1898

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+ &apos;lI "' ' ' au@tll lnlbhan. 8, OOIING AT A 811ADOW. 8atarday, August 27, we have not learned if Gee. =--- :--: := .... :-==== .... .... =_=-_: McL,lurin who is entertaining the J. S, LEIS, people of s,)me of the counties as Editor and Proprietor. occaMon offers upon the well worn D E '' ' TO A V J{T1SERS. t ) I I!d ,;rOODVILLE I{EPUIHACAN tS the oldestnevspnper in the St:It.e; h:ts a larger bomz fide cirmdalion than any otheJ newspaper iu this cction; therefin+e [: is B#t 00dnriiiu[ Mdiu:, h00n00sm 1000r ttia in Mind, AXNOUNCEM EXT. FuR (ONGnEss. IXTII ('ONGRE$IONAL JIST W. F. L<)VE. The mcrease, and espe'ciaHy the re organizaticm, of the regular army is certain. -- = - I GilbertOil)son, a whiteman, ho Who was sentenced to the iwnitenlia. ry for two years /or bigamy, after serving five months, has been par- ridded hy the ,J')vernor. It sounds |ikeT O hear at this late day that the "Me&cat |)epartment." is sending around a t'mmtssion of Surgeons, they call subject of free silver has been l'd)le to adduce anything new upon the subject. The bringingofnew matter Io the consideration of ties much debated thenle certainly seems to be the only excuse t)os- sible for its re-i)rescntation to an au(hence of comnmn intelligence in this Slate tIowever it[nay stand asa na- tional issue, in tile South general- ]y, and iu Mississippi in particu- lar, there is no louger el)position to the free coinage of silver in any party, unless in the Republi- can party, which m this Stale anmunts to less than nothing. Democrats in this State who dhl not and do not now believe the free coinage of silver by thi.scoun- try alone, to be a safe policy, un- hesitatingly accepted Mr. Bryan and free silver, preferring them linfinitely to the high tariff and I monopoly of Republicanism ; such Democrats support the party as loyally as though there never had been any difference in the part3" upon the financial question--not- withstanding the gibes and false- hoods that have been thrown at A S;J'RONG PLEA FOR EXEC- 4,+ ..... < .... + ............ ....... '> ...... -+- .................... + + + ++ +++ .... " st,+ .................... + ........ +t,+-++ +++ ,(+, + M fi " ff,011eg00 + W/tttTZ & lilt ,re,,,, ,,,,+ ,,.,.. m C E EE ++ I/amnto,,d Bull, Editor of the t:) +- I Clarksdale' Challeuge,' ,vhM, ex-  WOOD VILLE, .MISS. |J Main Street, {L Wd/ Open its 37ih dn.uM 3ess/on, Sept. 7th, 18.93.  WOODVILLE, I)]ains itself, and which we take the liberty of put)lishing, though marked "private," ait appears in the Mssissmpi column of the Times-Democrat of 22(1 rest. : CLARKSDALE. Miss. In (he name ()1 + the T)tlre w;irilan hood of the ,";late. I air|lea] t,{r .YOU.--- Doubtless .you are familiar wit, h th dclail of the trial of lye Miller for the kilting (if M('l)onald at+ Green wood, for the ouLrage up+rn tile for- mer's mister, The facts JtJ tile ca*e a re nndcn iabl V tlm dd uced ;t t, the cnm+ mil.la] trial which resnlted it] fl'efdrlla Miller. The. grand it ry which.