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August 6, 1898     The Woodville Republican
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August 6, 1898

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eodtIIt tpubluam Saturday, August 6. J. S, LEWIS, Editor and Proprietor. TO ADVERTISERS. ¢HE WOOD VILLE I?EPUBLICAN ts the oldest newspaper in the State; has a larger bona fide cireulation than any other -newspaper in this section; therefore i is The |est hclvertisiu[ Merlin, Adver00ers Deter 00hie in IM, ANNe UNC E ME NT. FOR CONGRESS. To the Voters of the Sixth Congres- sional District : Believing that an investigation of my record in Congress will show that I ha&apos;e discharged my duty, actively, faithfully and efficiently; that I have kept all pronnses and broken no party pledges, I therefore am encouraged to again solicit the support of mv constituency for re-election and bore- by announce my candidacy, subject to tim a-tion of the DemocraHc party of the Sixth District of Mississippi. Very Respectfully, W. F. L()VE. TIIE SITUATION. The present war-status is some- what mixed, or the press dis- patches have done the mixing. :Ftr several days it was reported that Spain had acceded to the demands of the United States and that an arimstice would soon be declared pending nego- tiations, but later teleglams de- clare that there is some hitch in the negotiations. In the mean- time Miles is advancing on San Juan and war preparations are actively continued. There is evidently no hitch at our end of the Ii,': • I • At Santiago there has been de- lay in sending transports for the Spamsh prisoners, and none ofl them have started for Spain. This delay compels our troops to re- main at Santiago and the fever, both yellow and mahu'ious is making fearful inroads in the ranks of the American army. One-fourth of it is now on the ick list, though the death rate - is small. As soon as the Spanish prisoners can be transported our troops ean be removed to the highlands back from the coast, or brought back to the United States to recruit their health. In the Philippines thingsre- main in statu'quo. Dewey and Gen'l. Mcrritt seem to be waiting for reinforcements. They are strong enough to capture ,and hold Manila against the Span- mrds, but the insurgent leader, Aguinaldo, threatens [to give trouble, and more troops are needed to keep him in cheek. It begins to look as if this lrovernment's troubles will only lgln when it has conquered Spain. Oar allies, the,Cuban . patriots, who number about 8000, ..... $eem to think that the Umted States troops are only auxiliaries and that their sole business is to ]put the Spaniards out of office / -- trod to pat the Cubams in. As th preheat Cuban government seems 0 be more or les a fanci- ful creation, and is supported by only a handful of natives and mongrel partisans, there is a xeasonable doubt in Uncle Sam's mind as to whether he can safely -iurn over to them the government of the island. This little differ- • cute between the Cuban revolu- tionists and our government mromises to give trouble in the near future. In the Philippines .'the situation is much the same; ,and no matter when the war wth ,"Spain terminates the end is not et. It is positively certain that strong garrisons will have to be retained in the West Indies for (Dome time to come for the pur- )f restraining the tendency to license the cruelty that 'seems natural to the mixed race