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August 13, 1898     The Woodville Republican
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August 13, 1898

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Ttl VrooDVILLE [[EPUBIACAN ts the oldest newspaper in the State; has a htrger bona fide tvctdativn than any other newspaper in this section; fherefi)re "I is lh leg Adve00u00 lldiu:, lt$t}, ,]Uh&apos;alt. GIST OF WAR NEWS, town without a great sacrifice (,f .5,z.z:,,,: . ,... _& ,: life. , e ' .,' .+: /, ' -,, -  .,  , -- 8at00rcl00y, Aug=t 13, If Spain refuses t signthe Secretary Alger s mixing ofpoli-] k-,:, . i- ........ ,,ro,o00o,o+lod ,,.+++ .+,, E dwaFO Mcgehee flolleoe +. J. 8. LIEXVIS, bassador Cambon wilt, wash his nothing to ida l,,,l,ularity nor to his ,f ", 1111 U I D  Editor and Proprietor. hands of the entire peace matter reputation for l)olilical sag;,eil)'. In !! --- -2-: ........... and abandon all negotiations, his eagerness to injure "l'eddv"  7 OOD V'ILLE, JIISS. I: Wdt Open its 37ff7 Annum 8essioq, 8,, t 7th, 1898 { TO ADVERTISERS. Secrclary I)ay has beet, deft- Roosevelt'- l,olitmal h, rtt, ne< Set:re- . eft. ,i tritely decided ou us the head of tar 3. Alger went to the extent of ! Thoromzhiy equil,Pe(l rur work iu the d(:partn)enls of  Adver00ers lar 00his in l/ifl, , m i , i the American representatives iu l)ulHishing a I,rivale letter from the Peace Commission. Roosevelt to himself, in which smr Two thousan(l troops left San ,era thrown at the fighting qualitits Franciscoyestcrday for Manila. of the v( soldiers, in order A2N'NCrUCE ME NT. FOR CONGRESS. IXTH ['ONGRESSIONAL DIST. W. F. L()VE. TIIE SITUATION. The following telegram wouhl m, em to be conclusive of the near approach of peace: Washtn_ton. Aug. 10th.The D epartment of State has been in- formally notified that M. Cam" Iron the French amlmssador, has re- Eight thousand more will be sent there as soon as transports can be obtained. The Spanish steamer Ila de Lnzon has reached Santiago and will take 1236 of the prisoners back to Spain. It is thought that the diflicully in raising the sunken cruiser In- funtn Maria Teresa is due to a rock through her bottom. The E,Stern squadron is under twenty-four hours' notice to sail to Spain, dependent upon the answer of Spain to the Presi- dent's peace proposition. In case of peace, the squadron will go to Manila to reinforce Dewey. Sampson and Sehley bare been promoted to be Rear Admirals, eeived authority to sign the pro- but Sampson 6s advanced so as to toeol on behalf of the Spanish outrank Schley. government. Capt. Cl:trk of the Oregon and Lieut.,Wainwright of the Glouces- ter have also been recommended for promotion. The hedules of the DingIey tariff will apply to t';uba and Porto Rico as .long as mtlitary law prevails in those islands. In diplomatic circles the posi- tive statement is made that the ltreneh ambassador received his authority tonight and will tolnor- row formally attach his signature to the instrument. Immediately following this is a dispatch ,if the same date which tbat he might accompany it i,h an official reprimand from himself to R, msevclt. Alger was st) In u(.h afraul that the "round robiw' signed by "he Generals under ShafLer, bead- ed by Roosevelt, who is acting Com- maudcr of a brigade, wnuht ue crcd- ked with the aectlcrated movement ,f the War Del)artment iu getting our soldirs away from SanL,go, that he had an oflkial stat, ement well, or better than Attgust. made tothe press, saying that the gratified to see so many :) :5 h[usic. Elouuti0n, English, Mathematics, Sciences , Speci'd fqci ilics for the study of Music Elocution I !{i EnglMl and Mathematics. ' ' !.  