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August 13, 1898     The Woodville Republican
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August 13, 1898

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the stomach, so cooling to the blood So helpful to the whole body. Make no mistake, but get only Sarsa- parilla America's Greatest Mediclne. ...... Pi. [ : Hood's s oure Liver nls; easy to take easy to operate, fen Mysterlaaa Box, Left by the Late Jesse P. n't sweat and fret, but keep cool end Prescott, to Be Opened in 1946. t4tke Hood's Sarsaparilla. Thls is good There is on exhibition at th advtce, tm yo2, will find If you follow it. Hood's Sarsaparilla is a first-class sum- city hall in Memphis an oblong mer medicine, because it is so good for hox. It is of black walnut, highly polished, with a number of mys- terious screws fastening the lid firmly down The box is about two and a Remember the name when you buy again PLUG St., and with a very mysterious air de- posited the box above mentioued. ]t lmnedlute Reconciliation. a Coin Collector. was hm wish, and lie told his old friend, She--You know you married me, John The Oldest Volunteer. A certain doctor of Irish extract on at that he desired tile box sealed and hept Henry, to get into good soeiety! A New York State doctor, aged 109, vet residing ;n Grquhnd West was,-, in safety, aud not to be opened until :curse 1 did, dear. And I got into it, too-- i cently, and expressed a desire to enter the by a friend cf his living at Cape He (having stopped to count five)--Of unteered his cervices to the President re- him some "Corn Paul" fifty years after hi death, tie iefused ?our soeicty.--Chicago Tribune. as a surgeon. Even at his advanced he can read without glasses, and walk to divulge its eontmts and briefly I'lahing for the Cash. 10 to 15 miles a day. The oldest standard a ve good-natured man, stated that the walnut box simply Tandladv-If you give me a cheek, M'r. which has no equal for indigestion, dyspep- to/.ol/ectnSe0' neath,three30 ofweekS'them assiduous labor, inclosed au iron eimst, which was' ,agger, it" will require a stamp and all that sia,medicineconstipation,iS Hostclter'Sfevers andStmachbad blood.Bitters'it Thee he took to the post off%e, got a post h)cked and sealed and was airtight. ,other. Can't you arrange  ohcr method? efl%e order for the amount, md sent it to hi Mr. Lagger (inspired)--Let me see Oh strengthens, purifies and vitalizes. Onebot- friend in Cape Town whose astonishment Tbe box, he said, must be locked for .,,cs; I'l! gieyoua four months' note.kZN y: tle does much good n be better imagined than deseribed. fifty yours after his death, and he Journal. She Scored That Time. Spare Moments wanted Mr. Specht to guard it. The Sculptor's New Contpetltor. "VhaVs that?" said the ell gentleman as ummer Reort.. A few months passed and old man faster Sen1 )tor--V/cll I suppose the he entered while the eldest daughter was [any delightful summer resorts are sit l're:cott left lilts old home for anothe," next lhing will be a hust of Cervera. saying things confidentially to her mother. sated on and reached via the Southern Rail- and higher world and tim chest re- Ameeican Student--That woul be copy- "Bess was just telling me that the young Whether one desires the seaside or mountains, tim fashionahlc lmtels malned behind, s a reminder of the in- in.,,, sir, after Commodore Schlcy.--Jewcl- man that visited the Broketons last" stun- eountr they can he reached via eay of travel. Roan Mountain, Term. the mountain reorts of east Tennesset western North Carolina--- ,'The Land of Sky --late prmgs, Icnn., Lookout naln Tenn., Lithia Springs, Ga., and various Virginia Springs, also the seashore ts, are reached by the Southern Rail- on convenient schedules and at very rtes. The Southern Railway has issued a hand. me folder, entitled "gummer lfomPs and tes rts, descrqmve of nearly one thousand summer resorts, hotels and b;arding houses including informatio, regardiirg rates for lbrd at the different places and railroad rates to reach them. to C. A. Benscoter, Assistant Gen- at, Southern Raihvay, , for a copy of this folder. people do not know that s reputation for being very its mouth shut for 3,000 Daily News. J. S. Key, of the Southern M. E. writes. We gave Dr. Moffett's (Teething I.'our) to out"-little Grandchild with the happiest results The effects were almost magical and certain] re satisfactory than from anything er used" TrmTmNa Aids Digestion,  e lat the Bowels and makes teething (a 'hat Was Going On. going on in the parlor have two interesting things to look for- the engagement ward to. , ma.