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August 18, 1923     The Woodville Republican
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August 18, 1923

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XV-Contlnuad. the room. "Are you timeT&apos; she began con- Jumped, fairly work. Uncle Jerry to the role of "You look L la each other. I guess tell you--" volee=-s severe scarcely listened. frat of Prudence. she said confideD- fny thing, the way all colored up when Jerry? Penzle's she talks to him abe don't ever--" Prudence in pitiable because---because about--" Her delicate distress. get so nervous," ad- "Ain't nothing nervous. Just make sure of the correct- It being much Custard Cup. and hugely astonished a firm hand ou her hand with compelling her about and the kitchen. You, talking to a lady SPluttered Uncle Jerry. Stay in the kitchen till gasped Let- thin shoulder and at the closed door "I'd like to know so cross. And me too! Well, by "I'll bet I can he don think I can in With the corn, and the fire till the top of Gradually she for- watching the corn in '\\; she remrked, casting on the small, eager gaging at her with vi- You may's well get b'lieve you'l, here corn--'less you alds with Bonnie Ger- take this popper and What say let's-- llke to have us use dishes that come with 'L|t's gOtta be somep'n mad knows there won't kernels." popper to Crtnk and ta front of the apple- the stove. The very choice, were boxes, behind the began moving the shelf. Shrieked. "I dropped qnlek ! Oh ! Quick !" could be quicker had been. It had When it struck A liberal quantity spread over the a spiral of like diabolic in. odor filled the permeation as- throats. darndest Oh ! Comet Come Oh !" madly, leaped dashed into the the popper, corn over the COUghing and snee frantic dabs spoons .d shovel, pepper, but their it more thoroughly. they drew in biting d P]mdence, fright- burst into the lightning response stimulus, Joined At the same came" flying and swooped down family with ener. e house, eerybody." h tg forwrd and griddles to the Mrs. Penfleld wet It under the to her nose while fire and opened the and the tor- te the back yard. misery that clung in great air that soothed amo time. dancing to good- to entertain-- t, ' choked the er more--more-- violently. "It's Protested Lettle "I was trying It----it was an ae- Custar'd Cup MARIA DECIDES l | o . . -_.-- J h 'ARL4. DAY looked about hec neat Yes, I had one," admitted Cr,nk, !take a dollar." The sun shone In on spotless white )roud of the fact and yet regretful to I Gravely Ltle retie(ted pon this pabst' m%ining china and glass, nd detract from the record of woe. "I i huge block of solid finance, as yet un- was reflected In the well-rubbed ms- was with Penzle last year, and we lneg etlated. "If we'll raise a dollar. N hogany furnitur Maria had done had a pretty good time, but there i he stipulated slowly, "honest-to-good- every bit of work herlf, for the small wasn't no tree Seems as if," he ness earn it, will you show us how to white house was a pleasure to keep added, with a sidelong glance at Let- have a big blow-out Christmas---. Iota of In order. The pantry, too, wu in tie, "seems as if now there's three of presents nd fixings---and strings of order. us, we'd oughter have a tree." He l things all over the treas.--and candies On. the groa,ing shelves were rows had the greatest faith in Lettie, hay- ---and a big party?" of delicious pies and cakes, two rom0t- 14; seen her put through more than "I'll do that very thing, Lettle," l chickens, glass'of ruby Jelly, and one scheme that gave little promise promised Mrs. Penfleld. "But  a snowy heap of feathery bliults of success. "It's as good as done," shouted Let- waitbl under a snowy damask nap- And Immediately she caught the !n- tie. "Oh. Pent!e, I love you harder ll kin. They wodld still be warm in an evitable connection between three the time." She flew at hire. Penfleld, hour when. it would be all over. children and the spreading branches strang,l her for a moment with a "It" was her wedding. of a fir. She shook her black curls thoroughness that was fortunately The par!or was all set frr the oere- violently. "We gotta," she declared, brief, and dashed through the big door mony. Spng flower. banked the "Yes, we gotta," echoed Crink, with into the driveway, to ventilate her ex- mantelpiece and a great Jar tff lilacs filled one corner and made the air strengthened hope. uberance in the open air. "Boys, we're gonta," continued Let- C'rink followed. "Say, Lettie," he