'l he s,andard of sch,)larshlp in the College  h gl the't" s r wtmn in lie , t ','J'u'Yffl {1, {(lt,,dm'a rum l'el,a rt,,mnts tt,,w,,,t;d. T,,,,'I e.s are a It, ....... : ,11 e wit h all the comforts of r('f Dl'd h )IIH . I ItPell|. hit vintr d;mgh era to edu- ;I ]'or (JnAalogue, ai'td "Pt!rms. ttddres,. :t Mtss (F.OII(JIA SWANSON, Pres., Woodville, Miss. ! hereafter in conjunction with oat xtra work on same. Ordered that the assessment of the /:air in Oct0bcr of eaei year, a.- following persons be equalized as Prof. [l said that would suiL hint a follows: I was Corporation Woodville" of our G,,o Argue I vohie'e$;0 to $:25. farmers present. I noticed several  C C (3ross 2 (-attic 10 to 14. sohliers were being moved in accor- dance with plus made before the publlcation of the "round robin" hseh, by the way, Roosevelt is ac- cused of having furmshed to the Associated Press. Tins need not fool anybody, as tt says that the Secretary of War had sometime ago notified Gen. Shqfter that his men would be brought back Lo the U. S. 'as soon as the fever subsided." l'he fever has not, snbsided, but the men are heing brought back as fast, as tltey arc able to get aboard trans- ports. There isn't the slightest doubt that the "round rubin," how ever muctiitmay have been tinged wlthinsubordinauon from a strictly milttary point nf view. eansed tim prominent men fr()m the 2ud district were in attendance, l'hough the subjects were nevessarily dry. 1 never saw an audi..nce give more r,'sl)ectful attention than on Ilii oc- CasloU. Our CentrevHle merchants entered fully tnto thespsril, of the lns'.ltute (JECatchings 1 piano 50 to 10. ,l K Farmer add 1 horse at 25 J A Foaselman 50 co/tic 300 to 350. B Goslinski capitol +th.0 in 4600.. J lI Jones 11 cattle66 to 77. t4 Kann capital 1700 to 18:*0. Mrs ).l E Lewis  cattle 50 to 56. Mrs N A Morris 1 piano 15 to 290. C H Neylaml 1 piano 50 to 2'30. W L l't;Ik capital "250 tO00. ]IG Rogers 4 cattle 12 to 28. Town of Fort Adonis. by closing their st,.res and attending S G Bell 6 eatl!e from 24 t. 42. themselves and allowing thetr clerks S G B(;II mdse 500 to 80o. to attend. '['he) appreciate the fact, ,.h,t their pr,mperiy depends upon tin, prosperity of the farmer and the advancement of his cause We earnestly hope your people will adopt v,)ur suggestion and hold an Institute with vonr Fair this fail. Mrs M E llarris 5 ealtlc 30 to Fort Adams Precinct. 35 Riley (_;age 6 cattle 30 to 42. Loui Eseher 7 cattle 42 to 49. AnthmLy tin, nes 8 caltlc 48 to 59. Old B.iver. Koontz. Fleming&Lambkin 50 cat- tie 250 to 350. Ordered that the Beard do now ad- sara that the protocol has been telegraphed to Spain and an answer cannot be received before today. That the acceptance hy Spain is not considered absolute- ly certain by our Government is hdieated by an order to the fleet to hohl itself in readiness to sail for Spain on twenty-four hours notice. We believe, however, Gen. Lawt(m has been appoin- men to be moved sooner than ted Mtlitar3 Governor of the De- partment of Santiago. The new Cuban ta, riff and cus- toms regulations prep.fred by the War Department gives no pref- erence to American products; but the Spanish preferred rates are apphed to all countries, and m some important instances are that Spain will finally agree to' the Amertean terms although,:she materially reduced or totally may deem them harsh and a fur- abolished. ther continuatmn of the war will Secretary Alger has issued of only make them still more harsh,[ ders making many changes in and she is now hopelessly defeat- camps. Troops now in the South ed. are to be ordered to the Northern ' States. The New Orle,ns yellow fever nurses intended forSantiago have been sent back from Tampa be- cause there is no means of taking