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August 18, 1923     The Woodville Republican
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August 18, 1923

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THE WOODVILLE REPUBLICAN SUPPLEMENT, BATURDAY, AUGUST 18, 1923. IGS OF THE BOARD ! ppi, Wil]dnson that at a regu- the Board of Supervi- said state and county in the court huuse m on the first sixth day of .August, W. V. Morris, N. S. B. A: Nettles and members; L. C. Miller' L. Hays, clerk. W. T. Kaigler, treasurer, eport for the month which was examined. d ordered recordeO following amounts on i County Fund $3,- School $1,627.19; $3,654.78.; Pension roads $5,343.19; 68.65; 3rd dist., $3,- $504.23; 5th dist.. John C. Day, superintend- presented his re- month of July, 923. read, approved and Order: J. IL Hamilton, county agent, read and or. were awarded for work. the 5th di. as follows: "Silver Creek road for Crooked Creek of $19.50 per mile; S. Sims and McCraine 35; upon their giving the amount of thei of S. V. A McCearley filed and approved. Havard to build bridge Creek for the sum ot upon his giving bond of bid. to the sati'action the loan made to and wife, Phalba 1st, 1912, and the securing same record- age 86, has been paid president of thi authorized and di. the same on th record. the Board do now ad o'clock tomorrow morn- W. HUFF, President. Pursuant to adjourn- D. W. Huff, presi- Morris and B. A. Net- W. T. Smith and N. S of yesterday read by the presi. Board do now adjourn tomorrow morning. W. HUFF, President. Third Day. Board met pursuant to adjourn- ment. Present, D. W. Huff, presi- dent, W. V. Morris, N. S. Cage, B. A. Nettles, W. T. Smith, members; L. C. Miller, sheriff; W. L. Haya clerk. Minutes of yesterday read approved and signed by the pres- dent. Billls were disposed of as follows: Robinson Merc. Co., mdse. 3rd dist. ,Vz.oo; ew lVlcraw and handsl road work 3rd dist., $260.40; Robtl McKey, bridge work 3rd dist., $2; Wright & Blalock, building under- water bridge 3rd dist., $185.50; ex- tensiom to bridge, $65; P. J. Phares and hands, road work 3rot dist., $138.50; J. F. Owens, keeping court house and yard, $40; L. C. Miller sheriff, postage, $3; jail fees, $13.95; John Stewa, mdse. 4th dist., $192: 1'. W. Flowers, foreman, and hands, road work 4th dist., $178.95; C. T. NeLterville, lumber, etc., 4th dist.. ;9.07; M. J. Scott, blacksmith work 4th dist., $4.70; Jos. Stutzman, lacksmith work 1st dist., $5.05; B. Til]ery, mdse. 5th dist., $70; Dr. W. L Marsalis, salary county health officer July, $41.66; J. C. Day, sal- ary and postage, $162.64; R. A. J. Sessions, mdse. 1st dist., $72.75; Standard Oil Co., oil and gas 1st dist. $46.44; same 3rd dist., $13; same th disC., $12; same 5th dist., $37.74; 'om Wood, mdse., $2.10; Cum. Tel. Co., services, $6.80; Catchings & Massey, ice, $4; J. R. Hamilton ,!emonstration agent, salary, $200; John Cassels, maintaining highway 1st dist., $24; Jas. Carter, same 3rd dist., "$40; Chas. Cohen, mdse. court house, $2; J. R. McCearley, hauling tc., 5th dist., $3.50; W. T. Kaigler treasurer, salary July, $25; Doe i Turner, makin voting booths, $7.50' L. C. Miller, lumber 1st dist., $70.60 F. Anderson, road work 2nd dist. $3; R. J. Math:s, 7 days dip inspector rejected; L. T. Ventress Jr., lumbeI 2nd dist., $41.48: T.  