--Stl ]Express Packages for Soldiers. Hall's Catarrh Core C.L. Loop, traffic manager of the Ia a Constitutional Cure. Price 75c. Southern Express Compauy. with head- river of Egypt is the Nile, quarters at Chattanooga, Tenn., has ataries are tbe juveniles.-- issued the following circular: L. A. W. Bulletin. "In reply to numerous inquiries ae to the Cut the amount of money you expect to disposition that will be made of express t qaare in two.Atchison Glohe. shipments to soldiers addressed to the earl- TO MRS. PINKHAI Mr Walter E. Budd, of Pat- ohogue, Now York. Mrs. BVI)D, in the following letter, familiar story of weakness and afferlng, and thanks Mrs. I'inkh gar complete relief: "DZa.ll Mts. Pl*Krl:I think it is my duty to write toyou andtellyou what Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound has done for me. I feel like another woman. I had such dread- ful headaches through my temples and on top of my head, that I nearly went crazy; was also troubled with chills,was very my left from my to my waist pain- ed me terribly. I could not sleep for the pain. Piasters would hel l) for a while, bursa soon a taken off, the pain would be just as bad as ever. Doctors eaevibed medicine, but it gave me no 1tel "low I feel so well and strong, sve no more headaches, and no a, in in side, and it is all ming to y(mr Compound. I eann,,t praise it enough, It is a wonderful medicine I recommend it to every woman I Remember the name when you buy again HOW JAMLE PASSED. AB EXCEPTION. He Plays Tricks an His Sehool Prim- His W/f Kept a Bonrdiog House and etpal Vhile That Personage HoThouKhtSheDidn,t Is Calling on llis Sister. Reed Him. Jmie has a big sistera blooming, bound- He did not look as if he were composed ing destroyer ofhearts, and the principal of of the stuff of which heroes are made, Jamic's school used to call on her. tteeame but there must have been some of the di- one evening, just before the close of the last vine afltatus of courage in his system or term, and wore rubber oversimes. He al- he would not have been before the recruit- ball feet long, two feet wide and about ways was afraid of catching cold. lie left ing officer seeking to gain admission into the ' these shoe protectors in thehall. Jamie, by ranks of those wo were offeringthemseh, es the same number of feet in depth, o means sure of passing from seventh into as a sacrifice utxm the altar of their beloved weighing in all not over fifty pounds, eighth grade, was conning his geography-- eonntry. The box has an air of mystery about it, from necessity, sot choice, and he saw those "What is your name?" inquired the offi- goloshes, eer in charge. and will serve as the subject of an ha- So he got the tack hammer and two tacks "Your"Jhn age,Smith'"Mr. Smith ?" teresting story at some remote day in and nailed through tim rubber soles into the "Forty-three, next October." the future, floor. When Mr. Principal departed an hour "Where were you born ?" later Jamie was watching him. Mr. Prinei- Judge fladden is its present eustodion pal, still smiling on the big sister, inserted "In Indiana." and will be so long as lie lives, and will his feet in his rubbers--andthen he braided "Do you reside here?" ',',Yes, s:t; have for the last ten years.  