them to Cuba. The American forces in Porto Rico, after capturing Coamo, were checked at the Cuyon rivet', where the Spaniards blew up the bridge, There are 400 soldiers sick with typhmd fever at Atlanta, and five (kaths from that dtsease yester- day. The troops at Chickanlauga have been ordered to Knoxville, In the meantime Gen. Miles is steadily advaneiug on San Juan, Porto Rico, and in a few days the capitol of that island will be cap- tared. In Cuba, matters are at'a'stand atill. Otto thousand Sl)anih prisoners have been embarked for Spain and others are expec- ted to follow speedily. The transportation of Shafter's , army home has also begun; one regiment cf regulals and Roose- velt's Rough Riders being now on their way to the United States Hood's regiment of so-called tmmunes have reached Santiago and, with other immune regi-Tenn., and Lexington, Ky., the meats, will replace the troops troops at Manassas, Va., to Mid- that are being returned home. dletown, Pa. We note that the fifth regiment of Georgia Immunes objecte,i to }aingsent to Santiago and ex- posed to yellow fever, lint Secre- tary Alger very 7properly decided that they enlisted as immunes and must expect to serve as such. At Manila there has been ome fighing. The Spaniards attack- ed the Americans in their trench- and were handsomely re)ulsed with heavy loss. On day of the assault. withdrew his troops Wastnng,.on, Aug. 8th 1898. If the Si)anish Ministry had any proper idea of the public sentiment in this country it wouht not have wasted ten days in deciding whether to accept that terms of peace offered. If they knew a good thing when they saw it, they would have juml)ed at those terms. In the statement of the ".erms of peace, last week, the administration was given credit to the very which it was not entitled. Instead Aguinaldo of providing that claims of Ameri- from the cans for property destroyed in Cuba they wnuhloLherwise have been moved, and that thereby mau v valuable lives were saved. /usuh,rdination that breaks red tape that is killingour sohliers is not like!y to receive impu - lar condemnation; nor does it de- serve it. Centrevilla, Miss,. Aug, 9h 1898. EDITOR WOODVlLLE REPUBLICAN. ])EAR IIl:--It may not be nniu- teresting to you, as.well as the read- ers of the REPUBLICAN to hae a report of the Farmers Institute that was heht In Ceutreville last Thursda 3 and Friday. According to expecta- tion, a large crod had gathered hy 10:80 o'clock Thursday ,noruing at which hour the meeting was called to order. After a short address of welcome by the water, theregnlar !Jrogram..was begun i) 3' Prof. IIutch= msoa gw,ng us a very interesLiug talk about Institute wor elsewhere in this State. Other speakers fol- lowed in their regular order until about 1 o'clock whoa a hard ram name up and broke u I) Lhe out door meeting. The ladies soon found shelter in the Baptist church, and most of the men in the school house that was near at han.t ; here the pr3- gram was eontlnued, with muvh more interest than was shown in the open air meeting. As the rain continued unhl about 3 o'clock, there was noth. ing to do but continue the program, I for one will help all I can. Y,)urs Lruly, J.A.R. I'ROCEEDING of lhe ]|Oal'd of HllelTiOl'S right here I want to say to theercd- it of this vast crowd, that they were moat patient sad orderl3they ac- cepted the situation in perfectgo,d humor--and waited nutfl the mau- a;zemeut gave notice lhat the table were ready. 