-ubm- <ltlCnt.ly indicted hint wits e-mp+)sed largely of Mcl)(mals frtcnd% the ('lelk who drew 111e fl;inles fit jurors, hhn- elf cashier In the l lnl. Toawdd conH;enez t in jail z n'i] next, tern] ()I court, which was inevitable as mat, lets stood, and in view trf the fael. [hal the 3',_qng man's mother and sisser were de:;endent npnn him for suppnrl. his attorneys advised Miller top]ead luilty of ntanslanghter, hoping there- )y to obtain all hnmediate pardon I) I he (h)vernor. GreaL pressure will lie brought tO bear Upon Ihe latter hv the friends nf the dead [ranker. who have unlimited m(rney, hence, ittfltJen('e, at their m)mnland. Will you. used)[or. write immediately a personal letlet to[he Gee. urging this pardon? In the name of humanity--In the nameof the women of the State--will you no) d(, s,)methingto endorse thezreal ' Un- written Law" th;tt. DEATH iS the only adequate punishment fur onLrage([ womauh+ 0'l? . Th()r()l)ghly t,(litil)Pe d for work in tlle departulonts Of , { Music, E10uuti0n, English, Mathematics, 8ciences ?. I and tM Language. t t I Spe(:i.l to,)lilies for the study of Music, Elocution, ,, English and 3httqentatics.  ,)+ The s+an<hlrd or '('hohtrshlp In ( e f'ollot,o Is IHEh: Ill( lq+:tr)e/mn in ;ho i: + Pl'ilJHtry ;ilid l{i dt'rg;trt( )t I):tl*tt)ll.tlls lht)r )llg ' 'dill'| P,."; ;l I'1' ;it I + )+ '('Ill+l- i+'S. 'lit" )lli'(||,l++ L rloWllll,l(.Ollllll(l(]ir)tl+,i,])t,l.+,q.jrl,lJ;lrll,ldfi+,(,+ . [+ I Y wiIII ill| l]lt'COltlfO1.L;of t el+till't[ [IOIt(+. I);1 I'll .'; % Ig d;ll'htoP8 lot, till- (mile xxill do W II to ) l*l.r wf[h lilt) b('foP(' St+ll(llllff Cl:.i{+Wh(.i.l. g Fi>+ 3llss (JEOR(H X SwNsox, Prea, Woo(lvdlo . s. I i! ,! ...... , , hs.. Says the Centreville Jeffersonian [ the Clerk of (he Conrt i. ordora, I to nake copies thereof as provided by "The+ flues), aer of ecru mt, law. found arrT here IS te he seen ill tilt J ] O11 aeeot,t of field ofonr energetic and progressivelassess lI l AsdeyChanges w3afofWnersls e3a )niP farmer friend, 11. C. Roger% m the n )rib hal[of s-e t4 see 19, t 4. range eastern part of uhe corporation. Mr. , l w, instead of E E M(,t'ewley. Roger4 measured off an acre, ferlil- / ;ssess to Mr Net(ie E Qnin, 5 74- ize, I It, put it in pr,,per e-ndlti.,l+ tuu acres lots 1 and 2 on north side of Woo(Iv)lie and Liberty road, actor- with piety anti harrow, bud off row.- (ling to IIB MeGeh,ead( it)on to 'el - eighteen il,ches apart, and planted trey)lie, sec3s+ t '+ ra,, t, +. ; - _. ' + -, ,'li +1o,, sir- Iris corn in hills six inehes Ill)art. ,11 teatl ot II'S dlo.'-;l+lJhllJe llart. Ihe lah,,r or attention t,estuwed np()r) Assess to It Xl Casse s s-e :t 4 sec 23, It, afterward was in t[ay, to replanl IT3, r Ie instead ofI) C Bramlett. I Assessto CA Wood n-w 4 sec4. ltat el[two,ms had destroyed and T2 r2 west; nortlr ofn-e ) and thiu Iotmealk in a hill ht.re men jw t. ofs-w } sec 4. t 2 range2 w: had come up. l'hcn it was left to Ea+t ?.2 of n-e ] sec 5 t 2 range west grow and pr-(lnce, which il has d,me. East ' of s-w >a aml west .e. of s-eL[ A Inan standing anmng this corn eail scc 49. T 8 range 2 w: s-e L/ of set: 5 reauh oul hl arns and embrace stalks lownship 2, r 2w (except 75 acres of bearing J to 20 large ear+. Mr. !wesl side,)irI.Icatl oft It Nellerville. 1 New goods arriving daily, I hay tpurchased a largc s toek of Dry goods Clothing, Notions, I/ousekeep/ng ticles, IIats Shoes &c. in lgew York all of which I propose se/1 at pr'mes so low that it will be to your interes. to examine my stock. Special ducements to large buyers. PETER MOLLE[ them now Captains and Majors, to tavestigate the hea!th[ulness of )he vat'ions eampa. The Populists will fuse no more with the Democrats. Senator Butler has inbred the middle of-theroaders.