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August 17, 1973     The Woodville Republican
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August 17, 1973

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Fri....da_y, " August 17, /973 The Woodville Republican, Woodville, Mississippi Page 7 COUNTY AGENT'S NOTES by John J. Dale, Jr. SOYBEAN INSECTS lime is the most needed invest- WatEh your soybeans for in- mont. Lime venders and sup- sects during August. Through pliers are making special efforts b]omning, soybeans can with- to see that there is an adequate l tand up to 35 percent defolia- supply of lime on hand this fall. tion. As pods begin to farm and unless twenty per cent (20%) 1985 Ford Grader Blade. Each[ or one thousand five hundred item should be bid on sepa-: (1,500), whichever is less, of the rately. [ qualified electors of said Wil- The Board reserves the rlght I klnson County shall file a writ- to reject any and all blds. [ tc protest or petition against This the 17th day of JulY, I the is:uance of said note on or 1973. I I M.E. Ertling, Clerk before1973, andthe 28th. day of August, i 7/27/3w Be it further resolved by said, NOTICE' FOR LEASE Board of Supervisors of Wilkin- [ For Oil, Gas And Other Minerals fill, a 20 percent or greater loss 0f foliage will reduce yields. Pad-feeding in seEts usually are more harmftfl to soybean Ylelds. From mid-August on. keep a close watch for boll- Liming pastures now will free lime trucks for use on row crop land in the fall following har- vest. FOREST INSECTS The southern pine beetle is the most dangerous and the orln% especially on late ma-, Urine varieties. If you find one rues% dreaded inseEt enemy of b011worm per foot of row soulhern pines. It attacks trees !0ion Stinkbugs can also be l of pulpwood and sawlog size. It kills trees quickly by girdling. Very damaging to seed pods. It also induces a blue stain that bIere adam, you should poison If You find one stinkbug per degrades the lumber thai can be salvaged from killed rees. son County, Mississippi, that for the payment of said note in an amount ]]ol, to exceed Twenty Thousand Dollars I $20,000.00) wits interest not fo exceed six per Eent (6'/,.) per annum that this, the Board of Supervism's of said Wilkinson County, does herein pledge that a special tax in the amounl of two (2) mills shall be levied to pay the said amount with interest when due, and Be it further resolved that In And Under The Following Described Sixteenth Section Lieu Lands Of Wilkinson County, Mississippi Sealed bids will be received by the Board of Supervisors of Wilkinson County, Mississippi, up to noon cn Tuesday, the 4th. day of September, 1973, the 'regular monthly September 1973 meeting date of said Board of Supervisors, for he amount only of the bonus to be paid for the lease of otl, gas, mineral explo- fJt of row. This insect generally first at- this resolution shall be pub- ration and development, except FORAGES tacks weakened and damaged lished in The Woodville Repub- sand. gravel, clay, gold, com- lican, a newspaper published With the high price of pro- trees and may later spread o and having a general circulation pounds of gold, ores. bearing teinsupl)lement, forages seem m other trees, sometimes over go a n:tets e compounds of he the most economical source large acreages, in said Wilkinson County, once.i  1. ' tal bearing ores, of Protein for cattle. Harvesting The best control for southern eacl week for three (3} sue- at the right state of growth and pine beetles is to prevent its cessive weeks and tllat not less and salt, of all or any part of the Sixteenth Section lieu land good fertilization-are two most attack. Pine stands should be than twenty-one (21) days or situated and being in Wilkin- lpcrtant factors affecting the kep as healthy as possible, more than sixty (60) days inter- vene between the first publi-son County, Missi.ssippi, d'e- rotein content of forage. Stands hould be thinned reg- Let cattle graze pastures ularly to prevent crowding. In- cation of such notice on the 3rd scribed as follows, to-wit: Closely and clip all excess for- fested trees should be salvaged day of August, 1973, and the All or any part of Section 27, age for hay. It will al,so pay off as soon as