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August 18, 1923     The Woodville Republican
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August 18, 1923

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t &apos;r  iss Virginia Wallace l'eft Wed- Miss Katherine McGehee was -a I" Our Expert Tailor,'wlth itahn Taft: heirg'0r Walter'Sl'rop'shie, deceased'; ) ,o, =es Aes  ., At.  - . ./    rmsday morning for Rome Ga., where Woodville visitor on Friday. orlng Co., will be at our store to take" D. N. Swayze, Guardian of B. F. & "P''e  .....  she will spend a few weeks on a visit : your measure Thursday tand Friday; G. W. Duty; unknown heirs of G. W. [ August 30th and 31st. All fits guar. Duty, deceased; unknown heirs of ,' AUGUST i8, t23. 'to one of her college friends. On Miss Miller, of Waterproof, La.. ...... her way there she expected to stop was a guest this week at the' home anteed. D.L. CUMBO. Tho} 00noolOpeni g August 16, 1923. over in Chattanooga, Tenn., on a of Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Sims. : heirs of .Joseph Shropshire, deceased;  , , 5 13 short visit to Dr. and Mrs. Frank W. .:. Beslde$ the best fancy grocer|ca, unknown heirs of Mary A. Criq) de- 11 " "" ' "" " '.., Wallace. t Mrs. J. M. Sessions, Mrs. C. E we have delleious lunches always on ceased unknown heir of lob * .... , ...... 4 ; " ' , ri C. ..... - - . , .'7"-j _ ,Catchmgs and Mr. Warren Wood hand.Plitt's Bakery. i Sims,, deceaseff; unknown heirs o lsewnere in this issue Mayor spent Friday and Sa]=urday in Bator Mav Sims de<e .... 1 u- ....... ..;...,/I 'Cl . .  A I Clay B Tucker gives notme that the lougc 'of M ' ; * " ND PERSONAL 1, " ........ " ARMY SADDLES n.oa ...... ,; . rs. C. F., deceased; un- ;_. law agalns ne speealng el auomo-  ....  "'" ". . ; o -----------i i " " " [ .... Army McClellan $620 Also used known hews of Mrs. Ce.ete F. Sims. ' -' .... t bles m thin town will be strictly Rev. H. G. Hawkins was called to ...... .eceased"  ' ' ............. -- ...... q" .wdkmson left Surid.a.yl enf0rced in future The speed limit New Orleans Thursday morning tc _out in goes condtmn, not a break of D '' Cg,,- _; ...... , ..... , ,, .... } -5 10 ........  ...... .r. ms, re,cease(t; unknown . New Orleans on a vst is fifteen miles per hour and if you see his sister from Texas who wa,  . . wm stop w. o. 1). ana aimw ..'-o -*' *  . , . ..i * " examination r wr r,***-- ,the  warv (rlS]) I(c0asocI ] '", l exceed this limit in future just ex-, there for that day only L ^ " "" "" "' know-  " % "-'" " .... " f'* ---.-- . ,ooo00. ..... o. . .... , ,,,uitma00 Ga .. ,. is Only Two Weeks from Next ]  ...........  : / - -- ' -- { ................ [ t unknown he:rs of C F Sml-:, de- Rabb, of Stephenson. l r. visi:, I We extend the sympathy of the[ NOTICE ,O SPEEDERS---,ceased; Mrs. Fannie Aaron White; "b Monday. Are You Getting as visitor to Woodville! : entire community to Mr. M. E. Col-I ........... : ', I all unknown parties in interest" * evening. . " J idr. and Mrs. Roy E. Coter pa.%cd lum in the death of his'aged fathe . ne speeu lmj or, auomomms m All of aaid'mrso t. ........ :. _ I 1""----: tiuougl: Woodvill,, Tu,,-'dav after which occurred in Bolton Miss. on t ne Town o wooavme s 15 miles .......  ' -" """ ...... :% Your Children Ready t *" - "  " "" " ' "" ' er hour m,;= a k--:--.