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August 6, 1898     The Woodville Republican
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August 6, 1898

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g al Yofl teres tl q rrt00, ging ,8, the t0llle tl,llIliall. TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN !! .l was troubled with sevele felnaie ,,+,++to, owra ,o+ +,,-,v:+ SALOON The Fair Asst,e,atiFln hereby g,ves+ .... ,;, to ..... tim bed tor_&apos;o, ers, x TI-IE (BEI00 ....... n ,t:ce ttmt b l@ r,,!.prxlcg's .dllzit.;. m,,n;hs. 1 was treated by mx very 8turdg, August 6. , th0 1st. tO -till )-'' V. )'"*" :'",' " - I n,'mdneut )hvsicians wit rant any  r6eelv d up to the 1st, Tuesday ]n ep- ',;:.'(rke;i benthlt: My last doctor was - tern )e'.  , .. ";(..d ,ecialist " alld lie told nm IS NOW OPEN FOR BUSINESS -llleial J0arnal of th0 C0r- . ,"  ,.  ....... ,.,. ,- ., o GEe. J. gDAMS, e 3 I ID(t only Impc lay in au p.e, ratmn. 1 WITH A FULL STOCK OF : : poration of Woodville.  t .w. ....... I hea,., ,,f n, ith's St, re Kuluey t ,ire, ........ rTC.. 1I. Ned:land ,vim is uversec.ri and aHer using it for one month I Simr)leAnnouneements of marria- for Cims. e,)hen, reports cotton w,,rms tiud myself eu,'ed, and eve,, tim doe-     --I I Q  0 'os and deaths will be pubhshed on the Gm'd,m and Surget:t, places, tor who la.t treated me now pronoun- iTlmse placeslavea few of these pests ces me well. o SUCH AS o M,:s. J R Favv.u. Atlanta, C.a. ,thout charge, eve,'y year, t,ut there are more this Pri,;c 0 cents. Vor +ae by Cha+. OLD .MO.N'OPOLE I YE, ,bscri*.)lton per nll.ut--, year titan lmve been there for st)m- [L l)av. C:th ........... : ........... $1 50 bimo. .-s4. " -" PURITdW R FE, ..... $2 00 Remember any book, novel, eW dvertisements. Otherwise ............. ]paper or ,m, gazi,,es not in stock, NOrICI,2 TIEWCH BIdWD Y, It/IAS, ETC. MARNET. we will be glad to order for you New Orleans, July 1, 1898. without exD'a churge. In fact Wilk{ns(n County is entitled t(, Choice Stock of Fl/lE ClGflRS AIways on Hand. ('otton .5 15-16 ,mything in our hne, if not on two stu Io ts ;+at, the A & 51 Colh,gv Tiesewill beseleeLed by dr:+winffin Middling .................... hand is give pron)ptattentmn at my .Itie (m Monday, August+ 15th iThose isneedof PURE LIQUORS for medical pur- 'JOB WORK AT TIIE IFPUILICAN. Day s (Irug store, at fear o'eltu k P. M, poses will do well to call and examine my stock. ,I osm, n JOHNSON, upt. Quite a crowd left here on Thurs- A large nnmber or geotlemen from Aug. 6th '98--e. ,/k= = J 0  N  0 N day for Centrevilte to attend the Woodville,ud vicinity a, te,,ded ,h,' j WAMACK Farmers institute at, Ccntrevilie on Ls I Earmers Institute. , , : :>**.,-- Thursday a.nd all were n mch pl,'ased  - . - -- ' esp (* a l. wele New Crop Tarnip Seeds jnst receiv- wit.h the t, rograin, and ' , , P/HD.TR/T) ed at, G:o. J. ADA-S- Oey dcliuhted wi.h the h,,spitalily FJFR-I,G,'. Mr. Frank Erl of New Orleans of