-- .Many Populists are returning to the them by a certain portion of the press of this State because they would not surrender honest be- liefs. This being so, these newspa- pers, few in number and not influ- ential, nd Gee. McLaurin, when ]n ad(]il ion. a strong editorial mark- ed and sent the Gov. might have.)is influence. "-Pruttng in your sense of just, lee, respectfully &e. While we would gladly aid m securlng hit'. Miller's release, taking the statements made in the foregoing as true, and we believe they are, we have no personal Ro:ers thinks tim ywhl of this acre Ordered that SamS hvan beap- will be betw'een 75 attd 100 barrels [ pointe<l overseer of ro'td from Clark's " i, ' . . ' " creek to 1,ouisiana li,le. tlel;nrt:7,.}:;::;ItlI.vatln, ten or fit-I Or(lere,l that the ),ends of Casey & ' , r,l t 1 sUmll}er to lllaKe j l,anehart, contractors, Ms" )r LOllS your I)rcad ,hen t can, hy advanced iTrager, co trmtor lI M QJnhr, co,l- I anti scientific farming, be made on I (rat-tot and .I W Bnehanan, contrae- ,)ne-fourth the land and ith less!t', be aud the same are hereby.p- tha,n o,?e-f(,urth t!,e+iabur, especially I Pt)ve,(!- ........ , ..... , . ,. )) t.J, Ctltl't(l tllat ILa' S lille+/- lie a]-i/)illt, Oil lantlS aroun i t enlrellle +( ) , '" , 1 overseer {f roa(I from Clarks creek " ' |!' , , , m ,, - - "V. l)emocratic party and it will add they continue +a fight where no knowledge of the killing or the Later eh+)[re to hear of lhe  iehl to F()rl Adams strength to the latter if the hln ..... r] man oppose% are simoly shoo[rag facts that lea(I ut) to it b ;+ +t.^ frunl [-a R-gers' acre attd alsO) the All man bers voted yea for allow- No 5 Ni.,hl T...;. - - .......... " . -  t "" . . , r)ce of th ( I ,r ".. .' , ' , ,y ""," weaves lerLl )his ... .'v+ thePops flock to themsclves as ,.... / at a shadow. In thts matter how- dntyofthe Govarnor L+-::II'.',: costa,,(la,nountoffert,l,zersused. 3asMs,,oe,t',wl?g:a'c(,',t'"tr. , " " Vifb?.- .(.Sal; -- " * +VI+*. I ,I . . " ) la+ )'%.11 ttt T! -- e--- , ..... t,|t+ +211El'IlL, tA)nr[ '( - ,( + ,, -+ t5 +:ilJ aY as their organization exitr lever, there ]s some excuse for the bts Drlvile+e. ta ,nvo+t;cr., .... A ., a tarmers organlzat,lou eouhl be allow'see, ge, Co fnn(I. $165 90 ,, ,, ,, , . ' eutr,:villo ti'10 am ...... i o u ii v  I L. ell ID ( i+ i.+ L7 | |j i t ) , -- k . ___ - -.-.-o+- It++' ......... r* ..... , .... L ..... , created here sa t" at n,,, ,,m;,,, 'o;. V II l,rowr) Inmber an(1 halls 2 ]9 ----= .... Arrives _New Orleans ., "- /'--s+'vvl'Ul. Xlt IIIUSI oe ffrat0Iul .nuw execuLlve ClOmrmov ;n ,,.,I, , ,, ........... t.,., i)_.., .-, , ' ,* ,. Nu t; x'i[,lS:V,--:'-; ..... --_'+2" " 103ulal , . o ..... ,,+a ,,- +.-,+,, . . t aul ileeucr, Vlll(]ll)tt ]() ' ) "'5 tu l'itll| [eav + ' , , -- Fhe Volunteer army will be redttced/to 16 to 1 for he "rid" into the cased Aud we ,+o -,-*,)-.-),+ ..... ff ,t (.anne[ tie clone before, at sma ('It,ok. h,h, <;e,, ?+,, f,,+,v,, a ,,,. .......... +".+,! O,.!a,a .t:2o ,ira  at; tlt/IJ JttlL tl a  . t  ........ .., v .;) It i. + k'(l)[,l' file t largely at once, preference being given [United States .e"-*"-a :., ,t.^ n ....... + +- -, ....... cost of lahor and exl)ense , such ex- R E L (JOOlr. n)orchandise for ' " ,, Vp)..., *'v , 8:35 pm .... t.__ .- , . [ + .,.uv autt tzlu rue ...,.vtv +,lhb klOV. j+,lClJaUlin Will " " +Io;I .... I t ...... , " - +( '+ s, It "'t+l)nPo II'II t.+4 to those regnne0ts wmcrt Gesire to re- (;ovornnP-'-: ........ .,_ . . , ..... ) __ ..+r -...,, ._ perllnents lniEhL I)e nlade nexl ........ ,;,-., ,.,,u v,o.t'+ Jtouse, b . "" arrive8 [(+ll],)l,t + +" .... e,-- .... -- ....... a-p u[oztuaa[,partcular l, aruon ur. lnler ]f zt is made ,  . - ',r-,'- 1)rtAlas ECat(-)i g, prof set'- N,),, .... +" ..... -- 7:10am turn home. l'ernaps a mistake may radl. and. thonrh ) ,,,,,,, r.