have a fatherly eve upon it. At one himself tip in the most amazing fall that Are you married or singleO" time it was the property of Jesse P. ever an educated man accomplished. The "Married." - " big girl picked him up and extracted him Prescott, who departed tl'is life March from his stationary footwear, but she was "Ah, is that so?" "Yes, sir." 21, 18YJ6. He was one of the landmarks :ing with ]a:,ghter. WeII, you can t enlist? sweet seraph, drifted past "Why not?" of Memphis. lie tmew everybody and e prmmpal's desk with a look of angelic "Because you are married." nearly everything about them. Wheu mnoecnee on his chubby face. "'What's that g,)t to do with it ?" any event of historical importance He paused a moment. "Can't take married men into the sere- transpired it was he who was called '%Vho called you?" asked the petulant ice." principal. "$Vhy not? lIasn't a married man got upon to contribute interesting data "The kids called me. They called me courage enough? Can'thebeasgaada which might be associated with it in 'rubbers!' Say, Mr. Soandson,'do Ipass?" riot as a l)achelor? ' pat- And the eves of the two met for one tens "I suppose so, but we can't take married other days. lie was at one time presi- moment. Ten the principal surrendered, men. They have to stay at home and sup- (lent of the Old Folks' Society and had "Yes--vm pass!" he snapped, port their wives and farn'ilies." If he had said "no" he would have dodged .The applicant's face gleamed like a sun. many interesting historical records in to the end of his days every time he heard a rise. his possession. boy cry "rubbers!" "Oh, that's, all right," he aughed, easily. Only a short while prior to his death And ,lamie was hone; abont it. lie told zou neeunk worr), on that account; my he drove up, one day, to Joseph Specht, no one--not even when his big sister paddled wife keeps a boardmg house, and has ever ' him.--Chieago Chronicle. inee the second year we were married." washington Star. PLUG Your Liver SUMMER RESORTS ON LONO ISLAND i By Oeesao the south snore, or the WOOded tuaaca the north shore. Send q i9 stamps for ' LONG ISLAND2 an lit,narrated dee4,tive Imok. 4 cents f,,r "$UMMER HO/' a book dezcribwg  agM boarding holsea ora Ixme dl. and &e. for '" UNIQUE t,Oz, YG JtD." &n iliustr&IA(l II)o. to tl. M, IIIl[l. I&We Maner, L I It. P, Lot ltlalad City, New York. needs coaxing, not crowding. Dr. Ayer's Pills stand with- out a rival as a reliable medicine for liver complaint. They cure constipation, and they cure its consequences, piles, biliousness, indigestion, sick headache, nausea, coated tongue, foul breath, bad taste, palpitation, nervousness, irrita- bility, and many other maladies that have their root in constipation. They are a specific for all diseases of the stomach and bowels, and keep the body in a condition of sound health. "I have used Ayer's Pills for the past thirty years and consider them an invaluable family medicine, i know of no better remedy for liver troubles, and have always found them a prompt cure for dyspepsia.'--Jhss QVINN, 90 Middle Street, Hartford, Conn. Tak00 A yer's Pills Journalistic Amenities. "Our wart of a contemporary ' the cur- rent issue of the ,lazevillc Gazette sat's, "claims, as far es the war is coneerned,'to have the earliext intelligence. That is the kind of intelligence they always had at that office. It is more than early; it is primi- tive."--Cincinnati Enquirer Wheat 40 Cents a Bushel. How to grow wheat with big profit at 40 cents and samples of Salzer's Red Cross (80 Bushels per acre) Winter Vheat, Rye, Oats, Clovers, etc., with Farm Seed Catalogue for 4 cents postage. JOHN A. SALZER-SEED CO.; La Crosse, Wis. X Misunderstood. "Ilow much is a ticket, mistah?" er' XVeckly. mer has written her, and that he sent love "Fifty cents for the grand stand." teresting character who had no care- and kisse.." "How much is de tickets foh to sit down, fully prepared it. BEAUTIFUL HOMES. "IIe did, did he? Tim impudent puppy. I mistah?"