that is common to all Spanish posses- sions. THE DISTRICT CONVEN- TION. The Nominating Convention for the 6th Congressional Dmtrict :Y::': was held at Centrevilleon the 3rd inst, Owing to the fact that there',,aao opposition to IIon. W. F. :Love and the duty of nota- ting being only formal, the was not a full one counties were repre- in person by delegates. The Convention adopted reso- fealty to the party and its princi-1 pies as enunciated in the Chicago platform; declaring its patriotic pride in the victories won by our soldiers in the present war with Spain; and fully endorsing the course of our Representative, lion. W.F. Love, m the past Congress, and applauding Ins earnestness and zeal in the pro- motion of the interests of his constituents. Before adjournment Mr. Love made a brief but able speech en- lighteuing his attdience on the the political szhemes and frauds into all war measures by the Re- publican party during the recent session, tte was roundly applau- ded. After adjournment Mr. Love invited the Convention in a body to the Archer Itouse where he proposed to "treat," and after gathering at the hotel he had to explain to the hungry and thirsty patients that he meant to a din- nerl lhs health and future suc- cess was enthusia,tically eaten from the abundance set forth by mine host. STLLIVAN- CONNELLY FI &SCO. If Senator W. V. Sullivan of Mississippi can derive any consola- tion from tim notoriety he has gained through his receuttrip to Memphis he is certainly welcome to it, but there is no doubt timt his friends and well wishers in tiffs State, the Demo- crats am3ng the number, have viewed the whole affair as the greatest mis take of iris life. In whatever light the matter may be viewed Senator Sullivan appears in a most unenvi. able position, lie has provided the newsl)apcrs with a fairly good story btlt at the expense of his reputatiun. U. S. Senators are expected to kuow how to behave themselves ont- side the Senate chamber as well as inside. On the surface it wou](I appear as though the senator went to Metal,his to engage in a "h¢t time," but if such was his intention he made a most miserable failure an:] his actions after his arrival in the metropolis ot Tennessee bears out tim assertion. If Senator Snllivan dcsire(t to meet Editor Connelly in personal combat hcshould have registered at the hotel and then seal his trmnds to wait on the editor, who woutd then name his friends and these friends would have arranged for s fight or an ammable settlement of the whole affair. As it is Editor Connelly played '.he trump card in lds address to the nlagistrate which we herewith append, as taken from the Memphis Scimitar : "If the court please, I presume this case is one of those in which rumor reveals the facts on one side of an impending conflict and the on the other side are assumed. I desire to insi,t that no evidence be- fore thiseourt shows that I am in anyway involved, The testimony shows lhat I have been attending to my editoralduties as usual--duties that nott)nly consume a reat part of every day, bat also of every night in the eek. I have eomtmtted no overt act, made no demonstration or threat% anti I assure your honor thatl am destitute of timt character of courage which seeks to exploit it- self in the midst of women anti chin dren, on a crowded publio thorough- fareantl I am destitute of that character of honor which seeks street broils with hoodlums who fight for