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August 25, 1923     The Woodville Republican
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August 25, 1923

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would be a the yard, a the door. temper gong. Lettie would within herself, "Lordy, rll me--tired---all met Now how do bad long since wood. Lettle&apos;s it with a nature, the unde- she scolded and it with a fury of the per- the frequency of to undue exer- work so hard," I gotta," replied ain't much time. on me." the second fore- house with Her steps were the child. tOWard the contrlv- It was a long, Wires at one end. ,lanation of its , the took It into the It Jealously behind and hands to of soap and water, curia with conscien- her better glng- mOment she stared shoes. Mrs. when Lettle they had necessarily and the Inevitable Lettle. with of and I'll keep that. Some day of 'era." kludant luxury of b set forth. Her ob- tin mind from the on which l her open-air life which advertising She had who was era- Advertising 9relmnt visit was to informal affair, a ground floor. The one man and an the latter who Lettie entered. to the counter by her shoes from the but her head was undeniably tn. see him, a stout sitting at a counter. But the lmon of evasion. for youY' he said, the manager,  "i got busi- the young man. Wiftly. This was It was a time for not be too' careful. she repUed. l laughed aloud, but With unflinching so small that in it was distinctly Therefore the desk was accu- interview to date turned to- by a pivotal on the counter like seeing Miss about, appraised hadicatlon of joy, shoulder. he said lndiffer- lazily at the small the chair He was evl- the sert- intervlew. kid?" he in- WOODVna00 :to load up the contraption--" i "But even If It did." broke in Lettte eagerly. "it'd pay 'cause he'd be more "I ain't aiming to get my boys ex ....... cited. My llne ain't revivals; It'. ad- vertising. N'ow you run "long outs I;'Pnr. be whne :'m sin: holding on to my BegrmTaking Lydia with fear, her eyes blazing with In-  _. " tensity. "You gotta listen. Honest. Poummy, 106 Hil h Street, Bay City, Michigan, ' :r got too soon, it madb i ,E. ,0u __'AV ,A".V By E. R. PEYSER  OUt of bed mort_ t las a man like this proposed lags_ on account Of --_= "'. 10 I.A.IDALKER , !| te you? myback;I _tboughtit you dare--" In a blinding gust of -- = would breakID mmlml!lmlulmmIIIIm|mII and if I started to do you'd get more work out of your boyS. Iql bring it; I'll show you; I'll -- bother--" "Holy Jlminetty. " cried the child, with a flare of anger. "Can't you talk downaomethingaw- sense? I'm telling you stralght" fOL I could not get "Jack," called Mr. AbbotL "put this kid out." "Oh: Oh !" screamed Lettle` "Don't Symptoms: A middle-aged fas- rage at the threatened indignity, she ctnator, Just beginning to be a any work I w(ml4 clenched her fists and pounded the bavetoliedowa.ld mine holds the card or the handbill, frail old desk till the papers rustled BEING NEIGHBORLY I Bridge parties sad five o'clock teas "bit l:ound" at the waist, slick l are not so l,pular with them. clothes, perfect fit and all, hand- notbelieve thatanywomaneverlmelRI and the boy holds the machine` and--" and the Inkwell reeked against It.- rrHE first and final requisite of civil- I They prefer neighborly confrater- some and knows Just where to worse than I did. Ispent lots of moeyt , A gust of laughter shook Mr. Ab- metal holder. A wrathful red had .a. lzatlon is that the people shall be l nltles, the great outdoors, the buds "get on" and better even, knows but nothing h ell.  until I began 0 take .yqm p. rinknam'a yegTtab bott's ample shoulders. "'Branch on surged into her cheeks; her narrow neighborly. There is no better remedy [ and blooms, the lovely scents of earth Just where to get off. Wants uompoon • ze a wnola lot better the tree, tree in the ground, green chest Jumped up and down In agony, for temperamental indigestion than iand air, where their Joy can gush out what he wants when he wants after the first bet e, andI am stilltak, o grass--'" "Don't you dare ! Just have a heart, it. He is not a soft proposition, ins it for I am  it i what ]MM! pug good-fellowship--nothing so productive without restraint. With a spring, Lettle came to her Listen till I-- Oh. let me alone, of amity between individuals and na- They are not human counterfeits` tie has much of the world In