the Ceutreville people. We were came up on Wednesday's t, rain on a glad to see s, many ()f our farmers I am n(w 1,eared in Woodville and . prepared todo:dt Izinds of paint,- intz, imper h;m ng in first (.las style. visit to Mrs. L. Plit, t and family, as we are sure they were much bene- am _ tilted. Fifte,m years expericnee in my trade The Board o(um','isorS met, or, "-': F(,r reference apply to G.A. Wetlin Monday and have been m sessicn all The delegates to lhe district, Con- c,uvim'dsmetim:l can please ynu. the week equalizing the assessment grcssional Convention went out t, or A. 11. andnlatl. Centreville on Wednesday and the J.L. W:,MACK. ,o,,. ,.as reoo..na00ed University of ..... " " :" Window glass, we cut them wzh(mt, :oil , '" '   any size at Day's drug store. [.,: :;?:7: ;:? I Mississippi lt :> i | + + + +, ! ]lastings were married at t,he Court |,he Exe'ut,ivc Committ, ee from this |8O |98. + house on Thursday the 4'h lust, e,unty. Courses in Literature, Science, PM- justice Lewis ofllci'lting. : = ': Ir)uophy. Eh)(UtlOn, Pedagogy, Law. - -. The lCarmers institute which met 2"2Sch((ll. l,;nlarged corps nsl, rue- Mson's Self-sealing Jars, all sizes, at Centreville was a grand success t.()r. C,mplet,e wat,er and sanitary and tin top jelly glasses, a1, boll[l in. regard to atlendance and the l "ystcm" Uasurpassc.d healthfulness. Ge(. J. Adams. }, ,,..,. carrying out of the program. AI-: '1TUITION FIEE CampMeet'ingbegantast Thursday though many were unal)let.o hear the to men and women in all departments at Bethel and will continue for ten discussions on the different subject excel)b law. All expenses low. Semi- days. We learn that the attendance on aee,')unb of tit,', r.tin which l'+rccd Next Sessi,)n opens Sep. 15, 189S. up be t,he present is very good. the ()rtt.tlrs U) l'cp;tir l() lhe schoJl Ft)r (:atal+uue .r intrwinati(lI? address, --- - M(I|I- house which wasnoL sutlici(q;t, t(, hold IL B. FULtt)N.t)han('ellr, t; ui verdi by, Miss. r. Jules Goslinski arriycd on one-half the crowd anti,by !.his reason day's train from New Orleans rot the , 6 18.qS. { ...._w.  . _ _ ,.., purpserrestlngr"mhiswrk and manyls't,he valuulIle Pints tha BERLI" ,,,. i00l00artinRothsohild " Bro 1 nlilner was served which was For school books and station- truly a credit, to Centreville and ACADEMY, ery supplies, go to not.withsta,dil,g tile imp,et,se crowd p.:,IT (,-II]SON. 51I .'- t --: : lll Day'sdrugstre" "hcrewasplentYf'ail wit,h lots t BOARPAN' SOHOOL FOR BOYS" I'Ll_I+ .----------t_ + :.--s--- ...pare. lie:ill hy hv.'atit)n in the hill etmntry day morning tnr a short vacation tin I was re0,dh,g an advertisement O[ "f "M+s" sil lit Chan,berlain's Colic, Cholera ,'lad Welt e(lu!pDed GYMNASIUM. the GulfOnast- We know full well l)iarrl(ea lh;n,etiv iu the \\;m'ecster l{ale,.l,,w, owinfftoelahwment. our neighbor will have a good Lime. Enterl)ri:s( recently, which leads rile ,Wrile I,r Cat,aloue. t t -. _ :---.,-- to write this. 1 can