glory or wfl,h Hessians who fight for pay. If I ever h've a difficulty• and I sincerely hope I never shall, it. ill be with some one who is at least offi- cially a gentlemen, and:of this I see no present or 0respective daner. If the offizials who swore outs war- rant, taking me from my desk, were moved i)y adesire to prelect me, I must say it was wholly nnneeessary because I have prudence enough to) prevent me from being led into an ambush to be assassinated by im- ported or domestm bummers. I protest your honor, lhat this a'arrant is unnecessary, and the cimrge upon" which it is based groundless," We reproduce the above from tim Natchez Democrat antl give it our unqualified endorsement• 31r. Sullivan is too small for the place he fills, and this mediocrity was douhLless a recommeudation for Lheappointment. Of course he will not seek the Senatorshq) when the Legislature meets; hut wilt probtbly consent to be ,.q0vernor. ['once. Isle of l'ortt) Rico, Aug, 1, via St. Thomas, D. W. I. Aug. 1 -- The Porto Ricans of Ponce hned the streets by tmndreds and filled the air wth eheerin on tile arrival of Gen. Garrison's brigade from Yac. uo. The arrival of these troops and those on the St. Louis makes )he fighting strength of the Americans now operating near Ponce abont 9000, equal to the entire force of Spanish regular troop on the islan:l. The St. Louis Republic sum- ests that if Spain lmsn't a sponge of her own she might borrow the one little Greece used last year when she made signs to Turkey to quit gouging. If Fighting Bob" Evans anti Merrimac Itobson do not bottle np some of their verbal superflui- ties, there ill not be wantingre- mmders of the fault, if not the fate, of the parrot that walked up to the bull dog. As a rule the modesty of the true hero leaves his exploitation to others. --Vicksburg Iterald. Washington, Aug. 1, 1898. While there is some criticism of the terms of peace offered SI)aiv , in answer to its request, and which tim French ambassador acting as Span ish Minister, has accepted, the gen- eral impression is, that on the whole, the admimstration has acquitted .- self very credflablyinhandliug this matter as far as it[has gone. The terms require Spain to withdraw.its troops at its own expense from Cuba and Porto Rico; to pay all just claims for property destroyed in Cuba; the U. S., explicitly disclaims any responsibility whatever for bonds issued by Spain and secured by its revenues from eitLer Cuba or Porto Rico--a decided check to the scheme which certain Americans have been trying to worl¢ in belmlf of the Eu- ropean holders of that class of Span- ish bonds; aud the final dispositi,n of the Philippines is left open to be settled as we may see fit. Cue man's" gness is ahout as good as another as to what will be the next step of ffac tricky Spaniards. Any other coun- try might be counted upon to follow le recommendations of its aceredit- ed minister, but Spain cannot be counted upon to do an3tlfin:,. Commissary GeneralEagan of the army is out in antntervicw replying to a l('tter mtten by R. B. Roose- velt, anew York lawyer, charging Lhat there was either "shaulelul incapacity or iufamous dishonesty" in the eommis.ary dcpartnlent, anti thatueiLher enouffh, nor proper food had been furnished the men at the front. Egan's reply is what the I)o)'s call "hot stuff;" he calls Rooseveh several Muds of a not-rie- ty her, and says his letter was "a law libellious, scandalous