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August 20, 1898     The Woodville Republican
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August 20, 1898

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There will be no recog- nition of the independence of Cuba un- til there is a stable form of govern- ment, established through the medium of the ballot box, for the United States to recognize. The United States. mean- while, will maintain a military form of government, and while dealing justly and liberally with the Cuban insur- gents, will not permit any interference with the laws and edicts laid down by this country for the maintenance of peace and order throughout the island. Instructions have today been issued from the office of the adjutant-general, having the object it) view of pl'evcnting riotous or disorderly conduct in Cuba. This is the dispatch sent to Gen. II. W. Lawton. the commanding general oi the department of Santiago: "Replying to your telegram for instruc- tions, the president directs that yon be in- formed that the United tates is responsi- ble for peace and must maintain order in the territory surrendered and in your de- partment, and must protect all persons and their prol)erty within said jurisdiction. "Interferenee from any quarter will not be permitted The Cuban insurgents should be treated justly and liberally, but they, With all others, must recognize the military occupation and authority of the United States and the cessation of hostilities pro- claimed by this government. Yea should see insurgent leaders and so advise them." Swift and Anomaloos. This swift and anomalous change in tile relations of Americans and Cubans anti Spanish has given rise tea question which has puzzled the adn)inislrution. Previous to tlte sending of these in- struelions to Maj.-(;cn. Lawton. there had been earnest conferences betweer high officers of tlle government (,n the attitude of the United States, not only Fourth ?--L. A. iV. Bulletin. toward the insurgents, but toward the -="":" ...... : .... --::::':-":'::::"-:'--'-+:----- territory till under[he jurisdiction of MDED BY MRS. PINKHA Spain. ; Mrs. W. E. PAXTON, Youngtown, North Dakota. writes about her strug- gle to regain health after the birth of her little girl: " DEAB ]IRS. PINKH&M:--It is pleasure that I add my testimony to your list, hoping that it may induce others to avail themselves of your val- [table medicine. "After the birth of my little girl, three years ago, my health was very liner. I had leueorrhcea badly, and a terrible bearing-down pain gradually grew worse, until I eould do no work. ALo iliad headache nearly all the time. nnd dizzy feelings. Men- struations were very profuse, appear- Ing every two weeks. "I took medicine from a good doctor but it seemed to do no good. I was becoming alarmed over my condition w-hen I read your advertisement in a paper. I sent at once for a bottle of Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Com- ponnd, and after taking two-thirds of the bottle I felt so much better that I send for two more. After using three bottles I felt as strong and well as any one, "' I think it is the best medicine for female weakness ever advertised, and I am safe in stating that it is the opinion of no less an authority than Seeretary Day that the administration of the war department will not come in to effect until evaenation has t'zken place and according to the terms of the protocol, and until our military forces are is possession. It is the ()pinion el the authorities that the present admin- istration of foreign affairs of Spain in Cuba in [)laces not yet in actual posse- sign of the military forces of this gov. crnment will continue until arrange lnents are made hy the commissioneEs. It will be nnticut that in the instruc- tions sent by the secretary of war ordel is enjoined only "in the territory sur- rendered." I am, however, assured by a high official of the government that. under the terms of the proclamation issued at the time of the surrender ot Santiago, there is su flit[out latitude te enable the president to take measures against riotous or disorderly conduct iv the rest of the island also. I am informed that relations ]tad be- come very much strained between the Cubans and our forces, and that the re- quest for instructions by Gen. Lawton came as a resu] t of provocation. The Porto Rican situation is a simple one. bnt that in Cuba is badly tangled. recommend it to every lady I meet aUto fering from this trouble." IIUILDINt; ills I)EF1ENSE. l|aternity is ,% wonderful experience and many women approach it wholly Blaneo l'reparing for the Storm Await- unprepared. Childbirth under right ing Illm at Ilome, conditions need not terrify women. 51M)lem, Ang. 16.