possible after attack 28th. day cf August, 1973. the Township 4 North, l%ange 1 to give pastures an additional Large unused branches and sec- date on which this Board pro- East. Wilkinson County, Missis- aPPlication of nitrogen fertilizer, tions of the trunk should be poses to issue such note. sippi, containing 685.77 acres, more or less. less and except piled and either burned or ,re- The above and foregoing res- 40 acres, more or less, more LIME tmoved from the vicinity of other olution was first reduced to particularly described as: From On most MiSsissippi farms trees, writing, read and adopted by the well location which is 330 "----------- sections, and then as a whole feet from the East. line and 330 Fund of said Wilkinson County and those voting for the resolu- i feet from the Scuth line of the tion were Supervisors Steve amounts to Forty Thousand One ...... sh ' Southeast Quarter and the teed, Louis tJauloen Tom A' - ......... 1/ - Hundred Fifty-six and 47/100 le" Those absent a:'dn not vet ormwest Muarrer t/4 an Dollars ($40,156.47), and that " . ..... -INW'/4) , Section 27, Township 4 ing on nls resoluon were . o., ......  . . ...,,_,._ "- Twenty T h o u s a n d Dolla,rs .............. I orm, ang'e  ,asr, in WuKln- aren .anu ,,con tavm, i - t ...... A RESOLUTION ($20.000.00) does not exceed this ....... i son t;oun y, mlSSiSSippL menee Toe I eSOlULlon navlllg re ell amount, and " -INorth 330 feet to the point of Of the Board Of Supervisors ceived the affirmative vote ell ............  beginning; mence ,'as 1, Wilkinson County, Mississippi, [ Be it further resolved by the all the members present, the[feet thence Southerly and To Borrow Money In Board of Supervisors of Wilkin- President declared the resolu- parallel to the West line of said Anticipation Of Taxes For The finn adopted, this 26th. day of Section 27, 962 feet; thence son County, Mis.sissippi, in said Purpose Of Defraying The Regular Recess July 1973 Meet- Expenses Of Said County For ing assembled on this, the 26th. The Year 1973 day of July, 1973 that the Board Be it resolved by the Board of Supervisors, will at its re- of Supervisors of Wilkinson cess meeting on the 28th. day County, Mississippi, in its Red- of August, 1973, issue its ne- lar Recess July 1973 Meeting gettable note for ,an amount aSSembled on this. the 26th. day not to exceed Twenty Thousand of July, 1973. upon inqmry and Dollars' ($20,000.00) at a rate of Xamination of estimated intexest not to exceed six per amount of taxes collected and cent (6%) per annum and to to be collected under the last be due and payable not later lreeeding annual tax levy for,than April 1, 1974 for the pur- the year 1972. does find .and. f defraying expenses of aClJudicate that twenty-fivb]pei" th General Fund of said Wll- cent ,25/,,,) of July, 1973. Tom Ashley, President 8/3/3w A RESOLUTION Of The Board Of Supervisors Of Wilkinson County, Mississippi, To Levy Not To Exceed TWo (2) Mills On All Of The Taxable Property Of Said County To Supplement Tax Levy To Pay Operating Budgets Of Sheriff And Assessor-Tax CoUector Be it ires01ved 'bY"t'he Board the estlmatedkinson County as authorized by of Supervisors of Wilkinson West for 1.810 feet; thence Northerly and parallel to the West line of said Section 27 for 962.69 feet: thence East for 665 feet, more or les, to the point of beginning, in Section 27, Township 4 North, Range 1 East. of said Wilkinson County, Mississippi, and containing 645.77 acres, more or less. The said Board of Supervisors of Wilkinson C0u}ty on and af- ter approval by t,iperintend- eat of :Editcat(0n :!l Wilkin- son County ]ere lering the Clerk of this Board 10f Super- amount of taxes collected or to, Section 2926-13. 1942 Mississippi be collected for the General Code Reeompiled. as amended, I Natchez Stockyards Jerard Allen, Manager Ph. 4,002-0271 Natchezl Miss. SALE EVERY THURSDAY TOP PRICES FOR YOUR CATTLE AND HOGS For Local Trucking Call KIRK FORD, 888-4595, Woodville I When the crew is you , .-..-." '-'.__- -. _- ..:.