in- red.lent with delicate odortk The tie vehemently, qutr,l anxiously, "how yon going to minister would stand In front of the "Yes, we're gonta," chlrrnped Crlnk. do it?" nmnte,plece---he iad been sworn to "We're gonta," piped Thad Joyously. She turned o him disdainfully, secrecy,and so had his wife, A ecret wedding--even Job Lem- "What's the big plan, chlldrenT" in- "I.andy patience, Crlnk. how do you aon, the bridegroom, did not know qulred Mrs. Penfield. coming in with s'pose I know?" It was to take place, Maiqa's high a delicate blouse, freshly ironed. "Well," he returned, in deep disap- spirit quailed a little at the thought which she adjusted on a newspaper potntment, "you told ler sure, Just as of the interview yet to come. She hanger tied to a line across the corner, if" must set the table for the Wedding "Christmas.'" exploded Lettle. "Golly. on*t you never grow up, fee,t, cimnge her gown, and then "Oh?' Mrs. Pen.field rested her Cr,nk? Don't you know you have to walt for Job, who had promised to we,ght wearily on one foot and gave be sure of a thing first, and then you come there at six o'clock, dressed In the children a look of troubled reflec- go ahead and do It afterward? I'm hla best clothes. As she carefully Lion. doing the sure part now, and pretty dressed, she ould visualize Jot) "We want a tree and presents and-- soon I'll think of a way of pulling it brushing his graying hair, his fine ev'rything." explained Crink. off. Trust me!" " _ "J bronzed face beaming with pleaure. "Oh, my dears :" Tbe words were Lettie's enterprise was complicated ] She could see him rushing up to tha heavy with distress. Then Mrs. Pen- by the fact that she was still In the ] door, as he had done for the past field pulled herself together and be- shadow of debt. She owed twenty ] fifteen years, only In the beginning he came expansively optimistic. 'Tll tell cents on the replacing of Mr. Wopple's ] had come with a hore and buggy, and you what I thought. I been plannix window. It had been a slow matter afterward cars--three of them had that we'd have a fine day, and rm to accumulate the moey to pay for worn out before Maria made her great going to make us a grand bread pud- her moment of Impulsive violence, and decision that she had been engaged diag. Uncle Jerry brought us whole never again would she be lacking In re- long enough and that it was time to sack of stale bread last night; he got spect for a pane of glass. But now to be married if they were ever golng it to a bakery cheap, and I'm tickled raise a dollar---no, a dollar aml tweu- to be. to death. I'm going to try out a lot ty cents--,n a week In less time! Job was devoted, there had never of it in the oven, and it'll kecp for There would be endless preparations to been another girl for him, but out- weeks. We'll have bread pudding and make, and the money would have to be side of his buslne he was a pro- codfish scallop ands" in hand before the plans could begin, craatinator. "Some day, Maria, when "It would make stuffing," put in She could not allow herself more than we e hitched up," was favorite Clink eagerly, three days. It as appalling. The saying of hL Now It was about to "In some families it would, Crink, window money had been raised by happen. but we don't have nothing to stuff long. weary hours of so,ld labor: When Maria came downstsira, except ourselves. But 'bout Christ- picking up wood. washing steps, run- dressed in the stiff, white satin that nlng errands. Tbe rewards had been had been prepared for ten years, and tn reverse ratio to the intensity of ef- which she had remodeled, "JOb was forts and had rsned from one cent coming up the path to the front deer. up to a ,lime per Job. The latter had She looked very handsome, standing been the insurmountable limit, there in the yellowing satin dres, her ' f'"'" It was painfully evident that these abundant brow hair showing beneath slow methods must be abandoned in her grandmother's wedding veil. Her favor of a gigantic financial coup. Let- brown eyes had a scared look now as tledisconraged theciety of Crink and" the dor opened and Job paused on Thad, and withdrew to her law)rite va- the threshold of the parlor. cant lot for purposes of medltntlem. "Jlmlny crickets. Maria!" he asped. /1 Throwing herself down in the shade W-hat do you mean? You going tO be of a weeping willow, she proceeded to married?" ,/! translate her outburst c,f assurance In- "Yen, Job." - to plans for concrete wherewithal. Silence fell upon the little house. 