'ris needless to say jourt] until 9 o'clock torero'row nlorn- ing L T Venlress, Pres. ']O1'd rllel, pllP411;int 1) *djoul,llIiileL. Pl'e. elll S;IIIH' /LS yele['(|a,V I]ll?l|Cs tJ 3"+ s[e d ty rt'ad;nd:t H:'ovgdandslgneUby P"sdent Ol'(['?red thai +, I]] |}Hw:-;oll |)V(.prael. Of l'o|d fl'Olll |Ufl'H]O bl'|(l.,e It) ltlLl'l's store. ',,'ravel T]IO |'/llllllllel, hill [l4jlllZ tl'ilIil lllld |l|Lnds sub- I'IIE STATE OF M[SSISSII'PI,  ie,,t t,, the rued a,,d,,H,,.r ,earn, ,,+v+a|,,hto and t}ltL the clerk Sell(.l ,llltl  copy or this VI LKINSON COUNTY.  order, " Oe tLe('Otli, L Of OX'(W Vlt| ]at{on or(tprod thal Be it rcnlcmbered that at a Fep..'n]ai 6o! 3 <I" 17 dtv t lm r,-Ut :ed-front 2,50 1,) $150 asses+t,d h) .Mi:s. Mary Blaeke, in town t)I meeting of the Board of Supervisors Woodvnle. of said County began and hehl a! the Court lhmse in the town ol Woodvillc. said County on the Isl Mond:D', being the 1st day ot August a. D. 1898. PR I,:SENT. L. T. Vcntres,. President,. ,fan D. JAs. M. SESSIONS, Sh'ff C A. COON, Uler. Cage, ]. A. Carter. W. L. Jenkins 9 bh,ck 28 instead of I1 S Archer anti wife and raisl in vauatian from $400 to $14.O. Assess Mrs Annie Johnson. 6acres n ptlot3qr29divitown of Wood- yille at $280. On aecou,,t of increase in valuation it is ovdercd that lot3sqr27 div 1 be rnise|l f,',.t:| $10 ++ to $75|) assessed to Mrs M L Morgan, and lot 7 sqr 27 dlv I be raised from $200 to $75|) as- sessed to Mrs M Goddard above land in tewn of Woodvtlle. Assess to heirs o: 8 P Adler 9 65 acressec38t 2r2 w instead of GT McGehee On aceou,,t of increase in valuation it is.rdered that the folh)wing lands bet'aied towit: W Z Taylor 1acre eof RRept sec 13 t4 r l cfront $2o0 to $4u0, Nunnery Bros in e pt w ot 1 1{ scc 1:) t4rlefrom $200 to $500. J S Cobb 1 at:re e side tlavard I,'errv Rd sec 13 t 4 r I e from $20 to $120", Ordered L t|, the a.ssesrnont of 11 e follow- L[g ')PJ'SOIIS be equalized a,: fol]o',vs: Percy's C'reek Precl,lct. Mrs Mary A I)avls 10 cattle 6(, to 70. Jas M l, essley 50 Cattlle 3!.10 to aCR). L E Stua, rt 20 ('t1,{ le 120 {o 140. I'tlm'lnoy vilh, Preelnct. SoDhla P,;tktq' -t cattle ;2t 1o ":'8. W P Fergu- son I Catlle 5 to 7. ,Mrs A P Merwln 7ctLh' :{510 49. Corl)orat ion Cen t reville. HSArcher St2 catvl, from 9to14. IF S Archer Jr add I horse C)t :tnd v,.hh:le dO. Mt'. M O |'ll('hlt.llILll add I ]lOl'Se 40, E M Carter 2 aml C T. Netterville, men,bers. ,1,,,, 14. |. L }{agama, I l}iano 50 to ,,, M lterrin , piano 50 to 100. R C .Me- {Ill aCCOUlIt Of iucr,mse ill vahtation Netl 12 ettle 72 to a;.l-. E B aobi son 2 horses it isordered that h,ts 10and 1l block .,tolS0. GTT:tlbertAgt, 1 horse 30.to40. 27 be raised trout $2400 to $ |900 as- Mrs A Whltaker 20 cattle 100 to 110. tested to Robinsml "qercantile ('o. centrevlne Precinct. Assess to Mrs L ][ Arclmr lts 8 and . Zybuh)n Cox 35 cattle froth $210to $?45. II w Cox lattle72toS4. TJ GravesSr 5eat- the.30 to 35. B,m Graves I; cattle 36to 42. Huff dellS 8attle .50 to .L Roht Jelks 2 cattle 8 4. J&A Ktlroy /5 eatth .,5to3% S H ennt:*y.|y, fro,ll 1 " Lo 14. I .htlel Mc- Uehce 9 t'a, ttle from 27 1o 6;I S Petty 4 ettt,e "'hich was pursued wtth unflagging Interest.,, As soon as he rain slack- Ord,red that the assessment of the following persmts be equalized as ed up the lables were spread ith al ttlws: most bmmtiful and inviting dinner, ] Beaver Creek Precinct. and you may well know that the I FSteWF Bavnard'25Betl'lv t cattlecatt e fro,n150 to$24175.t $28 crowd of nearly 2000 people were / IIenry Davis 2 ,, 12 to 14. prepared to do full justice to it, and  Mrs A E Fm'd 9 ,, 48 to t:. MrsM AFords" 48to56. NIIHays; " 8to 14 lmvenia 'Miles 14 " 9: to 98. AShrophire 2 ' 10tel4. Jolm Turner2"' 12 tel4. Donegal Precinct. W L ller 1 horse 40 to 60. W '[' Kaigler 4 ca{tie 24 to 28. [rank Lea, is 7 cottle 56 to 7U. ?4to2t. Mrt M R Pooh" 4 e,tttl- ,,O ,l, ,)8 All, n I)nrker4vallh ' from 17 ,< :8 '31r, S 3]'1-,,t1+ v I( ( a tie 6( t ) 70 11 "] S] r T J }a  ' = "'" q" e ' ' * ,- v- -=,(,-,,. +tLlt- rs la.yh)r6ealtle 36to 4:L D W Tillery2 cattle I0 to 14. Whitestown Precinct. Mrs Mary E Cae 3 cattle 15 t<) 2I. Ed Fre- lnan3c:ttl,le 15to 21, Mrs F S ltatfeldl0 60 to 70. MrsbIJ Uuht,s5erttle 30t) ;k).VMrS A E Morgan 12 ea(tle 60 to 81. Mrs S tl . Iol'gMl N cattle 50 to 56. 