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August 11, 1923     The Woodville Republican
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August 11, 1923

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WOODVTLLRRPUBLIO&N. WOODVILLE. mPl by Lydia F. P'mkham'a Vegetable Compound qtca, Ill.--"I m wining to write b my gill or woman who is suffering from the trouoms I Our We,man's Feature Page jlllll I i I i TI FASHION DADDY1  P.URY STOK KITCKiUl BIIdET before I took a E. Pinkham'0 :etable Com- d. My back El. J ached, eo I ! not go about my ousework, and I had other troubles from teakne. I was this way for years, then my sister. in-law took the Veg- etable Compound $ tome.Inthe time I "-"-- "'''' "---" ; and it has done won. tiers for me. ,house and am able to MRS. COW'S MEADOW do lore of work HEL -- SIVC,, 2711 Thomas St., Chicago, Ill. "Moo, moo," said Mrs. Cow. Women suffering from female trou- "Moo, moo," said Mrs. Brown-and hles cw,.Jdng backacl}e,.,irregul.arities, White Cow. "And pray, have you pare& Dearmg-oown ieenngs ano weaK- omething to say to me? You look as should take Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound. Not only is the though you had sometdg on your cow worth of this splendid medicine shown mind." bysucheasasasthis, but for nearly fifty "All yes," said Mrs. Cow, "I have years this same sort of experience has something to say to you. In the first been reported by thousands of women, place I've heard people talk about their Mrs. Sevcik is willing[ to write to any homes. girl or woman suffermg from such "Sometimes children will come to hublea, and anaweranyquestions they play with the farmer's children and may like to ask. they IIl talk of their homes and each . will love their own home better than 'l'hey enjoy going visiting but home * they say Is the best of all. 'And the farmer loves his farm. And te frmer's wife loves yonder farm house. "All of this Is quite true but what I had to say was that I am like peo- ple, iln that way. love my meadow. I really feel al though this were my own meadow. "re be sure, I share it with the other cows but it is my home. "These children who speak of loving O their homes share their homes with thelr mothers and fathers and sisters and brothers but the home is their& too. iS what you want for, ,our skin trouble "And so thiS meadow is my home, --RCinol to stop the t :chins and burn* "I love it Just as they love the beauty g -- ReMnol to he LI the eruption, ratehing makes It worse, besides of their houses. They always think being  embsrraing and dangerou their houses are beautiful and beautl- bu the smooth, gentle ingredien of ful they are, I'm sure. RESINOL OINTMENT often over- 'i'helr houses are filled with rural- come the trouble promptly, even if it is tare they love and pictures they love severe and long-establishecL Bathing Just as this meadow Is filled wlth grass the agected part first with RESLNOL which I love and down yonder is a )AP hastens the beneficial results. brook which I love, and over there is Flnol products at all dragon, a tree under which I like to lie. "Oh, a COW knows what it is to love her own home and to be proud of it. "In fact I am so proud of it and llke it so much and enjoy the grass so "Down Ynd.r Is a Brook." thoroughly that at times I almost fei. as though I had something to do with the making of the grass l "Moo moo, I have written a song about my love of my home and If you would like to hear It I will sing It to ..... yOU." "I would love to hear It, moo moo," said Mrs. Brown-and-White-Cow. So Mrs. Oow made what we would consider strange little sounds which he called singing. was her song: "I love my home, my meadow homo. In it I roam. In it I roam. I t of its rassee and its grasses as " sweet, There axen't any cobwebs in my cell- inE tha sky. In the first place a broom wouldn't  roaoh that hiKh brush It up and brush It down And brush It over the country and town. o the second pl the sky ia eo eFF u tumtt'1mlN . clean " .......... That it would never allow a cobweb tAD lmm Ilem h be seen Vaseline -''" ''"""" For with cleanly beauty It doth shine," "hat word 'doth,'" said Mr Brown. and-White-Cw, sounds very poet- tlP{: lcaL" , "I thought yOU would llke it. my rratm  dear/' said Mrs. Cow. "But my song IS not ended. Shall I finish It?' "DO," said Mrs. Brown-and-Whlt cow. ..__.__._ , ,o. ,o o,.o. ,o ,oo00 "1-  My mirror of course is yonder broog. In It I see if I look my cow best Tasteless , ... , ,00oo . hen I rest nd I dream and X think Tonic o, My beautiful home from which ru ne'er roam. Excellent Tonic for z yo woula call a oontented cow Children. 