+ ...... ,-,1.;,, -- t.:. +L .. t, ..... - r)y a numner el onr [)lauters and far-  vices for lillY, " 1; o ,,- ,, ,. ,,,,In teave Vicksl),u.g,  w " " ..... b .... -v,*,o #-aLIUU., l*{aSll Ilx 111111 LII|iL DJcUoIIaI(I 1L I i ) I t r '' .... T ........ I) I'PiV(.,4 'eW . 8 ,,m be made la mustering ont the cavalry ; it is ,:lld h, fh;nlr, *h-" t .... .,, , + .........  _ . ,, ..... nters wlt,i c(rru and other l)rodncts. ] lob{uson Mercantile Co Nai]8 75 r...i.. i. ;;. ..... ._ _Z__./_ _()rh.a.ts " 5"30 Om if there )..,.Lt 1._ A: ..... .,. _ . ,-, ; . . - ................... at, nU WIlL oe tm, pueu an outrage upon tUnlCt"s If ,i.td .q m ..... - ....... - .- I Saw tot' $t 50 rejected I " " JJ;b' J r,un le,tv,.s \\;,,. /-]1--- - --"" otlVuxJ. UE. UlbU[UF s ]n tUDa ..... ab Illaqe ,nere tt, Onhl + +' ++ " .... ". , . ' .' able to repeat the senatorial -er- sister . -" '+-;""7 '" ' ' " " IT. E 5h,r,'ay, ),,,,,bet ..... i.. 10 25[ -- - ...... arrives Vielsh,,r." 8.'05 aW/ utey mgnt ne nee(ted, f)Pn, ono .......... -, '- m, ......... i)e a Irrooat)itity of good results from ! Cnas Cohere ails +.. 25 [   O:0. Pnl' ::-.--. _ - ...... .t ),ver agam zu tne same . J.no It!ct tna tile (Jra,d Jury it. The the,,r of it+tens)re f..-, -,:--/Jas 3I Sessions,' Sheriff, Ex" ) No. 72] l.aws Woolvr- au) runs (huly except Sunday. " . Mad dogs are said to be nn)n,.rnu way. tesmes, the tJovernor in a m(hcted m this case should have ....... .  . ."'"'"J Oiti:io services 95 fl0/ .... leavas 13 I,,,.). ,.,,o ,, ", t,tli IIO[ attraete(I OUr e  1 " " "" ........ tt +t " ; ", ;'iIl'a ;./ An1, .......... +, - p p e as It G l{ann, snn(l Us Circn]t conr v" a ''" ' . hi)out Holly Springs. One of them m anner is driven to orate aoout no force. Grand Juries rightfully should have clone b ......... t . ,, [Jas 5[ 8essh)ns S eriff c"-- t 1 .)/ ......... +],ves ,qh),htar 11.1fl am - . . . . . " , tuu a l)racu,eat n . . , , .un- N,) 72' hZ77q r-------  ]2:20 attacked a negro woman in the Dub- his old stand-by because he can find hue bills thongh they may he lustration of it ...... i,. , ....  veyt,,g prisoner to jail, 11 20] ,. ,, av , hu,tm .... ,a:a,, pm lie road She was pluck- and luck" hardly afford to discuss state is- in full sympathy with the accused her ( ......... , ........... sm .a l)um- (,eo.:.I Atl,ns, s,ationer,, for / .... ar.ri((';nn q,,ra ;10 pm . . ." a .) ..... t._ ., , ,. . , . ,. .. . ) re)mt)L ourues rigid[ Iv.re at tArenil uourt. Jnlv Term 6 05 ' " "'. 'OO,lville 2:.':15 nm ,'hOUgh to catch the dog by the IhroaL ue ucxore the peep[e; nts meth- an(t mtgnc :not have In'ought it} a hens con]d not fail to b'- ": ........ K F JohnsOl, Fx-Offlcio set' + ..... -7i.-..--_--- 4':15 m ?,: ,:?ni'. 21i?a !he t+edo:fn :P3';:im: n ;;, i fin'ane'al ':::Jin --- they to aeceml)llsh .. ::g,:;s:; K --",,- - --+,,. ,++ , + a e (DQl.'li'lJ'l.m  ,' r I s d to ground w,th t t t of guilty had bee,, Bat an3;th i FvT:es.;,nm+?,'ffhS2s f;:;t- i- 2o 0) ah;s l,++,,,.e+n I e g ten. Slle so hehl the . ' ) ate nouse g as a trial jury. In thi in pro-resslve n+ricultt ..... ca+era 6 n o) ths " - .... Oarryiug ele- t ..... .L',t W O'lr'][t2.tt  ,a ) " z . . - -  . ' .t: requires ' " " ......... #;.) UO % "ll "} - " "+ ta .L-nl|ll)an BlitZ'el, ]oo " . --=.,L.. dl...tl  brute !or ha,f an hour wheu a man [msmessant, that of the Industrial case, t seems to us, th.tt 3hller, orgauization and the iumtual encour. FI)!e.)ts, Agept. Lumber, 5 04 urse,get.. a speedy and comfort tPe mg Oars m bothdireetiva,. h ease along and kille:l the dec, Institute and College and other under the advme of h; )., ...... a-'e ........ ' ......... ),oo.