truthfully sity 1 .l T. I)ILAKE, SECRETARY, r.A. McLAtN. W'. P. S. VltRTF.,SS Squh'e l'randtm uf D,It, rosn was,n  t0 Uy|  C 10 t LW LOWU Wednesday and Thursday. The I never ued an reined; equal to it tot 8 6 1898 l,f. cello .,,d ,tia,';,,. * ,,e ,,cwr ,,',U o'r;Cr: TO U()OtZD 'rEACh. t McLAIN & VENTRESS; .Squire h)oks as well,as ever and re- to use more than DUe or to doses to ]glIS. porLS having the beat crop on record, cure the worst ease witi ,,iv.eir ur } children.--++V. A 8TROt:D, t'oDumol, c The institute for col()red .teacher, ", + # 0   I --"'"" C:ity, Md. b'o saJe I)a (J- l(aiHl, will Imheld ill W.odvitle, beffinning WEDDhY8 pREStSVTS, Mmlday. Augur! 15th 18!18. Be sure WOODVILLE, MI88. ..... :tad (*.oBie as lhe examinatinns will bc ir. ' I Office in MeGehee building. ttJos Sarphl+,. The Jeweler. On last Sllllda}" allout noon with based uoon the $.vlla|)ns. and purify )-our blood. 25;cents death grasD:d tu its cufilrace tim in- Supt. and C(,ndnetor. DR. CRAB. E, CATCHING8 o.00al,e. ,ant son',ll .,Ir. +,,,d ,It+. ,l,so,, +w. RRl00Itlt tltD |UIGl01t . -.t +.. I G:t. J,. AI)iI,L Snowr;eno They had hardly i'aalized .. - bheirlittledarli+lg wadill beloro thc SI'ATE OF ?,IISSISSIPPI, A very heavy rai'ell on Thursday t)reat,h left, the body alld another s(ml To M:'e. Emma Irvine, Mi.s Emma WOODVtL : : : : MXa. forenoon cooling the atmosphere f(,r had g(,ne I, be an At, gel. In this the lrvirm. Miss Jcss|e [rvine, Jot,e. Office in ,',,dams Drug 8tore. lvv|m,, Mrs. Sailie G,)rdo|l, Ilarri., ..a ,while. It, however warmed up in iirst tour()[ rea!s'rr<)w and I)ercave lrvine, l.h'lh' ]rvinc. Lena Irvinc. uyJ14, '94 tf. the at't.ernooa and lrovcd a scorcher. [i,eIlb wc ext.elsd <)llr slneel'est, SyllllI:l- (3al't) llVille, Milriatl [l'ville aud J;hl ,.--,.---- [rvine. l he (lelcndants. Mr. U. Schaefer lcrt on Thursday J, hya,d hope and trus, 1DaL the m.lraing for Eat.ern markets in t th3tlgh1, that, their lit Lle darling i,- Y.u are (',mmanded t.a annear he ,,e ,.,,,,,it DR. L. W. MAGRUDER, ,t Wilkit,s,m +I, said state. +,,) he 2nd Phy search of bargains for his et, ablish- safely v, tllhr()ned with Lhe Angels a- lore It+e, vilanccry enll't el e,l,.c, n,ay +Don l,ca t,c iu,  s,,,d,, ,, t,..,,,+,,,. A., +)s. ,,, o sicima and Surgeon, ment,, lie will renmln away for son3c w(lu,ld, l'cttd the stlil in said eol, lrl f J, 10. time. .,, <. Irvlne .ur;'ivitg p'.lrLmr of ]he late  _727--  . .... - WOODVILLE, MISB. -- ''"'+'- lhuve used Smith's Suro Kidney tlr,t, of .I. I". h+vin,2 3.; :,on, wherein "=-p-6-NS-+UAILATEED. (+ Om+e akridenee, April7, .88 I, For paints, oils, varnishes, {lure aud it has inade a I)erlnanenl v<+u at," o.':nd :nts. putty, dyes, etc., go to ])a)"6 cure. Ml:s. Vrt. l't,pr.:u. This5th d;c.i?i)f A':lt. . D. 1898. To Graduates of lt,taris' Practical A. COO.. Cl,rk. l;nsiness College, School of Short drug store. J,mesboro Ark. By tl. A. '',oo D.O. lta,,d, Telegraphy, ete., Jackson JOSEPH 8ARPtIIE, DR C. C. 0R0SS. :; s-': - Pri,'o 50 cents, For sale by Uhas. 8 6 1898 4w. Mississippi. Our boys went uver to Uentrevillc K. Day. We have bonht thn Waratt Col- The Jweler, ]lltal urgeoll9 nn Thursday and playcd 1,he Centre- .