11 W MeOraine Ii ca.l tie 30 Io t2. Mrs E E McLttin 10 cattle r0, o 70. C(i ?,h'G+qme4:tcatthl 250 to 29t. [I E Peares,l('tth..'to 77. Robt Scot! 3cattle 15 Io 21, Ordered lh,'tt the Roard do now adjourn n.llLil 9 O'ClOCk tO/tlOl'POW DIoPn|I.Ig L. T. VRSS, Pres. Completed next Week.) A comparatwe summary of the Sot,(hert) I)reshyLerian church show. that, luring.the past six years theft. has be.n an increase of mi,Hsters fronl 1271 to 148g, and of churches frum 2652 to 2873. "We live," says an excltange "it: aland of high mountains and high taxes, h)w valleys and low aea. higzro()ked rivers and hig crooked statesmen; big lake, big i)umpkins. big men tth puml)kin heads: silver streams that tzamhol in Ihe ,noun taint and l)ivu I)oli:imans that gam- I)lem Ihe ai2ht,; r,)aring calaraeLs and roar{ng orators : fasl Lraln% fat horses and fast ),)nlg men ; dtarp law)era, sharp financiers and sharp LEON SCIIWARTZ. C II..NEYLAND. SCltW00RTZ & I00EYtttP+00], Main Street-, ++ WOODViLL', MI8 [Fe take lead in the Grreery line, and our lae toel isalways kept fresh and complete. IFe keep also a ,full 'oc7 ofl Dry Goods, &'o- f.ions, etc. : . _ _ New goods arriving daily. I hax 7 purchascd a/argc stock of l00ry goods, Clothing, Notions, IIousekeeping ar. t icles, tIats Shoes &e. in New York all of which I propose to sell at prices so low that it will be to your interest to examine my stock. Special in- ducements to /arge buyers. PF,, TF+ MOLLER 7:55 pta :,0 am, 6:16 am. 10:3 5am 4:20 pm 8:35 pm 11:50 put 7:10 am "7 +" 5:30 pm No.,, -,5 Night., Tr.tiu Lea vea Memphis, " " Viok,ourg , ,, ,, .. ss (Jeat;revl,llo il II il " Arrives Now erie,hi .i ,t "i . ,, ,, ,, ,, ,, Centrevlllo ,, ,. ,, , Vicksburg N,). 21 Day 'l'r+,in  : ,'b ,rg, i ii ,+ it ''" 1 .... _ a)]IV(.s Now Orlon! s E? +-: .......... -" ......... D)l 3 rrlnn ]e,.qves ,r(+ N,le,'uls arrives Vicksburg, 8:)5 ata -- ' 5:55 Pm Train rnn s daily except Benday. No, 7.ql leaves Woodvillo " " leaves lnyou Sara 9 sra " " arrives RlanMlter 11:10 am No. 722 h,av< Rlang ,tr 12:20 pm " " " ',VOn n)'a J:f0 )m " " arrivo. Woodvillo 2:35 )m 4:15 ,m The only Line running Nn)id Trait+,. l, et,,.en L'2[emlhl zZa.d :Egew Oiled n Carrying elogaut Pullman Buffet Slee in Oa suriug Passehger, a su ......... P .g rs in bothdirectioas, th ) ' I uttl' aIlti vomzortable earn lur llates, A/at)s ere ..... )|.. +, ,t . J ey, " ,"1"{ .' on hgfn[S nrat, J JNO. A. 8COTr, rss. Div. Pa'r Agt, M .MPI/IS ' TNRESSEE. A. T. BENEDICT. IANUFACTURER, REPAIRER AND DEALER IN' garriag0s, Farm:W00g0ns, 0000rnass 5ad.d.Ler00, ,y>;.., dent for the Celebrated 0WENSBOR0 WAGONS Which are unive!'saIly acknowledged to be The Best and LI(]HTEST RUNNIN0 WAGON gad0. Agent fin" I!'({,4Z[I:,[t ROAD and SPEEDING CART, whie are great /'avorites among Horsemen AGENT FOR THE 0000arapi00r00 Teace 0000rapaa00, The most extensive Manufacturers of Iron Feu0ing in the United Statel J)arti,'ular attention paid to re-covering and rigging All work dune prumptly and at Reasunabte rates. >:'-: Woodville, Miss., Sept. 1891 tf 2 '3 I ..... 