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August 25, 1923     The Woodville Republican
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August 25, 1923

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OF r.oC00IN00 oF the nominee for  Auditor of Public The Stats of Miuiippl, Wilklna State Democratic County. I desire to ex-! Be it remembered that at a regu- apprciation of ilar meeting of the Board of Supervi- kindness and over. sors in and for said state and county sion of confidence i begun and held in the court hutme m] ious of the fact that  the town of Woodville, on the first I ire entl*1 *, ,ho credit I Monday, the sixth day of August,1 vieto.,:n;i=sh that ! 1923. Present W. V. Morris, N. S.I for me to describe Cage, D. W. Huff, B. A. Nettles and tell you how --teful i W. T. mith, members; I C. Miller. • gra . i sherilf, and W. L. Hays, clerk. every effort m my be- 1 #Comuleted from las; week.) "Old Time Religion N ] " - Fourth Day. EVERY BODY," have a genuine ease of Board met pursuant to adjourn- I can only pledge yon ment. Present same as on yesterday. faithfulness in the!Minutes of yesterday read, approved mf duty, love to everybody to every interest of our Ladies and Gentlemen depths of my soul I "Sincerely yours, E D. RILEY. t.) S RECORD • REVIEWED. to me that experience teach us to count promises which arenot Put performances. The speaks louder than Opponent s once the State Plant Board If reports which come from Florida are mzmmarily dismissed not still in the service and prosperous city of of the Chambez if he showed the intel. featured so mucb literature? It is believed that the bust- men of that city would go had his services ju that he attaches tc campaign literature. of Mississippi might Why it was that Dr. D of the A. & M the State Plant Board to remove him from Cp. of Mississippi might Why he was transferred Academy in Warren Oak Ridge School in and given anothez good. If he made Oak Ridge School, why named to succeed action of the Board of to like a clap of a clear sky? P. P .GARNER, Re-electlon as Corn- Agriculture and Com- a Master Mmon, a Pythias, and a member l Church. I mention! things in public pyint correct and forestall mii OF cotmrv : very bottom of my my many friends for they gav me it Possible for me tc by more votes in the thousand votes of my friends to con- until the last vote i 28th. Sincerely yours, P. P. GARNER, Re-Election as Com. Agriculture and Corn- HY SHOULD AS RAIL. COMMISSIONER was elected four years e of the mo*t import. it ira state over two good [y gave up all and has devoted hie and signed by the president. Application of D. A. Brannan and T. H. Netterville for loan of $600 out of sixteenth section school fund granted and W. V. Morzis and N S. Cage appointed a committee to al> praise property offered as security. Petiuon of Dudley E. Carter and wife to-release timber from opera- tion and lien of deed of trust, laid ove:. Petition of trustees of T4, Rlw, to appropriate the sum of $50 to supplement salary of teacher of Crooked Creek school granted and warrant ordered issued a.s law di- rect€. Petition of trustees of T4, R3w, to appropriate the sum of $100 to improve the Valley school house granted for $50, and warrant order- ed issued ae the law directs. Petition of E. F. McKee for refund of taxes laid over. Objections to assessment by Dampf & Morgan, after being con- sidered, i tin ordered that the Oil Mill property be aasemmd at the sum o: $5,500. Objections to assessment by Jane M. Stansberry rejected. Ordered that the timber of Sec. lion 8, T2, Rlw, assessed to T. M. Whetstone be stricken from the rolL Objections to assessments by Mrs. C. B. Snyder rejecte& Petition of W. R. Wade for pc. duction |n assessment rejected. Ordered that a transfer of $1000 be made from state school fund to school improvement fund. Ordered that a transfer of $1500 be made from A. H. School bond fund to A. H. School fund. Ordered taht the clerk is directed to publish notice of the Board's in- tention to issue a note or notes in the aggregate sum of .... 6,000, rate of interest not to exceed 6 per cent per annum, maturing February 15. 