-,-. BETIIEL UA IP MEETING. leges here and at Mnridian, but have closed out the one at Meridian, and Our stock in alwaya WOODVILLE, MISS. vill.e club an interest,ing game of ball First class brick for sale by A.F. T " Bethel 2a,nt) Yh,ein wifl t e- prepared to a-ire students the very the score s1,anding: Dewey 13 Benedict. gin "fhur.d,v. :\\;uu 4th, at 81'. M. complete, comprising Office up stairs over thePostoffice. CenLreville 10. '--'= l',vt'l".',+ dy iS IV ted L() fttteltd. All best business training to be had a.,y- the latest and newest ': - Mtnl,-,iers (f the, G[is})el are especially where. Catal.,guo sent +,n at)pliea- designs iu : : : Mr. C, E. McDavitL reDresenlitlg It. Ilhetilllat,stll ,t"ilved. " , invited. (',,u,eev,.w,l,,,dy a,,d It.,. u. tion. N. J-l[Ald.i8 A, 8. SHANNON, Lowenst.ein & B,'os ot Memphis was a My wife ha nsed Chamberlain's have a gt';,l ,'etreshin t'rm,, tbc Preside.,,t. Jackson, Miss. '|&IlX.ORaSt '.{NIXe$, C]Ok$ ill selor Lw visit,or to our towndurmg Lhe week, Pain BMm tor rheumatism with great L.rd. " W. CRSL:R, Sec.L'y. ept. 11, 1897-tf 01111 much tn 1,he delight, of his laaoy relict', uud I ca,, reeomn,end it as a W,n)dvi]le. Mis.. July 16, 1898. s)lendi,l lini,,ic,d for rhmlnudism a,,d NOT[CE, Jewelrl, Silver-ware, OODVIIaLE, MISS. friends, other t+,llS-:mht use for which we +" WISE JEI)GES ='+="'"+'=++ We have ju+t received a flue have fot,n(I it valuable ---W J. CuY- +  I have just received and will keep IA,:u. Red (?reck New Yo,'k constantly on hand a full snpply of 0Ye|'teSe CU|el'', States eourte iu this Stat.o  r]l line of pocket knives at, Mr (;tlyler is one. ot the leadinv COFFINS and 'ASKE b, Real estate bonght and --ld on corn Day's drug store, merchants of thi. village and one ()1 e of all Styles. which I will sell at rea- Spectacles, Ze-61a$a &. minion. Office on C-)mmreial Row- ..... the most, promine,,t reel, i,, this vici- so,,able price, c. DR. JOHN F. THERREL, The, B,,ard ol Supervis, ms have made nitv- W (;. l',t,z't.i Edit,,r Re,1 = ,qiop opposite IV. Bonu3ys res- R ! ,,u, iit,,echa,,ges ,n I,+8 Creel, ,e,'a,d. ,,'+r +aie - i00enee. ',',,OS. epairing roll and this was only on live stock. _ .,-o The Time and Labor i... 21, 1897-t+ Is a special feature of phyddan and Surgeon The rolls hnweverwill bc consider- Bright's l)iseasc att(t all kidney our business, and we able larger than last, season owing Lo tr,mbles easily etlred by Slaith's u:'c I L]  1 ] l  are confident, with WOODVILLE, MI8. the increase or cash helfl bv citizens, l{ittlloy (111"+. and Health of Our o,,r Priers, Accuracy , =__ " I have be,n bleeding from the kd- We are pr60ared ta fill at, shot  and Promptness, we Office on Main St. at his oldStsnd The Wilnnts ttnd the W,)odville ncys for twe ve nl,,nths, anti ha,t