2 ' - ....... ' .... L- -! ......... , ......... _. .... : __ Hne next to the Americans on should be pad ia Spam and dis- pretence of celebrating a religt- claiming responsibility for Spanish out holiday, thus leaving the bonds issued as a lien on the reve- Araerieans exposed to a flank at-I hues of Cuba and Porto Rico, it ttmk. Little doubt is entertainedlmentined neither, leaving those |hat thts as a' deliberate act of ttrublesme matters o be added to treachery, and after thts no no- fle numerous other troublesome rill be taken of the insur- mt leader. IIe ts becoming un- popMarwith his own followers andkeeps two vessels ready for flight. His unfriendly attitude is things that will have to be tarried by the Commissioners that will negoti- ate the treaty of l)eaee. The only certain thing in the terms of peace arc that Sl)ain shall evannate Cuba a godsend to our (]overnrlent. as and Porto Rmo and that we shall " it relieves the United States of retain Manila and Manila Bay, every. any and all obligation to consid-I thingelss is to be settled by Ihe er the Insurg6nts in the negotia- Mr, McKinley evidently fully be- tions for peace. The Secretary Icmmissin" o War has ordered 10,000 troops lieves that the Spanish 'dinistry is honest in informally telling him that to be Sent at once to Manila to it intends' to accept his terms ot einforce Gen'l. Merritt. This peace, although officially t still re- will give him an effective force of mains silent. His faith ts so slrong 30,000 troops w,th which he can that the orders for the reinforcement easily Cope wih both Spaniards of Gem Merrttt have been held up, and Insurgents. and that nothing is being done to --.-----*------ - send Gem Merrill the reinforcements Lee iaa persistent drill, that he lras' asked for. -lf Spain that Lhere was the greatest abund- ance for all, as Cent|collie never does such things by iiah'es. About 4:15 the meeting was again called to order at the pm-ic rouds and the program taken up where it was left off, with even more iuwrest than in the,forenoon. The rcs:raint had in a great measure been rcmoved Turnbull Precinct. Doug Brown add 2 horses le0 and 1 buggy 50. L II Dawson 4 cattle 24 to 28. WJ Deloaeh 1 - 5to7. O Stockctt 12 mules 360 to 4S0. W A , ilkinson tl.' /tttle 66 to 77. Woodville Precinct.. G R Ah 4 cattlefrom 22to 2% Botts llra,l[ord St" J2 catde 5(; to 84. Mrs 31 E Wlmat16"cuttl 9(; to 1,2. Howard Walker addl malt at 40, agd t,h part in the dtscussions. This con- tinued with increasing irterest until after 6 o'clock, when the meeting was adjourned to meet at 3 o'clock the next day--but be/ore adjuurn- ntcnt we organized a permanent Farmers Institute, embracing WiN Ordered lhat the B'oard do- now a(1- farmers wre taking more !ouru until 9 o'eloeltomorrow morn. rag. L. V. V:TR:SS. Pres. Board met purst,ant to a(tjourument Present s,ntc as on yesterday. 5[in- utes of yesterday read and approved anti signed I)y she Presi<lent. Ord(:red that the following report be received and spread upon the ntin- utes: Woodville, Miss., Aug 8, '98. kinson and Amite counties and East To the 1Io,,. Bd of Supervisors. and West Feliciana parishes. It as most gratifying toseehow enthusiastic our farmers enLered into this movement. The Institute closed Friday eve about 7 o'clock and the shades of night wastho only thing that broke up the meeting. In closing Prof Itutchinsou expressed his grattficatioa at the resultaaid (;,entle,nen :--We have this day in- spected the teel bridge built by the Yot, ngstown Bridge Co over the Ba ou Sara creek and foud the same built anti constructed so far as we coohl judge according to plans and specifications. We fortnd also that there was some additional work done for which bills are rendered. Jas D. Cage, I. A. Carter. Sw)rn to and subscribed before me got hi orps in fine accepts the terms, these hold-ups this aas the largest farmers meeting this 3rd dal, of Att 1898. t ' CTA. C,,ou, Clerk. ledoesnt pay maell at- will do no harm, but should Spain he had ever attended ; said he saw On aecount of increaao in valuation ion to the manual of arms, but I be foolish ennngh to reject the terms some of :.the best country he hall it is ordered that tim following lan|l hea his men how to hit amark, I assessed to Ford Bros Co, 65 feet off h0&o march to avoid a surprise, I they may be fraught with sertous ever seen; met the most intelligent, west cml of lots 7. 