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August 22, 2013     The Woodville Republican
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August 22, 2013

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,, The Woodville Republican, Thursday, August 22, 2013 Page 7 Hi 0 " " " " " Late Summer Vegetable (;arde ng Tzps 2 13 Town Of Woodvllle, Mississippi byAnnBLVavis, the stem oftomato fi'uit are when the temperatures rise• T,l~t ('~F T,~11g]~ rrN ]~ ,(~ld ]~'lfMP TclY~ Wilkinson County probably due to the same Now isthetimetobelin-~..,~,~, ~- ..... ,.~ ~.v ~.~., ~.,v~ ~.v~ .....~,ffiv,J ExtensionAgent organism. Remember: Daffy ing up seed potatoes for a fall THE STATE OF 1V~SSISSIPP1 TOTAL $1651 TOTAL $32.69 rains make fungicide appli- crop. Finding seed potatoes COUNTY OF WILKINSON SMffH, SARAHK. $40A4 AHR2LLC The good news about the cations less effective, during August is a difficult TOWN OF WOODVIIJ~ ~/7.~a~6400700 ~P~cNlcr aZ~ ~mB_~nWIN~ m=x $4~_q.~ ....... n r chore The ..................................... rams many oz us nave been~oumern peas are 0 - . pest source may I G D--'"a T Collector TOTAL $4627ACCT PRINT 3.00 getting is a full soil moisture mally not troubled by fimgal be the potatoes you dug in for tJae ~ow~U~u~o~d~e in' said TOTAL $49~9 profile for fall planting. Nor- leaf diseases, but there have June and stored in the cellar, State will sell at 11'00 ~M on ~V1~01415~00~ PEN$2~1N ....... etm *..~ mally gardeners need to iT- been reports of yellow spots under the bed, or whichever A~a~t26, 2013, the l~t Monday in PPIN 4327 PRINT 3J}0~F~.EY ....... rigate at this time of the year appearing. One simple way cool, dry, dark spot you chose• August, 2013 AD, at the front door TOTAL$26154HARRIS PEN 154 to keep transplants alive and to help prevent the disease Keep an eye on the eyes and of the Town Hall in the Town of 1005 PEACH STATE PRINT 3,690 ..... Woodville Mississippi to the highest STURGEON, HOLMES $169A1 ACCT 06613 TOTAL $23~1 get seeds to germinate. But from spreading rs to stay out select those showing mgns of ..... ' ........ 22w80141501000 PEN 11~E • • • DKKIers Ior casn~ li any ulere De~ all this year, some gardeners of the pea patch while the sprouting for seed stock for ofthefollowin~describedlandsand PPIN4336 PRINT 3~0 MICHAEL DAVIS $45~9 may be worrying ifit will dry plants are wet. the fall garden. It is probably minerals, sit'ted in said Town, TOTAL $184.27 2000CAPPAERT PEN 321 ACCT 8164 PRINT 3~0 out enough to get back into There is still time for an- time to go through them to unto which taxes remain unpaid as TOLLIVER LASHONDA ~m28 TOTAL ’~1n • . f • , -- .... ._... thegarden, other crop of warm season discard the soft or spoiled o thatdate, to-wat: 22W80140301500 PEN ,58 /N Gary D Aquilla PPIN 4151 PRINT 3.00 CARN~ DAVB JR $2.00 The bad news about the vegetables for this corner of ones anyway. ' " ...... Gary D'AquiUa, Mayor TOTAL $11~6 1966 AIRSTREAM PEN .15 rams zs the constant high the state. This ls a good time For more vegetable gar- .. .......... humidity and moisture al- of year to grow tomatoes in dening tips, contact the ~od~eW~Iis" s%seil)oi TRASK, ROOSEVELT $100~2 a~., ,o,o ~_OT.X£ lowing diseases to damage containers, especially if you Wilkinson County Exten- 08/15/2w ' "- 22W8011 0600600 PEN 13.00 many vegetables. Alternaria like l~esh vine-ripened toma- sion Service at 601-888- -- PPIN ~00 PR~r ~00 ASHTON DUNBAR $S69 .... T~Ik0J~N!