villification (if honest men. Surgeon General Sternberg admits that although morn than 5,000of Gem Shafter's men are now down w!'h the fever, that he tidnks the wor.,t is to come. The only consoling thing about the situation is the small numberer fatalities among the fever patients, but the disease may assume a more malignant tyl)e at any time. When General Miles lauded at a Porto Riean port Ihat was not the one theadm;nistration expected him to land, there was considerable growling in administration circles, and evt:n talk of Miles tieing censur- ed for not having obeyed orders, but as soon as the news of Iris successful occupation, without loss of life, of muchtcrrltory including a number of towns, it was dented that any such talk had been indulged in. "Noth- ing succeeds like success" yon know. [lad Miles met with any reverses, he would at once have been made a scape goat. Representative Davey, of Lomsi- ana, whose wgorous l)resentation el factsacqmred duringa stay of one week in the camp at Miami, Fla, caused the war department to ISSUe orders transferring the troops frotn that point to Jacksonville, does not mince words in describing tim eon- ditinns of those troops and express- ing the opinion that somebody was blameable for the mismanagement which lie said had debihlated and dideartenedhundreds of the men. 'o show that he had not exaggerated the situation, Mr. Davey pointed to the official record of nine handr(.d men on the sick list at one time in ha " eawp of two brigades• ca',hng attent- ion to the fact tha the men being from Ahl)ama, Louisiana anti Texas, were practically a!l lu,nnnes, so :fat as climatic conditions were concern ed" One would supl)ose that can- teens would be cue ot the first things provided forsohliers in a summer campaign, yet when Mr. Davey ar- rived in camp he found that there was only one canteen for evcry se,en men, anti when he left. a week la,e'. therawere half the men still withot)t canteens. It Is a chestnut with wldskers on it to say the civil servme ciitnmissiola is a }lulnbu, but in view of tile fact that these truly good men, who dra big salaries for professing goo(lness, have just ot/ie'ally reduced a clerk to the employ of tim commission on grade, for alleged inefficiency, and that same clerk as a wiliness before t:he Seuate Civil Service Committee, some months ago, had testified to methods in ue by the commissi-n I t that cven a mugwump wouhl not call reform, it seems necessary to say it again. There are plenly of men in Wash. ington who make no bones of calling the printingr of Grosvenor's tissue of misrepresentations in a belated issue of the Congressional Record, after his request for permission to print it was refused by the IIouse, as down. right dishonesty. Secretary Kerr, of the democratic congressional campaign committee says the om- mittee regards the printing of the speech, under iJm circumstances, as a disgrace, and while on the snh- |ect he added: "Unanimous consent as refused him l)y the H0u¢ atl O'' LEON" SCHWARTZ, C. II.IqEYLAI'D. SCHWARTZ NEYLAND ; Will Open its 37th Annua/$ession, Sept. 7th, 1898. l Main Street, WDVILLE, Thoronghly cquippcd l'or work in tho departments of 'i blusi0, E10uuti0n, English, Mathematics, Sciences and the Languages.  [Fe /a#e lead in the Grocery Special facilities for the study of Music, Elocution,  line, and our larffe Stock isalways English and Mathenmties. kP])t fresh and complete. 