his me o my feet. " ...... feet. "Shut up:" she shrieked. "D,m't Don't you are: don't you--" tlons. [They admit their frailties, but If you keeping; anyhow he makes you Ify0uare_tmffering fromsdisphm ..... u dare to make fun of me. You'll Shrieking, protesting, lashing out When nelghbor ca'r ?o one another i will observe them chmely, you will think so. Likes you because he meat,irregularities, backache, nervou get me--- Oh. excuse---" wlth her lean. angry arms. Mls Pen- from opposite doorways they are un- discover that their redeeming quail- thinks you llke hhn, because you ne sideache or any other form of f Limply she droppe] back into her field was belnz forcibly ejected from ieil chair. It had occurre( to her vaguely the office of the Wide.wake Adver- consciously strewing the rough path tles, which sweeten their cares, are are hard to please. Nothing is male weaknesyo d wrtte to The Lydia E. Pinkham Me cine Co..Lynn. that business must be conductl not rising agency. The boy Iack. with of life with flowers, making the home far in excess of tiielr faults, too good for him. Mamme.husetts, for Lydia E. Pinkhba'm atmosphere brighter and easing one Comfortably happy themselves, they IN FACT Private TexteBbo]upon "Ailments P. according to natural chanes of feel-' uncnncenled relish, had grasIl the delight In giving happiness to others, i cullarto Women.  It will be sentyp lng, but by heroic methods calculated I child by a thin elbow and was gaflding another's burdens, lie doesn't even think you are. - The wealth of the world cannot Their souls are awake to the growing ' Prescription for his bride: free po request. Thi book €0¢t valuable information. to coax rsults. And because Mr. her to the door. Not without dirt- buy such friendliness, need of a friendlier relation, a closer Never' think you have Abbott happened t be am,,sed by day- culty, howe,'er He ,,':is able to con- I!i light fireworks, he languidly gave her trol the general direction, but not Such civility as this usually alliance and a stronger bond of sym- j i enough elegancieS. another chance, without plcturer-que ztgzagzings. Let- emanates from the middle classes who pathy among the various sons of men, [' He likes you because he can "Excuse me," repeated Lettie, by tie. alternating slmuts of entreaty and compose the great majority. They sing whose greater troubles come from not i: spend on you. way of emphasizing her contrition- "I defiance, was executing a series of at their work. accept their f)osltlon In being neighborly. !: Keep him on the Jump. get excited thinking 'bout this here contortions about the fulcrmu of her society with complacency. Among such Even if we regard such concord as Absorb this: machine." A bright smile danced own elbow which would have given people the destitute never starve nor no more than a sort of primitive i A WOMAN'8 "EACH MUST across her small mouth and lighted suggestions to a vaudeville dancer in remain unattended in illness, friendship, it has In It divine prinei- EXCEED HER GRAB. search of innovations. The women folk, besides keeping pies of excellence which neither querist  {© by }acCmr Newttmtr Snmeata.} up her black eyes. "You see. It's a "You don't know boys," screamed their homes neat as lilies, mend cloth- nor analyst can argue away. [  : wonderful scheme. A!I the boy has to Lettle. "Leggo, deru you'. You don't lng, darn stockings, and as likely as . ar Snateat*) - - - do is to stand at the bottom of the know boys. They'd rather work a not make their own dresses, if they steps and rhoot the card under the trick than eat. They--" find by so doing they can save a litttle , door--I got It all doped out how "Shut up, you wild Indian," advised money to help in sending their Wll- and then whlle he's hiking to the next the boy called Jack. llama to college and their Mary& who house, he puts another card into "Shut up, yourself," retorted Lettle. have wonderful voices, to the con- _ ....... _ • the----" "You don't know boys! You don't servatory of mual% The swivel chair creaked suddenly, knew- She stopped, abruptly con- And the husky men build barns, dig as Mr. Abbott Jerked klmself to an sclous that she was addressing a ditche, plant gardens, prune trees, closed dcr and a shlewalk empty of fight potato bugs an crank up their life except for a pattering Airedale, automobiles with punctilious regular- (' obviously not Interested in advertls- lty