0 . the end of my sona ha been reached Just now." Mrs. Brown-and-White-Cow swished her tail and said: "Moo, moo, I don't know much about poetry but as a cow critic I'd say you have done very well." 'hank you," said Mrs. Cow. "I wanted a little praise even though you . m:ro. r av beam mnam yae era-: ........ may know nothing of what you are say, a'es, etC. laura. te, 8t all drugElsts, ipe, 3O [ugt" " ' RIDDLES. S|OE I   What is the best plot for a nature talLhts'a=dehl]dl'es ''--l-,,.,,,m. story? The grass-plot. II. Why I a cherry llke a book? Be- cause:it is red (read). h, maki baby's tach ltoad d bewail move am  Where lies the path of duty? t huld et teetlnr Through the custom house. remtlmGmwatdfr'mmote opt-  . ,WhY hould'a'h:rse always be ,t slhsad  ]lamLeullmrredl* " ' nunlD} l'ause he can't eat a bit. emtL e  e CHIC KNITTED BEACHWEAR e many nm fabrics that I among the beautiful sirens of th being added to those already 1 Not enviable is the position of the popular for summer wear It becomes}Judge who must decide between tw less and lesa difficult to be attractively ] such handsome types of beach regalia and Lfortably dremud during the hot as presented in this picture. -.'.aeh II month The anshlne, color and airi- a patrician type of knitted artistry. ness of summer days are translated By the way, this summer Is provin into dainty materiels and soft flutter- again that the smartest togs o1 the lug draperies that ar a delight to the beach ere knitted. More than eva beholder and to the wearer am well the knitted suit l adding to its inter, Printed voile is, of course, not a new eat in the way of fascinating color materlul but when tt is ted in the combinations and novel touches he unique pattern shown above whlch and there, which bespeak the mode. eombtnes pine boughs and cones with a One of the leading schemes this se spirited figure of a Russian drosky or son Is brown and buff, and it is thl sled, speedlng across the zmow. it aristocratic color combination whlcl may be said to have the element of gives prestige to the bathing suU novelty, and when it Is further made shown tn the right. The square nec up into so smart and becoming a frock is bordered with buff end there is an R becomes worthy of :cial notice assured style element embodied tv B Plain Slipover Pattern. the buff gores at the de with thr brown horizontal straps. The trunk are brown and the tie sash is buff The versatile mood of the 31tte bathing suit is further expressed U the striking model to the left. Thh Is also a one-piece bathing suit, the one-piece is a general favorite. is a Jacquered design In black, gruel and light blue on an orange ac ground. The neck and armholes art tin, abed with orange to match th trunks, which are also orange. Joyous color distin4mlahes beach wear more then ever th sease Sea foam green with white stripes is won dlully effective for a knitted bathll when adding to the summer The rock shown is made in a plain slip-over pattern with short kimono sleeve It has a double collar and eufl of the plain material ornamented with colored ltchng and Uttle bowl of narrow ribbon The skirt is draped to fall In two long folds over the hlp coming to a point Just below the hem of the Skh. A belt of the same ma- terial is edged with fiat ribbon iOOlm and ties st the side with long streamer. large garden hat shown in e picture is chosen with a flue eye to ltm effecttvene with the eoame It of fine Milan with brim teeing  rose 84albino ltm. ult and the very latest cuter m myrt green. Mulberry la also one of tl newest hade Designers are concentrating eonsl erahie genius on the knitted beach cape, the newest model having a long wool fringe ef bright color to matell the Collar. goes to "wee 3ete and Is Utmmed  sPaY. heather.  slightly Irregular lirooping brim is wide enough to lmde /he face from the too ardmt summer un and tta Knee betane tim 1o Imlght nnm at me nk mint be" Splash, pdt Wh mmc to the ears  a m/dsumme/s day when eveey wave bears an Invitation to some and e a I n ocean, lake o rlve, NoW that bemlr eotesUI sweet Their musio cannot last. But every petal drifting down The grden of the years Shall be, dear heart, a memory Untoueh..,d by doubt or fears. A. W. Peach- FRUITY DESSERT DISHES Fruit combinations are always de llghtful and it is a good way to use a small quantity of frail A peach or two, with a table- spoonful of straw- berries, a little pineapple with a slrup made from sugar and fruit Juice, using an orange if there is nothing that one likes better, the slrup poured over the diced fruit In sherbet cups gar- nished with a sprig of mint. make a a most refreshing and attractive des- sert or cocktail. Watermelons and muskmelons served In cups, the fruit scooped out with a French