4 By Jingoes!" she said to herself. "I All the ruddy color left Job's hand- greta get, that money in a lump, This some fee, and he looked middle- ain't no dime-bank stunt. It's a race aged. 'tween me and Christmas, and I'm "You--nlght have told me, Maria." \\; go'cg to get there first." MISs Penfleid Maria did not speak. The look in leaned over and putnmeled the ground her eyes wu maternaL e loved lth her fist. -i'm gonta! D'you hear Job. "Of co, I don't blame you a Fm gonta !" blto-me dallying around putting off Having registered her determination the day Just because we were sohappy both verbally antl physically, she felt --and always thinking that some dy  considerably relieved. IAft,ng her we'd hitch up together. I expect you eyes, she shook off her tensenes.q and got tired of waiting' surveyed the world in a wholly recap- "It has been long Ume," she ad- five mood. A Ioy was whistling mltted gently. around the corner. He came in sight, "I could get over It, I suppose" but distributing handbills. Letle wtched I don't want to," he confessed. "Since / I him climb steps, slip a dodger under I came in Jmt now, I feel hurt to the door. run down again, climb other think you aked me to come--kinder steps, spiteful, Maria, and that's not like Her gaze ceased to follow the boy, you." Wo Want a Tree, anu Premnt and became fixed, dreamy. Her body was "No, I have nothing to he Eplteflfl ===and Ev'wthing.  motionless. "By George I" she mur- foe, Job." muted. "I'm getting an idea. I ca Job looked around the room, tnfll- mas---I thought we'd play games and 'most see it." inr to him through the long courting tell stories and teach Filibuster It developed that this particular ides period, and he smelled the lilacs. IAlae new trick and op some corm You was not to be captured in the space of time and Mafia was going to nntrrY see, we'd have an awful busy day, ten seconds, but Lettle stayed by with another man. Just chuck full of pleasure." incredible patience. Finally the mental "Who l| it, Doc Smlth "* he - Thad scrambled to his feet and p- visioning was clarified. She sprang to ed to know. preached her with reiteration. "We her feel wild with excitement and "No." want a tree, Penzie, All of us wants hope, and dashed off several blocks, to "Matthew HyesY' one." one of her hunting-ground, the free Of course not," indignantly. "Bless your sweet heart !" Mr edge of lumber yard. Here she rum- Penfleld caught him Into her arms and ranged until she had toilet-ted a num- "Oh, I suppose lt'a that man who kissed him ; then set him down of long, light pieces of wood sells vanilla extrct--Phoebe Whl "Now, children, I'll tell you how 'tis which she bound together with an old maid he din!red you." 'bout a tree. This year we got a heap wire and dragged home. "Phoebe la a foolish gosld4p." of things to buy. Ain't one of you The afternoon and all of the follow- "Who la It, Maria?" got a decent shoe, and Crink's got to lag day were pent by Lettle in the "Can't you guess, Job?'* have a new suit. vr he can't hold up most secluded corner of the Penfleld He pondered deeply. "Old Mr. hts head In school Yes, I know you'd back yard, and no king in his castle Fern." go without, but you got to remember was ever more unappl'oachable. Crink "Rubbish," sniffed Maria. If l that Christmas is only one day, and life and Thad were left in no doubt re- must tell you, Job Lemmon, the is three hundred and Jdxy-flve of 'em gardlng her desire for isolation. The bridegroom Is mnding in the door- a year. Besides, we'll have the best beloved Fti Caesar was fended off way." time---" with an active coldness that wounded Job whirled around, saw me one, but CHnk took a tur "I think, Pantie" his affectionate nture. Bonnie Get- did see his om reflection In the pier mebbe I could rustle a tree." airline limped about the yard wlthou! giam in the parlor. He stared in- "My dear. it ain,t the tree; it's the exciting, even the fleeting cutupsalon credulou.ply rid blushed. "Me, Maria," he whislred. things to go on It. And it tkes a good of her mistress. "Who else?" wfflle to save for extras." Mrs. Penfleld. glancing from th Maria Day !" Now they were side With spring, LeSlie stepped np to window occasionally at the small fig- by side, a handsome, mature palr,.wlth the front line. "Get away, babtes !" are busily working with hatchet and love In their behest eyes. she commanded, with ecoruf-! wave nails, sticks and old wire, was moed " "I Just hd to do it to get you start- of her arm. "This Is where we get to pity ovqr the disappointment which ed," she