got= nolh'e any order for Rough (?y0res s eau please you : : LUMBER at hlw prices. Correspon tmsehailclubsplavedavery interest-ttmsoweaklw+,sco,)fine'lton'vbed JOHN A LOWRY .... I was tohl to t,'v Smith's Sure K'i,lnev Housekeepers Oenee sulieited. W'.E -- lnggam 9 nf ball on las Tuesday Cure. ait was claimed to dissolw', " ,]NO. F. tRiNE & SON. I the score standing: Wilnots" 14. st( ,,e i', :idt,,'y., After 1 i,ad lake,i 31,,98 +n,. CUARANTEE " s FUNERAL DIRECTOR. Wondville 5 wh4d..wa a vicLory for hall+ or the Imtth lhe stone was din- Thcirfirst consideration. + Woodvilleas the Wilm)ts gave the solvcd alnt paused away. and ill two TRESPAS'S NOTICE. days I was <:ure/l of the bhmdit,g and -- @ 0 U./ /'0/.i. A FulIStok Of Metalie and Wood- " town bovs 10 runs. conlnlenced [o inli)rove, | a|ll IIO,V The Jll(lg(s of the Iowa State Fair were All hunting or tret)asMLtg on the " entirely well wise men. Gaudy pabst diduotlnfluence Artoni,h lar, d, :(,nder fence ispro- , euCoffinsaiwaysonhatld ,t "Wood- " ..Peac.e nPg01,ia[forl are now on be- JoHN STOKr:S, Bartlett. To, nil2 them, nor did the fflib talk of agen'ts, hihited under full penalty of the law. vllle, Misa,, Main St, tween our CnuFl1,ry and 8pain nd it Price 50 cents. For sale by Chas. It. They went deeper than that. and Judged Any stock remaining on the Artonish is believed 1,hat the war is ended Wc Day. h,mn au over-worked woman's tand- pasta)re after February 15th will be - -  "  .-  -- +' I)oillt. :[1 eOltllrient|Bg upon a reeent " got ne,rlyall we asked for. The matter :--J,,- onllpetltive ,(t'llg machine exhlb|t, the charged pasturage--50e per nlonth.  S MARANTO of the Phillippine Islands is still un- A word to the wise is su[lhAcnt'" u'?,na, towa. tlcruld uaes gOol common J.A. GILLESPIE. J Trespass Notice. ' ' enve: 1 15 1898 ly. ettled but its final conclusion is left and a word from the wise shouhl bc "The judge a't the Iowa State Fair --DEALER IN- tO acommission of three to be ap- sntBcicnt, but you ask. x he at'( the. find that there exioLs a vast d|lYerenee All persons found huntlllg, fishml pointed by each coulltry, wie? 'l'hosc who know. The. oft be,v,,eu the various sewing dn'achines yAZ()() & CHOICEST Fruits, Oysters, Nut _., === repcated ,,xperien('e of trust worthy exhibited. Mi$SISS00PPI VALLEY ,)fall kinds, and Fresh Fatnily (ro or otherwise trespassing on the Bnr pers(,ns may be |uken for knowledge. "A +r,+ Inter, cling to 9nrehao :[arm certes, lRoceives daily Fancy Call- plantstion abottt 3 mile* Don't forget we can furnish Mr. W M ;l'orry sa* s (:hanfl)el'hfin's ma,'h>-rr will ltr-t decide whloh is the dy of all kinds. Maccaroni cook- south of Woodville will be prose llglJtest rtll,;:ilv. 0all( , 'the b-st adal)ted for I,AILROAD ed in the best style, from 9 A. t.3 outed to the furl extent of the law. you wiLh any paper, periodical or Cot, gh R('n+mtl., gives trotter satisfae- 0UIIIT plant,tiola m.lgazille published, at publish- t(on than any other in the