~30~ TOTAL $202.901960 PEN .39 fungus normally attacks to- toes for Thanksgiving din- 3211 and request the Gar- 2013 DELINOUENT TAXES ACCT'rZ~ PlaNT 3`00 mato leaves and causes the neT. If a sudden early frost den Tabloid. The garden- REAL PROPERTY TURNER, GEO, EST7FANNIE $162.20 TOTAL $8.95 • " " in ublic i n 22W6911 0501000 PEN 11.35 brown spots and yellowing zs predicted, you can pull the g p at o can also .......................... .... ANDERSON, WlLUE M eq.qN ,$1~ ~ i ~UQ JAY M~q~= IJUflbAH we call early blight. Accord- contained plant mto a shel- be found on the Extension .’19 R'Y'AA/R 1 TOTAL$176,55 1005 ' PEN $14 ing to MSU Horticulturetered area like a garage or website at http://msucares. "" ............ ~ 50 ACCT7~I PRINT 3.00 Specialist David Nagel, black shed overnight and return cam/pubs/publications/ PRN4~ Pm~T 3~0 W AR~,?IERR~K ~- $2~..A4 TOTAL $9.70 • TOTAL $16 14~w~]q ]~nu~ ~ t,t,~] or dark brown areas around the plant to a sunny location pl091.pdf. " PPIN4337 PRINT3.00 KENNYHARDEN $8,52 ARB~, CHAR. $333 TOTAL$221.75 lg69 BUCCANEER PEN .60 22W80410201400 PEN .23 ACCT 3293 PRINT 3.00 • • PPIN 4608 PRINT 3`00 WHITE, JUDY CARTER $17.31 TOTAL $12.12 Peanut Event Provtdes Latest Research Advtce TOTAL $6.5622WT032000017OppiN3647 PRINTPEN 3.00121 DEBRAHARRIS ..81 ....... - ..... . ...... BELL, JOHN $139.78 TOTAL $21.561973 R..ASH PEN .48 J.VllSs]sslppl peanut growers plant patholog~t, ano ,jew ~ ers Association, also Will De 22W8014 0001020 PEN 9.78 ACCI" 7606 PRINT 3.00 can hear the latest reseamh- re, assistant research professor present. PPIN12386 PRINT 3.00 ~.L~.UNDAC. -- $3134 TOTAL $10~9 TOTAL $152..56 ~zw~],~ u~uu, a~u ~ ~'m based recommendations and with the Mississippi /~ri. "cul- . The event will conclude PPlN4246 PRINT 3.00 ANNIE HOLMES $~02 got dose looks at demonstra- tural and Forestry Experiment wath a lunch sponsored by CHAMBERS, LEON " $136 TOTAL $36.53 1004FLEETWOOO PEN .56 tion plots in Coahonm County Station, will be on-site to talk BASF, Syngenta, Delta Phs- 22w80110001400 PEN .11 ACCT2000 PRINT 3.00 duringaFri.,Sept. 6, field day. about MSU's peanut-related ficsandtheClintV~rflliamsCo. I~N3~14 ~.~.11~,, 3~(~ WR~NTLnHL~J= _’J~a~ ~, TOTAL$12.14 The Mississippi State Uni- projects. Trey Bullock, peanut To reserve a meal or for more .......... ~' 22~011'0~1"~ PEN ~.~ ROSE EITE JAMES $9~26 versity Extension Service will consultant, will cover maturity, information, contact Coahoma CHAMBERS, LEON $.93.31 PPIN~11 ~T~T~ff3.001691SUNSHINE PEN .44 host the North Mississippi frost damage, variety taSals and County ~on agent Den n~2,~,69110000100 ~,~ 6~ 28 2W TO $1230 ACCT2283 ~ ’~0~n Peanut Yield Day beginning at challenges related to digging. Respess at 662-624-3070 or --~' TOTrn'~. "02~84 ........ 9axn. on the Mattson Flowers Attendees will view plant"0 ~' ~tJ~u~rrl~ALpRoi~rY ~~R~i $9~ Farm, located at the intersee- growth regulator use in dem- or Panola County Extension D'AflOILI~SF $217.62 .............................. tion of Himhw "22 ..... onstration lots Malcolm nt Judd Gentry at ..... ~ 0101200 PEN 15~3 u a M rg~m~ ~mn.Y ~’.]u at.