---According to El The advice of Mrs. Pinkham is freely Tiempo, the organ of the dissident Con- offered to all expectant mothers, and servatives, Senor Silve]a, the leader of her advice is beyond question the most that party, intends to block the govern- valuable tbe obtained. If Mrs. Pay ment's policy. had written to Mrs, Pinkham be- The queen regent has personally ore confinement she would have been thanked the French government for its saved much suffering. Mrs. Pin'a flood offices in oh[sluing peace, and address is Lynn, Mass. has charged Senor Leon y Cast[lie. the GROVES Spanish ambassador at Paris, to inform I. l)eleasse, the French minister of foreign affairs, that her majesty has conferred upon him the grand cross of the order of Carlos III. A similar dis- tinct[on is bestowed upon M. Pateno- tre. tbe l:rcneh ambassador at Madrid. Et hnparcial publishes a letter from llavana, whose writer asserts that Gen. ltlanco had succeeded in hoodwinking the Americans as to Adn:iral ('rervera's whereabouts, but that the Madrid gov- ernlnent "frustrated his plans by an- nouncing the arrival of tLe squadron at Santiago de Cuba." SAN JUAN ENTERED. American ()fib.era There, and Vt'ar Vessels VVtlt Go[side. $1'. Tno.Lts, I). W. I., Aug. 16.--- Amt,riean officers htve entered San nan, I erie l,co. ,essels of the 0000ii'CL ++ ++ arc walting outside the harbor. They will enter as 8oon as tbe mines haw., been removed. The Span- is.) flag still flies over the fortifications. OFFICIA LLY ANNOUNCED. T O N i C + +''h'+'----Fresh Defeat. LONDO. Aug. 16.--A special dispatch from Madrid says: "The surrender of I JUST A8 GOOD FOR ADU L. WARRA.qlTED. PRICE 80ors. NO OURE-NO PAY This is the way all druggists sell GROVE'fi TASTELESS CtIILL TONIC for Malaria. Chills and Fever. It is simply Iron and Qui- IHne in a tasteless form. ClIdren love it, Adults prefer It, to bitter, nauseating Tonics. At all druggist. Manila on Saturday by Gen. August[ is officially announced. The United States troops immediately occupiud the city. The Report to Madrid. MAl)lH). Au'. 16.--Thegovernment has been notified by the Spanish consul at tlong Kong of the surrender of .Ms- ................................................... nila. SUMMER RESORTS on LONG ISLAND, N. Y. fly the O'al en tO $OOt ebor, or tbS . In stumps to "' t)NO ISLAND," an illntrs ed dead,rip[lye bOOk.  eeut for "S'3MER IIOMES." a book dv-r$olng hot} and boarding houses oil Lo)4 ]Mood. anti e, for "UNIQUE l.o://J ILAND," an il],3trated bookato ! J, 8+IIPt.I Tr.fttc MaraUder, b. I P+. +R. ]o/g l;and ;ity, New fork. .,t gents and for the United States to pay them off. in the interest of promoting peaceful conditions of the island. The proposition, it is stated would not be entertained by this government, and it js further suggested such an action would require legislative sanction I t is not yet aware of the manner in which the surrender was effected." No Thought of Puying Off th Cuban Sol- dier. VASIIIN(4TON, Atlg. 16.--Secretary A1- er and (,thor members of tim eahine occasion today to (levy the truth of the reports current iu Cuha of an agreement to disband the Caban insur- Rumored Oollision With Insurgents at Manila. Wanted a Share In the Spoils--Said to Have Assaulted Americans in the Trenches--Heavy Loase lu the Main Fight. ATTACKED BY REBELS, country boy visiting New York stopped t frantic runaway team that was about to dash on the sidewalk where there were hun- dreds of women and children. He saved their lives, but lost his own. IIundreds of lives are saved every year by Hostetter's Stomach Bitters People wife are fast go- ing to their graves with disorders of stom- ach, liver, bowels and blood are bronght back to good health by R. All the sick should try it. "So that is the famous p;aywright? But why is it that one reads so little about him HEIGHT OF P0LITENESS 1[ Your Hostess Skins Her Nose I I the Proper Caer to Skin Yours AIIo, Three young women who boarded a North ide cable car the other day were evidently dressed for a reception, and carried card cases in their Freuchiily gloved hands. They attracted much "attention, which was not surprmmg, as they were young and would have been hand:rome but for a similarity of Hoxo Koxo. Aug. 16.--It ts rumored here that the United States troops at Manila have had trouble with the rebel forces under Gen. Affuinaldo. Accord- ing to one account the insurgents, upon whom various restrictions had been placed by Gen. Merritt, mutinied at not being permitted to have any share in the surrender of the city. It is re- ported that they attacked the Ameri- cans in the trenches. The officers of the German warship Kaiserin Augustin received instructions to give no information about the bom- bardment, but it is freely stated that there was great loss of. life on both sides. It is feared that the steamer with the peace proclamation, which was ex- pected to reach Manila this morning, may not have arrived there until after Rear Admiral Dewey h',tl sent cruisers to hoist the United States flag" at 11oiio and Ccbu. 8PANISII VERSION G] VEN. Americans Crowded Them Right Out at Manila. t|ox'o KO. Aug'. 16.