markct, hi+ ++,rk. lie wanLs the btmt. at a fall: The Yazoo&Mislmtnp! to 8 P, +t. A strict watch wtli be kept on wam = price. K, tL. hau now on sle, Mint. Oppostte Bum& l)mpf. et's prices. Day's Drllg Store. lie Ila8 been 111 the drug bu;-;inoss at "Y(.t h,rw often a man In purehaslng and wltl. con lntm the for trespassers. Elkton, Kv.. for lwelvo years.' has a vwllig maa(.lltno, wilt look for the et, eap+ s,me until 8optcmber .:a:l In. W. /'[&ORIDIltg' e.+t made. No t|)otlght enters hi8 head ot ;tth. lSR. ronnd ,*rid b'b 12 98 ly. 3ul;llll+r tourls tlckel. => : ._ s soht hnndre(]s el bottles of rids remc- the long, "0'rez'iY hohl'S h!o wife or "The eonditAan of theerops hasheon (|, and near]yallethcr COtlgh inet|i- da,tz}rtervtE b:'com,pel]ed to ol)erate the . ii i[,., frmaalll arson Its lln0h, WALSH & W|LSO00 Improved slightly by the warm and cines manura,:t,lred. 'WillC|l 8]lO.VS sbpx .... d l,,ir.l-rlll,llhlg ittaeh|ne. Ile wll] U ' thtlll'1+( ll;)tt'illl#;;tt'II+ flry weather during the meek as much eon(;lusivel, that (?aluberlain'8 is 1118 think of a li/4ht-draft binder, to Bave his l>,l's,, but he 1:I not tare his ''ifCe |'] r|]lllTlefastdnlbedatly st,rvlce  lJJ. 150 YEAR' grass has heed killed. The reports most satisfactory to tim peoplc, and tme and hard work lutv eousidc.ratloa, ii t st. Louts. Chicago. (qneih- I indicate however that the yield is the best. l:ur sale by G Kallll. This ,t:]" nut 1,e the case if purchasem --" -- nal,l and l,ouisvil[;- of the 111- [ COIqTRACTORS OFI :,-- tween (he var .......... hines. V.B.. R. ena, bh;s one, to ruech qu|ckly +.d I BRIC K lJromises considerahly lighter Llllttl = := '"l'hne and tahor mus't 1)e saved for our con f rtably the ,nounta|n r(,s n't,,; of Virgin|n. ,.  CE last season even should the tar- F.r solne tliPle ||18 [I+lend,q Of [aj. h ,,svke(q, et's. a Id 'v, qth this in veiw the the Whlr, e' M,),in+,,thls and sea+sido of New I  "I'+ W O R K J dzx camffifllv examined all Of the Englmd, the Th()tlsand I:dands.tho hko and I orable conditions prevail from FlOW Starling have realized that he we]lid st, t(:iu,g machil'es exhibited. They di- forest r,.ortu of Mteht,.ta+n, \\;vf.aeontn and L Mlnneola the Ifoi, Sprimgs f Arktl|8.s, the [ until harvesting thne. Worms have not gel the aplmintment to the Ri;,cr eot', that the *No. 9 Wheeler & Wll- Yellows:one Pars or the ,'eor!sof Colorado. |I[mate ]ul*n|,qlld e,,n' tsews one-third faster than other made their first at)[)earaBte ill th(2 (]outlnission vacancy. The fat:l, tilat ma ..hines, llid, throngh .the adoption of Tickets a, nd fult lnformttion 8 to r,tt,s in I  TRAO MS1" eastern arid southern portions of the Ihere is ulre-Mv one member from the ball ))mrh wa.s by far, the llghest conntction wilh 'lhe above oall be,*hadt,f" Patronage Solicited.  .... 