for a family ride. f lng. Sttfliog with anger, panlc-stricken   by failure, Lettie dashed down the street, into a vacant lot where there [ I NEVER KNEW Ill was a sprawling lhe-oak tree. With t small brown fists she began beating By GRACE E. HALL the rough trunk. Wild sobs shook her thin frame. Tears rolled down @ "" her faoe: anger dried them on her hot I NEVER knew, that tears could burn cheeks, only to replace them by a new IAke acid. tll they left a scar, € flood. Nor that a heart might truly learn TVlth savage delight in her owu sf- To hide the deep and painful mar ; feting, she beat the gnarled bark till Nor that the sunshine sometimes the blood came and her muscles turned " FOR ached. Then her arms dropped ; she Into a fever fierce and hot, lumped Into a heap on the ground But these at last I've learned. I've no longer a will-driven human belnu, learned full of fizht v.n,1 fieroenos hut fi f.r- Since you forgot. ! d Child " Ioru little glrl, h,,peless and heart- Especia or lnfa broken, With all the gathered longing That life could seem a desert plain a of a hard, dreary childhood, she" had Where cactus grew by crumbllng [I ran 0f All Ages set her min on these holidays as wall, upon some idealized hetghts of bliss. The winds a breath hard-drawn in Te;'d"M°h?'a ild;n2et:°hveJ Ctar°rla ha. And now it/ was to be as it had at- pain, f to relieve ways been: no tree, "no presents, no Were truths I never guessed at all! Constipation, .<, party, no games, no anything! But I've heen taught by torture slow  Flatulency, Wind Colic and Diarrhea; Next week she would prowl through That Joy and pain and love are one, allaying Feverishness arising there- varicus streets In the early dusk, And that the world must never know from, and, by regulating the Stomach stopping now antl then before a win- VChat love has done. Copy  o ufre Nr q.€  and Bowels, aids the assimilation of dow to watch somebody else's Christ- (Copyright by Dodd. Mead & Co.) [rood ; giving natural sleep without mas tree, spreading Its branches be- Many of these ideas are good, el opiates. The genuine bears signatllre tween parted curtains, dotted with course. But they are really of Httlt lighted candles that gleamed on tinsel benefit unless they are weighed and and gay red bells---Just as she had Uncommon test. before acceptance. "Mr. Abbott, Feel Like Geeing Mlu done last year--and year before--and Learn to do your own work, and Penfleldi"' year before! Perhaps, as had hap-  your own thinking. Get out of th pened once, she would find a church cage of dependence. Form your ow Now Idea. erect position. The mocking laziness party. She would climb up on a fence Sense j 0 H N opinion, and act on them. She happened to love her husban disappeared from his face, ltke the and look In at the window--at groups . . . BLAKE If your early years are spent lean- ven though she had been wedded to - . lifting of morning fog. "Where's your and groups of chtldren waiting for ing on others, your later years wll! him for some time. She kept cc,n- Santa Claus to #ve them presents probably be spent In the poor house. ¢antly realizing that in thls respect machine?" he demanded. [ from the big tree with Its deep, soft The habit of dependence Is the hardesl he was supposed to be both unusual "It's at home. I--I--" !boughs and chains of tinsel and gilt- of all habits to break, It can never tttd sentimental--qnd envied. 'Frald I'd steal it. eh? Well liter., Inside--outside! What a differ- DEPEN'DENCE |thrown from birth on their own re- be broken after you are forty. Sha ngaged a cook not long ago can tell you--" |sources develop a eraft that some- (©bZohaBlaeO " "Oh, no-o," interrupted Lettle ence ! And she, Lettle, would be out- and flare a list at standard ruleS. She side, cllnging to a fence, looking tn S¢I at liberty the canary yo have | times carries them to a very old age. "  forgot to tell her that If anything rap breathlessly. Her black eyes sprang upon good times that had never been fed and tended in exchange for ItS| A lap dog, turned out to shift for ][. 1.| T  ¢Aq.fv low on a night when guests came to wide as she gLimpsed the hideousness hers. Outslde--lways, always out- song, and It soon starves. It ham/Itself, would not last ,very long. Like Jlinner, above all the husband must of failure. "i--I thought I'd see If side! never learned to help itself, the canary, It has lived a life of de. t 1-'Uk, .',.