potato cutter in balls, a sirup ef Canton ginger or a lemon sirup with a bit of grated peel poured over the fruit and garnished with a sprig of mint is another delightful fruit dish. The ginger is especially good with the muskmelon and the lemon sirup With watermelon- Oelmonico Spoial.Select SiX oranges of medium size, having a clear golden skin- Cut a slice from the end of each and carefully remove the pulp. Discard all tough membrane and mix the pulp with one-half cupful each of dates and walnut meats, coarsely chopped, and one-half cupful of coco- nut. Refill the shells, dividing the mixture. Beat an egg white until stiff, add one-fourth cupful of sugar or le If marshmallows are used, and place a spoonful with a marshmallow on top of each. Brown In the oven until s golden brown : serve at once. Hawaiian Delight.--Measure mad 81ft one and one-half cupfuls of pastry flour with three tablespoonfuls of bak- ing powder, one-half teaspoonful of mlt and one tablespoonful of sugar. Beat one egg until llght, add three- fourths of a cupful of milk and one tablespoonful of melted butter. Beat well and bake in a greased pan, after dusting wlth cinnamon and sugar. Cut in squares and serve hot with grated pineapple poured over each portion. / To make some litttle work of God's little fruit.fuller, better; to make some human hearts a lit- wiser manfuUer, happier, more blessed less accursed--4t is to work for God.rlyl. SALADS AND OTHER SUMMERY DISHES e refreshing tomato makes " most acceptable salad, and its color- lug adds much to the a t tra ctlv ness of any salad. Peel and slice rather thick sUcea from firm. ripe tomatoes. Ar- range on head let- tuce and cove each sllca with chopped pineapple and celery, marinated with French dress- Ing. Just before serving heap a spoon- ful of thick mayonnaise on the leetuc Another deUctous tomato salad is (me prared by using mnall-atmed to- mato cups; the-removed pulp may be mixed with the filling or reserved for Soup or other dishes. Chop one smafl cucumber, add a tablespoonful of chopped onion and a little chopped celery. Mix with s highly seasoned dressing of oil or a boiled dressing, flU the cups, garnish with a sprig of pars- laY, arrange on a nest of lettuea or watercress Ora nasturtium leaf and serve. Sherry*s Coffee SPogL--Soak two tablespoonfuls of granulated gelatin in one-half cupful of cream or evap- orated milk` Beat two egg yolks slight- Ly and add one-fourth of a teaspoon- fUl of salt, one-half cupful of sugar and two cupfls of strong coffe Place in a double boiler and cook until thickened like custard. Then add the softened gelatin and stir until it is well dissolved, remove from the heat, coot until the mixture begins to hick- an, then add vanilla to flavor and fold In two  beaten whites of eggs. Pour into wet mold and allow to stand until firm. Serve with plain or whtvVed crea Jam Fritters.--Cut stale bread In sllces, then in rounds ; spread wlth but- tar and Jam and place two together sandwich fashlon. Beat one egg light, add a tablespoonful of lemon JULc and four of sold water, beat until well mixed. Quickly dip each sandw/ch in the egg mixture and brown taa hot frying pan in butter. Don't fall to put up some fresh am or any small fruit easily crushed. Be sure that each berry is well .crushed, then add equal parts of sugar and mix well until the sugar is dissolved, then can in cold cans that have been sterilized, cov- ered end, chilled In the Ice chest. Seal and place in the ice chest or on the cement or stone-bottom cellar. They win kse lndeflnReiV if propel canned. BELIEF IN ZONING GROWING Flgurm 8how That More Them Fir. teen Million Americans Now LJv in 8uch Corr, mun|tlee, Mere than 15,000,000 Americans live in zoned cities, towns and villages, ac- cording to figures complied by the di- vision of housing and buildl of the Department of Commerce. This is about 27 per sent of the urban popula- tion of the nation, and indicates the growth of the movement for the "city beautiful" throughout the United States. The department reports that on January 1, 1923, there were 1()9 zoned communities in the L'nlted States as compared with 5,5 on Janu- ary1, 922. The largest zoned city in the coun- try is, of course, New York, while the smallest zoned village has only 131 inhabitants. New York clty has been zoned since 1916, and at present 81 per cent of the population of New York tate lives in zoned communities. Sec- ond to New York comes the state of California with 71 per cent. Mlnnesota is third with  per cent. New Jersey is fourth with 57 per cent, and Utah is fifth with 55 per cent. In the num- ber of communities zoned. New Jersey leads the country with 31; New York tate Is