-,,, .,,oa Even in a one-man operation, Hesston makes it possible to include a moderate size haying program with the Stak- I-land 10. Yes, the StakHand 10 will get your hay up and out of the weather at the hourly rate of four to six tons. And the stacks have self-storing, weather-resistant capabilities. Cou ole the StakHand with a StakMover 10 and you can put up hay one day, ihen move it later or, See us for all the btnefits of a StakHand right away. We can even show you how the StakHand 10 system lends itself to feedin.g programs. StakHand is a registered trademark of tha Hesston Corporation Seal Tractor Co. Woodville, Miss. I County, Mississippi, in its Reg- ular Recess July 1973 Meeting visors to advertise and request assembled on this the 26th. day '=aid sealed bids, did a,t its regu- of July, 1973. upon inquiry and lar August 193 monthly meeting examination, determined that order the leasing of the above the fees to be collected by the described land, and did prescribe offices of Sheriff and Assessor- the form of the oil, gas and Tax Collector will be insufficient miner, al lease, the royalty to be to p'ay the operating budget of any one ,or more of said offices, and Be it further resolved ,by the Board of Supervisors of Wilkin- son County, Mississippi, that it intends to levy two (2} mills for the purpose of supplement- ing the budgets of the offices obtained by the les.sor, annual rental o be paid by the lessees. and the primary term o said lease, as required by Secbion 660{), 1942 Mississippi @ode, Re- compiled, as amended; notwith- standing the provisions of Pa, ra- graph 7 of the leae, lessee shall restore the surface of, any loca- ticn, if a dry .hole, .o as near of Shexiff and Assessor-Tax Collector of said Wilkinson as practical to the condition it County s provided by ChpteriWas prior ,to drilling of said 461 of the General Laws of well, and Shall, fertlle, mulch 1973, unless within twenty-one and seed said location with a (21) days after the date of the grass seed of sufficiert quantity first publication of this resolu- tion, a petition signed by at least twenty per cent (20%) or one thousand five hundred (1,500), whichever is less, of the qualified electors of the County, shall be filed requesting an election on the levying of such tax, and Be it fu.rther resolved by the Board of Supervisors of Wilkin- son County, Mississippi, that to insure adequate coverage of the site, M1 .of, ,whic.h is now on file in the of,rice of the Oh.ancery Clerk of said Wilkin- son County, subject to inspec- tion of all interested parties. The sealed bids submi.tted ill be publicly opened in the Board Room of the said Board of Su- pervisors in the Courthouse in Woodville, Mississippi, at 2 o'- clock p.m. on said Tuesday, the this resolution shall be pub- 4th. day of September, 1973, lished in The Woodville and award of said letse made lican, a newspaper published to the highest and best bidder and having a general circulation in said Wilkinson County, once each week for three (3) consec- utive weeks. The above and f,oregoing res- olution was flrt reduced to writing, read and adopted by sections, and then a's a whole and those voting for the reso- lution were Supervisors Seve or bidders as provided by law. The Board of Supervisors of said County reserves .the right' to reject any and all bids. This 6th day of August, 19"/3. Alonzo H. Sturgeon, Clerk 8/10/4w NOTICE OF BIDS The Mayor and Board of A1- Reed. Louis Oaulden, and Tom dermen of the Town of Wood- Ashley. Those absent and not ville, Mississippi, will receive voting ,on thi resolution were bids up until seven o'clock p.m. A. J. Darden and Leon Cavin. on Tuesd, ay, .the 4th day of Sop- The resolut'ion having re- tember, 1973, for the sale of old ceived the affirmative vote of building owned by the town and all the members present, the President declared the resolu- tion adopted, this 26th. day of July, 1973. Tom /hshley, President 8/3/3w NOTICE OF BIDS Notice is .hereby given that sealed bids will be  received by the Mayor and Board of Aldex- men of the Town of Centreville, Mississippi, in the Town Hall, Centreville, Mississippi, up to 5 o clock p,m. on Tuesday, Sep- tember 4, 1973, for the sale, for cash, of one (1) 190"/ Chev,rolet 4 door sedan, one (1) 1960 Ford j dump truck, and one (1) model formerly occupied as Johnson High School. The said ,building is located on town property situated on the south side of road leading from the Wood- ville and Bayou Sara Road at