--Uo to Date. rltre lllln a::: sqnf]ch hltu at once or Try Allen's IPOO, Ease, Aj,)ard was tacked open the surface:  y ' e 19 d;:ughter of mine. Let him i'now  nowder to be shaken ini: the sh,-o " P. I)rescot died March 21, 1896. The Tendency of /he Age Ia Toword so there is no possihle chance of misunder- " :  ason our e ,  , ,, " ....... " '  [ tills e y ee ieel SWOllen, nervous To be opened in 50 years, 1946." Mural Deeoratlona. taenlg. :::a  ;][::tv..e:at:;ei},emgSter?S;n:, J and hot, and get tire(I easily. If you have ' ,  : ' ,, ' I smarting eet or tight shoes, try Alien s Over two .years ha ve passed s;nee the l'robab]y at no time in the world's history here,,.ro]lagam A;,!l ll k ...... k h **,m out ...f the., .huse/. I }'oot-Ease. It cools the feet and makes walk- box was labeled, and Mr. Specht. feel- has as much attention been paid to the in ..... , .................... na mater B.9,, eodrnhg lng easy. Cures swollen and sweatm feet ing himself I,ee(,min ohl and worried tctior dceoration of homes as at present, faeSnex s old gentleman at break- blisters and eallousspots. Relievescorgsand[ over the safety of his true'i, telephone4 No home, no matter how humble, is without "Yes"' " ] bunions of all painandgivesrestandcomfort. its haodivork that hqlps to beautify the ,,(,Y " ........ , Try l to-day Sold bv ;,ll druggists and sboe Vicc-Mavor lhtdden to coine to see him. apartments and make the surrouodings more ,, ,(,o(,. vnat ..... om you say. . , stores" for 25c" Tr'a package ]REE Ad- knowI toldan3, hmbelter(hstmetlYthan {o thatsend fsnchhe thingsd du t dress, --., 74 ^, ........ oy, The result was that the box was trans- chela., k )t ceerful" The tastevsh f)hagf the smerican a}mostPeple /nen . umsea. e . z. ferred. Itwastaken to thecity hull, where "wrveld'Pabr in a letter, instead of bringing them in per- The E-gi-i--Iaa-n Kicked. e ": .! y i g ' t ng new son, I would have to forego the pleasure of T .... ,,;,, ._ .. m the way of a picture, a draping, a it will very likely remain until the day piece of fu'niture or other form of mural hm acquaintance.' .....  ...... -- ..... much s the fare from comes upon which it will bc opened, de,,oration. One of the latest of these has For the next five mhmtcs the faro ly were New York to San Franeisco }men given to the world by the celebrated terror-stricken undgr a ekonviction that the Ticket Agent--One hundred dollars. "You bloomin' robber! I can travel c]em The vice-mayor will make a mention artist, Muville, in a series of four handsome head of the houseim!d lad burst a blood aeroaa England for $2Q!"--Puek. of the box on the city minutes, and I)orcelain game plaques. Not for years has vessel.--Stray Stories. place upon it an indestructable label, anythmg as handsome in this line been seen Fits stopped fee and permanenth, cured The subjects represented by these plaques A Matter of Words. NO fits after first day's use of Dr.'Kline' His object is to have the trust pass are American Wild Ducks, American Pheas- "Virha* a push,us" fellow that young ]fg." Great Nerve Restorer. Free $2 trial bottle & downfrc, mcounciltoc:)unciluntil194, ant, American Quail and English Snipe. [eyis! Six weeksago imwaawaiterina treatise. Dr. Kline. 933 Arch st., Phila., Pa. They are handsome paintings and are es- cheap restanrant. To-day he has a,overn- when the mayor at that time will open p'cia]lv designed, for hanging on dning sent job that pays him $7,000 a year. A Maseullue Aeeompllahment. it in the presence of the city board, room {vails, though their ribhness and beau- "Pushing, did ',ou say? You've got the A man can carry a baby in.such a fashion The year of ]:l'.;will be au interest- ty entitled them to a place in the )arlor of -. wrong word. Pn,liog is what you mean." that he can even delude its mother into the ins one for anotheA- reason. In that any home. These original plaques have been Ch cage Evening News. belief that he is bringing imme a package of year the ell IHckford lease on the city meat for dinner.--Chicago Times-Herald. purchased at a cost of $59,000 by J C tfub- roger Bros. Co., manufacturers of the cele- Bacon--"Are the flies had up your way?" hall property will expire and the lot brated Elastic Starch, and in order to enable Egbert---"I think not. A great many of To Cure a Cold in One Day and bui]din,-s will return to the city. their numerous castomers to become posses- them seem to go to church Sundavs."