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August 25, 1923     The Woodville Republican
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August 25, 1923

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t TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION : .Per annum, in advance ............ $2.00 ]Entered at the postoffice at Woodvilla, Miss., U second-class mail matter. m ANNOUNCEMENTS. The Woodvflle Republican is an- " thorltu to anrmunce the following oandidates for the varlous offices, sub- Ject to the action of the Democratic party in the Atllst primary. ._ For Representavo .j W, J. STOCKETT . |. ..EX K. VA.RA. ! Fo Sheriff .4 I f. H. NEYLANI . H. A. WOOD &apos;e aper|ntendent of Ed.atiou JOSEPH N. MILLER 1KRS. JULIA MATHIS Fro' Sued, Jor, Fifth D|stHet  T.G. BROWN - OBERT L. MURRAY. - - I .... XHE GUBERNA0000mAL CONT007  The run-off for governor between enry L. Whitfield and Theodore . Bilbo will be held on next Tue klay the date of the ascend primary lecttoh in Mississippi. In the pri. aal*y on August 7th Whitfleld had a lead over Bilbo of over twenty thou land yeCts and it is generally pre. kllated that this lead wiU be doubled Jm the sond primary, thus giving LAttfleld a majority of over fort Jlumtnd. This is am it should be ,ddm' tnto consideration the vgr 3the supported the other three can- "klidet" Most Certainly Whitfield #t right to the support of a large ority of tBose who voted for Con. IIJ, moe than an even break in the vote and m fair showing of gollotes. This being true imem mn utter tmpomibility fo to be elected, hence we can lee ,othing but a-landslide for i t 1| not do""be so optimistic, lwev', that interest will lag, for| Think, Mississippians Then Vote, Henry L. Whitfield is conducting a clean campaign. Because of hi I integrity and unsullied character he I could not do otherwise. It is neithe necessary for him to use signed statements as to character nor .to stage sensational situations to rail attention to himselL UNENCUMBERED AND UNBOUGHT: If elected governor, Mr. Whitfiold will go into the oce absolutely un- promised and unbought` He has not made the least semblance of a prom-] ise to any man or et of men furl their influence and support. He i] basing his appeal" for the suffrage] of loyal Mississip9lans upon the eter- I nal principles of decency and civic / righteousness. He is running on hi J own merits as a man and his ability to serve the people. TO THE FARMEI: He says: "To my own mind the most pressing and overshadowing problem of the present te that of making agriculture remunerative. Farminl must Im made lOfitabl or we will become nkrupt." TO LABOR: He says: "I have stated in all my speeches and I adhere to it, that I recognize the lnheren right of labor to orgnise and collectively bargain for wages and its every right should be guaranteed by the !aw and executive power of th etatc. TO BUSINESS MEN: He says: "I am a friend to MI mte to aid in flue development d our resources anvil increase mr tax- able values. The state's adgaire should be o fairly directed Imt nc honest busines should fear Mis sippi and no dishonest buinen eld tay in the state." LAW ENFORCEMENT= He says: "I will exert every eioiq to see that the law of t4te state are enforced. I want to see tke whisk'ey traffic completely suppressed. Id elected, I promise the peeple that | will not pardon those who have been rightfully convicte of violating ttta prohibition laws and whoe pnle are not exceIxe." A WARNG': Our attention has been called tc many misrepresentations being made on the eve of the primary. Tly va as to the particular locality to uH the convenieucs of those who ma them. A few of them, as  sam. pies are