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August 6, 1898     The Woodville Republican
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August 6, 1898

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i IIIIIIIIINI ii III I II I I iiii II Ill III II IIIIIIIIII1 His &apos;/'urn Has Come. A Missouri recruit was overheard solilo- quiting as follows: "I never saw anything llke it. Talk about the prodigal son and the fatted cMf! Why, they weren't in i/, at all. The prodigal son doesnt figure. I coukl give him cards and spades and beat him on his own deal. Why, nothing's too good for me. The folks kiss me when I go out, and kiss me when I come in. I can take my bicycle in the front way, a thing I never dared to before. I can smoke in the par!or. It all goes. Nobody says a word. I never amounted to anything before. I was al- ways in the way about the house. But now, say, I own the block, The girls all look at me as if I was a little tin deity Why even my sister, who never had any use for me beforesaid I was stupid and never could do the tight thing at the right time--is doing the loving-embrace act every other minute. Why, I believe th,t I could sprinkle the sit- ting-room floor with ashes and she would never register a --N. Y. World. lqual to It. Brisgs--llow well and strongyou are look- in ft.. riggs--Yes. I've almost made up my mind to go away 6n a vaeation,--Chmago Evening News. War to the Death The slaughter was frightful. The dead-and dying were strewn about by thousands. .... The crash of matter and the xrrcck of ms. < erlal bore testimony to the awful work that had been done! But the end wan not yet, for Mrs. O'ttooli- hun, with her insect destroyer in hand, con- tinned to pass to and fro among tbc detaehed pieces of furniture slaying without mercy : ::: : and spraying with s fierceness that betrayed long suffering and a grim deform;nation to endit., even if the cost should mount up to A man should always be supplied with just enough work and trouble to keep ida mind off the pimple on his nose.Atchison : Globe. Serene comfort and happiness in ad- vanced years are realized by compara- tively few women, Their hard lives, their liability to se- rous troubles on account of their pecu- r organism and their profound igno- nce concerning themselves, all com- bine to shorten the period of usefulness and flit their later years with suffering. Mrs, Pinkham has done much to make : Women strong. She has given advice to many that has shown them how to ard against disease and retain vigor- ous health in old age. Fromcvery cor- nor of the earth there is constantly corn- the most convinciug statements from women, showing the efffcaey of Lydia E. Pinkham'a Vegetable Corn, pound in overcoming female ills, Here a letter from Mrs. J. C. 0rms, of 220 Homer St., Johnstown, Pa., which is eaest and straight to the point : 6'DEAB MRS. PINKItAM:I feel it my duty to tell all suffering women that I think your remedies are wonderful. I had trouble with my head, dizzy spells and hot flashes. Feet and hands were cod, was very nervous, could not sleep well, had kidney trouble, pain in and congestion of the womb. 81nee taking your remedies I am better ieverg way My head trouble is all gone, have no pain in ovaries, and am cured of womb trouble. I can eat and sleep well and am gaining in flesh. I consider your mcdicine the best to be hal for female troubles." The present Mrs. Pinkham's experi- ence in treating female ills is unparal- lolled, for years she worked side by ide with Mrs. Lydia E. Pinkham, and for sometime past has had sole charge of the correspondence department of her great business, treating