whispered, "and I .thought | don to business. Now. Pantie, dar- he feared was in store. It was evi- would leave the rest to you. We couHL ling, how much would it cost to get a d6nt that the child's whole being was go somewhere in the car--" SicilN3 <00reaf i tree. and err y thing--you know---the whole shooting match?" Mrs. Penfleld considered. *'You mean a tree and trimmings and pres- ents---" "Yes. and presents for ev'rybody in The Custard Cup," supplemented Let- swell--a big party !" set on success and that she as risk- ing everything on one venture. And yet how could she make anything am of her little old scralm that anybody would buy? The tears gathered iv Mrs. Penfleld's eyes as she Imaged the probable crnmblln of Ittie's hopes (TO BE CONWIUED.) there's an. WERE FIRST OF GREAT SEAFARERS I wish I YOu out 0f the Vikings May Be 8aid to Have Po 8mined Truly Uncanny Kdowisdgs XVI of the Ocean. were in court- The Vikings were not only great only a week off, warriors, but they were equall die, In- be ignored, guished as maritime explorers. rhey watching for were so vigorous in their activities, so the testimony of dauntless and daring, such genuinely Without hope. strenuous shipmen, that they were Chrlmas," bound to do great things, or fail where none could have succeeded." taid . eountqed Let- Keble Chattcrton, in "Shilm and Ways Of Other Days." And Doctor Nankeen reminds one that they had neither compare nor astronomical hmumem. "Somewhere? Well, I guess l We'll go to the city and buy new ear aud then weql go to---what say. Niagara Falls or Washington?" "Niagara Flls," sighed the bride contentedly. "I lwy wanted to go there." Criticism. The Iet tory of the week is a remark made by a certain theatrical man not partial to David P, elasco, "I dan't like his stuff." said be, --and I'll find a reason yet." Ended. "Fr 3enks is your ne,ghbor now, isn't he?" remarked a man while call- ing on-a friend one evening. "Who did you say?" "Fred Jenks. I understand he I finished corlietisL" '*Is he? Good! %Vho did it]*" Big, Bng! He--It's awfully" sweet of you want to know when I have my vaca- tion 8 you can arrange aecordgiy. ho--Yea. I want to take mime when u'm nr t nor any appllantw of our time for finding their position at sea ; they coul only sail by the un. mo.n aed stars and It seems Incomprehensible ho for days and weeks, when these we incislble, they were able to find theh course through fog and bad weather But they found IL and the open eraf of the Nomveglan Vikings, with theD square sail& fared north and we over the whole ocean. It was not ti! .500 years later that the ships of othm- naUons were to mke their way to tl same reon" k, me people would growl about th weather if It nLued sLtver dollars. ,ql doliotou oodo@ limu amd N dal to Fresh Eggs Wanted from producers for CaSe ram, Ship paro poeL Get highest prtee Don't sor/flO them Prefer white, infertile OSS'I. Writ# PAl. BOX It04. MEMPHR, ]ENN. Alon Mountain Path Near Mola; Etna In *.he Distance. I (preparwd by th* National Oeoraphie So-[ Geologically, Sicily is new-boru eiety Washington D C ) I  " r -- _ , . ' ' ' _  Dane anaong the land nlassPs, even if l-;rna is an emclent if dangerous so- - ............ I it is a Methuselah of human hlstoD'. It refusing feature ior tcaD The great "" . ] all but halves the Mediterranean Into volcano literally put the llaml on the i two great bowls. Geologists look upon map, according to geologists, and it the lslaud as tn large part coutribu- ntlnues by im eruptions from time tlon from the great reservoir of molten to time to draw the eyes of the world material under Mt. Etna. They plc- to a land that quakes and spews forth ture a time when the sea rolled over lava now and then, to be sure, but the site of Sicily. Then, presumably which has at all times some of the in the. FIhene, Etna's tip emerged; most notable garde plata and beut4ff and through the ages it has steadily spots of tin world, built Itself up anO ha poured out Not only has nature made tern- molten material on the portions of the pestuous htory for Sicily; man has island wich rose from the sea-bed. wrought In a similar vein. Fifteen ha- Etmt might be described Ln the tlous havo had a foothold there ha its terms of an Eastern religion as both historle span of nearly 3,000 yeara--ln the CreaYr and the Destroyer. It haS ancient times Phoenecl, Greece, Car- largely created Sicily ; i dislnte- thage, Rome, Byzantium, and then, sue- grted isva has given-a Coil of match- cesslvely, the Goths, Vandal& Bar- less fertility which supports rich 4ne- aceas, Norman& German& AnJenans, yards ald orchards; and It has drawn Aragonese" Spanish, BouPoons, French to its slopes, in spite of obvious dan. and English. Nor does tht list include gets. kindreds of thousands of tillers the perlo sines 1860 as part of the of the fOil and their town| and yd. kingdom of Italy, or the original dwell .... ,g.. one ,,00ter puts ,,. 