the old oil mill to Sligo Road at the cemetery. Bids .will be received for the sale of the building only, ,nd the successful bidder w.ill ,be given ninety (90) days In which to raze .the structure and move .11 material and debris from She premises. The Board reserves the right to reject any and all bids. Frances Towngend, Clerk 8/10/4w AN ORDINANCE [Ccrporation Act adopt the fol-' Prohibiting The Dumping Of' ]lowing Articles of InEorporationl Tin Cans, Bottles, Papers, I for such corporation: Plastic Jugs, Cardboard And / First: The n am. of the corpo- Paper Boxes end Other Waste Materials Of Every Kind And Description On The Rights-Of- Way Or Within Sight Of Any County Public Road, Including State Aid Public Roads, Within Wilkinson County, Mississippi Be it enacted by the Board of Supervisors of Wilkinson ration is J. D. McCraine Engi- neering Service, Inc. Second: The period of its du- ration is Ninety-Nine Years. Third: The specific purpose or purposes for which the cor- poration is orgmized stated in general terms are: County, Mississippi, that it shall To establish and operate a be unlawful for any person, professional Engineering Service firm, partnership or corpora- for the purpose of providing tion to dump on the rights-of-engineering, surveying and re- way or within sight ,of any lated services. County Public Road, including Fourth: The aggregate num- State Aid Public Rqad, within her of shares which the cor- said Wilkinson County, any tin poration stroll have authority to cans, bottles, papers, plastic issue is Fifty (5{)1 Shares ,of the jugs, cardboard and paper boxes par value of One Hundred .and other waste materials of ($100.90) Dollars ($100.00) each. every kind and descrip.tion. The preferences, limitations Be it further enacted by the and relative rights in respect of Board of Supervisors of Wilkin- the shares of each class and son County, Mississippi, hat the variations in the relative any person, firm, partnership or rights and preferences as be- corporation ,who dumps on the tween series of any ,preferred rights-of-way or within sigh.t of or special class in series a,re as any County Public Road, includ- follows: None ing State Aid Public Road, with- i Fifth: The  corporation will in said Wilkinson County, any not commence business until tin cans, ,bottles. papers, plastic lconsideration of the value of at jugs, cardbcard and paper ,boxes 1 least $1,000 has been received /for the issuance of shares. Acknowledgment State of Mississippi County of Wilkinson This day personally appeared before me, the undersigned au- t, hority J. D. McCralne and James E. Wilkerson, Jr., inc..or- .pc rators of the corporation known as the J. D. McCraine Engineering Service, Inc., who cknowledged that they signed and executed the above and foregoing articles of incorpora- tion as their act and deed on this the 31st., day of July, 1973. May Anderson Notary Public My Commission expires 3-19-74 tNotarial Seal) 8/17/lw State of Mississippi. County of Wilkinson. To the Absent or Unknown Heirs at Law (If Any, of Willie "Turk" MeNeely, Deceased: You are hereby summoned to appear before the Chancery Court of Wilkinson County, Mis- sissippi, at the September 1973 Rules, on the Second Monday of September. A. D.. 1973. to plead. answer or demur to the Peti- tion of the Joint Admlnistra- trixes filed in Cause No. 6013 and other waste materials of every kind and description, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and upon conviction, shall for the first offense, be fined in a sum not exceeding Fifty Dollars ($50.00} and for each succeeding offense in a sum not exceeding One Hundred Dollars ($1(}0.00) .or imprisonment in the County Jail not exceeding sixty (60) days or by both such fine and imprisonment for such second and succeeding offenses. Be it further ordered by he Board of Supervisors of said Wilkinson County, Mississippi, that this resolution and ordi- nance shall be published in The Woodville Republican, a news- paper published in said Wilkin- son County, for three (3) con- secutive weeks. The motion to enact the fore- going resolu, tion and ordrinance of the Chancery Court of Wil- Sixth': Provisions granting to Ikinsn County, Mississippi, seek- s!mreholders .,the p.reemptiveling