seomd with 17. Cailfornia Is third wlth 14. and Illinois is fourth with 10. Twenty-two of the fifty larg- est cltlt 'e now zone]. As a rule, the zoning lgniations provide that the city, town or village be divided into districts affd that cer- tain districts be set apart for residen- tial purposes and others for manufac- turing. The laws cover the height of the buildings and the percentage of, the laud they are to cove'.. This keep the garage and the factory out of the resldential districts, making for clean- liness and more sanitary as well as more pleasant surroundL. HAVE DESIGN IN PLANTING And it is Well to Have Trees and Shrubs In Place Before the Houae Foundatlon. Never plant without plato It will eost you less in the long run. Your home will be more beauful, your planting permanent, your house and lot more valuable. Don't make the mistake of wahing until after your home is built before planning and planting. It Is Important not only to locate your house properly on the lot you should plan the walks, garden, borders, etc.. before the house foun- dations are In and immovable. Don't forget to observe nature's way of arranging shrubs, trees ad flowers. In the woods you setdom find trees growing in straight lines, stiff and for- real. Study the margins and outlines of woods and thickets. You will no- tice lhdentatlons, bays and openings whlch glve you beautiful plctures and vista, DOl't overlook the soft edges, stron, yet hartaanl0u s contrasts which nature prod.des so abundantly. Dn2 permit your planting to Db- struct the sunlight and ventilation of your home. Don't needlessly cut and prune ree A gool tree on your building site may be the key to a successful planting plan A good tree ten years old, is worth many dollars. Keep tt and care for it. Time to Plan Is Now. There is scarcely anything in the smaller places that may not be changed, the city planner finds. For example, in the smaller cities, railroad approaches may be set right; grade crossings, eliminated ; water fronts re- deemed for commerce or recreation, or both (Chicago is doing fine work In that direction); pen spaces may be acquired even in partly built-up tlons; a sat!sfactory street plan san be carried out and adequate main thoroughfares established ; public buildings can be grouped; a park sys- tem can be composed for gradual and systematic development. "All of these elements of a clfy plan." says Mr. Nolen, expert city planner, "are in- dispensable sooner or later. They may be had in the small city with relative ease and slight cost."---Cel. liar's Weekly. Home Reflect Community. The future history of America will he shaped in large measure by the character of its home& If we corn tinue to be a home-loving people we shall have the strength that comes only from a virile family life. This means that our homes must be attrac- tive, comfortable, convenient, whole- some; they must keep pace with the progress made outside the hous As Is the home. so Is the community and the nation. Realty Course Popular. Beal-estate courses are growl more popular in nearly every part of the country. All the laEe cities have one or more of these courses go- inS, and they are attended not only by prospective salesmen but also by in- vesture and prospective home ownm. Every Day, in Every Way. A clentlst says that man's  even more highly developed In his de- $cenffants. According to this, Babe I{uth's grandson ought to be a mighty west bail player when he grows up. Graduated. Donald had been wearing rompers until recently, when his mother bought him a regular boy' outfit. A little neighbor made this comment: "Gee, you ought to s Donald hOWl l:Ils mother took him downtown and made a boy out of hlm." Avoid I mpatin. /mpauence turns an ague .ito Nver, fever to the plague, fear tnte- isspair, anger lute rage, loss Into madness ad sorrow to am..- Nnmy Taylor. Few, if remedies can value of pe-rp- tarrh of the At this mated that person b troubled with of catarrh BE Yo feel but ------ AND Be sure your kin he charm of lessness. By the Blue all cloths whiteness until wor mont. In marriage he bossed. From "I actually my baby from the the slckest little for SiX weeks," Wamble. Route 4. had the best her, but seemed to of better. Vhe thing else and got better fight Is a laughing, and eats If Mrs. Wamble one Teethlna at. trouble she would many anxious TeetMna is gists or send .oratories, full size of MoffeWs (Advertisement-) , The tld at a "Golf is a verY lady was talking man's son. "'You've haven't you?' town to your iarly now, " 'Yes,' he gas to play wrapped up in sleep fo thlnki appetite and all It's like this, to take up oft gol'" Their humming ou! people who always manage  party.