1924, at their September, 1923: meeting. Resolved by the Board that where. as timber and timber products have greatly increased in value in the last few years, and that timber of thiE! county should be equalized as to value, it is therefore resolved that t-Cue timber assessments of the count be and is equalized to its present! value, and that all timber shall be assessed an increase in valuation of 20 per cent on the assessment a given in by owners for the year 1923, and the clerk shall mail notice to all individuals where assesnent have been increased more than $500: Ordered that Board do now adjourn until 9 o'clock tomorrow morning. D. W. HUFF, President. . C. HOLTON J The speed limit for automobiles in] ff'" !' Board met sent. Present same as on yesterday, the Town of Woodville is 15 mile] per hour. This is being broken I practically every day by drivers, t , but all such persons will take notice / ' OF WINSTON COUNTY that the law will be enforced from t and after the publication of thi i warning. If you are brought before l Minutes of yesterday read, approved and signed by the president, i Petition of C. A. Coon to purchase timber on school section rejected. Petition of trees of T1, R5w, to appropriate the sum of $15 per month to supplement the salary of teacher of Montrico school granted for $4.47 per month and warrants ordered Issued as law directs. Order of Board of Supervisors: State of Mississippi, Wilkinson coun- ty, Supervisors' Court, August, 1923, rernl. The Board of Supervisors of said County (after having given notice to the taxpayers of said county, by publishing the following: "To the Tax-payers of Wilkinson County, State of Mississippi: You will please take notice that the assessments of real and personal property on the rolls for 1923 have been changed and corrected by thLs Board so as to comply with the Laws of this State, and that said revised rolls are now open for examination, and that any objections to any as- sessments contained in said revised rolls must be made in writing and filed with the Clerk of this Board on or before the first Monday of August. 1923, at his office in the town of Woodville, said county, and that any or all assessments to which no ob- then and there made, will be mado final. This the 20th day of July, 1923. THE BOARD OF SUPERVISORS of Said County. By W. L. Hays, Clerk of said Board." in the Woodville Republican, a new& paper located and published at Wood- ville, Mississippi, which notice was published and circulated by said newspaper on the 20th day of July, 1923, in said County, and was on 20th day of July, 1923, posted in the Court House in the town of Wood. rills, said County, by said Clerk) Met in the Chancery Clerk's office Court House, on the 6th day of August, 1923, being the first Mon- day of August, 1923, and it contin- ued in session from day to day, hear. ing objections to assessments, taking testimony of witnesses and examin-i ins books, records and papers with reference to the assessments of proli rty. It made such changes in the assessments (as fixed by it on the rolls, at its Jluy, 1923, meeting) that it was sati.fied should be made to! fix assessments of property at its actual value so as to establish an equality and uniformity of taxation according to value amotmg the tax- payers of said County. Now, being satisfied that said assessment roils contain assessments fair, eqal, uni- form and just, according to the value of the real and personal property I therein described, it is, therefore,[ hereby ordered that the said rolls| and the assessments therein now con-| rained be and they are hereby ac-| cepted, approved and made final, and| • that the Final Recapitulation of sid] assessment rolls be certified to the i ........ State Tax Commis'_*.wn on the blanks furnished by it. Ordered that the clerk draw per diem as follows: W. L. Hays, 5 days, $15. Ordered that the Board do now adjourn until-Thursday, Aueut 30. 1923. D.W. IIUF, President. J OPENING OF COUNTY SCHOOLS. ! - t The white rural schools of Wil. kinson county will open on Monday I September 10th, and the colored on Monday, September 24th. By order of the Board of Education. Respectfully, JNO. C. DAY, Superintendent. 8-25-1923-2w. Union Revival Court House Woodville prior to his election O ,he wap pecu- for the office. were soon recog associates, and they leident of the Commi Position he now holds: atrving on several in. Committees, which of his ability him in position to the interest of his into office he ha many reductions in has save'"e and Mississippi thousands of dollars is now on parity He has served us the past four years. is Ietter qual. same, i re-elected. a native son of "up through the good, so let's do him. and paid fo known him for to thirty-seven t 26 I0 sepl. 7 REV. J. O. HANE, OR BIKM! NGHAM, ONE OF THE SOUTH'S MOST SUCCESSFUL AND PROMINENT EVANGELISTS, WHO WILL CONDUCT THE MEETING, WILL/ARRIVE HERE ON MONDAY. THE CONGREGATIONS OF  ,ALL CHURCHES OF THIS TOWN HAVE UNITED IN AN EFFORT TO BRING A GREAT RELIGIOUS AWAKENING TO THIS COMMUNITY. YOUR PRESENCE AND CO- OPERATION IS NEEDED. preer00u00 Scnlccs 9eg ON SUNDAY MORNING, AUGUST 26th, AT Zi O'CLOCK, HUN. E. H. RATCLIFF, OF NATCHF.Z, WILL DELIVER THE ADDRESS WHICH HAS GAINED SUCH FA.VORABLE MENTION IN THE PRESS ON THE SUBJECT, "THE" TRIALS OF CHRIST FROM A LAWYER'S STANDPOINT." THE SERVICES ON SUNDAY EVENING, AUGUST 26th, WILL BE CONDUCTED BY THE MEN'S PRAYER MEETINC OF CENTRE. VILLE AND WOODvILLE, AT 7:4 • . .....  ...._s the city authorities for peeding. don't be surprised. CLAY B. TUCKER, Mayor. NOTICE TO TAX PAYERS. Whereas, the County of Wilkin- son is without funds to defray its' general expenses, notice is hereby given that the Board of Supervisors of said county, will at its meeting on the first Monday of September, 1923, borrow $6,000.00 and execute ioan I warrants therefor on the treasury I of said county, payable on February 15th, 1924. | This August 9th, 1923. I A ]hrotestat,  &Dd 1",  I IFatPF tuthe D 8-11-1923-3w. W. L. HAYS, Clerk. Income if Totally and Perma-•i nently Dnbled by Accident or •i o....,_.,. ,.o. : FOR COMMISSIONER OF AGRICULTURE • Tim Mutual Life lusurance * • Company 0£ New York * • $100 a month during first five • • years, $150 during next five • • years, $200 thereafter for life. * • No further premium deposits. * • And then $10,000 at your death • • to your beneficiary, or $20,000 • • if death at any age, is accidental, * • payable in a single sum, or as • • income for a term of years or for • • life. Total disability lasting 3 *, • months regarded, during further • • continuance, as permanent. * • Ftll particulars of this Perfect • • Life Insurance Policy given *! • upon request. • • • • ABE COHEN, Aleut for * • Mutual Life Insurance Co. of N.Y. • • Woodvilin, Miu. * • • • * • • * * • * • • • SIX GOOD WORK MULES FOR SALE. ,. ; .-, ;- . .  .. - :.,-:. APPLY TO leuliw00O MarCo E. M. KKE, Mamger, W,Ivil, . - Jfl,eb,! ro Governor, and Stat Board of the We, the undersigned izens of Wilkinson county, sippi, would  respectfully your Honorable Body to rltdlla € .  I. { your honorable body to Legtshtture 1916-0. grant unto Willie Felttm a lzrdon, Petitioners would show that said Willie Feltus is a iz Author Rill Yattug Plaid about 34 years old, and has Board, AI Oompulaew and was at the October, 1921 of the Circuit Court of • I'dAI°L county, indicted, tried and of the crime Of murder, 'eve e&' 'v4oe tzl rriol, the State Peflitentiary for lie Petitioners would show lhat mad Devopment Work. killing occurred at night at a A e Young  Mr. Gaener, who was epoointed by Gov. Bilbo In 1910, should stsd o hie record rather than make elsnderous eleventh hoe lnsinuaUonq 1)t tire to his ooponent In am effort to detrsct attention frm IMs aok of oomplishment Mr. Garner has spent within the last four years, $7|5,600 Of your money, while all the executive departments of the state, combined, have spent only $67,480.00. Have you gotten your money's worth How abot Garner and the oil ndlls fixing the pr/€ o ttom ta 1919 How about the cattle tick situation? ' Mr. Holton spent three years In Florida, ud left of Ms ow choice, to ccept a position at Tupelo, Miss., with the Chamber of Commerce, at an lncrsae of I400.00 in salary. The financial condlUoa of the country at the time he left "Pupelo. caused the organization to cease operation. As e%ddence of his standing In Tupelo, ifl the ioent primary he r elved 609 votes, while the combined vote of his opponents was ,780, and this was in the hotqne of one o0ponent. Does thle hot show that Holton made good? Mr. Garner is the only man who has ever questioned Mr. Holton's leaving the employ of the State Plant Board. and though he was chalrma Of the Board. he has waited until this late hour to offer crlUcism Why1 The answer is evident. I Mr. Ilolton was elected principal of an Agricultural ehool In Warren ! County, and at the end of the first session was re-elected, but resigned to accept a larger school of the county at a raise in salary of $400.00. He has recommendations from the County Supt. of Education. Pre dent of the County School Board and other prominent citisens of Warren County, as to his success as a school man and agriculturalist. As proof of Holton's standing where bmt m)wn, we subm/t the fOL lowing, taken from the first primary: WINSTON (Holton's hon county): , . . r' . Holton . . • .... 1836,....,.oo.-.*s.s,s • • s.o** • ,•• ' Opponents .......................................... 1021 KEMPER (Where Holton was born): Holton .......................................... ...  