(,vme hel,unl;catr , print .... ,e, J/,tlm ete.,a,),,ly o A--'-" J mrney. o - _-2"_-_" - = ....... a',  .... r.. -,u mor.matton tna comes lngpostcrs tot Sup't Ed'll 1 50 J.NO a ,;,'vfi,, r,c'ua urn,, + rss. -- personal and executive acts donbt- committed a grave unstake' ill from organization. And this fact jPatllA Ilabig.Trevilliau.BOltSlnmberfOr brithge,.... ' 25) (,()40 .... o,.,,,M Mrris , TmgxEssE.Div" Pa'r Agt, GE'ERAL |ILE8 will return less render them unpleasant sub- pleadmg "guilty of manslaugh- cannel he urged too much here and ,hie "fi lhlchanan, stationery, from Porto Rico in a few days jects of contemplation, much less ter." If he but avenged the great- elsewhere in the State. a,n'( bill $45 45 atnonnt .-.-. _ rllowe(I, ............... 40 20 ttnd there will be hot times about subjects for di,cussion before the est wrong to his sister, he should "'HAT NEXT?--Ou ', e(hles(]ay" ,l ,I 8essi(,nsJn A LowrY,sh f:f Jailbllrving 1)al)perFees. 543')6 ,,n .'W' BENEDICT .Alger's private snap--the B'ar people--alheJt they will be so dis- have appealed to a jury of his fel- night while services were being Miss'( lara Walkc:r. support ,ff II Department. There seems to be cussed, and the free coinage en- low-citizens for a vindication t)f conducted iu a newly organized Harriet Watt pauper, ...... 5 (P0 )to doubt mt the general rascal)- thus)ass at its height in this his act. paupers for Jnly ........ 15 0{) .[AN.'UFAeTUR]ER, RPAIRER ANn DXIIR I +.,,,,,,o,,+,o+,,,,,.,,+,+,, .,.+,,.,,,,+ .s,+..,.r+o, ,+, Carts W00go00s couduetiugty (f Alger affairsand hiShasaSSistrntSextendedin notState'haveWhiChl )reventedwas very great,it, couht TIIE ..... "+- Val'ren eonnty, the coBgrcgati(rn E(I .+avnes, paoper, ........ 3 (;0 " COMPRESSES. ,,'as into and ei,tt, people JnoT S,niiil Lumber aud iu- I I 0 TE B'nrrav, Lttnrber ....... 4 20 . I Io Gem Miles, and in favor of his We [nay conclude therefore that -- .... J pet, the Santiago bun fez Shaf t] ' A , were woun(le(l, tlm preacher being , ' . g . -- ' - m Governor pet" force will enn- teed headed eorr,,"onden+.,, ...... ^' " ' " J Mspeeti"g+ks ,o,,sb'i"gea,u't .......... +' @., @. I cfl ,A]ge[ t s already trymgto .for- tinue to bombm'd the shadow and the Vicksl)urg Dispatch remarks utica shot 1)adly. Tlt,s ,+'as .+ meat, .ind ._ ?..s , refu,)ded om,Jg overpai(1 brdge ft! ,d 5 00 tr) mmselt.agam.stacongresston_ that his ammunition, such as tt the fact that the eoml,resses, wi, lel atst cowar.(t!, assault, and ).it is I h,ve to reo,'t  pri+ol,e,.s i,, iai den for he Celebrated 0WEN8BOR0 WA60N ai mvestlgatmn, zt ts said he lll ,q , , ur m the )rodu most astonthmg ,is the )co le " " ' '" , ill never give out, though his g  I eers to reduce the I . ,' = ' . | p one Grant Jo)res, lunatic, is in enroll- Which age universally aknowledged to be appolnt "boards for the inve,qti ,,,1;o,o ,,.., cost on . . . wnere it oecurre(! are said to ti(m to be relcase(I so the Doctor says, .+ - _ ................ ,. the transl)ortatmn on cott, m I _ be oHmr three for petty offe,,ees. T]IO Bost and LI(H]TEST RUNNING WAOON Made, ,gation. of subjects that .orobablr. ,,. . :-.- --, . - bales, by. iml), re, .......... v,,d mo)h,,+,s ,.: .... press riof. a good. class. It is su,,zes't eql |,JAs. 3[ Sv, sS[oss, Sh'ff. will come before a congressional, v e are m. receq)t, ot the catalogue work) sav never a word about .,li,,,+....