1Fe keep The tand:))'d of seholarsl, tp h) lhe Colh,'.ro ts i;f! ; the t trno(!on in the  P, hm,ry.,,,,, l{indmgarL,:n Depart ....... h%, thorou,h, r,!,e.: treaU sl)(.(;lal- .  C80  f')ll *..0C7 Of D' GOODS, 1' O- b.t. The !)uildings are now an(I vommodh)u.. In 1)erft'ct ,'o.pair and fi)tvd with a|! the comte,Ca of a ,','fined homo. Parents h:tvlng daughters tO edtl- liOnS, ere. Cat(-' will do well to confer with 'lle before st',|ding elsewhere. For C;ILltl()U9 fl, IMI Ttr]llR. ;t(Idl'c,  Miss GEOI:(IA SWANSON, Pres., Woodville, Miss. "  "  " "-':-"- " " 2 .... - ........ - ,, . New goods arriving daily I the mahagement of the Ree,rd was tohim p,qyable ont of the school fund at fault for allowing it to appear in for $6'-' 21. ()rde,'ed tl,at Wm Hn,,ter. €Jack purchascd a large stock of Dry that l)nhht.atinn. The t)eech will Wells andDong Young be assigz,ed not be of any reat value usa cam- Pect'st° the r,,ad trom Dr Lessley's to Dr, Clothing, N0t'lons, I/ousekccping paign docu!nent. The very eireum- lathe matter of (he petition of JA stances t!nder hlch it has apl)eared Brown it is or(lered that hit 2 see 4 t4 d,scr,dits i, Den,-crata have been aero.r 1 west be redneed from $., tO, rho balance of petitionis$1perhere- ticlcs, I/ats Shoes &c. in New y( ,o,,., t,, ,i,o war we ha.o b,.00e00ected a|! of which I support f,,r the army and n,vv, but. O)i aeconni of over "vahlaiion it is propose to sell at we dtd n,)l agree tn the sad(lling (,f llerebv or(lerm[ that lot 5 qr 1 die 4 town of Woodville assessed toJ B Me an,,nneeessarYthe countrv. Grosvenor'sb°nded debtspeecl.npon (,e,,ee¢14¢0. be reduced rrom $1800to SO lOW that it will he to your intere wi,li, e..+.00wbere O,, ac+,,.t o, cha.geo, ow,,e.,,,p to examine my stock Spec 00+ss t,,e fo,lowi,,00 vaea,,t ,,,nd t,. " ial elrculated."CROP..OlEPORT. ...... I Jas Vines w) °f se  °f se(: 3l t 4 r lw Assessat $1 50toPerBunyanacre. Tillery 250 acres duccments to large buyers. The wealhcr I)nreau for the Miss- in ne 3/ of nw }, sec 2:/ all west of p,,b,,0 roar, ,,, s,v see a,,d PETE MOLLER iSStl)l) section at Vieksl)urg reports ot nw J:i all west t)r public road in !)w [k that dnring the i)at week the tern- 3 of se t, all north of pnblie road ill peraturewas nearly normal and tim sw of se, allwof public roads rainfall was local and equally di- w '4 of ne /a see 15 t 3 r 1 e instead tributed, of Jno S Cobb. +..s..,:BW..+,+.+,,,,+ Mi==i==ippi l00aller Cotton con(!nue(1 to deteriorate of nw t.a" see 33 t 3 r 1 e instead of Mrs owing to excessive raius, Which ser!- ,I t; Kaiser. ously injured the i)hmt, causing too Assess to Lo!!ia Malden the land I ral,id growth o[ stalk, scarcity ot described as beingin sec 10t I r4w t)oll%sho<hling and grassy eondi instead ofD Mai(len. . = "== =/= -- t.i,m. On low lands '.he ere I) is to() On accgunt of change of ownership much overgrown with grass and o!'dere(1 that (he followi,g lan,ls be No. 5 Night Tr,dn/-'avcs Memphis, 7:,3 p weeds to adalit of further cultiva- assessed to II L Coon. 50 acres n // ..... ,, ,, ViekLm,.g :i0 a,a tlOl,. Slaff()rd place I)ein in see 2 and 18. " " " " " Ceutrovllle 6:16 att Assess to Labrano Bros  , taf ....... ,, Arrives Kew Orient, s 10;U fua Corn is about made and the crop ford place 50 acres set. 2 an,I 18. -- ........... s excellent A large yield Is iu(li- Assess to J J Arbury 132 acrcs in No. tl, Night "£rahr I, eaves New (), 'lO ii $i $i i I eared in all sections, s+c 18 all above la,ul in t I r I c ill- , ..... '+ Gontrevill 8:35 : Gardens, Call(', fruit and other stead ,f Fred h)graham ....... ',', " " Vielcsl)nrg ]}:51) pm minor cr,)l,S arc in go,)d et)nditi,m Assess to 3[ E Anderson 3 acres in arrives Memphls 7:10 air, generally but car(ten4 are too grassy town of Ceatreville instead of L {: N,). 