8 and 9 bh,ek 15 ko tO fall into lines of attack and leasequcnces" Gen. Miles is still progresstve and hospitable people it bc raised from $250 to $3500. I urdered that lot at]joining lot 1 t--i(tfaet, as orient his stafflhavigevcrything his own way in had been l, is lot tO meet wtthiu ) i b( nnded east by Trager, south by I[ realeX:)resseSwarfare,it' heenemv"teacheSor theno [Porto Rico, and being royally wet- many a day ; and that he wouht M ,lone, weft by River lot with ac- .. corned by tltc Porto Ricans, but if it { always be glad to (:,,me and meet I orctioHs reduced from 650 to $20:)" Like the true emocrat " I general allows his men all l becomes necessary /or huu to attack personal liberty whoa offl the strong forttfications at San J'nan, with us whenever w called upon IYouhgstownOrdercd thatBridgea warrantco isSUeof Yot, u_-t the him. [stown. Ohio. fgr $1.q6S 74 furbnil- '. ) hc hut act men enough to take that We arranged to held our meetings ing bridge over Bayou Sara creek aml !ot.d t.t)ocs ; fertile t)lains the; It,. 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Built for any Price 50 cents. For sale by Chat. R.  :- --- '-= =; -{h kind of household or art work. ] Day.   Old machines taken  in ex- 4A ...... JP - -\\; __ - = change. Write for catalog '"'- ' '" i --+  ...... and price list. ' ' A word to thc wiso is sufficieut O IIIIPU Prl'l a/'MMTO, We want a reliable representative i every town attd a word from tho wise should be O IIIUIlgI PUll /UKN10, in this state. A splendid moneymakinffchanee. suflh:ie,!t, but re,, ask. who are tl,e  Write us about it. ,o :; ql wi,-e? Those who know. The oft repeated experience of trustworthy t T. Dumas Co., Ltd., perseus may be take, for knowledge. Oeneral Agenta', ' - '-' =' . = ',, New Orlmns.  Mr. W M Terry says Chan]berlain.'s M@04@OO@e@e@-O0OO0@l Cough Rentedv gives better satisfac- tion than arty other in the market. lie has been m the drug busi,ms at -= -- Q- ,-- a NOTICE. - ' ' Elkton', Ky.. for twelve years; has tt sohl h!,ndreds of bottles of this reme- ,,.,tm..,.. W''I di'q@&OWg3;O{{ ]'t{ O=a". The pnblie are hereb noti,ed that dv and nearly all other cough mndi- tlunttng is l)rohibited on the Stir- ciuoe ,na,!ut'actttrd. which shows conclusively that Cautberlain's is lhe most satisfactory to the people, and is the best For sale by G. Kann. NOTICE TO I'I{ESPASSERS. All persons are hereby forbidden to hunt or otherwise trespass oa my Inn(ls known as the Gildarz tract, ![e L,,herty tract and Fleet tract, sb,mt 1 mile north-east of Woodville under pcnal',y of t, he law F. F. BET. For the speedy and permanent cure of tter.salt rheum and eczema, Cham- erLaiu's Eye and Skin Ointment is without an equal. It relieves the itch. ing and smazing almtst instantly ad ita centmued use effects a permanent cure. It Mso cures itch, barber's itch, seaId head, sore ripples, itching piles, chapped hands, chronic sore eyes and granulated lids. Dr. Cady's Condition Powders for horses are he best tonic, blood lmrtfier ndvermifuge. Price, 25ct. ol4by G. Ifd,3V. gete, Elmwood, Belleview and Gor- don Plantations. All former permits are hereby re yoked. CItAS. COHEN. Nov. 20, 1897-tf TItESPASS NOTICE. lhtnting or otherwise trespassing on the MeManus, Farish and Bowliug Greeu placea is strictly prohibited un- der penait of the taw. All formbr permission revoked R. M. McGEIIEE J. H. PENDLE'ONo Sept. 4, 1896-tt