--Zon . sors of these handsome works of art they kers Statesman. " Thus the posterity of Memphis will have had them reproduced by a special process, in all the rich colors and beanty of Everybody likes to tell scnsatlonal news, the original. Thee are fin shed on heavy whetber it is good or bad.--Washiugton (Ia.) cardboard, pressed'aud embossed Jn the Democrat. hape of a plaque and trimmed with a heavy - .................. band of gold. They measure forty inches i Leware of hiIu who hates the laugt ,ng of in circumference arid contain no reading;  chid.--Lavater. Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets. All druggists refund money i it fails tocure. 25c. Maiden Aunt (reading the Scriptures aloud to nephew)--"In heaven there is no marriage or giving in marriage." Nephe --"This earth must be a perfect heaven to you, isn't it, aunty ?"--Puck. matter or advertisement whatever. Until September let Messr.. ,l. C. ttubin er Bros. Co. propose to distribute the plaques free to their customers. Every pur- chaser of three ten-cent packages of Ilastic Starch, flat-iron brand manufactured by J. C. Itubinger Bros. Co., is entitled to reeeive one of these handsome plaques fred from their grocer. Old and new customers alike are entitled to the benefits of this offer. These plaques will not be sent throug the mail the only way to obta n ttem being I from your gro('er. Every grocer store in the ] country has Elastic Sta:ch for sale. It is the 1 oldest "and best laundry starch on the mar- :0r Infants and 0hil4ren [ket and is the most p'erfect cold process b [starch ever invented. It is the only starch tats . [ made hv men who thoroughly understand that will not iniure the finest fabric. It has The F0r borer, the standard for a quarter of a century and as an evidence of hOWyougOOd it is twcnty- Thl two million packages were sold last year. SIg, at,ypAs  /,[ " " Ask your dealer to show the plaques and Over rt Years tetl you about Elastie Stareh. Accept no Of The Kin d mbstitute. Bear in mind that th s offer holds good a short time on]y and should be You Here Always Bought taken advantage of without delay. ,t ctT^ua eo,*Nv, ,, Mua,av *v,zzv. mew vo. ,vv. 1'1:[1 MARK l'. NIW YOItK, Augusb'6, 1594. CA'lrLE--NaLlveSUeors ....... * t 5o W$ 5 4 COT'I'ON--M utdling ............. 6 ( 0 ti'IOUl--Winter .Vhsttt ....... 4 2a ,  I:/ W 11EAT--N o. g ld ................  75 OAT--No. 2 ........................  28 t'ultK--Nswless .............. 9 'lb  l0 t t'r. LOUIS. O0"IvL'ON--Mlddllng .................  5 DElgVt,'.S--eers ...............  0, @  25 Cows andlloltera.. " ,0 '@  aU CALVES--(perlUJ) ............ 4 0 ( SIJEP--leuir to Choice. ..... 3 0J r 4 5 L,'L,OUlg--J?atens (uew) ....... 3  ' 3 9) Clear aud ,%Lrttlght... B U) "{ B OJ WIIEAT-No. 2 ILod Whiter... 73- 7t CORN--No. 9 Mixed ................  3 OA'r:5--No. 2 .................... 4 q$ zS RYE--No.2 ......................... ' 45 'I'OItACCO--Lugs ...............  VJ (O a bJ Leaf ]lurhv ....... 4 51 f 1'2 0 t llAY--ClearTirnottiy (old) .... I 0  12 0J BU'TEI--Cholco Dahy ....... 15 ff *7 EGGS--Fresh ...................... t'OL(K.--Standard (now) ...........  9 0 yl flACON--Clear lib ................ f O I,AIO)--l'rlnm tea,n ..............  b CIIICAGO. CATTLE---Natlve Steers ....... 4 b3 @  50 IIOGS--l,'alr to ChOI0S ......... 30J (( 8 9) SHEEP--Fair to Cholce ....... 3 u @ 4 7a F/OUR--Winter Pal, eul, s ...... 3 SJ  3 75 Spring l'atouu ...... 4 25 ( 4 7 WHEATNo. 2 8prmg (oldl ......  0 No. Z l,od Otav/ ........  6J/. CORN--No.  ...................  f t OATS--No. 2 ................... 2191  21 PORK--Mess (new) ........... 8   8 KANSAS CtT. CA'ffl'LE--Native Steers ......  75   15 HOGS--All Grades ............. it 50  it 80 WHEAT--No. 2R0d (naw) ..... 75 ,' 77 OATS--No.  Whie ............ 27 ( 284 COIN--No. 9 ....................... @ 8 NEW OIt LEAN.q. FLOUR--Illgh Grads .......... 3 TJ  4 25 CORN--No, 2 ........................ @ 0 OATS--Westvrn ................ @ 2 HAY--Choice ................... 