2l Day Tr;,in L,,aves 8 .... Anderson and rednee assessment el " " " ,, in places, and I,eaches are rotting arrvt, New Orlettns 5:-30 pm same from $7 to $6. N() 2:2 Day Train leav(a NTmv rleatls Ioeallywhvre rainfall was excessive. AssesVentres Bros all of lot 16 8:l)5am .......... ; =,1' ' ....... arrives Vioksl)nr., (lie 1 In tow,t of Woodvillo except /.2'" 5:5,5 Pm "Spain has anged her fleet acre ownc(I by M l'urker. Tra/n raus (ly except Sunday. of. warships for a tleet of hard- Assess to V I1 Pasher 10 acres e pt No. 7".]1 leaves Woodvillo 9 am shq)s." sec ! t 1 r ] e alltt 4 tlcr(s 111 se corner ' " hmvos |,ayO)t ,tra ]'I:]0  ........ ..,,.o _ ___ see l t ] r 1 e aqse. to [lnknDvn ,t " ar)'ivos Nbtngl'rfer 12:90 I' Asses to (; W lh)ag 10 acres in No. 722 I,,av,. ,qhm),tor I:TO Wa,d, mgt(m Aug. 3.--A dispalci blo('k 80 t 1 r I e instead of W 1I Par- " .... r;am q:tra pm was receive(ihere at the war de- ker, " " at'rives Woo,lvilln 9'lfi pm partment to- hV from General' that- Assess toB WBrannan 134 acres #:5pm, h)t 5 6 anti 9, sec 31 t 4 r 2 w. 249 The only Line rnnning ,qnliJ Trah:. l),,.on ter, saying that none of the trans- acres w ptclaims see88 t4 r2 w, ae ---NX'X'XlOhlI tn(l l%Twoe,.let3tt ports under con'ract to take the at.tea )()Is 4 and 5 sec 41 t 4 r2 w, 20:/a : Car" " all sec 16 t 4 r 3 w, 134 65 acres w p! yzug eleg,mt Pullman Buffet Sleeuintr Ca,. ;. both directions, th I,risouers tro,n Sa,d=ago to Spain claim including see ;39 t 4 r '2 w, in nr'!l,"ger? a speedy and ooaffortaffto )t)r/ev "" have yet arriv(.d. Col. lleeker, in secB6t4rBw 16 acres in n ptsae 1 u,apl,13 to Agcutuorad-'r,;sa. charge of this deparLmcnt, was st!r- 52 t S r 3 w instead Mrs Laura Me-( J,tO. A. 5CO'/'1', Die. Pa'r L)rised to ht,ar this, as he thought Assess 1o Pero'.l)eunis 50 85 acres that the Alieante. at least, had ar necornerj, f sec 36 t4r3 w57wpt rived from Martinique ec ,':)8 f 4 r 2 w instead of Mrs Laura  - MeGehee l)a vm. Aec,,rding to tim terms ot the ct)n Asses,qtoRaehelDavis265Oaeresw A T B00NED|CT tract, .hichwas s|gn(d tin July, 21 I)tsec3fit4r3 winstead of Mrs L a t) MeG I)avis. I t was ,greed that five transport Ordered that lots 2. 3 and 6 be bIA-wuFatrvamrt, RgPAIK/ A:n DEALER IN houhl be in Santiago read), to re- raised from $:/5 to $t5 assessed to W ceivetht'pris°nersinmnedays'tw"LJenki"'int°wt'°fCentreville'" Ordered that the pelition t)fA T 00arriag00s garts FarmWmg0,s r00arn more ithiu eight d,ys thereafter, Bene(lict be and the sanJo is hereby • rod m three weclcs thereafter trans- rejected. '  Itlshereb,.ordere(1 that the:con. 5C(LCr  ports would be called for by the tract tofnrnish theconatypoorhonse  ,) • government as the.v ere needed, with iron bed steads, mattress elc be awarded to Chas C,,he,, at aud for the d00aent for the Celebrated 0WENSBOR0 WAOONS '['hirtecn flays after :he signing ot snlrl agreed Itpon for $8.75 for bed VChichae universally acknowledged tobe the c:ontraot not one of the tress- and nmtt,'es. l)orts has arrived. Ortlcr(,(I that lhe bid of C A Voo(1 The B0st and tIGHTEST RUNNIN{t WAGON Mad0. to bnv the County poor huuse