- J tlrttthe worshipers were su ) )osed. Ordered tlmt (h'ant Jones, lunatic. Agent for F(tAZIEIt ROA D 'rod SPEEDING OART, whi invest,gating committee," whicl'-of the Umverstty of iississippi to, ling anyDrontsorreduem th ,;,.,.i t be Mor,n,,ns. But thsu- be,'elcased. Ordered (hat James M Sessions be are great ravorites among tIorsemell. be, ng translated, ,neaus barrel: :,89i8 t to:e;:gt; 'e46th sess.mn. No Jofeompres s work to the l);udecer ] p()s,t,on does not make the <,uPtt-eha,'ged with fine a,,d e+st in case,,f u ountry has made s s ta e att less ol of whRmash B e b , Iht co r " el)eve there . . . ] '' ... r e.i)ondent fnrther says: I ' g ' .' .:. ' then" owngood State vs Alexamler Sn)ith, fine $25 AGENT FOR THE more aovancemcnt m reeent ears ,, a f'7_ > is !10 doubt whatever, that an - + " : 3" [ The compresses are try)mr to name the penlite (re the county an( cosls $I1 70, arid State vs Jim honeg investigation (.f the W" re+ man has our Untvermty. "Ihere areeateh on to tits[ tritlmphant wI(g.)n, shouhl bring the perpetrators to Or(lgre(i that .hi,. M. Sessions be+ ? charged wil h ",hi) tional assessme)rt to r '. : . +_ ' .... ' twentytwo schools, cmbraiagSclence, but iu domg so, they uncover, they speedy jUsllce. an)mint of $2379 0 ), less $6 G0 corn- The most extensive Manufaetarers of Iron Feuding ia the United $1alli +, ,epartlneaL an(l tile antzago Literature and the Arts ),,ideo ,- Iglaringly expose lilzr cua)plcte, "heir -..-o++. InlSSlOllS + " uuer uselessness. campaign will drive Alger and ......... ) ..... '' + " "t Law department. At the D, st session ] art[ uhtr attention paid to re-covering and rigging S! ifter and many subordinates there were in attendance eighteen post he admission is made Ihat I)y re-- I The lion. Jobailey ]s what they Ur(iured that 3ames 3[ Sessions be "o cre<lite(I as f(,llows: "e)x,lb I,(L(1111,. dueing the gin boxes a bale can be call him i]ow. <.- _ 3898N')'oo.Of polls uncollected 1949 at $2,  .AIJ work done |)l'Olltptly alltj at loaSOlntbl rates. of the format out of the service graduates, two hundred and seventy, compressed better; to a larger den- ':n(tltt: of this ,government.o_49).... _ four Academic and fifty-two Law stu- ?try. Nothing is said 'Jmngh, Ihat a I If Mr. Sagast trickycal)- erediiedOr'h:redas folthatlowJames: M Sessions be Woudville, Miss., Sept. 1891 tf - - )net do not come (]on a peg or AHI'I el nncollccted personal sex 24x54 -ill neees.arily eontain :tents In looking over the catalogue less cotton thou a I)nx 28x56 ; thus, two the American Comm]ssloners proDeaty ............. $10151 00 tu@9oeooo4H444Oe O " m - ....................... L ....... = ---L ..... . ....... r.T . __" " " " L - Repuhliean Conventions do Lhom- we regretted that no names from this while it is not said, the eompresses will break up+the Peace Conven- Aat't reductions oil personal ,. " aeh'cs no credit when they eongrat- count; appeared. The University is are simply maneuvering for smaller tion in short order. Prl)erty, ............ +o oo A great +-elate themselves and the admintstra- in every way worthy of tlze patronage bales. army" +,,,,,+.+; ,,,,,,,.+, 'f0, ca, ti,m upon the speedy equipment el of onr people aad should receive at duceThtSthebeinghalesthe eaSe,a WhVliti.lenOt re- I Twento-eigltt batteries, nine $10:)70 00 of housekeepers---over *,oo%ooo strong---sing tim the volunteer army and the eonduel :of Ordere(1 tha( ,lames M Sessions be . . prais of the world-famed least a portion of it Attention is strengthen the gin cress mauhinerv  "  ' ,r Xt'- erctlitml as follows: Otfavoritism andfire war SecretarYincompeteney has beenf War Alger's thefirtheruniversityCalled tOwhichthe adversisementwill be fl 1 e gin. Thi ' ' "Y " een ordered i)oul)lo Assesnmnts ...... 