00own, SWEET DREAMS "'-" InthetheSIkamdays whenSlkelSGreeceand Elymians.was the succeed towns along its base Iike pearls  er, Ln necklace, and when a stream of galmmlBottlmse sot.owvtrWIKl great fetoe in the world, Syracuse in lava ects s bresch in the chain of " - ; SiCily wS the Grecian metropolis, as W.N.U., MF.MPH[, NO. --I0 Athens was Its art and intellectual human babltatinns, It is closed up again u moon a the lava has had ttme , = center. A wonder city was Syracuse to eol." Many of the villeaes on the Thel Dlffe wLth a population of a million or mos mountain's slopee are built almost ex- Most people like candor ppll to and a cmmerce unrivaled in Its de. ciuslvely from bloeka of bIack lava. everybody ad everything exeelPt The city began s a colony of Our!nab move than 700 years before Christ; It is on the lower slopN of Etna themselves and their flairs. where Ume and weather have most hence hut was ttestablishing so rose rapidly to prosperity that colonies by 664 of andtts lPromb C. own. it ._ --,, -0 o.  BABIES CRY : Ruled now by an oligarchy, now by tire side of the volcano Is best seen. VirUlally the wholecircuit lS a garden FOR"CASTORIA" tyrants and at times as democracy, spot of date palm, bananas, oranges, th city went on growing until in size and power It ontshoto even Athens. lemons, olives, figs and almonds. Farther up are nut trY*s---notably the that cry made war but got the wor beautlful'-y ordered filbert orchards of the struggle, and Syracuse con. limned, a world cry, until tacked by uear CadgLioae--and a fore gone of Prepared Eteoia for Infants the Romans. It was during the long chestnut, cork, pine and oak. Above and Children of All Ages Roman siege that, ArchL,edes, the 6,300 feet is the region that fire has Edison of his nge, rid pri)bly the kept for Its own domaln---a dreary, Mother! Fleteheff Castor moat fmouS son [cily ha had, kept rough, Jlck desert of lava and ash. the enemy at by with his ingsnlaus Dowa from this region and into the beeaMeasant,ln useharmlefor ovoembsfltuteS0 yeatfor as(ttlt device. The great dW fell in 212 B. forest and orchard and farm zones, tor Oil, Paregorte, Teething Drops C. and though tt has eonUnd to exist to off morea lava have en. to this day tt  but mnalt lnindCt croached at lntervala These are left, Soothlllg Syrup& Contains no nareot- Ice. Proven directlolm re on oaelt of its past glories. Mgnleant warnings of Etna's paten- The Greeks hd had to /Ibare the tlallUes for dNtruetion, only so long package. Physicians reeommemd it. control of Sicily with the t;ragal- u th#y must be. 8ome eterprising The genuine berll Mtnre O Ires, but after the fJdl f flYlipCUle the planters have blasted hl" in fdrt R whole island quickly came nder the recent lava flows and lutve made the swsy of Rome" tim power of 'Cart artificially frscturnd material support erased, oUva and almond and dtr tram. **re.M M.! ,t oa. LEGENDS TOLD OF HARPIES Tho most ez.'lc influence I Sldlian Few of the towns and villages near history wa the oceupatio of the Etna have cramped destruction or earl- In Mytilly It Is Related That They island by the Arabs or Ikwqltpms who ons d&magl from one or more Of the took there, s they took to Ipain, the nummou etBloml. Oe town that umop4 Down rid Despolll sway of an alien religto a[ an allan smemtngly lives a charmed existewm is the Tlo,of AenN. stock. 8icily had been larg[ demor. Randauo. which, though less than tm HarPlea were celebrated in ma  allv, ed since .the break-up o( the no- miles from tho crater, has always as- anctest tales as a race of monstem lnan empire, an Btium ld oly eaped. The city and part of Ctula, that Infuted eertain shoee They |lgi controlf  A. D, i lhen tl about twenty miles from the cter, were usually represonted a havlg It Saraceue, coming over from korthetn ha& on tho other hnd. be Egna's woman's head and the uOper part of ASHes as the Carthaginian | p eme chief vlcUm, and is reputed to have the body and bird's wings, tall, less betora them, gained their tt foot- angered more from erupUous and and claws" says the Detrelt News. hold. Thcee vigorous peopl 8t the earthquakes than any other ])lace ,f