f,)r $8() Col. lh'ektr told me the govern tie rejected. n)ent wl, uhl he (lisl,(,seA t() lie liberal TI,efollowing bids were recmve,) Agent for FtLAZIIt'IL II.OAD and SPEEDING CART, whi¢ if it were demonstrated that (Ice for tile (3onntv printhtg, D 5[ H.ff are great /tvorites among Horsemen. ([ihgence had ocen nsc(i by the ()thor propriett)rof Maffm)lia Gazette. Mott i)arL), t() tim aKreetucnt, lie StaLed l)rinling t!o, Chtri()n Ledger, Vit'ks AGENT FOI THE burg Printing aml Pub. Co, VJ, lker , ,,at e+,,,t t,a,,+,,,,rta are ,,o,,' ,,,, ,,,, ,+:,'a,,+U,ot,...we, a,,,, C,,,,p,,,a,, 00h00m?ica Srcr00 00ence 0000rapan U sea l)ctwt'eu L'adez antl antiagt). "Purnerand (hi, Vance l'rintin (3o. the eiRhth having sailed today, l'ht, Grenada Senti,el. I! M Quinn editor I A hcante cxl)eCLctt, it s n()t pr,,hal)le ] [' thian Journal and Lewis , 8(:ltloss The most extensive Manufacturers of Iron Feu0ing in the Utaited Btateil that any of the tra,sporis will In after eonhlering all bids the contract ready t) Lake prisoners aboard b was awarded h, the Grenada Sentinel l'arti,'alar attention paid to re-cOvering slid rigging for another Week. for blank books and all slatio,arv ex- ceptsttcltas we+ awarded o it bl "(:-L.$ Szx(l(:iLles. Meanwhile General Shelter and a Qui,tn edit,,rof the I)ythian Journal  All work dolle prolllptl¥ slid at i.eaCOllabte rates. a great part, of his army are neces- ()rdered that the Boawl do now a(I- Woodville, Miss., Sept. 1891 tf sarily kept iu tile low eounlry. "l'he journ until 9 o'clock tomorrow cannot move back Lo the hills -unti morning. .- =__ ., . , .,o. .... ::... = • -? tire ,";I)auish pr!soaers are well oul L.T. VE.TnV, SS, Pres. :NOTICE. _ @,+ ,- - - of fhe wav. bTATE OF MISSISSIPPI, I /,tadtlm/llmtahr*Sll This is what is worr 3i.g CMonel 2×D DAY. "VILKINCON (JOUNTY. "   ...... ltecker. [t has noed the 400o Bt,ard met pursuant to adjmtrn- ToJolu F. lrvit,e, En)ma h'vinc, cases of sickuess am(tug our troop,, mettt present sante as yesterday, ,Iesie lrvi,m, Mrs. Emnnt h'vine, THI -- and the 2000 cast's among the ,,rise n,inntes (ff yesterday read attd appro- Jones ],'vine, Mrs Sallie ((,rth)n, TMRll NIl , ners, and is alive Io the fact that ved and siffnetl hv the ]'resident. adults. Harris hvinc a minor Belle I¢OlTIONI DAILY l comhtions eaunot I)c atneliurated un It is hm'eby or(lcre, tl thattthe Sheriff h'vinte, T,eua h'vine, Ca!-o lrvine, OAIt.Y,, _ TI t.a. til the l)rsonv'rs are gunc aud onr will offer for sale at an;,tioti the ('onn- Marian h'vino John h'vine minors, ;= . TA I ! ttext regttlar meeting o[ this Boartl Yt)u "tre commanded to appear bt,- U As ia Is not, expected that General I)eiug M,)nday the 5th flay of Sept, tort; the Chancery Court of the Coun- [] 't'/q |laf,er's army will lie bronght back 1898. B()ard reserving the right to tv of Wilki,tso,t it, said state ,)n the I I "" until the 1,rivet,yr,- have eml)aTkt:d, reject arty and all bids. 2ad M ,Ltday the 12(h day t,f l)ecem- II o00,U K.+,..., Ihe Fifth Corps will probably b,. On aecount t)f over vahlation or- ben" 18981o tletet)(l the suit in saM II I--t--t--I-I--I--I--I-I" kept near Sant.iag- for three OF ft)nl dered that the a,qsess!nent II C Capell court ot W. 1'. Burton et al. wherein ]] TIlE SUNDAY STATES l wet, ks h)nger. C()I. llecker think, on tw'o lots in block 21 town "t)f (.eil- yon are defctt(]anta. I|l l'tbilthed  Suable nII, ornln Ilql treville be reduced from $1000 to Thlsl(;thtlay.of.hdv1898 IllalatIatHmratmr,t,mtII the nine transports r('ferred t) ilt $7.