934 7.3 . sti/l more:.reg, ments lhxh(i'lior, on Ileal Estate $8.200 28 .....-- Wheeler and Wilson New and c(,m)res Lhem at th txo of mfanti Lave I) , found/wot, ld be irue, genuine progress and ),,,,stereo out,': The 3(! Mississip- State lands ............... 83 0,, plUVi00 No. 9 Sew|rig achlrle, every step ill the stlb.de- elsewhere ill this issue, I a sure enough saving to the farmer, pi, of Chio,lto) is atllong thenl t While it is in order fnr such gin-The Ist M'i,+slss+-)')+ demand t " .,h" 0vet Rotar),motion and ball b,arings make it nml.lem, t + uuder hhn, for his is re+ - *"" .... o )-', Ordere(I that" Jame 5f Sssions$9 218 be01 + rapid'sad easy runntng, and it make the heavie,t + doml)nsiblehas therefr theirbeenineffletcncY.an order issuedSel" at ThcreGlosterWillonbe Septembera .... Veteran's2dreuniOncol pressners boxes,aS t+nn it<lis ItstilltO moreeh angenl orthelrder ,' mustered' ' o,t.: t )it, has .suffered"'. charged wilh tax oil $1312 personal kind o[ Jew)rig a qaick and easy ta,k,- Read these laud or sea that has not heen delayed the, 7th Mississil)t)i, Reels ent, , a"a I "umt"+ unmnessand ..... roves[)Kate this whole press I Thomas and seems, to be oth,- .v.- andVerseer,.  vulledhavewithDrY(lieCreekroa(Ihlllhan,lsgra(lednn_  2s3 Pralrle Avenue, . - c, rt , , orcountermanded. Troo|)shavel)eencongressmanAllenwiildeliverana(ldres, 'tl elt, should be fo-ts/,nne ,, t m, ......... ou,,,wnwn naa, w,se (t,ssattsficd...+.., der hi, superv]siou. Also work thor." w0m-ne '+'+" ' + '+' Indeed about from one unheal(h 3 . [ <)ughly the road beyond forks of road -''heoler & WD+sQn No. 9 wlng Machines. 1" r Ilk .s t)est. Vt helher it is t-.-[..-.+"- .... - " We here tised In ntis lnstltutioa nltie -' -4) - / Ihe square hale, the ronnd I)alu, with ]['RCx* I l)r., ) [)ear the SIIgellt pl:tco. I1 I feel'It tiy (Mty tO recommend them a8 ]'. _ "._ . superior to any other make that 1 have camp to another seemmgly for the In a dffiicutty near Utica, thiB lhorrizontal layers, or lhe round hale " U(JI)]( Ordered that the members, sherift u+d, for boh light and heavy work. benefit of the railroads. The Sur- State, El, Ross shotSam Pare[ in the twithtsl)ira//ayerS[,eThCv shuhl 0 owork t:,n t itrf()rmation relre and clerk draw their mileage and per Very truly )'ours, geon General no doubt is a scientific t n of lhe Board or SUl)ervisojs diem as follows: i N 'WAN-- sIs'rmR suPlnton. side and head and was eut by Paret ' +.ce,ed', and ),,t tu" such resses + PIIE ...... IA -"-...- .. . . , L T Ventress6day6 tn .... .. +2+t 65 W[ AGENT lh every t0vi, li In' th State. Splendid "till[ he is not a practical man ; his de. several times with a kuife ' ' " . ! ' p . as S FE OF MI;SISSII I I, } ,J D Cage 6 (lay 14 t.t .... 25 40 money-making chanee. Write uS-ab0ut It. ' lmrtment lays the blame of its fail- _ ....,.- will produce bales favored I)y the VtLKtsO. C'our.  W L .Ienkil)s 6 (lays 15";iiies 25 5q + - CI AT NettervilleCarter 6 day6 days19)l) ........ 1.'2 m '25' '.'0'0 ! Dumas VCO'J ," : ,re++ upon 8hatter and the quarter- Mr. Scott Causey and his wife, majority of the Sl)mners. Be it remembered that at a regular ,,..,..a|1['1"1.1). some exteu', no doubt, livmg two miles I((,m Summit, were In five years, the greater part of meeting of the Board of Sul)ervisors j 51 Sessions shff 6 (lay ........ 12 uo t General Agents, .... New Ot;leas. the cotton will be put in good ship- of said County began and heht at C A Coon clerk 6 day. ........ 