- 1__?. Kllwx,'vn ,re (letentlans 111 [t SIII or # .' *uongomery, oz par. r, oep on their return to ekcton!sh from Tuesday evening. . I e .... *-'o ,o .cmg yrven Foster Creek I umbe a--d M. --'-- It a visitor to Woodville a visit to r,latiws ,rid frlo,'aa ,1 . [ practmauy every .oay by drivers .... " ............... " **  ] - .................. ' but all s Luring wompany a corporation to *" Z. Y morning. " Tensas parish. While there they bad Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Deloach a ..... uch pers0ps willtake nohce confirm a-; -:--: :*s .... " .... " ..... ' t---"-:----7".. , . the misfortune to be in an aurorae-! children, of Wensas parhh, La., hr. ] ma tnc law wallbe enforced from in Wflkin'sonico;n: - ,e: nc a, {, . ,. o..w. rana.on, or., bile accident in which both were rived here Wednesday afternoon, on a ana aer ne pumieafion . of thi sissii ,l-sorh-. " +%?t,u ,%.[:   anu unuay m ,JacK- nainfull4 bruDa ann M- Calror' visit to his th M .lr, rah warning, it you are brought before  vF' "Y : "%" :: ........... '"+'. ./ ............................... the cit authorities for s " uarter ot' the ornwest Quarter of . st to her relahves- Buick car badly damaged, and to other relatives . ,- Y . . peedmg, Section ,27 Townshi " N-,h R'u, , -----.:-- . __. aon  oe surprlseu. I . ;:; ' , , . e , , .... ,1, " "'" lT.e LMc.Curley, mayor, of We join with the many friendsl Mrs. J. A. Redhead entertained the . CLAY B. TUJKER, Mayor.l;r.nW est' ano o remove clouas herc. I K was m town on lausmess here of Mrs. Jas. M Sesqons, Jr, boys and girls of the young crowd NOTICE TO TAX av -J  '_ .... 1.) lr on . " " . . . , . - -.*--,.,. zou are eoYIlIsqsl.n(lOCI to a ear oe- * last Saturday. m extending sympathy to her m the on Friday mght m honor of Mine ,., .. ........... I ...... PP'_" _ **J - - nereas, zne ount o " 1or ne tmaneer " our o , ,# "-"-: C " . . y wHkl'n- [ te .. y   f the death of her beloved mother, Mrs. mrmne Snowden who left for her son m wthout funds to defray its County of Wilkinson, in said State,  .. Our Line of F ALL GINGHAMS T. Netterville, of Wil- Chadwick, which occurred in Walnut home in Pass Christian this morning, general expenses, notice is herebvl on the first Monday o ,etemb,," town on business for Grove, Miss., on Tuesday afternoon, : Wen that the Board of Supervisor[A. D. 1923, to defend the" uit of enTuesdayafternn" after an illness f many mnths" Mrs TO THE PEOPLE OF WILKINSON f said cunty' will at its meeting n said Fster Creek Lumber and Man' i-ss Ar Now 0 lplay i Sessions was with her mother at the COUNTY : the first Monday of September, 1923,[ ufactuing Company, a corporation, l l D F. P. Gasquet of time of her death and Mr. Sessions I take this opportunity to thank borrow $6,000.00 and execute ioan wherein you are defendants. I Were visitors to Woodville left for, that town on Wednesday you, one and all, for your genera)us warrnnts therefor on the treasury This 1st day of August, A. D. 1923 on Wednesday morn- morning, support and for the expression of of 'said county, payable on February ' W. L. HAYS, Clerl. i *r  .... -  ' " . .... ' : - " ...... ':'" : ........ 9  :-- your confidence in me by re-electing 15th, 1924. [Seal.] ...... 8-4-]923_4w. t  . ' .............. . Os# '.'igl-r The first meeting of the brid re@as your Assessor.  This i the This August 9th, 1923. NO'TICE.- ............ :0x left Monda club washeld on last Saturday after, sixth time you have so honored me 8-11-1923-3w. W. L. HAYS, Clerk. Proposals to loan the County of '  " ' and Gulfport on a noon with the Misses Argue, the and in onsidering your kindness to PETITION FOR PARDON. Wilkinson $6000.00. a  rae no COUple of weeks to hi gameSfour tables.being playedMiss progressivelY'Eugenia Lewisat pressme' wordSmy failappreciation.and I am Iunablewill uset To the Honorabie Lee M. Russell.. more than 6 per cent per annum, and [ CO "/ :) . -- "  won the score prize, a bottle or per- my best efforts to serve you faith- Governor, and State Paradoning to mature on Febru.ry 15th, 1924. will be reeeixcd by the Board'o.  ;0 WOD D V I L LE, M I S 8 1 S S I P P i *0 born to Mr. and Mrs. fume, and Miss Olivia Tucker, the fully and conscientiously, and to so Board of the State of Missismppi: o'clockSupervisrSa, m.fonSaidMonday,CuntYseptember,uP to 11 .. ** . * , ** e. *e Jr., on Friday after, consolation, a deck of cards. Ice discharge the dutie of the office as We, the undersigned resident cir. ,- ,- ,-? . . Week at their home near cream and cake were served after to merit, fully, the confidence you izens of Wilkinson county, Missis- 3rd, 1923. the games, reposed in me. Again I thank you. mppi, would respectfully petition This August 9th. 1923. - .... ' ' "   _:,7 ..... , -- : Respectfully, your Honorable Body to consider and 8-II1923-3w. W. L. IIAYS, Clerk.  ......................... , bf Plaquemine. Miss Olivia Tucker entertained a E.' E. RICHARDSON. your honorable body to consider and and Sunday here number of the younger set on Friday ......... : grant unto WillieFeltusanardon. , , , , , , , . , sister, Mrs. W. L. afternoon at a bridge party. A num- TO THE VOTERS OF WILKINSON Petitioners would show that the . berA)f games were played progress- _V[' Jr e "'--" ivel], after which a delicious plate COUNTY: said Willie Feltus is a colored man LATEST AND BEST * and Mrs. Chv, ' -'* I those vf my suPlg.rters to and was at the October, 1921, tern i An Increasing, Lifelong Monthly I  luncheon of uffed crabs, ohves wnt about 34 years old, and has a family. __ ., $ morning on a sandwiches and iced tea was served, know just how sincerely I appreci, of the Circuit Court of Wilkinson Income if Totally and Perma- and friends in and the prizes for the games award: ate the generous support given me county, indicted, tried and convicted : nentl'y Disabled by Accident or :I ed. Mrs. F. M. Stockett and Miss in the first primary in my race for of the crimepenitentiaryOf murder,forandlife, sent to Dhease Before Age of 60. itl Well'S" inDressed Circle -----. Daisy Ferguson cut for the first ReFresentative in the Legislature. the State ' the Raymond CoRer and prize, a box of stationery, which the As I shall be in the run-off in the Petitioners would show that the The Mutual--e |usuranoe , :l Old River Island. former won. The afternoon was en- second primary for this office I re- killing occurred at night at a negro Company of New York *[ to Woodville last Sat- joyed so much that a bridge club wae support'andSpectfully aSkinfluecea continuanCeand the OfsupportYOUr dance, or frolic, where there, was $100 a month during first five * ..--- quite a crowd of negroes and prae- * years, $150 durin next five organized to meet weekly on Satur. and influence of those who voted tically all of them drunk, where there years, $200 thereafter for life. * left Thursday <lay afternoon * : for one of my opponents in my race was some eye witnesses to the killino' . No further premium deposits. I We have dsplay Orleans where she The following candidates will be for victory in the second primary. "it seemed at the time of the trial, and And then $I0,000 at your death i! I] on by a special- in the run-off in Wilkinson county I promise you, if elected, that I shall has since developed that all .parties to your beneficiary, or $20,000 * days in the second primary which is to ever have the best,interests of Wtl. present were too drunk to give an if death at any age, is accidental, Reed, of Plettenburg. be held on Tuesday, August 28th: kinson county at heart and shall " CURLIEE'S LIGHT WEIGHT Wednesday afternoon For Sheriff, H. A. Wood and C. H vork consistently and persistentl timeaCCUnttheffatalthe shotkilling'wasandfired,ttheat thede. ** incomePay,ableform aatermSingleof