-'L] | act sufferhe must have the best of you were lnt'rusted, 'cause If you are. Her body shook with sob Her thin Dumb animals go through life dread- pendence on otlers. All the quaUties >ALO UbWXl "T"t'f "r=/-LT erythlng at all times. After a dirt- I--rd make machines for you--for a fingers twisted In the dry grass and fully handicapped by the lack of tea- that might have enabled it to make TPEIF-- tUZ "lr'tlO 4.tR aer party she realized that her has- doi]ar apiece. And, honest, they--" the sharp oak leaves .... 8omething Boning brains. Yet wild animals, lie way have withered for want of use. had not been served the best an(] In her eagerness to forestall refusal, cold touched her burning cheek. She A magazine writer criticizes private Y< OF" LO4SlP4* YOUFR .-holcest portions. So she told the she rushed madly through all the squirmed array. The cold touch for $].,,........., ....... ......45 schools, with Justice, because they do FINTI--LQ/H'KM this most Important rule. points of her scheme, Instead of mar- lowed. She reached to push it fro ii not fit pupils for the struggle for ex- OR YOUR LIMBWEI-LK.  "All right, ma'am," the cook agreed, shaling them diplomatically, as she her. and her fingers fell on the ft I THE 0MANCE OF WORDS i istence. Removed from contact with . "but how did you think. I was to know'. had planned, ears of a dog. With a wild cry Lettle t II :he kind of peopIe they wtll meet In -- a thlng't Sure, Ive been workin" : Mr. Abbott took up his pencil and sat up and threw her arms around the | "--= II actual life, they are often helpless  D "CHEEBE" I ow for forty years, and you're the found his place in the account book shaggy creature. He licked her face. a __ | when they are sent out on their own.  rst who ever-told me a husband must from which he had been taking notes. He was a wise dog,. a dog of family, : /' HAT'8 the cheese" b$ s i Young men and young women must ave the best."--New'York Sun.  It was painfully evidenthat his easy and he had seen small people suffer : .it. slang expression far more i I learn very early the necessity of help- 'tolerance was exhausted. His good before, so he knew exactly what to do. I common a few years ago than It I ins th,mselves.  Japan to Be 8herr of Rice. nature was In lumps, like pocket free He continued to lick--and Lettle con- [ Is at the preseut time, colloquial- i I Begln depending on some one else, A report recently given out by gold, and after a few minutes one tinued to hug. He had offered his lsnm having a tendency to be  and you will always depend on some Department of Agriculture contains confronted the barrenness of country sympathy and she took it with greed,  short-lived. But. in spite of the ii ene el.e. Begin depending on your- the information that a shortage n the rock. Sensing this reversal of attl- and felt vastly better. Her tears were [ fact that the phrase was never I self and you will form a habit that r---" Mee erop of Japan may he expected " rude, Lettie grew cold with prickle* checked, formally admitted to polite so- i with practice will insure success, m aecount of heavy Ice In the of ghastly fear. Before her mental "You see." she said aloud, her voice I ciety, it has an ancestry and a Perhaps 80 per cent of the popula- a. Studies of weather vision swam a misty p.eture of Christ- breaking over a dry sob, "It wo-orks.  pedigree of which many a more : tlon, even of thIs enlightened country, 1 In Japan have resulted In mas tree. gifts, Jollity, cheer: It That makes It hard to stand. It pretentious word might well be I allow other people to do their think- Jiggled dlzzlly, receded farther--ant1 works.,, Her lip quivered, hut she was :proud. ! ing for them. '' ;=i' "'' Inthere t, whenever the Ice lSBerlng sea ocean currents farther. She gasped, not going to cry before this new friend, I Tracing it backwards, we find IS "Oh, please be lnfrusted," she who was giving her the stiffest kind IS that in the Anglo-Saxon days i Editors, preachers, school teachers  to the Jauanese coast and begged, pounding a small brown fist of advice with a wagging tall, tern- I the word "cheese" was spelled scatter broadcast Ideas, most of them -22-2  ether unfavorable to the Into her open paha. "Honest, it'll peredP by a hearenlng look out of soft : "case" and pronounced almost thought wearisome, accept these Ideas [ Rn official forecast, sxve you heaps--" big eyes. t precisely like the modern Get- and act on them. I , " W.x,w- n Texas, and , "Save nothing! S'poslng your pipe €TO BE CONTYNUED.) ! man equlvalenL In Frisian it [ ther Southern flee-growing statee was °'tzlse," whUe the Latin was re expected to profit accordingly. --][<.X*:.x:*I...x4*X¢.x`...Xe.x*`x*:*X@x,{PX..X@X@x@x@x@x@xeexX**XeX@X@]i"caseuswhichnSpanlshde-NewNOTVersn` INHRI'I'EDof t he Invention of th •  l-ROMpassed from --. ItheSARAC.