13"(J.J @ 14 0J PORl--Standard MOSS ............ (0 19 O0 flaCON--Sides .................. 6  6'i COTTON--Middling ............ 5i  b,al IX)U JSVI[,[A WItEAT--No.2 Red ............ 70  72 CORN--No. 2 Mixed ............ 35  88 OATS--No. 2 Mixed ............ 26 (($ 27 PORK--New Mess .............. 10 25 ', l 60 GR)'L"I'O N -- M hhlli . ............ 6  61A PLUG ous camps (where troops have been located) after the troops shall have been sent to the field-in Cuba, Porto Rico, etc., I take pleasure in informing you that the South- era Express Company has already made arrangements with the War Department for forwarding shipments. This company will, when an opportune time shall come, lmve a representative at tbe front to make this delivery. We should not consider it desirable or practicable to undertake to forward such packages until the troops have something like a permanent situation or camp where their location is to be es- tablisbed long enough to catch up with tbcm, and where we bays good reason to believe delivery can be made. It will be understood that nothing of this kiml can be done while the troops are engeged in an active campaign and moving from place to place, but we assure correspondents that it is our intention to keep our service up as close to the front as possible at att times." Cuban Flag is lForty-Seven Years Old. IIow many men know the history of the flag of Cuba Libre? It is seen everywhere, floating bravely with the Stars and Stripes, entwined with them in windows, or worn side by side on the breasts of patriots. I)r. Joim G uiteras. celebrated ss a physician, a Cuban pa- triot and prominent member of the Cuban junta, recently gave this ex- planation of the ensign of his country: "The flag was omginated and designed by Gem Narcisso Lopez in 1854. when, for a second thne. he invaded Cuba. It was first ratsed at Cardenas in that :ear. The five stripes stand for the five departments into which Cuba was then divided The colors of the Ameri- enn flag and the ]one star was adopted because the movement ofGen. Lopez had for its object annexation. Texas, formerly the I,one Star ,tate. had had her amt')ition gratified. The de:;in of the Cuban fla indicated thcgencra]'s wisi that this 'lone star.' should also soon be placed n mon the otters on the ensign of the United States." The Pasglng of Joseph Lelter. The late connection of Joseph Letter with the wtmat pit was severed a few days ago, when the late "Napoleon of the pit" gave up the office in the Hoard of Trade building which he occupied during the campaign that resulted in his fiuancial rout and almost in the ruin of his father. A placard on the panel of the door announced that Letter would be found hereafter at 81 (:lark street, his ohl office. Young Letter rentd the office in tle Board of Trade building ]as spring, when he became a member of the board.New York Evening Sun. A Cry From tha Bank of 81ln, The Bank of Spain has informed the minister of finance that, "while willing to furnish as much money as may be necessary for the expenses of the war it would be wise to try to obtain from other sources. Up toJuty20the money lent by the Bank of Spain to the Spanish treasury for war purposes was $158 600 - | 000. dlstmbuted as follows: Fifty-nine million four hnndred timusand dollar | on .5 per cent. Cuban bonds. $8.200,000 on custom house certificates, $32,000,- o.00 on the stamped paper, tobacco and other taxes and $19,000,000 on 4 per cent. internal bonds. | lwed lib Philosophy. 'en taller es yonng an' praying for mus- tache hae naver tank how deckens long hoe rill half to vait yen hae grow sop for te bar- ber to say "Next."--Denver Times. lOon't You Slcepr Does your IIead Ache? Somnifi Caffeln rnres instantly. All druggists 25cents. Dr. Paxton Medical Co., 201 River St..Troy, N. Y. One is always surprised if a workman who is always bragging about his work is found to be doing it well-.--Wasifington (la.) Dem- ocrat. hen people find fault with everythin they hear, they ought not to comp']ait ii they do not hear everything.