140@ Opponents ........................................ o , 106§ WARREN (Where Holton ha8 taught for two years): Holton .................................. ...... o• .... o 2477 Opponents .......................................... 1608 " Holtons' record In public and private life will nd the cld teat He ban made good. and every change has been a promotlon He l aa lde/ selection to head Mississippi's of Agriculture. HOLTON CAMPAIGN COMMITTEE ., .: :, i i ': • Political Adv crtisement, "' i ,'.'ii' • " ii.- i ,. ii run better on ! d Poweri00 Mohr Fuel Always Better POLARINE OIL. _ Buy at the pump with the Crown d00,n. OIL COIvlP32W I:OePOeAITD dance, or frolic, where there quite a crowd of negroes and tically all of them drunk, where !was some eye witnesses to the it seemed at the time of the trial, has since developed that all present were too drunk to give account of the killing, and too at time the fatal shot was fired, the ceased was advancing on the Feltus with a pistol in a ooting sition, it was shown upon the ins in this case by good white tenth sony that this negro Feltus never been in an trouble inhis until this time, aa from a family of negroes, and had been a hard working peaceful until the date of this killing. also has a wife and child that no means of support except her labor, they have no means, owing to the circumstances surrom-d. ing the killing at the time, we lieve that this negro has sufficiently punished, and if turned loose would make a good useful citizen of his race. R. L. Hills, Thus. F. Coon. W, Stuart and many others. 8-11-1923-5w. STATE OF MISSISSIPPI: To unknow heirs of Morgan, deceased; unknow of . B. Morgan & Bro., ceased; unknown heirs o B. Morgan, deceased; heirs of Beauregard deceased; unknown heirs of E. Allison, deceased; un of H. T. Allison, deceased; heirs of Salina unknown heirs of W.'H. eeasod; unknown heirs of M. ]. Wheat, deeeasod; R. Gunst, a no resident of the State of MimdipIfi, whose post-office is unknown; known heirs of J. H. Allen, Mrs. Edmonia Roberts; Eugene Roberts; Morris Jouvenat; L. ]3. ris; Mrs. Emily J. King; C. C. Mac. Leod; Allison Lumber Company; unknown parties in interest: You are oommanded to appear fore the Chancery Court of the County of Wilkinson, in mid Stat on the first Monday ef A. D. 1923, to defend the suit in said Court of Foster Crick Lumber ]g=mlfaeturing Company, a tion, wherein you are defendants. This 4th day of August, A. D, [Seml.] W.L. HAYS, Clerk. 8-I 1-1928-4w. STATE OF MISSISSIPPI: To unknown heirs of Walter rhire, deceased; unknown heirs Wiley Shropshire, deceased; heirs of Sallie Cavin, deceased; known heirs of Moses unknown heirs of Tempe Partin, ceased; unknown heirs of Orrin tin, deceased; unknown Emily Swayze, deceased; eirs of D. M. Swayze, decead known heirs of Elizabeth ceased; unknown heirs of-N. W, Brown, deceased; unknown heirs J. P. Cavin, deceaseS; unknown hem: of Mary. J. Gavin, deceased; heirs of Walter Shropshire, ceased; unknown heirs of Shrnphire, deceased; unknown of Willian Shrolmhtre, deceased; known heirs of George deceased; unknown heirs  of Shropshire, deceased; Wiley shire, Guardian of Cheley ley; W. T. Cavin, Guardian of heirs of Walter , D. N. Swayze, Guardian of B. G. W. Duty; unknown heirs of Duty, deceased; unknown heirs Jane Shrepshire, deceased; heirs of Joseph Shropshirc, unknown heirs of Mary A. ceased; unknown heirs of John Sims, deceased; unknown heirs Mary Sims, deceased; unknown of Mrs. C. F. Sims, deceased known heirs of Mrs. Celeto F. desexed; D. P. Ellis; of D. P. Ellis, deceased; heir of Mary Crisp, deceased known heirs  W. M. ed; "unknown heia of C. F. ceased; Mrs. Fannie Aaron all unknown parties in intert All of said persons known sown are defendants in a suit Foster Creek Lumber and turing Company, a confirm and quiet its Utle to in Wilkinson county, State of simippi, described as the Quarter of the Section 37, Township 3, I, West, and to remove from: i You are commanded to fore the Chancery Court County of Wilkinmn, in said on the first Monday of A. D. 1923, re. defend the said Poster Creek Lamber ufacturing wherein you are Thts 1st day of A A. w. L. HAYS, [Se.] STATE OF To Phert dern, Jim Andenn and You are ’ommnded to fore the Chantry Court sc county, mid state, ,on Monday of September, t to defend the suit in said Rosa Ella White, et al are defendants. This 6th day 8-11-1923-4w. mrnc. Propomb  o.e. the Wilkinson Seoee,v, at a more tlum 6  eent per annum to nmtm oa February l§th, '. will  ed b the Board of __ o c}ock a. m. on mozay, 8 193. This August 9th, 1923. 11-1923-3w. W, L, HAYS,