M. Whetstone damage by change of road, $24.95; Woodville L. & W. Plant, services $15,35; I. L. Lyons & Co., chemicals $67.201; L. C. Miller, floorsweeo. $4; J. Stigus, moving trees, $1; W. T. LeSassier, road work 1st dist.. $6; Edw. Rogers, road work 1st dist. $2.85; Sam Anderson, hauling, $4: A. K. Rabb, foreman, and hands road work 1st dist., $349.20; Roland Hardware Co.,.mdse. 2nd dist., $151,- 98; same 5th dist., $33.45; E. E Beattie, road work 5th dis., $15.96, L. H. McKlemurry, support pauper and repairs, $26; Old Ladies' Home support Mrs. Sanders, $5.50; T. B. McCearley, survey and marldng county line, $21.50; Paul Kleeber winding clock, $5; Tucker & Tucker legal services, $25; W. L. Hays, post. age, etc:, $4.50; Bead Tillery, for K- man, and hands, road work 5th dist. $340.25; G. M. Cavin, mdse. 5tb dist., $12; Sam Leak, hay, $5; J. T Wright, engineer, making bridge specifications, etc., 1st and 2nd dists, $20; Woodville Republican, publish- ing proceeding, etc., $60.34; same notices, $19.45; J. U. Haynes, road work 5th dist., $3.50; W, Haynes, same, $5.50; Win. Havard, hauling 5th dist., $8; F. Johnson, hadling, $7.70; Sire Mix, Vat @ork, $6; No- lan Anderson, same, $4; J. Barnes, same, $4; L. Creswell, $1; Roland Hardware Co., mdse. vats, $4; P. J. Smith, vat work, $8; J. J. Floyd, ame, $6; Mrs. B. Corey, same, $3; F. Tolliver, same, $1.50; W. Fer. guson, $7; Wallie Fergus0n , $7; P. .Montgomery, $10; F. W. Davis, $15; H. Lewis, $5.75; S. Scott, $2; G. D. Glass, $6; J. E. Carter, $65; Jim D'Aquila, nails, 85e, H. Scott, vat ork and lumber, $17.50; W. Bry- ant, hauling, $12; H. N. Anderson, J days dip. insp., $36; Alex Ashley, 6 days, $104; D. A. Brannan, 12 days, $57; Willie Bryant, 14 days, $42; Archie Carter; 24 days, $72; T. W. Dawson, 25 days, $80; L. L. Escher, 25 days, $81; R. M. Inman, 25 days, $92.50; K. F. Johnson, 25 days, $100; C. N. McCraine, 25 days, $100; R. J. Math:s, 12 days, $36; W. C. Wentworth, 26 days, $104; W. T. Nevman, 4 days inspecting pile driving in 3rd dist., $10; Win. McGraw, road work, $30; L. E. Smith building bridge 5th dist., $260; W. T. Smith, supervising roads and bridges 2 days, $10; Floyd & Fore- man, blacksmith work, $1.50; J. E. Math:s, road work, $16; ' Frank D'Aqula and hands, road work 2nd dist., $55.15; D. W. Huff, inspecting bridges 2 days, $10; J. T. Morgan, elephone services 2nd dist., $2.85; W. A. Coffee and hands, road work 2nd dist., $33.25; J. B. Curray, re- placing bridge, $3;-A. E. Gross and hands, road work 2nd dist., $218.55 W. V. Morris, 1 day unloading tra. for, $5; P. D. Dooley, .foreman, and hands, road work 2nd dist., $241.95; N. S. Cage; 4 days supervising roads and bridges, etc., $20; A. L. O'Fal- !on, labor on bridge 1st and 2nd dist.. $300; B. S. Morris, damage by the change of road, rejected; R. Whit aker, Jr., excess on tax land, $10; Tom Carter ,work on bridge, $1; G, W. Math:s, road work 5th dist., $42; B._ A. Nettles, 2 days inspecting roads and bridges, $10. Honorable Board of SupervisorL Gentlemen:'We, your committee appointed to view proposed change in Percy's Creek road at Morris' hill. have performed that dtlty and find same practicable.N. S. Cage and B. A. Nettles. Honorable Board of Supervisors, Gentlemen:We, your committee appointed to inspect bridge across Buffalo at Bluff Springs, have per- formed that duty and found same built according to specifications.--D. W. Huff and B. A. Nettles. Ordered that Board do now adjourn until 9 o'clock tomorrow morning. D. W. HUFF, President. (Completed next week.' /