18 U0 ,. It is evident now to ever), assassinated on SUtiay morning. The ping shape at the gin, therehy saving the Court House in the+ town of OOHklleX,l,tllt, oae deeently stormed that tha San- murder was done tth a shot-gun. [a' least 50 cents per hale to ),he pro- Ordered thai the Board do now Woody)lie, said County on thelst adjourn t)ntil next regular meeting. ----.--z- ducer, to say nothing of the savln Monday, being the lt day of L.T. ' ...... ,+. ., 'T[ lingo expedition wouhl have beeu Hounds trailed one Tom Garner to in samphng' and weighing ehartes Attgus A. 1898. VEN'rRESS, President., hipped out el its boot un<l+,r Shaf- lus house. Ile i+ held for the crime. ..... -- - '++o', ,'.o.++ .,,,, .,, - Dzseases 00o,,oE mmmanagemeut but lor Wheel- Maj. Gbbs, of Yazoo Ctty said to forfll amouuting in all to $20,000,000 l'rEsr:xT. Bright's Disease an(1 all kidney The public are hereby notified tht ,, lrol)bles easily ctired by Smith's Sure a IIunllng is prohil)ited on the ur- and Bates and the be one of the best men in the State, per year. L.T. Ventrea. President, Jas D. l(idney Cure. For the sPeedyand permanent care of gette, Elmwood, Belleview and Go Cage, 1. A. Carter, W. L. Je)&ins ! have been bleedhtg from the kid- ,tter, salt rheum and eczema, Chore- don Plantat,ions. if the liue officers and the rank has about beggared himself to make If the five Sl)anih Peace Com- Jas. M. ESS[OxS, Sh'ff tou so weak I was confined to sly bed. without an equal. It relieves the itch- yoked. CHAS. COHEN. -,-9). .... and C T. etterville, members. Ilcys for twelve mr,nths, attd had got- oar]ain's Eye and Skin Ointment is All former permits are hereby re' prohably we[lid have good the defalcation of his son, late missioners take one sideof a ques- C A. COON. Clerk. 1 was told to try Sin)tit's Snre Kidney" ingits continuedand smartinguse almOateffects instantlYa permanentand Nov. 20, 1897-tf th a great disaster had Cerve- cout, ty school Js,veriatendent ot Ya- tion--as to the Philippines for August Term, Ang. 6. 1898. stone in kidney. After 1 ha(! taken scald head, sore aipples, itchlng piles, TRESPASS NOTICE. remained Jn Santiago harbor a few zoo count),, xSith Day. (;tire. as it was claimed to dissolve care. It also cures itch, baiber's itch, J + qs longer '.['hen the pest holes .-e-.,: instance--and the five U. S. Corn- Board met pnrsnant to adjourn- half of tim botile the stone was dis- chapped hands, chronic sore eyes and Ihluting or otherwise trespaasin K Gem Merit has assumed the missioners the ocher side, an urn- meat. Presell[ same as yesterday, solved and passed away', and in two granulated lids. Governorship of Manila ami has pwe must tie called in says a mere- Minutes of yesferd.ly read approved days [ was cured of the bleeding attd on tim MeManus? Fa.Hsh and Bowling" except for our extreme isued his prochtmation. Better ber of the S l" )antsh" cabinet. Just i and sigued b7 the pl'esident. "* -- connnenee(i to improve, I am now Dr, ('ad's Condttlon Powders /or ureender penaltypmees SofStricnYthe law.prhib!tdAll formelrtl Cuba and the Philip+ relations seen1 to exist as to i It is ordered by the Board'[hat the entirely well horses axe me best tonic, blood port,tier permissions revoked. l so; a Gerntan wouh] uit--there IP ersonal assesme)it roll filed by W Jon.u STOgES, Bartlett, Tenn. advermifuge. Ih'iee, 2een. ;oldby R.M. McGEITEE. ; L Hays, assessor, be and the same is Pri,'+a '50 cents, l,'ov salt by Chas. R. ] G .gd ]'.. Sept. 4, 1896,U trace, are act ta order. I Aguitmldo and hi followers, is uo doubt about zt. I ha,clJv approved as corrected, am]. Day. ,., J.B. PE:NDLETON,