yearsSUm' orr foraa WORSTEDS. Neyland;. For Representative, W. J. for its upbuilding and the progress ceased was advancing on the said The han'dome finlsh to these clothes days to her cousin. Stockett ancl A. K. Farrar; Fr of the state as a whole. * life. Total disability lastimz : * is the result of watchful care in every d. " Feltus with a pistol in a shooting po- months regarded, during further * detaHl of manufacture. Superintendent of Education, Joseph Respectfully yours, "-----: sition, it was shown upon the hear- continuance, as permanent. *[g N. Miller and Mrs. Julia Mathis; Fo ALEX W. FARRAR. ing in this case by good white testi- i Argue returned home Member of Board of Supervisors, 5tk : mony that this negro Feltus has " ii I We have a full llno of from a two weeks district, T. G. Brown and R. L. Mur- TO THE CITIZENS OF WILKINSON[ never been in any trouble in his lif,. Full particulars of this Perfect Mrs. Emmett ray; For Justice of Peace 3rd ds.  COUNTY: ' Life Insurance Policy given GENUINE LORRAINE ' n', La. ' - until this time, was from a g(ol upon request. trict, H. L, Coon and Thee. Rush. I deeply appreciate the confidence family of "negroes, and had always . : SUITS Chambers returned ing; For Constable, 3rd district, M you have in me, as expressed by your been a hard working peaceful negro . ABE COHEN, Agent for in a wide rang': of sizes nd style#, after a very pleas- L. Humphreye and Willie MeCraine vote in the last primary. I intend until the date of this killing. * Mutual Life Insurance Co. of N.Y. daughter, Mrs B.A. : to deserve that confidence and the also has a wife and child that . Woodville, Miss. Rouge. Mira Camille Dreyfus entertaineo honor you have conferred upon me no means of support except her ow . DON'T SWELTER; a few of her friends at a progressive by representing you and your lnter- labor, they have no means, and . . . ,/ . . . . . " COME IN AND BUY A COOL, superintendent of five hundred party on Tuesday after, eats in the, Lower House of the Mis- owimz to the circumstances surround. COMFORTABLE SUIT. J. L. Denson, prin- noon in honor of Miss Hollingsworth sissippi Legislature. ing the killinr at the time, we be. - . I/. School, went up to oh Hattiesburg, who with her sister. ,Gratefully yours, lieve that this negro has been I __t.._yv____  y morning. , Mrs. A. A. Smith, is visiting at the W.F. TUCKER.', sufficiently punished, and if now We also have a full line , __ home of Mr. and Mrs. William J. : turned loose would make a good and SUMMER UNION SUITS McGraw left Friday Smith. The highest score for the TO THE VOTERS OF WILKINSON useful citizen of his raee. FDRD TOURING CAR on a visit series of games was made by Mrs. O. COUNTY: R.L. Hills, Thos. F. Coon.. W.A. in fact John Dalier, and O. Roberts, who accordingly received I can assure you that I am deeply StuartJnd many others. FOR SALE. A FULL LiNE OF in that city. the first prize, a pair of candles grateful for the generous support g-11-1923-5w. ]:. GENTS' FURNISHING The-guest's prize was a box of thayou gave me,ln th%firstprimary. STATE OF MISSISSIPPh * left during stationery. The consolation prize, and I trust that I sharl be able tO To unknoWn heirs of Walter Shrop. GOOD CONDITION. Week for Lexington fell to Mrs. Roy E. Cox. After the merit ame. In .the second primary associated with Mr. H. games refreshments of sherbet and I respectfully solicit your vote and thire, deceased; uknown heirs of  i a road building contract, cake were served, influence and that of the voters who Wiley Shropshir, deceased; unknown ' ' .... : "' " : cast their ballots for one of the oth- heirs of Sallie Cavin, deceased'; un- APPLY TO * ....... "" essions and