to .have the heirs at law !i!:ui shi! mrOf atdf:tZplor I dcWe!iilirei;gn!ild:i!!:dad!n Seventh: The post office ad- dress of its initial registered office is P. O. Box 637. Wood- ville. Mississippi, and the name of its initial .registered agent at such address is James E. Wilkerson. Jr. Eighth: The number of di- rectors cons.tituting the initial ,board of directors of the cor- poration, which must be not less than three (3). is Th,ree (3) and the names and addresses of the persons w,he ,are t;o serve as directors until the first an- nual meeting of shareholders or until their successors are elected and shall qualify are: J.D. McCraine. Woodville, having been made by Leon Cavin and being seconded by Super- Mississippi visor Louis Gaulden, the vote J, ames E. Wilkerson. J.r.. P. O. to enact and adopt tie said Box 637. Woodville, Miss. resolution and ordinance was as follows: Supervisor L o u is Gaulden voted yes Supervisor Steve Reed voted yes Supervisor A, J. Darden voted yes Supervisor Tom Ashley voted yes The resolution and ordinance having been adopted by he above set out vote of the Board of Supervisors of said Wilkin- son County, the President de- cla,red the resolution and ordi- nance .adopted. This 6 day of August, 1973. Tom Ashley, President 8/1"//3w State of Mississippi Office of Secretary of State Jackson CERTIFICATE OF INCORPORATION of J. D. McCraine Engineering Service, Inc. John J. Dale. Woodville. Mis- sissippi Ninth: The name and post office address of each incorpo- rator is: J. D. McCraine, Woodville, Mississippi James E. Wilkerson. Jr.. P. O. Box 637. Woodville. Miss. Dated July 31. 1973. J. D. McCraine James E. Wilkerson. Jr. Incorporators possesion of said estate as con- templated and provided by Sec- tions 1270. 1271 and 1272 of the Mississippi Code Annotated 1942 and as Recompiled and Amended, wherein each of said absent er unknown heirs at law (if any) of said decedent is a defendant. "This 14th day of August, A. D.. 1973. Alonzo H. Sturgeon. Clerk 8/17/4w WHEN YOU GET TOGETHER -- THINGS HAPPEN! TIIAT'S WHY SOMETHING GOOD IS HAPPENING TO THE ADAMS INSURANCE AGENCY INSUREDS! ADAMS INSURANCE AGENCY Main Street Gloster, Miss. TIMBER SALE James M. Vardaman & Co., Inc., forest management specialist, solicits bids on 767.700 board feet pine sawtimber and 66,000 board feet hardwood sawtimber. Doyle scale on 5"/5 acres in portions of Sections 1. 13, 14, and 26. Township 2 North, Range 1 East and portions of Sections 8.22. and 23. Township 2 North, Range 2 East, Amite County, Mississippi. Sealed bids on a lump-sum basis must ,be received ,by James M. Vardaman & Co.. Inc.. P. O. Box 902, Jackson. Miss. 39205, not later than 10:00 am. on 24 August 1973. The undersigned, as Secretary , Write for prospectus or contact Joe A. Kuse, P. O. Box .423, of State ,of the State ,of Missis- Brootchaven. Miss. 39601 or call 833-8834. sippi, hereby certifies that du- plicate ,originals of ,rticles of Incorporation for the above named corporation duly signed and verified pursuant to the provisions of the Mississippi Business Corporation Act, have been received in bhis office and are found .to conform to law. Accordingly the undersigned, as such Secretary of State, and by virtue of the authority vested in him 'by law, hereby issues this Cetificate of Incorpora- tion, and attaches hereto a du- plicate original of the ..&rticles ,of Incorporation. Given under my hand and Seal of Office, ,this the 3rd day of August, 1973. Heber Ladner Secretary of State (Seal) Articles Of Incorporation Of J. D. McCraine Engineering Service, Inc. We, the undersigned natural persons of the .age of twenty- .one years or more, acting as incorporators of a corporation under the Mississippi Business James M. Vardaman & Co., Inc., Standard Life Building, Jackson, Mississippi. Telephone number (601) 354-3123. Branch Offices at Hattiesburg, Laurel Brookhaven. Meri0ian, Bogalusa,'Alexandria and Ruston. I LOANS 00:rom $100 to $5,000 Bill Consolidating Loans Are Our Specialty. Payments Reduced As Much As  to V and Sometimes Even More. --Free COUNSELING SERVICE--- Call Or Stop By Our Office Woodville Finance, Inc. Depot Street Phone 888-2011 Sluggid it out to the end. Price.fJ00ter Clearance H & R FORD, Inc., Woodville, Miss.