That Mr. Whitteld ham promised to discharge certain otce and install others in their pisces that he oppos organized labor; thai he is unorthodox in his rsltgis I liefs. The people of Mississippi have long since caught on to this kind of lopaganda and know bow to tre i. ALL TOGETHER N'W FOR VICTORY- With his tremendous lead Mr Whitfleld goes into the second pr mary confident of his nomination by an overwhelming majority. He ln ply urges Ms friends to go to the polls. VietoT is at hand. A now and better Missiseip k before um J  should happen it might mean honest businem and believe such one in which the spirit of confidence It dog.falr' for the former gpvernor. ! should have every protection. New! friendliaeee and prosperity wee dem. fight is on and every Wh/tfield capital should be brought ito the j inant. Iswppertet should work from now llttfl the primary in an effort to got. ,..t the po00,nd t00rehy WE WILL WIN WITH WHITFIELD Up a majority that will snow J Political Ad verttsement. der forever and a day. Thk] _ to the House of Representatives rom that county, and Miss Belle Kearney led her opponents in the kst primary in Madison county and will more than probably be elected t Tuesday. The campaign liar usually at- get In his most effective a few days prior to each lar,y election so it will be well dtaoRgh for the people to be on their :ga These lies are broad-casted m effort to help one candidate at le expense of another, and the one ICarte them knows that they be proven as untrue until it . le too ]ate. Just keep your eyes open for these campaign lie& . = Bibe is trying to make politicaJ eapRal out of the'fact that Whitfleld to meet him in a series of g dettes. It is the record, and the leter of the two men that the voters must consider in select- the lst man to fll the office not the fellow who talker and debater. The people want heeause they know that he dlt and an honor to our chief executive. good friend, Mrs. B. T. brilliant editor of The r, a former Vat. dama Imr  in advocating the ele'etion o Whttfleld says: "Let itigpl be welhed; but not be "tu" xat/ng"; let her prove a r founoatton stone for the nation; a fder of rihteouanem; a re. teeqon for the weak ganata t  -th_e irong; a herald of a iew day in ne and constructive, legisla. : t/on. Mississippi is not going to any consideration abOVe mmltl& The law of progress and eit't|zation must prevail, it is a di 1 vine Ikw. Henry L, Whitfleld seeks] standard bearer of the t form of government- Mis- 0 increase its merit credR wbroad. Vote ANNOUNCEMENT of Interest to MILLIONS of FAMILIES Ford Weekly Purohaso Plan For many years it has been Henry Ford's per- mai ambition to make the Ford the universal car to put it within the reach of the millions of peapht who haw never beel privileged to enjoy the bane fits of motor car ownershil. Daring t past fifteen years ovr 7,500,000 Ford sara have been placed In the hands Of r, tail rust erects--more than a millitcn and a  o4[ tem wit&is te past twelve memtha--end yet there are tili millions of families who are hopefully looking forward t the day when they can own a Ford, And mow the way is open, Under the term4 of this plan you can select your Ford Car, set aside a small amount each wvek and you will be surprised how oon you will own it. In the meantime your money will be safely deposited to your credit where it will draw interest. Think It over. Five dollars will start an accounL The whola family can participate in tt  father, mother, brothen and s/ters each doing a little. Why net ste today. Stop in and talk it over with your leesl Ford daier. He will be glad to fully explain the details of the plan and help yo gee tarted toward the ownerdd of a Ford es. Ford Motor Company, WO00U1LLE MOTOB C0.' 