~t e~ " t'H~, ;ttXt rugn ay~ anorngn- p . age ll'y 007,-006-PPIN3519 PRINT 3.00 A~Tg01007 PEN 34.10 • TOTAL. $10.29o , , way 49. Broome, executive director of 6260 or juddg@ext.msstate. TOTAL$235.85 PRINT 3.00 ; " Alan Henri,Extensionthe Mississippi Peanut Grow-edu. TOTAL$924aSJUBN~S~M~ PEN SSf DAVIS, DARREN $5~7 22W'/0030500200 PEN 4.15 BLESSED CUP BOOKSTORE $7.73 ACCT 65 PRINT 3.00 ........ , -- -- , PPIN 3582 PRINT 3~X) ACCT 901100 PEN 54 TOTAL $9~7 • " Ope y Sy = Regtstrabon Is n For Rabtes Da mpos=um DUNBAR CHARUEMAE$150.67 TOTAL $1127 1K~4 KAMEALEY PEN $9~A4 .... , 22W8041 '0~1200 PEN 102,=,5 ffAQUILLA OIL CO $193.92ACCT 7767 PRINT 3.00 Veterinary students will place from 8 am. to 4 pJn. at Dr. Joanne Maki, Menals ....... Af'J2T_qflfll.~ PIN 1.'U’;7 T~I'AI.(~7R join a diverse group, of public the Wine Starkvifle. Global Oral Rabies Program ........ TOTAL$164°~2 ..........~ "3-~}0 .......... health and veterinary experts The sympomum addresses Manager, and Dr. ~ Knopf TOTAL$210A9NETTERVlLLE, in late September to explore rabies from the local to the in- with the Global Alliance for HAWlQNS, JEFF, EST $127.18 ........... ARTHUR a DORA $41.88 ................... 22W8041 0202400 PEN 8.90 u ~ :=~uwuau. ~tanu ~m~ua DEUNQUENT PRIOR YRS sucoessesan(lcnauengesmra- ~ernauonm scme. l~s goals are ~at)leswonwol. PPlN4~18 PRINT ~.~ ACCTg00~8 PEN 2.72 l(ggl.qnlrrH I=IITI= DI=H f4~q ......................... PRINT 3,00 ................... bzes prevention on both local to mcrease rabies awareness Interactive breakout ses- PRIOR YRS DUE TOTAL $13~.~ PRINT 3.00 TOTAL $4450 and global scales, and its impact on human and sions will provide a forum to TOTAL 48.81 ........ HAYES, JESSICA $2410 The Mississippi State Uni- animal health and to encour- discuss rabies cases and man- ~, ...... "~ SCRAmON CORP $622 • nfi n n " V~ORIA STEV~S $521 versity College of Veterinary age preve "o through educa- ageme t from the veterinary, ~IN'V704u~s°°uu g~ff ;i~ ACCT 900069 " PEN A4 .............. ......... PRINT 3.00 .............. Medicine will host the sixth tion and animal vaccinatior~ public health and human ~m2w TOTAL $23.73 .... .~.~ ACCT00 Pm~T 3~0 annual Meri31 Rabies Sympo- Hundreds of experts and stu- health perspectives. .mcu~u ca, ~u • m,a a *ram .... ""~" TOTAL $9.67 slum on World Rabies Day,dents from around the coan- Registration is free, and ~2n~1-~'"00~l~--~=N"-'- --~ STURGEON&s'rURGEONA'rL $11.79 Saturday, Septexnber 28.try attend the event each year, continuing education credits laPIN 3696 PRINT 3.00 ACCT 90061 PEN .83~ TURNER $87.11 ......... PRIOR YRS DUE TOTAL $164.26 PRINT 3.00 PRIOR YR DUE This year's symposmrn, and this zs the first time it will are available. To register or TOTAL $1~622000CL~YIDNPEN 6.10 "Protecting Animal__, People behestedin~ppi, to find more information, ~Ssit JARVIS J.P. aFANNIE $1738 "- ACCT110 PRINT ~(X) and Our Future, will take Featured speakers include http']/ 22W801'10401700 PEN 1~22TGMACENT. $14.65 TOTAL $96.21 PPIN 3731 PRINT 3.00 ACCT 901178 PEN 1.03 TOTAL $21.60 PRINT 3.00 TURNER, KA1HLIEER $6.26 • • • TOTAL $18.68 ~.--l=,-- R .... A=J A~&A., ~--I,A I I ..... 1003BUCCANEER PEN 50 un/,ne 4nw nuo, t. am,ng TRINrW TOUCH BARBER. $36.06 ACCT00013 ~ $~7~6 • • - , PPIN 4092 PR~ff 300 ACCTg01009 PEN 2.52 " by Bonnie Cobleatz educational and governmental to monitor children s perfor- w~ra, ~e~=',. PRINT _-_xao • • • ....... DERROKWELLS $9.69 AgC~mtmieatio~ ~tes, and ask teachers or par- mance and progress. TOTAL $4150lm,.