by letter M many as a hundred thousand ailing omen during a single year. III! inn II n i i innnnl m mllll nil n n i Inn n n II lun III I l VtVhat Will eome ol Chlaat H0W SOUSA G0T HIS START. ] ] None can foresee the outcome of the quar- - -- "e ..... eal Histor-- na | rel between foreign powers over the div;sion some Anetnt TneateJ Y [of China. It is interesting to watch thego- Related by Milton Nobles and | ing to pieces of this ancient but unprogres- Jack llaverly, | sire race. Many pedple in America are also I going to pieces because of dyspepsia, con- ........... / stipation, blood liver and stomach diseases one clay recent,y oonn m. warner ann r . ' ' " - ......... "-- :- "--n* o   e are hv ng too fast, but strength, wgor [llOn INonles WCI convilllg ill IFO b - the Dr "its' cl b h nthe w 1 -oined }and good health can be retamedffwekeep b J c m't Serl u ;,aW; e r an)Yti eJ:r had] off and cure the above diseases with ttos- Yt aecernl, ut Nob:s an th a hrlYling[ tetter's Stomach Bitters. manager had not met in many years. They | Boiled Down eyed each other imluir ugly. Then Varner -- 1 l .... %" "" I " said' "( c-ue vo,. b-w x.k)2o ]ck 9" 2to sory ls tOla or toe eclror el a "N -,'"9,;'" ', -  "','" ....... ',2 "_ go-ahead evening newspaper, who, in the . ODIeS. sala llaverly in a puzztecl sort , ,   .  . of,a - l-s : +, -'nfi ,.ax,n eterna rusnmg o press togeaaeaaotue " y aS d lze,, up ,,e tlI dare r  .... I - ', ...... , 7  oppomtmn, was constantly nnpressn g upon mustache ann perenuml youtnttn eatures hi r orters th necessit of condensin ll of the comedian. "Not the Nobles who s ep e ' y g a payed "lhe Phoemx with me at the old news. Adelphi in Chicago in '77." A terrible boiler explosion had taken place "Are you the original Jack Hayer]y?" on board a big ship lying at Portsmouth. asked Nobles, solemnly. "Get down there as hard as you can," he "The original and only," said ,lack. said to one of his men. "if you catch tile "Welt, well," said Nobles, "I've often 11:40 from London bridge you'll be ttere soon after two, and you can just wire us heard my father speak of you." and hc something for the extra specialbut boil it grasped Haverly's hand cordially. There was an awkward lmuse, during which \\;Var- down." And the reporter went. net chewed his mustache. IIaverly looked Soon after three o'clock that afternoon dazed, and Nobles smiled amiably, the- ot a w :-^ t .... t,:_ "Your -th-'" o, ....... A  ..o.1 ,3 s ,,e,,,,,,.,,. : sa t;t. allt ttlttz xavtsy. ' . '  ,,,,*  .... , ,. . t LFernfic explosmn. Melpomene. Boiler "' 2:U S ;SctmSl:::dm:oel: all I [ empty. En$,,ineer full. Funeral to-morrow. r ' . " . P ' No towers '--Spare -Moments. end of l,s marriage about ten years inter, ] when I v:as out ia the mines and sent my [ t-. congratulations. Still," he continued, after I ,, ebod has invented a noiseless can another awkward pause, Nobles always ,o,m y was a versatile fellow."  non. By this timeit began to dawn on the genial "That's tle way with science--ahvays ,Tack that the "fatcr" avwasa%ke and putting help where it isn't needed; why he jmned m the laugh, don't some of those cranks invent a noi'e- "ly jingo!" said Haverly, "that was over !ess alarm clock?"--Detroit Free Press. 20 years vgo. What have you done with the A New Cou----'---*terl--'-gn. old 'Phoenix ?' " "Playing it yet, occasionally. Fonr reper- "Let me in, dearie," he said, rather un- steadily, at 3:30 a. m. toire companies made a living with it last "Re:eat the sentence: 'Schley simply season, and it has ept any number of pro- . , ,, fessional pirates from becomin sneak swiped Cervera off the sea, first, she re- plied from the upper window.