0:t duto;2, but we urge TO THB VOTERS OF WILKINSON The army worms or totton ca;e;. BIC REVIVAl. MEET1HC NIOTE [and two gas boats. The three per. COUNTY a pillars are sonm tab  [sons arrested are now In Jail await OOMI OUT AND HFI P ] " dotage, "de le dan , " . . ext week our state will{your loyal rapport tn the first prt. p right, here in ilkin Setemb 7tl [  re,  nb'-llquore o ttlO down onse more to normal, mary for the office of Commiioner county. The damRb that they wil; The xerutivs. Committee f the.t d  kavin8 a e'll In their po tfted with the governor-: q Ags'lcultura. Abo evemW tho's, do, will, we believe, hS eomperattvo. Pevbyal Carnin asks the-ur, day:Ls_. n" Sheriff Miller mmi Deputy ,dtct, HENRY L WHITFLELD. I and voters of Mlsstsppi mgnfled i. 1 s ma.l, but the falt are fight.. 8choo of W oedville meet promptly I Ltcben are to ke commmed ul> ,tng them out of an ab the net two nda me m , on makm this important ca Sure . p --.. . . I that my candldac met with s . g}chlnce i y . rn' g  " . P , r, tarner, wn as malnng the preceutmn whch goes to show tha the ;Jr = ........ besrty approval.' If it were possibel I: "  t/mf the Smudgy Scho exercis nmy i [___or re-elect!0n" to cue oNce Of lwould like to wrte each of you per- : ; -- I close in m fo a L tO g  I 4 OS  keeping their' oye open commmmoner OZ agriculture, m aoout serially and ex-rss m- sreciation [ ADDITIONI LOCL. I Urjon Services at the Court HeiNe" with the view of making strnuom L d k" 'J '' * last of the Bilbo appeasers, and i of your confidence. That brine iN- t Mtsa Efle PhRhps, of Baton ltouge[ by 1 o'clock, efforts to see that the Drohibttioo \\;we are no mistaken he will be! posste, I am tak;ne thi metli of! arrived lave Ttlday evening o a[ r, ....... ' ............. lws are enforce<L defeated in the -rima ,, .ext ',.s- "  -  v/st ^ - -: ...... -- _ ! uurmg the wea aay e mornm " "J " --" t thanking you * I  m.* n..mwr, ttl"lk J. m. Jam4t----,_ .. .......... " ty  C Holton a "d ...... Re I " " l lrvces wm oegn a xu:o. "Je - " ._ ." " '. .." ...... t If elected Commissioner of Agt.j .. "  _ -   [hour 10'4g was agreed upon witl: CARD OF THANKS. ormmn young man, xs ms opponent' cultur , I mrs, r. y. Fhillipe came u bom " ........ [ e, I shall continue to advecae .... , the l&m that it would suit better for Many were the friends and neigh- aa noma wln zn awazg , aon ttouga Sunday e a visit to, ,  tnose things that will make the Ao I * "----l ........ bars who came to us d ........ ......  ,. .  _ '"} her daughter M.-.  w __ a,_J peep xrmtne remoe perm  the uxmg ae ui. It seems almost an aud Ywt ', cmursl t;eartment of our state .... , .---- .  ,m, e  comity Who might desire to attend ness and foIwing the death f our .............. , more efllciont w" l was aecompanied OF her , Mr. -- that two wnen will serve in the . I ll put forth every Fi,qdh-. p.m,. I t&e preaching, beloved little son, and to each and next Mississi i le "sl . ounce of energy wiPhn me, and every l "- " .....   every one of them we  to ex. PP  ature, one in ..... ', - ..__.__ / meeth will begin wth the each house. Mrs Somerville, of zacmy a my command, to put nto i The RevivM Campaign will begin address by Hen. E. H. Ratcllff, of prer$ our heartfelt appreciatlo and WuIngton county, has been elected operation a marketing system that tomorrow, Sunday, mornin@ with a Natchez, next Sunday at 11 a. m.. thank.'. MR. AND MRS. V. I SHEPARD. .