--Ram's Horn Piso's Cure for Consumption has no equal as a Cough medieine.--F. M. Abbott 383 Seneca St., Buffalo, N. Y., May 9, 1894. Air-castles are for very light housekeep- ing.--L. A. V. Bulletin. Remember the name when you buy again w ,UG to show you the plaqucs and tell you about Elastic Starch. Accept no substitute. i 152 = b Page Illustrated CatMogue, describ... ing all of the famous  : WINCNESTER 00UNS i b AND , WINCHESTER AMMUNITION k  sent free to any address. Send your  k # name on a postal card to  , WINGHESTER REPEATIN6 ARMS CO,,  180 Winchester Ave.. New Have., Ct. pLUG EDUCATIONAL. [ Hil ' " ' [" "" e'r bile' m.. :00ri, I tlUllUgB .o,r00in, co,. lege 0onducted by the Jest t Fathers. l'repar- story, Commercial and Classical Courses. I,args I gymnash]m, running track, etc. Climate ex- eeptionatly hsalthy. Address REV. M. MOYNIHAN, S. J.. President: tuoun]y illustrated (price $2), tree to anybody sending two allnu0.l subscriptions at $1each to the Overland Monthly. SAN FRANCISCO. Samph Overland ae. 0| II | [l Habit. Only [uarenteed pain- I| | | I| less homecu're. No interference /| 1 I|11 with work. No publicity. Sample |rsa. DR. PU R DY, Dept. F, Houstoe. Tezal. n ................ NEW DISCOVERY" gives Use 00ail nr,llo .... , ww r=um [] []mmmm =t c ,es sena for book of tetUnoniala, and 10 dalga'_ trY... I I Ikll| IWIIIIt# I t,'eat=entr,'ee, nr.u. lt.,asss'ssos,tltat.G. vUl IA/E mAKE all kinds [ A.N. --V%-,7 -- , and sizes, for BRILLING WELLS for I " -- -'------ - " house, farm, City and Village Water [  _= pi_ l Works, Fact0rles, Ice Plants, Brew- I nmmll'To]l'LIIilIilgImI cries, Irrigation, Coal and mneral[ Il.tS.W".'atto U.I-- i e Prospecting, Oil and Gas, I ..- inttme. So!dbrdrugglsta ]  etc. LATEST and BEST. [ r---_-2-_]l.-i]ll...llm[l[]. ,_ 30 YEARS EXPERIENCE. I i - tim" Write us WHAT YOU want. [ , wtTtxo TO aDVTzS JlI'r'I'lrfllUIq 2, llYIIAII TIl:l;IM flWiA I please state that yea saw the Advertise- -- -- II.m,  t,|l,Itlll /lli! I unl | ent In this paper. THR00E HAPPY W000IEN: AT" fF no o ervent Letters to the Sympal:hetic Friend O X. THE MOONEY SGHOOL .oY., FRANKIAS, TEN W D. MOONEy, A, M.. Principal. Prior onaagaent nocoasar to secure admlallon. RlYslns SEalXzIII--SI20 A YgAa--FeepaalT--4l I ate--Psrlmtal Cats. Lawrence Rolfe.VLNCEBUSG,I. The Bes! BOOK WAR bound snd aaap. H I . -- A eau i HONOR TO WHOM 0NOR S DUIL Prese Each Letter Tells ,n a Different Way of Agonies Relieved rs of the ltla'''/l']lIella::dta;iRCH,(Flatlron by Lydia E. Pinkham's I||/Brand). To induce you to try this brand of ILL.____.-_--. .... :._-.-__|I starch,so that you may find OUt for yourself '' -'ve00etahte Com nounA. li',CaI EIi that all claims for its superiority and econ. V -* I! .. ,,=...o I / omy are true, the makers have had prepared, y at great expense, a series of four Before using Lydia E. Pinkham S Vegetable Compound, my health was gradually being undernlined. I suffered untold agony GA00E PLAQUES from painful menstruation, backache, pain on top of my head and ovarian trouble. 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I heartily carl say that to-day ASK YOUR'DEALEi They can bo obtained only fmm your I feel like a  new woman; my monthly suffering is a thing of t@  the past. I shall always praise the Vegetable,v,,,/// Compound for what it has done for me. l.ff_ " MRS. MARGARET ANDERSON, grocer. Every Grocer Keeps Elastlc Start&. Do not delay. Thee ofhw Is for aahort time only. C "A FAIR FACE: MAY PROVEi&. FOUL. ', D BARC;AIN. MARRY A PL.AIN(.JRL. IF 8HE USE8 SAPOLIO 363 Lisbon St., Lewiston, Me. Lydia E. Pinkham's Vcgetable Compound has cured me of painful menstruation and backache. The pain, in my back was dreadful, and the agony I suffered during menstruation nearly drove me wild. Now this is all over, thanks to Mrs. Pinkham's medicine and advice.MRS. CARRIE V, WII2LIAMS, South Mills, N. C. The great volume of testimony proves conclusively that Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound is a safe, sure and almost infallible remedy in cases o irregularity', suppressed, excessive or paiat monthly periods,