--Fhiladelphia thieves or paupers during the past20 years. _North American. It pulled me out of a hole once, and now that I I think of it, Warner, you booked that en- i "Your account is a good round sum," said gagement with me at the Adelphi." the grocer; "don't you think you could ( 9" T - "Yes; it was the end of Nobles' first road I s luare the circle. L. A. \\;\. BulleAn. season. I was his manager, and John P. [ Sousa, a youngster of 21. was his leader." I ]ealarmlYeatlkerRestandComfart. "That's right. I took him from Vashing- ton, where he was playing a violin in the] There is a powder to be sbakeu into the shoes called Allen s Foot-Ease, invented l)y orchestra. And the first music he ever Allen S. Olmstead, Lc B.oy, N. Y., which wrote was the dramat-'", mn,ic of 'The Phoe- druggists and shoe dealers say is the best nix' as I use it to-day, tiis first march he thing they have ever sold to cure swollen, dedicated to me, naming it the Bludsoe manziht[oSSti]hae;h: originaSmTllntgood burning, sore and tender or aching feet. Some dealers claim that it makes tight or = " " ' ,: g g , o. new shoes feel easy. It certainly will cure --Dramatic Mirror. " cornsandbunionsandrelieveinstant]ysweat- 8Iti F--:---LA0, ing, hot or smarting feet. Allen'sFoot-Ease HE costs only a quarter, and the inventor will send a sample free to any address. Just Trotted Out Ills Old Shotgun Ali--Kps. and Told the Suspeet to Make There are stamps and stamps, and the Hlnsclf Scarce. banks are wrathfully aware that there are. The record of one Boston bank for stamps received on checks is this: "Course I couhln't swear that he was a Internal revenue stamps of the '60s. Spanish spy," admitted tlle man who came in from a cross roads settlement in Red- fordt but he looked like one, bc gosh, and we hain't the people out there to take chances" on them kind of critters. His col- oring was all darl::, except his teeth, and they fairly glis'ened, lie didn't act like he had any "lawful bus'ness in the neighbor- hood and I sort o' suspected him riglt along." "l*,ut what did he do?" "I'll tell you wiut he done," said the big representative of Rcdford's yeomanry as'he straightened up. "Some of us fellers put np a flag down by the grocery, h'isting a pole just like we used to when polities got hot. T'oher evenin' I see that feller |ianghd 'round the corners wiH a. cross- eat aw. ])on't take me long to put two and two togetimr, s,) I just got my shot- gun, advanced on him d'irect and toic him he had 20 minutes fur to git over the hill 'bout a mile away. He had time to spare bat I'm satisfied as [ live he was a Spanish srv and out there fur to saw that pole down. '4en any of them chaps stirs up ole Red- ford the"s conrtiu' all kidds o' troubles," and the 'man that saved the flag moved on so as to get a new audicnce.--Detroit Free Press. Swedlah Philosophy. Ven fuller cs young an' praying for mus- tache bae nver tank how deckens long hue vill ball t) vit w:n hae grow oop for te bar- ber to say "Next."--I)enver Times. If men woul,1 dig half as hard to raise corn a. they do digging gold, there would be more rich men.--Washlngtoa (la.) Dem- ocrat. Ilcgular postage stamps. Omaha postage stamps. Proprietary stamps. Doucumentary stamps of 1898. Postage-due stamps. The receipt of two one-cent "postage due" on a check broke the record Itow anybody outside of the post office department coulcl have had them m possession to put on is now the mystery.--Boston Transcript. Thc principal river of Egypt is the Nile. ts smaller tribu.aries are the juveniles.