6it,a,i_ . rutming of any ma(.hlne exhlbltedt They Agents of the Y, " M. V. Ry. a.nd coinzect|ng ] " 1 TM OOP/61'lfl .ff" lines. [ lotvcr river region is hehl tO be an un tnimously granted to IL the first pre- Wt. MUmAY, D, P. A., New O,,ieans. ! Leave Orders with Wcttlin & Hlekey or Ben mhtm. ' JNo.A. ior:t', D. P. A., Memphis. ] Irown's, Barber 8hop. Dec 18 97 2m. Alwo sond a stch and deerhlon may County bnt it is thought that insul)erable ohjection, we learn, Io "It +m'g.(eI)et+. you eann(rt afford to fnvonfion|sprobamYPt.r'a = it iS', rather late for them ,his appointment, llellee it is with ew 'Py lmml. ne;t )er shouhl your llve be .... mafr.'-r to do inuch harln uuless they no Mir|)rise we learn t|lal, Maj. tar- bur ened with cholt), slow-serving and l,ent tal tvougu un  b+trd-runnng sew ng maehint. Before 1RES[ASS NE IO3, $1,a0Wttt_._m'fluth _ .. ape young eottnn, l,n Ires wlth(irawn iu fav,,r of Mr. pro'chasing a machine, try the Wheeler & . Bllrlcl I We are now maing our own soda J" A. Ockerson, of St,. Louts. IL+s wit,on. TRESPASS NOTICE. All huntin, on Simrali and Sehae- , dr; : "St, eh a eorttri'bu'tbon to the comport of &tlat,  g Bt+ I1, ollr wives m water and ,guarantee same to equal to be hoped that thi p lema who ann daughters is a public All huu',ing on my place is strietlv fer placess strictly poLibited reader bleoslng. ' that.obtained at the bes fountain in has.tong hecn connected wilh the D,,mau & Co.. Limited. New Orleans. prohilnted uudvr penalty el tJhe law, penalty oPthe law. '-Im a, comm,ssion, will be appoiae6.-- a' the ge,erat _.geuts or this machine MI Jg, V. J00R.+ 1.. W., MA@tuIMiI. MB I'  rg city at " g ld, tor thi,s tate. write t0 them for lltut- 20 97 1 t 20 97 tl. " "5+ "- sl00oes ...... +++ s. +++ We havejuM, re+wed f,.om ,H+e fae+ +++ tow a of . * # ]Into.alton-Brown shoes ir the la/est styl.a which are offered at, the stcl low prices. These oods are honest, welt made, tp ta date arid we thorou,_hly reciomend them in every partlelar, Or li, of D+ttten" hofer ladies shoes has also been rep with new _floods in the ,n, ost patmlar shapes, and we are to-day better prepared to serve yo in the shoe line tha ecer  .... before. We respectfully soiielt the contlnzeed patronage of our friends in this aa weli r'* a,s in ary of the other lines we are olaf., i@ in any of whivh will be rotund vahtes worth yor attentior to .ay the leant, C. 00CHAEFER, .... (: KANN. WOODVlLLE, . . . " ; i  .... --DEALER IN-- DRUGS and MEDIClNE,00 CHFMIC00t00 Public School Books i]O-"no'_ nO- o ,C,o.lO't Stationery. Painters SupRties, Cuttlery Fu,ni,Y inca Hardware, llluminatiio" Oil6, Garden Seed e. bPhvsicians prescription8 carefully Oampounded, and Ordr ti &| cck selected ith grat care andwaxrantcd : repreentcdl v. 8.9 z. .--y, Canned Fruit nd 'ih, &C+ Fine brand chihg Tobacco'. Fresh Bread every dsy. .N/t@ plies arriving da': March 21, 18@' TRF, SPA S N O Tt- All huntg and Retreat and Damer,,fi proh bi 1,ed, Oct., 9th '97.--t f. TRESPASg AH hunting, flhbt 6' trespassing on Glen BCrrnm s strictly prohibited nnder he la W. '}i gormet' vokod. 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