(9. A. COON, Clerk. II['&,P  r''='*t' I)e eal)al)le ,,t ace,)n+mt)datbg as Or<leretl that t' G Phelan railroad 7 23 1898 4w. I)l '---"T'-',-l-I--l-I-1-.4-1 ntanv as 22.000. [f ti.s t, ttr/ts out age)t at lh)setta (;ravel Pit fix the ill a o ctt ot .w oft-am, ma It to be the case, eneral bllaftet and pal)lie road rnnx)ing fhrongh tt II/"h'° ,,=,, -- ..... his Jrmy will I)rot)ably set trot ft. gravel pit according to the railroad ', ..... Itl 11Ei,gAPlR0 KIq0qDIILAT contract and l lte clerk notify saitF 1 '[I,ESPASS NOTICE. Ill REWP'SJ'EK OFTNgdl"u" Muntauk Paint, L. I , wrthia  M," Pltelan of this or(lee. ] Ilunti,,g" or other,vie trespassing ] I--b--I-I+-I--F-I month. Ordered tl)at block one in t)wn ell on line McManus, Farish and Buwliug .......... .D ......... Centreville be assessed to John lit Greeu places ]s strictly proltibited un- !11 $1MI+ WttllgLY STATES, III lhtMldted ev4trr 1"uel4e, lt aft4 ]PrWh. 1)ROCEEDII( Carter. 51. C. ('arter au(l J J Arberry der penalty of thn law. " All forumr II/o(o_ • ==t;7 ta of the 141)+11 of NUl,el'Visors anti valued at $;00. pernaissions revoked , , =" ' .q(;ss to John R Carter, M C R.M. IcGEltEE. ]ll'z'Igl!)sMIO1)'t I'ItE STATF OF M[SIS[PI'I, } Carter anti J J Arberry lots2. 3. 6, J. II. I'ENDLE'I"ON. J[I 611a t ve=al'I. J $1r WILKINSON COUNTI. 7, 10 and II. block 9. lot 11, block 15. Sept. 4, 1896 -tf tltt,m.Irll| llt Dtr In tltml':mr,¢lllal Lola 1 2:4 4, 5, 6; !]. 12, ]3, 1 I/SUND&YmeT...$1[tmms" Be it rememl,ered that at a regular at)(I 16 IHoek 17 lot 9. Block 21 e Ill  lrtjlt ltl meeting of the Board of Supervisors block 32. Fractional part blk 37. -o e ' [; .... fl II, +qt, . m "'=% of 8aid Col)nty began and held a! Fractit)mtl purl blk 43. Fraelional .. • ............ the Court Ihmse in the town of part blk 6 All in yillage of Centre- Woodville, said Cotintv on lhe 1st ,tile Miss unsold estate of Robt For the spetly and permanent cure of • ' ,tree, salt rheum and eczema. Chain- Monday, I)eing the 1st day of Gorma)ty. NOI'ICE. Augt,st A. D. 1898. In reg.,r(I Io eha)te of asse.ment without°erlain'SanEyeeqnal.and ItSkinrelievesOintmentthe itch-is The pnbllc are PItI'ISENT. Of lands assessed to A B McEIwee h:g and srmqrting almost instantly and Ilun)ing is F the sa!ne is rejected. L. T. Vent, reds. Pr'h]ent. Jas D. On account of increase in valuation Its confirmed use effects a permanent gette, Elmwood, lSellevtw+ld; cure. It also cures Itch, barber's itch, don I'lantations. J.;.. M. S.sstoNS, Sh'ff it i ordered tltal bh,ck S town Cen- scald head, sore tpples, itching piles, C A. COON. Clerk. trcville be raised f,'om $50 to Sit;0, chapped hands, chronic sore eyes and Ai) former permlt a Cage, 1. A. Carter, W. L. ,lel, kins assessed to J L Ash. granulated lids. yoked. C.A and C. 3'. Ne(terville. ntentbers. On account of interease in valna'tion Nov. 20, :tCaY'-tf I This day. ,tea Joh!)ao)t. 8upt of Ed- it is or(lercd, that lot 3 hlock 9,)_. town Dr. Cady's Condition PowdePa for ucation presenreti his rennet for the of Ce!ttreviHc be raised from $500 to horsesare the best tmMe. blbod Imrifier month el July 1898 whicq, was or(let- $'920:ass6ssed to McKcy attd l'F- dvermffug, e. Price, 9,5cent. l!4by ttevy: Why, tml ed to be filed a!td is appt'ovtM [t is' head. lndlgctton l:tttherCered that a win'rant isst.e (Co.tinted .ct weeh.) G, z",//,='- o,,:.i card th(m: "