--Admiral Dewey flare Gen. August[ an hour in which to surrender, at the time of the last de- mand, made on Saturday. Gen. August[ refused to comply. The bombardment,, which began at 9:30 a.m.. was continued for two hours, and then the Americans stormed the trenches, sweeping all before them. Those within the walls attempted no resistance. The First Colorada Volun- teers stormed the outer trenches and drove the Spaniards into the second line of defenses. Then the American troops swept on. driving all the Span- lards into the inner fortifications, where the Spanish eommander, seeing that further resistance was useless, hoisted the white flag and surrendered. The Josses. American and Spanish, are not yet known. The Spaniards in the trenches probably mlmbered 8,000 men. The American attacking force numbered 10,000. and the Americans were better armed, better trained and in better eondition. The foreign fleets watched the boln- bardment with acute interest. The American warships engaged were the Olympia. Petrel, Raleigh, McCulloch, Boston. Monterey, Charleston and Bal- timore. The Spaniards assert that the fire of the Americans for the most part fell short, the only effective fire being from a small gunboat armed with quick-fir- ing guns. that was close in-shore. It is also asserted by the Spaniards that "the Americans lost heavily in the storming, owing to the faulty construc- tion of their intrenchments, which the Spaniards could command from the heights and upon which they poured a galling fire." The Spanish trench extended around Manila at a distance of from two to four mijes from the walled city, form- ing a circle ten miles in cirenmference, and it was impossible, the Spaniards say, to hold so long a line against the nowadays?" "Oh, he has been famous too facial misfortune--each One had a prominent 1 " ' ong. --Fhegende Blaetter. rea nose, which presented a lurid and re- markable appearance. Shake Into Your Shoes Fortunately for the peace of mivd of the Allen's Foot-Eae, a powder for the feet. other passengers on tile ear, a woman--also It cures painful, swollen, nervous, smarting in gala dress--knew them well enough to ak feet and instantly takes the sting out of with great astonishment: ,, corns and bunionS. 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August[, former captain-general of the Philippines, will start for Madrid tomorrow by the German mail steamer. l)esigns of Admiral Dewey. Consul-General Wihlman today re- ceived a report from Admiral Dewey, saying titat it was intended after tle capture of Manila to dispatch couriers on August 14 to Iloilo and Cebu, to ac- cept the surrender of those ports, and also to send cruisers to Port Royalist, in Talawan, to capture the Spanish gunboats hiding there. Another ship was detailed to capture the Spanish steanmrs plying between Le Baun and lloih). Four Spanish gunboats at Ba- taan, in Panaya, were also to be cap- tured. Consul Wildman credits the re- port, and sys that simuld tim vessels have left before the arrival at Manila of the British steamer Australia, whleh was chartered to carry the news of the signing oil,the protocol and the cessa- tion of hostilities to that place, it Will be an impossibility to recall the vessels in three weeks. Gen. August[ today said he did not know that the Kaiserin Augustln was to sail fo lion Kon  lie a "" " g  g. s informed that a launch was awaiting him, which he boarded and was taken to the Kai- serin Augustin, which immediately started for this place. Tiffs statement is considered au equivocation, as Geu. August[ evidently knew his destination and his escape was prearranged. Insurgents Pledge Allegiance. Yesterday a deputation of Ilong Kong Filipinos, heade4 by Aguincolido, high commissioner of the Philippine pro- visional government, waited upon Mr. Wildman and congratulat, ed him on be- nalf of Aguinaldo, upon the success of the American arms Philippines and the happy terminator of the war in favor of America, and 'e- quested Mr. Wildman to wire President McKinley their congratulations and: assurances of their allegiance, and an expression of their hope that Filipinos will be represented on the Philippine commission. FEVER AT ]KEY EST. Three Genuine Cases lu the Marine Bar- racks There. WASIIOTO. Aug. 16.--Surgeon- General Stcrnberg has received the fol- lowing dspteh from Key West regard- ing the yello,h, fever there: 'Three cases of yellow fever and three susueeted cases officially reported at Marine Barracks here. IIave fifty men at this hospital, mostly from the Fifth Corps, ready for duty and thirty- one eonvalescents able to travel. ' BOnDE.'q, Surgeon." [J00tD era[Lint C0000pl0s  6Kf.. .5N #at4 O/ A /ttrr#L O, f6 /52 #6 /larRArga TALOal]. /80 t,Ear A.. XZW Iv/N. ,v/ ii iltmand Whigkey Hob- [] [] mr-'mill mmlllts Curcd. Wrltsto i [] "B i ig iB m B.M.V,'oolley,M.D., li ii m  JiAtlants, GO. EDUCATIONAL. Sprin00: Hill Collel[e Alabama, eg Col- legs conducted by the Jesuit Fathers. Pr-epar- a tory, Commercltl aud Classical Courses. Large gymnasium, running track, etc. Climale ex- ceptionally healtly. Address EEV. M, IOYNIHAN. S. J., President. THE MOONEY SCHOOL BOYS, FnANKLIN, TESN, W D. MOONEY, A. ]M[., Principal. 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