*= Boml Broad, Mother's Bd, mmSe lu N Orkm, froqh di/y at D. L CUMBO'S. FOR SALE, Oe 20 lap. Atl boiler; one 16 It. p. engine; one 24-1nch French buhr grist mill, at reasonable priet Apply to W. L FERGUSON, Phone 73, W4utville, Miss. 8-25-4w ARJhY SADDLES---Brand new U. Army McClellan $6.20. Also but in good condition, not a $.I0. Will ship C. O. D. and allow examlnation.W. W. WILLIAMS, Quitman Ga. It Cumbo's C_00'oceryl Woolvtlle, Miss. The Store where you can get what you want, when you want t and always at tbe right price; D. L Gumbo. SMOKE--- will enable the farmers to obtain lecture by Hen. F H. Ratclhff, of better prices for their producs. I Natchez, on "The Trial of Christ shall advocate the establishment of From  Lawyeles andpoint." You 0ueh a department under the dire, c. are mot cordially invited. tion of a specialist, whose duties will __. he to go into the market and sell I Quite a number of people fpom our produce. I shall advocate the this town enjoyed the neighborhood establishment of abereau of pub- picnic and barbecue which was given licity, through which Mississippi and on Thursday by Mr. and Mrs John on "The Trial of Jesus from a Law. yore StandpciaL" Mr. Rateliff ha mde a study of his subject for re. years ,and recently delivered his ad. drea in the Baker Grand Theatre in hi home city to a crowded house. The Sunday night mrvtee will be Iven by the Men's Prayer Meating of Woodville and Centreville. Mr. Yours very truly, J. C. HOLTON. (Advertisement.) The  Commercial-Appeal of }ast Saturday confained the following from the pen of Hen. Edgr Wilsou ,, of Jackson, a special correspondent: "The very interesting account re. cently contained in the Commercial. Appeal of the oldest railroad depot constructed in the United States, at Woodville, recalls the fact that Woodville has the oldest newspaper in Mississippi, which has never changed its name or domicile. Thi is The Woodville Republican, edited by Hen. Robert Lewis, who succeeded his lamented father, Hen. John S. Lewis, and who inherited much ot the editorial genius of that distin- guished Misstssippiam The Republi. can will nexb year reach the century milepost. Its brilliant and devoted editor, Mr. Lewis, expects t:, cel brute its centennial and has already invited the editors of the Lexington Advertiser and , tlm Hinds County Gazette, the next two oldest paper in Misstsippl, "which have never changed their names or homes, to he honor guests on that occasion. Like the Gazette and the Advertiser. The Woodville Republican hereldcd the return of Jefferson Davis from Buena Vista, and has always stood xor the best interest of the people of Mississippi. These three papers were among the foremost in the state in the successful fight in 7, ,when the carpet-bag saturnalia was orogen up and the overnment of] Mississippi was takeg over by the' Anglo,r,, :.t. her PoSsibilities can be properly ad.  Stewart on the Prentiss Highway Waltermirt the slnge, is expected vertised, t near their home at Wilkinson post. t to e've Saturday. and Mr. Iane Thanking yo for your continued ofiqce. Of course everybody had s the evngelht, will arrive at moo support, I am, l great big time. Monday, and preach his first sermon ' t--.--, This week's issue of The St. Fran- cisvi/le True-Democrat will contain l an advertisement for bids to cog struts approximately sixteen an and one-half miles of gravel highwa running between St. Franisville and the Mississippi llne on the Wood- vile road. The building of this road is of interest to the people of Wil. kinson county as th wiI! gk-e our section an outlet by highway to t seuth. Mr. and Mrs. Elrie Robinson leav this Friday for Itaeca, Texas, to vis- it Mr. Robinson's nuther and" sisters On their return they expect to make a short stay in Gaivton. This is the first time that they have goe t together on a pleasure trip of thisl length. During their absence, Mr. f Robert Lewis, of The