It is related that these fierce moa- height of the remarkable "oo4Jng uP  importance to the world. Beeam 4 stets flew down upon Aeneas and n that they vtdeacl Just ft#f the ,tt Partial etion in 122, Rome r- expedition from Rome, when tablistaneat of I&ehammedallt, w,e. mltted part of Its taxes for dead, t. party had tanded for rest nd refl'ub- really valuable eotretlv rce  There in 11) the cathedral w'as over- ment among a group of Oreclan t : deeadont lcily. They were I.n foq- whelmed by lay and its worablpera lands, and can'led away the food from moat expommta of sdonee mt art st and blp destroyed. In 1660 a river the taMe,before them. and even et- that period and they made eliy a of lava rose above the 60-foot walls tacked the men theme, lye,. beneficiary off he lmowLf sad poured into the streets, destroyed a The men then armed themsekv shill. Irge part of the city, nd. flowin into with sworafs secretly nd waited fo, After a mmtry or o, bn fle the a, ruined the harbor, th next approach of the harl Arabl In turn had become efl e. sturdy "/'he reams tha have poured dowt !ntending to kill them when they earn@ Norman adventnre frot ffrace Etna's sides recently can hardly be near. But the nimble msraud came and took coniol  y, and differmt from the numerous preced- eluded all their efforts as before, ushered In its most t'011mtt rlod. ing flows that have been so frequently When the expedition left the lsh The Norman rulers lt Uhe we-e- dcrtbL The tYlbical rer of fire the leader of the harpies perched him-( dared government laeh4er pf te  EJI_ Etu flows lit reltively narrow self upon rock overlooking the krabs foe their own, incrolufl llb  It movflicienUy slowly and in a human voice loaded &e ties, and ruled mo wise. Under  that men anO animals mgy keeP out and lds companions with taunts them rt and lattors flouri;ht ftr a 'of its pth, and large crewds of people execrations. brief period in a way to prvlon rite auemble to watch Its program. H  .... Renaismnce that was to become g- crowd of mixed emotions, .:]6e A Bank In Peril eral several centuries late, the small farmer, trembling lint the Every business develops Its own With the loss of Its Nonm rulera stream destroy his valuable ot'eard eulisr kind of humorous aneedotm SICIly slipped backward into turbu- may kneel peasants from a threatened In one of the banks the other lenca and was buffeted tbout from "village, weeping and praying that the a girl clerk In the accountltg dp nation to nation and roler to flow be deflected, and tourists from a merit called eustome and said: tuber until Oar!bald! ml lds red- far lami viewing What is to them s "I Just wanted to inform YOU tat shirred rovol'ltionisl iado it magnificent activity of nature. Priests your account is part of the new Ital$ Im 12L head processions of the pf coumtr7 There was a long pause and In gaiulng Sicily, .,Italy ncessarilv folk; candles are hghted, relies  an excited feminine voice inquired, took up the handicap of .t coup. tUblted and altars met up. "Gosh ! Do you have to have tt thllt try lmpoverlsh,d by hundreds of year Beneath the rays of the sun th4 mornlng?"Youngstown Telegram. of misgovernment and lack of. develop- stream een black except when like ment. Gov.ment has beer bettered the crest of a breaker, thle edge of the and by degrees railroats here been oncoming wa, breaks, disclosing the eonstrtzcted, l|Qrbors ivprvt, d, and angry red ln.erlor and sending aloft other development carrled t; but sparks as the fall!ng material shatters even so the eccmic lot of tl 8Lcllian on the groun. When night falls the nmssea is none  good, a fa.-t Which same activity seems tremendously In. has been mse obvious by the ire- ereaseL Tle stream is now a river of mmdous eml,ratlon from lclly to fire. a thing of fscinating but cruel Aterica. beauty. Tales piea,ing prosTct nature offers in eve, Sentime00dal -. mm nlng eye de,,ghted with distant groves fields meadows cows sheep soul I, tterarY {art hi seldom em#oyed t soothed awed contemplation of lndnlts the composition  telegrams. But a wUl you send on another twenty writer In the Leiden Expre knows poozds temporarily short Henzy." of a man who doe s aim at sie4ftance in And he lually gts It, too I his telegraph st]Te, though filth an- '- other Imrpoge than the ttlflcatlot Edueation'l VIIut of his own tasl. When tits man I EdUcation keeps the Ray of life; In Uze country, ty8 the Fp4eu, he and a liber! edoeatl0n lnmt. the wrRea bmutltul telms .m his first t, eadlttona of in town cn the 1 iovoe- adla knt'e a::d m