Mr. Roge The various committees are now er candidates in the race for the leg-known heirs of Moses Cavin,deceased; M0rltt| leave thins afternoon for at work perfecting the preliminary islature. Very truly yours, unknown heirs of Tempe Partin, de- a visitof a few day arrangements for the big Union W.J. STOCKETT. ceased; unknown heirs of Orrin Par. lRllW00d Terry and Dr. Nolan Revival which is to be held at the :. tin, deceased; unknown heirs of Court House in Woodville from Sun- We heartily agree ;ith Mr. Bilbo Emily Swayze, deceaSed; unknow W O 0 D V I L L E M I g S I S S I P P 1[ heirs of D. M. Swayze, deceased; un. E.M. KEE, Manager, day, August 26th, to Friday, Sep- in his statement that, "WHITFIELD known heirs of Elizabeth Brown, de- Woodville, Mississippi who has been tember 7th. Rev. J. O. Haines, of IS A GOOD MAN." Of course he ceased; unknown heirs of N. W. W. & Whetstone in Birmingham, Ala., who is one of is a good man, so will male a goo Brown, deceased; unknown heirs of ,, , -- ..........  .... . -- -_ ........ , : for several months the ablest and mo forceful rvival, governor, and that is the reason wh; j. p. Cavin, deceased; unknown heirs - . --.----,> during the week ists in the South, will conduct th the voters will, elect him on August of Mary J. Cavin, deceased; unknown meeting, and will bring his choir 28th by an overwhelming, majority, heirs of Walter Shropshire, Jr., de. c bo's Gro leader with him. It is proposed tc < um cer y! and son, Sidney. make this a great religious awaken- ceased; unknown heirs of Thomas BondBread, Moth,r'sBread, made Shrolhire, deceased; unkn0wn heirs , F  E [m. s  i arrived last Sat ng for our county, and it is hoped |n New Orleans fresh daily at D. L. of Willian Shropshire, deceased; un- Woodville, Miss. , to his brother, Mr that our people without regard to CUMBO'S, known heirs of George Shropshire, The Store wherc you can and his family in the denomination will join tn making .: deceased; unknown heirs of Win. - = ----- .--  .... ; .......... . it a glowing success. Your assist- You can get the pure i, eram at Shrppshire, deceased; Wiley Shrop. get what you want, when .... - .... - :,, ance, co-operation and prayers are retail or in quantities when you want shire, Guardian of Chesley McCear. yOU want It and always  Tucker, Eugenia respectfully rdquested. Virginia --. it at Piitt's Bakery. ley; W. T. Gavin, Guardian of the at the right price. YOU CAN SECURE "' and Joe Tuck. The session- of 1[}23-24 of the '- in Natchez pleas- Wilkinson County A. H. School will D L C ml "! - open on Monday, September 3rd. . s U o R0gP$' $[JV't "'i' under the principalship of Mr. "J. L. bookkeeper for Denson, and a full and able faculty. , - ....... ., left last Friday Preparatry t the pening f this Hill' Mixt spend his vacation school Mr. Denson, Mr. Cox and Mr. SMOKE-- Mr., Fletcher D. Miller are busily engaged in get- S ure WITHOUT CHARGE ting things in shape in the way of W. A. Hays and twc making repairs and leaning he BY TRADING WITH US. Texas, arrived buildings. Every room in the dor. Week on aviit tc mito.ries has been given a thorough One of the Most Effective r. and Mrs. W. L. overhauling and cleaning and new , TELL TOUR FRIEND5 ABOUT THIS EXCEPTIONAL OFFER-, relatives, furniture is being added. The fact SAVE OUR CARDSTHEY ARE VALUABLE is that nothing will be left undon Boll 'FV ll1"'eev" r00"o'sons One Card with each 5Oc Cash Pureha,e - , of Baton to make things attractiv and com- on CARDS GIVEN BY .- here during the fortable for the pupils. Mr. Denton '   . ." =c,e a.d a.nt 00eently been in all sections C:) (::) 2::) Allen Walker, and the county on a canvassing tour for the Market and friends, t the school, and he reports that he The Busy Druggist: TELEPHONE 8-J Woodville, Miss, - has received great encouragement, assistant so expects to see the attendance on ,.'