~e=,rmY~. , eht organizations for recom- "playing online games LANUS, CUmtsa.~U~'.~EL~ $38.61 ................... A~r11"~"3'" ~mr=~ff a"~ B~ob +- school Hmo mo~"= menA=H--o for h,,,-,~,~,,,,...l~ ,,0~ A;ac,~.~,, 22W70~30200040 PEN 2.70 wa~u ~ul • ~u~,m.Y~]z~.ta ......... ............................... ~ "~'~* ~'~ A TOTAL $10.85 . _ . .... " ,. . ,.,, , . . PPIN12004 PRINT 3`00 CCT900~3 PEN 8.87 homeworK, ana nomeworK to- Many onlme resourcesparts oi me Drain anQ moves TOTAL $44.31 PRINT 3.00 day typically means at least make learning a game, espe- the child away from just rote Total$138.51 w~'~,._..t~l~.. $9~s some time spent in front of a cial]v for younta~r children memorization of facts" Bell LEE, BRENDA S. $23~2 ...... rH~H T~ UU" . .~.~ --~;- ,1 -', ........ ' , 22W8011 0302000 PEN 1.67 WP3LP.ASING $ 12.34 1969 CAVALIER PEN A7 compumr, uarnes, wnemer onnneSmCL H your scnool floes not PPIN3712 PRINT 3.00ACCTg01037' PEN 50 ACCT00765 PRINT 3.00 While the Internet has or in class, engage children's already refer students to a TOTAL $2850 PRINT 3.00 TOTAL $9.32 TOTAL $16.20 long been used for research, minds, and research shows particular website, ask your UB- "ER-Y M ........ teday it frequently offers tutor- that when children amen- child's teacher where he or she ~0~1~'~o~0 "~F~I~L =~S~8 ,WYo~A~'A.'t~IE= .... ing, drills and games aimed at gaged, they have a much bet- recommends they got help or PPlN 4652 PRINT 350 ................ A~"~7 ..... PRir~.a~T ~g " TOTAL 36 L~UJN~,,U=N ~ M~UV ." .~= brushingup the skills learned ter chance to succeed, she practice with certain educa- $545 TOTAL $12.20 .... ~ TAXES-~13 m class, stud. tional topics. LOFTON HnMER I: ’~ r~ 1 Carla Stanford, an agent Stanford urged parents to Ben children have dif- - 0 00 PE. 12.7s $1767 ' I Findwhat you're I with the Mississippi State be involved when children go ferent learning styles. Online PPIN3628 PRINT 3.001995 SOUTHERN HOMES ' [ Iookina for'in the I Universl Extension TOTAL $10003 :uuftt: :~ ~ t • "ty " Service online, resourcesofferlearningoppor- " 1~4 I '~7"~;Y~'~:,'° I in Pontotoc County, saidcare- "Parents must make it tunities that meet children's MCCLENDONROBERTT&L$29.89ACCT~3 PRINT 3.00 l classlTeoaas! l ful parents and students can clear to the children what the unique needs. DEUNOUENT'PRIOR YRS TOTAL $21.91 [ ~ l • • • , • 22W8014 0100900 PEN 2.09 often find help with problem rules are. There have to be Stanford saldchildrens dif- ..~ .~rr .. A-1 ~o~ I ~. I assignments or concepts that boundaries," she said. "Par- ferences even extend to the 2e'" ~/~ T'~'.~. $34~ DANGELOUSTOLUVER $60.95 I I am particularly difficult to ents need to know what web- bezt Sme for them to do home- 2004 SO HOMES PEN 4~ ] I master, sites their children are using, work, whether traditional or ~M~,.KE~.I~.SD.~A~..,... ~ ACCT0065 T~ ~ I I '%Vhen students are having and they need to set up a online. PPIN1"="=:~o06'~''~ PR~ 3~ " -" I \ \~)/h I ....................... A-2 PROPERTY - " ditlieulty w~trt l~omeworK, a system ot momtormg tl~mr -a~me children come home TOTAL $71.75 I ~ ~\ I-A~:~ / smart seamh online can often childron's online activity" and want to do their home- I " t .... " • PORTER, CHRISTIN O. $12.37zuuu ~ rr,.