Woodvfllu Rt publican, Mr. George W Newman I and Mr. Gordon 8. tvtd;on are re. lied upon to see that The True DeN. ! today night. There will he no service Monday morning. The Nursery Committee of the Revival Meetinff, of which Mra. Ralph Jones is chairman, has planned to use the Ladies' Rest Room at the court house during the meetin and assist in taking care of babies, se that mothers wit hebie can'hear the sermons. TI eriff's office here eetved the tnfarmatton lest week that whl key was Be/n. manufactured and sold along the MiisIppi river on the westerg herder of this co, so on last Friday morning Deput Sheriff Jas, R, tuteheson, aeeombanied by Meam W. S. Newman and Richard Innma, went down to $tamps Land. Ing and mad a rich haul tn the way of a moonshine still Them men captured the owner of two house- boats, who gave his name as Peter Jolmsen, and Ms wife and their 16- year-old adopted son, and brought ocrat is published u uouai. The!Johnson here and confined hrn in facility with which they did this last the eeunty  An inspection of year gives the editors nothing tej the boat htm to light two ul worry aboat on this score on their to-da ......... . r mum, or.15 and 55 gallon ca. present vacat/on, though they will el" a- ........ ! pa ty, bow I00 gallons of whiskey ve ceepty apprecmuv ox any amnst- and wne ...... " .'-J [ s, a zour suet gun o ace ante rendered in the way of sending| with buck mot tw boxes f shells in news. Mr. and Mrs. Robinson llanl ...... " ..........  ana rwo trees, One of #he Hills and o De away aoou two weer---t.[ a . ..... " Fran ............. | w gaaons f whiskey were cisvme zruo uemocra [  _ - __ ....... onougbt to Woodville and the other we sincerexy trus na om detre-ed On ........ f .  ne zoxmwmg after- fiends, Mr. and Mrs. Robmson, I noon Sheriff ........ have a dell h ....... muter, and te same g Ul VIg, ant we  ale- -- ---- ..... , wiu mane te nrsg nauJ, re- ure them that it is a real pleas-, turn_a ....... ur ^ .^. ,,.._ _: ..... . ..... er o tamps tmaing an F ar- u v utle elrr o help taem re.J u Y_t_ . .-- . . . out" with the two ies of The .... , vsnsen ant the ooy an De,. uht them to Wo&dlle awd levied mae two "THE CIGAR THAT SELLS." e..,....q Si R0SS0 DISTRIBUTOR WOODwILLE, MISS. Experienc = --OUR OFFICERS AND DIRi" TaRS ARE BUSINESS MEN, AND BANKERS OF THE WIDEST SIBLE EXPERIENCE. ---APABLE MANAGEMENT, A DESIRE TO SERVE THE DF.J ITOR MOST EFFICIENTLY, AI SOME OF THE BIG RA$ON$ WHY YOU SHOULD MAE Tills BANK YOUR BANK. ---TART AN ACCOUNT HEiSt WITHOUT DELAY, AND TAKg ADVANTAGE OF OUR surglO BANKING SF.RVlCK. WE PAY FOUR PER Ci;NT TEREST ON YOUR MONEY. C0mmerci01 Member Amebean Banker's AsdsSlo WOODVlLLE, ...... A  L/NR O Fancy and Staple Grocer00  AJD LIBBY CAJNFA irB rr$ CANNEO YF-.TABLE$ AND MKAll- M,tiONk SPAGHETTI. d.t/DA PtmB GnOt COFFY s, s.ed tim. AND A General Line Dry Goo00S shoes, NAI EI _ . t | AUGUST METZGER WoodviliP, Mississippi A R T E N THE REXALL DRUG STOR YOU ALWAYS GET THE BET Ol EVERYTHING, AT IHB R PRICES, AND WHEN YOU WANT IT, WHEN YOU BUY FROM THB- REXALL DRUG STORE. Wg ARK' HERE TO SATISFY CK CUSTOM" ERS ALWAYS, AND WE DO IT. 00/IARTE THE REXALL DRUG STORI R. J. SESSION00 R. A. J. STATE OF MISSISSIPPL Davis; all unlmO To unknown heirs of Joseph Adk/n e: Henderson, deceased; unknown heirs of Joseph A. Henderson, deceased; the ChmcerF unknown hairs of John Stephens Wilkinson, in Smith, deceased; unknown heirs of Monday of John S. Smith, deceased; unknown to defend the heirs of Western W. Mews, deediased; Foster Creek unknown heirs of We,'n W,Iuso: tUring deceased; unknown heil Of A. wherein y6K Hendrsou, 4creased; Mrs. A.C. This 2rid day Joe Henderson Rowena ; Charley Heuderson; E.