-- b. A V. Bulletin. Vheat 40 Cents a Buahel. ttow to grow wheat with big profit at 40 cents and samples of Salzer's Red Cross (80 Bushels per acre) \\;Vinter Vheat, Rye, Oats, Clovers, etc., with Farm Seed Catalogue for 1 cents postage. JOIIN A. SALZER SEED CO., La Crosse, Wis. K True to Its Mission. Elsie--I wonder what it was that caused the explosion between Mamie and Mr. Price ? Emma--I've understood that Ensign r Worth gave her a miniature torpedo to be worn as a brooeh.--,leweler's Weekly. Good for the Doctor. Invalid--I would rather be dead than as l am! AttendinPhyslcian--Ah, madam, you si/onld live and--er--let live.Defroit Jour- nal. Some men are long on ener,, but short on the ability to utilize it.--Chicago Daily evs. I[IIII I I III III I I I I ]kfore Babies' lives have been savedbv Dr. Mofftt's TEIgTRINA (TehDtff l"owdsrs} "than by all other remedies combined. TmeTnXA Aids Digestion, Regulates the Bowels and makes teething easy. " A Scarce Article. "I have had such a lovely time," tile 16- year-old daughter said on returning lame from a visit. The ohl man looked up and grumbled: "Well, it's the only one in the family in years."--Atchison Globe. 'lhe Bargain In atlnet. "Are you going to buy ally $20 bonds?" saidMr. Snaggstohiswifc. "Not until they arc marked down to $19.88," replied Mrs. Snaggs.--Pit tsburgh Chronicle-Telegraph. Don't You Sleep? Does your Itead Ache? Somnlfi Caffein cures instantly. All drngglsts. 25 cents. Dr. Paxton Medical Co, 201 R ver St ,Troy, N Y. Googlc--"That attctionecr has a lot o[ wimt." IIalyard-"tIe needs it." Google-- 'Why?' IIalyard--"Beeause his sales are mall'."--Town Topics. Apropos. Van Syck--I've tried every known remedy for consumption. Von Slick--You must have quite a medi- cine chest.--Judge. To Cure a Cold In One Day Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets. All druggists refund none_ y if it fails tocure. 25c. Swedish Phliotopby. You can see gute deal of patriotism vat tak hull sedvalk to get home on.--Denver Times. I can recommend Piso's Cure for Con- sumption to sufferers from Asthma.--E. D. Townsend, Ft. ltoward, Vis., llay 4, '9t. Every time a man /ooks in a m/rroc he im- [ines "he can see a hezo.--Chicago Daily News, 1 THE EXCELLENCE OF SYRUP OF FItiS is due not only to the originality and simplicity of the combination, but also to the care and skill with which it is manufactured by scientific processes known to the CALIFORNIA FIG SRUP Co. only, and we wish to impress upon all the importance of purehaslng the true and original remedy. As the genuine Syrup of Figs is manufactured by the CALIFOnN1A. FIG SYRUP CO. only, a knowledge of that fact will assist one in avoiding the worthless imitations manufactured by other par- ties. The high standing of the CALI- FORNIA Fie SyruP CO. with the medi- cal profession, and the satisfaction which the genuine Syrup of Figs has given to millions of families, makes the name of the Company a guaranty of the excellence of its remedy. It is far in advance of all other laxatives, as it acts on the Mdneys, liver and bowels without irritating or weaken- ing them, and it does not gripe nor nauseate. In ordcr to fret its beneficial effects, please remember the name of the Compauy -:- CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUP CO. 8AN FRANCIS@O, @aL OUISV/LLF.,, K4r. NEW YORK, N. Y, ! II I I Hall's CAttarrh ur Is taken Internally. Price 75c. It isn't every playwright who can write a play right.--L. A. V. Bulletin. A manufacturer of wheels is not a tailor, but he ahvays tries to make his own bi- cycle suit.