_ , GASOLINE STATION and FISK TIRES , National Bank the opening date very much increas- EASY TO APPLY, DOES NOT REQUIRE ANY EXPENSIVE .d here Saturda ed. Any person having a child who MACHINERY, AND WILL POSITIVELY KILL THE WEEVILS. 5 " "  * ": a two weeks' expects to enter this school should , ' EOMPtETE STOCK NEW RECORDSFULL LINE J'WELR/' to his father and confer with the principal at once. TRY A FEW GALLONS. COME IN AND LT ME EPLAIN 1From all that- we can see there is IF YOU ARE NOT ALREADY ACQUAINTED WITH IT. "THE CIGAR' THAT SELLS."  ;. r.v ;-,w . "V-'"-''"*'-';" - -* - - &"" ;, :_  o question but what our school is of automobile soon to enter upon its most success.. J 'e Were vi'iting fu] Iessin and we are glad that the "  R0$S0 ' ' ..... | ..... ' '"[ ' .... - ....... mday afternoon, people of 'the county are taking the A.H. JONS, . DR. R. F. PAYNE, the gravel road interest in their institutio that they  ,aDur:n Moline ,.... )wns is in" such should. Without this it could not  :- - Throat I zucceed. , DISTRIBUTOR Real Estate Bou1t arid 9otd IOfflce otrs 2 to 5 1 p. 171. t Hopital, "-- VOOIVVILLE, MISS. on Commission. StephOnson, Miss. and llttl son, This writer failed to recede MOST ECONOMICAL HORSE FEED, ABSOLUTELY SAFE, Office'in court h'ouse, Woodvilte. 1 4_8.1922_1y and Mr. Roger notiece in time Jor lsstweek's issue , . arrived here of the death of Mr J,B Cur , of AND WHEq YOU CONSIDF QUALITY AND RESULTS, "  FOR - DR.W,W. MONTFORT, DR.J.W. BRANDON, JR,, ." / to Mr and Mrs. Fort Adams, whmh occurred at the CHEAPER THAN ANY OTHER FEED ON THE MAgKET, Dentis Physiian and Surgn. : /< Hr. and Mrs. R. home of hi, son, Mr. Geoi'ge Curry "  , II e YOUR STOCK LOOKS RUN DOWN OR Nff, E D A CHANGE W0odville, Iisg. WoodviIle, Miss. relatives, m Baton Rou .e, on Friday, August FINE, SELECTED, ONE AND TWO 3rd, ar an ll|ne, of eve'l weeks. OF FEED GIVE IT A TRIAL, AND YOU WILL BE SURPRI$. YEAR OLD BULLS: CroW and Bridge work a.SyeeiaIty. Oflee on second /oot o Dd  r, daughter of His remains were brought to his horde ED HOW QUICKLY IT BUILDS UP ANI PU'$ NEW LIFE Odd Fellows' Bldg. Phone -il-J Fellows Building. ar Magruder, ofin Fort Adems and ! interred in the Timy ca- no cold blbod at alL_ AB :re lnday even- 'am|ly burial grmmds on the foliov AND "PEP" IN YOUR WORK STO;K, , are Grade Red Polls, all Mule'end W. F. Tucker Clay B. 'rucke DR. C. E. CATCHNG$ aunts, Mrs. C. G. ing afternoon, the services bin f6m |o0 milk strains $30.00.aad TUCKER & TUCKER/ Physician and Sm, geom !| . Ltla Magder, conducted bv Iov. I4o-ry c. -I.w. $g0,O0 * for cash,  Lawyers. ; ,-] I E||zabth Me- k;ns. of the Woodville Method{ Also serum fine year|i kifev,  WoadvtIle, Mis church. Tho deceased was a highly : .. __ ___Woodville, 'fme't|ngin est'medcit|zenfthewesternsec"  M, TR[PP[NDAHL L$.McGehee. Omo. southwest00o..00,0000,,os00r.: tion of our county, where he wa,- Office in ;ffeGehee ffUt4ng. . our friend, born nd bad lived'a|| of'his life. ,o LA*UREL HILL, L. - .......................................... BRAMLETTE l H, C. LEAK brmtly Of this [natttraJR, hd ',therecl around him RUTPIOO D.C. :esident of Baontmal friends. He is s, rvivd by  MeCHEE'$ Lawyer Lawyer " Bek } hert-broker wlfe 'and bv five ;0n, ODD FELLOW' BUILDING,. W'OODV'|LLE, 1|$$, : ' .? ... " RELIABLE LESPEDEZ SEED. - .... and four dautzh,',to all of whom ' " ' r!, : Office in Brick B'uildirtg, Commerl ..-7--" i,  =, . :   w0 extend our hca. i it ymtbj,,,, TImr. |e Ng Work T,m-Wod . Row. Ptmne 44-I ]Ole ov grou,l flor of Co-r[ 1 . i ' (%