[scene, several years' I1 Italianl languagesVel°PedGaelictO "eaIs"andint°int°slightlYiu,,caws.,"cacl°'"Irish"queso'changedin The.casse.welsh.andCelUeit in-lnlllit il!l /P molcr  s Coo 5col 1 -  - Rosary Found in Pages of An- before Godfrey led his conquering host ! will therefore be seen that the oient Historian. into Asia Minor and Palestine. Move original ancestry of the word it recent Catholic authorities call atten-  Is lost somewhere in the dim of scornful to talk business," What's the  - " - " --  Illlll - " • = --'%  = 2:"til]Itlmm'" Lettle Jumped Catholic authorities have attributed tlon to the fact that. although the Re- D passages ot the early history of : Oh, l)fe Is full of piffling th|ngs the melon basket, garnish with chef- into the mid- Of frayea ends and knotted st,lnp, lies or with Canton gLnger. Place scheme---a the invention of the rosary to St. Dora- man Catholic rosary in its present ] language---bul strange as it may  The garment we live in. is much, a We you heaps of lnic, founder of the famous Dominican standard form of 165 beads, divided i seem, 'rhat's the cheese" bears  - mke it. each basket on a grape leaf or any she added, order. But evidence of a still earller into "mysteries" or dcades, ts Dominl  no relation to the article made II so care for It, nourlsh__Helenlt,HunnewelLkeep It fit. CucumberPretty gresnleavesleafw|llfrOmbe appropriate.the garden, to indicate a origin of the rosary has come to light, can, the followers of St. Domlnlc did a from milk. proportions. It is reated of Lady Godlva by Wil- not become interested In the rosary I ThIs phrase slipped into Eng- I COOLING DISHE8 Marshmallow Pudding. of Malmesbury that she be- until the closing years of the Fifteenth i Ilsh by way of India, where : What's the llt-. Out half a cupful of walnut meats que$-.hed.,,it to the monastery of Coy- century.--Detrolt News. many of the British soldiers , EXTREMELY hot weather Is usual- into bits, quarter a half-pound of ly our lot at this season,  marshmallow and mlt into blts one- circlet of gems, which sbe  picked up bits of ttlndustant. : IRmrmed to, the k_Lry t expansive excite- had teaded on a string, in order that Served in Three Senates. ; among them a word derived ,I ,we need food that appeals, is nu- fourth of a cupful of maraschino char- watching your b fingering them one by one. as she James Shields, who was born In Ire-  from the Persian "chiz," mean- i tritious without belng too great a tax rles. Bent one cupful of heavy walk. walk-- successively recited her prayers, she land In 1810, and died at Ottumwa, Ia.. Ins "a thing.'" In dealing with : on the digeatto fold In two tablespmfulg of pow- And---nd might not fall short of the exact num- in 1879, after serving as s general in  the native merchants the sol- the Mexican war, was elected to the  diets fell into the'habit of point- i I -- dcred sugar, one-half teaspoonful of tta scheme that bet'.",,Thls, if authentic," gays CorneliuS United States senate from Illinois. : ins to omething and saying I Melon leo lk- vanilla, and a pinch of salt. Now add his term expired he went tr, z lhat'a the chl" meaning i Remove the edible part of a cants- the nuts and cherries, mold and pack machineY" H. Patton, in AsLa Magazine, lip When I s "'hat what I want" sad, when ; loupe, leaving the melon in basket In le tt'flrst terestlng as disposing of the theory. [ Minnesota and served In the senate shape. To three pints of the-pulp add i [ often held. that the Roman Catholics I from that state for two years, tie-a theYbrought--ruedthe sayingh°me,with them,they" | erie and °ha'half cupfuls °f sugar and ' 1 ,sa_*_ owway, ofEuropeleamedtheuga°fther°sary/agenerallntheClvti, war'-a.ndb' t t (@tw,rsrd--t.,--} |  aiee of five lemon., Press I  --""'/JKIt i from the 8araeens at the time of the  he died he was a memver o¢ me sena. ,,,m,-*,,-,,,,-----,,,'--"=""IH through a mere and freez erve In ' (@. z*sS. Western ewana. ,T.t  C=usade.  (}otta mtt tvel rom