--L. A. W. Bulletin. and are a trtl]y wonderful medic he. I have often wished for a medieino pleasant to take a[ld at lst have fouled it iB Cagcarnts. Since fakirs tbeln, my blood has been purified and my complexion has im- proved wunder fully and I feel much better in everr way.' MRS. SALLn E. ELLAnS. Ltttrell. Tenn. CAN DY Pleasant. Palatab!e, Potent. Taste Good. Do GoooL Never Sicken, Weaken, or Gripe, 10, 25e, b0C. .. CURE CONSTIPATION .... Sterl{aS Rem7 Comsamy , Ihlease, Nentreal, Sew York. 319 l]t T Dl Sold .nd guaranteed by a 1 drug **/= gists t ClS]E Tolaceo Uablt. " 3HOOT 00.0T 6u. 5.LL005 0000hU.lnr 5ms 180 W]#csr A.. #tr #rp, o#x. =| IIIIIII I III I I I I I I I II i, A Beautiful Present of yourself and econ. prepared, GA00E PLAQUES exact reproductions of the $xo,ooo originals by Muville, which will bc given you ABSOLUTELY FREE by your grocer on conditions named below. These Plaques are 4o inches in circumference, are free of any suggestion of advertising whatever, and will ornament the most elegant apartment. No" manufacturing concern ever before gave away such valuable present0 to its customers. They arc not for sale at any price, and can be obtained on!y in the manner specified. The subjects are: American Wild Ducks, American Pheasant, : English Quail, English Snipe. The birds are handsomely embossed and stand out natural as life. Each Plaque is bordered with a band of gold. E L00TIC STARCH in*" To a.,Th0.,: has bee the sta dard for $ ycars, t or All pnrchaser of three l0 cen TWENTY TWO .MILLION I six 5cent packages of Elastic Starch " I (Flat Iron Bran), are entitled to re- " coivefrom their grocer one of thes0 packages of this brand were sold I beautiful Game Plaques free. The last year. That's how good it is. I )[aques will not be sent by mail." 1 Tncy can rio ootalnca only from your ASK YOUR DEALER " I grocer. to show you the plaques and tell ] Every (;r0ccr Keeps Blastlc Starch. 11 a ut " Do not delay. This offer yo be Elastic Starch, Accept [ is for ashort time only. no substitute. L=== - "A FAIR.FACE CANNOT ATONE FOR AN UNTIOY HOUSE." USE SAPOLIO o n B EAUTIFULI EDUCATIONAL. The Best BOOK tlao WAR r, oundand sump- tuouMy i 11UStrrat,ed (price $2) free to anybody sendlnl .*..--...Ax' Monthly, SAN FItANC1SCO. 8ample Overland e. lwO allntl;tl subscript,ions at $] each tO tl3e Overlan(J SprinEHill ..................... lege conducted by the Jesuit Falhers. I'rep;)r- M [] IB.,,IN Ell lib its Cured. Write t.o atory, Commercial and Classica Coarses Larc IMR'M'WoolIey, M.D. gymnasium, running track, etc. Clhnate ex-  li 'i  Atlanta, Ga. eeptlonally healthy. Address ]gEV. M. ]IOIHAN, S. J., Presidejtt. THE MOONEY SCHOOL BOY00, FRASKLIN, TEN, W D. MOONEY, A. d[., Prine!pal* Pror engagement necessary to secure admiesion. IYERSlD SEIUNR--$120 A yEAR-Preparatoryeolo leglate--Par*mtal Care. Iawrenee Rolfp.VANCEBUR0,KY. Iron Roofing ! All kinds of lgOOF SUPPLIES and IIILL SUPPLIES. MANOOUE-PIDCEON IRON Co., Memphis, Tenn. ....... , eaes Send |or book of testhnonUtl nnd IOday. t treaCmllt.Fre. Dr. iL it- GRgkS'SSOIS,4UaDCaI I READERS OF TIllS PAPEIt I I)ESIRING TO BUY ANYTIIlNG AI)VEI.TISED 1N ITS COLUMNS SLIOULI) INSIST L'PON HAVINO WtIAT TItEY ASK FOIl, REFUSING AI,L SUBSTITUTES O[ IMITATIONS. A. N. K--F 17O m GU,ES Wttlt AL_L ELSE [AItS, m- st Congh Syrup. Tastc Good. UO l in time. Sold by drl]ggtsts. E MEMBER if you are dissatisfied with the,size of piece or with the quality of the chewing tobacco you are using- - get UG 9 and you '11 get your money s worth. The 10-cent pxece of Battle 00Ax, is Iarger than the lO=cent piece of any other brand of the same high quality, and is the la_00.gest o_.gg_q.00 chewing tobacco that is sold for 10 cents. ber the name when you buy again  . : i/ji ..... JJ/i