~r.~ ~-r.N z.~ lead them to the help theyMany Misslsslppl school work and got it completely 22W80140300000 PEN .8"/ACCT5720 PRINT 3.00 I .a/ff / need," Stanford said. "Teach- districts have endorsed speeif- over right away, while oth- PPIN4145 PRINT 3~0 TOTAL I ' • 1 hag children to find resources ic educational tools and make ers want to rest, play outside TOTAL$15.~ / without cheating on home- online time a part of students' ~noe they've been cooped up l~m1:Rnna! ~ir~w Br~I~r~'.~f~'I~=~DL.I:IS $4554I Tha Wn~dtdll,- / work is a goed lesson that will out-of-dassassignmonts, in a building all day, andthen ~NVS0""'14'O3~Q00 PEN "'I'0~ 2003 SO HOMES PEN 3.19 I "'.':T."'"" / serve them well throughoutBeth Bell, an Extension get around te homework," she PPIN4139 PRINT 3.00ACCT7969 ~ I HepUDllCan l theirlives." agontinTallahatchieCounty, said. ~/ou have to learn which TOTAL$1001, OT =73] 601-'888-4293 ! Stanford said success lies said some of these websites way your child learns best, SAUaER, K.SCOrr ANmu_c I -.- ..... / in finding dependable sources requiroregistrafionandal- and then develop your plans 22W80110000000 PEN.52 _ $277s I oniy ]zperrun j for h,M~ ~'~t,~t ,.,-;+h ~.,~:,,,~,,+,~-] 1,-~,, I-,,,+1-, .... +o ~,~A +...1-, .... ,.,.1;,~,~ +,~ +~,~, ,,,-,,-,,~, ,.r. , PPIN 3785 PRINT 3.00 ~ bu I-IUMI=~I.'P..N ]...~o, ...... ~, ......... ~2~.,~ ....... F,~ ............. ~TI~F,~ ......... .yu~ TOTAL $10.90ACCT 6434 PRINT 3.00 /~ll Ill And iftime spent on home- SESSIONS, JAM.EST.S~1~3 ~l~TA | '|M~. ] work too exce ive, =. o 1o=o=o PEN I "'"v* I PPIN 4653 PRINT3.00 * ..... , such as two to three hours TOTAL$100~2['~.~ OPEN MONDAY. FRIDAY I Home UOll ada after schoo • . y 1, Stanford 7:30 AM., 4:30 P.M. I said ifs time for the parent to ~.ONS, J~EST~. ~51 IB /ai r~ I "If parents dont let the TOTAL $9~'/ ,~,~oo'- w_hools know their child is SMA' LLC ~35050 ~~FI~R~AY- VIDAIdA HWY I spending too much time on ~I~0201300 PEN "'96.65P- 52ira .... I home,work, nothing will be PPiN3646 PRg~ 3.00 I "~ ~" ~ -- " ~ t~8OO-722-6264 I done, she said "Children TOTAL$14~ ~ .... J AUCTION FEATURING: need to lem~ responsibility, surm, sAR~c $12.63 but homework does not need ~ 0100700 PEN to engulf a child's life." PPIN 3514 PRINT 3.00 Natchez Salvage & Parts, Inc. Why new when used wil[ do? USED AUTO & TRUCK PARTS Buy Here! Pay Here! USED AUTOS 601-442-3626 or Toll Free 1-800-759-0631 Construction Equipment, Farm Equipment, Trucks, Trailers, Vehicles & MUCH MORE! Netterville Lumber Co. In WANTS TO BUY HARDWOOD LOGS the woods or delivered to mill BY BULK. BY THOUSAND Call 1-8OO-343-4577 IN BUSINESS SINCE 1952 N [ i F. S I N G A G [:" N C Y i!i "W~, Treaic Potier~;.'; Like Felinity" Live&Online ,('" '~~: Specialty Healthcare Saturday, Aug. 24 - 10am Bidding! is looking for RNs and LPNs in Consignment Dead/me 2236 Hwy49 Brooklyn (Hattiesburg), MS 39425 Safurday, ,z Woodville) MS. Must be CPR certified} Call 601-450-6200 ] n~" !~ current TB skin test & a background test. For More Information Please call between 8 a.m' and 2 p.m. WWW.MMAOFMS.COM , Detoiled lnfo and Photos Available on our website. M~I~ N~t,l~,ll~ MS Press Services at 601-981-3060. (601) 427-5973 for more iaformati0n.